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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  December 18, 2021 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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disappointed screams of pre pupils and boys pierced the christmas morning when they discover that there was a new x box waiting for them. instead, under the tree children, we'll find a copy of the economist, the supply chain crisis issue. some i got you a magazine subscription, free trial, and next month. nonetheless, the pentagon got more money than they were asking for more than $8.00 trillion dollars for the next 10 years and $768000000000.00 just for next year. and republicans packed on another $24000000000.00 tip. the chiefs of staff are probably like, we should occupy another country for 20 years and help the taliban take it over. maybe mold over what to do when. anyways, the pentagon is more concerned with profit than it ever has been. why did we lose those wars in iraq, afghanistan? it's because that hasn't been the point. it's been pushing claims and missiles that
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may or may not be use. the war on terror was a holo, cash cow for the defense industry. the u. s. military is fighting efficiency has a low priority. the military are generally not interested in war, save as a means to budget enhancement. what's the defense department's job anyways? defense? i mean, when the military says it's keeping the future safe for our children, what they really mean is the military is making sure that a contractor has an in ground pool and a pool house for failed son to grow old in or his failed daughter. this week, democrats in congress abandoned the bill back better or reconciled reconciliation bill, which expands childcare. 2 gives education, expand health care workers, right? because they couldn't figure out how to pay for it, or how to install the crypto rig. the pentagon budget is well over that amount and
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no one asks how it will be paid for. no need to worry for americans who need help. there is a hockey half time show where teachers can compete to get cash for their classroom supplies. the let's imagine for a 2nd for star generals and republican senators on their hands and knees grabbing and stuffing cash into their shirts. squid game style. mitch mcconnell on. 7 all fours, but i have bad knees, milly. and then general milly would say, mich, don't get up until i tell you to. i don't watch that half of us military expenditures since 911. the total was about 14 trillion dollars have gone to contractors after withdrawing from afghanistan,
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weapons manufacturers and contractors did their best to america into buying new equipment for new battlefields. like the b a system know tank away from my family. you are my 2nd home. another day that i will put my trust in you me, you have never let me down the street terrain and you insure whatever we throw with you, your speed gives us an advantage upon our own flow. deep snow. so deep, hard to walk through. wow. that was really moving. it's the kind of tank that after a soldier's come home for more, he'd write letters to wait. am i jealous of a tank? i mean, what does that tank have that i don't have probably the traction? and why is the military preparing for war in the arctic or the glaciers?
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not melting fast enough? well, maybe they will at gunpoint. the close is we'll get to combat up. there will be a proxy war where we back santa, against his russian allied elves for attempting to unionize. again, it's tradition. the military would rather pay for shining new things than the basics to keep american safe. even american troops during the 1st winter of the korean war in 1950 to 1951 half of american casualties were caused by frost bite. us soldiers were forced to raid north korean positions to steal their functional footwear. oh sorry i didn't want to start. oh yeah, i was just wondering if you have a spare size 10 and a half lying around. instead, the military spend the money on new b, $47.00 bombers, which one the de militarized zone. in 2016 to whistle blowers who were silence and sacrificed their jobs to reveal it, contractors sold defective helmets to the pentagon. the military top brass could
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spare no ounce of catalogues for their soldiers heads, but we'll push and push to get unproven weapons and equipment like the f 35 jet. meanwhile, our best and brightest were rushing into the ass gown, mountains, mountains with hand me down bike helmets. ah, that 35, lockheed martin's hanger queen the spider man, 3 of military grade equipment. after 176000000000 dollars and 10 years, the airplane is still no match for a bird. and sure enough, one of these little birds comes far too close for me. down the lifetime use and faster than the i can see it's ingested right into the intake. the croft has been instantly compromised, something soft fluffy and weighing less than an hour. bring the mighty f $35.00 to it's me. al qaeda's new strategy will be to throw bread crumbs onto the deck of
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a u. s. aircraft carrier. the idea is to get this barely flying piece of former secretary of defense. his words not mine to carry nuclear weapons. entirely new, usable nuclear weapons, and get rid of the old ones. i wonder what they're going to do with them. put them on craigslist. would you like to buy a nuclear warhead? never used. we could use more enemies. the pentagon plans to rebuild all 3 legs of the nuclear triad, simultaneously, intercontinental ballistic missiles, be $21.00 bombers, new summaries, costing over $1.00 trillion dollars. not that i'm for nuclear war after the 1st strike, whoever it's from, every one will die in the ensuing tit for tat. and death is bad. probably the worst thing that can happen to all of us. but according to my religion, judaism the price tag is worse. i'm already dying from sticker trunk. can we fix up
