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ah ah ah, multi digs into shaka revelations at the manchester arena, suicide bomber had links to a night to trains. terrorist inquiry into the atrocity. his submissions from the you guys, home office and counter terrorism, police going to extremes. anti vax is in germany. brown did not cease by the media as police fall in alleged assassination plot by radical supposed to cope with restrictions. so just cove it that is a danger to humanity. russia urges the will to wake up to dormant viral threats in the arctic. global warming could seen only ship problems.
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ah, a good morning you. what you are to you to the bench is to read a bona may have been radicalized by a nato trying terrorists. it was revealed during the inquiry into the atrocity on thursday. busy senior figures from the u. case counter terrorism, police and home office gave their closing submissions cook reminder of what happened in 2017 salmon. a bid detonated explosives in a stadium that was hosting an ariana grand, a concert 22 people will kill hundreds more injured. her serenity has done awfully, so the latest fax to come to la. he murdered 22 people in one suicide blast. now a public inquiry is trying to establish what turned a hard core party go into a suicide bomber,
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and how it could have been prevented. the probe was yet to deliver concrete answers, but over the past couple of years, it has yielded plenty of disturbing revelations. these pictures unnerved by the inquiry leave, little to the imagination the bomb. his whole family himself included, have been gun toting maniacs, thoroughly radicalized according to the findings. this is his father and the m. i. 5, they admitted they knew about the trigger. happy father who apparently was turning his sons into extremists. am i 5 also knew about the bombers contacts with not one or 2, but 6 people who were just short of being placed on the terror. watchlist. and my 5 were also reportedly warned by the f. b, i that cell mana betty was planning an attack in the u. k. which in fact he was
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none of that was apparently good enough to ban him from entry. in 2015 am i 5 received information that summoner bady was in contact with the subject of interest as so i see a so i see was a long standing a so i because of his previous affiliation with an extremist group in libya from mid 2015 onwards and my 5 received information or some on a baby on several occasions which included conflicting information about his a spousal of pro eisley views. ah, this is abdul rove. abdullah, a convicted terrorists? this instead of radical izing the manchester terrorist. he was friends with the bomber with the bomb his father. more than that, they were brothers in arms, within one of libya's largest militant groups. the february 17th march, his brigade, that's where they learned how to shoot, kill and bomb. not without the help of nato instructors, it was a group that had taken up arms to fight against gadhafi. guess indeed,
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we had 2 or forster as, as we were backed up by the whole world and we were fighting. and nature was frightened actually with us. long sighted us as the british government. also actually i was chained by and actually nato. it was just normal, basic training and weapons at basic training yet out to ain't you and reload. militant groups that lay to birth. terrorists have been ones favored by western officials. the inquiry has shown, when of dallas commander was done with fighting in libya, he formed an anti government militia in syria on irish government money. and did he subsequently lead a group from libya to, sir? is it? yes, i saw the manor he did under before that he was an island. is it?
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he was a live is a live in irish. i low and. and he was aided by the irish government with money. and i believe the british government also knew of others well to go and help syrians, if against that, the fight against asset during the libyan conflict in 2011, the british government was in communication with a wide range of libyans involved in the conflicts against the cathy regime forces it is likely that this included former members of the libyan islamic fighting group and the 17th of february, march this brigade as part of our broad engagement. during this time, the you case help to rebel groups of various degrees of extremism did not. and there britton's a lead troops were caught on camera in libya, despite official assurances at the time that there were no boots on the ground them . there was no other choice but to admit their reality. if the malicious and or era bellows had not been there playing a key role,
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i'm not so certain that air paula would have resulted in good of his downfall in the way that we had a few people embedded with them. not of france, so to speak. but beckoned carriers rebel groups firepower grew. nato was dropping bombs by the 1000 and qaddafi while eventually fell. and with him went down libya's security and rule of law. as all this myriad of militias turned against each other vying for power, the country turned into a free for all. so the u. k. began to evacuate its citizens, including militants. well guess who boarded the royal navies. h. m. s. enterprise. back in 20. 14 in tripoli. none other than the future. manchester, boehmer, solomon abedi, the morning clary had to a website which also has plenty of stories that another no bulletin, including how the u. s. and ukraine voted against a un resolution condemning not,
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isn't that our company who's condemning alleged now says something that's happening inside germany though, where the need is branding. anti vexes as just that to, to be fair. have been taking some produce stream measures, including in the less crosspost nation plot. the state of saxon is premier, who banked mandatory jobs are money germany, pete oliver reports and discontent. of a new restrictions is boiling over. munich was the later city in germany, to see demonstrations by anti banks groups, as well as those to the opposed to the measures that have be put in place to try and stop the spread of coven. 19 the police say around 4000 people, turned up the demonstration in bavaria. it was all relatively peaceful until a group of around $4.00 to $500.00 of them decided they were going to go in a march around the city that resulted in some captain most with the police. bit of pushing and shoving and ultimately according to the police 28 arrests being made.
