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prices, i mean, the price of gas, now all the spot market in europe is incredibly high. is it what europe wants? is it? what is this on the lane once we would be crazy to go that way? completely crazy. so this is really something which is trying to annoy moscow. ok, last going all not bring you up to date of to say in 30 minutes or latest along with which another mike with the on that know was
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on. but if got the le i'll j shall out of your story. i tele status, i will let he kind of mostly find out he and i last your bellamore to let you know about. hum my uncle and much more. adler hobby and marcella half at lee for sure maria shockey the lithia allowed to home or had that got that's mean a lot to be a story. ah, so so, so much so much, much so with sylvia, with us 40 to please when be some continued actually i sent infinity dash. the one wonder with obvious will be on unfold in my language, emilia, the p,
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the bicycle in which weidler have you on a b, i. i love the mom, a hockey my go at the home and it's more i'd let her young seller be those you. i mean okay, if which other does, but these are a lot up and you shouldn't be hard to hear a month ago. but i had the o cause if at them are better to help them with an online protocol, allow me a why that, that just be the ones that i'm gonna have here. and also in our de la study stuff couldn't was up a lot, but he couldn't learn from nobody. and i'm yeah more to be solely you know home. maybe the more hotter measure, lochlund hockey euchre fell on out of it for love as kathy minima. a dealer to shed and what i said, well yeah, he knows that could be a cool one. okay. the shuttle and the sewer a,
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a saudi anytime bear with me. a gyms or more on that to so that keeps of your health a helpful comfortable sort of see say yeah yeah. the able to show the yeah. with them aside. well, so we focus on the show, the anesthesia i'm cuz i feel a you can, emma diamond out of letting you know with, with
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a, with a feel barney, with full size. when there was a happy somebody could do 70 audio because it does, i don't do it. i look look. but it says that i took a look at it, but the something that's almost a
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decade. yeah. well yellow, a town and must matter. bonus de la has jo, physician a a, a, a, a, let them be the only one that had a put up she wharton with a date on my give me a lot of them,
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a lot to both of us to be another bottle too much from like the excel sheet, i just thought about anyways, my video, so a sorry, sorry, so the few comments with a bunch of lawyers off and that's in that and how does she any so called a how does she and only thought i know how to from i can send that down to talk about just sort dano on a bench, a total of $79.00. he said that my think self a lot of a our i'm a been kind of a short i don't want to law look will you mind
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look on? i define the i would deny me a was the clear. yeah. me a little isn't of some need to call an actual a with the mother of
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and to have these and pick it up or what i can look a b wise man. a dr. joe, with a and i mean are a moment if you
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see a okay, hello a why was you already? i'm yeah, a lot heavier to come out and then with the highlight of, i was on that at about a lot that happened and as i human had left a job or not a full essay i that's id been on. as i knew, not land has involved non non tides about this on the not i wish about that as i wake up i had that actually hadn't was la
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are on the exam, but this a mom been his, i'm out the balance of the whole and i loaded on until mean not enough body is so to you by then i do wanna. mm hm. how do you like, i'm not doing a demo with a can find a mac and by the way that the no initial we any i see it by the last i, i need a natalie may its own on the phone on there. but the number they gave me a call back, they bought a, a,
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a bye. i sent over yesterday. it had been a i'll adam picked it though you'd outside of denmark on him can for tonight and i think in my life and a home has somehow come home. i wish to continue on with my then kathy says she home and i there by then is a shift the mom or a 1st going on more i will not. i kid
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i then i had the hasn't had them awesome and home there's only has on the hallow sat the when i had them, i'm a suddenly heck and if it gets under the whole away, i then did in the sitting there saw that we just will i think i can said debbie, a know forgot to make on the open up see missed on yom ship at just about a mac on my phone. i had the lab so bought out of our blues. it the views at the shaft of our fuckin, missouri, jani. add martha rob. i thought a thought command fina onion, or can or thought and why they had the dawn of a debit. but then under the bottle will shut, emailed her,
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the she or can she see labels off? gone on and on the starboard canal, the found hook or miss sorta yet a duffer hung up. oh, i'm sorry. mm hm. um, we shall just set it up and again, because i've been a house with
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a judge, i wouldn't have left buddy. i'm on the let you know, let's just go on a nevada with him about that info and how that will. so he's on a, danny jonathan. hi. so i see him about how many to list with come on it. i know i'm always out on the bus, off a shelby, i'm with
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oh, the be noted that in the us are going up at the same time and other current around the world falling and entering into my in my starting collapse. that's my design to us by supporting thank them. companies like correct, by supporting stock buyback that warren buffett. they are driving the world to global. com, which is unconscionable. because just because bill gates wants to make a few more $1000000.00, we're going to go to war with the rest of the world. it's so sad. this is america today, the when i would show the wrong, why don't i just don't the world to shape out. the thing
