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into warring a red and blue enclave, and to be clear afar from believing that potential political violence could be a both sides situations where democrats and republicans alike end up taking arms for their respective causes. commentators like hagen and m. s. n. b c's. john heilman. make it clear that in their opinion, the threat of violence comes solely from the right, at least 8 percent, and maybe as many as 12 percent of the american people now say the job i was illegitimate and that violence was appropriate tool to remove human restored donald trump considering that throughout 2020 large scale political violence was almost exclusively left winger rena, with many american cities being burned or looted under the guise of b, l. m, and t. for activism. here in the corporate press. now trying to paint conservatives as the real threat of domestic terrorism in the country might seem disingenuous. and so with all of this discussion of political division and even violence should come as no surprise that the topic of secession has even come back to the main
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stream. in fact, as a bloomberg opinion piece recently noted from tax it to the new california republic poles in the u. s. do show strong support for splitting the nation among blue and red lines. and although the concept of balcony zation or secession is still regarded as an extreme suggestion by many in the media, if from supporters and republicans really are as violent and bigoted as they would have us believe it shouldn't, they be jumping at the chance to separate themselves from them or perhaps are the allegations against conservatives. merely smears meant to keep them out of political power all while allowing democrats to enact legislative control over them . a new telephone crime approach seems to be taking root in california, but will it work after decades of liberal policies being implemented, news views choose del, steeper, after this. the
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word that can be powerful, but numbers are almighty, especially if you are an american politician. in fact, numbers are the top influence of a public policy today, whether you are talking about popularity or dollars and cents. politicians often look to the numbers to guide their agenda. now none is more true except in regards to police reform, wherein the most liberal cities, politicians pushed their def on the police rhetoric onto their voters because it was the popular thing to do at the time. however, as these same politicians are seeing, this policy is dangerous as the violent crimes and murder rates in those same districts have caused them to lose their popularity. you don't have to be too intelligent to see the correlation between the reduction of law enforcement and the rise isn't crime as related. so as the cost of the politicians pandering paid for
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in blood and violence in their own streets. our panel we'll discuss now. speaker possi doesn't own stock herself, but that doesn't mean her husband doesn't have a very comprehensive portfolio including stocks which have direct connections to legislation, which the speaker herself is involved in. but guess what? it's all completely legal. but is it not just the elected who are taking advantage of the insider information? if they're top staff members who are also possibly using the opportunity as well? we're going to bring you all the details. and do you remember the counters on most media outlets during the pandemic which displayed the loss of human life to cove it on a ticker? now those have disappeared, but that doesn't mean no one is dying from cove. it. in fact, the latest numbers actually show more people have died from cobra this year than last. so what does that number tell us? and why isn't it being reported in the wine industry,
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which the majority is built on numbers, and maybe a little lock is the gaming sector who is having a record year. but in a time where the economy is strapped and inflation is skyrocketing, where's the money coming from? i'm going to use and we're going to break down the numbers and these stories and more on trade news, news use right here on our america. ah, we start today with the number 75. this is the number of ambush attacks which have happened on american police officers in 2021. this is up 103 percent from the previous year, including the latest officer in baltimore who is currently on life support following the early morning attack on thursday, while he was sitting in his police cruiser. now in all 93 officers had been shot in ambush attacks alone with 21 losing their life. that number is added to the overall
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number of 44 officers who had been killed by gunfire, which is almost 20 percent of the 241 officers who have been shot just in 2021. yet outside of local media. rarely as any attention actually given to these violent situations. definitely nowhere near the amount we find when bad cops make bad decisions. in fact, recently the only time you hear a police officer's name mentioned, especially on the national scene, is if he did something wrong or he was killed in the line of duty. neither one of the positive. now there is a one reason i believe why these assaults are happening and it's because the respect for law enforcement is that an all time low. but about the immunization of the police is nothing new and pop culture as pro violence against police lyrics and songs actually dates back decades. what is new is elected officials actually joining in the course and belittling or demoralizing an entire industry,
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which is tasked with keeping their community safe? yes, i support the g fun movement. a big part of this conversation really is about re imagining how we do public safety and america, which i support. not only do we need to be fun, but we need to dismantle and to start a new, why use the word, the fun? why is the word? this is the word that's coming from the street. i don't want to say one more man, i mean look, reality is we can't rely upon the police to provide public safety. so you have pop culture pushing an anti police narrative and it's now being reinforced by the suppose that adults in the room. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to recognize this was going to be the result in hatred for law enforcement and some feeling even justified in their attacks. but here's where those in power are facing heat for their rhetoric, as those are the same elected officials who should be held responsible for
