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and i'm not doing that. oh, with command maybe. maybe i'm maybe cool with can. ah, our new german language channel, our t d e, is embroiled in a legal dispute as europe's media regulator, questions it's broadcast license ortiz management stresses the license was obtained in full compliance with european law. russia publishes the list of proposals to nato, for maintaining security, with the country's deputy foreign minister saying the ball is now in the alliance's court when it comes to de escalation. also we dig into disturbing revelations that the manchester arena suicide bomber had linked to a former nato soldier turned terrorist those your world news headlines for this.
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our stay tuned for more in just about 60 minutes. ah, on this week show, do not adjust your television. there are cable news casting changers underway, and if you want to follow your favorite talkers, you might hit a pay wall as medium morph. but 1st, who needs media? if you let e on musk implant something in your brain, you go 1st. i'm holland cook in washington. this is the big picture on our t america. ah, i want to thank everyone who posted this on twitter. time magazine did not ask me
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either, but if they did, i too would have picked us capitol police officer, eugene goodman, as person of the year after he led january 6 insurrection. as away from the senate chamber. as the vice president of the united states was fleeing the crowd chanting, hang mike pants instead of our t contributor molly barrows reports this week. eli musk is on the cover of time as the magazines 2021 person of the year founder and ceo of multiple companies including space, x, and tesla. the world's richest man is not short on imagination, innovation or money worth an estimated $255000000000.00. according to time his car company tesla controls 2 thirds of the electric vehicle market and is worth one trillion dollars. while his rocket company space x is bigger than boeing when it comes to space technology, and he never fails to entertain his 66 and a half 1000000 followers on twitter with information on his latest projects from
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launching space x rockets, defining quote, solace on his porcelain throne among his many contributions, musk is also breaking ground and neuro technology. he co founded neural link, a company that says it is already successfully implanted chips and a peg. and monkeys that create a man made link between the mind and movement. during a recent interview must set his brain interface technology company hopes to start in planning it's micro trips and humans next year. musk said we hope to have this in our 1st humans, which will be people that have severe spinal cord injuries. according to neuro links website for now, the technology is only intended for people with spinal cord injuries, but that it can also be used to help people with a wide range of injuries and neurological disorders and eventually have non medical applications. some say must could do more with as well to help people who are struggling. he recently responded to a plea from the united nations to donate 6000000000 of his dollars to help solve world hunger by tweeting if wsp can describe on this twitter thread exactly how
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6000000000 will solve world hunger. i will sell tesla's stock right now and do it the us food program, director replied with a summary mapping out how the money would be used, but so far must has not responded. must told time magazine, his career is quote, mars and cars. so what does inspire the man who inspires so many others? i'm or anyone who is making a positive contribution to humanity. whether that is an entertainment or a technology or, you know, i think anyone who's sort of doing things that are really useful. the rest of humanity is. ready side my are the bailey for r t. i. molly barrows? thanks, molly. you having found solace. musk assures us that neural link is working well in montes and we're actually doing just a lot of testing and just confirming that it is very safe and reliable. and that the neural link device can be removed quickly. you're ready for your implant. let's
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ask filmmaker and futurists in con and r t boned bus co host an investigative journalists, ben swan, n. when rush limbaugh lost his hearing, he got it back with co, clear implants is must neural link a baby step or a giant step beyond that, and the other biopic devices now commonplace. so thanks for having me haul. and i think it's literally a giant dep, cochlear implants are something that solve the problem off the air canal not working. and the nerve, the auditory nerve not working, whereas neuro link completely changes that it's an implant that potentially will go directly in your brain act. the way the auditory senses in your brain and the areas that are responsible for listening and hearing where and it has nothing to do with the auditory nerve. so it's, it's a big jump ahead of what we already know and what they're already doing. and i
