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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 21, 2021 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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and here's his opinion piece that he wrote in the wall street journal macs. the fed is the main inflation culprit, the central bank as enabled price increases that may soon pose a risk to financial stability, inflation. he wrote as a choice as a choice for which the fed is chiefly responsible. the risk of an inflationary spiral arises when policy makers 1st dismissed the problem and then cast blame elsewhere. inflation becomes embedded in the price formation process. when the central bank acts belatedly or with insufficient conviction to date, the fed has acted as an enabler, right? acting, belatedly, or with insufficient films. right. let's talk about this for a moment because it's echoing what we have been saying now for several years. as a matter of fact, i would say is the predominant theme of the show and other shows we've been talking
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about for almost 20 years. and that is that the central bank as a way it's designed, is to be a regulator in the sense that when the party gets to rock us, they are supposed to take the punch bowl away raise rates. and let the business cycle kicked in and free markets benefit. however, since alan greenspan became fed chairman under the reagan years in 1009, it is, it's been a very different mandate that the fed, admittedly, by greenspan does not. they're trying to manage anything. they're only there to clean up the mess after things crash from too much money printing and the way they clean up the masses by printing more money. and we've been saying this for years now form or fed governor's saying explicitly in the pages of the wall street journal that the inflation has caused by the central bank because they print too much money. and that's, that is, that's not what you'd hear from las warren lewis. warren believes that the companies are engaging in price gouging, and manipulation and causing inflation. that's patently false. it's all comes
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back to the money itself. and if you are printing trillions and trillions of it, you are debasing that currency to the point where you have inflation. ok. now unfortunately, this revelation is coming at a point in the cycle. when it's too late, you cannot do anything about it. it's now a self fulfilling extinction event for the u. s. economy, sorry, america, but it's over because the ability to do what paul walker did raise rates is no longer on the table because the duration risk, the fundamental underpinning of the us kind of the bond market is so far out in the elk or that any little bit move up, we'll crash it anyway. so it's either crash or one way or crash and another way, but you're not going to avoid the crash. right? you mentioned liz warren and she of course, was voting to raise the debt ceiling by 2 and a half trillion dollars. right,
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when she was blaming corporate ceo's, she was blaming meat packers for all the price increases. joe biden and his administration have been blaming russia. saudi arabia, other all these other nations. but our own money printer, again, he was behind getting the $2.00 trillion dollar debt selling raise. and again, just to remind everybody $2.00 trillion dollar debt ceiling increase, that is adding just out of thin air. another british economy to the entire global g d p. the u. k. economy is $2.00 trillion dollars. so they're adding 2.5 trillion to the global g d p. right? let's be clear over there. in turkey, the lira is crashing against the dollar because of the dollar being i barrier printed. and on top of that, it's not like the hyper printing is distributed in an even way. it's distributed in
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a way where the oligarchs and monarchs and neil feudal masters in america get 99 percent of it. first. everyone else gets the bits involved at the tail end and the crash of their economy. so this is a financial, a part time the u. s. was crashing the turkish economy because the u. s. dollars, world reserve currency, and they have a guy running the country who is financially illiterate and is making absolutely the wrong decisions. but the u. s. knows that and they don't care because they're all reaping the benefit from. we saw that increased increased collapse, the biggest beneficiary was goldman sachs who are taking a credit. the fall swaps against the country that there were supposedly advising. they made billions of dollars crash and grease. they made billions of dollars crushing to back a bank. it never lose if you get to print money at infinite amount and then direct it in places where you have a guaranteed return. so we've covered the story of the $2.00 trillion dollar debt ceiling being increase, the inflation number's running the cloud car economy. we've seen, liz, warren, blame everybody, but the money printers. we have seen nancy pelosi in the past week argue that
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congress should be allowed to insider trade because the says, somehow free market economy. remember, that's what we tell you all the time frederick boss yet said, when plunder became, becomes a way of life for the men at the top. they create the moral code and the legal system to justify it. that's what she's doing. the car car economy based on hot air money printing results in this sort of headline here that also happened in the past week as we are traveling here. reality tv star says she makes $50000.00 a week by selling her farts in a jar. well, obviously this is very funny, but it's a more honest way of you know, she's putting in proof of work compared to nancy pelosi and insider trading. it's harder work to do this. then what nancy pelosi is doing. it's also more honest than the millions of dollars that janet yon earned between leaving the federal reserve and go into the treasury. so at least there's that right, if you put j pal speech in front of congress and do,
