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tv   News  RT  December 17, 2021 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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a philosophy. oh fantasy. how many have seen that? i say do what i'm thinking of with i can now maybe maybe i'm happy with ah, our new german language channel, our t d. e is embroiled in a legal dispute as europe's media regulator. questions it's broadcast license ortiz management stresses the license was obtained in full compliance with european law. russia publishes a list of proposals to nato, for maintaining security, with the country's deputy foreign minister saying the ball is now in the alliance's court when it comes to de escalation. also we dig into disturbing
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revelations that the manchester arena suicide bomber had links to a former nato soldier, turned terrorist ah, a broadcasting live from moscow to the world. this is wrong or to international. my name is donald quarter. welcome to the program. our brand new sr channel r t t e has been accused of not having the necessary documentation to broadcast and germany r t management has responded saying its license was quote obtained in accordance with all applicable european laws and regulations and official for the european media watchdog had some ominous words for the new channel. the license must be issued in germany and the application must also be filed here. first of all, this is a real irritants, and we will take care of it. some context here, the new channel was taken off you tube very,
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the very day was launched on thursday. technically there is no connection between that and the german t v broadcast dispute. but as you can see, it's been a rocky start for r t d. earlier my colleague unit o'neill spoke to ortiz, deputy editor in chief and head of communications on a belkin up. she explained what the discreet disagreement is all about just to start, but what is the head of the european regulator can complaining if i in particular? well, 1st of all, this was a very interesting interview, very interesting comments that we saw him give where he called the r t d. essentially a pesky, neat little nuisance that is going to be taken care of. so that is some interesting language there right off the bat. but the crux of the issue is that in his view, we have no business broadcasting in germany. he is claiming
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incorrectly that our t v news channel is actually based in berlin, when in fact, it is based in moscow, quite literally down the hall from, from the studio. and the news programs are coming out here being filmed here, edited put on the air and so forth. and they are, they're doing got via a license through in other countries and serbia through another european and are in full right to broadcast across all of europe, including in germany. various media outlets authorities in german are saying there's an issue, but we're r t d license. so she just mentioned there was obtained. you said it was obtained in serbia. so what's the, what's the problem there? that's, that's legal. correct? absolutely. so our license was obtained under what is known as the european convention on trans frontier trans frontier television, which under that convention gives us the right to broadcast to $33.00 countries
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across europe. as long as from sco and those countries include germany. but they also include other countries with majority or significant german language populations, such as austria, switzerland, luxembourg, and so forth. now the issue that these various commentators are saying is that we're not in fact broadcasting from moscow, which is just absurd, but that we're doing so from a from berlin, which is home just a production company r t d e productions that makes some of our content yeah, but the lion's share of the news broadcast that's being done here. exactly. and legal action has been launched by the german regulator. i think that's the situation as it stands. can you tell us more about what you know of a? yeah, so this is a, this is where the separation is really important. the legal action is being launched against our tv productions, which makes us some, you know,
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make some of the shows. but it is being launched for not applying for a for applying for essentially, for a serbian life is not applying for the german license because they are a channel broadcasting in germany, which is absolutely false. r t d e productions does not need a license because our tv production is not a channel. it channel is our tv that is coming out of here and thus moscow, our headquarters, our parent company applied for i applied for, for the license in serbia. that's a significant distinction, isn't it's not a, it's no, absolutely. um this is where it seems that the, the, yeah, they're taking issue with them broadcasting and germany when they're just not doing such a thing. we are broadcasting in germany and we're doing so in accordance with absolutely all the laws and regulations of europe, of that convention that i mentioned and, and absolutely, every territory where we operate and have always done. so in
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a big question, do you expect the shuttle to be shut down? we believe that the law is on our side, that the right is on our side. because we data all the i's and cross the t's and did everything exactly as we should have. and so, believe that at the end of the day, we will prevail. that said, the amount of pressure that our, our new german channel has faced even before it went on the air. difficulties with banks, difficulties, not just with licensing, but you know, the pressure on our guests and so forth has been really unprecedented. the pressure again, as you've mentioned, the beginning on our digital platforms. so, you know, we just launched the channel yesterday or you can see everything that's happening so we don't know what tomorrow will bring. but that said, we're ready to keep to keep fighting. was focus political analyst, chris banbury, and geopolitical analyst, patrick hennington, who say the move is politically motivated,
