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tv   News  RT  December 16, 2021 10:00am-10:31am EST

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oh, lady that lives over there has walked in one of the gods. this is why you where again when you scale it doesn't take it off it. i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths for pipeline. but that's how i live on our t, the head of nato vows to keep expanding the western military alliance, bringing in new countries. despite protests from the kremlin global fears spread over the armor con varian the w. h. o europe, director, hotels, all tea that is vital to deliver vaccines where that needed, including rushes. sputnik vsoft health including vaccines,
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go beyond $4.00 to $6.00. we should never take into account the good queen afforded it. also in the program, our sister channel in germany, r t d is locked by you tube. it comes just hours after it launched it's fust broadcast in that country. ah, or into the evening now here at moscow, just off to 6 pm. this is on the international the secretary general of nato has now said there can be no compromise on expanding the trans atlantic defense alliance that is off to president putin demanded urgent talks on preventing nato from adding new members right along russia's borders. a short time ago, i discussed the latest without ease shot at dupont. he only spoke for a few minutes, but they is an awful lot of information to digest. i'll try and take you through it
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now. he talked a lot about what he sees as being a packing of russian aggression and said that nato will continue to do everything that it can to support nato allies. nato members, he was talking at the same time, is holding the podium with the ukranian present. just to point out, you quaint isn't currently a member of nato, although it would like to join the alliance. i yan sold them back, said that nato stands with ukraine, 8 support itself, warranty, and it supports ukraine's right to defend that sovereignty did a friend, its own country's borders and its territory. and he said that nato would continue to give the queen practical support to be able to do this. now he said that need to support for ukraine is not a threat to russia. he's direct words or not. and he said, any decision about nato increasing its membership enlarging to include ukraine will
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be something that he's so lee taken by nato members themselves that have a listen to what else he had to say. nato has proven over the last years that are open door policy is not only something we can support in words, but those in deeds party by inviting to new countries, montenegro north muscle and that to become members. so we have enlarged the line so that all spheres with 2 new members, despite protests from, from russia. and also we are supporting ukraine in trans efforts to come closer to natal membership. now, washington, for example, we talked about military build up on the borders between ukraine and russia in that region. washington is actually at the moment, sending a fight to jackson to romania. these fight to jets that will be able to monitor the
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seas and patrol the area close to the russian border. we also know that ukraine has been increasing its military fold in the border territories as well. now for 8 support, russia says it is not about to invade ukraine. that is the line over and over that we are hearing from the kremlin. we've also heard from the russian forestry ministry spokesperson, she said that this is a disinformation campaign that he's being used to pay russia as an aggressor. and she said, such statements will not decrease tensions in the region at the shingle washington . this is as information campaign that aims to crate. firstly, the image of russia is an aggressor. secondly, additional passion in the region, including the black sea, the russia, green border, and se ukraine look. so this will not bring stability and security either in international relations or the regional agenda. yeah, it will undoubtedly complicate everything. meanwhile, journalists, primarily,
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of course, western journalism really use the word aggressor for into our country over to you. what right of the have to do this. i try to understand this every time. when was the last time russia tech to anyone? people need to back up this claim with arguments and how many times have native countries the texas are in states. in the last 20 years and how many special operations were carried out by the nato countries. what can you show me something im close to that from the russian side now, but there is nothing you need to figure out where they're fagel and where there's propaganda. so while this is accusation, the russia is about to invade ukraine from some of the, like the nato secretary general. there are some leaders in europe who are telling a very different story. you know, that includes the prime minister at the moment of italy, murray, your drug. he said that he has had many conversations with president putin over the last few weeks. and for his point of view, there is no suggestion that there is any threat that there is about to be an invasion. it's a lot discussions about they spend as winston berry jacky,
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the prime minister of italy at the moment saying, no, no, this is not about to happen. i don't believe the rusher is about to invade ukraine . no, i live now that jonathan steele and international affairs, comma to joining us live here on our team to national a very good evening to use or from moscow. thanks for joining us here on the program today. brewton, it's great to have you with us. i put in saying that he wants guarantees, he's been saying that he wants guarantees from nato, that it won't continue as eastwood expansion. of course, you know, he had this video chat with biden the other day, essentially, asking biden for security assurances. now it seems we have a response from nato is nato essentially saying no way to say no way, but to person he said, no tours trying to get to listen to them is not just critical. brewton president biden. i think the nature of people who are a hawkish wired to burden in his conversation, virtual conversation on the internet with president putin as a j agreed to have talked to in your us and russian officials about security
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guarantees for moscow chairs. ready they see that, you know, to headquarters and somehow concession, some kind of issue muster under you're trying to stay. this is unacceptable. nature will never close it store to ukraine, is to see a what, what does ukraine take away from all they say it once, troops from nato, it, it wants to join the alliance, but sold number gave no promises on, on either of those things. what's, what's your view? i think is a beach in the drum and say, branching cholenski, you kind of government because they was, they want to recapture done. yes. can you guns to greater a regions, eastern ukraine affairs that they might use forces some of the right wing militia groups as well as the ukraine. an army might try and she's not back by force, which is partly why russia reinforced its troops on the border. and you learn skier,
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once a diversion from the immense talk see under the minced protocol agreed in february 2015, kia spurs to long term permanent autonomy to those 2 graduate provinces. and the many people who question your grand hotline hawks, the nationalist who feels that his concession cannot be made to undermine the integrity of ukraine and sealants can raise with them. he's worried that if he gives way to something more like a balanced approach, he will be attacked from the right wing to lose the campaign for re election eventually. well, want to, couldn't been saying now, ever since 2014, approximately. that's lensky and ukraine. at the end of the day have not been following the means. of course, what do you think is nato's and the game in ukraine? i mean, do you think they deliberately trying to far up tensions? and if they are, if nato is doing this, what is it trying to achieve?
