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[000:00:00;00] ah ah yes, that's certainly an insidious modica sylvester. it was not on lady william's but yet they took him to his class. i chose some substance that they were medium. what not senior senior. on the substitute press number, i wanted to change. you see when nordstrom procedures we did that the me for read yet the sad silk with them to play to come get your love hatley. i keep her out of mia noticed that not little big so does. does governor, when you my with
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a somewhat with don't know, but then so i, she, in this book suggesting you more good neal which is which it but then was that dollars. right. and some ended up on you super smartgate posted on a monthly you would say user teaches key carson becker, sasha, somebody you se wish me the in the community. se wishing keyboard come on a shirt, the boot, and she she, me, dish joy. a quick little when you d. s. onyx when it was issued, the sweet buttons are em. could teach you working for us, look during functional industry and the ease of thread. so at the point, utilizing your api, rosley, and master on these queer push on your group as we really thought comfortable door, it was more ah no, i can better assist, you can do it on it. it thought was nice and he blessed earth bernard,
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a stadium. we're didn't want him, just witness thought. there's been a shot which gave us the us to happen to me as a possible or shamperdeen that a yes this year just, i mean is it is all in the letter, but i got that 40 since i was. so whether or not that has never looked at this point this way said something. ok symbol. i say that american air finance backing up, come on it on the board at 0 for it as a doc, not as mentioned by you and they have, you know that they are surprised, but they don't get to come on the doors. nobody will get a physical give i system lou super to another dealer. come curriculum virtually, sir my to him with just based on the going of meeting your mobile group of credit was proper and was proceed more than just reward. that officer use will circuit
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court order from or girl flirt absolute mar martin. this is each year of white rob supervisor, wolf, greater cumulative to just. and then i said and just told you could thought it was weird. not like little more discussion, dude mr. which to be still a cyber weapon, typically a 0 day vulnerability that's being exploited. they're more focused on national interests. and some of them have cyber weapons that they've developed in house. some of them have very strong technical capabilities. others have maybe purchase some of those through dark. well, others have maybe used weapons that others have developed and they started using them as a 2nd or 3rd. and here it could have a piece of cyber weapon. it's like an army. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country that's there. john. yes, legs just visited with jobless j. navarro. shaylee. he reaches collateral,
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dra ebook delegate scholarship that i have just missed us. would you do e? okay, i hit by some e, it's lou j. a lot of beans are 60 percent as women and was not a 99 youth. not at sunset. it will, it gets, he goes on the bus last door. roblis in the premier keyboard. gross elizabeth is a bus last year loop. they blend it just asked them? no, cuz they didn't. yes. from that alice, i'm just going to use it yet. they will yodeling yet. newcomb or that it little come near each school with the dots. yes. nice to me. jill at yesterday plus the at, at a gift. thank you. glenn. teachers get restored each other suspects may have cut that price you'll get on skier. yet, and i be of this year for the music comes age our style yesterday, which touches through that i just like. well the rules are rules, choi, a category of newest technology schools or more of normally in your perceived cue.
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the course. long filter too. but she will come to school, my partner, which summer i wish they knew that i'm just a little boy who didn't move or 6 wishes global blossom. so remember me because i wish towards this shirt wasn't, doesn't for mazzocco, got a new queen dying to be neutral progress. she says she's, you know, oil and gas, manufacturing, electricity, telecoms, transportation, all of them now have io t type of infrastructure connected to the internet. also, business interest you must have been this is us the store store if in for the muslims with the secret product. so if it goes in yeah, the food for the month when you pull you don't you too much more the previous to to would be just your list of tree schemes anyone can store from provide it with the stuff was a few bit of chain. yeah. a lot of wisdom, but it is,
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you don't the interest to put it sub list that on the a good price. even the signal computer bogart had a few days to get. the thoughts were used. cars that are going use us if you use different like you just use the milk, slew with them. not give me a bit. yes. if i thought a bit better the whatever it is get. this is always to nick a body use of when you have a by that's a little bit. it nourishes g. m. one is blizzard, the corporate assume their trust. done them food. she it, that was view. mr. watch. the ones that are right. yeah. well, we're trying to be a pretty, really equal which ed uminski goes to post on you will use upside with. lemme see a problem with the wash. the was not that it's a do use leave not the day of interest to it of israel, which at the christ genuine by don't the shipment will go to it is done. i'm still not it national mission critical. bloodied is lot different. like you should come see me it's it's not the most vehicle doria to be chair, dissolved, loved in a minute. that was the yeah. she's not in any gym about it loosely more so 15th of it, it almost some a couple me i'm not lazy. romo. what's thought but then we'll move on to lead san premera. dr. resize this morning and you had
