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since including russia, split from georgia after a war in 2008. i'm not surf internationals world news at 8 p. m. from moscow with me. kevin, thanks for checking in. stay with us. if you come for next programs for you and your partner will have the break. oh, the join me every thursday on the alex simon show. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then in ah, yes, that's certainly an insidious last thought, and it's not on lady williams, but yet as it contains less actually success missed?
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i think we've even what now senior senior the started you'd press the number i wanted to change. yes. you will notice, well, as she uses, we get that the me for read yet the sad silk it down to play the gum could get an a your look at you get out of here that not little big. so does that governor, when you my what are some of the don't know, but then so i should in his book suggesting you more good neil chip the widget, but almost death organizations on an example. you super smartgate porcelain. let's say you were to say, user teaches carson, becker spanish as a board that he's supposed to show me at the end of the cumulative se wishing keyboard come on showed the bullies to see me. this is joy. i actually did quote little when you deal on explain, it was issued, the suite of the concerned could teach you working for
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a slip during functionally industrial ease of thought. i'd say it the point 0 and your accuracy last that on the square push any group as we will here thought comfortable that it was more ah no, that won't be anything that exist you actually wish. please can broadneck if thought was gonna say he bless earth, bernard cards are proceeding in watermark. didn't want him to threaten us thought there's been a shot with skip us vs that came out as a pos leaning more or shamperdeen that especially at the point with my stamps. thought wants to check with them this year. she has down, is it all in the letter? but i got that 40 since i was so whether or not that has never looked at this point where you said a southern accident blind aircraft. why not doc on? you have to come on it on the board at 0 for it at a dock not as mentioned by you and they are being that they're gonna ask you cuz they don't get to come by the door. nobody can still get moving. and if you did get
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my system, lou super kit number is dillard come curriculum vertically, sir. my to him with just based on the going to meeting you more with will prescribe was papa and was proceed more than through just reward that officer use were cricket control for more girl flirt? absolute murder. martin. this is h q, a wide variety of, of soldiers, wolf, grader cuban rolls with justin anisette and just told you called thought it was alert, middle shaped lot of money discussion, dude. mission, which didn't the system a cyber weapons, typically a 0 day vulnerability that's being exploited. they're more focused on national interests. and some of them have cyber weapons that they've developed in house. some of them have very strong technical capabilities. others have maybe purchase some of those through dark. let others have maybe used got weapons that others have
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developed and they started using them as the 2nd or 3rd ad here. it could have a piece of cyber weapon. it's like an army. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country that's there, john. yes, the eggs just visited with jobless j. navarro valley. she reaches collateral for ebook delegates. collateral for now. i just asked, would you do e get hit by some e, italy. j letter means that 60 percent as women and was not 90. and then you know, a lot of sunset, you will get ceos in the past least. doraville bush in the putting out a keyboard. gross elizabeth is a bus next year, is low, but they will in you the press to ask them no, cuz they didn't. yes. from that ellis. i personally tedious yet. they glued olivia newcomb, all that little come near each school with the dots. yes. nice to me. dillard yesterday posted at at a gift or thank you. glad teachers get restored each other suspects may have got
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that appraisal, get on skier, yet, and i be of this year for an easier for comes age our style yesterday, which such as twitter without i just stick to the rules are rules latoria authority of newest technology schools or more of nobody in your prosecutor because lawrenceville, dicky oh, but she will go to school. my regular, which snow? oh, she's snow loaded up. i'm just a little boy who didn't have no or 6 wishes global mark loss. so remember me because i wish there was this shirt wasn't, doesn't 4 months of cobra, new quit going to be new? so she put a 1st, she's, you know, oil and gas, manufacturing, electricity, telecom, transportation, all of them now have i o t type of infrastructure connected to the internet. also, biggest interest you must have been. this is us the store store in front of my
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firms with the secret product. so if it goes in, yeah, the food from us, when you, when you do anything from us, was a previous to, to will be just your procedures to twist. it was little store from of i doubt that with see bill chain. yeah. a lot of wisdom. that is you don't the interest the pool it sub list that on the a good price even this you ma'am comfortable. god said of beauty the at the thought the used cars that are going use us if you used it took no, i just, you cement, slew with them. not give me a bit the yes, if i thought it that the, whatever the electron that he's got, this is always nick a body use of when you up about that a little bit. it nourishes g, m. one is blizzard, the corporate, i assume the trust done them food, she, it, that was view was to watch the ones that are idea. but we tried to be a pre release equal, which had of means divorced up based on you will use upside with lexia probably did the worst that was not that it's a do use leave maria infrastructure. it isn't which it closed in june by don't the
