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ah, ah oh, working room or should she popped in? she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and i wish there was a good bye to another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gun was armed with an hour 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act. when we're filing on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again? were you scared with nothing. i took it off of me. i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths
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with just suddenly insidious. lucky. the last thought there was not old lady why they didn't study that. you're going to ask last i choices. assessments that they were medium with pneumonia senior on the substitute. i wanted to change an agency when noticed that she uses we get that the me for read yet the still get them to play to come get them to go look at you. good out of me that not a little mix with when you my what a somewhat but don't look at them. so i see in this book suggesting you more good neil chip with chip but almost dead. alright. and someone gives up on
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a super smartgate posted alamba, not that you would a sales or for a teacher's schedule because spanish as a board that you such as we should be at the end in the community. we se wishing you better come on, showed the bullies to see me, be sure, joy, because they didn't be quite not a bottle. when you hear songs when it was issued, this way i consume could teach you working for a soup during functionally. the c n e o f that i had seen at the point utilizing your api rosley in last that on these queer push on your group as we will hear it are comfortable that it was more ah, no, i think that exist, you're going to wish mislead can broaden it. it thought us, no, no, it's only bless earth bernard. i dial proceeding in one word. didn't a bit of want him just witness thought. there's been a show to watch. slip us vs. them came out as a postilion world or shamperdeen or to provide it in on it doesn't have to promise no stamps. this wants to just revise. oh yes, yes. yes. yes, thanks,
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answered her soul and 11 with isaac that 40 since i was out by dumpster that has now this point where you said a southern accident or 7 american air flying back on, you have to come on it on the board at 0 for it out of doc, not as mentioned by you and they are being that via a don't get to come on. nobody movies of allergies excused him. ah, super to you and others did them correctly sir. much room with just based on the going to meeting you more with will prescribe, was proper and was wanting to of just reward, but also use will. cricket kentoria for more girl flirt? absolute amount of mileage, each q a wide variety of, of soldiers, wolf creek. kimberly to justin anisette and just to hold your call, thought it was weird. little sight, little minute discussion. due to mr. steele, a cyber weapons, typically
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a 0 day vulnerability that's being exploited. they're more focused on national interests. and some of them have cyber weapons that they've developed in house. some of them have very strong technical capabilities. others have maybe purchased some of those through dark. let others have maybe used weapons that others have developed and they started using them as the 2nd or 3rd ad here. it could have a piece of cyber weapon. it's like an army. they are a cyber army on behalf of the country. that's their job. yes, looks best to look that up with jobless j navarro valley. he reaches collateral for a book delegates, glad osha metal. i've just asked you to the guy hit by some e. it's lou j a lot of beans that 60 percent as women was nettled 90. and then you know, a lot of sunset, you will get ceos in the pa siesta, dorval bush in the premier to keep it gross eliquis better. is that bus nice? yeah. yeah. it's a little but they when you give it
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a press to ask them knocked the igneous from it. alice obsessed. knowing tedious. me at the gl yodeling yet, nick, of all that it fertile. come near each skid with the dots. yes, nice. ne. diligent. yesterday, boston at a, at a gift. thank you. glenn. teachers get restored each other suspects may have got that appraisal. get on skier. yeah. get an idea of this year for an easiest for com was i just fail yesterday which such as to do it without i just actually it will 0 latoria caputo renewals for technology schools or more all of normally in your brochure kit. because lawrenceville, dicky oh but you can cuz the school margaret, which summer? oh, she saluted up. i'm just a little boy who didn't know or sex wishes, glove like glove. so the mainland me because i wish it was shirtless and doesn't from mazzocco about
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a new great timing to be new. so a, you know, oil and gas, manufacturing, electricity, telecom, transportation, all of them now have i o t type of infrastructure connected to the internet. also do this. if you're still with you store store, it's in front of more furnished with the security product. so it goes in the 3 to 4 months when you put you don't hear from us was a previous to with store from provider or a post on the, on the interest to put it sub list that on the cooper i to michigan computer book called it a few days to get the gift card that i can use us if you used to like 6 months, we with them not a long way from you,
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but it is when you have about that. it's a little bit it not with is blizzard, but i assume their trust done with storms. right? yeah. but we tried to be able to check means divorce based on your use upside with pro logic. i watch the bas mother it's i do use leave not the infrastructure in which it closed in june by just a few minutes. we'll go to the united national mission, the quick a, loosely more. so the video or some a keeps on a slice this morning and you know, so should i lose my vehicle, rechecked losses i might just of level in your place with found some bullies do it today. i had come through is not letting me use the media source at the more
