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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  December 16, 2021 2:30am-3:01am EST

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we interview talk, political commentator peter always entertain, bought an ass clear false. i'm ask them what exactly is going on? i'm more importantly what will happen? but 1st she retreats emails and messages in response i show last week on ranging up to 26 summit ingram. micro mcgregor and says the plan is going back from formation as it to billions of years ago. i adopted says the realistic carbon cut to cost is ridiculous. and commercial joke at best. robert died says didn't. but the lead us we have definitely didn't. i'm frankly, or not later note, william nicole says, i am certain that all music and my said a piece of arts have kept me seen these last years. some might see a difference. what an interesting program once again, focusing on some of the good. thank you all, alex simon. sure. no, no journalist has been a baker thorn and the prime minister site. then the formidable peter over and
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earlier this year he published the assault on to detailing the full extent of forest johnson's repeated departure from actually t i, we there for a pointing journey's end. for johnson. alex speaks 52 point bits robot. welcome back to the alex simon. joe. it's a huge pleasure to be back with you alex. i do apologize. not being with you in person. while we're, we've got you on the screen. peter, that's a very good 2nd best. so listen, you've been looking at the tory party for many, many years or have you ever seen tom oil like this at the top of the tory party of a says just another cycle of tallie at the terminal and tell them the scene warfare . no, this is different because it's a crisis. i think it's quite important to remove this issue from johnson himself
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disgraceful and, and hapless and wretched that he is, is important to realize this is a crisis own, the conservative party which has collapsed as a responsible civic organization and has been, can't become the productive of donors and interest groups. and what he's really at stake here is not reggie johnson who's finished by the way, he will go don't, don't have any doubts about that. but what happens next, but carpeted to you, that little thing is happening now is, i mean, if we're talking about selling all those and pillage is i mean, stanley baldwin was up to his neck. when monday gregory was convicted all these years ago. the only person to be convicted of preventing the honors and pillage is hm. and that was way back in the 19 twenties and thirties. so it was new about the
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accusation of 1st selling period. we're not talking specifically about showing peerage is alone is an issue hanging over the posse. but now there are 3 masses which are up in the air and over which johnson has no control which again he confronts this week. one is the secretary was silent case and he is looking into the parties and the parties are really difficult because it appears that the prime minister in, i think he's denying that took place by the way that he, bro, code the rules. now if mr. case is over promoted, but he has his future reputation to consider concludes that mr. johnson and his the, the kind of rather unsavory associates who surround him, broke the rules. then i feel the consequences of that will be serious. then we have
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another matter which is even more serious than that, and that is the lord guide judgment about whether or not he was like 2 or misled to use primary language by mister johnson, over the matter of the funding of the wallpaper and internal declarations in johnson's mister johnson's flat. now, i don't know how close you full it. it is potentially deadly serious. so when a submerged that a tory donor has held out, johnson is putting his hands in his pocket to sort out. johnson johnson said to lord guides when a commission, when he carried out his investigation, that the 1st night about it was in february this year following meteor. when the electoral commission did each report, it found an evidence that mister johnson had what facts of this don't ask for cash
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. now, is does this mainly he was lying all what does it or is there some innocent explanation? this b radio silence from the old guy. now little guys, a serious figure. he's a former army officer, former diplomat, whom a private secretary, the queen. and of course, a battle of western isles connections not to be trifled with, a trifle with clans, you know? now, the parliamentary commission of a standard must examine the failure by the prime minister, mister johnson, to declare in a proper way a donation to receive any m p must. now, if she finds him guilty of failing to do so, it's a serious offense. and what is the remedy she has expelling suspending or
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ordering out for a certain set of time of the m p from parliament. now mr. johnson, the prime minister is banned from parliament. he won't be able to perform his duties as answering questions, coming to class, making statements, et cetera. so these 3 very way, see masses. i know we're the prime minister moment when i conference in is to lapse in a tory and peace and followed me and he's ministerial colleagues. now i conclude i have reached the conclusion for some time that he is finished. he is afraid he is now a posthumous prime minister. is the living dead and at some point, probably not before christmas, but certainly in the new year. he will be obliged to resign. that is the stat that is the, the matter as it stands,
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that you've been the prime ministers in journalistic terms, is bet no, our here been is nemesis, you just a book detailing all has evasions of the actuality. let's call them that. i call the lies in limbo, having taken legal advice, repeat it, lies made to the british people about about to run a virus and always everything else you got to mention that missed that they are in my book, assault in truth. yes. nobody's challenge a single dot com or of that book. and now i'm running a website that itemizing the current law lives which are pouring out. it's not it's not the 1st prime minister, alyssa, they have been demonstrated to be in their economical with the truth. i'm in and bought us johnston's defense has lies seem over relatively, as you call them or what relatively trivial matters, sir. with us mister blair, it could be accused of for misleading people about the reasons for going to
