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ah, the real president, it is country that you're measuring a job. matter why for my job? i can't. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's joe biden. and don't start talking like a republican about asking whether or not he's president, do you think you'll make any job? and it's joe biden, and i'm vice president. my name is carla harris who the vice president gave a very a policy response and clarification. but you know, something is wrong with the messaging. if your own a friendly media is questioning, who actually holds the power and the white house. all this happening for good reason because joe mentioned says no, therefore the bills back america is a no go. but a sender check, she were delayed the vote until after the holiday, mainly because he knows he does not have the number necessary to pass the bill and
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did it down pennsylvania avenue. he has to be worried if he can get the west virginia sen on board while keeping progressive in the house. still happy. now who would have thought the most success republican in the senate? this session would actually be a democrat. now does not like democrats are the only ones who have spoilers in their party. there are so member, many members of the g o. p are also known for causing a stalemate. there is even its own slang term of reino, republicans in a moly. in fact, i bet at this point, inter schumer is thinking he might actually have a better chance swinging a republican boat over say a mitt romney. so it's going to be very hard to move sooner. mansion who is showing he had more beholden to the people west virginia than he is to the party. all items with, if compromise is made, could actually hurt the members of his own state,
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and possibly could face not pass in the house if they do cave. so the gear is not even over and we already know the 1st battle we will be having in the political arena of 2022. however, just like the faith republicans faced when they did nothing, when they had power, not passing anything could cause the democrats to lose overwhelmingly in the mid terms. and the only thing progressive members that love more than the environment is their capital held job. so many jo versus jo and made the best show for the future of the united states when discuss what's going on in capitol hill with our panel and democrats. strategy and former georgia state lawmaker representative ladon jones alongside steve river, host of the steed group or show and steve years forgotten. america area right now. here on our see america, you don't want to miss, especially this holiday season. let's start with you, mr gruber. why do republicans dislike this build back better plan so much? it is only because it has jo, bite his name on it. well,
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certainly not. you know that, but let's talk about the infrastructure package. it only had 9 percent dedicated infrastructure. so many other spending procedures and you've got all of this money and you're seeing that it's actually $5.01, not $1.00, and an ordinary. jo. jo, magine, he's the one that stepped up. it's a crazy thing that he's done here and that's way of. so for the democrats, joe matching comes from one of the read us to states down from canada by what 30 points. 35 i lose track. it was so wide, joe match and actually did something that's important. he represented his constituents. he didn't vote for what he wanted or what the far left one or the democrat leadership demanded. he voted to represent his voters in west virginia. we don't live in a democracy. we live in a representative republic and i took my had to jo. imagine who since, before he stepped up january 20th when the present was not great. i said, joe mansion is the most powerful main man in washington. i wrote several columns
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about it, it was proven to be very much i'm point and spot on and joe mentioned is the most powerful man in washington and the most powerful woman christian cinema. it's interesting to bring a don into this conversation. first of all, the don, why is joe mansion a democrat? you know, clearly his state swain, which is a very small thing, you know, part of our, our system that allow it can be controlled and there may represent a much smaller number of people. but the gentleman is not being very clear about what it is, he's a guess. and so whether he is really a democrat and this guy there are publicly in this guy. we don't really know what concerns are. and yet he continues to be the same at the warren and the democrat show, which is interesting because honestly, whenever being praised by a republican, it probably is not too good for the democrats. same thing, republicans feel whenever you see a democrat praising you go,
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i don't know if that's a good thing. you know. good on. do you think ultimately is we're going to take these next few weeks off until they come back into session. do you think they're going to be able to convince mansion to cave or democratically change or strategy and go to the republicans? it may be possible, so we know in politics there's ego involved. if they can narrow down, really understand what it is. is, is joe mentioned issue, they may be able to, but i don't think there should be some back channel working at the same time. and there are some republicans who may be willing to swing the other way. what is included in this bill is a help for so many americans who need it coming out of japan, dami opportunity to rebuild our infrastructure for energy. and otherwise, it just seems like such an easy it'll be said that the republicans are standing lock and barrow and will not move from their stand. so hopefully they can be someone move the domain. okay, there are some very good parts of the bill. i think both sides can agree to that, but steve, i heard you laughing is but dollars, you know,