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business for us to look at the bus route or the guide, the cna gone, the women j a stomach go by the needs or for so that so a water that you will i daily you want to air gas. air gap means that he was disconnected from anything internet related no access externally from the internet or from the network. and that's the way it is. and then you physically access it to be able to extract that information to studio but the most so you cheer more efficient in the gradient booth. bruce horsham in about garage was kicked up. you put a civil palmer shoot off, wilker booked russian nordics, which ah, which reginald was for joseph of golden doodle, vinegar logs, reynold craig, rochelle course close just to do. she's coming home with
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me. i'm, i'm just are super of from 0, mr. jamal brown, in each model can process, are used to put me on a thumb incorporate comp on yours are very low, are coming from, we're supposed to shoot you because i literally couple when thrown at some near pal where you used to put a mirror for beauty mental state id card, nina authority, petition of thunder by mean stress online system to run ear, theresa buckley, luxurious nights, a pic, i'm at r e barrier and shit. as i became gonna become also by me. unfortunately, the most important thing is, was to fool you. put yourself back with a una one on whether it's down from water coming through the city or electricity or power generation. all of those are now connected and they could be potentially disrupted or destroyed. so you have your sensor and the sensor is collecting data, maybe checking the temperature or checking the level of specific type of chemicals . maybe there's
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a platform sitting behind it. so what the hackers are doing is they're able to either access through the sensor into the back end or start from the back end because it's also exposed on the internet and get to the sensor. so that's both traffic sites and be able to influence the actions. typically the sensor can say and it can have a requirement. if the pressure goes under 20 percent, shut down everything. and the hacker coming into that system can make the pressure go under 20 percent by some need to either technical know how he's also capable of knowing what the system can do or by testing a few different scenarios and reaching that and go all of those put together result in the site potentially going down being disrupted, or if there is some malicious intent behind it, that could result in loss of human life. mm.
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the destruction of the system happened a few years ago, which is now a, it's a public good story. it was shin moon, which ha, happened to saudi aramco in saudi arabia. and their systems were completely destroyed from a, an, a malware that was a 0 day. so it was a usb device plugged into a machine that then was able to propagate across the environment because it had some malicious codes. and it actually brought down the systems that had to do with their industrial control environment. and their laptops and desktops were also destroyed, destroyed meaning, even if you tried to reinstall the operating system, it won't work. the device is now completely destroyed than useless. as you know, machines are made up of multiple different layers. you have applications, you have the underlying operating system, you have the platforms that connect things together and then you have the hardware that malicious code was able to go all the way down to the hardware and make them completely sooner. no solution who are more like
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lubbock, who's willing to we're more than likely to pasto, easy mistake. acute technology could put a positive postal data center from us practica from danya. but the door of a do with judy is so then you need tiffany young, who's used to put on credit, but we need to learn more to boost. that's a sex shifting requirements. get or to poll choice chain, the categor mozambique at bottom store, you cook where program is pitching. it is more than we some fucked up like this guy with new bull as shown that it's oldness, gemma good with i'm nibble boot. irish, so immunity. oodles misty. we're grand abuse. yes. unless you can from us and you plus use more with we with some fuck she threw in it from us. i will surely you can go any more but the silence doesn't put in me. it was more. this was the music we scan the companion to read a little bottle quickly, stating a bottle doing, you know, kind of skiwski used with
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the booster. it was way by the config, such as the shelter brazil's permission to more she of a proposed poster them will be 3, has all now to be put us on the route to leave to was healed globally. he thought that the moving motion with children, particularly placing hood center dollars, the my several people to write the civilian legacy bhaskar system. with our theory of shaken army gear, freshbooks dust, injuries which were beach. these mercy will be awarded. adams apply to t brother cartridge component. shortage, promotion is tickets of legit. that's good. we meet prospects, but that's all i want you to that was actually as up as was between control and the professor premier to learn about your theory, that they're biting edge bubble terribly to the dealer that have been bank. thank is less than the love in the real quick with stock or if so i'm pretty sure line you i mean they can show scott, can you look monitored by the notion of saw them near us those lead them because i was bishop that was for some isn't that amount of presidential bill seen with our
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mothers bunker? someone special lever? my garcia circles limits me of yes. as much as visiting come or she does a bustle to display number of these messages to forward sofa with to fit business of 2 through gym gifts. if it wasn't glass and jink the motor shuffled so busy the plenty busy with another give his show up and she went to carried though it galloped year eager with sore oh by the way dollars in the addition to really ah ah with ah
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very difficult time time to sit down and talk oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct?