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shipment will go to it is done. i'm still not it. national mission. you. which of the ladies is lot different. like you should come see me it's, it's not the most vehicle doria to be chair, dissolved. lovely. one of the mean? yeah. it was the yeah. ship nominated. yep. tim. catherine. loosely more so i think of it. awesome. okay, ma'am. ma'am, ma'am. received ramo, which thought, but the more unworthy i'll tips on that would be able to do that. i resize this morning and you know, solution to lose my up, my beautiful to reject losses. i to my desk, which is lovely in your place, was it yet with the i see of with the bill a bit about sounds on the bullies to it today. i had come through. it must slay me to use the media source at the more business matter as the look at the by shoot pres was, or that a sick, a guide the sphere, a gun, the women j a stomach bug, but he needs all the post, all that. so it was it, did you want id, you want to air gap? air gap means that he was disconnected from anything internet related no access externally from the internet or from the network. and that's the way it is. and
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then you physically access it to be able to extract that information. we'll just go to the bremo. so you should hear mario patricia mcgregor booth, bruiser courtroom in about garage group. laurie. she will palmer shoot off wilker brokerage mortgage. ah, we scheduled for joseph of golden doodle dinner, kermit more options. manual promotional, per course flores, just to double check on your machine. just a 2nd, ma'am. i'm just supra. jerome is jamal problem. it's farthest and process. are used to premiere to thumb and cooper. come find yours, roberto, your argument plumber smith to suit you. his id room. you couple when thrown at some your pl. more used to put a mirror for beauty mental state id card mina. i put a petition of thunder. them young stress on lane for stroke. dora, yeah,
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theresa buckley like yours, my topic. i meant your barrier and shit as i became got off the comma by me. unfortunately, most of the insolence performed you put yourself back with you to one on your story or whether it's down from water coming through the city or electricity or power generation. all of those are now connected and they could be potentially disrupted or destroyed. so you have your sensor and the sensor is collecting data, maybe checking the temperature or checking the level of specific type of chemicals . maybe there's a platform sitting behind it. so what the hackers are doing is they're able to either access through the sensor into the backend or start from the back end because it's also exposed on the internet and get to the sensor. so it's both traffic sites and be able. busy to influence the actions, typically the sensor can say and it can have a requirement. if the pressure goes under 20 percent,
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shut down everything. and the hacker coming into that system can make the pressure go under 20 percent by some need to either technical know how he is also capable of knowing what the system can do or by testing a few different scenarios and reaching that and go all of those put together, result in the site potentially going down being disrupted, or if there is some malicious intent behind it, that could result in loss of human life. mm. the destruction of the system happened a few years ago, which is now a, it's a public good story. it was shem moon, which i happened to saudi aramco in saudi arabia. and their systems were completely destroyed from a and a malware that was 0 day. so it was a usb device plugged into a machine that then was able to propagate across the environment because it had
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some malicious code. and it actually brought down the systems that had to do with their industrial control environment. and their laptops and desktops were also destroyed, destroyed meaning, even if you tried to reinstall the operating system, it won't work. the device is now completely destroyed, then useless. as you know, machines are made up of multiple different layers. you have applications, you have the underlying operating system, you have the platforms that connect things together. and then you have the hardware that malicious code was able to go all the way down to the hardware and make them compete from easier. know janisa lucas, which we used would have to look at the pasta was you mr. q told you could have been sort of coastal learning center for much practical skills done. yeah. but the door of a do it to choose from danya nutrition. young who's used to put on credit, but we don't we you jarell merchantable stuff. so sex shifting real time is good or
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to po choice from church. the catholic almost put up awesome story cookware program i was pitching. it is more than we some folks like this guy, but hon as a sure that are sold next. gemma group which i'm nibble. bluehost. really toodles. mr. work. ronald abuse history can from us. any person use one with we so far she threw in from us. i will shoot him a go any more. but 2 sided. gus gus authority knew it was more just zoom, reduced english. can combine in florida. a little bottle with restrict my bottle doing, you know, finished duties. q used ah, the booster was white by the coffee, such as the shelter brazil, permission to marshy of a proposed poster. them would be helpful now to me, but i'm glad that it was healed globally. she thought that the moving motion with position would center dollars. the my several people to write
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a prescription and agree sheet bhaskar system with our failure. she can only care freshbooks dust injuries which could beach this must be awarded items a potter gene brother cartridge component shortage, but i'm not sure it's sticky. soft on legit, we meet power sports, but that's all when she took that on and i was actually as up as was between control and the processor. premier levels are about your diesel, that they're biting edge level 3 of which of the deal is that of bank. thanks. lot of the love in the real quick on premier from stock or if so i'm pretty sure line. yeah, i mean they can show scott can intercreditor by the notion of saw them do. many of those lute them cuz i was patient that was for something simple amount of prestige, abusing him with elbows and bunker, someone special lever. my son got her, she was new. when you get this money, which was in come or she a processor phone number with us to for one sofa with 50 business of 50 g. $50000000.00 plus and jinx him were rustled so busy the plenty busy with american was short and she went to carry that with jalap. here,
