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got a y track on black, he's got a black on black coat or black on black shirt. i walk. oh my god, someone is down by bad. my mobile ada ambulance has already been dispatched another shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence, the gunman was armed with an a r 15, semi automatic rifle belief, save the killer, made a beeline from his car in the parking lot through macy's. by the time he got to the food court, he was already firing, killing 54 year old hospice nurse, cindy, an you'll who was christmas shopping and 45 year old steven foresight, a father of 2 who ran a business in the mall. it appeared that suspects rifle did gm while he was
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attacking individuals in the food court police, if you voted down a flight of stairs, got his rifle working again and killed himself near j. c. penney's today. everyone agreed. it was a miracle. only 2 people were killed. mm hm. so this is my mom's typewriter. she used this in college and kept it all these years and now took really good care of it and i used to play with it when i was a kid. these are just 2 hiking back that she loaned me. i plan to la hiking this
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summer and i'm not her now. i like having him here. hey, definitely. so little piece a her this painting. i don't know. i was actually how many little things around here kind of way i've heard that makes me sad just going through the stuff but yeah, it's passive because she you know, she is gone. she's dead now, but i don't know. i think of her being here and like and alive. i don't know. i find me. oh, i found out about the shooting actually running updates on twitter as things were
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coming in. i called my mom. i didn't hear an answer from her, which was typical called the house and talked with mr. robert. he also said he hadn't heard from her but that she had gone shopping. so i knew she would be a clock. but i just figured i have never happened to your family. well, we are so much, you know where to start. we took lots of pictures. we did a lot, we travel a lot. we played a lot high height height liquid out. that was fun. of fiji, fiji was good. and then essex, montana. there was even a better time. snow camp there she and we had a good time to working hammer surgeon the back.
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she popped and she said, well, get ready to go shopping for christmas and where we are as real as to where is dune . there was a good bye. i wasn't reception i good by noon . i remember saying, well wait and i swear i got around to do that. i go, jesus can think of worse, but anyway, so go ahead go. i think of it was a simple thing like just taking the class again to recycle, but i, i always banker. if i can remember that we were that were slowly on a couple of minutes. she would have been a standard where she was different when different her
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with no sen. jenny barnett. good morning. good morning. did you you're working on a gun control bill that would expand oregon's background checks to include sales between private individual, correct. we already have it for gun shows, which many states don't. and actually that was my initiative that got that in place . was your support? like for the bill? very strong support from the gun owning community from law enforcement there's, i mean it, you know, some polling shows over 90 percent support for it. the other main bill that i have
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would ban all guns from schools and less school districts. wanted to have people carry guns from schools right now. the law says you can't carry a gun and into a school, but there's an exemption for concealed handgun license holders. you've been working on this for so long. you have such a history and trying to actually reduce the amount of gun violence in our society. what keeps me going is i know the public is with me and what, what happened after sandy hook and after clackamas is the public now, would they've been been there all along there. now speaking up, a gun owners are speaking up. ah, gun owners are perfectly fine with anything i'm trying to do. that extreme fringe makes life very, very unpleasant. gun
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advocates gathered at the oregon state capital today with people came out in support of gotten bright hauled, a patriot rally. they say no to a new regulations, like the ones being considered this session, including a ban on big ammo, magazines, and assault style rivals. all right, this really stinks being the shortest one working here. okay, there you go. all right, so what's going to happen if those guys in there don't listen to us? we have a law to laws that really state i want to say that the people over here who are you the stand up against the law of the land. what part of shall not be infringed, don't you understand? and we need to tell you get rid of laws over there at the capital. anytime you have some of these high profile events, sandy hook or
