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that those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take the nato e u countries, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains cyber task forces. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country that's their job. ah, flashes embodied in europe is government stuff and restrictions to combat the rand omicron coded strain, but puts people's christmas plans at risk for a 2nd year. also, the saffron is on the warpath with amazon over the ferns chink, booked in the breeze. that under cut, local stores like the government, even adopting a new law to force the company to charge more and about charge will police investigation. american act decreased not known to millions and sex in the cities.
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mister big gets dropped by his agent and lose his lucrative deals after sex, assault allegations of ah, hi there, good afternoon. just gone to o'clock in the russian capital you're watching artie international. now europe is enduring anyway. vanity lock time. unrest is government's moved to tighten restrictions in a race to beat their fast spreading armor con cove. it variant tension to particularly high to in belgium where clash is erupt. it at a huge rally on sunday. ah,
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on sunday, thousands of people came out to protest against belgium, government covert measures in brussels. and they're particularly unhappy with the push that's being put forward by the belgian government to encourage people to come forward for vaccinations. what they've said is that there's a, a 3 month window for health care workers to get jobs between january and march of next year. otherwise, they faced losing their jobs. people at the protested, belgium said they're really not happy with some of these measures that have been put in place. you'd have new ones, christina, but we were checked the society in which we live today. the one we're offered. it's not necessarily a question of vaccination or not the polarized debates, nor was our goal is to say, we don't want to, society looks ital. jessica, we're here because our freedom is under threat and we want to restore it after it has been lost for 2 years. the left voice was i can't go up a whole and i fight for the freedom of the future generation. i'm ready to take to
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the street and lose everything to let them have their freedom, which is a fundamental right, wasn't, or this is fall from an issue just in belgium, all across europe. over the weekend just gone. we sold protests in austria. they turned particularly violent crushes between police and demonstrate as in austria, austria. of course, one of the 1st countries to insist that there would be mandatory vaccination from 2020 to those who don't get a vaccine from february next year. well, they face fines and potentially some jail time if they don't come through with that . we've also seen new measures put in place in the netherlands and the new lockdown in place in the netherlands that came into force from sunny day. what that means is old balls and cafes will be closed. schools and colleges also, although most of those are already short for christmas, holidays restaurants are going to be limited towards providing take our meals. it
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caused a lot of unrest in a number of cities, including the hague, where we saw thousands of people out on the streets. thousands of people also demonstrating in germany as well in the cities of humber, dusseldorf, berlin, over cities as well. people coming out to say that they are unhappy not only with the measures that are in place, but with what they expect to come into force in the near future. on sunday, we heard the german health minister call lots of are saying that he wants to see mandatory vaccination in placing germany sooner rather than later. over the weekend, germany also joined france in finding old tourists travel from the united kingdom into the country. well over the channel into the u. k swell, there was the oma crone, variance of covert 19 is pretty much out of control there. we saw the mayor of london city con, declare a major incident in the british capital. we also saw a large demonstration on saturday in which people were incredibly unhappy with what
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has gone on in terms of the actions from the british government. things turning quite nasty, there at tons. the the thing is that oma chrome cases are increasing exponentially. the world health organization is warning that every 3 days we could see the number of oma chrome, various cases doubling. what we are seeing though is between the virus itself and the measures that countries are having to take to try and stop the spread of the virus. it's going to mean it's not a very merry christmas for many people across europe. peter oliver reporting, they're now if you are vaccinated, recovered or detest negative for visual perhaps wanted digital pass that allows you to get ice in the back the christmas. however, soon you may not need to show a q r code on your phone is a swedish company has invented
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a cobit pass which is implanted under the skin in the form of a tiny micro chip. we talked to the inventors i or their inverse about technology that can be used for many different things. and right now it's very convenient to have a cobra passport, always accessible on your implant. so in case your phone runs out about 3, it's always accessible to ah, the implant is readable by and the smartphone that has and if the function. so i can go to a restaurant or a movie theater. i just show them my arm and swipe me with a smartphone, and then that pops up the passport that i have on my check. so you don't need a special ed for this kind of similar to a q r code. just up,
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of course i don't want the cure code on my skin, right. i internet join time is in is it local heads with france at the moment over the company's cheap book deliveries independent bookstores and publishes, do say they are being under cut and could go out of business. and according to french politicians and solution is to make amazon charge more their customers more . charlotte davinsky has the, the time power zone watch out, france is coming off. you, well, at least off the, your cheap delivery cost for books in a fresh swipe, but the internet joined french lawmakers, the amazon must charge more for book deliveries. why not writers currently offering almost free delivery of books regardless of the quantity and demands of the purchase? while no other player is able to provide such bargain to readers?