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a real solution to lose my up my visual to reject losses. i had to my teacher who just held lovely in your place. was it the? yes. yeah. with a bit about sounds on the bullies to it. today i had come, thought, nuts, slain, musical. i use the medicine at the most recent emitter, as the love cookie, the by truth breeze was ordered a sick, a guide, the sphere, a gun, the women j, a stomach of bug needs. also that solely watered, did you want id, you want to air gas? air gap means that he was disconnected from anything internet related no access externally from the internet or from the network. and that's the way it is. and then you physically access it to be able to extract that information here to studio the premier. so you should hear mario patricia mcgregor. maloof rules are horsham in morocco. group, laurie, she will calmer. shoot off wilker brook gucia lloyd,
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a scheduled with for joseph with go noodle vinegar logs is regular personal per course storage. just to double check on your machine. yes, sir. um yeah. i from cooper from 0. miss jamal prominence from our list can process at our used to premier, accomplish compound years, roberta, your argument plumber smith, to shoot you his id romito and thrown at some of your pl. we're used to putting mirror rpd mental status. i became a photo, patrician of thunder. them young. stress online for stroke dora your chest. i'm but because like yours night to pick, i'm not at your barrier now. sure. as i became got off the comma 1000000000 for johnson, both forms and solicitor funnel. you put yourself back with you to one on one, whether it's down from water coming through the city or electricity or power
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generation. all of those are now connected and they could be potentially disrupted or destroyed. so you have your sensor and the sensor is collecting data, maybe checking the temperature or checking the level of specific type of chemicals . maybe there's a platform sitting behind it. so what the hackers are doing is they're able to either access through the sensor into the backend or start from the backend because it's also exposed on the internet and get to the sensor. so that's both traffic sites and be able to influence the actions. typically the sensor can say in a can have a requirement if the pressure goes under 20 percent, shut down everything. and the hacker coming into that system can make the pressure go under 20 percent by some need to either technical know how he is also capable of knowing what the system can do or by testing a few different scenarios and reaching that and go all of those put together,
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result in the site potentially going down being disrupted, or if there is some malicious intent behind it, that could result in loss of human life. mm. the destruction of the system happened 2 years ago, which is now a, it's a public good story. it was sham moon, which i happened to saudi aramco in saudi arabia. and their systems were completely destroyed from a and a malware that was 0 day. so it was a usb device plugged into a machine that then was able to propagate across the environment because it had some malicious code. and it actually brought down the systems that had to do with their industrial control environment. and their laptops and desktops were also destroyed, destroy meaning, even if you tried to reinstall the operating system, it won't work. the device is now completely destroyed, then useless. as you know,
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machines are made up of multiple different layers. you have applications, you have the underlying operating system, you have the platforms that connect things together. and then you have the hardware that malicious code was able to go all the way down to the hardware and make them completely easier. no user, look level 3 used. would have to was a cookie pasto you, mr. q told you could put a password across to live in a center for much practical. so then yeah, like a door of a duke to choose sonya nutrition, the young who's emerged to put on credit. but we need to learn more suitable stuffs of sex shifting requirements. good. or to po choice from church. the catholic almost put up. awesome story. you go where program i was pitching in is more than really some folks like this guy, but i'm nubile as a shown at this oldness jim group which i'm nibble bluehost sort of mainly to use mr. work, ronald abuses shipping from us. and you can use more with read so far. she threw in from us. i was just gonna go any more with
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a sided discuss appoline. it was more just reduced risk in combining a little bottle with restrictive alberto doing, you know, kinda skiwski used ah, the booster prescribed by the conflict such as the shot of brazil's permission to mar shiva proposed posted on the handle now to be put on a position with some doctors you might have to put your service in an agree bus because she's there monday, or she can only cheer fresh cooks, dust injuries, which will be dismissed. he'll be awarded adams potter gene brother, cartridge component, show it to, to partnership is to keep sort of legit we meet passports, but that's all at when she to that on. and that was actually as up as was between control and the processor. premier levels are about you feel that the will travel
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to the jelly better than bank. thanks. lot of the love in the real cook with stock or if so i'm pretty sure line you i mean they can show scope kinetic monitor vitamins and sorta near as i was looking for those patients. that was for some reason from at a potential deal scene with her about a bunch of summer special leaders. mastercard, her name is maria. this is maria. that doesn't come off. she does apostles with shoppers, with business of severe genius when you press against him or a shuttle so visit oblivious with a narrative is short. and what's your karita? what you'll up here eager with. sure. no, i don't understand the addition to the ah ah, and i make no,
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no borders line to tease and you guys as a merge, we don't have a terribly, we don't have a vaccine. the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with ah,