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a clock most town center or is making a big deal. well, you know, the gun control and take guns away from everybody and you know, and, and let's limit magazine size, which that's, that's not going to solve any issues. thought those were 10 round magazines. i would have had 50 rounds in that i could shoot off in less than probably 2 minutes. we need to get rid of them. misrepresentation that the american gun owner is some hip, it's sitting in the back woods where we again, were alternative lifestyles and everything like that. but we're definitely for our freedoms and our rights. as soon as he is mostly able to comprehend what a firearm is and what it does, you know physically um, you know, i know you'd be more than able to pretty much now this year intelligently. he has, i'm, he's almost to, i'm, i'm sure he'll be able to grasp the adult situation of it by, by, for when the class economy, they don't want people to be nailed or defend themselves. so who's the global
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leaders? they're the ones that run gentleman's point. oh, why do i want to speak? i have a lot to say, you know, i've never really said in front of a large group of people with were. so i figured why not? well, we're all smart enough here to know that we're there is more gun control. there is more crime even though i'm not big on the whole. oh, i need to go have something. all this all are apple. if i want one, i have the right to have one. i saw a couple of pictures on facebook. i had like washington and jefferson and it says, hey, stop, we want our country back. and you know, i, i honestly think if they knew what was happening, they would just, they say ok, revolutionary war, all over again. guys. we fought this once. let's do it again with
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protect your 2nd one. i gave him a deal with ah oil and gas manufacturing, electricity, telecom you guys partition. all of them now have i o t type of infrastructure
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connected to the internet. so clearly realizing that it's disruptive potential so that those countries cons ignore it because it threatens national security issues. but if we take the nato e u countries, virtually all of them subscribed to certain doctrines and maintains selling but tell us closes, they are a cyber army on behalf of a country. that's their job. ah, and i make no borders under the keys. and you perish as emerge. we don't have a terribly, we don't to look back seen the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better,
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we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been met. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with lou ah, within 24 hours i had gotten on line and contacted mares against illegal guns. i sent emails to brady d. so within 2 days of steve being shot, i was, i was already engaged. mm. mm. i lost my
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life and i mean, reasonably intelligent, but i, i just was trying to understand why the shootings occur. what motivates these people? whether it uses particular weapons, et cetera. and, and, and understanding laws and that was baffling to me how screwed up or laws are across the country. to fact that it was an assault weapon. really got me angry. and as i was reading about stuff i was just getting, you know, little more and more angry about it and upset about it. and the more i learned about the circumstances and how the guy got his gun and what the organ laws were, there was just getting me incense. ah
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ah, richard. the reason i'm here, my brother was one of the shooting that comes at the clackamas town center in december, gotten very involved in efforts to try to curb gun violence. i'm a registered republican, i own a guy i, i've hunted, i can change any of that. i just received a week before steve was shot. i went and bought my son, his 1st rifle being an ex service man and a police officer. you may have a concealed weapons permit. i don't, but i store my guns with trigger locks in the munition. i don't, i retired company don't need. oh not okay, but i know. all right. as we speak, all my guns are electronic safe at home. yeah. well this air 15 that was stolen was not really just sitting out. i took a trip back to dc in february and got a chance to meet a lot of the other folks from who had lost children at virginia tech in for their
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own university of arizona and sandy hook and aurora, colorado and columbine. and it is simply not the laws themselves. i mean there's mental health issues. yeah. and there's other, other things, but what, what seemed to me a major part of it was, you know, the simple availability of the weapons. hopefully, you know, there is a way to find some support from, from you on some of the measures that are going to come through and button up some of the laws. gerald, i'm not in favor of a lot of utilize this because we're not 1st the ones we have that are willing to look at anything. thank you. thanks a lot for your loss. i mean there's what can you say? i mean right now that i can't imagine, yeah, well, i appreciate your time and, you know, anytime you get a holler okay, thanks very much. mm.