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it doesn't have for clear that these commercial practices a new form of price competition, which no longer allows the law and a single price of books to produce its full fact. until now, amazon has been charging the legal minimum for delivery of books of a single cent, and that has left many french publishers and stores like this simply unable to compete. and that is problematic for a country where independent bookshops are big business. there are more than 3300 stores here, significantly more than in many other countries in the european union. this new law is being welcomed by booksellers who say it will help protect publishers. to independent bookstores don't sell the same things as other sales points. they have more 1st time novelists, more challenging publications that has a lot, hundreds of publishers and writers to exist. amazon had lobbied hard against the law and says it's free deliveries were
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a boon to those who live in rural communities. today, 90 percent of french municipalities did not have a bookstore on their territory. and more than 40 percent of amazon's book shipments are destined for postal codes without a bookstore. the cost of such a measure and the purchasing power would amount to more than $250000000.00 euros per year. the reality is that this will see many people who not only use amazon, but other online retailers to pay out more. so are people ready to dig deeper into their pockets to support these independent stores? where should i be? i am ready to pay more because i prefer to go to a bookstore to see several books and make a choice. i find it better. i prefer to go and bind the bookstores directly. so here i think it's reassuring for the book industry outside of amazon, amazon, amazon shouldn't have a monopoly on international sales because we can feel it locally in france. so if we can remedy this unfair competition so much, the better chances are,
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i think it's important in society to help local businesses and especially booksellers buy books directly from the bookseller rather than amazon. but of course, it's also warrant to keep an eye on good value for money. i am ready to pay more. our booksellers offer us a service that is not bad, and advised that amazon cannot necessarily give us. i think it's a good idea to help them. well, if i find that a sales platform cannot replace booksellers with their advice, but we must admit that it's extremely practical either when we're far from the points of sale or when i'm looking for a very specific product. and i know that on this platform, i will find it. nevertheless, we must maintain a balance of all sales channels and indeed, one must not be able to kill the other. and especially booksellers, this is not the 1st time that france has had amazon in the firing line. the country has been gunning for the online giant is pay a minimum global digital tax. while european union regulators have also accused the site of using data from independent merchants to unfairly compete against them with
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its own products. amazon has also seen itself face spines for abusing dominant market positions in italy. recently to all of this is making europe a much more hostile environment for the company. and it seems that this is only the beginning charlotte, even ski r t, paris and the american act. a chris north is finding his careers being killed off as swiftly as the popular cit. com character he portrayed after sexual assault allegations emerged is known to millions. is mr. big in the series sex in the city . but his role came to an abrupt end on episode one of the recent re boot the actor has now been dropped by his agent, while fellow stars distancing themselves. that's despite though his strong denials and so far, the absence of any police investigation on off is also lost a $12000000.00 deal to sell his to caleb brand in the wake of the allegations and
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exercise equipment company politan as also dropped its fire ledford featuring the actor now shortly after the sex and the city re boot, premiered, women anonymously accused north of sexual assault in 242015. then a 3rd woman came forward with a similar claim. chris, north admits meeting the women, but insist that no line with ever crossed journalist and commentator chadwick more talk to us about how easy it is these days to ruin someone's life. before there's been any jew process, crime doesn't have to be committed in order for you to have your reputation road and hollywood. now with this actor, we don't know, there hasn't been me. criminal investigation yet hasn't been me. trial, obviously we're not the evidences but that also kind of falls in line with a lot of what we're seeing with this sort of lead me to movement where you have basically allegations that come after powerful men decades later years and years later, you know, that's never a good thing,
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especially when you're looking for evidence that can make someone, especially if chris not had actually sexually assaulted someone. there been plenty empires in which it's been proven that a woman all the excuse demand for vindictive reasons. it really discredits and doesn't a grave injustice people who are actually victims of sexual assault. we need to realize that there are actual sexual criminals out there and violent sexual vendors . you should be arrested. and the more that you sort of muddy the system, the worse it is for everyone and more of those people that get away with it. that held for over 14 years that charge in americas, guantanamo bay prisons, mansoor, and the fee says he was subjected to torture and sexual abuse and features. in the latest episode of art, he's going underground. he says he is a goat herder and security guardian, yemen and went to afghanistan, is a teenager there. he says he was kidnapped by afghan warlords, and handed over to c. i a for a sizable cache bang
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t. he was then held in guantanamo suspected of being a recruiter for al qaeda which he has long denied. he tells us more in today's going on the ground, which you can also watch n time. i don't see, don't come, came from or you know, and i think would bother you. i think we're here to you and things will, will bother you and they will do, you know, you know, giving us like it isn't one of the easiest thing, like just anybody got even kind of a 40 with one of the forget to she was some of her pre a to plug them in the space and they also said a smith, i came in with them, they have sex in the, in the room sometime that was to make it open to live. understand like, would you like to have many, many stories and like, you know, some of the problem and i want to go about it because a stroke issue might have been their sexual her
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or had been one of those. are those gotten to the right and one to ok? all right. i'm thinking they are, you know, there were those, those are children. this is the frontline you are in. this is a war zone here. and imagine that the gods towards it is on here. and any action by cheney what they can be as like an actual tourism, or like a brick. it's still going to know if we're going to her cycle protests, they did like your nose and you had the same mistake. you're trying to bring out a gun from our country down like even doesn't together. i'm kind of most, i'm not a good going to know is a simple for sure who just as long as miss of your power in the kitchen, you know what? i don't know, like it's different kind of get you to many places around the world.