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military here should have to we considered its position in 1991 after the end of the control over the warsaw pact. it's main reason for existence disappeared and disbanded. we're going to continue to stay in the system. it's a huge to recruited a huge financial empire as well, um production. and these people who made their careers in it don't want to have any relaxation of that. so fortunately, biden is willing to, to look into this. so i'm not saying that i was going to make huge concessions from oscar. to least he is willing to talk about it and recognize that nature is perceived in moscow for it. and he wants to allow the russians to explain the arguments and, and discuss the future collaborative way shorter than feel international affairs comedy. joining us live here in our to international. thank you very much. we appreciate your time. the world health organization is wanting that the
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new amr kron variant is spreading at an unprecedented rate that hospitals and many countries could be overwhelmed. loma crime has been registered in more than 70 countries. but a sprite, the rapids spread early studies from south africa, and hong kong suggest is less likely to cause any civil, severe illness. that is a nevertheless, countries worldwide are ramping up. their vaccine campaigns are correspondent ilia, for trend co spoke to the w. h. o z, regional director for europe. how much more do we know about our micron at this point? we know much more. and we have the tours and about all mcclellan. it's to, it's the latest variant. it's spreading much more faster, but i always tell we're not in the business of fighting one variant when the business of fighting all variance and stu, delta is dominant. what we need to do is to implement, well they call fife on the mic stabilizers. number one,
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increase vaccination coverage number to boost boost, boost number city double the number of people varying marks. endorse number 4, ventilate, particularly in classrooms. keep the schools open and fife, implement new treatment protocols. how valid are the concerns that vaccines might prove ineffective against on the crone where we know as of to date, that vaccines are still effective for the 1st or the 2nd dose may be limitless, but it covers with a cert dosed well on the european union, specifically we've seen a range of different approaches. why aren't we seeing a more uniformity from the block in particular? and he didn't do uniform has been growing over time. but i think the point that it's still really aleck off uniformity, with a cold political here it is. and it's confuses the people. that's why dublin was
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advocating to establish a bung european health senate council at the high level to half uniformed in policy . but ultimately still health is a national competency. it's a decision by the country. speaking of sputnik v, a r t, we've heard from a number of experts that the issue has been politicized. is that true anyhow? house including vaccines. go beyond politics. we should never take into account the country of origin. i shared the optimism of the president of the russian federation that this deb ritual emergency use listing for sputnik will be there. soon. germany's government is facing a furious backlash against plans for mandatory kobe to vaccines and tough mute restrictions or cities among them, that of munich have seen huge unrest and protests, and one official and dresden, as even received death threats. well, that's across live now to bud in peter,
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all of a joining us here this evening peter said things and what kind very smoothly for the new government a can you fill us in what, what we've seen on wednesday night with protests in the city of munich now these offensive mostly around the decision to bring in mandatory vaccinations for health care workers. there is a wider discussion about the the future of mandatory vaccinations, but at the moment it is limited to that one particular sector. what we saw in munich was about 4000 people, according to police, turning up, it was all relatively peaceful, but a smaller section of those decided that they were going to go in an unplanned march . this resulted in a bit of cat and mouse with police a bit of pushing and shoving results of the 28 arrest needing to be made. according to police. they range from things from failure to wear a mask to assault on police officers, but the anti vax movements known as lateral thinking, they call themselves and not just anti voc, sunday coven measures, of course,
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as well. they have been round be marked by most in society. and in fact, satirical tv show is picking them as a particular figure, a phone on german t v. but there has been a serious bend to some of the, the anti box anti cove. it measure movement and we saw that particularly, it case that emerged in the state of saxony. now, saxony is one of those states that has the lowest vaccine uptake in germany. it has some of the highest numbers of covert infections as well. and in the early hours of wednesday morning, please rated holmes in connection with a potential assassination plot against the state leader of the same state of saxony, myco, customer police took into custody. 5 men and one woman in connection with that, it was a plot that was said to not just go beyond the to go beyond, not just the, the state premier, but of the politicians in the state of saxony as well. what we have seen is
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demonstrations by anti box anti cove and measure groups that things have started to get more and more violent. ah ah, the 30 the saying that the messaging application telegram is being used in order to coordinate lateral sinclair protests, also gatherings and meetings as well. and they are, in some cases looking to want to ban the telegram up here in germany. they are extremely dangerous because they're not only talking, chatting and inciting each other, but also taking action very worth while pointing out. that's the lateral think is the anti vax. as the and the anti cove. it measure people are