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encouraging the major divide between cops and their communities, which will bring us to our next number 9. sadly, the violence against police officers is not the only thing on the rise. as 9 major cities have already broken their previous homicide record, not to mention almost every major city has outpaced every category of crime. in the previous year. all 9 cities also share leadership, which belong to the same political ideology, and most have repeatedly continue to like democrat leadership at the top and throughout the city hall. despite the failed attempts to curtail crime. there are usually easy example of this chicago under the leadership of mayor lori lightfoot. the city has already had 812 people murdered, which makes 2021 the most violent year in a quarter century. but it's only slightly higher than years past. in fact, the last time there was a republican mayor of the windy city in 1931. but chicago was not the only one as
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homicides in all. major cities have become so much the norm. we in the media rally, report on them. and when the media no longer considers a loss of life worthy of something more than a 32nd sound bite, then you know, our priorities in this country are wrong. but what is also wrong is the same city leaders who all happened to be democrats, were quick to jump on the defun. the police bandwagon. don't realize those are the same wheels which are carrying victims of violent crime to their final resting place as was destroying the future of what cities economic prosperity could be. but the high crime numbers are forcing some leaders to actually see their wrongs and try to fix it is so bad. in california, council members are actually redirecting fund from their own district to cover place over time. and in san francisco, the mayor is boosting police presence and drug dealing areas. and it's time that the rain of criminals who are destroying our city,
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it is time for it to come. and it comes to an end. when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement, more aggressive with the changes in our policies and less tolerant of all the bull that is destroyed, our city, you can hear that passion in her voice. so make no mistake. this is not only about saving lives in our district, but it's also about saving their job as new york city and a direct message to their own party when they elected a former police captain as our next mayor. so will other democrats actually continue to reverse course and do what they can to restore trust between their constituents as well as long foresman, and will they hold their tongue and not call for such drastic reductions? then next time, there is a politically charged outcry against police less s r. s. at last. jazz are at expert attorney brock. lurie who authored atheism
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destroys. thanks very much for having me. okay, rob, i've got to start off and that she now is the democratic party evolving? do you believe on their stance on finding law enforcement, with these new changes that we're seeing, the leadership start to go towards? well, they seem to be evolving in some ways they are operating on the margins, they're making changes at the margins, but they never seem to admit that they were wrong in the 1st place by saying the funding, the police and saying that the police are bad and so forth, they can't ever possibly open up the past door and say, well, maybe we were really wrong on this. we need to re shift our whole outlook on everything else. no, they, they talk about the security guards and there was somehow responsible for this. so that, ah nordstrom's, and otherwise they're responsible for not making a better security for the crime. and then of course, for the police itself, it's everything except for their own policies and clean coke and right. so i don't think that a revolving what, what's evolving is only their argument, their excuses,
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that's it while and i get that. but at the same time, you are sandy's changes that i have to wonder, is this going to be permit? was this the wake up call that was needed to make the change is necessarily necessary to make these community safer. yeah, i, i do think that it is a wake up call. it's getting so much attention at this point. i think a lot of democrats didn't realize how bad the smashing graph phenomenon would become. we are now reaching when i call a juliani moment. meaning, what happened when would he jiliana became mayor in new york city. the that the city had gone. so bad had gotten the crime, had gone. so horrendously in horrific state that they had no choice but to give this crazy guy, rudy giuliani, a chance. and then he did indeed turn everything around. so, god willing, there's going to be that sort of change in california and all these other big cities where we're seeing such a huge spike in crime and murder. so this is perhaps the, the moment that we just simply have to seize. it's just too bad that has to gets at
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this point that they actually decide to make a move. well and barrack, i have to ask, you know, so many times that like you point out a mayor to make a difference. and we looked at those like the mayor's and councilman for the increasing crime to give us answers. but now you're finding out that we should actually put some blame on the district attorney to agree with this. yes, of course the district attorney as the, the ground troop makes the major decisions as to who to prosecute and who to electro and what, what, what the level of crime it, he sends out the signal. so he's the one in charge. ultimately, district attorney, especially in los angeles case gone, for example, he's, he's the one that i lay blame the most for allowing these criminals to be released for encouraging no bail for example. and otherwise sitting a tone of forgiving criminals and demonizing cops. yeah, so very much so well, brock, i want to thank you for joining us on this. cuz like i said, this is a very troubling issue that actually deals with people in main street. so many
