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join me every thursday on the alex salmon, should i be speaking to guess from the world of politics? sport business. i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm. ah. with okay, that was president biden on his way to kentucky to tor storm damage on wednesday, tyler porter, that mark meadows was worthy of being held in contempt. after failing to appear in front of the january 5th committee this week. but does the president even involving himself in an investigation?
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prove politics is actually the backbone that is entire year long drama, our panels it will discuss. and while the executive branch is making comments on the actions of the legislative, the judicial branch is still fighting an argument regarding free speech and religious right. despite the supreme court delivering their decision years ago on the issue. well, bringing the story and it has only been a few weeks since a just a small it was found of live regarding what he tried to sell as a racially charged attack. yet it doesn't look like any lessons were learned about the importance of honesty. as e s p and pushes the year anniversary of the new sit nascar narrative, which also turned out to be false. why would they try and remind people of a major blunder on their part? or we're going to try to figure that out. and ultimately, it all comes down to the question. why in america today, does the media and politicians alike think if they continue to repeat something despite it being false, it will eventually be accepted as the true. i'm sky now,
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he's on today's news, use hughes here on our to america. we will seek the honest answers to the controversial issues plaguing our 3 branches of government. so let's get started for you. thank you for joining me. you know, i'm kind of little bit fed up and i want you to, if you're me out on this one, because i have noticed that my colleagues in the media sometimes have an obsession problem. have you noticed? so just in the past few years, there was this obsession on russian collusion with the trump campaign. think about the hundreds of hours that were spent talking about something which after a full investigation and an impeachment was found to be a total waste of taxpayer dollars. as the president was acquitted, then you have the 2nd peacher, president trump, all for the incitement of an insurrection, saying he incited the attacks on the capital on january 6. then president trump was
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also acquitted of that charge. one month later, even after his predecessor joe biden had already been sworn in the office. now you would think that that would be the end, but it hasn't, as there is not been a new cycle since january 6, 2021 where there is not been countless hours of pungent re and panels discussing the events of that single day. and as i said numerous times, i don't want to downplay the seriousness of that day and the proper criticism, which is deserved for those who cause destruction on the capitol steps and inside as well as disrespected law enforcement that day. but here we are almost one year later, and there is this obsession by those in the media regarding january 6 to not only we live selected moments, but also the purpose will tap dance. that's happening around evidence and key parts of the investigation which could possibly damage the narrative. that january 6 was
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the worst crime and active terrorism in modern day history. now we can see the same video tape over and over of those causing destruction in the capital. we can also hear the testimony of the same members of capital police who were there that day as well as see the cheerful displays were members of congress on how much they were in fear, even if they weren't in the building. but what we're not seeing is a question that needs to be asked. why are we not be allowed to see? and was just as telling as why we're not being shown all the surveillance videos. we still also do not know who had bombed outside of the foreign c, a, d and c, and no one is asking those questions. we still also do not know how many undercover members of the intelligence community and law enforcement or in the crowd. and we still do not know the actual status of legal proceedings, or even the quality of care of those american citizens who are,
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have spent the last few months in isolation in federal prison. so why should we know when the figure of the house of representatives is not even hiding her political agenda anymore in this investigation? she didn't even fall a traditional policy in that house. republicans picked their representation on the january 6 committee, which takes us to the latest, where the democrat majority house has just found. the former president, trump's chief of staff, mark meadows, all in criminal contempt. i've re skipped a scheduled deposition and refused to provide documents. the committee has subpoenaed. now granted meadows had just last week, so that the committee and sticker policy saying there, subpoenas for to broad. now meadows did send over documents to the committee, including a series of text messages between the former chief of staff and several members of the media. those happened to though the next day read aloud by republican lynn cheney publicly known response. one media person who was involved fox news says
