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tv   News  RT  December 16, 2021 6:00am-6:31am EST

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take responsibility into their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number address with breaking news for you. this how i live on our t international. our sister channel in germany, otts has been blocked quite youtube. it comes on the very day. it launched its 1st broadcast and the country heavily armed men surround libya and government offices in tripoli, with militia threatening to scuttle at the upcoming presidential election. the 1st such vote and the rapid african country in 7 years. a new study finds that divisions in u. s. society could be reaching
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a tipping point with some democrats fearing a repeat of the violence seen earlier this year on capitol hill. just on a larger scale ah well, it's already a big thursday for your headline tip mall around the world. this is auntie international very will welcome to year. 2 we continue the program here with breaking news here. we're not you international law sister channel in germany, r t d has been blocked by youtube. now it comes on the very day it launched its 1st broadcast in the country. now the reason given for the band is at r t t e's previous youtube account was blocked. and apparently the owner of any blocked channel is forbidden from starting a new one. however r t t e's new channel actually has a different own to the previous one. and despite the liked his band, you can still watch an online the stream with the channel at d dot r t dot com and russia foreign ministry spokesman. maria's however,
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reacted to this development and we didn't expect anything else as they say, every one congratulates a premier in their own way. some with flowers and good wishes, others by sprinkling crash glass into shoes. so i, despite her, the youtube ban, our german sister channel is now up, and running ortiz, danny armstrong's looking now at what other obstacles has had to overcome. just to get on the journey to launch day has been the usual trek through pressure and passive aggression from the self appointed defenders of democracy. i. e. rival, gym, and media. it's bad enough to putin's voice sounds out across the internet. if it were not for one reliable german meteor outlet, dest spiegel kremlin owned outlets would dominate the german digital information space. in both the number of articles published in social engagement received. there is reason to believe that most of the traffic on r t channels is real and not acquired through purchased fake profiles. the thinly
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veiled disdain from rival gym and media outlets have come in a form of gallant cries to stop the so called moscow mouthpiece. and kremlin back putin propaganda, of course, that has nothing to do with our t deutsche. his popularity on a string of social media, where they consistently rank among the top most viewed channels as regards news and politics. ah, it wasn't just rival outlets that ran. so the hysteria of r t deutsch, his rise through the media rankings. politicians got personal and launched. attacks on our t employees, framing them as perfect traces of this information, and d,
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stabilizing democracy. those who work for asi have said good bye to critical and independent journalism, and whether they want it or not on the employees are part of the destabilization of democracy. this is not about the approval of a profane entertainment channel, but about e. u wide access for putin propaganda and targeted disinformation under the guise of alternative journalism. and what goes up must come down arte deutsche his ascent was yank back down to earth when youtube band, the channel from its platform, with it wiping out 600000 subscribers. now, despite rumors that the band was burly in bat, former chancellor angle, a miracle denied that germany had influence you chief's decision. as for r t, germany did not put any pressure and brussels of the decisions it made in germany. neither the federal government nor the state governments engaging meadows like that . so this fight will the people's best efforts. artie deutsch is primed and ready
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for action, launching on air and launching a fresh assault on those old ratings and views, rankings. mainstream media beware, weller with all the resistance that r t d has faced, including today's youtube termination, we decided to take a bit of a well hung entry. look at why authority such a so against it, i, jeremy must. it is so delegated and as shown until we stand together. we'll continue to stand together against russia. 80 in germany. repeat some of the errors that we doubtless made, say no to cbd, this chunky daughter about their ability to influence other nations, france b, u. k. and even latin america and other countries. sure. then maybe been where to
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high from cycle pollute with members of your household. so please, please, please, please continue to fight with justin to russia must not be allowed in germany. i don't want you to call and leave it so short, so didn't altino haitian, the 5, and the yes, actually, indian ha, the enough. all right, just a bit later in the program here, and i'll tell you, we'll be looking at more russia, germany tensions, as mazda rejects the german court's ruling. that a back the murder of a chechen man in berlin will shed some light on that story. we are back in just a moment. but any stories you may have missed to want to catch up on just log on to walter, dot com for the meantime, militants of surrounded a number of key sites and the libyan capital. tripoli at the head of the countries
