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is it come to be hauled in? well, there's political will political mobilization if you remember, wanda, nobody initially wanted to name or may knew it just i was saying place nobody wanted to call it that. eventually that label came to take place, but not at the time when events were unfolding in border political zation is if you say it's genocide, is suggest that you need to do something with a thousands rally in central london against the raft of new anti cobra measures. as dating infections in the u. k, reportedly rich time hi brittany. supreme court roles, it was unlawful to drop on inquiry into their lead torture. 14 suspects are arrayed my best by the police soldiers. at one of them told us what he had to endure do at
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this concert, wait noise, that commandment took over your brain. we were denied chile. we all show. we're denied you should toilet that was cancelled for the 7 days. i was on a law enforcement struggle to deal with hundreds of migrants arriving every day crucial to rounding on the by ministration with sheriffs describing the situation as chaos. we end up with the decimal of desert, the robberies happening along the border. the pursuits then li, ancillary criminal activity like the large amounts of drugs that are being smuggled into our country. ah, law for moscow. thanks for joining us tonight and financial on daniel hawkins. wherever you are this hour, welcome to the program. u. k. has recorded
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a record concerts with all the 93000 cases registered in the past 24 hours. a matter of london is declared a major incident with hospitals running out of capacity. meanwhile, the government's rattling up its restrictions sparking a furious response on the streets of the capital the thousands of people and marks in the capital one. there is a heavy police present their outrage. they reported plans for monetary vaccines as well as all the new cupboard pos system under the rules. adults in england have shown immunity, pos, and nightclubs. sports for news. and other large event was assuming a picture was playing out across europe. i was the spirit of the army cron very and accelerated on. he's peter auto reports now from german capital for the 4th wave. old cove at 19 certainly isn't over. and while we're still dealing with the new german health minister call allowed to buy has been will pay to get pretty bleak
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picture about the immediate future. he was looking at the number of infections of the omicron variant in the united kingdom and saying that there is potentially a massive fis wave of the virus on its way brushed the, i'm assuming there will be a massive 5th wave. i mean, close concert with my colleagues from the u. k. both politically and scientifically . we were still coordinating just yesterday. my colleague said that what has been observed on the ground exceeds anything that has been observed in the entire pandemic. we have to prepare ourselves for a challenge that we have not faced yet in this form. while infection numbers have been dropping gradually in recent days and weeks here in germany, it isn't happening fast enough. according to the country, public health authority, the robot coffee institutes, in order to release the burden from intensive care beds and the availability of those intensive care beds, not just in germany, where there are problems on the horizon, the new action being taken in switzerland. they've brought the new measures which
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are designed in order to well get more people to get vaccinated. basically if you haven't been vaccinated, i'll call prove that you have recovered from covered it. within the last 6 months, you're going to be pretty much bod, from, from everywhere. in switzerland, from here on out, what we're seeing is you're going to need to provide the proof of one of those 2 things to get into sports stadiums. cultural events, and leisure facilities, also restaurants as well. it comes after the intensive care unit bed space, l. the capacity for that bed space in switzerland past 82 percent this week. so the country deciding to take a merge and see measures they're in denmark. they've also implemented new measures . they are going to be closing theaters cinemas because of our eyes of covert cases . there in front they've done is they've basically cut off all non essential travel between france and the united kingdom because of the, the sheer number of cases,
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tens and tens of thousands. huge amounts of covert case has been recorded in the united kingdom, france deciding they, well was few people as possible traveling between the 2 countries. so also prompted action and a new level member states and their leaders saying that they wanted to see more vaccines that are specifically tailored to taco, the oma kron variance of cove. at 19. in fact, the orders are all ready to go in for a 180000000 doses of coven vaccines that would target specifically the, the omicron very intuitive world, the subject of vaccines. there's been a massive push here in germany to get people to come forward for boosted jobs. in fact, 1500000 people were vaccinated here in germany on wednesday alone, 1300000 of those were booster vaccines. but the problem is, there's not enough vaccines here in germany right now in order to keep up that type of pace and it's not the type of pace that the,
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the new health minister wants to see happening. so what germany is looking to do is to buy back things that are being used in countries like poland, bulgaria, and romania vaccines that may well see this, they use by dates expire in the near future, germany say, and they'll take them off their hands in order to try and get enough jobs in the facilities and all that to put them into people's arms. we spoke with w h. i representative. margaret harris says she told us that i'm a grown strain mix vaccinations more important. my never the really big difference between our mclean and the other variance is it's made of spread. we are very concerned that there will be a lot of people who become severely ill and end up in hospital people who had previously been infected with other forms of the, of the size. going to be too virus. we're re infected with only front, so we can see that only crohn can infect people,
