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a sort of a 3 sylvia, the facility to play on the some continued ashley heights and infinity dash the one with your service will be on the phone here on my line will i be? i'm ellia the bob dylan which was a, be a little above the mom, a hockey mom, thought the homeowners weidler hobby on was ella be those? yeah. i mean, okay, there was other gods, but these are a lot up and just wanna be hard to hear a month ago, but i had the, oh, cuz even though my bad little humpty mother, i don't want to let me off. why that,
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that j lippy watson. i'm going to help you. hello, thought i saw the stuff couldn't was up, but he couldn't allen me for the somebody and i'm yeah, more to be solely you know, maybe the more hot or measure lochlund hockey euchre fell on out of it for love a dealer to shed. and what i said, well yeah, he knows that vehicle when it goes to shuttle and the suit allow least a year, a saudi in with harbor ah, with me. and also if you had multiple, multiple gyms or more kind of america. so that gives us a helpful festival. so this is a the avon vishal 0 with them on the side of the, on the show,
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the anesthesia. i'm with a company to host them. you can dive with them with a, with a high level. don't feel any with
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full size when there was a little harder. that's what i might have be somebody could do 70 already on the call to shut it does. i don't do it. i look but still with that on ticket and i think that is a for the something that almost a decade . yeah. well yeah. now another matter banassi la has jo, physician a a, a, because you want to know, i'll drop that off with hey paula,
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what them are going to be the only walk up a sheet martin with us, but let's put there for relational data. a lot my give me a projection if we do have a lot of them, a lot of us with c panel to measure from like the excel sheet on when i'm started by the way, some sort of my video. so a sorry, sorry. so the few comments with, i'm told values of in that is how does she any so called so that
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it was a how to she and only so i know how to find that that we talked about was just sort of a bench of thought. and he said that my think so i with a one of our, i'm a been kind of a property with a short i don't want to law look will e mine built on a while to clear? yeah. me a little you can assume to call a genuine actual
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ah, a with one of these and the mother of into heavies and because of a, a, a, a b wise man. and how soon are filled with
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wow, i mean are a someone i a okay philip. so he a happy i a i hyphen then with hello at about on that a lot that will happen.
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ah, a human had let it go off when i say i left that bun on as i knew, not land. how did bob, non land has about this horn them not, i will show up for that. as i wake up, i had probably had much law or on the job this a month, but his i'm at the balance of the whole and i loaded on saturday night to mean no, not buddy a studio by then the other one on had him come and had him account a demo with a finer
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mac and but if and no louder went afni, no initial, we any to the i see it by the last i need a natalie may i don't on the phone on there, but then i can, i'm with vicky in internet bill and i liked it a lot less than a couple of they bought a a a wow. hey, so i know you said i hadn't been, hadn't been allowed them. picked up though you'd outside of that mac on him can 4 to 900 feet in height. all right. and a hong has somehow come home a ah,
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a good day. my then cathy said she home and i there by then is a shift alone or a 1st going on that one that i can and then i had the hasn't had them. awesome and hon. there's only hello, hello. so as to when i had them, i'm a sunday heck and it's got on the whole one. i then did in this at dinner sausages will oh i can said there will. oh well no forgotten. nick on the up and up see was done.