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we would chuckling about it. you know, why don't republicans like this bill? well, you know, i hear about how it's going to help the ordinary american and doesn't that we're looking at inflation rate of 6.8 percent the highest. and since 1982, actually we're looking at a presidency on fire. jo bivens pulling numbers are in free fall the lowest numbers yet from p b s just came out today. the p b s m p r. paul is abysmal 5541 against joe biden. more concerning 66 to 29 percent from independence. they know this joe match might be in a different position or have a different opinion if joe biden was popular. i'm any measure, but i'm any metric, he's failed, but it was app gamma stand, the southern border, the economy, inflation, the list goes on supply chain crisis as we're almost at christmas here. remember how we started going to fix the supply chain and they were $55.00 ships backed up in los angeles in long beach. now it's $110.00 ships parked out there waiting to unload. yeah, he really got the job done. in fact, americans of all stripes,
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republicans, independence, and yes, even democrats are fleeing joe biden because he is well, frankly incompetent. well, and that's going to bring this over to you, the dom, because there was frustrations or the chocolate ministration, where republicans will get angry at some of those other going just go along with it to get this bill done. so republicans going to have the wind. so the trunk and the when do you think all 20 that should be what they're going to be say to joe mansion is just go on and go along with this war out the logistics later. but we've got to get a win in this going into these mid terms. are all we're going to have a real problem on our hands? no, no, and the entire response related to had nothing to do with the bill. that's the part that i think we're missing. we need to get back to be does this bill help american? does this still help people with in your district who cares home, make the democrats look okay or how many republican flow and if we can finally get her visuals back to that place where we could play playing games and really get
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down and helping people, men who we can move forward a little bit more, but that's the thing with don. i think it's the reason why mansion holding office because there are many states with economies like west virginia and joe mentioned has repeatedly said this is going to hurt the industries, the blue color industry, the mining industry. these climate change regulations. that's why i have to vote against this because this is going to kill what little industry that my state still has while they're trying to replace it with clean. when they did with all the different climate change issues, they're having, it's not going to happen. so in that case, don't you think joe was joe mentioned supposed to go for it right now. his justification for not voting for this is because he is representing the voters in his state who are heavily reliant on the same industries. this bill will regulate. no, that is a great point and that is when you come to the table with better ideas, you're not just a no parson. if you're going to kill our industry, we need you to bring some education, some opportunity, some job growth. what can we do to rebuild the people who work in industry tend to
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retrain them to put them into technology that would just be asking for the resources to help me play? what kind of me and i get it is area to try something new when you have any kind of it has been built on the whole and other type of energy source we get it. however, there is an thanks for that. and the fix is not just saying no, it's for asking for more for his community, and he's been in this long and does not know how to allocate community resources. there is a much bigger problem with it. so that is the question. you have to look, i say, i want to ask you, has jo failed his constituents because there's not many other options right now in west virginia. how much diversity of industry within a state is that a failure on his part? you know, it's a failure on messaging when you're trying to sell people on the idea that windmills and solar panels are going to replace coal and natural gas and oil in this country . it's simply not true. china figured it out. that's why they're building 120 new
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coal fired power plants, 80 in china, 40 and other countries around the world. it's why the russians are selling natural gas in germany and in germany right now, they're restarting the co fired power plants that have been mach bold. why? because they need energy because the cost of electricity has gone through the roof . it's a reckless approach to america's future. it will mean electric bills that are 345 times higher for the average working family in america. we've seen that in ontario, canada just north, the border. they get rid of all cool fired power plants. joe match knows that he knows inflation hurts american families. you know, is a high cost of energy crushes american families all at home and at the grocery store and every place they go. inflation is a tax on everyone. this idea that won't be a tax on that $400000.00 or more as nonsense. americans know it, and the problem is, democrats know it too. if they were just honest about it, they'd step up and tell the truth. the truth is joe mentioned to the right thing and i'm glad he did. and i just wish i wish i would actually separate the actual ideas and the packages in there that would actually help americans and all of this
