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tv   News  RT  December 16, 2021 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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in germany, ah, well that's who called me and leave it so short so didn't out enough. ation 5 and the yes. ok to indian api, the not mrs. gunston sons. a nato calls russia to dialogue and warns that any further so called aggression would carry a quote high price on in its statement on ukraine. cnn fires a producer after he's charged with sexually abusing children. questions are now being asked as to why it took 18 months for the police to make an arrest after a criminal complaint was filed last year. a new study finds that divisions in u. s. society could be reaching a tipping point with sociologists concluding that republicans and democrats may not
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be able to unite even in the face of war. and as global concerns spread over the omicron variant, the w h o europe director tells r t, it's vital to deliver vaccines where they're needed, including rushes, both mc re shot health, including vaccines, go beyond politics. we should never take into account the country before. ah, oh, broadcasting live from moscow, russia. this is our t international. my name is donald quarter. welcome to the program. nato has warned of consequences made rising tension over the don boss, breakaway region of ukraine, releasing a statement calling for dialogue with russia. it says the fir,
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that further so called aggression against ukraine will carry a high price. we are gravely concerned by the substantial unprovoked and unjustified russian military buildup on the borders of ukraine in recent months and rejects the false russian claims of ukrainian and nato provocations. we colon rush, it's immediately deescalate, pursued diplomatic channels and abide by its international commitments on transparency of military activities. in the statement, nato also reaffirmed its commitment to defend its allies and invited moscow to attend the nato russia council. the secretary general of nato said earlier, there can be no compromise on expanding the trans atlantic defense alliance. that's despite calls from president putin and for guarantees that nato will not add new members near or on russia's borders. charlotte rabinski takes up the story quite a lot to digest full not press conference with the nato secretary general. but he talked about what he sees as being a pattern of aggression coming from russia. and he said,
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nato will continue to do all it's necessary to ensure that the rights of its allies, its members, are protected. but nature supporting his opinion, does not mean that it's a threat to russia recently moved from macedonia. and also montenegro have both been accepted into the nato, a life that is despite protests from the russian government about that. let's have a listen to what else yen stilton burke had to say. nato has proven over the last years that are open door policy is not only something we are support in words, but those in deeds parted by inviting to new countries. montenegro north muscle now to become a member. so we have enlarged the line so that all spheres with 2 new members, despite protests from, from russia. and also we are supporting ukraine in ukraine's
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efforts to come closer to natal membership. so he went on to talk about what he sees is rushes substantial military and builds up all the poorer areas with ukraine . and he said that that build up is a provocation. and that it could destabilize europe as well as russia's point of view. it has repeatedly denied that there is any intention or any build up that is looking to invade into ukraine. we know that russia's foreign ministry spokesperson has slammed this sort of talk. and she said that such statements just will not help deescalate tensions in the region. if a tional laws, this is it is information campaigned the aims to create. firstly, the image of russia is an aggressor. secondly, additional tashing of the region, including the black sea, the russia crane border, and se ukraine. this will not bring stability and security either in international relations or the regional janda,
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what it will undoubtedly complicate everything. meanwhile, journalists, primarily of course western joyce, freely use the word aggressor, referring to our country. yeah. what right, do they have to do this? what i trait understand is every time, when was the last time rush attacked, anyone, people need to pick up the screen with arguments. and how many times have native countries attacked sovereign states in the last 20 years. how many special operations were carried out by the nato countries? kenny show me something, im close to that from the russian site. no, there is nothing that you need to figure out where there are facts and where there is propaganda. now it's not just russia that saying, look, we north intending to invade ukraine. we're also hearing similar views from some of your groups leaders, for example, the prime minister of italy. this is mary a druggie, a said that he's been talking to president putin over the last few weeks and months and as far as he's concerned invading ukraine. this idea isn't based on any fact
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that we've also heard warnings from the french president about this kind of talk. who was suggesting that this war is brewing between russia and ukraine and could pull in other countries as well. president mack, on saying that such talk doesn't help and actually could end up being a self fulfilling prophesy. our sister channel archie george spoke with a politician and publicist who founded germany's justice party. he says that despite its dominance, other nato members should not always do with the us, wants europe, and the relations between russia and the other west unconscious. that's not a game. i think metal is an organization where the united states is play very in san jose. but they are not the only partner in this allies increase shouldn't always do what the americans want us to do during the last decades. we lost all this was and we destroyed countries without any reasons. and there was no