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or that you wouldn't get more than $0.02 for at least this woman's getting a decent buck for her flatulence, it shows you that the value of this form is flatulence is greater than j. powells words, which is absolutely the market, the free market telling us, you know, it's funny. nancy pelosi says we have to enjoy free markets and i need to trade on inside information. i'd like to see her apply that same standard to journalism because then julian, a sorry to be free right now. nancy. right. of course that has happened as well in this past week that they're going to extradite him to the united states. on the very same day, i think it was like national human rights day, or, you know, some sort of democracy conference that joe biden was presiding over just as a his department of justice got the extradition of julian assange. so, you know, as we head into the last 2 weeks of this year, we're going to look back at 2021. the biggest moments obviously, for us, the biggest moment was what happens in el salvador. and hyper bitcoin is ation. and what not kelly has done for that country,
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but also i put out into our orange co podcast telegram group. and on twitter, we asked people in the audience to, to look at their favorite moments. and, you know, come back to us, what they thought were the biggest moments in this past year of 2021. and i think we should cut that little video here. this is what was assembled by our audience. the coin is the 4 piece. right. so it's perfect money, perfect price discovery, perfect incentives, and perfect outcomes. so when you have the quadrangle of perfection, that is bitcoin, you are on the vector tor relentless optimism. they're going to control your thoughts. your actions are mere money, your emotion, this all going to be control. and of course, the more you try to control it, the less ability you have to control it. and it's, it's like love isn't it? the more you try to love something, the harder you know, if it doesn't work,
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you got to let things grieve. you got to let things live bitcoin emerged and it's imposing absolute, spontaneous order based on absolute scarcity. and what this does to the human soul is it creates absolute moral adherence to the cosmic consciousness of truth. and that is something we've never had as humans and what that remains as the absence of fear. thank you. welcome to 2021 is fear, fear dies. oh, government have no control over the orbits of planets. sun the rising in the east gravity, hurricanes or gains in their mathematical certainty. 2 plus 2 equals 4, right? so that's right. they have no control over absolute scarcity. something that was discovered in 2008 implemented in 2009. and it's something mankind that has been searching for and his entire existence, hundreds of thousands of years. this has been looked for, has been the try to find absolute scarcity. and they've been kelly leadership in el
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salvador entrepreneur smart guy like a down in history as really the smartest, the leader of the past 100 years, and the inflation that it's starting to set in around the world and the inflation mindset. but the stories coming out of china makes you very concerned about, you know, what happens next, because if there's a disintegrating empire because of the set of these trap of a rising empire, rising power and china seems to be doing their whole treasure fleet situation. again, it's like the doppler effect, a, it's like, paper put, never stop printing, i take it all, there's data. yeah. maybe print, you know that they don't care who they kill terrible. you can only sell the same,
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don't it. so many times before somebody figures out that, hey, there's no, don't it here that's just the whole. and that's what's happening in america. they're trying to survive on the whole in the don't it, i hyper plate, right? it's a political event. it's a change of mindset that happens that is very dangerous to any theocracy. you're in control, the bank, sters, the military industrial complex. what morons and imbeciles cool big fama how that drug dealers and big tech. there were control of everything. there is no freedom in america, you know, we've been right for so many years and there's just so many ways to demonstrate how we've been right. just want to call and set of quantitative easing financial, monetary laxative, you'd be lucky to get a lump of coal. this christmas with the inflation transit, they're going in this direction, print, print, print, grandma is being rash and some stuffing and gravy. and everyone else has to go without. so what i like there, these are some of the themes,
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the quadrangle of perfection, that is bitcoin. you are on the vector towards relentless optimism. that's what somebody had picked up. what obviously max had said that and i think that's what we witness and we experienced in november when we went to el salvador and we're heading there. now we'll be going there. now we'll be spending a lot more time there this year. so what do you think about that? but the audience is brilliant to pick up on one of the things that i said as being a highlight of the years content. thank you audience. i thank the academy and the audience and accept the quote of the year word. thank you. well, they also pointed out that a 2021 was the year that fear dies because it did, it died and, you know, with a relentless optimism of hyper big condensation, i think we saw fear die and that's a good thing. audio, bye bye. you know, if you want to stay listening to your fear porn on the, you know, the corporate mainstream media then head over there, but for 2022. this is a play to be if you want to be happy. yeah, no more fairport just relentless,
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optimism over here at the kaiser report. that's what we like. i like that. all right, well let's take a break when we come back much more coming here way. ah so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race group is on of very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk ah, working room or should she popped in?