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they ranged from people refusing to wear masks to those that had assaulted police officers. what we have seen up these type of demonstrations though, is an increase in the, the speed at which it, and choose on the amounts of people who are getting involved in violence. yeah. ah. the when we're talking about these demonstrations, they are groups that of anti vaccine, as they said also opposed to those cov, it measures. but a lot of them looked under the umbrella of a group called the lateral think is now the f. b roundly marked here in germany in society as well as on tv and satirical tv programs and, and elsewhere. but things have taken a much darker turn. in fact,
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on wednesday morning, dawn rates were carried out across the state of saxony in the east of germany. in connection with a plot to assassinate the leader of the government of the state of saxony that miko smith also to launch a tax against the politicians in not state. no saxony has some of the lowest rates of vaccination in germany. it also had some of the highest rates of covert infection as well. following those rates, 5 men and one woman were taken into custody. what it's seen is a number of politicians turning on the messaging application telegram with them, saying that it was all about messaging application that this type of, of plot was able to be finessed and, and the message being spread. they are extremely dangerous because they're not only talking, chatting and inciting each other, but also taking action very worth while pointing out the steam lateral thing. because the anti faxes, the, the anti cobra measure, people are
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a smaller percentage of the population than the those at large. what we have seen is a large number of people coming forward from vaccinations here in germany. in fact, on wednesday, they broke records with 1500000 jobs being handed out across the whole of the country. now, 1300000 of those were booster vaccines. what we have those the read, the rest were the 1st or 2nd doses all of vaccine. now what we have is around 70 percent of the population fully vaccinated, but there is a group of around 20 percent of the population that all be mentally on c vaccine here in germany. and they just so absolutely no interest in guessing that vaccine whatsoever. in fact, that's why we've seen all our sholtes, the german chancellor talking about the possibilities of potentially in the future . seeing mandatory vaccination countries like austria on greece of already said that from next year they will be implementing mandatory vaccination. it's still up
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the discussion phase here in germany, though, with the world distracted by covey, scientists the warning of a potentially greater threat in the form of ancient viruses. lying dormant under arctic ice rushes, taking the lead. cooling on the council to start examining, such far as is urgently as melting permafrost means they could, if nothing is done, be unleashed upon humanity. deadly ancient viruses revived warren movie were reality. ah, rushes, permafrost is melting. viruses and bacteria that were trapped in the frost for thousands of years now could wake up. there are extremely good papers that say yes, you can revive bacteria from deep permafrost. russia establishes an organization to
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examine these threats. he stood up that are sure, there are a number of well documented outbreaks of paleo infections that had arisen from thermal degradation of permafrost in the arctic and suburb degrees. this anthrax, smallpox tuberculosis, one virus, has already been found to pitts. a virus has defrosted from the pound of frost and right after that it started attaching and killing amoebas. luckily it is not harmful to humans, but what else is hidden in the frozen soil? what is awaiting us in 2022. was on to say the melting ice caused by global warming can lead to the emergence of new infectious diseases, has frozen, lays contain the precursors of modern viruses, sphere. they could be deadly unproved. especially resistant was top official and the ought to counsel tell dottie about the main biological threats in the out region and efforts to neutralize them. article
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you lets me would. the arctic is a most sensitive region which is prone to catastrophic consequences on a number of climate, social, economic, and ethnic. cultural indicators and biological risks and hazards are the main threats to its sustainable economic developments, which until now haven't been assessed properly. if we key factors exacerbating re, su, include ongoing and expected climate changes, which 1st and foremost affect the geography of migration roots. seasonality, and the breeding grounds of wild birds, fish, insects, and animals. some birds species my great annually from south to north, for safe breathing in the arctic region. and we should keep in mind that birds are the main carriers of respiratory viruses. when many of these birds are asymptomatic transporters of all types and combinations of the influenza, a virus which can,
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as can corona virus strains, undergo genetic recombination and turn into strains affecting humans. another phenomenon specific to the arctic is the rapid melting of permafrost, which may have preserved a number of a viable spores of zombie bacteria and viruses for centuries. but kiki so yet, the arctic council is a body mainly tackling challenges and threats tied with so called soft security, which includes human and economic activities. it's use of permafrost, degradation, climate change in high latitudes, and much more in may, russia became the chairman of the arctic council for 2 years. and one of the main tasks of this post is to improve the level and quality of life of arctic residence . hence, our attention is now focused on health care issues with an emphasis on early identification and combating diseases within the framework of the organized russia
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has also initiated the project called biological safety in the arctic under which countries are to develop an international system of interstate relations for the prevention of biological threats as in the arctic region. in addition, the program will allow us to determine the number of viruses and their potential danger, which will help us to select the necessary tools, methods, and strategies. this all means that russia is acting without waiting for a danger to appear, but concentrating on preventative measures rather than consequences. normally friendly you asked me to alice are starting to say, joe biden shouldn't run for president again as us coven desk top 800000. and rampant inflation drives consumer prices through the roof. that story after the break. ah