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extra which is causing the debate. but this is a great debate in conversation we've had between you. thank you, steve. thank you dawn. thank you. left. this kid has one to leave a presidential election all to become the country. the youngest ever leader. and what was expected to be a tight race? 35 year old gabriel boric defeated his far right rival. jose antonio cost by $10.00 points, and now he's bowing to change the nation barges. alex, the hell of it has the story. it was a tight race, but in the end, the left was victorious. millennial candidate, gabrielle burridge, will be chillies, newest president, in what was expected to be a close race. 35 year old board handily defeated his bible 55 year old right when candidate jose antonio cast by more than 10 points ticking 56 percent of votes. cast graciously accepted his defeat. the 1st thing i want to do is congratulate
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gabriel burridge. he deserves all our respect. he, one of the fair fight. many millions put their trust in him and we hope that he has a very good government board will be sworn in us chillies, youngest, ever leader from bowing to tax the super rich to fighting climate change. the former student protest leader is promising to make some big changes. come, you'll be my, be climate change to your compatriots is not an invention. it is here and it has direct effects on our lives and those of future generation. there's no coincidence that is the young people of the world who have raised their voices from gretta to juliet, or here, i'm sure, julietta is the face of their rational powers that continue to destroy them. to destroy the world, is to destroy ourselves. we do not want more areas of sacrifice. we do not want more projects that destroy our children, the by that destroy the communities. mister board says that he plans to tackle inequality by expanding social rights and reforming chillies, pension and health care systems. he also wants to reduce the work week from 45 to
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40 hours and he intends to boost green investments with come style populism in conservatism, in general, seemingly in decline this gabriel burridge joins a roster of left leaning leaders who have recently been voted to office the list includes us president joe biden, norway's prime minister jonas gar store, whose coalition won in a landslide. this past september of him and germany's chancellor whole of shawls peruse. president pedro castillo and president elect, sierra castro was elected less than a month ago in honduras. as for gabriel burridge, many say it is the millennial left helped him rise to power. his election comes after mass protests in recent years against inequality, incorruption that were attend to predominantly by young julians for news views. hughes and alex, mileage and cancel culture has infiltrated the imaginary world as it continues to target j. k. rowling. this time and going after the sport she made famous in her
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harry potter series. we discuss when we return a what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully, very critical time. time to sit down and talk too late. you cannot do anything about it. it's now a self, a billing extension event for the u. s. economy, sorry, america,
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but it's over because the ability to do what paul walker did raise right, is no longer on the table because the duration rest, the fundamental underpinning of the was kind of the bond market is so far out. they helped her. but any little bit move up, we'll crash it anyway. so it's either crash or one way or crash it another way, but you're not gonna avoid the crash. a wrong one. i just don't know. i mean, you have to figure out the same becomes the after kid and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. technology is
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a very big industry and there's lot of opportunities for hackers. movie lives, not him, but he didn't bring the law in that country. you're dealing with. y rushed him that the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws that cyberspace has no borders, no cell grantee. we ended up with, for example, the national health service in the u. k. the and a chest was completely wiped out from a ransomware attack. if you are coming in to a clinic, because you had a test or you had an operation, they can't find your records. they had to go back to pen and paper. ah, in with
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the the, the, the, the sport which seems completely fictional, maybe because that is where it started has created real controversy for its creator after she made comments. which some people are trained to phobic. now an accusation she denies and continued to stand her ground all regarding her feelings about the real difference which exist between men and women, saying, sex isn't real. there's no same sex attraction,