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the ones we already have? and are we sure we won't need nuclear warheads? 10 years later, i can see northrop grumman coming out and saying, you don't want to be caught dead with last year's model. and know this missile generation doesn't come with a charger for us. air force is new goal is to get rid of planes that don't scare china. if we're just trying to scare the chinese, we should be investing in spiders. i know a guy while the military uses a potential war with china as an excuse to soak up money, the u. s. and china's economies are growing increasingly interdependent. you're about trying to holding us that well us investors hold about $100000000000.00 of chinese debt and $1.00 trillion dollars in chinese stocks. so it turns out global financial speculation and saving us from a nuclear holocaust. thanks. i guess you don't need missiles when you're already
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holding a knife to their generals points to china as the new hypersonic missile program. to scare this, out of everyone make headlines. we get $30000000000.00 more dollars. high for sonic missiles are slower and more easily. detective ben curren systems or intercontinental ballistic missile. so what are we doing here? in the perfect metaphor, lockheed martin executives are using golden shovels to break round at a new hypersonic missile plants. these are undertakers. and we paid probably a $1000000000.00 per trouble. and you know, they're hardly working. our state of the are expensive weaponry, failed against the taliban shepherds fighting and flip flops. and now that equipment is their problem. enjoy the planned obsolescence on the black hawk helicopters, guys, the war machine protects nothing but its profit margin. and now it's bringing us closer to a taiwan missile crisis because the cuban one in 1961 was in that big of
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a deal. if we're lucky and it ends the way the cuban missile crisis did with a phone call. we could save a lot of money up front if we just get biden to tax president g from time to time. supp chief, come to you from washington dc. the belly, the visa, this is redacted tonight. ah ah, welcome to redact. it's night i'm naming care of on a li camp is yelling from home, allegedly. now let's get to the news. before it gets to us, we go to the eli sheriff's department where police gangs have gotten so bad that a candidate for the sheriff post has made gang busting central to his platform. i'm
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chief cecil ramble and i'm running nuclear brochures to park this time for good. i'm not sure how much one can trust cecil rambo, because he was closely associated with gang members implicated and misconduct suits . and his name is rambo. i mean, if he's not gonna change his last name, maybe he could at least change the pronunciation. it's rumba, it's our portuguese. not rambo, not the traumatized vet, who shoots for fun. now meet my 2nd in command deputy termini, tour in an interesting move. rambo leaked video of his own torso news organizations to prove. he was a good cop and didn't have police gang tattoos. you sent this video to the times and to us as well. of you showing the tattoos that you do have talk to me about this moment and feeling the need to show yourself like this?
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well, look, all right. your move current share. alex villan waiver you know, i actually never mind. i'm good. you can keep your shirt on. maybe we can send a reporter into the roles to look for the execution or gang symbol. the executioners. this is one of the more no tory is gang police, police gang tattoos. it's a skeleton with a nazi style helmet holding a machine gun. that tells a story i want to hear, not rambo explaining. his non gang had to. i mean, no one ever has a good story about their tattoos. oh, this dragon is from when my son was born his ah, my daughter's name is here in chinese, and the monarch butterfly is for how i changed as a human over all these years. in a non k l. a interview with rambo and investigation shows pictures of rambo from the eighty's. come on. that's not
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a gang sign. we were answering. how big is it? now, this is where we are with trusting the police trip strip and show us your inc bro . i can imagine a cop so insecure that he's more comfortable with people thinking he's in a gang and going shirtless. rambo is courting the democratic parties endorsement by saying he'll be tough on bad cops, and he's calling his opponent, share a viewer no. ava. the trump of eli county. democrats were like, wow, you're comparing your opponent to trump think that's our love language. it's likely he'll get the democrats endorsement that is after he sends the complete news, the california democratic party, as for on to rand paul, a us senator who just discovered the utility of the government. he spent his career lamb besting federal aid for disasters. so people here will say they have great
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compassion and they want to help the people puerto rico, the people of texas and the people of florida. but notice they have great compassion with someone else's money. ask them if they're giving any money to puerto rico. ask those they're giving money to texas, ask them what they're doing to help their fellow man. and you'll find often that it's easy to be compassionate with someone else's money. to be fair, that before he knew kentucky had tornadoes, how quickly forget about the national, that when the money goes to something that will help them get reelected. welcome to the revolution comrade paul. i expect to see you at the marks reading group next week were on chapter 6, their full value. the tornadoes that ripped through midwestern states this past week destroyed homes and killed over 100 people. it was an absolute tragedy, especially when you consider that several deaths were preventable in a candle factory in kentucky. factory workers were threatened with firing if they left before the tornado. and at an amazon warehouse in edward's vill,