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whether or not they have had a previous infection and it can infect people who have been vaccinated. but the critical thing is, we are also saying that people who've been vaccinated ah, being protected from having the severe form from di, ending as pandemic is in all our hands at every level of society, every country, if we all do all the things we need to do we can in this pandemic? so what am i talking about? we only to get vaccinated. we only to help people around the world get vaccinations . we all need to take seriously the measures to prevent the virus from spreading a person to person until we vaccinate promptly around the world. we are making it possible for new versions to new variance to arise. luke,
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a supreme court has ruled it was illegal for police a drop, a probe into an i to torture committed by british soldiers in northern ireland, in the 1970s, the case for lakes or the troubles when hundreds of suspected r. a members were detained, often without charged 14 of those arrest that was subjected to brutal interrogation techniques. these were laser rec, recognized as illegal francis mcguigan. one of those 14 told us what he went through. i was booted forced to stand against a wall finger tips and tip trolls. small move back posts and so my body was actually bold with this constant weight noise that commandment took over your brain . we were denied chile. we all show were denied you should toilet. they trick, move my own clothes and put me in a boiler shirt that boiler suit was may day clothes my nice clothes and my toilet for 7 days. and that just when dawn did,
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and we're forced to stand against this wall with your finger tips and that in a stress position, the body, it only stands too much and you would collapse don't. what scared you would just beaten, taken back up, up against the wall. and that that was constant for the 7 days. i finished up with the broken ribs. i still have nightmares. i don't know how many different psychiatrists i've spoken to on the majority them tell me i've been so for a not long that they don't say a liberal go away earlier the u. k announced plans to introduce limitations of block prosecutions into those crimes related to northern autumn. there are many members of the armed services you continue to face with all the stations of prosecution went into the seventy's and eighty's and later and we'll finally mister
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speaker, bringing forward a solution to this problem. to enable the problem to vote not to, to align under the trauma, to enable the people to move forward. well, the council of europe's commission of human rights wrote a letter saying that k was denying justice. however, the european court of human right through back in 1978, the 14th man's cases did not amount to torture without decision, was later used by the bush administration. justify and hard interrogation techniques used by gram and one ton of mo, the c h r is a 2018 bit over time it's rolling. francis mcguigan again says that he and others won't stop fighting to get justice. and the holiday from the british government means nothing to me. i think the word and it's more than i acknowledge the fact that what happened the us, the sam was what happened and when turn them all black shape, there's no investigation. so nobody was ever brought the game for bar last night on
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his way of subtle down the lag, his clothes are all done on this thing. a bike protect and soldiers nests per sadly, or old soldiers being dragged through the cords. i personally don't believe but is anything whatsoever to do with soldiers. we want every kiss in court. we've never lost a court and we're no farther forward today than our bellies. policy just stalling and stalling delay is stolen, delay or push it back. push it back, push it back. maybe the long forget it. but let me go away. we are going away. so we're not stuff and we're never going to stop on our children. grandchildren will resign. a law enforcement say that overwhelmed with hundreds of illegal monuments across the border wall in yuma each day. at the other countries, the counties mer impose the state of emergency to secure additional resources for dealing with the inflow of people. local sheriff's of describe the situation of chaos element explains how it's got to this point. arizona mexico border is buzzing
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with activity. 3000 migrants crossed just this weekend and the local sheriff says they are in a hurry. there were a lot of people who were planning to come here, but because of the new law they decided to call me as soon as possible. now the biden administration recently reinstated the trump administration policy of having asylum seekers remain in mexico waiting in mexico while their claims are considered . now the sheriff thinks that the administration's actions are fueling, the crisis, told this administration if they decided to do in mtv. it was going to cause these problems and obviously the ancillary impacts in up in our back yard. so we end up with the desk in the desert. the robberies are happening along the border of the pursuits. then the ancillary criminal activity, like the large amounts of drugs that are being smuggled into our country,
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from mexico, all are occurring in every order, county alone, the southwestern board. now the local mayor has declared a state of emergency. he's calling on federal officials for help. 110 agents from the department of homeland security of already been re committed. however, local officials are slamming biden for not doing enough human is facing an escalating humanitarian and border crisis. and it's a direct result of the biden administration's poor communication, lack of organisation and complete disregard for border protection. but arizona is not alone. florida is also dealing with a migration wave. so the border is obviously a disaster, and we'll actually divide administration puts people on planes and flies them into florida in the wee hours of the morning. so they've done over 70 flights in the last 6 months now, comma la harris, who is vice president, and just recently named is borders czar by joe biden. doesn't seem to really be on