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what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah redone a 2nd tedious. what news? because we missed the 1st of the proposal and done it deploy, she'll go structure that and put on our business with our show, christy woman, what we're doing to witness changed our system with trenice to what she was in for the court yesterday. thanks broke record. so to glue, nope, i've missed one more minute. they're starting to hope it's r. u. s. sama grease from villages, use it the way probably mark less on them to ski was wanted to use notes or
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mortgage, you know, could move premier to clean up the dishwasher in your package. i just new skin wasn't audrey's mom. he's in good and that was thrown in spanish, coal, or shipping from one of the off but, but it's in your armor. there's some way for his walk. the other way you could go on you more would, which is fortunately if you are you in that city and you've just left the wooden shirts, you thought your sold and sharon just because all private the program. but he's a couple to come to have no program please vision. yeah. that the panels are korean little boiled crew to come user pretty much through the cooking. yeah. so each of sia scam, i see technology sports over the over the november or so. christie will probably muster restore such situated preschool yankee doodle is a by them a shuttle. so i promise. so by newest shatka, once you get into the political voting election type of data, it's a very big problem, but it starts to move away from cybersecurity. we're now moving into an,
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an area that's way out of scope of the cyber security cycle discussion. but it's a very, very critical discussion that needs to be solved at a national level with the right regulations in place and the right control over how these types of organizations process data the stairs. most people could have just got out of it and that the person was punished when it says the going them for is movie would equal on whether you bring it to get your let's you know what? give leona mcgee from day to one. you mean jani stewart? was it this afternoon? even would you put it in the ship just around if she is be so used to that the fuck, the blue book, the super customer map do much of those to me with the q c of music recently. and i mean, he was more than you would, you know, to touch the marshal showed those kinds of the key issues was a, who signals from info was your 1st and they stood out. don't cry from premera, from stop is in yelton on because all the common confine you wish in class actually
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bad, and you probably by should be done with us on a bomb pushing facebook. the chocolate that was included in the rest of hughley on grades were trumpeted. helium could de la movies, young girl with me, and i'm interested in plymouth wisconsin yet. you might marable to done. boston is the clickable context. niobium bush donna done was which net, if was eager with 3 children, if you're targeting or proportion. facebook and samantha does more in the air. michelle douglas kirk, i'm had him persuade by sure, really quick general dime. there's the mexico. yeah, i mean, it is shaquita wishing to start him to doesn't have heightened group just to meet with his thoughts. yes. tanika piley's point of in your marketing cement of digital dot com is that it was like, what's the problem with the worst it could take? good rest of the extent of like a pasta tom cook me unless you go to the table we apologize for not ideal. was the protocol with of just police get a big deal to wish very much compile your bedroom furniture button so that i wish mr. roberts, imaging, the premier, them and about as good time, i just wish that he could prosecute rosamille completely among la hello shamika triplets. we have been limited by the shes been sheena premier plan,
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our american talk to you. should that what your longer done, if would you guys compile katara? but the chuck knock it down when you mean you hope he dos you can bring it at q. metro chick talk job was to list live with the brother dollar image, some of the controller with numerous others. what's your impression of the new rates, etc. the better because you have to pay your about to go to security hoggard that about to hostile sway, atmospheric. i'm a political party geology are also like your regional or something where it's jenny just story took you to sure to put you in here. we'll get it yet and hit net. net funnels and walked out and plan surgical center. no machine to do it. i really kozora preferred a wall as early as christian. the google was very scoping except across the some didn't cost for that, but the rates are growing. the creation of really are good all music at least with inc spokane. i seen that in a small bottle, not as a retail notary service, i need the, well, it was, it was missing the ground or which comes through it from the park at cornell
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university at the progression. it's at least it can bell accounting, the regular source of i. e and shortness of conduct us with a lot. i'm really sleepy. squeaky sways. it's only see it like about 4 to source there for counseling school. and what really we did is to will at the 3 percent for africa, really worth krishi receive senior weebly for his mcgrath a roster. wor parkway present. oh, just put it with molest, new. think a cool one. rich. got a really well company. now, american political talk, epigrams, keep last ojibway president trump, or for to skip just about crew to a joke, just the business because the room care. sure. but if you build a home is a whole movie relevant on that on us works, look down on us was industrial relations or not as a kid, zisha cassandra crating of dumb not wisely problem or got to revise nuclear, we're seeking smuggling. could he just got the most violent concern that your pistol player wants to stay with training? believe each scott over yet, you know,
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i rosa de la standard is 4 anymore with the glass, sir oregon. did you know? but jolla could keep her is up, us missed you, but the muster yeast is that each ski your bleach gives him reduced. here. you can't get a summer celsion. they got, they got the repeat that much more than one. ah, ah, ah, ah raziski franco? natasha recoil note she muma dear, can you must police go to watch? ah, so with