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presidential election, the 1st since 2014. now this is on verified video of the presidential council building, and you can see a combat vehicles carrying armed men near by of photos and videos coming in from tripoli also. so fighters outside the offices of libby as interim government of national unity and videos are circulating that appear to show military vehicles patrolling the city will. archie has not been able to independently verify this, but earlier we discuss a situation in libya with a correspondent, eager to donald the poor people of libya and triplet, because they've had the fisher term all over the last decade or so am and beyond. and it's, it's not over, is it yet more unrest? what, what is causing it? well, you're absolutely right. there's more and rest, 3 militia groups who are trying to take power inside of tripoli who are trying to disrupt the upcoming elections. and this is, i have to say is only the latest in the violence that has had the country and it's
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tied grip. so essentially we've had the throughout the past couple of weeks, couple of months, we've had numerous reports and pictures coming out of the country as armed groups were trying to capture local t v stations as heavy artillery was brought to the capitol. everything that we're seeing there right now, you know, the government internationally recognized government going into hiding a local militias and warlords, again having their se, unhindered and unhampered, apparently in the, in the capitol. hampering the work of the internationally recognized government preventing the political process from happening. this all it is, it is causing some serious, you know, and will, horrifying, flashbacks, old way to 2011. 1 of cause more. mark daffy was ousted with the help of cause of nato and the international community and everything that is going on there right now with all the in fighting with all the, you know, these warlords, what bristling in its essence, it's a result of a power struggle of vying for power and even even if these walls are used as
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proxies are used as pawns. so what we're seeing right now is that the international community, they ended, the rule of law and libya, ended libya's stability. they created a state of lawlessness. they created very, very fertile ground for all this and fighting to happen. and there was a bit of a low in the past years, libya has stayed out of the headlines, of course, but it seems that right now, the elections, the upcoming elections. they have triggered this new wave of violence. it is very threatening to the political process that the international community has been trying to going for so long. and it really shows that they, they, well, they try to do nation building. they destroyed the country with their bombings and with, with all the, with all the meddling. and right now the situation shows how little control, if any, the international community has a decade on a decade since more market duffy felt a little more just to break down the what's going on there right now, this little qu, the man the, the front man of the call is called sallow body and he's quite infamous. he's
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a bit of a colorful figure. he's militiaman, that he's one of the few people who actually buried my market. duffy who fought against him. so he was the international community's favorite back in 2011. since then he was put on a multiple sanctions list of the u. s. sanction list, the un sanctioned list. and the, the for the very same thing he's doing right now for trying to stop for basically disrupting the political process. so he's saying he has said that essentially he believes that the election is rigged in favor of the incumbent prime minister who went into hiding. but if you look at how things are unfolding, the only person to benefit from it is really the prime minister because he is not seen as a favorite in the elections. in fact, he is in, as an underdog, he is very much upset by safe to duffy, the son of mama gadhafi, as it is widely believed that the hearts and minds of the libyan people are with the son who came back from exile. who before that was and remained in captivity,
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rubble, captivity, he was tortured, had several fingers chopped off and still despite all the exile, despite all this, he apparently still, or he carries a lot of political weight. so, so right now again, it looks that libya is dangerously close to plunging into yet another circle of violence. a lot more analysis. and inside his olivia's decade long crisis, now just a click away that and a whole lot more checkout or taped off. let me called an irreversible division. this is her, the point that american society is reaching apparently. according to a new study by cornell university, it found that polarization in america is close to tipping point, with the nation deemed unlikely to be able to unite even if faced by a major threat. if polarization is to extreme, people become divided even on the shock issue. if we reach that point we cannot unites, even in the face of war, climate change pandemic,