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believe this could be one of the biggest breakthroughs in solving that health care challenge that many people have a bad one. i saw your report on that recent, the amazon cloud cup, they collaborate so much online content. you made an important point that the power of amazon's brand as a retailer doesn't mean that their cloud. essentially a commodity is the best cloud. they're just the best known cloud. so let's do 11 mosques, other exploits similarly over, qualify him when it comes to developing a brain implant. well, that's a really good question. i my understanding and i'll tell you that i've actually talked to people who are being some of the technology for neural link. and they've explained a lot of where this comes from. they are way ahead of the curve in terms of the technology and the mission behind it. so one of the things you have to be very suspicious, as i am always suspicious of is what will be the ultimate use of
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a product like this? what will be the ultimate use of this technology? because in the beginning, many times this kind of technology starts off with really a benevolent idea in mind. how are we going to help people who are suffering from neurological disorders to help their brain to, to function in a more normal way that doesn't attack their own body. and so that starts off in a benevolent way, but many times it can become misused in many ways. so having talked of the people who are developing a lot of this technology, my belief is that they have a benevolent view of it in the beginning. and that's what they're here to do. but again, the question becomes, when you get someone like you are most on board who is himself a visionary, in many ways a, he's able to provide capital to make these things a reality. now having said that, some of the things that most kids involved in have been incredible successes, space sex, you know, and the idea of a re usable rocket, something nasa was never able to do on their own, something that quite frankly, other private space exploration has. now copied, so he's led the way in that, but at the same time there does come a point where you become more of
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a brand and therefore people assume competency as a result of your brand. i'm not sure that this is the case with this particular product, but it certainly could be the case in the future. in a couple of weeks, i'm also the consumer electronics show in las vegas, and i will be admitted because i have downloaded the health pass app which displays the q r code to verify my vaccination status. expect no less of the tech event. restaurants in new york city and elsewhere though already requires some evidence of vaccination or test. and as this latest variant has states and cities reverting to protocols that had been relaxed, it is likely they too will require credentials more substantial, then easy to counterfeit paper documents. and could that exacerbate the digital divide that surface during the shut down? i think that it absolutely is doing it. the digital divide since school started has been becoming bigger. there are many people who are now you know,
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the part of this divide and they're not. there is a challenge with digital inclusivity. technology is not progressing at the same level across all domains across all nations, and people in denomination, and that's a challenge with us, be a nation where there are no everybody is not equal. and so for that, i think we absolutely need to address this issue and make sure everybody's included people who don't even have a cell phone are, are included in this. i think this is such a big problem that it needs to be taken seriously by the private sector by the public sector. and it's just going to get worse if we don't take care of it right now. when elan must sneezes crypto currency catches a cold. so i'm thrilled to be speaking with e and con director of the documentary block chain city. and then swan who follows crypto on boom bust legend has it that all joe kennedy sold all of his stock just
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before the 1929 market crash. because he knew something was wrong when shy boy gave him investment advice back to the future. i read that all the gold in the world is about 10 trillion dollars worth. and bitcoin market cap is already a trillion dollars. and in the tv commercial that they viewed on the world series, matt damon beckons us to join me for simple words that have been whispered by the intrepid since the time of the romans. fortune favors the branch who i want to be brave to, but i gotta ask you both, and each of you take one minute because i got that much time band. then ian crypto is a roller coaster ride. what is your advice for me and all the other shoe shine guys, all the other little guys want in on the action bending in?