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she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we say there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an hour 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're aspire on this issue, the other side wins by default, lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again, were you scared or nothing could take it off of me. i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number. there's a
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a a a acknowledge is a very big industry and there's lot of opportunities for hackers movie that is not here. right. but he didn't bring the law in that country. you're dealing with why rest him there? the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws that cyberspace has no borders, no sovereignty. we ended up with, for example,
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the national health service in the u. k. the and a chess was completely wiped out from a ransomware attack. if you are coming into a clinic, because you had a test or you had an operation, they can't find your records. they had to go back to pen and paper with ah, welcome back to the kaiser report, i max kaiser time not to talk with miss shed lock of miss talk, dot com miss. welcome back. it's always a pleasure to be on your show, max, what's on your mind today? miss? i have a few things on my mind. let's talk about inflation. so this is a, a topic that economists and pundits love to talk about. those of us who have been
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warning about it for a while, including yourself, are finally seeing some startling numbers out there. we're talking about a breakup of inflation. that's pretty epic. misha, c, p, i at 6.8 percent producer price index of 9.6 percent from a year ago. stock market don't seem to be noticing much, or even the bond market. what, what are your thoughts? are you guys at the intermediate level of you dive in the b i a reporter. stage 2 is up. something like 28 percent. wow. so the thing is max, all of these numbers are under reported. they're not reported because they don't include housing. they don't include asset bubbles if that doesn't count any of any of that stuff here. so you factor housing into the c p i, i've not done the latest numbers, but i'm pretty confident we're, you know, inflation is going to be something like 10 percent. if it's not a lot higher,
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so under instated of power, finally drive the word transitory and janet you know, and also as late as october that was still calling in transit story to finally got all of that numbers. good grief match these numbers are going through the roof, and the fed doesn't even understand the true state of affairs on going back to the paul volcker days when he was earning the federal reserve. you know, the inflation numbers that prompted him to raise interest rates up to 6 same percent we got on the 10 year treasury now they were a lot lower than what we see today. in other words, these numbers are a lot higher than what they were when the central bank opted to start aggressively raising rates. the central bank is coming out and saying, we're going to keep rates at 0 to a quarter of percent. they're not raising rates. i don't get it mesh, i mean, clearly their job is to raise rates in this scenario. that's it. that's of that. there's no equivocation on this. they're not doing what they're supposed to be
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doing mesh. oh, absolutely not. i can sing a song about this. i don't know if you want me to, but you know the song, a baby steps. you got the cutest little baby face. excuse me. it's baby steps. now the feds got the cutest little baby steps here. they're talking about tapering and they reduce tapering. is just a reduction at the speed in which they add to the balance sheet, right? so they're not unwind in your balance sheet yet sort of unless you factor in reverse q a reverse re book, which we need to talk about. but even still, they're adding long term duration, us treasury and mortgage to their balance sheet every month. they continue to do that. they continue to do more of a bio reverse repos. quite amazing. they're using a housing market that doesn't even need boost. who can afford out these days, max?
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the simple number to look at is one that is simply how was your purchasing power doing with your us dollar and for 50 years has gone down, so they can call it at the reverse repos, you can taper, you cannot taper, you can raise rates, you cannot raise rates, the fact is, purchasing power is going down for 50 years and that's inflation. and so blow away all the smoke of all the rhetoric, speaking of rhetoric and blowing away smoke, elizabeth warren is calling out core greedy corporations for this inflation. what is really amazing, and actually it appears as if she is actually running the bite and show you look at her nominees, there she wanted for fed governor who's who she's supporting for the she regulator at the fed. these are our marks. it's actually the, the person she wants for currency or regulators. they want to price fix
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t s. s their words, her exact words. and people just dismiss all of this stuff. i mean, how's pretty bad? but the people that war want to put in there that the progressives want to put in there. my gosh, you know, if they got in there and actually set policy, u. s. u s. dollars would plunge me. right. i should mention that if we can hear, i believe it's your dog in the back. yeah, that's, that is my dog in the background. apologies for that. whenever you hear someone at the front door package from amazon or whatever it barks out. so that's, that's what happened there, and i thought, you know, i thought you train the dog to bark whenever he hears the word j. powell. now, we're speaking of bar b, r j. pow. did you see what the former fed
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governor of wire, she came out and said, he explicitly accused the fad of purposely causing inflation. these guys, after they retire, they normally go on and say some sort of wishy washy kinds of things, but they usually don't come out with a full scale blast like that. this guy came out worst, came out and accused the fed, or purposely doing inflation and blowing asset bubbles. quite refreshing to see i was hoping that someone died during the after the f o m c meeting would actually ask how a hard question on this. but now they keep loving the softball things, you know, how, you know it's, it's, it's really pathetic max, besetting, presumably he's concerned and you mentioned some earlier that the dollar is at risk here, given us a responsible behavior. another popular pendant that we've been talking about for