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moore ingram said the entire january 6 campaign has become one of revenge. and defamation of false, false character characterization and false equivalency. but is it as easy as that? or is there multiple reason to actually why this january 6 investigation will continue to drag on into the new year and possibly beyond with very little new information actually being learned. i believe there is, and this has just as much to do with keeping president trump out of the race in 2024. as it does about giving cover for the media to run with. instead of focusing on the failure to fix and the harsh reality, which has been served by this administration on multiple fronts, from the economy to immigration, to foreign policy, to end in the health crisis, and returning life back to where it was. those are my thoughts. let's get the thoughts from our panels, join me and j. k. brister. conservative political commentary has to have j. k, and friends. take on the world and, and attain an attendee of the 1000000 march there on january 6,
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as well as jonathan t. gillum who is a former navy seal f b i special agent federal air marshal private security contractor, police officer, public speaker radio has extra media commenter and just genuine. nice guy. thank you for joining me. both of you guys. you got it. got it. okay, i'm going to start with you on this one, j. k for this. who do you feel is actually more obsessed with the events on january 6? the media are members of the democratic party. i believe is definitely the media. the democratic party is given them the directive they are, they have lost their great satan, that they can just attack all the time. so january 6 has given them meat. i have to say that as a trop supporter at american supporter, and america 1st supporter that understand people's frustration. understand also
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understand why there were people that rush the steps of the capitol. there were people that problem that broke some laws that had that thought would police that pushed him back and forth with police. but no one committed an insurrection, not one person that you spoke about in those prisons has been charged with insurrection, with treason, with any kind of charge other than of felony assault. i think 2 of them and the other ones were charged with a felony. disruption of a congressional hearing and the, the media needs to tap down on trump, supporters on 1st american, 1st people on conservatives on people that love this country because they are pushing a socialist agenda. and a revisionist agenda in america, in the true insurrection is happening in washington dc every day or last, my wife,
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i have these on that because you have the ability to look at this from 2 perspectives, both as a conservative and being a viewer of what has happened for the last 10 years, but also as someone from the intelligence meaning you know, how they work when you look at the events that they are now looking at these new text, they're saying that the new text they've just been revealed by mark meadows actually shows that they lack who was being planned back in november of 2020. what is your response at what is your observations of that day and, and what happened? well 1st of all, this is not an investigation. you have to realize that this is not something that is a true investigation, be cured at being carried out. secondly, you gotta realize that what is happening and what is being done by the leftist in washington, d. c is not a clear and present example of the things that occurred on that day. this is, it's a mockery of justice. it's not really any type of a real case or investigation. so when you look at that,
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you have to understand that this basically what it is, is there packaging something and feeding it to the american people to present the image that you just described, which we know is not true. i think 2 things we have to realize here though, is that the republican party is nowhere to be seen. the g o p is a complete failure and then they can be doing their own thing on the side and putting the information out to the public faster. with more clarity than the left is doing. that's not happening. the g o. p is nothing more now in this country than a fundraising entity. and i think, but from, from the american standpoint, we need to start realizing, as your other guest said there, that the real insurrection is happening. and washington d. c. however, the way that you, you face a government is committing insurrection is not the way it happened on january 6th. we have been brought to think that showing up and growing inside. 5 a capital building and going on instagram is going to fix anything and that is not going to
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fix anything. the left shows up and they stay there. the right, we go out and we rally patty or ourselves on the back and we go home and nothing occurs. and in some ridiculousness like this occurs where it played right into the hands of the last and all this we have to realize can be stopped by the right. and by meeting the g o p and turning it into a fighting force, just go after exam with a democrat party, but that's the thing j k grant percent. okay, so why is it not happening? why are the in demand not happening this time to have some sort of equality even on this hearing? why are republicans continue to almost i sabotaged themselves and not shut these down that they're so frustrated and it's such a weak argument and they've gone through this the last 3 cycles. why are they doing anything really about it? does it benefit them? it absolutely benefits them, but i think it goes to let you know all of us have been in there for a long time. one of my biggest complaints is that the democrats in to what he said,