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politician and no secretary genera of the nato. of nato, who had the courage to say, no, no, mister president, we are not following you are falling our interests and in our interests, we have to make peace and not war. a cnn producer has been charged with child sex crimes. rival news outlet also discovered that a criminal complaint involving the man was filed last year, suggesting that law enforcement knew about his a legit activities well before they made an arrest. ortiz. caleb martin can give us more details on the case. john griffin is a long time cnn producer, and we understand he's now been arrested. he's charged with 3 counts of attempting to engage in illegal sexual activities with a minor. now we understand that what happened was there was a mother who took her adoptive daughter to meet with him after receiving $3500.00
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from him over the app known as venmo. and at that point, electronic devices that were seized from this mother. and now at this point, we have cnn coming forward and saying they had no idea about these illegal and despicable activities allegedly carried out by their former producer. and they also make a point of saying that none of the electronic devices that were seized were owned by cnn. here's what they said. prior to his arrest and indictment, we had no knowledge about the case. the question remains, why did it take so long for this arrest and charging to take place? the complaint was received in august of 2020. that's when the electronics were seized. why is the arrest simply happening now? the f. b, i did not give an answer that is satisfying people. the allegations are deeply disturbing. the f. b i along with
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a lower and for some partners will continue to aggressively investigate those who victimized the most vulnerable in our communities. now the us attorney's statement regarding the arrest of mr. griffin, provide some pretty shocking and harrowing details. apparently, mr. griffin is accused of having tried to set up training sessions for under age girls. as well as women. griffin sought to persuade parents to allow him to train their daughters to be sexually submissive. the mother and child flew to boston in july of 2020, where griffin picked them up in his tesla and drove them to his ludlow house. at the house, the torso was directed to engage and did engage in unlawful sexual activity. now this long time cnn producer is now in custody, awaiting trial facing charges for 3 counts of sex trafficking, minors. i've convicted, he could face life in prison, but many are looking at this case and asking questions about the timing. why was it
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that these electronic devices were seized in august of 2020? the criminal complaint was filed, but he's just been arrested now. what exactly is going on here? people want clear answers, but at this point, we don't have those answers. thus the f b, i for comments requesting a statement on the revelations made by fox news regarding this case. we'll let you know if we do get a response and irreversible divide. that's the stage american science society is reaching according to a new academic study. and it's at a tipping point. if polarization is to extreme, people become divided even on the shock issue. if we reach that point, we cannot unites even in the face of war. climate change pandemic, or of the challenges to the survival of our society. earlier former pennsylvania state senator bruce marx joined my colleague, rory sushi here in the studio to share his perspective on the growing rift in american politics. the nbc accommodate of nvc was saying,
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he said there was 30000000 people right. not ready to take up arms to for donald trump. back in the office. that's somewhere between 20 and 30000000 people. that's a mass movement in america, in favor of political violence, which is a new thing. does that sound accurate to you? well, i don't think that you're gonna see anybody taking up arms in the literal sense of, you know, having, you know, weapons. but i think that maybe there's a 120000000 or 130000000, or maybe more people who be willing to vote for donald trump. we had the tobacco in afghanistan, which was poorly handled, and then maybe united states look weak on the international, you know, a platform where they didn't get the americans out before the troops, laughter. that's number one and number 2, with all of the spending that were happening because of these, you know, bills that the democrats just wanna throw money at. we, for the 1st time. i mean, in a long time, we have inflation so that, so this is, this is not just the media fear mongering about inflation in america. because we've
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been reporting that it's nearly at a full decade high inflation in the united states. just about everything across the board now is more expensive than it was even just a year ago. is that? is that true? what's absolutely it's, it's absolutely true. i'm just, i grew up in the seventy's so i can remember when we had inflation, then we really haven't had inflation since i'd say that the late 1980 s has been fairly stable. absolutely. you go to you, listen, you can't fully american public. we have the whole problem, you know, with the transport and getting goods, goods into the country. i wanted to ask you just briefly, going back to biden's approval ratings and the inflation crisis. cove id, afghanistan, the list goes on and yet he says, he says the following about mid times have a quick listen to this. if you would in 2021 as a unified democratic party for unified than ever. now we look at 2020. do i want to tell my republican friend get ready bell you're going in for a problem. he seems certainly out and made and optimistic. the how do you think is
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ratings right now will affect the midterms. i think they've already infected the elections, the united states. we had a republican when governor and virginia completely unexpected. ah, and that was in part because of the lack of popularity of president biden. it's typical that the party that's out of power does well in the mid years, but with biden. and his lack of popularity is really even his inability to campaign could didn't even campaign for himself when he was running for president. i don't think that we're going to see him going around the country and supporting very many democrat candidates. and republicans, i think you're gonna feel very good slate of candidates. this is our t international britain records. it's highest ever a number of covert cases in a single day as countries grapple with rising infections due to the reportedly more contagious, all micron variant. but that's from the so called mutant strain, remain extremely low. that story and more after the short break.