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you know, they said it does sound hundreds assigned to sing nobel priest when prize winners were calling on the us to change the nuclear weapons strategy entered, dropped the 1st strike option we hey, what scott? them so concerned just opposite brand. ah ah ah ah
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. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race, his on offense, very dramatic development only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with hello again. welcome back. now the court hearings on the m h. 17 pain,
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crash have resumed in the hague. the malaysia airlines flight was on route from amsterdam to kuala lumper when it was short time i was separatist controlled, eastern ukraine in july of 2014 or 298 people on board were killed were aghast. yet looks next. the exclusions and allegations in the years since it has been one of the most politicized and scandalous trials in modern history, there was no other way. it could have turned out. almost 300 innocent lives were lost in the horrendous tragedy. that shook the world. ah include mm ah,
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and that 7 years since there has been no closure, every one knew it would be ugly from the get go full of politics and venom when malaysia, which own the plane. and last dozens, and dozens of citizens on that flight was excluded from the entire investigation. if you can call it that, only the very beginning we see too much policy cindy. the idea was run to find out how this happened and all that. but it does seem to be concentrated on trying to pin it on russia. already there have well decided that he must be russia. we cannot accept that kind of far attitude. the netherlands form the joint investigative team to investigate what happened nominally, that excluded russia. the anti government forces in east ukraine, malaysia,
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of course, but it included ukraine, which itself was a suspect than rank the 9 most corrupt country in the world by ernst and young. why is that relevant? well, guess who provided most of the evidence to the prosecution? ukraine successor to the k g b, the security service of ukraine. my question is, what is the source of the tap to reports? doesn't of alt office for these are mainly tapped conversations from the ukrainian service. ensure for non mainly on other any other sources. nice issue no, that have conversations from ukraine to put it simply to part of what ukrainian intelligence agencies provided were alleged telephone recordings of rebel fighters where they apparently talked about downing the jet from the get go. the recordings were suspected of being manipulated and raped out of context and edited an opinion
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that was supported by many forensic experts. lazansky them. i found a total of 9 manipulations. there was a lot of editing here. this is left channel right there just to clinton different i can see there is a difference of the noise and i also can see they are missing some kind of merging of an audio. this is entity. yes, this is clear. yes. the netherlands forensic institute itself reportedly refused to attribute the audio recordings to one of the defendants and the m. h. 17 trial. citing a lack of data to the prosecution eventually contracted an obscure lab and lithuania to verify the recordings which they of course did. together with a bat, 8 anonymous witnesses and a slew of and verifiable pictures from social media. the prosecution declared case closed from the russia faded archie. we have established that the russian
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federation was complicit in the downing of m age 17 because they made available the weapon that was used to shoot down the plane. we have all the material to substantiate that material that the defense says is full of holes. even dutch and peas were left flabbergasted when they wrote a report that ukraine wasn't at fault for allowing civilian jets to fly over an area that was a literal aircraft graveyard. but also financial submission of i find it's result disappointing. what is particularly disappointing and that there was no proper investigation of the evidence which clearly indicated that some ukrainian authorities has processed the information and realised that there was a threat of the plane crash. they very clearly knew that there was a threat. you don't need to be a forensic scientist to know that 3 days before the downing of them age, 17 ukrainian military plane was shot down in the same area. at was reportedly the twelth ukrainian military aircraft. last there in 3 months,
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and it was shot down at 6200 meters, well out of man pad defense system range and close at the airline a territory. dina come flying in to meet a campaign, his truck, and an unprecedented scale put chang, russian citizens as presumed guilty. this is completely unacceptable. it was launched to compensate for lack of evidence in russia, provided a slew of evidence and findings to the joint investigative team. and formation about the mitchell and how it couldn't have been the book miss all variant in service with russia and formation about the launch site and how it is unlikely that that miss hall was fired from where the joint investigative team says it was almost everything was dismissed what the prosecution wanted was a critical piece of evidence, satellite shots of the area, believe to be in possession of the united states than which the u. s. still refuses