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when they pick a fight, they sit there, they stay there, they don't give up their lock step even if they don't agree on every little thing. but if they pick the fight, they're there, and they go all the way till they crash and burn we. i was there on the 1st mega 1000000 mag march. okay, me and parker and we were there with my family. and we went there at 8 o'clock at night. everybody was in bed or at their hotel room because we work for a live in. we fight. we fight for america as we can. but he's absolutely right. we have to take over school boards, take over, county commissioners, take over to state legislatures and get rid of the specialists republicans because whenever we, when watch what happens in 2022, they're gonna turn away on. i don't want them to, but they're gonna turn around and they're gonna start saying, well, i know they did that, but we have to be fair and we have to do this and they're not going to play the game. the way the democrats boy. and we're going to be right back here for more or
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8 more years if we don't do what he just said. and we don't replace these reckless people who don't have spines like liz cheney calling herself a republican. well, we can go on on those issues. jonathan j. k, i wish you could have read about this. let's continue this conversation as we get more and more bumps because they're not going to give this up any time soon. on capitol hill. we all know that. thanks for joining me gentlemen. right, thank you. so the u. s. supreme court 72 ruling in favor of masterpiece cake shop and 2018. that actually seems like a lifetime ago. now the court said declining business when asked to create a cake, celebrating a same sex wedding is not discrimination. but that monitor is far from settled and the courts are mirrored in so many cases from web design to wedding photography to t shirts. to filmmaking, creative professionals are being teasing to their work over refusal to engage and creative expression, offending their religious values. so to them,
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same sex marriage makes a mockery of something sacred and basically to find by refusing to decorate a wedding cake or design imitation 1st name 6 wedding, they are exercising their free speech. now, critics to argue in practice, this amounts to refusing business from potential clients because of their sexual or haitian, and constitutes a law for discrimination that the arc of justice is bending. but what do we see is actually taking shape or to correspond? natasha suite takes a closer look or the supreme court ruled in jack phillips favor back in 2018 the custom take. baker is finding himself in a similar position. attorney called him asking for a custom take for ain't gender transition party. he refused it. now he, along with other professionals, are fighting legal battles. the state of colorado is going after jack. again, this is a video of jack phillips, the customer, kate baker, who won a supreme court case back in 2018 after refusing to make a cake for
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a same sex couple. but now he's in hot water again after an attorney called him requesting a cake for a gender transition claim, and it goes against his religious beliefs. philips declined. he's now one court. once again, the main difference between his 1st and 2nd cases is that same sex, mirrored, was not legal in the state of colorado in 2012. during the 1st incident, it later became law and 2014. and now gender transitioning and seems to be glorified in the mainstream media. while christians are not supposed to judge some argue the bible states, god made men and women and nothing in between. laurie smith, a colorado web designer, and founder of 3 o 3 creative could be heard in the supreme court. come january, she lost in a $2.00 to $1.00 ruling in the us court of appeals for the 10th circuit. it stated that she would have to create custom graphics and websites for l g b t clients. even if those messages went against her deeply held religious beliefs . the high court has until january, 7th to decide whether or not it will hear smith's case. both philip and smith are being represented by the firm alliance,
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defending freedom on its website. the company says it promotes restoring religious freedom as a fundamental right. your friends? this week i put to rest the last legal considerations for decision. my husband gerald and i made nearly a decade ago, a flower shop owner in the state of washington announced she was settling and leading her business. her friend suit her for not granting his custom. okay. for a same sex wedding. all she says the conversation ended and a hug. rob still fun, her decision in court. he was paid $5000.00 and students, men says that 77 years of age, she wants to enjoy the rest of her life. she said while she lost her business and life savings, that she did not have to compromise her faith in minnesota couple. who owns a film company, one a suit against them. it alleged they declined to create media that goes against their religious beliefs. but they won the case and the court of appeals 8th circuit, but a kentucky photographer is having a hard time with her business. because of a local ordinance,
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chelsea participate in photographs or blogs about weddings consistent with her face . she must also do so for same sex wedding, according to the cases ruling by a federal judge back in august 14th. it says, quote, the constitution does not require a choice between gay rights and freedom of speech. it demands both. now the question remains all these cases, force people to go against their deeply held religious beliefs. all the court side with the 1st amendment reporting for news use hughes and conscious. we are okay to discuss more. we welcome back. the brilliant proven bureau, democratic strategist in front of the show is also an army ranger veteran. hi robin . i, you know, i tell you this. they literally had with brilliant next year type name where you should be, i've never seen than my writer producer through that. so are they obviously like you guys do? i and i thought this would be interesting to have you on for one have a conversation cuz you, you, you now have the joys of parenthood, which i'm sure has definitely possibly changed or at least brought in your