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ah ah ah. talk about a space res, i'm hypersonic weapons. we talk about the fact that will be arranged on fossil
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energy. we talk about 8 democrat democracy prizes in the us. so if you don't think that i'll rage is enough that you know is only because stay the everyday life seems to me as that some who's been doing this for 30 years. it's very difficult actually, to make a rated dixon compete with the reality of the rages to day by day life. that recei . oh oh, come back to the program. now the u. k. has reported a record covered search with 88000 cases registered in the past 24 hours. testing has been ramped up. i mean fears over the new omicron stream. the new varian so far has been registered in 77 countries. despite its rapids spread earlier, studies from south africa and hong kong suggest alma crohn is actually less likely to cause severe illness than the delta variant. very few deaths have been linked to the new strain, but countries worldwide are ramping up. their vaccine campaigns are correspond.
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delia. katrinka sat down with the w. h, chose regional director for europe. how much more do we know about our micron at this point? we know much more and we have to tours and about all mcclung. it's to, it's the latest variant. it's spreading much more faster, but i always tell, we're not in the business of fighting one variant when the business of fighting all variance and stew. delta is dominant. what we need to do is to implement what they call fife, on the mic stabilizers number one, increase vaccination coverage. number 2, boost boost, boost number city. double. the number of people varying marks. endorse number 4, ventilate, particularly in classrooms. keep the schools open and fife, implement new treatment protocols. how valid are the concerns that vaccines might
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prove and effective against on the chron where we know as of to date, that vaccines are still effective. for the 1st or the 2nd dose may be little bit less, but it recovers with a cert dosed well on the european union. specifically, we've seen a range of different approaches. why aren't we seeing a more uniformity from the block in particular, do uniformed, it has been growing over time. but i think the point that it's still really aleck off uniformity, with a cold political here it is and it's confuses the people. that's why dublin was advocating to establish a bung european health senate council at the high level to half uniformed in policy, but ultimately still health is a national competency. it's a decision by the country. speaking of sputnik v, r t, we've heard from a number of experts that the issue has been politicized. is that true anyhow?
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house including vaccines. go beyond politics. we should never take into account the country of origin. i shared the optimism of the president of the russian federation that this deb rachel, emerged she used listing for sputnik will be there soon. germany's government is facing a furious backlash against plans for mandatory coven vaccines and tough new restrictions . the region of bavaria has seen mass unrest and an official in dresden has received death. threats even or europe corresponded peter oliver reports. munich was the latest city in germany to see demonstrations by anti vax groups, as well as those that are opposed to the measures that have been put in place to try and stop the spread of covert night. seeing the place there are 4000 people, turned up at the demonstration improv area. that was all relatively peaceful until a group of around $4.00 to $500.00 of them decided they were going to go to march
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around the city that resulted in some captain. mouse with the police said, bit of pushing and shoving and ultimately according to the police $28.00 arrests being made. they ranged from people refusing to wear masks to those that had assaulted police officers. what we have seen at these type of demonstrations though, is an increase in the, the speed at which it, in shoes and the amounts of people who are getting involved in violence. ah, ah, when we're talking about these demonstrations, they are groups that serve anti vaccine, as they said, also opposed to those a covert measures. but a lot of them are lumped under the umbrella of a group called the lateral think is now they have be roundly marked a here in germany, in society as well as on t v, in satirical tv programs and,
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and elsewhere. but things have taken a much darker turn. in fact, old wedding day morning, dawn rates were carried out across the state of saxony in the east of germany, in connection with a plot to assassinate the, the leader of the government of the state of saxony. that michael coachman also to launch attacks against for the politicians in that state. now saxony has some of the lowest rates of vaccination in germany. it also has some of the highest rates of covert infection as well. while following those rates. 5 men and one woman were taken into custody. what it's seen is a number of politicians turning on the messaging application. telegram with them saying that it was all about messaging application that this type of plot was able to be finessed and, and the message being spread. they are extremely dangerous because they're not only
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talking, chatting and inciting each other, but also taking action. very worthwhile, pointing out the theme, lateral think is the anti vaccines, the m, the anti coven measure. people are a smaller percentage of the population than the those at large. what we have seen is a large number of people coming forward for vaccinations. here in germany, in fact, on wednesday, they broke records with 1500000 jobs being handed out across the whole of the country. now 1300000 of those were booster vaccines. what we have those the read, the rest were either 1st or 2nd doses oh vaccine. now what we have is around 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated, but there is a group of around 20 percent of the population that all vehemently anti vaccine here in germany. and they just so absolutely no interest in guessing that vaccine whatsoever. in fact, that's why we've seen or laughed sholtes, the german chancellor talking about the possibilities of potentially in the future