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ah ah mm mm. on a 2nd fix cd than one use because we missed the 1st option with a proponent enough to push it. go stuck that bottom, i just needed to leave it with us. sure. christy woman, we're all doing. convertible doesn't change. no us is come with us. the trend as to what mr. jewish interest. all the court just resisting record sort of glue. nope, i've missed little more than i meant there. state farm opens up us. dominic groups for abilities use that the woodrow problem are listed on the ticket. give us want us to use notes from nordstrom should no credible premier to clean up the
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dishwasher in your package. i just missed you, most of the orders mom he's in put on the bus, throwing homeschool or shipping from one of the off of but it's in your, on your, to some way for his walk. the other way to go on you more wood, which is fortunately blue, are you in that city and you've just looked at insurance, so you thought sold insurance risk of all private program, but he's a couple of to asthma program reasons. vision. yeah. that the panels are korean, little go with the crew to come, you to pretty much through it, couldn't swear you chips. yeah. discussion i see technologies for is already already know rubric which chris you will probably muster restore. so situate preschool yankee doodle is a by them a shuttle. so i promise shabani louis shatka. once you get into the political voting election type of data, it's a very big problem, but it starts to move away from cybersecurity. we're now moving into an area that's
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way out of scope of the cyber security type of discussion. but it's a very, very critical discussion that needs to be solved at a national level with the right regulation in place and the right control over how these types of organizations process data the stairs. most people could like us, catalina, we would need to pull some of us responded serious, going them for is movie what a clamor that you're going to get your was you know, we'll give leona analogy for and get a one. you mean your new straw. it was it the circular invalid youth salute miss you just ran. if she is bizarre, listed with a fox, a beulah, and we were to see progressing with mal, do it at austin will to q c musician. when he was more than willing to get us to do more than just as of the q issues was a who sit in digital instrument wishing personally stood out on cotton premier from stop isn't them on because all their home and combine you which in classes i bet
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you probably by should be done with us on a bomb. pushing facebook and the chocolate. there was a couple of it named rest. i'm sure on get it from parts of helium. could dollar movie to generate meal. i'm interest payment of mr. johnson yet. you might want to done boston is the clickable context membership done done, which which net. if luca, with the regional manufacturers just their targeting propulsion, facebook and samantha morton in the 8th, which lycos kirk, i'm had him password, but sure. really question of them. there's the mexican yeah, i mean, it is shaquita wishing restore them for doesn't have heightened of just the media with this thought. so you start to come brainless points of in your market. mister amount of digital dot com is that it was for quite a problem with that was to get that quote. i still deb sent him like request there . tom packed me unless she dorothy, tavia bowles, true poignantly angela busty broke out with of jasper as could have been guilt, which would be much companion bedroom furniture broadens on that on which mr. membership imaging the premier time robert has skipped home. i just wish she could . as she kirkpatrick, i thought i was on my own computer among the national shamika corporate. we have
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been living by the shes been, sheena premier, them our american. if talk to you, should that what you longer done, that would you guys combine them? consider, but the chuck knock it down. when you mean you cold. he goes to party for the future to talk job was to list live with the brother dollar emotion with the controller, with louis, whichever was what your impressions of the new rates, et cetera. the by the shift to tell you about a google just example hoggard that about was to sway atmospheric. i'm a political party geology like you're reaching them to something where it's julie just story took you to sure to produce this year. we'll get it yet and hip yet yet some of them walked out and plan on church called citrus. no machine could do it. i really can vote for a war earlier critique. google was ready to go except across the some didn't cops for kids, but right, so our grown liquidation of the me, i grew all music i leased with didn't school kerosene threats. and the cisco bottle not as of each have not any service. i need the while it is was missing ground, there are which comes through it from the park at corolla university at the
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progression it's at least it can be allocating the regular souls both i eat and shortness of conduct to us with a little i'm really sleepy squeaky sway, send me see it kicked out for chew, source for conflict, go i. what really, of individual at the 3 percent of africa really worth reaching receive senior that we have the freeze mcgriff across the world. parkway, present auditory with most new, think a cool one rich kind of lenient. well, completely out american. let's talk epigrams. keep last o g to a battle. trump or 40 skip post about crew to a job, just the business, closer to home care shipper to build a social home with movies i live internet on us. works looked down on us, was in us for relations or not as a kids that he had his son, the crating of dumb, not bosley problem, a got to revise. nixon, we're seeking, smuggling creased, got to the most violent concern, is that your pistol player wants to stay goes to the strange village scott over yet,
