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infrastructure connected to the internet, so clearly realizing this disruptive potential that those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take the nato e u countries, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains selling but task forces. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country that's their job. with the british prime ministers, approval ratings plummet to a record low. this fall out grows over revelations of repeated violations of coded rules last year. and now the country's health work as a lining up to accuse him of exploitation and the page. you know, they've done nothing to address the pay. there's been no way that i've seen from the government to, to tackle retention within the workforce. that's backlash. offer a transgender group that sets international guidelines that says it's okay for
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doctors to give hormone treatment to children as you on the 14th, if they want to change gender, unfair and unjust. an afghan security officer who worked for the american embassy and cobbled slammed the united states after he was left behind despite promises of a visa fears for his life. we talked to her is going to put our life in danger to assist him. so it's unfair. the left us behind and do a lot supporting us. ryan has fought in syria. right now. i'm getting ready to go to the firing range and it's called the keys. and the russian defense ministry is project to stay ahead of the technology guide with next generation drone defenses. ah, that tuesday morning at 1021st of december phantoms column brian,
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this is your well use for marcy. international 1st fee, beleaguered provision prime ministers approval rating. his nose dived to a record low bars. johnson currently has just half of the support that he had at the start of the pandemic. the majority of people pulled now believe he won't be leading the government by the end of next year. the main reason seems to be the almost daily damning revelations and photos suggesting the downing street staff conservative party workers, and even the p. m himself violated coven restrictions last year. the latest picture, which was published by the guardian, shows parish johnson with his family and staff sharing wine and cheese in the downing street garden. when the rest of the country was under strict laws on social mixing during the 1st lockdown. despite the photo evidence, johnson rejects that there was any wrong doing do you normally have wine and cheese or where meetings with people at work, those with meetings of people at work talk about this is where i live and where i work are those were meetings of people at work talking about work on adding to the british prime minister was, is an open letter by national health service,
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stuff accusing his government of exploiting them. it's after he asked medics to help deliver the fastest and biggest vaccination drive to stave off the surgeon omicron cove. it varied the health work as though say they're being asked for more and more, but they're getting nothing in return. we would like to ask each and every one of you why, despite our incredible efforts, you continue to exploit us on behalf of the whole n h s workforce. we want you to acknowledge the damage. you have cost apologize and let someone else fix your mess. the n a chest needs to be removed from the political playground people's lives aren't again on an h. s nurse who backs out letter says she sees no effort by the government to tackle the issues medics are facing where we're already seeing like widespread shortages. that all having a massive impact on patient care. and not only that, i think working under those conditions where you are short staffed, then impacts the workers as well and, and it's kind of like a cycle,
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it becomes unbearable. and so that i think is a massive reason why i just stay and people walk away and drive. i myself have left the road. i was in a contracted role. i've left that now and i just do agency type nothing. the paid. you know, they've done nothing to address the pay the 3 percent that they given, you know, inflation this year for them. so it's not felt by, by the stuff you know, why would they stay under this pressure doing this thought? what if they're not being paid fairly and they don't feel valued? there's been no, no s that i've seen from the government to, to tackle retention within the work. on the way. i know so many colleagues why the fact that we haven't had to pay addressed the fact that way with now asked to increase the amount of in a booster jobs that we're getting and not is going to have an effect then on the
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services that we can offer it's a lot, a lot of pressure at the moment and people are tired, they all devalued that demoralized and i can't see anything that this government is doing at the moment to address that. germany is considering new coded restrictions for all citizens, including those who have accelerated to control rise in cases of the rapidly spreading and the crumb strain. if the bill passes, it'll mean limits on privacy and large scale gatherings. get him to get, we have the relevant regulations for working and for public transport. and we're now looking at other areas a decision to be made will certainly restrict private contacts, even more, even with those who have been vaccinated and make individual additional decisions in this direction. well, all of shoulds, the german chancellor, will hold a meeting of his government and the leaders of the 16 states that make up germany later on tuesday. it's expected that they will announce new measures that are going