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. seeing mandatory vaccination countries like austria on greece have already said that from next year they will be implementing mandatory vaccination. it's still at the discussion phase here in germany, though. now on the subject of germany, our sister channel r t. deutsch has been taken off youtube that happened on the day it launched its 1st televised broadcast in the country. the reason given for the ban as that archie george has previous youtube account was removed and apparently, the owner of any blocked channel is forbidden from starting a new one. that's despite the fact that arte deutsch is new channel has a for an owner. and in any case, you can always watch the brand new channel ads, d e dot r t dot com. we've got the low down on what unfolded on launch day for one of the stations had the auntie of them has been terminated by you. what you to code, violation of the times of service. the mentioned that the court said that you've got to complain that auntie of denton had sec invented some technical safety
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measures. this means, according to you, that quite easy, your channel is terminated. you may be unable to use iron, o creates any out that the child and auto center what the latest addition to r t family on youtube that includes dozens of channels. it was sent out by the bottom company. oh god, t and a tv. no vista in mosca and i'm confused by a new team of entities. id of them didn't have no relation to our tv youtube channel that was terminated in september. i that i did, tore the court technically because the channel that was deleted in september was owned by a different company on tv productions. it's also worth mentioning that at the time of termination onto, to eat your channel. had some 600000 followers. and i got 540000000 views. and despite the you to ban our german sr channel is now up and running. danny's our teas. danny armstrong looks at what other obstacles it's had to overcome to get on
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error. the journey to launch day has been the usual trek through pressure and passive aggression from the self appointed defenders of democracy. i. e. rival, gym, and media. it's bad enough to putin's voice sounds out across the internet. if it were not for one reliable german meteor outlet, dest spiegel kremlin owned outlets would dominate the german digital information space. in both the number of articles published in social engagement received. there is reason to believe that most of the traffic on our tea channels is real and not acquired through purchased fake profiles. the thinly veiled disdain from rival gym and media outlets have come in a form of gallant cries to stop the so called moscow mouthpiece. and kremlin back putin propaganda, of course, that has nothing to do with our t deutsche. his popularity on a string of social media, where they consistently rank among the top most viewed channels as regards news and
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politics. ah, it wasn't just rival outlets that ran. so the hysteria of r t deutsch, his rise through the media rankings. politicians got personal and launched attacks on arte employees framing them as perfect traces of this information and d, stabilizing democracy. those who work for asi have said good bye to critical and independent journalism. and whether they want it or not, on the employees are part of the destabilization of democracy. this is not about the approval of a profane entertainment channel, but about e u wide access. repeat in propaganda until august, dis,
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information under the guise of alternative journalism. and what goes up most come down are t toich, his assent was yank back down to earth when you chew band the channel from its platform with it, wiping out 600000 subscribers. now despite rumors that the band was barely batt, former chancellor angle, a miracle denied that germany had influence you chief's decision. as for r t, germany did not put any pressure in brussels of the decisions it made in germany. neither the federal government nor the state governments engaging meadows like that . so this fight will, the people's best efforts are t deutsch is primed and ready for action. launching on air and launching a fresh assault on those old ratings and views, rankings. mainstream media beware. that's the news for this. our stay tuned for more in just about 30 minutes. ah
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ah. ah, working, remember sure. in the back she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go. shopping for christmas. we. we snuck up. there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're silent on this issue. the other side winds by default
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lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again when you skin doesn't play ticket often i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number address or is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? direct what is true, what is faith in the world corrupted?
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you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah ah, this is boom, but the one bit of the show you can't afford to mit unbridgeable. and i major love is in washington, counting up the bank of england becomes the 1st major central bank to raise interest rates breaking from the tradition. how since the beginning of the pandemic will take a look at how the markets are reacting? plus we have free marketing time and should be able to participate in that. that was house figure nancy pelosi defending the members of congress who buy and sell
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stocks while in office straight ahead. we'll discuss the debate to running the controversial practice. and the supply chain was, are showing no signs of flowing down as a back up thing, a coolant, auto sales in the industry at large. later on, we get an insider's perspective on what lies over the horizon for global car sales . get a lot to get to go. we leave the program with the world 1st, major central bank to raise interest rates since the pandemic began. in somewhat of a surprise moved the bank of england confirmed on thursday that it would move forward with its plans to raise rates from point one percent to point 25 percent. now governor andrew bailey acknowledged that the decision comes as the spread of the amazon very it begins to affect the economy with retailers already feeling that impact. in fact, the u. k. just broke its own daily record after registering more than 88000 new cobit cases. on thursday.


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