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most fortunate can the board's 3 year old boy mr. sort of in school work still conditions of motion to be too soon. story. i can open them a little from the sunday. no, george and i'm not bad massage therapy. so it seems that one is easy. you can dollars downstairs nehemia's influence on it was up austin's too high get. are you youngest? i'm dealing with them. dial 0. it asked them up to thought was sitting sitting fine . yeah, it was kind of i storm but i see somewhere, no way to finish his pets. i leased out watching in august wrong, but i didn't the address you need about got the program. you know, it's maybe the deal is even though it was more than is it the last name with honest but i was get a lot of church thought or tell me about that. you know someone did then when you've got to be processed, switching or spit out with sir co. good,
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the precise quote to greece q a year old little c 2 will be discovered that he is in a damaged term live because the political father said i knew good smith lost a mac article, say your, what would you remember most gilbert, regular, horrible to troubleshoot in the you said, sir, still got the link on your dish festival problem. yeah. ideal. it's you be misread fiscal time. settle when, when you're me, if you still will do it and you build quite a views, who's my shirt and if you susan your could keep them to use it on my own douglas bork. he was tired of dealing with rob musky issue in the coil, though it's got understood his deal, but there can still do us wish him good, which it was. the other one in the south gym would be right here. the she euros couple growing it on the what we thought that ah, properties that come with at night as a group, i still how much will rhythm forward not? that's because i understood all scribbling issue. always my children decided to coast mass like the ocean. i'm so korean coke. more through body of ether,
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they would say yes, it was me to quote you was meet them with the to sort of process with irish door. no. are you listening to solve that? osama come on e and the premier, they will send you router. i wanted to use to euro smear right. you want to be added to the girl, rosie you. rosie is holding the call to work sheets jumped on them because it would be easier to cook. bracewell, now hold on william always get well, i understand that concept is horribly way louis and what's her uncle of hell watched florida, but the more stay with that. what is it? so a couple of dr. kevin group, essentially i sort of misleading with, suggest answer is boys. i would say that was why mr. milton, my own is mentioning at this instrument, the company is the china is boys. it's a system. me try to remember which is admirable, either. she's not eligible to, you know, it's blown just in the portion of that revised assignment, but i would say i'm stuck at present. it stays lost if i could double bundled now there's a bench. is this a graduate research? christopherson? madison was then a shame years or so i said, yes you would you post, you're right,
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you're a grown up with us and keep it up. is all boston or do you come quietly? combine your bookkeeper. it is a bus my deal with route on land wait a day and you post and i'm showing it a shot at all the other shit up. are you from each in the school? why munich? you are scott warm wine. you come off with us, get out of motion buttons. elaine, we show up a proposed budget and we tried to unusual, she understand what was the percentage you are storing the store as wish or with a nice break. me go up the letter. if i get a damage, we will still get more than you just go right on the on your machine. the emphasis on ordering some, some of the sessions at this time. busy and you might want to move them from us on the fields. novick says tricare,
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what she starts sitting in the media go to attract national field and i carry a book. but i'm, i'm, i'm a little bit less people which, so i look at it's used and you can use why should respectfully too much of the media and you should be here come back to you for the luxury community. georgia seen you were going to premier to get all your mortgage for your little part. i shouldn't solution that program. that was, it would make us to think, i book the q i just didn't have as far as i got the list that i just need to get off the ladder asked a couple of them that i need to put me through. it should be depletion. abram to do with the money that she got it the way that i need to know
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why, which is to send the jewelry, news to cope which divides me . ah ah, with ah working room or should she popped in? she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas and we say
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here was a good. you're buying another, shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're aspire. it was on this issue. the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the jobs, which is why do you where again, where you scale it doesn't play ticket often. i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings that we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths think knowledge is a very big industry and there's lot of opportunities for hackers moving that it's not him, but he didn't bring the law in the country you're dealing with. why arrest him that
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the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws, but cyberspace is no borders, no cell grantee. we ended up with, for example, the national health service in the u. k. the and a chest was completely wiped out for the rad somewhere attack, if you were coming in to a clinic, because you had a test or you had an operation, they can find your records, they had to go back to pen and paper ah, headlining this, our the british prime minister's approval ratings plummet to a record low because the fallout grows over revelations. have repeated violations of cobra rules last year. and now the country's health work as a lining up to accuse him of exploitation. the paid, you know, they've done nothing to address the pay. there's been no way that i'd say from the government to to tackle retention with work force.


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