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you know, i rosa della stanley, this 40 mortgage degree sir, or complete them, but hoard you can keep better businesses to put the muster yeast if that each skid your bleach gives me an idea where you could get a summer citizen. mccarthy. heather, repeat that one more time warner ah ah ah ah says little skew. franco natasha recoil not she muma there must popoleskie with some with police
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force you most portion of the board to the board with mr. jordan in school worked in conditions of motion to be to just in the studio. i can, i've been in a bad massage therapy, so as an example is easy, you can download. now if there's any mice in for them to the boston student to high get or you young, i'm dealing with dial 0, asking them just talking with sit in the own system. fine. yeah, i tell you more. that was good of i don't, but i see a somewhere, no way to finish his pets. i least don't want to know just wrong, but i had given the receipt about. got that only, but i'm, you know, it's me. i just thought the deal is, even though it was more than a typical problem with honest, but i was talking with get a last class church thought or tell me what that was. you know someone did. then when you've seen di defroster searching for sprouts. what sir? was cold,
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would that be safe to greece to your old little c do will be discovered that he is in a damage stern. lucille, because the political father, cedar e. hon. good miss. last, mccarty, your what you remember must be a little more regular. able to look for a bush over in the you said system on the link on your dish festival problem. yeah . ideal. it's you be mischievous. thought on several, when, when your me, if and your social work, i do it and you build chiquita views my share, the pieces and your keep them keep to come to my own douglas bork, he was tired of dealing with the roku musky issue in the coil though it's got understood as deal, but there can still do a solution good, which it was the other one in the south gym would be right here that she euros coupled around it on the hook. we thought that ah, but please come with us. natasha. go. christie, or how much will ruth amplewood know that? cuz i understood rosky as to always my chair and the previous night last night of the ocean. i'm so graham code that is more of the room. 3 of you could, they would say she was me to quote, you was meet them
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a pretty to sort of get that it would have like irish or no or you know, to solve that osama come on the e and the pre miracle they will send you with our water to use to euro's me, right. you will just be aged at the girl, but also you, rosie is holding the court to wash it jumper and then it would be easier to cook bracewell. now until darma, william would also get a context as horrible lewis and it was, has vocal of shell, watched florida for the most day with some bad. okay, what is it? so what does look like? i can get into position as a reference lady enter, but i would suggest that answer is boys of it. so that was women. instrumental when i was mentioning at this instrument, the company in the china is pointing a bladder. she wasn't able to, you know, it's blowing the sitting at the portion that revised assignment, but i would say, i'm starting a 2nd, get it. but i thought if i could, if i were bundled net versus bench, is this a grant lloyd bridge face dodson mer to sam? was them a shame? years or so? i said, yes, you would, you through you, right? you're a grown with us and keep it a bizarre boss,
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mr. when you're trying to combine the combining particular design, my deal with fruit on land data and you can, i'm going to show us if there's a crow, the others should thought, are you from each in the living school of munich? you are, scott, why and you come off with us, get out of slick motion buttons. elaine was sharper, right? your budget. and we'll try telling you what i see and what, what's the percentage you are storing the store as wish along with a nice break and go out the letter. if i get a minute to do i'm, we're still good to go with that. i am your mind as soon the emphasis on the order of some, some of the sessions at this time. busy which you might have fell in love with it, but the movie them from us on the bills novick says tricare what she had to
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go to attract national. i'm like are you but i'm, i'm, i'm a bit less people which is why do she, spencer? and you can use, why does she like to watch in the media and you should be come back, you know, for the bugs or community georgia soon you wrote going to premier or get all your mortgage for you little. but i shouldn't solution that program that you would like to book the book with you. i just noticed once i got to listen to that, so just to me that i get off the ladder asked a couple of them that reason that i was like i threw it should be politically, bram street them with money that she got it the way that nice to and why was vis or
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send that to read news to divide. listen to me. ah ah, what else shows wrong what i just don't know any new world? yes, to shape out disdain becomes the answer to an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look for common ground. oh, driven by a dream shaped bankers are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, working room or shed in the back? she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we snuck up there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home,
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it's time to act when we're aspire on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that over there i was walking. one of the dogs is why do you wear again, were you scared nicely? doesn't i take it off it. i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths ah patches of violence in europe as governments toughened restrictions to combat the rabbit over chrome cove? it straight. i'm risking people's christmas plans for a 2nd year. ross is on the wall path with amazon over the funds she booked deliveries that undercut local stores, even adopting a lot of force,


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