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tv   News  RT  December 16, 2021 2:00am-2:30am EST

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i'm me, alex salmon. so when i was speaking the guess on the world politics sport, business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah heavily armed men surround the libyan government offices in tripoli with malicious, threatening to scott for the upcoming presidential election. the 1st such vote in the ravaged african country in 7 years. absurd and worrying that sal moscow describes a german court conviction of a russian citizen that's for a state contracted murder, its kind in berlin. in 20. 19. it led to berlin expelling to russian. diplomats with the kremlin, vowing to retaliate and
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a frosty future. it plans to drop all long term natural gas contracts after 2049. despite concerns much warranty, green alternatives will not be able to meet europe in energy needs either great. have your company you're watching. arti international militants have surrounded a number of key sites in the libyan capital, triply, this is a head of a presidential election, which will be the country's 1st since 2014. now if you is unverified at this stage, video of the presidential council building, you can see some combat vehicles carrying armed men, photos, and videos coming up and tripoli also show fighters outside the offices of libby as interim government of national unity. and there are videos circulating that appear to show military vehicles patrolling the city. although at this stage, artie can not independently verify those but let's bring it onto
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curtis on an e commerce door. no, he's falling this story for his good morning. once again to the poor people of libya and tripoli because they, for the sheriff term all over the last decade or so and beyond. and it's not over yet more unrest. what is causing it? well, you're absolutely right. there's more rest as in new militia groups, 3 militia groups who are trying to take power inside of tripoli, who are trying to disrupt the upcoming elections. and this is, i have to say is only the latest in the violence that has had the country in its swell, in, in its tight grip. so essentially we've had to throughout the past couple of weeks, couple of months, we've had numerous reports and pictures coming out of the country as groups were trying to capture local t v stations as heavy artillery was brought to the capital to a city of a 1000000 or so people, it's difficult to count there, of course,
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with the state of affairs as they stand as they are there right now. so libya, everything that we're seeing there right now, you know, the government, the internationally recognized government going into hiding local militias and warlords. again, having their say on the hindered and unhampered, apparently in the, in the capital. hampering the work of the internationally recognized government, preventing the political process from happening. this all it is, it is causing some serious, you know, and will, horrifying, flashbacks, flushing back all the way to 2011. 1, of course more my conduct was ousted with the help of cause of nato and the international community and everything that is going on there right now with all the in fighting with all of the, you know, these warlords was wrestling because it is all in its essence, it's a result of a power struggle of buying for power and even even if these walls are used as proxies are used as pawns. so what we're seeing right now is that the international community basically brought down more mcduffy. they ended,
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the rule of who in libya, ended libya's stability. they created a state of lawlessness. they created very, very fertile ground for all this and fighting to happen. and there was a bit of a low in the past years, libya has stayed out of the headlines, of course. but it seems that right now the elections, the upcoming elections, they have triggered this new wave of violence. and the, is this, this? well, this, this whole stair, a series of events. it is, it is very threatening to the political process that the international community has been trying to get going for so long. and it really shows that they, they, well, they try to do nation building. they destroyed the country with their bombings and with, with all the, with all the meddling. and right now the situation shows how little control, if any, the international community has a decade on a decade since more market duffy fell. it is sad to hear an sounds like a hot mess who is likely to benefit from a scenario lander. well, it is
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a hot mess and are the only people to benefit the people on the ground because a little more just to break down the what's going on there right now, this little qu are the man the, the front man of the crew is called solid body and he's quite infamous. he's a bit of a colorful figure and some see him as the go to person as the man number one of the speed dial. if you want to wild to stir some to stir something up. basically he's militiaman, he's one of the few people who actually buried more market daffy who fought against him. so he was the international community's favorite back in 2011. since then he was put on a multiple sanctions list of the u. s. sanctioned list, the un sanctioned list, and the, the for the very same thing he's doing right now for trying to stop for basically disrupting the political process. so he's saying he has said that essentially he believes that the election is rigged in favor of the incumbent prime minister who went into hiding. but if you look at how things are unfolding,