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yom shift just don't wanna buy a mac on my phone. i had the lab so bought out of our blues. it was at the shift of all fuckin, missouri, jani at martha, rob, i thought i saw it, come on fina on it, or can auto land where they had, they don't have a debit, but then on the bottle bullshit, emailed her. she can she, sheila, yourself, gone on and on the starboard canal, the found hook or miss sorta yet to defend huck. oh, i'm sorry. i've had them away. shut it off with i've been a lot lazy on with
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this with a buddy lamont so let you know, let's just go on a file with him about that info on that as well. so he's on a danny jonathan. hi. so i see him about i'm going to
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list a, come on in some, but no, i'm always up on the thought. a sort of help me out with oh right now there are 2000000000 people who are overweight or obese. it's profitable to sell food that he's fancy and sugary and salty, and it's not at the individual level. it's not individual well power. and if we go
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on believing that never change is obesity epidemic. that industry has been influencing very deeply. the medical and scientific established with what's driving the obesity epidemic. it's corporate in ah
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ah, neon says a new night. mm hm. ah, a studio with a, a the
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a palace mine a mean. just gotten a static my father had the i had had them off, has got armies come in, the background will begin. the job is to mcmillan and happy in or oh, not that christy bach. any annalynn on. i suggest you look at nally on with a lot of it out walking, so my med, that means you feel better at the studio and i think i can work on the 40 for me. okay, very much walk and it had a few minutes. other than that one was about the a yeah. i know. i said,
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i mean i oh, getting no hope like on of the a minute here now. and the atlanta finance model or finance. and i had looked up the manager with cash had it. i know them, i like it. oh, how in with other why not
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giving us a besides? yeah, the back in with the middle that a c r a bob la la, buddy, a chicken dame and the cool thing may done for 40 bad as yourself, unless i believe me. so if you monkey it a month a month, is that the about the crashes american army most who had to have a good? i'm a seller a high council ah
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with a half other that allows me the most has of masada i like to the form and not necessarily nor fee. i'm not sure how that was. i'm so selected this house on this. i found that to do with that. how it's asked my you can as our form in canada
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here, todd, the lead that didn't sell them. i can fit the human real. ha! erwin. little mosacco, georgia hick, i can couldn't, and i know your local mom, my mom got a bed up a mom a young and only had to hear the lounge to by with no in the song carvajal here. mr . know he, i from the internet cause why did you know, how does she could mark know, could a man dennis? no, no. good. miles to charm bassoon. been a long time a i medina. and as that he, i come out to say, do, dad is a live body. i thought he had our goal was to, i'm not suddenly admin at that. he ella dina, on them a ah,
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keep accessible if you do inside the mom or not. but in a thought, a little bit about loudly a my models have been also for the highest for food. so i have not had to put on that have been kind of the food what is it? but i had too much with a lot of things. so awesome how long of how long to slap miss slash and how to do this. hello. sue must be off. know for sure for you
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a bit that. yeah, and i want to get with it so i know, and i believe anybody has any family, not that bad will be will accompany you unless you've been the high d n a honda. i'm becky can't see undo it is t w i had the lemme ask him, you know what then to have that in a black hole is give me that i could, it could be a but i mean what the gun might a little before with i'm how i learned that about that amendment mccully and i think mom,
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she'll feel as i'm already and so i am not a minute. i'm a bit of not hey marcella facility on canada. she at home. so she had all the, the, had them be in a, have them to have the unlimited amount of time. then i had them, it was on the horn a how and he comes in. so he do a company in missouri, hernandez, i just had a little antique hardy danny mckinney could been up for home. but at the map that should yet i'm to as i've been a mountain on the born feet that he called out of the may. danny, below, bill pay done. and finally, when happened, we should because i fact when we knew that a min one of the law, i'm looking that up has
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a thought nessie and the b b. no big affinity at the milk. honestly. not our burn them. so with that other law, shall i and i will, i can come dilemma them the sub to be a she home has has and him a few further fees are paid law the how would it's like, i'm not missing from for mr. had a scan it and i didn't need this one, have been into the madison and unload the on and off the and that is this had a lady from you that is with an m and a in the scene. are you having a lot of my grandmother cannot learn a lot of a melody said and the bessie at the b. m. at the shaheen.
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horner assessor the mother, get theater san antonio. bob. now i've done manase along a snap lea, a sort of an empty heidi cannot see a female female a
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a b, i even have a confused a huh. lee came up with cornish way. again, that is the whole spanish way, the coffee county level. i can hardly hear them now to work on my my own my asthma. i work a book with
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us a with me and i wish maybe happy love it. maybe help me with those. you have my phone with the mob over by canada, and then we'll let that there was a below left hand is young. hey, can you, hey, we'll economically. i'm ready. i'm ready with us. a
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a b. ah. oh, driven by dreamer shapes bankers and those with
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airs, sinks, we dare to ask in scientific knowledge, has never been so readily available to everyone across the globe, but overwhelmed by information. can we distinguish the real science from the one being imposed upon us? we're living in a world where there are many people who have a vested interest in finding information, finding scientific evidence, and discredit, even the notion that science could provide the truth about the natural world in the past future business goals and large corporations are challenged strongly by scientific evidence, if you're emotionally invested and free markets, then climate change is a serious emotional threat. because dealing with that means we have to change our approach to business industries or on the war bar, attempting to debunk legitimate science by producing new evidence in science,
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fighting science. that's how ignorance is manufactured, their attention only seeking to the rail science rolling using shy itself with weeks top stories from arts aide, russia unveils a list of proposals to night. so for maintaining job security with the deputy minister saying the ball is now when the alliance is caught when it comes to the escalation over ukraine. phenergan says no u. s. military personnel will be held liable for august. watch drones strike in afghanistan, which killed 10 civilians, including 7 children. we hear from a grieving relative that allison though nobody approached us. no one contacted us.


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