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people in washington dc. they forget that their policies actually have an effect. these ones actually do brock, laurie, author of atheism. i apologize, i forgot, i just got to get there, but broadway, thank you so much for joining us. it is at this, right. thank you so much for having her. okay, so sadly, coven 19 has actually taken more lights and 2021. been in 2020. the mainstream media somehow has stopped displaying the numbers. so is this a media blackout? well, we're going to discuss that expert publisher. how from books to tweet corporate media actually continues to mute coverage of cert, interest. and guess what, if you're one of those that like to gamble and lot of people in america does do today. natasha suite actually will explain how you have made the industry the most profitable this year. when we return with
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talk about a space res, i'm hypersonic weapons. we talk about the fact there will be a rain check on fossil energy. we talked about a democrat democracy prizes in the us. so if you don't think that's outrageous enough, it is only because today the everyday life seems to me as that some who's been doing this for 30 years. it's very difficult actually to make a rate of addiction, compete with the reality of the rages they by daylight that we're seeing. scientific knowledge has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. can we distinguish the real signs from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in finding information, finding scientific evidence, and discrediting even the notion that science could provide the truth about the
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natural world in the pursuit of business goals. large corporations, a challenge strongly by scientific evidence if you're emotionally invested and free markets, then climate change is a serious emotional threat. because dealing with that means we have to change our approach to business industries or on the war bond attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing new evidence in science, lighting science. that's how ignorance is manufactured, their attention only seeking to be rail science, rolling using sy against itself with
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okay, so let's continue our story of numbers with the numbers that have disappeared from new screens across the country. that's right. the cupboard count. now it was beaten into our brains every day. 2020 and then suddenly it stopped. and even though now in 2021, there has been more covert desks than in 2020. in fact, we actually surpassed 20 twenty's co record all the way back in september, and yes, even those who are vaccinated. now, guess what? even if you mentioned the fact, and this is a fact that people who are vaccinated can still get cove it. twitter is going to mark you from information. and beware of king science himself, doctor anthony valgy. if the wrong person writes the wrong book about such a big tech loving figurehead, it's dead on arrival. so let's talk about it. let's bring in attorney to the lions here is also the president and publish red sky horse discuss this media blackout. thank you for joining me. tony. thanks so much for having me. ok,
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i want to start with this book, the real anthony valgy bill gates big farm and the global war democracy and public health. the book was actually written by robert f. kennedy junior dives into the secret, behind coven vaccines, and the false narrative, the doctor found she is some kind of hero. however, the farmer funded media has given it 0 pressed. why not? if, if they want to discredit, why not put it out there and let the truth actually set the record straight? if they think that's not what's in the book. yeah, let me just say 1st that this is the best selling book in america. over the last month, it's been number one on the wall street journal best seller list number one on the usa today, best seller list number one on the publisher's weekly best seller list. and yet it hasn't received a single review in a major newspaper. even the places where it was on top of their best. that's amazing to me and, and being a part of the book world. it's all about numbers all about looking. but a book like this, it is getting those numbers. you would think it be hard to ignore and yet they're
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finding they can do that now. also take a look at this tweet that was sent out by texas senator ted cruz and it shows the cnn cobra trigger, which has a lot to do with the book. why the books being covered up to see it is cova tracker was up and counting on the monday before the election. and guess what? suddenly, one week later, after vine elected the ominous purple covert background, guess what? it was gone. and now the democrats are in power, and there is this push for everybody to get, not only vaccines, but to get boosters. the cova dental is actually hush even though it's higher. is it beneficial for the public? do you believe know? so i think that, you know, when you engage in this kind of censorship, you know, when, when a book comes out, it meticulously, research has got 2194 citation. it's over 200000 word wrong. and you can advertise for it on any media platform on,
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on any big tech platform, find the noble barely took copies of the book. they're just basically selling water . lots of privately owned bookstores, refuse to carry it even when people want it to order it from them. so you know, this is the book that's being censored on all levels and the american public really wants it are showing that they really want it and are really struggling to get it. and not withstanding all. busy of that censorship, it's still the best selling book in america. so i think that that what people have to realize is that 1st of all, censorship doesn't work. and 2nd of all, nobody benefits from it. because if you start off, but that's something that you disagree with. at some point, it's going to come back and bite you and things that you really care about. they're going to be centered or, and that's what i understand. they do this all under the guidance of misinformation . that's what i'm kinda frustrated about. do they not trust the american people to have, or even the world have enough intelligence? decide what is truthful or not?