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so obviously, you know, not here to give investment advice, but what i would say is this, if you're interested in crypto and you should be, what you really need to be looking at are criptos that have a utility. what is their purpose? why are they being created? what is the value they're bringing to the world and to, into the marketplace? not just some coin that people jump on board of because they can pump it up. it's called a pump and dump scheme. you don't want to be involved in those kinds of crypto. if you want to bring value to the ecosystem, you invest in things that bring value to the world. there's a lot of crypto currencies and a lot of block chain projects that are doing that every day. they are redefining technology on a whole other level. look for those projects that have value, not simply the one that is being pushed on tick tock or someplace. yeah, bitcoin strikes me is more an idea than that. the token that people hold up. but ian, is this our casino mad money? this is not the mortgage money yet. is it? no, i think we're in still early days off the entire evolution of could to currencies,
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i think for people you and i included who have no clue on what's happening and on the bigger picture it's, it's time to put baby steps 1st, you know, get a wallet get a crypto wallet, put $10.00 into a crypto by any coin and do that transaction just to get on with the fear of the unknown, what crypto is and how it works. after that is done, go and educate yourself and others on what critical currencies mean and what equipped to invest and means. and there are many, many options to, to do that. and then also said, you know, going to figure out the, the best investments and so on and so forth. but take baby steps 1st, get a quick to want to put 10, but everybody has $10.00, put $10.00 in it. and that's your 1st step. and watch it bouts in con, thank you for stepping in to the big picture and then stick around because when we come back after the break, we're going to talk about all these cable news casting changes as the media are
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more for the big picture on our t, america ah ah oh, well, you're to allow bond markets to reflect to market forces as resolved in a bifurcation in the economy where the most corrupt are rewarded for committing crimes. j. p. morgan being a prime example. and if you have morals or ethics you're penalized. if you're not out there still sailing alluding, then you're going to be homeless. and that's america today. it's just that
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we talk about a space res, i'm hypersonic weapons. we talk about the fact that would be a rain check on fossil energy. we talk about a democratic democracy, prizes in the us. so if you don't think that's outrageous enough, it is only because today the everyday life seems to me as that some who's been doing this for 30 years. it's very difficult actually, to make our re depiction, compete with the reality of the rages to day by day life that we're seeing her right now. there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food. this is tracy and sugary and salty and addicted. it's not, it's an individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that never change is obesity epidemic. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment. mm hm. what's driving the obesity
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epidemic? it's corporate mocking moon. ah! fox news anchor bred, bare must be feeling lonely. there he and colleague chris wallace, reportedly protested the management over young tucker carl and false flag take on the deadly january 6 insurrection. that many fear was address rehearsal, long time stable mate ship smith was already long gone to cnbc after being so at odds for so long with what fox news channel entertainment shows are shoveling and in a surprise on the air. farewell wallace wrapped his 18 years on fox saying, i want to try something new to go beyond politics. to all the things i'm interested
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in. he said, i'm ready for a new adventure. and minutes later cnn announced he would be moving to its digital platform and early 2022. and his new week day show will feature interviews with news makers across politics, business, sports, and culture likely to cnn's relief the sudden announcement upstage. chris cuomo is recent firing, and just days earlier, brian williams signed off his 28 year n b. c. stand ominously warning that in his words, the america of 2021 is a nation unrecognizable to those who came before us and fought to protect it. which was what you must do now. they've decided to burn it all down with us inside and be seen. biggest star rachel meadow will discontinue her nightly show, but continue to appear there otherwise. so other than cuomo situation, while these cable news cast changes, let's ask
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r t been swan and progressive talk host john alley. a gentlemen welcome back. as thank you, chris wallace bid fox due. he said, the bosses here at fox promise me they would never interfere with a guest i bought or a question i asked. and they kept that promise. and i say the same thing that people who asked me how it is to work at r t. so these demure a farewells leave us only to infer the extent to which conscience drove these fox news. s k. p. 's foxes planned, self defense after upstarts news, max on o. a n became beneficiaries of ire fox, suffered for daring to report 2020 election results. so here's the hypothetical for you. if you ran fox, wouldn't it make sense to just go full bore maga pander like crazy to the crazy who think trump one and climate change is a chinese hoax?