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years, who as yet disgraced himself again with the comment is paul quinn, who went all these inflation numbers came out, wrote a piece on the new york times, asking a, basically a man called or 1st to admit that he never saw the inflation coming and then secondarily, he says, what actually have benefits the poor. oh, i saw that and i almost wrote an article on it. and thanks for reminding me on that because i might want to go back and visit that topic. that is absolutely insane. crazy. you know, these inflation benefits, those who has assets. it's as simple as that. so if you have a house and it goes up in value and you can unload it to the next money or zoom or for a higher price. ok. you've done pretty well, but the poor don't have any assets, so the stock market rises, which it's clear they're targeting that now and worse came out and set it out even himself hinted at it. so they're doing these things that are absolutely
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counterproductive. rent is soaring, were wages have gone up with they've not gone up as much as rents have gone up as much as food have gone up. rates have never been this negative yet, despite those pretty significant wage increases, they're falling further and further behind. i did a calculus on that. i think it was 9 out of 11 months so far into the $21.00. 0 one more month to go and guess which way that's going to go. i expect 10 out of 12 months. people are going to lose money to inflation. and how excuse me, currently comes out and says this benefits the poor. give me a break. max, right? well, the left wing in america's having a bad year, bad couple of years really cents to buy the administration to cover. it's fairly expose them for having written the coattails of easy money for decades without
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having to impose any real policies or make any tough decisions. they just print a lot of money and because they outsource the job to china and because the signers are getting fabulously rich, like nancy pelosi, they had no accountability, but now with real inflation. as you point out kicking in it's, there's no place to hide that there are clearly cleft aquatics in office and they're stealing people and they're committing massive acts of fraud and charity. but let's look back miss k 2021. what stands out as the top one or 2 stories that you felt were defining of 2021 and looking at 2022. what. what do you think we should look for? well, it's, it's, it's the tapering talk. if you know what the progressives are trying to do in congress, that's actually key. and that has added to inflation. fortunately, one person and one person alone, senator joe mansion of west virginia has, has stood in the way of a huge, you know, massive. you know, they call it
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a 1.7 trillion dollar package we've, we've, we've seen accounting from 2 different places. warden was one guy called it said it was really 4 and a half $1000000.00 packaged. and we had the congressional budget office, which is non partisan who biting has praised over the years by the way, and is now suddenly critical of the congressional budget office. because it's not saying what he wants. you know, they put the price tag of this at a close to 5 choice. so i think one of the key things for next year is they've already punted on this package for trying to get is 5 true to our package pass this year. a bike came out, i think was yesterday and said, well, you know, we're looking ahead now to 2022, looking ahead to 22002. does how really get and those
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rate hikes that they've pencilled in? they've penciled in 3 rate hikes for 2022. i max or 2023 and still no rate. i just for 2024 max. they're not going to get it nice. i don't even know if they get any, but my guess would be maybe a couple hikes. but if you look at what long end of the yield curve is saying, it's saying the fad is hiking us into another recession. and it will probably be a recession caused by the stock market bubble bursting. you know, they're, they're clearly manipulating the stock market up. if it goes, a lot of these inflation numbers are going to go up right down with that. it's and pension funds are going to get smash. illinois is already in solvent.
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i'm. it may be a decline in the stock market. we'll, we'll put that too ahead. you, you are moved out of illinois because things are looking pretty bad. they've had about 20 seconds. do you see more, my immigration in america from state to state, that is happening right now. max is half people are leaving, california people are leaving. illinois. people are leaving new jersey. so i people are going to leave new york also. so the recipient states are low tax states like oh, well florida is the, is the key when max. so a lot to look forward to in 2022 and meanwhile merry christmas to you and stacy it's always a pleasure to be on the shell. all right, well michelle, like uh, mich talk dot com the ledge and thanks for being on the show. and i was going to do it for this additional because report would be my concerts dates ever want to thank, i guess mish shed lock of miss talk dot com until next time by ya, ah,
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ah, bill for driven by a dream shaped are those with dares sinks, we dare to ask join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking together in the world of politics, sport, business,
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i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. i mean, you must, it is so delicate and as shown to toronto, we stand together will continue to stand together against russia. 80 in germany, repeat some of the errands that we doubtless made say no to civilians as chunky daughter subaru. miller influence other nations, france, p. u. k. and even latin america and other countries in future than maybe beware to high rum cycle alone with members of your household. so please, please, please, please. we're going to continue to fight. don't, don't do anything i just need to to do. russia must not be allowed in germany.
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i don't want y'all to common leave. it's so short. so the, an outdated enough is the 5 and the yes, actually in the 80 the enough missiles guns until sunday, a european gas prices peak at old time. recall this is the colton of faces. a double whammy of power shortages and freezing temperatures took place with the current tension in europe is the united states fulls. russia had to respond that every step. that's every step the situation was getting worse and worse, resonant, potent, criticize his america ira nato's eastwood expansion. noting that mosque was ready to deal with hostile actions as rushes to friends, chief wards.


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