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because the fact that they're hiding, it actually puts more red flags on the fact that they don't want to talk about and say how there's been more people who died from kobe this year than the previous year. i think that's extremely alarming. actually. think that's dangerous, that the american people doesn't know that it's dangerous, that people don't have the information about dr. valgy his background, who he's tied to who his wife is tied to. why not just let that get out? and yet you have a platform like twitter who is now banning people who mentioned vac say people can spread the virus which is a bona fide fact. they can, they can also get it again, get co. but again, as we've seen multiple times, why are they doing that? isn't that preventing the conversation and the facts from getting to the public and inhibiting people from actually trusting the truth? it's a terrible thing and it, it presumes on the one hand that the american people aren't smart enough to engage in dialogue and debate and to look at what's good for their own families or. ready
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or analyze at least some data by themselves. so they're, they're treating adults like their children, like, we're not able to make any decisions by our, but they're there to be room for debate in this country. i mean that the 1st amendment is so important to what it means to be american and it always has been. and now the 1st amendment is just disappearing on all sides. so if you contradict doctor bouchee, you know your, your thought to be science, your thought to be contradicting science and then that's the information and you get totally the platform. if you're a professor, you can lose your job. if you're a rider, you can be kicked out of newspapers or magazines. so if it's such a terrible thing for this country, such a terrible road to go down to start building this a no, honestly, i would have done better off, especially with something like over we could have just said, listen, this is
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a new pandemic. we don't understand it, we're not going to get everything right, but we're going to be open and transparent with you. i would give that a lot more credit, especially when we're finding out things that we didn't think was true in the beginning, really was in vice versa. and i think that's actually how you get this country in this world to heal. but yet, for some reason that's not happening, tony. great, be speaking with you. and thanks for introducing it to the book, rolando valgy, now more than 50 members of congress and more than 180 powerful and influential staffers have failed to properly disclose their personal stock trades. this is coming to renew analysis of congressional documents. so in doing so, they actually have violated federal laws intended to prevent conflicts of interest . how sticker nancy pelosi despite her neck for taxing spending and reg lading. reactive a new scrutiny by saying we are a free market economy and we should be able to participate in that. she went on to say that if people aren't reporting they should be. now she has filed 14 such
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reports herself in the past 2 years alone. and for her sake, we hope nothing has been left out, but make no mistake. this is more about fighting deadlines. members of congress and bought stock in big pharma before bank rolling the race to coban, 1900 vaccines, and pushing or mandating vaccines nationwide. others have been found on stock in the very industries they're supposed to regulate. it's all completely legal. and the picture of capitol hill that is emerging from these findings is one where there's unchecked personal enrichment reign. supreme and transparency is being avoided by all. more on this new scrutiny on stock market secrecy, festering in the halls of congress. welcome, professor richard will host of the economic report and professor emeritus of economy economy economics at the university of massachusetts at amherst. thank you so much for joining me on this dr. wolf, glad to be here. thank you. nothing frustrates me more and the fact that insider trading is still completely legal upon capitol hill. i do not understand,
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but then again, you're asking the kiddos to place their own cookie jar. so doctoral, from your perspective, do you agree? nancy pelosi is this par for the course. is this truly just a free market system? you know, the word free market is one of those great mysteries. if it's supposed to mean as it's never the tell us a market in which the government does not play a role at an influence than they are fantasizing. because in the history of capitalism throughout the last 3 and a half centuries, that it's become the system of the world, governments have intervened every day of every week of every year. so that's the 1st problem with all of this. the 2nd one is that we've known for a long time that there is a fundamental conflict of interest. if you have