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the case. the water and head of state says he hasn't heard from her since june, despite whitehouse reassurances. why is it that she has not spoken to the president of guatemala since you 6 months? i knew that i could see this kind of strange report from the president of guatemala, saying that he has had no contact with the white house, which is inaccurate. other than you're meeting with harris in june, this is the only one. this is the only communication you've had with the biden administration concerning a legal immigration. yet pamela harris is currently touting her program with private companies to bring foreign investment to central america and stop the migrant flow. but how much a trickle of funds from pepsi, cargill and mastercard will actually do, remains unclear. meanwhile, 50000 juveniles seeking asylum had disappeared. according to the country's top migration tracker, when compared case by case reco by reco with the previous months de to dump truck received,
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we find that requisite disappear without explanation truck has repeatedly reached out to the agency executive office of immigration review. the d o j agency, the overseas u. s. immigration cases, but has not received any satisfactory explanation. a number of these asylum cases continued to disappear each month. researchers say the u. s. department of justice is making it more difficult to track a juvenile migrant cases, providing information that is not useful or precise, but one sheriff will not keep silent. they've already got what, over 147000 juveniles their own a company on the they need to change their messaging. obviously, when you sit there and say that you're going to do individuals money because they were separated at the border, that's just a draw for the cartels and for the criminal wilma to exploit. so now as why we see a member of juveniles come across 1st and then the parents come late, which as they know the bill, it will be reunited. so it's all play on the rules of this
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administration was put into place. the migrant crisis has hung over the biden administration from the beginning. many wonder if there are any real solutions in the works. not just reassuring words kayla bobbin r t new york still took up electricity cost solar in europe off to france. shut down for nuclear reactors, while russia looks east off to being snubbed by the u over energy story off for a short break. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic, development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy
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will be successful, very difficult time. time to sit down and talk join me every thursday on the alex simon, sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then ah, failure to allow bond markets to reflect to market forces as resolved in a bifurcation in the economy, where the most corrupt are rewarded for committing crimes. j. p. morgan being a prime example. and if you have morals or ethics, you're penalized. if you're not out there still stealing alluding, then you're going to be homeless. and that's america today, and it's a sad the
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welcome back brand new german sisters channel r t d e has been accused of not having a history documentation to broadcast in germany. all the management respondents saying it's license was obtained in accordance with all european rules and regulations. well, let's look at some context here. the new channel was taken off, the very day it was launched. there's no connection between that and the german t v broadcast dispute. so as you can see, it's been a rocky thought on tv, unofficial for the year. if a media watchdog have some want to was for the new shuttle license must be issued in germany, and the application must also be filed her. first of all, this is a real irritant, and we will take care of it. he called the r t d essentially a pesky little nuisance that is going to be taken care of. so that is some
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interesting language there right off the bat. but the crux of the issue is that in his view, we have no business broadcasting in germany. he is claiming incorrectly that r t, the news channel, is actually based in berlin, when in fact, it is based in moscow, quite literally down the hall from, from the studio. and the news programs are coming out here being filmed here, edited put on the air and so forth. and they are, they are doing that via a license through in other countries and serbia through another european like and are in full right to broadcast across all of europe, including in germany. our license was obtained under what is known as the european convention on trans frontier transferring to your television. which under
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convention gives us the right to broadcast to $33.00 countries across europe. as long as you know, broadcast from us go. and those countries include germany, but they also include other countries with majority or significant german language populations, such as austria, switzerland, luxembourg, and so forth. this is where this separation is really important. the legal action is being launched against our tv productions, which makes some, you know, make some of the shows. our tv productions does not need a license, because our tv production is not a channel. it channel is our tv that is coming out of here. and thus moscow, our headquarters, our parent company applied for applied for, for the license in serbia, the amount of pressure that our new german channels has faced even before it went on the air. difficulties with banks, difficulties, not just with licensing, but you know, the pressure on, you know,
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on our guests and so forth has been really unprecedented pressure again, as you've mentioned that beginning on our digital platforms, we are ready to keep, to keep fighting. we spoke earlier with a veteran to you, reported jim laurie, he explained why some western powers view on t as an origin. you can't separate what's happening with r t chinese television with other broadcasters, from the political situation, poor relations between germany and russia. right now, the poor relations between states and russia right now, the poor relations between states and china. all of this is linked. you have a situation where western nations states, in particular, or by the u. k. and now followed by germany. it appears simply, do not have the wherewithal, the desire to welcome state control news channels into their country. in my view, it's purely political. there is a sense,