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a smaller percentage of the population than the those at large. what we have seen is a large number of people coming forward for vaccinations here in germany. in fact, on wednesday, they broke records with 1500000 jobs being handed out across the whole of the country. now, 1300000 of those were booster vaccines. are what we have those the read the rest, were i the 1st or 2nd doses all vo uh vaccine. now what we have is around 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated, but there is a group of around 20 percent of the population that are vehemently anti vaccine here in germany. and they just so absolutely no interest in getting that vaccine whatsoever. in fact, that's why we've seen or left sholtes, the german chancellor talking about the possibilities of potentially in the future . seeing mandatory vaccination countries like austria on greece have already said that from next year they will be implementing mandatory vaccination. it's still at
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the discussion phase here. in germany though. no, i peter, thank you. well, this is asi international. could to have you with us today still had few in this program, the u. s. could be approaching a tipping point. the democrat and republican voters becoming ever more hostile to each other. this is according to our brand new academic study that and more we are back in just a moment. a . now when i was shown, seemed wrong when i just don't hold any world yet to shape out. this thing becomes the advocate and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look so common ground.
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on offense. very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with ah, i'll give you to join us for this program. her a naughty off sister channel in germany, r t d e has been taken down by youtube. believe it or not, it comes on the very 1st day it launched its 1st broadcast in that country. well,
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the reason given for the band is that our t d e's previous youtube account was removed. and apparently the owner of any block channel is forbidden from starting a new one. while r t d e's new channel actually has a new owner. despite being unavailable on youtube though you can still watch it a d dot r t dot com. the channels are chief transformation officer, told us what have movie anti of them has been terminated by v t. for what you to code, violation of the times of the letter that got sent, that you've got to complain that odds he augmented had circumvented some technical safety measured. this means, according to you fact crime, your channel is terminated, you may be unable to use or create any other human child, and correct all kiosk center one, the latest addition to our 2 family on you tube that in dozens of channels, it was sent out by the bonham company over t an atv nova c in most cases i'm confused by the team of edges of dental have
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no relation to our g. d. u child was terminated in september. i did talk technically because the channel that was deleted in september was owned by a different company all tv productions. it's also worth mentioning that at the time of termination on youtube channel, had some 600000 followers. and i got 540000000 views. well, that's why the whole youtube by germans just to channel is now up and running. however, our teeth, dan, danny armstrong, just for a moment here is the other obstacles that are the deutsch had to overcome in order just to get on the journey. so launched a has been the usual track through pressure and passive aggression from the self appointed defenders of democracy. i. e. rival, gym, and media. it's bad enough that putin's voice sounds out across the internet. if it were not for one reliable german meteor outlet, dest spiegel kremlin owned outlets would dominate the german digital information
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space. in both the number of articles published in social engagement received. there is reason to believe that most of the traffic on our tea channels is real and not acquired through purchased fake profiles. the thinly veiled disdain from rival gym and media outlets have come in a form of gallant cries to stop the so called moscow mouthpiece. and kremlin back putin propaganda, of course, that has nothing to do with our t deutsche. his popularity on a string of social media, where they consistently rank among the top most viewed channels as regards news and politics. ah,
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it wasn't just rival outlets that ran. so the, his theory over r t deutsch, his rise through the media rankings, politicians got personal and launched. attacks on our t employees, framing them as perpetrators of this information, and d, stabilizing democracy. those who work for odyssey have said good bye to critical and independent journalism and whether they want it or not, all the employees are part of the destabilization of democracy. this is not about the approval of a profane entertainment channel, but about e. u wide access for putin propaganda and targeted disinformation under the guise of alternative journalism. and what goes up must come down arte deutsche his ascent was yanked back down to earth. when you chew band, the channel from is platform with it, wiping out 600000 subscribers. now, despite rumors that the ban was barely bat, former chancellor angle, a miracle denied that germany had influence you chief's decision. as for r t,
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germany did not put any pressure on brussels or the decisions it made in germany. neither the federal government nor the state governments engaging meadows like that . so this fight will the people's best efforts, r t deutsch is primed and ready for action. launching on air and launching a fresh assault on those old ratings and views, rankings. mainstream media beware. well, with all the resistance at r t d ears favor, including today's youtube termination, we decided take a quick look, a bit of a tongue in cheek look at why authorities are so set against it. i mean, you must, it is such a delicate and as you want to talk to, we stand together. we'll continue to stand together against russia. 80 in germany.