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not just the german regulars sources. it sounds like the i, e u, the european regulator is also involved. but i think this follows as sort of a general pattern, because there's a lot of, it's been a lot of political brings been ship in germany. i really believe that there is a geopolitical element to this. and the problem is, not only is it a dangerous precedent, but the, you know, the language is also disturbing when you have the sort of blogs, a ha dismissal and dismissing off hand ortiz, simply because it's, russian does sound like there's a bias. there an inherent bias when you have all out media war, that's a prelude. sometimes you could say to hostilities, if we haven't, you, germany, governments, which ones to distinguish itself from angela marco's pizza says so on, is clearly moving in a direction, whirl wind with united states and its allies in relation to russia. so shutting down our t deutsch would fit in with that agenda. but germany,
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no one's prove itself as being a law while ally of the united states in this new cold war with, with russia. but not logical in terms of freedom speech, not logical in terms of what's going on in the world. we reached out to one of the main european authorities dealing with press freedom for its views on the r t t dispute. the o. s. c, e representative on freedom of the media told us our request will be considered as soon as possible. russia has published a list of proposals for d, escalating tensions with nato that's made fears of a conflict in ukraine. among the demands are a scale back of military activity near russia's borders in the western defense alliance has already responded by saying it will consider the document, but any outcome will require input from ukraine. our senior correspondent, we're add gasdio reports on what moscow has been put forward. for years now. we've heard the same thing. oh, things have gone too far. a,
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we don't want war. we want to be friends for both nato and russia. but things keep getting worse, escalating the russia has taken its step publishing proposals for the us and nato, its wishlist for return to normality, something to start talking about. and it begins with a call to de escalate, to end the constant threats and true build ups which only lead to more of the same . the parties shall not use the territories of other states with a view to preparing or carrying out an armed attack against the other party judge for yourself. where in previous years they threatened each other with, with sanctions or legal action. now, openly booth russia, nato, a talking and fearful tones about war, another cuban missile crisis. i'd like to believe that this is rock bottom, but as no guarantees and guarantees are what russia wants. guarantees, for example,
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that you as missiles aren't stationed within a few minutes flight time. to moscow. the party shall not deploy land based, intermediate, and short range missiles in areas allowing them to reach the territory of the other parties. moscow sees nato slow and unexplainable encroachment towards russia's borders. as an existential threat, nato argues that it's peaceful but right then the u. s. military doctrine, russia is referred to as an adversary. the closer that nato and u. s. troops and tags and missiles moved to russia, the more unpredictable the game gets, which is why putin has set his red line. nato states committed themselves to refrain from any further enlargement of nato, including the accession of ukraine, as well as other states. not that nato thinks much of russia's concerns. not long
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ago, secretary general stalking berg announced that roger has no vito, no sane nato operations and no right to any sort of security. buffalo sphere of influence, which sets us back all the way to square one. it the piteous motor, this is not an attempt to revise, the post code will order. it's a response to western expansion which has been conducted in a hostile manner. the, the gist of the proposal that, that the u. s. nato and russia have a requirement for security as essential as food or water that they must all equally respect. nato has received the proposals and says that a little discuss them amongst themselves and with input from ukraine. that there isn't much cause for optimism. russ's requests of largely been rejected, summoned in private, summoned public, consult mockingly for the cameras. but perhaps this time sense will prevail.
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independent political consultant rayner roth force thinks it's in europe's interest to strike a compromise with russia. nato. i think that at least the european branch in nato should accept this offer. happily gladly because it's of great interest, of course, for europe to live in good partnership and peace with russia. but the question is, whether nato will decide in a way that the you of europeans at least, should wish. it may well be in the interest of the united states government. and to raise the tensions between europe and russia in order to or keep europe as close as possible independence off the united states. instead of watching a good relationship building up the evolving between the european neighbors of
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which also a russia is a part of this may well explain why nato behaves in a way that is against the interests off the europeans. and which drives from russia into a ever closer relationship with china coming up on our team international bite and no longer has the backing of mainstream media as the country grapples with soaring inflation and a massive increase in corona virus infections. that story and more in just a few moments. ah ah, in terms of security and defense, your stance at a crossroads should outdated cold war era structures be maintained like nato in over reliance on the u. s. court. and should europe define and shoulder
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responsibilities for its own defense? and what about russia? ah, my view more broadly is that genocide has taken place. far more than anyone acknowledges. right? it takes place frequently. it is taking place and virtually every country in the world. so why does it come to be called them? well, there's political will political mobilization, if you remember, wanda, known initially one to hammer minute jonas housing place. nobody wanted to call it that eventually that label came to take place. no, not at the time when events weren't pulling it up. let us ization is if you say it's genocide is suggest that you need to do something. ah