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and vaccines contain mental bots and more guns will result in less shooting. john misery loves company. so from a strict business standpoint, why not just turn the snark up to 11? well, holland, i don't think that would be in their best interests. you look at the weak, they've had, as you, as you mentioned, the chris wallace leaving and going over to see man, but cnn streaming, which is interesting. he's not going to the big dog. he's going to the streaming service much like cassie hunting when she left m. s m b c for m b, excuse me, for cnn, and their streaming service. so that was a blow to them being really be only newsman remaining. i mean, megan kelly had left the only journalist other than maybe brett bare. so they really have it. they should not call them so foxes anymore. they should call and so foxy, talk and make. that's exactly what they are now. but then you look at the 2nd day of the week and all of a sudden what we have are those texts that really spoke to the hypocrisy of the fox or the text they sent to the last guy's chief of staff, mark meadows,
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talking about stopping this tradition stopping the attack and you know, the nice visit of those very friendly people, just mildly protesting on january 6th. so the whole thing is starting to collapse then on wednesday, their, their digital guys had to take down an anti semitic cartoon. and then thursday, the worst news of all, and this is where i'm going with this is the judge said no, i'm not allowing you to dismiss that. i'm not gonna dismiss that dominion voting systems lawsuit. well, mostly, when these things happen in the court of law as then knows, and as, as, as you know, people then say ok, let's get together and settle. i don't think that's what dominion voting system wants. i don't think they want to settle. i think they want their name clear because usually when you're settle it's all confidential, right? i think they want their name cleared. i think they need fox to say may call, but i did it. i shouldn't have done it. i was wrong. and i think what i'd start doing if i was fox, i start pulling back the stepping on the break
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a little bit more. lessening the foot on the accelerator and getting a hold of somebody like tucker carlson and say, fuck on this, you need to kind of back this one off and stop with going as crazy as you being because everybody there has been vaccinated. there have been a hand sanitizer machines outside their doors since last fall fall of 20 tucker. does it show in studio handed? it very often. does it show shoot, sorry. does it show at home out of his home studio. so they are very well aware of the virus of color and whatnot. and yet for them to go on and promote that, the vax is a hoax, and all of the other things they've had of has not been well on society. and i think you're going to see them backing off now, try to ease things before they have to settle with or go to court with dominion voting system. fox inside or told me they have dismantled the sean and, and he sat in the building because he's at home. then you and i have spoken in the
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past about how aggressively legacy platforms are nudging viewers to nbc. the peacock for instance, abc promoting disney plus etc. ben at this point, real time broadcast versus on demand digital content, which is the dog, and which is the tail in terms of consumption and revenue. well, right now in terms of revenue, i mean cable is still king. that's where all the revenue is coming in, at least for, for news networks. right. so fox obviously has launch fascination, which is their streaming service. cnn, as you mentioned, as launch the in and plus, nbc has a whole slew of things including peacock. and so what you said with these, with these cable channels though, is they still make an enormous amount of money from advertising. yes, but also from the, the carrier fees. the fact of these, you know, cable companies pay their money pursers, per subscriber in order to exist there. and by the way, when you look at the overall numbers, look, fox's sto king,
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they're making an enormous amount of money. you know, the lists there of all the things that the boss is facing. they faced a lot of this kind of stuff in the past. i think that would be fine. ultimately, what's really interesting to me though is how see and then, you know, didn't pick up, you know, chris wallace as you mentioned that but didn't put him on the network. they probably can't because of a non compete clause. and so that's probably the reason he's able to go to streaming and not directly on air, but dealing with the chris cuomo situation and now the, the allegations that are coming out against producers working there, including one producer who was and you know, allegedly charged with, with you know, sexually inappropriate crimes against children. so we have this whole kind of slew of things that are happening in the space. i got to tell you one thing though, i wish i could sit down with brian williams for 30 minutes and say, can you decode what you were trying to say? because i've heard from so many people over the last week. say you guys are to brian williams. what was he saying? he said a lot, but he also didn't say anything. it was very hard to tell what exactly he was saying. i'm fascinated by his kind of party message life or shock test. i guess you
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hear what you want to hear and you're right about the know computes. and john mentioned, you know, a lot of these guys leave with a non disparagement provision to. i'm watching with some fascination, jerry seinfeld, comedians and cars getting coffee. jay leno is garage and cnbc. david letterman, netflix show these accomplish host likely power saved big time during their long network runs. so they are able to indulge their creativity, but they seem to be having much more fun on basic cable. john, i don't see brian williams in a card again chatting up, laid back guests on a minimalist set. i see brian williams and perfectly match shirt and tie. how surprised john would you be if williams resurfaces as the star power legacy media needs to remain relevant? possibly huntley to nora o'donnell's brinkley and repacked c b. s. evening news.