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the only person to benefit from it is really the prime minister because he is not seen as a favorite in the elections. in fact, he is seen as an underdog and if he will be allowed to run it all because there are some technicalities which i will not be going into right now. and also he is very much upset by safe to duffy, the son of mama duffy as it is why they believe that the hearts and minds of the libyan people with the son who came back from exile, who before that was and remained in captivity, rebel captivity was tortured, had several fingers chopped off and still despite all the exile despite all this, he apparently still he carries a lot of political weight. so, so right now again, it looks that libya is dangerously close to plunging into yet another circle of violence or doubts over whether the election will even take place. and even if it does, no doubt the results will be disputed, no doubt, about many things. he gets her from just framing the situation that for us now
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there is more analysis and insight into libya's decade long crisis. just to click away for you find out the whole host of other stories to simply my heading off. he dot com, who's now another news. russia says that it will retaliate had to join the behalf of moscow as a claim that the criminal has rejected. on correspondence in germany, peter oliver husband of 2 russian diplomats have been declared persona non grata by the new german 4 minister and eleanor bare bulk in one of her 1st duties. in that role it all relates back to the sentencing of a russian national, named as vanity im cathy cove to life imprisonment for the murder. back in august of 2019 of delhi. man, hon gosh valley and the fact that that killing was well described directly as been at the heft of the russian stayed by the court that did the sentencing. now moscow
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denied any involvement in the killing of high gosh, really, who was shot to death in a pearl in park right in the center of the german capital. back in the, the summer of 2019 though to attract the defendant, denied the crime, particularly denied being part of the russian security apparatus, or having been commissioned by any security apparatus at all. for there is not a single piece of evidence. and the court also admitted there isn't any evidence that will prove this. there is only circumstantial evidence. this prompted on the line of bare bog to call the russian ambassador to the foreign ministry and which he was informed that 2 of his diplomats would be going home. these are much in startling mass murder on behalf of the state as determined that quite a day represents a serious violation of german law and of germany. sovereignty the russian bastard wasn't form that the members of the diplomatic step of the russian embassy were being declared undesirable. i hope there will be no escalation, because in
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a moment the 2 piece read on me or there's an economic crisis. there's covered crisis. when we look at the rhetorics offer for a mystery on the november, i'm a bit afraid she wants to escalate the conflict. i will go to the russian side route or try to search dialogue as far as possible and that we find her oh transshipment. maybe it will be good. a message in the socials come into a dialogue directly mother for a ministry in moscow has issued a response very as a card, over their spokesperson saying that there would be a reaction from moscow to the expulsion of those 2 diplomats. moscow denied any involvement in the killing of hunger, surely. and he was a wanted terrorist in russia. he had asylum status here in germany. but moscow had been seeking him in order to, to prosecute him in connection with the death of almost 100 people directly. that
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they say he was involved in those death in russia's north caucus region. also, he's accused of being part of the planning and plotting for the 2010 moscow metro suicide attacks. now, the russian ambassador released a statement shortly after the c sentencing, saying that he believed that both the evidence that was provided from the prosecution and the timing of the sentencing were politically motivated. the absurd thesis about the involvement of the russian federation in this case was never confirmed by convincing evidence to accept pseudo investigations and unsubstantiated statements of the bias media such as belin, cat, an insider, and other speculations is at least strange. the time chosen for the announcement of the verdict is hardly accidental. obviously, some one is interested in overshadowing the dialogue between russia and the new german government. the relationship between moscow and berlin is under some strain at the moment whether it involves the future of nord stream to the situation
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surrounding ukraine. all this particular case and the expulsion of 2 russian diplomats following that sentencing. all f shots, the new german chancellor and vladimir putin who yet to have a phone call. certainly they haven't met face to face yet, but when the to do there are certainly going to be a lot for them to talk about. unless patrick hennington, crisp amber, have told us what they believe prompted the court decision and the expulsion of the russian diplomats. they were seeing a change in berlin from the angel. now, 2 years, the new social democrat went coalition. i expect to take a harder attitude and she did in regards to russia. germany's come is coming on to immense pressure from the united states and from its allied friends. so i think we will see germany coming coming through on this or it's not the 1st time that we've seen courts make such a sweeping statements,