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eager with sure no problem, donaldson, the admission to the ah ah, with ah ah lose
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ah! good and bad drink shaped bankers, and those with dares sinks. we dare to ask all redone. a 2nd fix cds that when use because when the fossil fuel to propel into
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natasha, go stuck. that bottom i just needed to leave it with us. kristy woman, what we're doing a bit of change last is come out of china as to what we're in the jewish interest of the court just released records that of glue dope atmosphere more than i meant they're staying our mortgage r. u. s. damage degree for abilities use it would go probably a month or less on him to case give us want us to use notes from like, shit, know, quickbook premier to clean them. shane your please teach. i just use the money orders. mom he's in bed and that was throwing almost co ownership in 51 that of brittany are dear to some way for his book. the other way you go, go on you more with which is boys and they have no idea that city. and you just have to when shirts, you thought just holding jerome just because all private program, but he isn't catalytic. i'm glad i got on the presence vision. yeah. that, that, that was a little go with create
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a new report. you must do it. can you sway each year? it's karen, i see technologies, fours already know woburn which chris, your premium us to restore, such as preschool yankee doodle is a by them a shuttle the promise shabani. once you get into the political voting election type of data, it's a very big problem, but it starts to move away from cybersecurity. we're now moving into an, an area that's way out of scope of the cybersecurity type of discussion. but it's a very, very critical discussion that needs to be solved at a national level with the right regulations in place and the right control over how these types of organizations process data. still mostly talk with. mike is catalina, we will need to pull some of us responded series. the great them for is movie vertical on whether you play through the channels. you know, what do you feel young lady from going to one. you mean your new school?
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was it the circular human would youth pollutant ship just around if she is beside least at the fuck a blue we were to see progressive. now you do with those to move to q. c. musician we and i mean it was more than when you get off the margin just as of the queue issues was or who sit in digital instrumental was your 1st and i thought i don't question premier from stop isn't them on because all at home and combine you wish in class actually bad, and you probably by should be done because it was over on the bomb. pushing facebook, but a chocolate. there was a couple of it named rest. i'm sure on get it from parts of helium. could dollar move it as you go with me and i mean the last payment of mr. johnson yet new to me . i don't want to done. boston is the clickable congest membership done of done was which net. if luca with the regional manager but just to target a proportion for his book and samantha does more in the air from chicago's kirk, i'm 100 percent. sure. v like was general dame. there's the mexican. yeah, i mean, it is a shitty. they're wishing restore them to doesn't have a heightened group just to read about this thought. so you start to come brainless
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points of in your marketing cement of digital dot com is that it was like, what's the problem with the worst ticket i called quarter? i still there, you have sent them like repost out on, correct me unless you don't pay me apology for nathan angela plus they broke up with us police, get them deal to wish repaired much complaint bedroom furniture bought and sold that. i wish mr. membership in william the premier time and i was asking them, i just wish she could. ashika particular was are my, are completely among the national shamika corporate me, her name is limited by this is just machine, the premier of them are american. if talk kid, should that what your longer done, that would you guess combine them? consider, but the chuck knock it down when you mean you called kiddos to put your finger, the q mature to talk job was to list label to put the dollar image some of the controller with louis whichever was what your impressions on with the new rates, et cetera, the, by the shift to tell you about a google just example hoggard that about to hostile, sway atmospheric or political party geology. like you're reaching them to something where it's julie just story took you to shoot to brazil is here. we'll get it yet
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and hip not yet. some of them walked out and wow, sure, sure. called citrus no machine to get i v like is the preferred a war earlier critique. google was very scoping except across the some didn't cops for kids, but rights are growing location. i mean, i grew all new. sure. college to didn't school kerosene threats and the cisco bottle, not as of each, have not any serious. i need the while it was ms. lynn grant. there are which comes through it from the park at cornell university at the progression it's at least it can be allocating the regular souls both of i eat and shortness of conduct us with i'm really sleepy. squeaky sways, it's any, see it kicked out. so chew source for conflict. go and what really with individual at the 3 percent africa really worth reaching received senior that we have the freeze mcgriff, a roster world backward present auditory wetmore last year. think a cool one rich kind of lenient, well, completely out american political talk, epigrams keep last ojibway battle, trump or 40 skip post about crew to a job, just the business shuttle home care shipper to build
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a social home with movies i live internet on us, works looked down on us as an us for relations or not as a kid, such as his son, the crating of dumb, not bodily problem or got to revise. nixon, what is freaking? smugly creased, got to the most violent consumers that your pistol player once it was diagnosed with any villages florida. yet, you know, i rosa de la stana dish, 40 mortgage degree sir, or competing them, but horde you can keep better because up us this to put them muster yeast is that each skid, your police give them idea if you could get a standard sizing and they got they got the repeat that one more time warner ah ah ah,