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repeat some of the areas that we doubtless made. say no to seventy's as chunky daughter subaru. billyde influence other nations, france u. k. and even latin america and other countries in future than maybe know where to high from walk cycle alone with members of your household, please, please, please, please. we're going to continue to fight. don't go, don't. you just need to to do russia must not be allowed in germany. i want y'all to come and leave it so so ok, so didn't al t d enough? the 5 and the yes, dr. a indian ha, the novice missiles guns, and 2 sons, and a reversible division. that's the point american society is reaching according to a new academic study. it found that polarization in the united states is close to tipping point. if polarization is to extreme,
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people become divided even on the shock. if she, if we reach that point, we cannot unites, even in the face of war. climate change pandemic, or of the challenges to the survival of all society. a bit earlier in the program here are naughty, the former pennsylvania state senator bruce marx joined be here in the studio to basically show his perspective on the growing rift in american politics. the nbc accomodate of nbc was saying, he said there were 30000000 people, right. not ready to take up arms to put donald trump back in the office. that's somewhere between 20 and 30000000 people. that's a mass movement in america, in favor of political violence, which is a new thing. does that sound accurate to you? well, i don't think that you're going to see anybody taking up arms in the literal sense of, you know, having, you know, weapons. but i think that maybe there's a 120000000 or 130000000, or maybe more people who be willing to vote for donald trump. we had the tobacco in afghanistan, which was poorly handled and,
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and made the united states look weak on the international. you know, a platform where they didn't get the americans out before the troops left. that's number one and number 2, with all of the spending that were happening because of these, you know, bills the democrats just won't throw money at. we, we, for the 1st time, i mean, in a long time, we have inflation. said that, sorry, this is, this is not just the media fear mongering about inflation in america because we've been reporting that it's nearly at a full decade high inflation in the united states. it's just about everything across the board now is more expensive than it was even just a year ago. is that? is that true? was absolutely it's, it's absolutely true list. i grew up in the 70s. so i can remember when we had inflation, then we really haven't had inflation since i'd say the, the late 19 eighties has been fairly stable. absolutely. you go to you, listen, you can't fully american public. we have the whole problem, you know, with the transport and getting goods, goods into the country. i wanted to ask you just briefly, going back to biden's approval ratings and the inflation crisis cove. it
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afghanistan, the list goes on it yet. he says, he says the following about mid times have a quick listen to this. if you would. in 2020, we one as a unified democratic party, more unified than ever. now we look at 2022. i want to felt my republican friends get ready. bell, you're going in for a problem. what he seems certainly out and made had an optimistic but how do you think it's a ratings right now will affect the midterms. i think they've already infected the elections, the united states. we had a republican when governor and virginia completely unexpected. ah, and that was in part because of the lack of popularity of president biden. it's typical that the party that's out of power does well in the mid years, but with biden. and his lack of popularity is really even his inability to campaign could didn't even campaign for himself when he was running for president. i don't think that we're gonna see him going around the country and supporting very many democrat candidates. and the republicans, i think, are going to field
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a very good slight of, of candidates either set something up with jose headline serenity international ally from moscow. thanks for joining us. so far is nearly half past 6, thursday evening. hear more of your program still to go when we were a ton at the top of the ah, ah right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that he's fancy and sugary, and salty and addicted. not at the individual level, it's not individual well power. and if we go on believing that never change is obesity epidemic. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment. what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate. ah
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ah ah ah, i am ash kaiser this is because the report matches days are in mexico city,
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part of our winter southern so journey heading to the promised land el salvador with a big coin standard, the hope of the world. but we're in mexico city, things are happening. they tell us more. right, max. so while we've been traveling here, what i noticed was that there was in inflation in inflation propaganda. you know, kaiser report was the 1st of the global financial news programs, unlike bloomberg, on like wall street journal. unlike cnbc, we warn you about inflation coming and the mindset setting in, well over the past week or 2, we've seen an extraordinary amount of, of what shall we call it propaganda about how great, you know, inflation is supposed to be. we already covered that one from a few weeks ago. a whereby they were saying, you know, inflation is good for the poor. well. 6 let's start with paul kruchinin the that guy.


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