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presumably of fact. but when you actually look what the provenance of the statement is, there's, there's not much evidence to draw that conclusion definitively anyway. seems like, you know, these days any time russia is involved, almost assumed that whatever the narrative is that's out there in the sort of public domain is probably based on fact is probably true. so we can just, we have license to go ahead and generalize that. the russian state is behind whatever the various plots are, and there are many of them in the last couple of years in a national don't to stand together. and we'll continue to stand together against russia media in germany with some of the areas that we doubtless
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made. notice if you need a chunky dose of about their ability to influence other nations, french, u. k. can even latin american and other countries in future than maybe been where to high from seigel alone with members of your household. so please, please, please, please continue to fight with no just need to do the russian must not be allowed in germany. you have to call and leave it to show us. so the an outdated enough ation. mm hm. the 5 and the yes actually indian api, the enough pretty convincing on their part from possibly michael 50 pounds there in case she missed our warning. at the start of that though, speeches were pirate days. they were created with deep fake technology power does or not though they reflect very serious obstacles. the r t d as face the head of its launch,
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which is today. danny armstrong recalls the journey to launch day has been the usual track through pressure and passive aggression. from the self appointed defenders of democracy, i. e, rival, gym, and media. it's bad enough that putin's voice sounds out across the internet. if it were not for one reliable german meteor outlet. dest spiegel kremlin owned outlets would dominate the german digital information space in both the number of articles published in social engagement received. there is reason to believe that most of the traffic on our tea channels is real and not acquired through purchased fake profiles. the thinly veiled disdain from rival gym and media outlets have come in a form of gallant cries to stop the so called moscow mouthpiece. and kremlin back putin propaganda, of course, that has nothing to do with our t deutsche. his popularity on a string of social media, where they consistently rank among the top most viewed channels as regards news and
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politics. ah, it wasn't just rival outlets that ran. so the, his theory over r t deutsch, his rise through the media rankings. politicians got personal and launched. attacks on our t employees, framing them as perpetrators of this information, and d, stabilizing democracy. those who work for odyssey have said good bye to critical and independent journalism, and whether they want it or not on the employees are part of the destabilization of democracy. this is not about the approval of a profane entertainment channel, but about e. u wide access for putin propaganda and targeted disinformation under the guise
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of alternative journalism. and what goes up must come down arte deutsche. his ascent was yanked back down to earth when youtube banned the channel from is platform with it, wiping out 600000 subscribers. now, despite rumors that the ban was burly batt, former chancellor angle, a miracle denied that germany had influence you chief's decision. as for r t, germany did not put any pressure on brussels or the decisions it made in germany. neither the federal government nor the state governments engaging meadows like that . so despite other people's best efforts, artie deutsch is primed and ready for action. launching on air and launching a fresh assault on those old ratings and views, rankings. mainstream media beware. unending gut wrenching pain that they saw the mother of julianna's sanchez described her feelings about her son's legal battle with the u. s. government,
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including the latest decision on his possible expedition to america, where he could face lifetime imprisonment. she voiced her fears and concerns in an open letter 50 years ago and given birth for the 1st time as a young mother, i thought there could be now greater pain. i realized now that i was wrong. there is a great pain. the unending gut wrenching pain of been the mother of a multi award winning journalist who had the courage to publish the truth about high level government crimes and corruption. because the nightmare of him being expedited to the u. s. and been buried alive in extreme solitary confinement for the rest of his life. the constant fear the ca will carry out its plan to assassinate him. while the letter comes after the british high court ruled that julian assange could be extradited to the united states and not overruled an early decision against, it was a blow extradition where the judge had sighted face for his mental health and even a risk of suicide. so his fiance says that the latest ruling is a grave miscarriage of justice. julian exposed the crimes of