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you know, there someone garden or comments and what they'll offer support to. but it would be more encouraging to hear some just outright support. ooh, ah, in in the seventy's, the late seventy's, i wrote a book called rage, which was about a school shooter who shoots his algebra teacher holes, his class hostage for a day. and that was found actually in the locker of one school shooter, i think in oregon. so i made the decision to withdraw the book from publication. when you find out that you wrote something that's been associated with acts of violence, there are couple of ways that you can go. one way is to say,
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i had no responsibility for that. i just wrote a book. i didn't have anything to do with the shooting or you can say, ah, yeah, ok, i might have had some sort of influence on this. the question that you have to ask is, does this disturb individual have access, easy access to a weapon? to work out his fantasies with his, his killing fantasies. my idea when i wrote guns was, let's make it very, very difficult for people to get automatic and semi automatic weapons. i mean, obviously if we could stop chiller tornadoes, we would, but somehow we're just sort of ext is supposed to accept the idea that some guy with a r 15 can go into your mall and light up the food court. a
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one of the 1st questions i was that was like on dealer lake was oregon. i would say sort of them on the guy on the pricing with i don't know how much it is going to be with incrementally that will reduce, right. there's a, there's a where we can discuss with rational people, you know, the gun rights are determined that people are so concerned about losing their rights. we can ensure that they keep their rights and still be able to control the
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with to a degree or not. but certainly there will help you with that under my bed. right. but i've always done my right. and i'm not sure how good that is with them allows you baseball player. i guess the thing today that struck you would think that some of these folks would be outraged, clackamas, with slaughter 21st graders, and her teacher give that to understand whether there's an outreach to google
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or ah, everybody, thank you for coming today. we're up vishal name for what we're doing here, like defenders of the republic defenders of the constitution founding fathers, valley, forge fighting republic for a logo. we have a cross cross with cross feather in. well, i will need you concerned about a logo because we are under such a time crunch because what's been thrown out of my life, a heritage defenders. it's short sample to the point. you know, people won't read the title and not get what it is they, they require a name, but we can have a genius or every time i with
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a name for right now, we want to work with. we talked about that and you have a pre overall big picture. if you take away the 2nd amendment, you're going to take away your 1st amendment, your 4th amendment, and the rest of the constitution isn't going to be there. and that's what they're trying to move in . we always, always, i guess when i was little her,
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my grandma had 350 suddenly sitting by the bed. my husband and my son got plenty to keep it for safety, safety 1st, why do they get past that? and then they see the sign. if they get that, then the door's locked and then if they get past that, then there's means i figure i've got 4 step home security, and they're free monthly fear, dog, food and bullying. lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs. she said, why do you wear again? were you still? i took it off.
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this is a ma spring 715 t. it's a $22.00 on our platform. except detachable magazines. i hear it's got the rails, which all is for us to you know, now attachments like this for to appear which all the for grip is for us to fire and stability. you know, keep it more stable. this is a flashlight laser, you know, it start whenever you need to see, turn on the flashlight. the scope, it's to see farther to shoot farther. the adjustable, but stock is just adjusted for your arm length. so in other thing it gives you better control the, the gun. same with the pistol. got
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a lot of people are scared of the pistol. get that all that does just give you more control the firearm to it. you know, just because you have a pencil here, it doesn't mean you can go and kill more people faster, you know, they see somebody go into a school or a mall with a gun that, that has a pistol grip and in rails and whatnot. and they think, oh then that must mean that those guns are bad, which is completely false. this is what a like a high caliber rifle will do like the k. and it's $20.00 to $2222.00. that's a per rachelle and it sends pretty cool message when we have our program rallies and we got thousands of people come in and then they do their little anti gun rallies and they got
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maybe 2040 only put 10 in there. ah, a legislature state senator with the issue comes home, it's time to act and that's what we're doing now. so what i'd like to ask all of you to do is to become active it when we're silent on this issue. the other
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side wins. by default we can be silent. no more. ah, i started work on the gun issue in 996. i'd always been annoyed that we couldn't as a society talk about reasonable gun lots. ah, virginia marie bertie. she's been talking about gun safety and gun restrictions since i've known her i can think of any legislator who's been as much in the forefront or such a strong voice as it is jenny. i don't think anybody's close to her or we have language that refers to transfers between immediate family members, not having to be subject to the background check. and we want to broaden that out a little bit. and are we speaking to all the bills? focus on the gun to schools. bill. public education is,
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is it risk in my campaign? i was about stronger than lot because of that i felt a sense of mission. it was very important for me to do it. ah ah ah ah ah ah a ah with
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ah matched either financial survival guide, stacy, let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm a true i can hear it from grief on banks of the site. wall street broad thank you for helping with enjoy. 6 that's right, fell out if you're a desk slavery technology is a very big industry and there's lot of opportunities for hackers. violence not here, but he didn't bring the law in that country. you're dealing with. why arrest him that the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws, but cyberspace is no borders, no sovereignty. we ended up with, for example, the national health service. in the u. k, the n h s was completely wiped out from
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a ransomware attack. if you were coming in to a clinic, because you had a test or you had an operation, they can't find your records. they had to go back to pen and paper with gas prices, smash all time records in europe with the ego, again pointing the finger replacement russia despite moscow fulfilling the fly contract. it's like doping, a top sports magazine, questions, transgender athletes. participation of women sport claiming they have an unfair advantage over other competitors. and a ra rages within the us democratic party, off to one of its own senators, effectively, torpedoes, jo, biding some lavish infrastructure bill in the senate. and we look at why it's fueling a crisis.


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