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so i only speak here in america where our tea has been sanctioned in the past, by being labeled as something a part of the foreign agent regulation act. 1938. you have the same application to trainings, television. you have a situation where the nation's not have good relations with united states or germany get penalized. so you have a situation where these international channels become broiled in the international politics of the day. europe facing problems with its energy costs, including flooring electricity bills which shut up even further this week. after francis biggest power water shut down full of nuclear reactors. e t f that it's down to technical false. earlier research discuss a situation with our correspondent south kettle. while europe's energy crisis might be a hot topic, but sus me, it does look like it's going to be a cold winter on the continent. because while gas prices have spike to gas itself
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is running low and i'm talking dangerously record lows. in fact, your pink gas stores supplies haven't been this spot in a decade on average, across the block there in the 74 percent full. that's down from 94 percent last year, and germany in particular is on edge. since the coldest pulse of winter is still ahead, the relatively low gas reserves should be used carefully. if we keep withdrawing gas at the current rate, the level will be very low by february. so no buffer, no real resolved, that anyone can sort of depend to and he's really tight times and things do seem to be going from bad to was because state own electricity to france or e d f. announce that it will be shutting down 2 bits. nucular reactive because of safety reasons, some pipes that are part you need repairing on top of that and not the to have pulled walk pending inspections. this is bad news, of course not just the fronts. his electricity is most kate and you can generate to that, not just bad news for the nation that it exports to, for example,
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the u. k. but it's also very nerve wracking for the mall kits which have already been on a total road coast right over the last couple of months. but of course, who has taken the biggest hit full people. i mean, i was absolutely shock to read that europeans were pay 900 percent more for natural gas in january 2022 than they did in january 2021. so i really think looking at this picture now, it's not an exaggeration to say, it's a pretty di situation. a lot of this russian gas that goes into europe. it hasn't, they didn't fill up their coffers during last summer. so they were, as you were saying that the gas levels were low, prices have gone up, but rusher is the one who's apparently taken the blame and, and certainly the u. k. media and the top lawyers and the european media. they've been having russia for these high prizes. it is a big supplier of gus to europe. and how is moscow reacting to all of this? what you are right around 30 percent of europe, natural gas that comes from russia. so you'd think that given how desperate the situation is that brussels would know what side its bread is buttered on. but what
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does the you do? having failed to come to an agreement on how to handle and move forward in this ongoing crisis. an hours long summit, it basically turns round and accuses moscow of using gas as a political weapon. so of course, we know it's always good to have someone else to blame. the thing is, is russia is fulfilling its contracts. and the problem is, is it is unwilling to turn the top on to overflow. market says, look, we've got our own low shortages on top of that domestic demand at the moment is incredibly high because you and i very well know the winter here is very cold. we really just can't give you any more. so moscow is looking how the situation is unfolding. it's also thinking generally about how frosty brussels has been to russia in recent times in the think, you know what, it wouldn't be a bad time to diversify all market and to look to cooperate with perhaps move from the nations. so to that end, a new pipeline is actually on the called you, but i mean, in practical terms, it's a project for gas pipeline,
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from russia to china via mongolia. the work is progressing successfully. it could become a continuation of the russian power of siberia to pipeline, much of the optimal route and length of already been determined. a feasibility study is being prepared and i think it will be ready in the coming weeks. so construction not could thought as early as 2024. in the meantime, what's happening europe crisis was in the global markets, the bracing itself. meanwhile, north stream to pipeline, which is ready to go and could significantly of course, leave you to use energy crisis is lying idle, mired in political games. and of course, who's paying the highest price quite a tree. in this case, european systems understand economist folk helmet says russia is shift to the east, makes good sense. this energy priced crisis may prevail longer. if we make geo politics an issue of these energy themes,
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we are living in europe together with russia. and i think it is high time to return to serious diplomatic approaches rather than have a mega phone diplomacy, which rather feeds escalation. i think there has been a shift of interest given the fact that the euro asian area is growing fast. and that the interest over there in net gas and fossil fuels from russia has increased. and thus, if europe doesn't play a long, and i think, i think the likelihood of russia turning more and more towards the east is extremely high. and it would put a risk on energy safety and the route european union looking for it. at least 3 people have died after a section of a bridge collapsed in china and sued by province. and this video shot from inside
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a car. you can see the structure long and it's side over and expressway, at least for other people were injured in the collapse which happened just a few hours ago. because of that is asked to has not yet been identified. an investigation is underway, was just coming up to half past 9 here in moscow. stay tuned for boone bus turning away in just a few moments the time you gave us can catch up with the latest episode of absent times. he's going on the ground. jonas again in half an hour with ah
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ah ah ah
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ah, working room or shared in the back, she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and i wish there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an hour 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act. when we're filing on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is what you, where again, where you skin nothing. really quick ticket off of it. i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number a desk with
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