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a war. so, and the balance of things isn't ballast? johnson somewhat less guilty than his labor predecessor, you are speaking probably the leading experts, not just in britain, but the world's on british political line. i wrote a book about mr. black called the rise of political lying. i way an terrible untrue switch, mr. glad. a told about the existence weapons of mass destruction, which, which paved the way in public gather terms for any energy and legal sams, i think, for an illegal war. so that was deadly serious. the iraq war is still ace the consequences for millions of people and death destruction. and of course, the dispossession is still being felt the blair ally of a weapons of mass destruction. i shall say that mister black and sissy. he made
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a statement in good faith and therefore they were very false not lies. it's an important distinction to make the, those lives that were we were actually relating to the iraq war, whereas i'm afraid, johnson, you know, your name it corona virus, breck sick, personal circumstances is every day. tell me about the tory party. i mean, it isn't the case. if you are cynical, the tory party, tony and wallace johnson because he seen as an electron winner. but as i say, the moment he ceases to be seen as an election when it becomes a liability. the, the famous a man in greece start to line up to tell the prime minister the games bogey. unlike the labor party, the tory party is a completely ruthless electro machine. the moment you look like being a football manager,
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actually the moment you cease to deliver results you got and now this is the so mr . johnson was seen and wallace popular very he left for some reason with the british people for a long time, you won that election. i put him in to that. now, over the last few weeks, he started to crash in the polls. as a result, and i were a name, a paper clara political editor of the daily mirror was here justification of vindication of political journalism. i'm proud to be a fellow citizen per clara who wrote lin revelations about those parties. and ever since that the johnson pole writing has collapsed and is now in negative territory . and the tory rating is collapse if that carries on for much longer is over. and so if it is overnight games up from the prime minister, who would the likely successes be under any dark causes as well as the the obvious
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favorites. yes, i think i was with you, little divine, within the cabinet and outside the cabinet and conventional westminster opinion will tell you that list trash has got a better version to say quite a bit of mrs. thatcher. she's the foreign secretary now, and she's well place to run and probably will do. likewise. a bit less flashy, but he's quite credible as chance of the exchequer. and that only our site i give you 2 names are going to do johnny hart. the fuller for that particular house actually is it is, is really quite a formidable figure. he ran 2nd of the games. johnson price went in the leadership election 2 years ago. and he, and he represents a sort of standing review to the should be call it corruption, the men tacit, see the sleaze, the cronyism, which is mark johnson's disgraceful term as prime minister. not
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a problem for sooner and least trash than anybody in the cabinet. they go along with this, they haven't protested or, and they are smeared by association with one of the most of the work, somebody who is becoming one of those not sure politicians of mom ties outside is hunt another person. i'll give a little mention to david davis, who he ran 2nd to to david cameron 10 years ago. and he has got a is a figure of considerable integrity and a standing review to the school moral, swallow of the ghastly crew, which now so handsome corey's johnson. they very finally beat a robot as the parliamentary, conservative party. i'm the acolyte. celebrate the new year. i'm going to be really
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depressed about the coming circumstances. are they going to say, well, look, you know, we've got majority of 80 empowerment those more than 2 years from the next election . so listen, look, good time to sort things i. so i'm going to see the glass of mo, whiskey, half full, half empty. the how the mental feeling and our chest about tori piece is that johnson is finished. and the tory party cannot with united, not behind in the poll ratings that will get worse with, as i explained, a series of fresh scandals coming swiftly around the corner with the speed of an express express train. so they will get rid of johnson in the new year if they don't strike for peter oberman, student of the conservative party juggler. stick straw to thank you so much for joining me in the alex. i'm and show great pleasure are joining us after the break
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. well, alex asked by the next clear fox to gaze into political crystal ball and tell us what 2022 will bring with the then ah ah
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ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation community, are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. welcome back. well, it's been a toward a few weeks, but the prime minister 2022 sir, to cooperate, and his boy, only
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a poker full 20 men in gray suits, comma calling on dining seats. alex's in conversation with the liveliest of the new members of the house of lords ennobled by johnson, not because of our donations to the conservative party, but because of our campaigning for brakes. it. thank the man who got brakes done can hold on to cover. alix speaks to botanist. clear. fox, biomass, clear false. welcome back to the alex simon. chill, good to bay. what would you say is the extent of the primer? still political trouble is how much trouble is bought us johnson owen. he's had a lot of trouble, but maybe not the way people think. i suspect that in the last few days there's been some kick back. people are worried that trees are may and it is are out for revenge. there's concern because quite a lot of people who are the hard core remain crowd have been enjoying his troubles
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a bit much. and so that makes people who voted for him a little nervous because they might once a whole bar, as johnson would count for the right thing. and they don't want him to kind of end up with somebody they don't consider will be in the spirit why they rated johnson in the 1st place. having federal law, he's lost a huge amount of support. i would suggest from the voters that he won't even from the red wall vices because they now really didn't feel as though any kind of liberal or liberty embracing. instincts have been betrayed. i'm, i think, call 2016 whole damage because a lot of people felt that this was a kind of january of international, you know, had to stay. and also when joe's talking about issues that will be done to them. and they didn't really feel as though net 0 is something that had been politically democratically decided on. and now the recent caving regulations coming in when people just don't fail is that justified?