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cia tortures of caea killers. and now we know that those ca killers were planning to kill him too. how can this court how can these courts approve an extradition request? under these conditions? now the u. s. is pursuing assange for disclosing classified information about wars in afghanistan and iraq. 2019, the wikileaks founder was forcibly removed by british police from the ecuadorian embassy. that was in london where he had sought refuge following sexual assault allegations and sweden. he spent the last 2 years in london's bel marsh prison. but the u. s. has not led up in its attempts to get us out, transferred to america, but potentially he could face up to a 175 years behind bars. we spoke to exodus former council in the u. k. and to an independent journalist about this case is as shameful that the british judicial
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system is not sobering enough. in order to, to make just using this country in united states, you say we can give diplomatic guarantees the breed. do you see them huss give you this gun these way, my credibility, while we know that these kind of a guarantee that have not any credibility because in previous, in other cases, those guarantees have been broken. so they are not worth the paper. they're written on here. we have a slow motion execution happening right before us and it's happening in the united kingdom. and the united states again, is really playing a strong arm here. and it's just really evidence of us imperial power at play. and at the same journalism that one julian assigned to numerous awards,
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it's been very same journalism. it has him in you case, in worst prison today. each single day the united states continues to prosecute. this case is just one more day that the usb trace its own constitution. this is a tremendous threats to press freedom worldwide. this case also impacts not only journalists and activists, but it impacts the public in general. this case really is an assault on the public's right to know this part of the eas efforts to go green and to consign fossil fuels to history. the european commission is proposed ending all long term natural gas contracts up to 2014 on. they use sam. alex's gas and height is networks philip land and developed in ne, integrated manner. avoiding lock in and standard assets and long term gas contacts
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should not extend pipe than $49.00. however, the u energy commissioner ward of the risks to europe's gas supplies, if particularly cold winters like this one thou are seen. european energy prices have risen since the autumn rising. in fact, more than 6 times compared to the same period just last year. its largest gas supplier, russia, as repeatedly spoken in favor of long term deals, saying that they bring much needed stability subs lagaurdia. and that was delicious . they made mistakes. we talked about this with the previous european commission. all of its activities were aimed at curtailing long term contracts for gas supplies, giving priority to exchange trading. and it turns out this policy was wrong. russia is ready to work to stabilize the world energy market, but this activity should be built on a commercial basis. taking into account the interests of all participants is lit up . and electricity bills in europe are skyrocketing along with the price of natural
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gas. for example, in spain, their approach in all time high despite government assurance is to bring the rates back down to 2018 levels. so the cost, if we're getting in real terms now the megawatt hour, there is expected to be $7.00 times higher than it was just last december. electricity bills in spain, november rose 50 percent compared with the previous year. and people across the country are feeling it in their pockets. i'm get bullet homie of well it valerie's movement. it changes everything. but if you have a sorry that only cover certain things, it affects you in everything else. if you have 500 euros and spent a 100 another through city, you really have anything left. all right. what are people going to do live in the if i were in church, i would use people in government, a low salary and see how the corporate shawl is reached this level because no one regulates it or they're glad alberta gay. of course, if you pay a lot for electricity and charge your clients a low price, it affects you a lot. if you charge lions 15 euros and you have to pay around electricity cetera,
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what do you have left when say we're struggling to make ends meet, but hopefully things will be fixed. good. the reason i give them while we spoke to independent jonas luke river, who thinks that the decisions coming from brussels are only making that energy crisis worse. you that would be too politically crazy if they decided to suppress long term contracts for gas or to trying to suppress gas b or fossil fuel, you know, to, to be discarded. this is wrong. why? because they choose the renewables, wind energy, and solar energy. these are intermittent, so if you're billed when turbines, you need the same capacity in gas turbines. when there is no wind, they will take over. so you absolutely need gas. if you bet on renewables, everybody understands that a long term contract brings you better prices over a long term and stability. it's the same for gas prices. i mean,
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the price of gas now on the spot market in europe is incredibly high. is it what europe wants? is it what mrs. formulate once we would be crazy to go that way? completely crazy. so this is really something which is trying to enjoy moscow. once touted us proof of trump, russia collusion, western media outlets on our disowning the infamous steel dossier, new york times for long after promoting it relentlessly as turned his back on it, prompting some scathing comments online. most recently, after one of his podcast host referred to the darcy in this manner, the steel, darcy, a, is a profoundly flawed document, correct? the steel, darcy, a should never have had the life any impact that it did at ease saskia taylor takes a look now at how an obsession with the collusion narrative fled to holes in the dossier being ignored. dossier,