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perspective of what the trials and tribulations of adulthood can bring but masterpiece, kate joshua is only the tip of the iceberg on baker photographers, and all of the like, trying to maintain their heartfelt religious values. you know the same time also trying to run a business and should aim to world and sensibilities on things like marriage equality. when these come into conflict and they get accused of discrimination. is that right? is this something that 1st understand why anybody would want anyone to break a cake that might not agree with the next might not turn out well, anything baking, but in this case, should we be looking at these issues from that perspective or should just be freedom for all i believe in the freedom for all perspective on this. and i remember look, i've been doing tv under 3 for a long time. and i debated this back in 20172018 about masterpiece. take shop and i agree. i wouldn't want them to bake my cake. i would think that that would have bad
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vibes for a wedding or commit bits or if they were to do that. so just personal preference. i wouldn't want that. there are times though, when, when religious liberty is disguised and used to discriminate, and i do take issue with that specifically as an openly gay man, myself and parent. now i, you know, i've never encountered that kind of that kind of tactic before. but myself, personally, i've never the only time i've ever been discriminated, in fact in my life was as a soldier, what someone refused to serve me while wearing the uniform saying that i was tantamount to someone collecting government welfare. so that's the only time in my life that i've ever been discriminated against, that hasn't been as a gay man. some of these things i think are chicken little sky is falling arguments . specifically the arguments about the supreme court. that, that striking the striking down abortion might lead to the
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destruction of gay rights and gay marriage. that's a sky is falling argument. we're not there yet. we're not there. we're not anywhere close to that. so, you know, i have a lot of issues with this and it's worth debating. so rather my question for you is i want to hear what you said the term. i haven't heard a lot religious. was it religious loyalty? are there is a new thing as a justification where but more i want to ask you the why are these conversations are being and these people are purposely going in there knowing that this is probably going to cause cardboard. then they take it to court and they go to jan. is that actually helping the conversation or is that actually causing more of a divide as we find so many times on the social issues when they become so polarized? i think that these are sometimes done intentionally, you know, i personally wouldn't want to do that myself. there are plenty of local businesses . i'll teach you friendly cake shops and florists that i would want to get my
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business to. but i think that they're, they're there. if they see a push button there, they wanna push it. let's be real. and there are certain people who want to know the righty of doing that. so i think sometimes it's done for for those purposes. robin. thank you so much for joining us. thank you. scott. my pleasure. so fake hate crimes are thing now with actor justice. well, let's hope attack and it's non existent. news found on a natural drivers stop. wires, news outlets, rehashing debug crimes. we'll discuss the i scientific knowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. can we distinguish the real science from the one
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being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in finding information, finding scientific evidence, and discredited. even the notion that science could provide the truth about the natural world in the pursuit of business goals. large corporations are challenged strongly by scientific evidence. if you're emotionally invested and free markets, then climate change is a serious emotional threat. because dealing with that means we have to change our approach to business industries or on the war bar, attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing new evidence in science, fighting science. that's how ignorant is manufactured, their attention only seeking to the rail science rolling using science itself should be noted that we also see the u. s. dollar going up at the same time and other
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currencies around the world falling and entering into hyper place, starting collapse. that's my design to us by supporting bankrupt companies like brooks can buy supporting stock buybacks and crops like warren buffett. they are driving that were all to global complex, which is unconscionable because you know, just because bill gates wants to make a few more $1000000.00, we're going to go to war. the rest of the world is so sad, but this is america today with oh, why the main point of the left is the racial divide in america, but now with a guilty verdict for jesse small at faking his own attack and the f. b. i debunking