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becomes the advocate. an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves, well the part we choose to look for common ground in ah, neon says i ah, the law you hadn't met a studio with
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a a the a palace mine a mean. just gotten a static month for the i had the i had had enough. i've got, i mean, to come in the background and how begin the job is to mcmillan at how being or oh, not that it's debach any annalynn anastasia, and alejandro ah ah,
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how many you can know i year as a semi. that means you feel better yet the studio, anything i can will call the police for me. okay. very much. walk a few minutes on the subaru. yeah. i know. i said, i mean i no, oh, it's no hope. like i'm of the admin of edna and the atlanta finance mother lights or finance and i had trouble up the managers with kush had it. i'm those are my like get it. oh,
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[000:00:00;00] a a sideline. never done this with other why not giving us a besides? yeah, the back in with a c r l e. is it the bob la, la, buddy, a chicken dame and the coffee made done for 40 pound has yourself and i said meeting me so i he monkey good a month,
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a month, a particular she has a me can, i mean most who had to how can i miss and i forget who they left a few of us. ah, with a half other that allows me the most
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has up my father. i love to the foreigner and they're not necessarily a nor fee. i'm not sure how that was i'm so selling this house on it delivered a month. okay. just a half hour and it's half my you can as our form in canada. he had had the lead that didn't sell making fit. that was due to him and he'll hello. oh alicia, to lose mosacco soto hick. i can get an opinion and i know your local mac, my mac, got a bed up among the younger normally had to hear the longitude by with no and the sun car father. hell here, mr. know he, i from the north carolina in now does she could mark, you know,
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could among national, know, good miles to charm distribute been a long time or a and medina and i thought he, i come out to say do guy, this is alice buddy. i saw dea had our poster. natalie martinez at betty ella. dina m. m m a ah, federal give us all that you do inside the mom and that number, but in a sort of a bill will be about one plus a lovely a modeling have been also the the highest for food. so
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i'd have not had to put on that have been what kind of the food what is it? but i have a lot of a lot, a lot of it. sure. awesome how long of how long to slough mom miss law has this. hello sue. the afternoon for, for you a good day, and i want to get with you on a, an a b stand behind any shamela now, but all the while
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a company or less shoot me hide the anamosa. i'm becky, we can't see undo. it is debbie le had not. lemme how can you know what then to have that in a black hole with gimme a look at it. i can be a brown. he what the can my a before with i'm how will end up that about that amendment. mccully, i'm sure, as on monday, and so the way the not a minute of it, but i'm not. he must have a laugh loudly on canada, jeered hamish if he had all the had to be in a have been going to have the unlimited amount of from the supplier. and it was on the horn a how when he comes in. so he do
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a company and as i hang out at us are just hobby and especially okay, a little. and he had it danny, mechanical been up for home. but at the map that she jumped was a been a mobile number born feet that he got out of that little may. danny below bill pay done in the bad if we knew we had to look, we should because i fact when we knew mother min amphlett law from working that that's a positive in that way i'm gonna throw nessie and the b b. no big a financial at them. honestly, not our burn them. so with that other law, shall i and i will, i can have dilemma them. they stop to be su. horn has as and him as he said, officer pays law the holiday plan. i'm not the thing for mr. had this family didn't put it in. i didn't need this one. i've been talking to them on that and,
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and, and he wanted lackey and that a label for me with lisa and i'm in law. that other than that i said, are you not on the scene or no you haven't a, has a mother cannot learn a lot of a melody said and the, and the best see a ton not beat. cannot the shaheen horner assess for the my get theater kind of toner barbell. now i've done manase along a snap lea, a sort of ah,
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an empty heidi cannot see a female a loudly a b. i need to have a good fi suite when i was at a high leaky market, i can assure you again, it is the whole stylish way because it does get me that and then will i can hear
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them now to welcome you night. bye bye. uh huh. hello, bob with a this is a with me and i, we should never have the love if need be help me with
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those you have a problem with them. i will be back together. and then one that says a lot of young, hey, can you, hey, will economically. i'm ready. i'm ready. oh, i mean, ah ah, the
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ah ah ah heavily armed men surround the libyan government offices in tripoli with militia threatening to sculpt for the upcoming presidential election. the 1st such vote in the rubbish african country in 7 years . moscow vows to retaliate, his berlin expels 2 of his diplomats. after russia mans found guilty of the state contracted murder of a chechen in berlin. a case the kremlin rejects, has been grounds also the new york times is slammed for backtracking on the


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