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to be put in place, probably restricting contacts of people over the festive period. now we, we had heard from called loud to back, the health minister saying the a 5th wave of covert 19 driven by the o. m a chrome very and was on its way to germany. he also said that he wanted to see mandatory vaccination put in place as soon as possible. now already in germany, what we have is a requisite for proof of vaccination, nor proof that you've recovered if you want to end the non essential retail restaurant. so the areas as well, we could well see that being extended even further and even to g plus of it's called, which is where even if you have been vaccinated or you do have proof of recovery that you have to present a negative test as well. now we have trouble restrictions in germany, particularly when it comes to the arrivals from the united kingdom at the moment, only german citizens, german residents and most transiting fruit,
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german apples will be allowed into germany from the u. k. there are also similar restrictions in place from those traveling from france, from denmark and from norway is well now heading into this meeting on tuesday, we aren't expecting a, an announcement of a full lockdown similar to what we've seen put in place in the netherlands over the weekend just gone, but despite that, there are people who are extremely unhappy with the measures that we have already. never mind, new measures that may come in for the christmas and new year period. in fact, we saw a violent demonstrations over the weekend in cities across germany and on monday night in the city of mannheim in boston book and book, there was an own plan demonstration which turned particularly nasty, 13 emergency services personnel needing medical treatment. after that, over a 100 people were cited for breaches of coven restrictions, and 13 arrests were made. looking ahead to see what's going to be coming in place
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for germans ahead of the christmas period. it may not be a very merry christmas for many across the country. an influential transgender group is advising that children as young as 14 can be given, sex change drugs by doctors if they're seeking to change that gender. it's one of the recommendations by an influential organization that writes the guidelines of care for transgender people worldwide, suggested though to spark to fiery backlash. 14 is no age to be making such huge irreversible decisions. i do not think anyone that age is able to give proper informed consent to take cross sex hormones. and 15 is much too young to have a double miss tech to me when you can have a tattoo in the u. k. until you're 18 apart from green lighting, sex change treatment for 14 year olds. another tip from the transgender group is to allow 15 year olds to undergo chest masculine is ation surgery. the organization
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says that age ball is being suggested due to concerns of potential side effects like weak abodes and psycho social problems if procedures are carried out later in life. they also admit though the evidence on effectively medical intervention is limited. we spoke to an american author who underwent gender reassignment and lived as a woman for 8 years before de transitioning. while the hyatt thinks that needs to be cautious when dealing with sex change therapists for children. my opinion is you should not give any child hormones or help them transition just because they think they are transgender, important for them to confirm that they are not dealing with some underlying co morbidity like buddy just morphia, dissociative disorder. they don't have the capability to understand the long term consequences of taking such drugs and their serious steroid drugs that they're using were beginning to destroy an entire generation of children
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. what we need to understand that was very critical for us to have a discussion about the fact that what this is, is the deconstruction of our children. in other words, when they start engaging in this idea of transgender, and they're actually deconstructing and dehumanizing who they are, the steroids are very addictive. they become accustomed to taking hormones or addictive. and they become accustomed to taking them. what i find in my website says change regret is they contact me years later wanting to get their life back because they really weren't transgender. they really shouldn't have had taken the hormones and nobody prevented them from it. so i work to help them get their life back. unfair and unjust is how a former africa u. s. embassy employee has branded washington's attitude to its former work as in
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cobble mohammed to fall sharif. he is among the many have simply been left behind. i have talked to manny bro answers and find the shelter to serve myself and my family. oh, and my children because of my walk and my affiliation with the western and use governments. so my life is destroyed completely. now i can't walk. i got to live. i turned to appear in the society because of my a felicia. so now my life is at the great dangers. so we hide jo, ourselves in the, in the rooms, all the dears. we have a very uncertain situation and we don't know about the future. mister sure. if he worked at the u. s embassy for 2 years, that was promised special visa status for himself and his family. however, his request was rejected, which has left him stranded in afghanistan. he also worked for the you and assistance mission and supported swedish troops. sweden's also refused to get him