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a very small number of people making in more mostly important economic decisions. who are also free either themselves or their husband or their wives of their cousins, or their uncles, the players in the stock market. because they do discover insider information. and let me remind everyone that just means that you know something that the general public doesn't or at least you know what both for the general public does. and it is not acceptable. this has been understood for at least the last 2 centuries. to allow that to happen because it is still doing the playing field. it is making it impossible for anyone to know what's going on. because people with influence may well be them doing what they do to service the sparks that they own. and we're all going to be wondering about that from i want. well, i've got one minute left with you real quick. i want to just actually on
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a specific plus it has been by $5000.00 shares of i t contractor crowds like 2020 centre a $1000.00 prior trade to lane to microsoft. less than 2 weeks before by just $22000000000.00 army contract. he also bought tessa before buying ministration, beginning to push to promote electric cars. how is this legal and are we? are you skeptical? got skeptical about whether nancy pelosi just keeps her, has been in the know, are they kind of just letting out? well, you know, we all know the real answer to this question. you're right to ask it. but we all know at the dinner table at nancy pelosi says anything about what she's done that day. that's information that the husband knows and the rest of us don't. because we don't have dinner with her and it's difficult to prove it always has been. but to think that there's no, thank you panky going on here. you'd have to be naive beyond anything republicans
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have been doing it. democrats have been doing it and the government securities and exchange commission has not been coming down on them. and so it will continue. and in a way, nancy was just saying what the people who follow this have long known her profitable hello talk. if i've ever seen it, dr. well, for his grade to talk i there's no question the pandemic shut downs and devastated countries economy, especially the entertainment industry. but there is a silver lining. las vegas, one of the most hard head states, the depends on terrorism, is bouncing back stronger than ever. josh suite has more on the latest statistics. after low blow to the economy and for state that thrives on entertainment, las vegas was one of the most devastated states during the crown of ours, temporary business closures. but gaming officials didn't give up even moving casinos outdoors last year. lot of challenges. one, moving a casino was a big challenge and making sure it's probably secure,
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but also running the business outside as a whole different environment. we have to deal with the elements. but all that sacrifice is paid off literally since it is economy has bounced back so strong that the american gaming association says revenue not only in vegas because he knows around the country or reached their highest level this year. and that's not even counting revenue from the month of november and december in 987 casinos nationally, a record 44150000000 has been made. that's already higher than the previous record of 2019 of 43650000000. 10 out of $25.00 states. so quarterly revenue records in july, august, and september. that includes nevada, new jersey, new york, and pennsylvania revenue from gaming on the las vegas strip. has hit an all time high. a watt be 2060000000 and some officials speculate the booming tourism there has something to do with it. 9.2000000 people visited vegas in the quarter, and the added cash flow from stimulus checks also are poorly winding up in casinos
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and the local vegas economy. so these numbers may, in fact reveal that much of the country is ready to resume normal c, reporting for news views hughes and harsh suite r t. well we have lots of numbers we discussed today, and we're gonna continue that by adding your number to our twitter following. so go to the convert, continue to conversation and follow me on twitter at scottie. he's used the hash tag team and vh. and for the show and more, make sure that you download the portal that to be apple, your apple or android device, exclusive at content on there as well. thanks for watching. well, the thing ah mm.
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in terms of security and events, europe stance it across stroke. should outdated cold war era structures be maintained like nato in over reliance on the u. s. court. or should europe define and shoulder responsibilities for its own defense? and what about russia? mm hm. breaking news. our new german language channel r t. d is embroiled in a legal dispute as europe's media regulator. questions are broadcast license r t management however stressed the license was obtained and full compliance with european law also had russia publishes a list of proposals to nato for maintaining security with the countries deputy foreign minister.


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