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or of the challenges to the survival of our society. well, bruce, moxie of former republican pennsylvania senate that now joining us here live in moscow and a great honor to have you with us in the studio today. you have an enormous background in us politics. so welcome to moscow, a naughty international. thank you for joining us. roy, it's great to be here. it's great to have you here. i'm going to get straight to my questions for you regarding this new study by cornell university. i think this is an ivy league school isn't one of your top schools in america. the study saying that u. s. the u. s. is reaching a tipping point. what does that mean? well, it's a very good school. my brother went there now there we, i and his wife went there too. but i think that's an exaggeration. there is polarization in america, we have red states, we have blue states, we have republicans and democrats, but we're not at a tipping point of people. you know, we have elections. some people when some people lose, but mainly americans worked together. now you have an enormous background in us politics here, so it's, it's great that i have the ability to, to pick your mind now because the liberal media, it's already panicking about
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a possible trump come back in 2024 with headlines. you know, for example, saying well go to the next qu, has already begun. what's got them so alarmed and, and is it, is that an accurate do you think? well, the liberal media is just been terrible in terms of the way that they've reported things. we had that so called, you know, we had the rush a hoax, you know, for the 1st 3 years of the trump administration, the whole investigation where there was nothing there. another, you know, trying to attack donald trump because they're afraid that if he ran again that he would win. and if some things had happened, you know, were unfortunate. you know, the events that took place at the capital and january 6, but that was not an insurrection. it is just completely wrong for the media to try to describe that as an insurrection. there were some people there there was riding, let's not forget we had riding all over the united states in the summer of 2020. yeah. including in philadelphia where i live in washington. so no, i think they're just trying to hype this because they're trying to use donald trump
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as a tool to try to win the elections in 2022, which is when we have the midterm. that's right. that's right, not far away still. and the nbc accommodated nbc was saying, he said there were 30000000 people right. not ready to take up arms to put donald trump back in the office. does that sound accurate to you? well, i don't think that you're going to see anybody taking up arms in the literal sense of, you know, having weapons. but i think that maybe there's a 120000000 or 130000000, or maybe more people who be willing to vote for donald trump. if he ran for election in 200-2004. 0 yeah, i mean, you just said a few minutes ago if he did run. if trump did run in 2024, give it to us what he, when i think it in part depends, you know, who runs against. and i think it also depends how he handles some things. i think that he's gonna have to deal with the issue of january 6th and i provided explanation to, to that, to the american public. but donald trump is
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a tremendously, still, tremendously popular figure he is worried. assail isn't a he is he has a curious mother. you know that other politicians don't have when you call compare him to joe biden. i mean, joe biden has, i don't know how, what i can say on international television. he seems to be having a very difficult time with life. in general. there are issues or regarding jo biden's capacity. i think he's 79 years old now he'd be in as eighty's if you were to run for reelection. i don't think anybody seriously thinks he's got a run for reelection. so it would be if donald trump is the republican candidate, and it's really his for the asking, he's that strong and that, and that popular, it would depend in part, you know, who he would be running again. who would that be? would that be come ala harris? oh, well, i think the republicans would like to see her run because she's been very effective as a vice president what the democrats didn't even one huh. on the presidential ticket, but she she got what any one percent support during the debates, didn't she carmella harris? well, she didn't do very well in the debate. she was attacked by the congressman woman
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from hawaii, didn't do well with that. she didn't even make it to the 1st primary. let's remember that she didn't even get the iowa. she pulled out beforehand because her campaign was so poorly run and i think was actually run her sister was her campaign manager. you know, in an emmy. so she was obviously picked for, you know, demographic reasons. i think everybody understood well, but nobody said that biden's head not m. i like am i going to pick a woman? i'm going to pick a woman of color. so that was basically chauvinistic and racist all the same time. well, it was, it was, sir, it was certainly political. and i think people who went, when you choose a vice president should be based on their abilities and not based on their sex or based on their race based on weight, marriage are based on the merits. completely agree. yeah. when it's wants to a recent c, n polls showing 54 percent of americans a disapproving of the way biden is handling the economy. how much of the blame do you really think lies with biden or perhaps with trump? is predecessor. well, 1st of all, that is seen in po, i think more than 54 percent of the americans are unhappy with biden. and i think a lot of it has to do with the way he conducted himself since he's been president.