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talk about a space res, i'm hypersonic weapons. we talk about the fact there will be a rain check on fossil energy. we talked about a democratic democracy, prizes in the us. so if you don't think that's outrageous enough, you know, it's only because today the everyday life seems to me as that some was been doing this for 30 years. it's very difficult actually, to make a re depiction, compete with the reality of the rages day by day life that we're seeing. failure to allow markets to reflect through market forces as resulted in a bifurcation in the economy, where the most corrupt are rewarded for committing crimes. j. p. morgan being a prime example. and if you have morals or ethics you're penalized. if you're not out there still stealing a loading, then you're going to be homeless. and that's america today. it's just that
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with ah, the dependent on the rise again in the u. s. and nearing 150000 daily cases, president biden's, given the grim warning to unfair americans in light of the ramp and you only chrome very it prime vaccinated. we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death, unvaccinated for themselves, for families and the hospital will soon overwhelm. the u. s. is now passed and the grin milestone. 800000 covey deaths. it comes at the time. the soaring inflation and living costs, all of which is having a pretty negative impact on man at the home, biden's popularity, nicky air and explains a tragic milestone bind and cold it unties right. the number of covey death in the
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u. s. is now about equal to the population of atlanta and st. louis combined. the toll stands and more than $800000.00, a grim figure, which is doubled in a single year. it's a heavy burden for any president to carry in his 1st year in office. but it seems that president biden took some convincing on the gravity of the situation. was was 200000 where preventable death live looks when vaccines wo readily available. and the old habits of blaming donald trump is no longer going to work. just over 4 weeks ago, america had no real plan of action. i, most of the country, my predecessors, my mother would say, god love them fail. the order and of vaccines fell to mobilize the effort to
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administer the shots, fail to set up vaccines centers that changed the mobile we took offers, as by the now use it, it influenced to encourage people to get vaccinated. one can help it. wonder whether trust in the presidents woods has been undermined vaccinated 57 to me. 570 to me. i don't want to read. i'm not sure i got the right number. the total number boosters is what i have the 77000000 boosters. we have a roughly 350000000 people have actually united stage. and as biden comes to the end of what was expected to be a calming deer after trend post, so that almost at 70 percent of americans have reservations, where the bind and is a leader. they can believe in no doubt not helps by his multiple fo par,
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like cracking jokes about kentucky after the state was ravaged by killer tornadoes by kid. so the best thing ever came out of kentucky was my sister in law. the president's performance this year has also been enough to turn some of the mainstream media against him just months ago. the future look to bright as for cost as spoke optimistically about how life with bio in at the helm would play out. but the tune has changed with some media outlets now, urging biden against another run. combined president joe biden's age. he'll be 82 shortly after the 2024 election and his ongoing political struggles. he's mired in the low fourties and job approval, and you get this a series of stories examining where the biden runs again, and if not, what might take his place. so what's the precedent to do? he should announce much sooner than later that he would not run for a 2nd term. the argument against this is that he would instantly turn him into
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a lame duck presidents. and that's undoubtedly true. bought newsflash. right now, he's worse than a lame duck. the white house press secretary, however says the president has every intention of keeping his job, whether the country will concur is another matter. american society being split along party lines could be, quote, irreversible, and extremely dangerous. that is the finding of a new academic study, which concludes that division in the u. s. is close to tipping point. the claims polarization is gone so far that americans will find it difficult if not impossible, to unite even when faced by serious threat such as war. political commentator, naughty contributed laurent and gives her take on how things got to this point. political division in america is at an all time high right now, and it is no secret that by and large the corporate press are not fans of conservatives. after all, they have been calling them not season white supremacists for going on 5 years now . and perhaps it is because the rhetoric against republicans was already so strong
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that now leading up to the 2020 to mid term elections. and yes, even 2024 general elections. it seems like the new way to demonize, anyone who would dare to support donald trump is not just by calling them ideological extremist as we've been seeing. but to actually go so far as to imply that they are physically a literally dangerous and an actual threat to democracy. and if you think that's just hyperbole, check out this op ed from the washington post in his piece. our constitutional crisis is already here, writer robert kagan lamented that quote, the united states is heading into its greatest political and constitutional crisis since the civil war with a reasonable chance over the next 3 to 4 years of incidents of mass violence, a breakdown of federal authority and the division of the country into warring a red and blue enclave. and to be clear, a far from believing that potential political violence could be a both sides situations where democrats and republicans alike end up taking arms