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out. there he and his family now fear for their lives. we've asked the u. s. state department to comments on mister sharif, his plight if we get a response, we'll let you know. coalition troops finally withdrew from afghanistan in august, of course, with chaotic scenes throughout the evacuation. as you might remember, a back then concerns were raised over the fate of local employees who risked retribution from the newly reinstalled taliban authorities. according to the us state department, more than 60000 interpreters and others who risked their lives is unfair. lesson countries are in the united states. they are very restricted for accepting immigration. so that's why they're left behind. i love my natural predators on those who swelled and supported them during the past 2 tickets and afghanistan, we provide discord for them. we supply them every night every day, and we provide it for protection for them. so now they left us behind us. what in
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unfair? because i have done so like me, we harness li support them and for every day we, we took arrest god and put our life in dangers to assist them. so it's unfair, left us behind and they are not supporting us. you're without t on the way another bumper payout for an american mainstream news provider. the 3rd to half the settle with big bucks off a big suit by kentucky teenager. also the accused of a high crime to talk you through that off the break. a hand driven by drink shaped bank printers and those with
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there's things we dare to ask in until late. you cannot do anything about it. it's now a south of billing extinction. a band for the us economy, sorry, america, but it's over because the ability to do what paul walker did raise rates is no longer on the table because the duration rest, the fundamental underpinning of the usaa, the bond market is so far out in the elk dirt that any little bit move up, we'll crash it anyway. so it's either crash or one way or crash in another way, but you're not gonna avoid the crash.
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ah, hello again. another megabucks payout from the u. s. mainstream media. this time it's nbc, which is reached at $275000000.00. settlement with a can talking teenager, after making it looked like he had committed a hate crime in a face off with a native american man. it's the 3rd major american news provided a face of massive compensation claim from the same hugely embarrassing and expensive defamation case. his kind of morgan. we have a situation where an b, c has reached a settlement with nicholas sandman. and at this point, they are the 3rd major network to reach a settlement. nicholas sandman, sued cnn for $275000000.00. he sued the washington post for 250000000, and they have both settled. now you'll recall the situation. nicholas sandman was a high school student back in january of 2019. he and his fellow classmates at covington, roman catholic high school. they were in washington, d. c. for an annual march for life,
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anti abortion demonstration. and at that demonstration, there was a confrontation, a standoff between himself and a native american activist named nathan phillips. now, images of that went viral and went all over social media and us media, mainstream media, social media, it's cetera, were quick to jump on the incident and say that because nicholas and i was wearing a make america great again, a hat that he and his classmates were racist and had had racially taunted this native american. this is some of how the media reacted at the time. disturbing viral video has mars outraged or covington catholic high school students locking a native american man. some of them harassing and jeering at a native american elder disturbing viral video shows them all the teams that make america great. again, paralysing a native american out there. a troubling incident at the foot of the lincoln memorial, nicholas sandman was only 16 years old minor at the time this incident took place
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and his image was plastered across the us media. he was accused of disrespecting, an elder, taunting a native american. he was accused of being racist. there are many, many extreme allegations were hurled against him, his face was all across social media as well as mainstream us media. but then longer video surface that showed that he and his friends had not this year to the confrontation. he did not approach the native american and the scene of what took place was just wildly inaccurate. the way you asked media portrayed the chain of events as if this group of high school boys had just randomly walked up to a native american to taunt him. it wasn't true, i mean, here's what actually happened. students from kentucky's, our boy covington catholic high school, were instructed to meet on the stairs of the lincoln memorial to await their bus home. a few yards away were 5 black men who identified as hebrew israelites. after nearly an hour of enduring the verbal attack, the boys asked a chaperone if they could perform one of their pep rally chance to drown out the