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ah, says little skew thinker natasha, according to what she muma there can you must popoleskie go to watch. ah. so with the board to the doors with mr. sorta mean school work still, commission is a motion to be to school today. i can, i've been in a bad massage therapy, so it seems that one is easy. you can dollars. now stephanie mice in for them to the past. mr. hi, get, are you young? i'm dealing with dial 0, it asked them up to a thought was sitting the own sitting funny. i tell you more. that was good of i
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don't, but i see a somewhere, no way to finish his pets. i least don't want to know just wrong, but i didn't this you need about got that only, but i'm, you know, it's me, i just thought the deal is even though it was more than is it the problem with that i was talking with get a last class church thought or tell me what that was. you know someone did, then when you've seen that you've been forestall searching for sprouts. what sir cole? good. the precise quote to produce q a year old little see do with the discovery is a no damage, sternly kill because i see a photo of other cedar e hon christmas last mccorkle say your what you remember most gilbert regular able to look for a bush over in the you said, sir, still got the link on your dish festival problem. yeah, i deal with the machine is put on several when, when your mir and your social work up a do it and you build acquitted views, has my share, the pieces and your keep them to you to come to my own douglas bork. he was tired
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of dealing with the roku musky issue in the coil, though it's got understood this deal, but there can still do a switch from good which it was the other one in the south gym would be right here . the she euros cut, throwing it on the hood without dog. ah, but please come with us. natasha, go prestige, missouri dump or whatnot. that's cuz i understood rosky, which is to always my chair and the previous articles last night at the ocean. i'm so graham code to solve more than 3 of you could, they would say she was me to quote you was meet. i mean them a pretty to sort of brought some prescriptive rules up like irish or no or years is all that osama come on the e in the pre miracle, they will send you ruth or a water to use to euros me. right. you will just be age that the girl, rosie you, rosie was holding the court to wash it down there and then it would be easier to cook bracewell now until darma, william would also get legitimate consequences, horribly way. louis, and it was her full of help watched florida, but there was a bad that like, what is it? so what does look like i can get and grow possession as a real fast lane,
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you end up with a more successor answer is boys of it. so that was women, instrumental when no one is mentioning at this instrument, the color is in the china is boys are sitting, at least i don't know what i'm going to is admirable either. she wasn't able to learn the sitting at the portion of that revised assignment. but i had some stuff as i can get it, but i thought if i could, if someone bundled net versus bench, is this a grant lloyd present? this 1000 more to, sam? was them prod machine in your store? so i said, yes, you would, you, through your right, you need a grown with us and keep it up. is our boss, mr. when you're trying to combine the combining particular bizarre bus from my deal with through the day and you can see it on the shelf. if there's a crow, the other she thought, are you from each in the living school of munich? you are, scott, why and your time you come off with us, get out of your motion buttons. elaine was show proposed to write your budget, and we tried telling you what she and what was the percentage you are storing the store as wish or with a new spray from going up the garden letter. if i get
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a minute to do more than just go with that, i might need to send the emphasis on order some some of the sessions are going to best on the time. busy which you might want if i had to move them from sunday, no extension tricare what she had to start getting the new media go to attract national feel like i could. but i'm, i'm, i'm a bit less people which look like it's all used and you can use why she specially too much in the media and you should be here, come back to you. should you the funds are unit sources, mural going to premier or get all the mortgage for you little but i shouldn't a solution that program that you would like to
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book the book you i guess the sports. i got to listen to that that i get off the ladder asked a couple of them that i missed you, but that was not through police abram, those 3 of them with you, does she got it the way that i need to know why was vis or send that to read news to divide to. ready listen to me ah
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ah, welcome to max kaiser's financial survival guide. looking forward to your bench madeau this is what happens dimensions in britain. del at this happens, you watch kaiser report. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed? what will make you feel safer? isolation, whole community. are you going the right way? or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great?
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in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, working room or shed in the back? she popped in. she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we snuck up there was a gun to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're filing on this issue, the other side window. by default, the lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why you where again, where you skin doesn't fit ticket. often i think the people need to take
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responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons who are less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number address with ah, european gas prices peak at old time records. as the continent faces a double whammy of power shortages and freezing temperatures, which just please with the current tension in europe is the united states fault. russia had to respond that every step at every step of the situation was getting worse and worse. president potent criticize his america and nato's eastward expansion.


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