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the dossier that controversial document it alleges overt knowing collusion was. 1 a bomb shell. oh, what a fall from grace. once every democrat favorite bedtime reads, now lining trash cans all over washington dc. yes, this still tulsa is. well, i'm truly toast. no corroborating evidence has emerged in intervene in the years to support many of the specific claims in the dossier and government investigators determined that wonky allegation that mr. trump st. louis michael gordon had met with russian officials and break during the campaign was fulls 5 years after the rest of the world realized that the mainstream, nita has find a quote on that. some things really are too good to be true. and a former, am i 6 off, so spilling the dots and how trump and co approaching to steal the white house in a crime. and bunker in between cavorting with prostitutes in a hotel room is one of these things. now it started to go south when the main force
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was indicted for 9 to the f b i. but the real highlight of the rush, the gate suckers came when the also himself admitted he didn't really check his homework. we knew some of it was right. and we suspected some of it may never be approvable, thinking back on the many unprovable things they'd been paddling for years. the media, panic, soap overnight, came up with a game plan back track. and for good measure, make it seem like they'd learn to lessen from it. cnn, especially, went into overdrive now. it had the great honor of being the fuss network to break the ta. see a story. and for years continue to be. it's main heitman based on our own reporting and word from numerous official sources. the dossier, in fact, is far from bogus, but now, well, it's a reckoning. apparently. they've even written that the devil himself trump was actually right about it all. which must have been very painful to admit. true. swiftly rejected, steals claims is that
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a group of opponents pulled together nearly 5 years later. it's clearer than ever that he wasn't too far off about the origins of the dossier. but desperate times, speaking of time, specifically the new york times while learning last year, it was claiming that the dust, his sources was solid, but russian trunks were trying to discredit. then the f. b, i team received 3 reports in 2017 raising the possibility that one of the sources for the steel dossier was potentially influenced by russian dis, information campaign to denigrate u. s. foreign relations. but now, well, it says it's helped us the dos it was an unverified politicized flunk the f b. i took the dossier seriously based on mr. steele's reputation and use some of this without independence verification for a narrow purpose that led to a dead end and became a political debacle. but it had been all so deliciously salacious and guaranteed
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views. how could they not have written about it? and anyway, verified one, verified, what does it matter? we all know rushes guilty of something anyway. the befalls and officers of the media take on the dos it really do go on. in fact, at this stage, the only person who, sticking by his rush to get guns is adam chef, would you help give a credibility to regret it. i don't regret saying that we should investigate claims of someone who frankly was a well respected british intelligence officer for the rest of us. they were 5 long years of hysterical rumors scandals and conspiracy theories. later the dorothy is finally debunked, discredited and dead in the water, and the meters back to reporting the facts. well for a little while anyway. ok, the brings rather, don't get lost when you stories on a website, checking them out. if you have time r t dot com someplace to go,
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i lose . welcome to the alex, i mean sure, well, we are view the political highlights of 2021. i'm asked 2 of our favorites to see what can we expect from westminster politics in 2022. in a few short weeks, prime minister johnson has moved from master of all the surveyed to a lame duck draining and self inflicted scandal. what will the new year bring up the core revival for the prime minister or end game for the john says ministration . we interview talk, political commentator, peter, all right, i live in the changing tier bought an ass clear false. i'm ask them what exactly is going on, and more importantly, what will happen?
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but 1st, she retreats emails and meshes in response i show last week one ranging up to 26 summit. ingram, micro mcgregor says the plan is going back to its formation as it did billions of years ago. i had 2 absences. the realistic carbon cut to cost is ridiculous, and commercial joke at best. robert died says didn't. but the leaders we have definitely didn't. and frankly, are not later note, william nicole says, i am certain that all music and my said, if you take arts have kept me seen these last years, some might say different. what an interesting program once again, focusing on some of the good. thank you all, alex simon. sure. no, no journalist has been a baker thorn and the prime minister site. then the formidable peter over and earlier this.


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