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i'm the policy that she so one way or another, there's a real sense of we might stick with them, but it's a real regretted teeth and that's very damaging. the launch of the primary troubles of self inflicted. this is to be a, almost the limit, the carelessness about things and comp $26.00. it doesn't seem to seize the moment for global publicity like the president united states or indeed the 1st melissa the scott. well, i think you'll, that word that you've used is very important. which of carelessness, i think that his career ma cannot compensate for the fact that he actually is quite college and politically that has big impact. some people because if you're constantly trying to implement policies to cover up for the last math that you made, then people start to lose confidence in your ability to hold the line or, or have any sincerity. i mean, people, i know at the moment, for example, all doing all going along with the restrictions, you know,
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wearing masks at doing everything that's old. but last year they were frightened. this year they're not frightened that complying. it's a very different atmosphere and a lot of it's done in bad faith because i doing it because i'll get in trouble if they don't do it. that's not quite to say. and if you think that they then think that boys johnson just seems cavalier about these announcements, you know, he can casually just say on the television that the whole of the night just is going to be re purpose. the d based the jobs and not wasn't dr. owners have been told that, right, i mean this is like, you can say i support the chest, but if you treat people like that, you can bring in legislation. things like the place in crime bill that they say they're doing for one reason. but when you actually look at the small print, really well criminalize, all sorts of activities that most or new people wouldn't support. and he doesn't seem to know that detail. you know that just something one of his ministers is doing when he needs to know the detail he's in charge. so i think he's brought a lot of it on himself. but i just don't want to underestimate his popular payable
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if you want. what i think it's happened is he still got popular pale, but he used to have a populist instinct just spontaneously. we just something he was good. i had a populist instinct and now he has lost that populace instinct. he doesn't actually have that same sense of what ordinary people think it does kind of a luck. i mean the, if you take last week with a seem to be running a seal for sleeves allegations. and then along comes a new dangerous variant which allows them to make a prime ministerial broadcast, the proclaim booster booster booster and white the christmas parties of god. so at least for now off the headlight for now. but you see that's the thing is why people are cynical is because they don't think it's very dangerous very, they think variances come along that is being conveniently and opportunistically use to wipe away the the problems. now, i'm not saying it isn't dangerous, don't get me wrong. what i'm saying is, is a cynicism, a kind of almost
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a naturalistic cynicism, the people aren't quite convinced by this one. because actually if you look at the evidence, it doesn't look as though it's that dangerous. and he's behaving as though we're back to stage one or wait on down the road, you know, and it's obviously not like that. and so, but yeah, i mean, he's, he has said, look with the, you can't, you can't rule by look, you know, that only last for so long, legal when forget, this interesting will have this conversation about the face of the prime minister. we haven't yet mentioned the labor part is suggesting the all of both jobs and potential difficulties come from either within the total poppy or from the press, whether the labor party stands at all. but i saw one of the key indicators that the labor party really all irrelevant was when case thomas did a state of the nation broadcast evening after forest. johnson did a state the nation and the nation didn't really noted. i think the last time i was
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on the show, i said i was in the label. if i didn't, i think the wife had it. it's just things don't just die overnight, right. but it doesn't mean i think they've got the potential for a sustainable future is the part of labor. i just don't think i have only work and people no longer naturally look the labor and labor to nothing in which they might convince them that they should look to them. so what are your, what do you got to tell you? but as for the men in greece suits, going to come a calling on dentistry aud isn't going to be a prime minister revival in the new year. i think that the men in great seats are already circling, and they certainly are asking for the grown ups to enter into number 10 and there is no doubt about it. the chorus has always had a slightly seizure words. again, carlos uncovered a recipe to organizational masses, but when he was in city hall, he did have a, a reasonably strong team around him. and it does seem to me that one of the problems is that lack of theme. so they will try and change personnel and hope that
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works. but i think that more and more people realize that he has limited value. it's just not there. isn't anyone obvious you just i dominate rob michael guy. well, i'm only at the most shallow level. i mean, nobody really believes she least chose. he's playing a blind. that's right. but if you kind of examined for more than 2 minutes, i don't know whether you got the national breach that birth johnson has. that will be people who got their i on the big job. i just don't think his days are numbered in quite that way. and does the prime minister in your estimation still have the the will to be private? so i mean, many prime ministers come to the end of the title. they just get fed up with it. i think that he wants all the glory and not the hard work. so i, you know, the difficulty is, is that whether he's actually got the, the genuine stamina, the stamina that is required, see really lead because it's fine. you know, making great speeches. when is a great speech, i mean,
