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oh my lad, well, why? yeah, the piece of the bottle in which was a b i. i live up on a hockey, my thought, the homeowners model hobby. i was a law me those. yeah. i mean out there which i thought was with the job. i looked up, i'll just, you wouldn't be hard to hear a month ago, but i had the, oh cuz he bought them a bad little company. mother. i'm from columbia. why that, that georgia will be the ones that i'm gonna help you. hello thought. i saw the stuff didn't was up, but he couldn't land for the be certainly, you know, home, maybe more hot water measure. lochlund hockey. okay. come on out. a bit for love, a dealer to shed. and what i said, well yeah, you know, was i had a vehicle when i got the shuttle and the suit allow least a year,
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a studio with a, with me and also was if you had multiple, multiple gyms or more come from that to. so that gives you a symbol. so this is a year here, the avon because a year with them to set aside a b, a with a with i
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with a, with a hard don't feel any with full size when they i will. pfizer. ha, i federal heart, that's what i am. i have a sub brittney. if you sent me already on the call to shut it does, i don't do it. i look. but it says that i took it and that apply the am a for the so many got almost a
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decade. yeah. well, yeah, i wanna move met banassi la has jo filtration a yeah, a bit of a a cuz you want to know, i'll drop that off with us. what them, what can be the only one that had a put up she wanted in a spanish word there for religion all along
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a lot of them a lot to both of us. we leather seats on too much from like the excel sheet. i'm when i'm thought about anyways, so my video, so a sorry, sorry. so the few comments with on so i'll tell you something that that is how does she any so called? so a how does she and only so i can send that a just so i know and i've been bent of thoughtful and he said that my think so you've got a lot of i see that the one of our i'm a been kind of
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a problem and that's another short i don't want a law. who else to look, will you mind? what on a clear yes a little you from the ceiling to call when actual a who is i don't you?
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this is a new mother and daddy's and pick it up from me. but i can look a b wise man. i don't know. i don't think i'm a funny little that a a a, a,
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a, a, a philip, sophia, happy i a, a i hyphen then with hello at about done that a lot that will happen. and as i human not, that is all of a less out of id been on as i knew not land has evolved non about this on the not i was about all that though i got i had that i ah la. oh,
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on the other, some on his arm at the bottom of the hole and i loaded on a non left body of studio by then i had when i went on had in my car, had him account a demo with a finer mac and but if and no low enough, the no initial we, i need to see about it. i need a natalie may its own on the phone on there, but there's not a number picking an inch and a bad one. hm. i locked it up. i said, i'll pay the whole book. they bought a a wow.
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i sent over yesterday. it had been with me not allowed them. picked it up on my card in can for tonight. fame can hi. all right. and a hong has somehow come home. i have a good day by then kathy said she home either by then is or shift alone or a 1st and more i
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hadn't had the hasn't had them. awesome. and hong hello as to when i had them. i'm a sunday. hague, and if you get on the whole one, not in the, in the sitting there saw savage as well. oh man said the bill, i was a know for counter nickel and open up see was done. you should just on the bait, a mac on my phone. i had that i was somebody out of our blues. it was at the shift of our fuckin, missouri, jani at martha, rob, i thought a saw up command fina in. o'connor. poland where they had they don't have a debit. that'll come on the bottle bullshit. emailed her the she can she,
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sheila was off going on and on the starboard canal, duffer unhook or missouri year to the found huck. oh, i'm sorry. i've had them away. shut it off with i've been keeping a house with
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a judge. i wouldn't have left buddy. i'm on the less, you know, going down on a nevada with him about that info and had that as well. so he's on a on it hi. sorry about him about how many to risk with come on it but know i'm always up on a saturday to help me out with
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ah ah, scientific knowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. can we distinguish the real signs from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in fighting information, fighting scientific evidence, and discredit, even the notion that science could provide the truth about the natural world in the pursuit of business goals and large corporations. a challenge strongly by scientific evidence if you're emotionally invested and free markets, then climate change is a serious emotional threat. because dealing with that means we have to change our
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approach to business industries or on the war bond attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing new evidence. it's science, lighting, science. that's how ignorant is manufactured their attention only seeking to the rail via this rolling using fire against itself. with blue right now, there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that is fatty and sugary and salty and addicted. it's not at the individual level, it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that never change is obesity epidemic. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and
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scientific establishment. mm hm. what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate in ah, penny arm says and i am ah, a a,
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a the a palace mine a mean. just gotten a static my father had the i had had enough. i've got i'm, he's got me in the background and how begin? not that my name is john, ester mcmullin, and happy in or, oh, not that you bach. any a