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ah, welcome back to the program. now the manchester arena bomber may have been radicalized by a former nato soldier, turned terrorist that was revealed during an inquiry into the atrocity on thursday senior figures from the you case counterterrorism police and the home office gave their closing submissions. reminder of those events in 2017 selma. betty detonated explosives in a stadium hosting and ariana grande's concert. 22 were killed. many children, the young, the youngest of which was an 8 year old girl, and hundreds more were injured. acres donald looks now at the latest fax come to light. he murdered 22 people in one suicide blast. now a public inquiry is trying to establish what turned a hard cool potty go into a suicide bomber. and how it could have been prevented. the probe has yet to
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deliver concrete on says, but over the past couple of years it has yielded plenty of disturbing revelations. these is announced by the inquiry leave, little to the imagination the bomb. his whole family himself included, have been gun toting maniacs, thoroughly radicalized according to the findings. this is his father and the m. i. 5, they admitted they knew about the trigger. happy father who apparently was turning his sons into extremists. am i 5 also knew about the bombers contact with not one or 2, but 6 people who were just short of being placed on the terror watch list. and my 5 were also reportedly warned by the f b i that cell mana betty was planning an attack in the u. k. which in fact, he was none of that was apparently good enough to ban him from entry in 2015 and my 5 received information that summoner bady was in contact with the subjects of
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interest. s a y c. a. so i see was a long standing a so i, because of his previous affiliation with an extremist group in libya, from mid 2015 onwards. am i 5 received information or some, an a baby on several occasions which included conflicting information about his a spousal of pro eisley views. ah, this is abdullah rove abdullah a convicted terrorist, suspected of radical ising the manchester terrorist. he was friends with the bomber with the bomb his father. more than that, they were brothers in arms, within one of libya's largest militant groups. the february 17th martyrs brigade, that's where they learned how to shoot, kill and bomb. not without the help of natal instructors, it was a group that had taken up arms to fight against it of it. yes, indeed. we had 2 or forced us, as we were backed up by the whole world and we were fightin. and nature was
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frightened actually with us. we're young sided us as the british government also actually i was trained by and actually natal. it was just normal basic training. it wasn't that basic training yet out to ain't you and reload militant groups that later birth terrorists have been once favored by western officials. the inquiry has shown, when of dallas commander was done with fighting in libya, he formed an anti government militia in syria on irish government, money. and did he subsequently lead the group from libya to syria? it? yes, i saw the manager he did under before that he was in island, is it literally he was at live is i live in irish. i know and, and he was aided by the irish government with money. and i believe the british
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government also knew of others well to go and help syrians, if against that, the fight against asset during the libyan conflict in 2011, the british government was in communication with a wide range of libyans involved in the conflicts against the cathy regime forces it is likely that this included former members of the libyan islamic fighting group and the 17th of february martz's brigade as part of our broad engagement. during this time, the you case helped to rebel groups of various degrees of extremism did not end their britons. a lead troops were caught on camera in libya, despite official assurances at the time that there were no boots on the ground them . there was no other choice but to admit the reality. if the malicious and or herbalists had not been there playing a key role, i am not so certain that air bala would have resulted in good of his downfall in the way that we had a few people imbedded with them. not france, so to speak,
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but beckoned carriers. rebel groups firepower grew. nato was dropping bombs by the 1000 and qaddafi well, eventually fell. and with him went down libya's security and rule of law. as war, this myriad of militias turned against each other vying for power. the country turned into a free for all, so the u. k. began to evacuated. citizens including militants. well guess who boarded the royal navies. h. m. s. enterprise. back in 20. 14 in tripoli. none other than the future. manchester bama salman abedi r t is asked nato and u. k. officials to comment on the revelations. and of course we'll let you know if we do get a response more in the inquiry had on over to our website without which also has plenty of stories. we couldn't fit into our bulletin that includes how the u. s. and ukraine voted against a un resolution condemning naziism that just
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a click away on our t dot com. now we go to the united states, we're koans on the rise. once again, the country's nearing 150000 daily infections, and president biden has given this warning to millions of vaccine hesitant citizens prom vaccinated. we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death on vaccinated for themselves or families and in the hospital will soon overwhelm. apart from cove, it concerns people in the us are battling soaring inflation and living costs, all of which is having quite a negative impact on the popularity of the american head of state. as ortiz nicky, aaron reports a tragic milestone bind and cold it, and he's right. the number of covey death in the u. s. is now about equal to the population of atlanta and louis combined. the toll stands and more than $800000.00
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a grim figure, which has doubled in a single year. it's a heavy burden for any president to carry in his 1st year in office. but it seems that president biden took some convincing on the gravity of the situation. was was 200000 where preventable death lives looks when vaccines wo readily available. and the old habits of blaming donald trump is no longer going to work. just over 4 weeks ago, america had no real plan of action. i, most of the country, my predecessors, my mother would say, god love them fail. the order and of vaccines fell to mobilize the effort to administer the shots, fail to set up vaccine centers that changed the moment we took office, as by the now uses his influence to encourage people to get vaccinated. one can't