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rhetorically clever people laughing, being in the limelight. but actually, as he has obviously noticed is quite hard. one in the country is quite hard being on the international state, and you can make mess ups. and he does it all time, and people are less forgiving in this, you know, week, whatever, one things back. however, this is a series crisis. he keeps telling us that a time for the serious, grownups. and yet he doesn't really want to be a serious grown up in this. and his statesman like standing is to say the least slightly in disarray, ruthlessly ambitious. man, what can you do with them? right, and i'll give up that easily. he's not going to go quietly, either out of full, but can you rationalize her a christmas party last year could have more political impact. the question as to whether hosa legislature is being bought for money because the christmas party is a she indicated that the people who were making the roles were not frightened of this virus. they told us that we ought to be so frightened of that. ordinary people
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were and, you know, destroyed their hopes and aspirations. i mean, if you remember this time last year, everyone and you were so excited, you know, seeing the family for the 1st time in the gut wrenching, i did that you were taken for a mug. the pressure people down lie that they got the pump, the chat to each other, and they've discovered that society was almost destroyed during that time. and they know that that is a big price to pay and maybe some and think it was worth it because we had a public health emergency to then discover that that wasn't being taken seriously by the people who actually close society down, i think is really got to people clear false, i want you to look into that crystal ball, which i know you have tell us what was going to be in your opinion, the political highlight of the coming year 2022. i'm hoping that the political highlight will be that the public will re emerge into society again and become
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agents their own destiny and be like active players in the story. because one of the problems about floods in society down is this too much focus on what happens involvement and parliament, all kind of talking in a bubble to each other. and what i'm looking forward to is people regaining that confidence, reasserting the fact that they're the ones in control and in charge. and i think that may be the, i'm hoping that the cynicism that is a bit in the hellish take about politicians will become a productive dynamic force. and that will say a shakeup with new political parties emerging of all sorts and stripes. and so that the ruling a late just can stop being complacent as they have been over the last year. so far . thank you so much and you'll come back onto the show to tell us about that festival of politics. i will do it the florida johnson went into november as a prime minister heading to pose last by a comfortable comments. majority was an improving situation on all the corporate
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plans, and it was stabilized, if not under full control. the economy was out of work cited and performing better than forecasts on britain was preparing to state a major international summit in glasgow. but it weeks is a long time in politics. all has been rapidly dying who the prime ministers, ill judged 15th to see if its friend or partisan from the stand. this committee failed and then rebounded badly. it opened up a range of questions about dynasty activities. student walked on and it seemed to suggest that the regulations were only meant for ordinary people. not for the johnson inner circle. above all, the failure to shake off slaves. allegations entered upon lack of attention to the detail of governors has begun to connect with his ability to command support for necessary action to tame that assertion by this. now when the prime minister becomes an electro liability and is incapable of governing on the major issue of
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the day, these are exactly the circumstances and the tory party instinct for survival kicks in in comments are then expected to do the decent thing. having said that, there is no evidence that bothers johnson, so it's a split score carrier has operated within the normal parameters of what is expected of him. thus, it may be too early to write his political obituary, regardless of the number of people, no volunteering to be the lead author, but for no, from alex myself, either. oh at there. sure, it's good bye. take care. i'm hope to see you all again for our christmas special with a jew of many voices talented kit robbins and nurse mcquaid. next week until then take care. ah ah
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ah, ah, working room or should in the back. she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and we recently there was a good buying another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an 8 or 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act. when we're filing on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there, i was walking one of the dogs. so why do you wear again? were you scared me? nothing could take it off. it, i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared
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if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings that we certainly wouldn't have. the number a desk with the only chrome variant of cove. it is spreading out an unprecedented right, so warms the world health organization will be talking to the europe directory in just a few moments. news heavily armed men surround libyan government. offices in tripoli, with militia threatening to scope of the upcoming presidential election. the 1st such vote in the ravished african country for 7 years. absurd and worrying, that's how most goes this.


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