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sex isn't real. the lived reality of women globally is all erased. i know and love trans people, but a race in the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. that's what she twitter back in june 2020. the last week, even falling her not being a part of the 20 year anniversary of the movie, based off her book series. she continued the conversation by tweeting this so this whole li, just the sport of quidditch, which has 450 teams and over 30 countries all from a book that went into a movie that now was an a sports like possibly coming to an olympics near. you know, in the sport players run on make shift broomsticks, and try to put a ball the right goal. a game rolling herself created in the book with wizard's writing, broomsticks, and gave it the name and name because of everything that rolling has said publicly is set to be change. so discuss this. let's bring in filmmaker, an author,
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shawn stone, shaun i can't believe. first of all that i'm talking about a sport with grown men and women riding around, jumping around on broomsticks and balls. but as my producer said, me, this isn't just, you know, a fictional game anymore. that you, you would see a role playing costs i doing. this is actually a real sport. the people gather together. it's very popular. they've got 2 weeks for this. but now they're way to change the name. so let's just start off about the actual. busy event that's happening. j. k. rowling. is she not allowed to have an opinion? she's not. no, not in the modern world. if you can india the controversial. i'm clear. this is funny, especially because it's a game of actually like the least threatened by the by transgender isn't. for example, you can take many sports right, likes, soccer, not believe baseball, like basketball, things like this and say, well there's, there might be an advantage to, to a male who transitions to
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a female. right. we've seen that with studies that there could be an advantage. so it can be a difficult thing to figure out where you're going to put a female male to turn this into a female. you know, if you get, she wants to play female soccer, that could be an issue which actually has male and female players on the same team . so you would think transgender is, i'm actually really wouldn't even apply to this part. i really wouldn't become an issue. well, that's the thing, and you're right, i think, you know, we're saying that lives controversies with swimming, where you have a transgender winning all of the records and taking scholarships away. we've seen him rest thing where a female guy completely obliterated by a transgender female that knocked her out. so now we're seeing it happening. you know, this idea that's just a very progressive sport, which is what quidditch likes to say. they are but ultimately comes down to this is this culture, and i want to call them as the snowflake culture can melt and change a made up sports name. is there anything in hollywood or pop culture that is untouchable? no, i mean i think that it's,
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it's becoming more and more clear. i mean, we've seen this this how this council culture is affecting people, you know, from the vaccination, the baby to to the l g b t q issue. and the fact that rolling it said some things that were pretty, you know, it's difficult to, to really say this is transfer back. what she said initially was, you know, don't say people menstruating women administrative female process. i mean, if you google, now, they'll say men can get pregnant and it goes, well, no, it's actually saying that a man who transitions to a woman can get pregnant, but isn't that no longer a man per the whole transgender concept? so, it's not a man. i mean, this is like, this is just like you can order when any debate with, with, with, with just logic and rationality. right? it's like they want it all. and so. so essentially when rolling is saying that a woman is, you know, it requires a female to have a menstrual cycle and mental process. and never relationship to this. this person
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is the people are going to stay or go over, just like you saying if someone identifies as a female then rapes someone, this was what apparently scotland yard or the police were saying in a case where the mad in a fight is a woman. so it's not a male raping a woman. i mean it's like the passport situation in america. now you can identify that as a woman, i can find whatever i want. i don't need to have any doctors, medical certificates thing i'm, i'm a transition to a woman just identified the woman. what kind of reality are we living in? this is just, this is fantasy world. this is nothing to do with physical reality. has nothing to do with with common sense. this is just fantastic time. and sean, it's almost like we're over at pandora box. i mean, if i want to identify as a 21 year old out, know why anybody would want to put just in case i'd what i mean? where does it in you can do it with age. you can do it with, i would identify as a burnett, where is it in? it's just made up reality that makes people kind of just live. it's almost like a virtual reality, the tap into, into, in a daily life as time is. but i also noticed though, that this also giving an alternative falling of people who want her to stay under
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ground and take please fight 1st. we need somebody in hollywood that's actually gonna stand this because a lot of people think that way, but they're too bullied and actually standing on port. do you think this possibly could actually aid her and creating, serve her own following that possibly when i looked at it? absolutely. i mean, i saw an article in the daily mail saying that, you know, this, she was the woman of the year, the woman and the other, another, another woman who basically said, thank you for standing up for women. and you know, when it is to be a woman and you know, just, you know, we need voices, we need, we need to have controversy. we need to have debate. as you said, we are entering a fantasy world because it's i think it, it, it goes hand in hand with an glove with this metal verse concept of facebook where it's like, yeah, and the metal verse i will appear, you know, with my avatar and my avatar can be a 21 year old blonde, but you know that with female and then you know that you'll think that's me and that's what i want to be in the metal verse. that's what i can do. but we are, we are distancing ourselves as find a fantasy life if you want to have fictional life. but when we're talking about