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for their respective causes. commentators like kagan and emma and b c's. john heilman make it clear that in their opinion, the threat of violence comes solely from the right, at least 8 percent. and maybe as many as 12 percent of the american people now say the job was illegitimate. and that violence was appropriate tool to remove human restored. donald trump considering that throughout 2020 large scale political violence was almost exclusively left wing arena. with many american cities being burned or looted under the guise of b, l. m, and t for activism. hearing the corporate press now trying to paint conservatives as the real threat of domestic terrorism in the country might seem disingenuous. and so with all this discussion of political division and even violence should come as no surprise that the top of secession has even come back to the main stream. in fact, as a bloomberg opinion piece recently noted from tax it to the new california republic poles in the us do show strong support for splitting the nation among blue and red lines. and although the concept of balcony zation or succession is still regarded
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as an extreme suggestion by many in the media, if from supporters and republicans really are as violent and bigoted as they would have us believe us, shouldn't they be jumping at the chance to separate themselves from them or perhaps are the allegations against conservatives. merely smears meant to keep them out of political power. all while allowing democrats to enact legislative control over them. the use threatening a massive cost for bhaskar. should there be any escalation intentions with you crime? the local so voted unanimously super long sanctions against russia, and similar warnings can just hours early from nato, the 2nd to general sank any further aggression. we carry a high price. due vasquez, the story quite a lot to digest from that press conference with the nato secretary general. but he talked about what he sees as being a patent of aggression coming from russia. and he said natal will continue to do
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all that necessary to ensure that the rights of its allies, its members, are protected. but nato supporting his opinion does not mean that it's a threat to russia recently moved from macedonia. and also montenegro have both been accepted into the nato, a life that is despite protests from the russian government about that. let's have a listen to what else yen stilton burke had to say. nato has proven on the lawn chairs that are open door policy is not only something we are support in words, bottles in deeds party by inviting to new countries, montenegrin off macedonia to become members. so we have enlarged the line so the last few years for to new members, despite protests from, from russia. and also we are supporting ukraine in ukraine's
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efforts to come closer to natal membership. so he went on to talk about what he sees as rushes substantial and military and build up all the pool door areas with ukraine. and he said that that build up is a provocation. and that it could destabilize europe as well as russia's point of view. it has repeatedly denied that there is any intention or any build up is looking to invade into ukraine. or we know that russia's foreign ministry spokesperson has slammed this sort of talk. and she said that such statements just will not help deescalate tensions in the region. if a tional ocean, this is it is information campaign, the aims to create. firstly, the image of russia is an aggressor. secondly, additional tashing of the region, including the black sea, the russia crane border, and se ukraine. this will not bring stability and security either in international relations or the regional agenda,
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what it will undoubtedly complicate everything. meanwhile, journalists, primarily of course, western journalist freely used the word aggressor, referring to our country. yeah. what right, do they have to do this? i tried to understand this every time. when was the last time rush attacked, anyone? people need to back up the screen with arguments. and how many times have native countries attacked sovereign states in the last 20 years. how many special operations were carried out by the nato countries? kenny show me something, im close to that from the russian site. no, there is nothing that you need to figure out where there are facts and where there is a propaganda. now it's not just russia that saying, look, we north intending to invade ukraine. we're also hearing similar views from some of europe, sleet, as for example, the prime minister of italy. this is mary a druggie, a said that he's been talking to president putin over the last few weeks and months and as far as he's concerned invading ukraine. this idea isn't based on any fact
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that we've also heard warnings from the french president about this kind of talk. the hope so is suggesting that this war is brewing between russia and ukraine in could pull in other countries as well. president macro on saying at such talk doesn't help and act, she could end up being a self fulfilling prophecy. oh, sister channel auntie d spoke with a politician, a publicist too, founded germany's justice policy. he says, the spot us dominance of the nato members should not always do what washington wants. europe and the relations between russia and the other western countries. that's not a game. i think natal isn't oregon is asian where the united states play very inform joyce. but they are not the only partner in this allies shouldn't always deal with the american wonders to do doing the last decades in us all this was and we destroyed countries without any reasons. and there was no
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politician and no secretary general of nato of nato, who had the courage to say, no, no, mister president, and we are not following you for our interests. and in our interests, we have to make peace and not war. okay, that brings you out today more in 30 minutes. mm mm mm ah, ah, working room or should in the back she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and we we circle, but there was a going to buy another,
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shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an hour 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're silent on this issue, the other side winds, by default, the lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is what you, where again, were you scared me? nothing. but take it off of it. i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number a desk with as low dose this feel a doesn't act like a typical poison.


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