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a semi mad that mean you feel betty at the studio? anything i can do for the, for the, for me. okay. buddy, mist walk and it has a few minutes other than that one does about the a. yeah. i know. i said, i mean i, i think it's now hope like on of the a minute here. now and look line up, spin us, not the lights or finance and i had little up, the magic was cush had it. i'm those are my like getting a
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a with a other why not give not a besides, as you had the back in with more than a c r l if, if the bob less buddy a chicken name and number to call him a done for 40 bad as yourself, and i said, believe me, so i, if you wanted a month, a month to learn about the crushes in beacon, i'm in most pools how to how good i'm a sinner. 5 years old. he left
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a few of us ah, with a half other that allows me the most has up my father. i love to the foreigner and not necessarily nor fee. i'm not sure how that was i'm so selling this house
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on that delivered a month away. it's as my income as our form in canada. he has had the lead that didn't sell them. i can feed them seed on from that in real ha, or when it or the shackle. sergio, hey, i can get an opinion and i know you're looking on my list. got a bed up among the younger normally had to hear the lounge dude by with no in the song car. father. how here mr. know, he added the internet cause why did you know, how does she could mark, you know, could in mind and if no one, no good model, shomberg should have been a long time or a and
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medina that he, i come out to say do guy, this is alice, buddy, our studio, had our goal, was to a more thoroughly admin at betty ella dina, on them a ah, give access is all that you do inside the mom or not. but in a thought, a little bit about the logic model. if you have been asked to be the highest for food, so i'd have not had to put on that have been what kind of the food what is it? but i had to sit down with
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a lot of them and that show awesome how long of how long to slap miss lahall how to do this. hello, sue the afternoon for sure for you a bit. and i want to get with you on a brief standing behind any sharlena lab. i don't do well a company or let's shoot me. hi d n a honda? i'm becky can't see until it is the job and i had not lament them a hand getting either what then to have that in a slack for
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a home. it gave me that i could it could be a brown. he what the can my a little before with i'm how and then up that about that amendment. mccullen. i'm sure, as i'm molly and sort of the way down the line, i'll sort of a me a bit of not, but he must have a laugh. laugh, hold on at the g at how much was he had all the, had them be in a, had them going to have the unlimited amount of time, the sort of them it was on the horn a how and the company now hey, do a company and as i hang out at us are just hobby and especially okay. a little. and to had it,
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danny mechanical been up for home. but at the map that she jumped was a been a mountain on the corner feedback. think how out of that let you may, danny below, bill paid on and that if we knew we had that, we should because i've been when mother min amphlett law from working the docket has it in that we like any thought nessie and the b b know it's a high affinity at the milk, honestly not our burn. and so with that other law. so i and i will, i can have the limit them, they thought to be a, she won't, has as and how much in further fees are paid law. the how would explain that enough for mrs. had a family and it's an ideal lee. this one have been talking to them on that and he wanted lucky and that if this had a late for me that be with
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a more than others, i said, are you not in the scene or no you haven't understood, act better, has a mother cannot learn a lot has a melody said and the, and the bessie at that not the beep gamma the show he room, horner assessor the mother, get theater standard corner barbell. now i run my own asi along a snow lea, a sort of, ah, an empty heidi cannot see a
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female. a lot a b can even have a little confused, a huh? leaky market, i can assure you, again, it is the whole spanish way. the coffee county level, i can hardly hear them now to work on my, on my asthma, i work a quote
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with us. this is a with me. we should maybe have me love it. maybe hey, me a on those. you have a problem with the mob over by canada and the one that says there was a bill
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or literally doug, hey, can you hey, will economically. i'm ready. i'm ready with a ah ah, the ah ah,
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i mean you must either. so did it in, as you want to don't to stand together. we'll continue to stand together against russia media in germany. repeat some of the arrows that we doubt this made say, notice if you need this, chunky dawson, it's about their ability to influence other nations, french, u. k. and even latin america and other countries in future than maybe knew where to high rung cycle pollute with members of your household. please, please, please, please. we want to continue to fight with justin. rushman must not be allowed in germany. i don't want you to call and leave it social out. so being
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out a day innovation, the 5 and the yes. ok to indian. 80 the innovation mrs. gunston sons, a nato calls russia to dialogue and warns that any further so called aggression would carry a quote high price on in its statement on ukraine. cnn fires a producer after he's charged with sexually abusing children. questions are now being asked as to why it took 18 months for the police to make an arrest after a criminal complaint was filed last year. a new study finds that divisions in u. s. society could be reaching a tipping point with sociologists concluding that republicans and democrats may not be able to unite even in.


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