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illinois worker death from the tor nato's. raised questions about the safety training and the cell phone policy. that's right, you couldn't have a cell phone in your pocket. i'm guessing they want to do to be moving boxes in the moment. so basically a severe weather alert on their phone could have saved their lives a little being in a vibration. could have given people enough time to get to safety. now osha taking notice and investigating amazon warehouses. it only took a building to collapse on itself for the government to say, hey, maybe employees safety is not the top priority at amazon. you should look into this . maybe this will be the crisis that will turn the u. s. on the right path towards protecting workers. meanwhile, other countries are going above and beyond defending them. a german court rules a fall on a walk from your bed to your desk is a workplace accident. okay,
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germans are dis showing on that. they have breaks and have enough time to walk to their bed. i bet they're even allowed to go to the bathroom, look at their phone or have lunch lunch. that's so european. i hear they mainly serve cigarettes. we have to go to a quick break, but if you want, exclusive redacted tonight, extra content, check it out at portable dot tv. stay right there, and we'll be right back with a happy hey,
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good my i can i maybe, maybe i'm maybe with oh ah, welcome back. i'm still naomi. care of, on a lot of people have problems with the dis, toby in global surveillance say we all live under, including the cia,
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apparently biometric smartphones and surveillance cameras are posing new obstacle for us. 5, for more on this, we go to a classified undisclosed location to turn to where our top secret intelligence corresponded, job or con. hello job for hello naomi. because of smartphone data and constance surveillance technology, every real living person has an infinitely large digital footprint. this makes creating a fake identity. good enough to fool a foreign government. impossible. so now cia spies can no longer do their jobs. it's tragic. i just hope all, my dear friends in the us intelligence community are going to be ok. friends. since when do you have friends in the us intelligence community? i actually happen to be very close friends with n s b. i agent, we met at my mosque,
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be undercover agent. he tried to entrap you. he was trying to keep our country safe . have some empathy, will you? the modern surveillance state is killing the spy industry. intelligence officials are saying it's really bad. it really challenges the fundamental assumptions and approach of espionage operations. jennifer, thank you, find it a little ironic that us intelligence officials are complaining about the surveillance states of other countries. ironic. i don't know that word means that actually explains a lot erotic, isn't about iran, are they? the ones doing this? i knew are erotic foreign policy would come back to pidas. never, never mind jumper. just explain why exactly spies can't do their jobs. well, besides the problem of digital footprints, there's also always on surveillance. it's difficult to move about unobserved when
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every street light business and front porch has a camera attached to it. monitoring activity 247365247365. i can't take any risks. that's why last night i water boarded my alexa to see what she knows. a water boarded your alexa. yeah, i kind of regretted, actually i broke my alexa. so i need to think that water boarding might be gun. that you could try sticking it in rice. as you mentioned, biometrics. do you think you could elaborate on the oh don't get me started on biometrics. how are american spies most across international borders with facial recognition and iris stands plus, now we have consumer dna testing, exposing us by our other covert operative could be as easy as taking a saliva sample from a cigarette, but or a drinking cup. so you take one cigarette break from saving the world. they test
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that cigarette by now. your cousins with german english, but it american to the midwest and then they start to seriously doubt you're a recently divorced romani candle maker, vacationing in siberia. that's a terrible alias. do you want the russians to win naomi moon? what about the chinese in 2014, the congressional o. b m was apparently hacked by the chinese government. they stole data on nearly $22000000.00 former and current american civil servants, including intelligence officials, china has spy. we have spies to, but china spies, our chinese. all right, i'm going to cut you off right there. can you tell us what this all means? is the world of spies over? oh, thankfully no. but the world of fake aliases is over. so now more spying will be done in true name, meaning the spy won't pose as someone else, but live there cover as
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a business person, academic, or other professional, with no obvious connection to the u. s. government. but that means no more cool, fun accents and disguises, no fake identity as a brazilian real estate mogul. now you have to actually be a brazilian real estate mogul. wow, that's going to take some serious commitment. what it takes is love, love for the craft, love for the arts, and love for crushing your government's enemies. well, thanks for the report. jaffer. thanks naomi. up and act the u. s. government jihad against wiki weeks founder julian assange. got a serious assist over the weekend from america's allies over in the u. k. for more, we go to our transit land, a correspondent anders lee for this intelligence failure. ah.