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hate group. the chant attracted the attention of a group of native americans, led by veteran activist nathan philip. they began to celebrate my chanting and dancing to the beat. mister phillips began moving to his ripe down a line of boys, eventually stopping face to face with nick sandman. the young man remained where he had already been standing, placing his undivided attention on mr. phillips. now at this point, nicholas sandman still has ongoing law suits against cbs abc news or the new york times and rolling stone magazine. ah, so we'll see how much of a settlement is reached in those cases. but many are looking on and saying perhaps this shows that before destroying the reputation and plastering the face of someone is not even 18 years old. all over the media, it would be good to get the fax right 1st. i thought top of you ever taking stock and planning ahead and for the russian defense ministry. that means staying ahead of the technology. again, i'm going to leave you this i with our see to your shop of oliver taking
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a look at the military's next generation drone defenses. ah, with showing this british for the 1st time o c filled the moment, a guided missile launched by rushes around unmanned aerial vehicle and moving at target. a ryan, if the russian army is fast multifunctional recognizance and strike the if pass a number of stringent tests has now been ordered by the defense ministry of russia and is in mass production. mm ryan also performed successfully in miniature operations and syria. iran is the production name,
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but in the russian army it's in a hold it which translates as pacing holes around or in hot it's true. has a maximum take off weight of more than a ton and carries a payload of $250.00 kilos. it's 8 meters long and has a wingspan of 16 meters. it's lined. duration is more than 24 hours. it's almond can be placed on 3 attachment points. it kind of use corrected and then guided bombs and guided missiles. in terms of its size and capabilities, a ryan can be compared with the american and key one, see great ego. these really harm is 900 and the chinese wing, but the tank is joined by iraq, tom, known in russia for its participation and been now gotten a car back and steering conflicts as well. it's for, it's used by neighboring ukraine in the don't boss is home to size that voice carrying capacity is also half as much welcome to drone began in 2011 to come for the 1st time in 2016. and in april 20 to 20. it ended service with the russian army
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stay in a hotel turn has been a real combat in syria. it's even service with the russian army while it's younger, yet larger brother, ellen with other trains, are being developed by the concept company here in moscow. rollin is the 1st domestic unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the international nail class, which stands for medium altitude, long endurance, u, a v. as mentioned earlier, it can stay aboard for more than 24 hours. initially its mission was to conduct aero recognizance then night. in a wide variety of climates including in the arctic and, and the desert today around is not only for reconnaissance, but also for strike purposes. one ground control center can handle several aircraft at once. the complex comprises of their real air crow 6. there are up to 6 large drawings in one complex. at the same time,
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the complex allows you to limit tenuously control and insure the juice of optimal or drones in the air with the now we're working on a you modification that will allow one control point a bit to provide symbol changes control plan coordination of up to 20 aircraft, or in fact, this is already small technology also with complex includes a ground take off and landing point b, a ground control station and ground support facilities. this machine can lift to 150 kilos. these are optical electronic systems, video cameras and radars was trying purposes it. he's as both standard small caliber air bombs and weapons designed specifically for drain. this particular ryan has fought in syria right now. it's getting ready to go to the firing range and will be shown. it's compet. he's these 2 guided air to surface missiles or it's payload today. so let's see how is going to go. this modernized,
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guided add to surface missile has been brought to a level that allows it to hate. both runs at targets that was demonstrated at the range right now. so many times i told him asleep during his mission, almost no operate intervention is required. taxing takeoff and landing turned out automatically without human remote control. data from ryan is received in real time and is also accumulated on electronic carriers during the flight. the training works almost silently. fiber standing near 5 chetwin engines are you will hardly be able to harry arrived at different distinctive feature is the low acoustic signature, which makes the device almost silent. don't want to fly. it's 1000 meters above the as the enemy can be taken by surprise. in order to ensure it can fly for such a long time, the device must have a perfect ira. dynamic platform. in particular, a wing of high aspect ratio is designed on at plus if engine has low fuel