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help but wonder where the trust and the presidents woods has been undermined vaccinated 57 to me. 570 to me. i want to read, i'm not sure i got the right number. the total number boosters is what it is. $77000000.00 booster, we have a roughly $350000000.00 people that actually united stage and as bind and comes to the end of what was expected to be a common gear off the trend post so that almost at 70 percent of americans have reservations. where the bind and is a leader, they can believe in no doubt not helps by his multiple fo path, like cracking jokes about kentucky after the state was ravaged by killer tornadoes . by kid, say, the best thing ever came out of kentucky was my sister in law. the president's
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performance this year has also been enough to turn some of the mainstream media against him just months ago. the future look to bryant, his full cost is spec, optimistically. about how life with bind in at the helm would play out, but the tune has changed with some media outlets now, urging bitin against another run, combined president joe biden's age. he'll be a to, to shortly after the 2024 election and his ongoing political struggles. he's mired in the low fourties and job approval. and you get this a series of stories examining with abide and runs again. and if not, what might take his place. so was the president to do, he should announce much sooner than later that he would not run for a 2nd term. the argument against this is that he would instantly turn him into a lame duck presidents. and that's undoubtedly true. bought news flush right now. he's worse than the lame duck, the white house press secretary, however,
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say the president has every intention of keeping his job, whether the country will concur is another massive american society being split along party lines could be, quote, irreversible, and extremely dangerous. that's the finding of a new academic study, which concludes that division in the u. s. is approaching its tipping point. it says that because the country has become so polarized that americans would find it difficult if not impossible, to unite even if they were faced by a serious threat such as a war, political commentator, and archie contributor lauren chen gave us her take on how things got to this point, political division in america is at an all time high right now and it is no secret that by and large the corporate press are not fans of conservatives. after all, they have been calling them not season white supremacists for going on 5 years now . and perhaps it is because the rhetoric against republicans was already so strong that now leading up to the 2020 to mid term elections. and yes, even 2024 general elections. it seems like the new way to demonize,
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anyone who would dare to support donald trump is not just by calling them ideological extremist as we've been seeing. but to actually go so far as to imply that they are physically a literally dangerous and an actual threat to democracy. and if you think that's just hyperbole, check out this op ed from the washington post in his piece. our constitutional crisis is already here, writer robert kagan lamented that quote, the united states is heading into its greatest political and constitutional crisis since the civil war with a reasonable chance over the next 3 to 4 years of incidents of mass violence, a breakdown of federal authority and the division of the country into warring a red and blue enclave. and to be clear, a far from believing that potential political violence could be a both sides situations where democrats and republicans alike end up taking arms for their respective causes. commentators like kagan and emerson, b c's, john heilman, make it clear that in their opinion, the threat of violence comes solely from the right,
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at least 8 percent. and maybe as many as 12 percent of the american people now say the job was illegitimate. and that violence was an appropriate tool to remove human restored. donald trump considering that throughout 2020 large scale political violence was almost exclusively left wing arena. with many american cities being burned or looted under the guise of b, l. m, and t for activism. hearing the corporate press now trying to paint conservatives as the real threat of domestic terrorism in the country might seem disingenuous. and so with all this discussion of political division and even violence, it should come as no surprise that the of secession has even come back to the main stream. in fact, as a bloomberg opinion piece recently noted from texas to the new california republic poles in the us do show strong support for splitting the nation among blue and red lines. and although the concept of balcony zation or succession is still regarded as an extreme suggestion by many in the media, if term supporters and republicans really are as violent and bigoted as they would
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have us believe us, shouldn't they be jumping at the chance to separate themselves from them or perhaps are the allegations against conservatives. merely smears meant to keep them out of political power all while allowing democrats to enact legislative control over them . more news coming your way in just about 30 minutes. ah ah.
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blue right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that he's fancy and sugary and salty under think it's not at the individual level, it's not individual well power. and if we go on believing that never change is obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply, the medical and scientific establishment. so what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate. in with
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hello and welcome to cross stock where all things are considered on peter level in terms of security and defense, europe stands at a crossroads. should outdated cold war era structures be maintained like nato in over. we line on the u. s. or should europe define and shoulder responsibilities for its own defense? and what about russia? ah, to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess when decent in oslo. he is a professor at the university of southeastern norway as well as author of the book . great power politics in the 4th industrial revolution. and here in moscow we have maxine schwarzkopf. he is the director of the center for advanced american studies at moscow state institute of international relations. hi gentlemen, cross lock rules and effect.


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