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well that would surprise me. what you just mentioned. i don't know that we should discount it because the way things are going. but who knew what was going on? anything's possible. brian kind of announced that he was going to be leaving and to decode it for, for band. he was saying that we're in a lot of trouble in the united states, and we have to be careful. it's going into the barber shops in the supermarkets. we need to see what's going on, wake up and make a decision as to what kind of a country we want to be. do we want democracy, or do we want to be autocratic? that's really, i think what he was trying to say. where does he tune up? turn up. i think he could turn up anywhere. but being the soul, i enter on c, b s. i think norris got that locked in. now would brian water split duties? would he want to go from being the one and only dog at nbc and being the number one rated newscast to splitting it with somebody else. but if you are right that that's a possibility and it does come to pass, then we should really be talking to eli mosque. i'm wondering if he's got
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a neuro plant in both their brain, but i think he can go anywhere. he wants an ice plaintive r t. america approached him. watch this one. i think he would entertain the slide. now i mentioned that because when edward snowden was up and when now she was going to do an interview, i spoke to his attorney. i know been wise nor very well. he's at the guess where he is. he said, be guess you can't, we want our freedoms america. and he handled ad and he said, we're going to go with brian williams and brian went over to russia and apparently liked it. they liked him. so russia per se is familiar with brian, and he would be their favorite newscast. and we look at the time slot he was on at 11 o'clock, that kind of plays well in moscow as far as what's going on over there. so i wouldn't be a bit surprised if you saw him wandering around your building. yeah. how rumors get
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started? everybody who was munching on the pizza, they just brought in stop chewing. with john elliot and ben swan, ben pandemic changed everything. often accelerating trends already in motion. we saw netflix stock doubled. i got about a minute. so run with this. how is audio video and yes, print consumption now. forever changed? well, i think they've all changed completely. i think one of the things that we've seen and this goes back long before the pandemic, right? kind of the dummy down of news. we've watched that take place in the cable space for a long time. it's become more and more just kind of talking heads not investigating, not actually discussing issues, but telling you what to think. because someone appears in a, in a to boss, and therefore there's some kind of expert. and one of the things that i think we're getting to see kind of the evolution of all of this. it's not just streaming, but it's new apps like clubhouse that allow for long form discussion by our allow
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for long form. and not only conversations between those who were considered the experts, but also just allowing the individual who's listening to be a part of that conversation to raise their hand, to become a part of what's happening. i think what we're seeing is a more inclusive media space. that's going to develop out of this. at some point the user is no longer simply want to be the consumers. they want to be involved in media as well. they know a lot. they've learned a lot. and so they don't want to just be taught at they want to be spoken with. and i think that's what we're going to see. going to be evolution of all this take place, especially in the next year to 2 years. the older models are dying off and they're dying a rapid debt. there are a lot of new models out there for how media should be considered. yep. then john elliot, thank you again for stepping into the big picture. appreciate your time and thank you for watching the big picture. we're going to be back same time next week if you'll watch in real time. and you can find us on any connected device with the portable tv app, free in the app store, or google play, or at portable dot tv. we have a live stream on youtube, youtube dot com slash
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r t. america. and all of my shows for 4 plus years are on demand at youtube dot com slash the big picture r t. i'm holland cook in washington and ad holland cook on twitter. where if you follow me, i'll follow you. merry christmas and question more. ah ah i look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we
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should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is too late truck rather than fear i would like to take on very job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with a with
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ah, well, we'll come to so think our visionaries may so finish ever not set as 2021 jurors to a close fisheries, political scientists, economists, they're all competing and well guessing about what next ear has in store for us. well today i talked to steve jacobson, chief investment officer at sax, a bank steve jacobson, chief investment officer at sack. so bank.


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