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last week, a british judge here in london decided to extradite juliet ashanda to the united states. at least we think he's a judge could also be a department store santa, who got drunk and glued a carpet to his head. so in all likelihood julian assange will be coming to the united states, the country that's been trying to, or at least seriously thought about killing him. mike pompeo is already planning to hold the trial in a funeral home. back in january. the extradition request was denied by a different judge in london who cited extreme u. s. prison conditions in ruling against a sondors extradition. but now that it looks like julian will be coming to america, let's see what is soon to be neighbors are saying, if this fight against extradition is that they're worried about his safety in prison, they really have our don't have perspective on this. there are lots and lots of people who go to federal prison who have done really worse things. and then julia
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sancha and they are protected in prison. i don't think he needs to worry about whether not he'll be safe in prison. is that show? hum. really, there's nothing to worry about when it comes to conditions in america's federal prisons. will perhaps someone should have told the ultraconservative us supreme court recently ruled that a federal inmate was allowed to sue prison officers after he was forced to spend 6 days in unsanitary cells with human waste. now in all fairness, i can see why that wouldn't seem too bad, declare mechanical considering how she spent 12 years in the senate, paling around with the kind of pieces of she would say things like this. this is not the pentagon papers. this was at times editors rifling through documents, figuring out what could be released and what couldn't be released in explaining it . this was a guy that got stolen documents and gave it to the world. a pretty bold statement
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considering that daniel ellsberg, the guy who leaked the pentagon papers in 1971, which revealed that the government had lied about vietnam, says that whatever julian assange is guilty of, i'm guilty. of course, the only thing that julian a challenge is really guilty of is journalist. a concept that most morning jo host aren't that familiar with. now despite what you'll hear on m s n b c, julian us on isn't on trial for colluding with russians. hacking hillary clinton's emails or tricking her and did not campaigning and michigan back in 2016. these charges are sold in about 20 head, when wiki lakes released documents that revealed several instances of the us breaking international law from war crimes in iraq to spying on foreign dignitaries . you know, actual crimes. this information was published in tandem with outlets like the new york times and asked for the charges that wiki leaks just dumped this stuff into
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the ether. according to legal testimony from colleagues, julian sean insisted on stringent reduction of hundreds of thousands of documents. sanchez lawyers are doing their best to appeal this decision, but if he get sent to america, julian will be charged with the espionage at 114 year old law originally passed to prevent americans from speaking out against the 1st world war. if that were actually what it was used for today and not prosecuting whistleblowers, i might be ok with it. we'd be able to turn it into a fun drinking game. if you talk about world war one and you accidently criticize it, you have to take a drink and spend 10 years in a jail cell filled with theses speaking of which the u. s. government has assured the bridge that assange won't be subjected to ill treatment when he enters our prison system. maybe a p stay here and there, but that's it. however, in offering it's assurances, the u. s. reserves the right not to guarantee anything should astonish. do
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something that displeases his jailers to office on so much as leaves the toilet seat up. he will be stripped of his protections. there is no reason to take our government's word in this case or any other one that involves freedom of the press due process or respecting the rights of prisoners, especially ones with physical and mental health issues. the unfortunate fact that join us on suffered a mini stroke this week, isn't likely to play any role in how brutally our legal system will treat him. as this case illuminates, the united states already has a todd of intersecting problems. let's not create another one by destroying our 1st amendment in making america. the place where journalism went to die from the united kingdom, i manders li, with redacted tonight. ah,
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here are your headlines from the future and a few months you'll read. pentagon developed $2000000000.00. tinderbox after learning china's biggest fear is dying alone. next year you'll read. cobb tries to pass off, gangs had to as skull shaped mole in a few decades. you'll read american workers when right to leave. if work plays walls, no longer standing, that's our show and tell next time, good night and keep fighting with what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on a very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk lou
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right now. there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food. this is cathy and sugary and salty and addicted. it's not at the individual level. it's not individual willpower. and if we go on believing that will never change this obesity epidemic, that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific establishment. mm hm. what's driving the obesity epidemic? it's corporate with my manager, with 4 of my guys who financial survival. this is a hedge fund. it's a device used by professional value ag to earn money. that's right. these
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headphones are completely not accountable. and we're just adding more more to them . totally, the stabilize that global economy. you need to protect yourself and get inform. watch guys with ah, ah, oh, thousands rally in central london against a raft of new anti cove measures. as daily infections m u. k, reportedly reach in all time high the british supreme court rules, it was unlawful to drop an inquiry into the alleged torture of 14 suspected ira members by british soldiers. one of them told us what he had to endure with this concert wait noise. that commandment took over your brain.


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