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physical reality, real world consequences, real world processes, you know, we can, we can't lose sight of that. we cannot simply say, well, if you'd enterprise woman, you're a woman. yeah, but i don't ministry. so i might, it might be difficult for me to physically understand and buy lots to understand what it is to be. well, i once again a year to wonder which we getting this kind of feedback. if she actually was saying the exact opposite of she was endorsing it and everything that goes along with it, say it was great. it would be quiet, there would be nobody pushing back on. it sounds like she's actually being very pro, feminist to me to see how it plays out. do you think it's wrong that she's being left out of all the 20th anniversary that goes along with the harry potter right now? of course it's wrong. me, there is no her potter without this woman. so you have to honor her as to create of it. it's so absurd and disrespectful. uh so many levels, honestly, really insult to the artist that was behind it. i think we have room or ultimately this comes down to her writing. so actual literature, the as an author, shawn,
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i appreciate you joining us on his controversial subject outrage over truck driver being sentenced to a 110 years for a fatal driving accident. this all comes as an industry facing major blows on the cusp of new technology and recently facing a backlog miss by jane natasha. sweet has more on the course reaction. the attorneys for the trunk driver say, as far as reactions to the case goes, they've never seen anything like it. millions of people are signing a petition, urging the colorado governor to grant him clemency. the 20. 19 fetal pile up in colorado la for people dead. the now 26 year old raj l a 0 auxilary roseman darrow's was driving on interstate 70 in lakewood, colorado at 85 miles per hour during rush hour traffic. his brakes went out crashing into a dozen or so vehicles led to an explosion that killed 4 people. and during another 6 in october, he was sentenced to $27.00 criminal charges. given him 110 years in prison edition
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was created, urging the colorado governor to gran acculab maderos clemency and now has over 4000000 signatures. the petition points out the driver does not have a criminal record and has complied with every request to honor of the victims, families. and if it's isaac, how the incident while tragic was a mere accident. this stroke is no longer going to colorado. we want justice group or hulu. videos going viral as truckers say, they're boycotting colorado and other video. also asking for justice. one of the 1st comment, st truckers, if it happened to roger, it can happen to you state united. well, this case has getting so much attention as chaos ensues. among the trucking industry, a colorado governor says that he has not yet received an application for clemency, reporting in los angeles and hot sweets, r t. so did the drivers punishment fit the crime? let's get your answer on it. just treat me to add scotty. now here's on a twitter put on there, hash tag team and b h a british. i'm more dello part without the app or apple or
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android device. the thing ah ah, working room or should she popped in? she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we say it was a good bye to another shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an hour 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're aspire on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again? were you scared of nothing but take it off of me. i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons who
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are less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings that we certainly wouldn't have the number address with a with a oh, is your media a reflection of reality in
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the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation or community? are you going the right way, or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, have join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oil and gas manufacturing electricity telecom dies potations. all of them now have io t type of infrastructure connected to the internet. so clearly realizing there's disruptive
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potential so that those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take the nato e u countries, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains cyber task forces. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country that's their job. european gas prices peak and all time records is the constant face is a double whammy if power shortages and freezing temperatures. also this app just preschool. the current tension in europe is the united states schools with responded to every step. that's every step go to do a game was getting worse and worse of somebody presentation criticize is america and they say eastwood expansion. noticing that.


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