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to show to anyone. and the other, the title of the investigative judge made a legal assistance request to the us with respect to satellite images, which are allegedly available and depict the launch of a book missile. the american authorities replied refusing to share any material. the investigative judge filed a 2nd request, stressing the importance of the requested data that the american authorities again refused to show the data. it is difficult to imagine that the us, especially in these times of enmity, but concealed damaging evidence that would implicate russia. it is, if we speculate easy to imagine that the u. s. would conceal damning evidence that would exonerate russia and implicate ukraine, which washington gives billions and guns. an aid to that is what the m
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h 17 trial has been so far. a case built in speculation, anonymous witnesses, ukrainian intelligence agency testimony, and of course proof from lithuanian forensic labs, mcgasey, and then our around $700.00 scientists, including $21.00 noble prize laureates have signed an open letter to president biden, calling for changes to u. s. military strategy. they believed that washington should declare that it would never use its nuclear weapons. first. we urge you to declare that the united states will not use nuclear weapons 1st, under any circumstances, by making clear that the united states will never start in nuclear war. it reduces the likelihood that a conflict or crisis will escalate to nuclear war. while under the current strategy, the us pledge is not to use atomic weapons against non nucleus states, but it gives washington the right of 1st strike against nuclear states. in extreme
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circumstances, needs to include after non nuclear attacks and the, the america or satellites, including the infrastructure. where this relations between major nuclear power is remain tennis, security concerns have grown since the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty fell apart. that was one of the key packs between the us and russia and ban the possession and production of short and intermediate range trees and ballistic missiles. but in 2019 the u. s. the jury from the treaty, we spoke to one of the scientists appealing to president biden about their concerts . i hope the spirit of what we wrote is understood, and that is that we need as world powers to have an awareness of the danger of nuclear weapons. you know, it's approaching much century since we are oh, sure. and i think members of the press, most people who make policy at present time have very little memory of what that
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was. our ability to make something much, much worse than her ocean. it's a para and i think the fear of that isn't. it's great. it's it should funny this a russian cosmonaut and t japanese space tourists have returned to earth after spending nearly 2 weeks aboard the international space station. well, here's the landing site in cassock, stand the crew which included the 1st tours on the i assess and 12 years was in orbit for 12 days. and they took part in scientific experiments on blood circulation, which will continue. now they've landed because she done of further reports now from star city near mosque. well indeed, we are in mission control. this is russia, houston, so to speak, and the crew of 3 have successfully landed in the steps of cassock stand for the captain. this mission has become his 3rd successful trip into orbits,
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but there were 2 new comers, a japanese billionaire and his assistant. there were tourists and they have spent just short of 2 weeks into all, but they did not just stay idle there. they were tourists. of course, but they did take part in certain scientific experiments. for example, we do know that the billionaire he picked while back on earth about a 100 of activities which he had tried in orbit. well, now that they have returned about $200.00 people are taking part and well, a bit of a welcoming operation. they are searching for them and will be helping them to get used to again to the conditions here on earth. there's also a surprise for the japanese crew, for example, they will be met with a traditional japanese dish or with japanese noodles, a bit of a surprise again. but the key thing is they're back and they're healthy. just coming up to help us to m. oscar, thanks for company today. that's how the news is looking so far back again with more news in half and
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ah, join me every thursday on the alex simon. sure. i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics. sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then oil and gas manufacturing, electricity, telecom you guys put a ship, all of them now have i o t type of infrastructure connected to the internet. well, clearly realizing this disruptive potential so that those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take the nato e u countries, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains selling but task forces. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country that's their job with
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ah, working room or should she popped in? she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and we, we snuck up there was a good bye to another, shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an hour 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're aspire was on this issue. the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again? were you scared me? nothing could take it off of me. i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those.


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