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and he's been president, you know, almost for a year now. we had the debacle in afghanistan, which was poorly handled and then maybe united states look weak on the international. you know, a platform where they didn't get the americans out before the troops laughed. that's number one and number 2, with all of the spending that were happening because of these, you know, bills that the democrats just wanna throw money at. we, for the 1st time, i mean, in a long time, we have inflation. so when you're at, you know, of an american working, working family and the cost of your groceries is going up by 25 percent of the price of gas, i think has gone up by 50 percent. so that, so this is, this is not just the media fear mongering about inflation in america because we've been reporting that it's nearly at a full decade high inflation in the united states. it's just about everything across the board now is more expensive than it was even just a year ago. is that, is that true? what's absolute it's, it's absolutely true. at least i grew up in the seventy's. so i can remember when we had inflation,
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then we really haven't had inflation since i'd say that's the late 1980 s has been fairly stable. absolutely. you go to you, listen, you can't fully american public, they go to the grocery stores. i see what the price of bread is, they see what the price of eggs as they see with the price of meat, is we have the whole problem, you know, with the, the transport and getting goods, goods into the country, ah, and the price of gasoline, these are things that the average american, you know, pays for it, they understand one, there's a big impact on their pocket book, and this has an impact on the average americans pocket book. i wanted to ask you just briefly, going back to biden's approval ratings and the inflation crisis cove. it afghanistan, the list goes on it yet. he says, he says the following about mid times. have a quick listen to this. if you would. ok. in 2021 as a unified democratic party, more unified than ever. now we look at 2022. i want to help my republican friends
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get ready bell. you're going in for a problem. what he seems certainly automated and optimistic, but how do you think is ratings right now will affect the midterms. i think they've already infected the elections, the united states. we had a republican when governor and virginia completely unexpected. ah. and that was in part because of the lack of popularity of president biden. we almost had a republican when in new jersey. i think the republicans are looking enormously well to win back the house of representatives. we have what's called re districting so some of the districts are going to change now. and there's going to be a much more favourable map for republicans. and in the senate, i think that we're gonna win a couple of the senate seat so that we get control the senate as well. it's typical that the party that's out of power does well in the mid years, but with biden. and his lack of popularity is really even his inability to campaign could didn't even campaign for himself when he was running for president. i don't think that we're going to see him going around the country and supporting very many
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democrat candidates. and republicans, i think are going to field a very good slight of, of candidates. well, i, i heard trump speaking recently, basically saying that biden is destroying america. what would you agree with that? and if you would agree with that, and what terms do you think he has destroyed america? because, i mean, we, we know we had, we had all these protests with black lives matter. for example, that is a movement that was, as most people say politicized. the end of the day, we had protests in many parts of the united states. i was seeing inflation go up, nobody salary, nobody salary is going up at the same level of inflation right now. where are the disaster areas? do you think with the u. s. right now, is it just an economic thing or is there more to it than that? i wouldn't go so far as to say that he's destroying america. we have a strong country and we have strong people in the government still at the end of the day only does so much. it's not surprising that trump, mice might say something like that, though it's not surprising that donald trump would say that, ah, but i think that we lived americans,
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we lost stature because of what happened in afghanistan. we had this truly ridiculous or biting, had this truly ridiculous, so called somewhat for democracy, which people frankly just laughed at in the united states to bring in a 100 countries, some of which were clearly, you know, undemocratic inflation is, is, is harming the average. hm. as is harming the average american and frankly, i think we're getting sick and tired of the cancel culture. i think that there's a backlash against biden, for that, that we have a country where donald trump can't be on facebook and can't see on twitter. and i mean that's, that's censorship isn't it? is that censorship. let me block blocking. who was the american president, they belong to from twit, i didn't family that. that is that no censorship? well twitter is private, so it's allowed to do that. there's issues, there's harry picking who it does and they said what little edge in, angling that to sap, it's absolutely cherry picking and it does and it's just not donald trump. i will
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tell you this. i had a new twitter account. oh, a couple of months ago. when i had a photograph of donald trump and myself on the a my twitter account and i was just for your audience, my know i was an attorney for donald trump's campaign. in the 2020 election, my account was blocked for 6 months. i'm sorry, excuse me. my, my cat was blocked for 6 hours. but how do they justify blocking derek? because they saw a picture of bay of a picture of donald trump. and so they had this automatic blocking leaf and they look at your content before they allow that to go through. and i, it's just, it's, it's ridiculous and it's, it's, it's absolutely censorship by these organizations, twitter and facebook, and it's not good for the american public. i and i think the american public understands that, and of course, joe biden will do nothing about it. it was interesting what you said about, you know, that backlash from, from on the woke, although the council culture and, and what we're, what we're seeing now, i think you're right. i think there is going to be a backlash from this. and i think it's going to be shown in the midterm elections next year, but the only bad news is, so i'm really running out of time here and on bruce marx has been such