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. suppose it hate crimes. we have to ask is the left wing media pushing a false narrative of hate and why? said, answer, we bring it go. conservative common m a league. thanks for joining me on this. let's start with the piano rehashing the suppose id knew that was found and bubble wallace is garage f b. i came out later on. i said, nope, actually, that was just a pool coordinating from the ceiling. you would think people would celebrate it actually not being a hate crime instead they just keep pressing this false narrative like they did it yesterday. why? i think it's both politically and racially motivated in what they work hand in hand, because a lot of the stories that we're talking about even around the country, even if we're talking about hate crimes themselves, they're typically centered around white male and definitely conservative. there isn't the same response when it comes to those on the left or progressives doing these sort of things or be even being accused of certain things. cuz remember,
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we have a sitting governor of virginia holes actually been in black phase. not once, but twice. things are different when you are a conservative versus a liberal, and it doesn't matter what the race is, be it white, black, hispanic, or whatever. and so the bubble wall is the fact that they're bringing the bubble wallace. that was a hoax. we know is simply was not true in the world rallied around the nation rally around bubble wallace in that sense. but then we found out that it is not what they thought that it was. people want to keep us divided along racial in ideological lines. and it's become a very profitable industry, but even more sad that we're going to denver where there's this elementary school has dedicated a colored families, playground. i didn't believe it when i 1st saw it. but according to school, black families actually requested to have a time where they can have a separate space to meet together. they literally wanted to segregate themselves. how does that help that conversation? is that what is needed to help a quality or does that actually divide people out more?
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no, because these things into being very provocative actions. he reminds me of the michigan university of michigan student who as part of an experiment, she decided that she was going to go ahead and set up a display in the student union center or whatever it was that the mask she was handing out masks only to people of color for her, this was part of a thought experiment. but if you consider what happened on college campuses where you have commenced, now we're having commencement ceremonies specifically for instance, black people. so like at harvard university, they now have commitments ceremonies set aside for black students. that's not helpful to black people at all because it still keeps us in this separate but equal, which is exactly what plessy v. ferguson was, is still keeps us in this notion that we're separate, but then again, equal in it does not work for where we are today. so then why is this happening?
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who is actually doing a thing? it's going to make a better society in america and isn't the goal to unite. yeah. so it happens for the same reason, or it's actually perpetuated by the same people who perpetuate the notion that 5 year old kids, your 5 year old son or daughter needs to be taught at an early age that they may grow up to be a racist. so what do we do? we actually teach them anti rates as training. in the 5th grade, they have to sign these type of pledges to say, i'm not a racist. does very people who say that critical race theory is not something that's really being taught in school. they adhere to principles of critical race theory when it comes to race is a social construct. race is a social construct, but it does not segue and to the lives of people who push these narratives because they keep us divided. so on one in races a social construct. but then let's frame all of our discussions around race. those
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2 things can't make it work, invent and they're confused. can you imagine how society felt via, adequately thanks for joining me? gosh, great conversation day, and i want a continuous conversation to follow me on twitter at scottie and hughes. he's the hash tag team and vh. make sure you download the product to the app for apple android device for all programming. thanks for watching. ah, ah, london love polls particularly when polls further a certain political agenda when polling has a check her history as of late the last 2 election cycles tell us as much, should we put much stock into polling any more. so than why they're all those driven by dreamers shaped bankers and those with
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who dares sinks, we dare to ask oh, working room or should in the back she popped in. she said, well i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we recently there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're aspire on this issue. the other side wins by default,
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lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again where you skin? nothing. i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths ah rush of als retaliation after germany expels to diplomats accusing the kremlin of ordering a murder on german soil 2 years ago. moscow dismisses the claim as baseless a frosty future. you plans to drop all long term natural gas contracts after 2049, despite concerns that much vaunted green alternatives won't be able to meet european energy needs and jailed for trying to protect a young girl.


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