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consumption. ryan is powered by a peson engine, which is also assembled internally by the manufacturer. but our complex has an open architecture, which allows integrating almost any payloads to winning weapons in accordance with the customers requirements. because we produce both domestically or abroad in iran, as well as other domestic unmanned aerial vehicles to appear russian engineers had to go their own unique way in soviet times the building of unmanned aircraft was a priority. you ivy's were created in the design bureaus of to police jak of lab, but after the collapse of the u. s. a sun and the crisis of the 19 ninety's. a huge part of the technology was last. therefore, in modern russia, almost all components and systems, as well as materials for drones had to be developed from scrunch this cause, russia to land behind world leaders. however, now the countries catching up fast and even the fact that
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russian, you, a, the developers are currently not tiny, is in this area. and in many aspects, rely on existing world experience. that experience allowed many mistakes to be avoided. they now use the beth, the global technology, the apparent similarity of russia. you a, these with foreign models to the naked eye can be deceiving, since the ryan has its own unique elements and developments. with you in a hot, it's all a ryan. the company had to develop more than 90 percent of his systems census. the target loads and weapons independently taking into account restrictions imposed by sanctions. all developments were made internally within the company from the point of view of key systems. this is a completely domestic machine. a, up to 95 percent of concrete materials are used in the airframe design. in production, the carbon fiber is cut out then layer by layer placed on the forming surface using a projection laser system. next, the reference,
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i replied after which the structure is baked in another. and finally the part of the fuselage is formed. for michelle, it is mainly a platform that is capable of integrating various types of where pollution and various target low levels. at the same time, the structure has a module of design more can so it is possible to change the target loads within 30 to 40 minutes remaining and apply this complex for other task for reconnaissance electronic warfare. and so all of that is the most important thing in the u. a. v is software, both on board and external, 90 percent of it is produced in the constant group of companies. and this is the most vital and expensive work. this is a unified ground control center 4, medium and heavy. you avi's from here, the aircraft is prepared for flight systems or tracks and if necessary, it's mission is controlled during the flight. also, the control center has the function of the built in simulator. so operators had the
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opportunity without lifting the aircraft in and trained the control of its target loads. communication between other vehicles and interaction with other types of troops. wheel at the ground control center, which is capable to guide all the trends produced by the crunch company. therefore, they call it a universal control center. a lot of official intelligence is used here. and this is how the real, what happens, a ryan is jury, is called the commissioner flying over the firing range billboard, is controlling if remodeling it is about to capture and find it. an ads hong it by the way, they do by asha november 2021. the company roll down an automated workstation. if several such workstations are installed and a ground control center, it will be possible to control as many as 20 drones at once. and not only devices
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produced by the cross top group, but also you avi's from other russian manufacturers. recently, a ryans began to be produced with a satellite communication system. it should significantly increase the range of the complex. it seems like the main requirements that the russian army set for the crate as of a ryan have been met. their witness and information provided by drones on things that cannot be overestimated. and when in addition to the reconnaissance function, the device can be deployed immediately. there by reducing the time for the enemy to meneva and can work with high precision and said activity called and meet with approval from the customers. the task of accommodating a large amount of payload in a small airframe was also sold. there, ryan, can buzz the relative cheapness of a flight our to the challenge is still remain 1st and foremost, the task of increasing the autonomy of the machine and reducing the role of the controlling human agent. you easily perform tasks independently,
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pad with manda across hands, interacting with each other. the pilot will simply formulate the command with that voice and the triangle carried out. however, the decision to use weapons will remain with the pass and for a very long time to come. there is also the challenge of crating in the future as single as space for civilian trends and other mines aircraft to fulfill this, it will be necessary to implement the appropriate standards. and finally, another challenge for ryan's manufacturer is, is the very tight deadlines that the ministry of defense sets for the company. therefore, in order to increase the production volume of they send other larger size drawings, a new planned is being billed and deb nanette, moscow. it's launch is scheduled for the end of this year. so it's obvious that business got off the ground and very soon flying robles will god and protected u dash above oliver aussie ah,
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ah no one else showed the wrong one. 0. just a sheep out becomes the african and engagement equals the trail.


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