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a pleasure having you joining us here in the moscow studio. a naughty international, the former republican pennsylvania senator bruce marx joining us live. thank you very much for your time today. good to say you, you to say you too. thank you. well, russia says it will retaliate after germany throughout 2 of its diplomats. on wednesday the expulsions came off for a court found a russian citizen guilty of the motor of a chechen man in berlin and 2019 adding that he had acted on behalf of moscow. it's a claim the criminal rejects. while all europe correspond that peter oliver. as details on of 2 russian diplomats have been declared persona non grata by the new german 4 minister and eleanor bare bulk in one of her 1st duties. in that role . it all relates back to the sentencing of a russian national, named as variety, and cathy cove to life imprisonment for the murder back in august of 2019 of
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delhi. man, hon gosh vaguely in the fact that at that killing was well described directly as being at the heft of the russian stayed by the court that did the sentencing. now moscow denied any involvement in the killing of high gosh, really, who was shot to death in a pearl in park right in the center of the german capital. back in the, the summer of 2019 though to attract the defendant, denied the crime, particularly denied being part of the russian security apparatus, or having been commissioned by any security apparatus at all. for there is not a single piece of evidence. and the court also admitted there isn't any evidence that will prove this. there is only circumstantial evidence. this prompted on the line of bare bog to call the russian ambassador to the foreign ministry and which he was informed that 2 of his diplomats would be going home. these are marked in startling mass murder on behalf of the state as determined that quite a day represents a serious violation of german law and of germany. sovereignty,
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the russian bastard wasn't formed, led to members of the diplomatic step of the russian embassy were being declared undesirable. i hope there will be no escalation because in a moment the 2 piece read on me or there's no comical crisis. there's covered crisis. when we look at the rhetoric software for a mystery on the november, i'm a bit afraid she wants to escalate the conflict. i all go to the russian side route or try to search dialogue as far as possible and that we find her the transshipment. maybe it will be good, mr. coaching and mr. charles, come in to a dialogue directly. well, before a ministry in moscow has issued a responsibility as the card of the spokes person saying that there would be a reaction from moscow to the expulsion of those 2 diplomats moscow denies any involvement in the killing of hunger. really, he was a wanted terrorist in russia. he had
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a silent status here in germany. but moscow had been seeking him in order to prosecute him in connection with the debts of almost 100 people directly. that they say he was involved in those deaths in russia's north caucus region. also, he's accused of being part of the planning and plotting for the 2010 moscow metro suicide attacks. now the russian on pasadena released a statement shortly after this. the sentencing saying that he believed that both the evidence that was provided from the prosecution of the timing of the sentencing were politically motivated. the absurd thesis about the involvement of the russian federation in this case was never confirmed by convincing evidence to accept pseudo investigations and unsubstantiated statements of the bias media such as belin, cat, an insider, and other speculations is at least strange. the time chosen for the announcement of the verdict is hardly accidental. obviously,
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someone is interested in overshadowing the dialogue between russia and the new german government. the relationship between moscow and berlin is under some strain at the moment whether it involves the future of nord stream to the situation surrounding ukraine. old, this particular case and the expulsion of 2 russian diplomats following the sentencing. all f sholtes, the new german chancellor and letting me have food and have yet to have a phone call. certainly they haven't met face to face yet, but when the to do there is certainly going to be a lot for them to talk about. one is already turned into a busy post. i feel worldwide headlines here. one artsy international, nearly half past 2 in the afternoon. here at moscow, we are back at the top of the hour with more of your years. ah. oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or
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obese. it's profitable to sell food. this is kathy and sugary and salty, and it is not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change this obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment. mm hm. so what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate with a like a central plank support dot com. mm. call them right now say stop the madness. london love polls, particularly when polls further a certain political agenda,
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but polling has a checkered history. as of late the last 2 election cycles tell us as much, should we put much stock into polling any more it so than why each other's mike with on that no was on the but if got the law i'll j shall out of your story. i tele status, i will let he kind of mostly find out he and i last your bellamore to let you know about. hum my uncle and much more. adler hobby, and marcella half at lee for shamela shockey, the lithia alon to whom. why that does a lot of yesterday. ah, so so,
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so much so much. so with here, with us 40 to please on be some continued actually heights and infinity dash. the one window with obvious will be on the phone here. my line will be emilia, the bicycle in which weidler. hm. it seems to be a little above the mom, but does alex with a hockey much or at the homeowners model? have young seller be those you? i mean. okay. which other does, but these are a lot up and changed will help you. hi.


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