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i think the people need to take responsibility into their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths with gas prices smash all time records in europe with the e. u. again pointing the finger of blame of russia despite moscow fulfilling its supply contract. it's like doping, a top sports magazine, questions, transgender athletes, participation and women support claiming they have an unfair advantage over other competitors and around rages within the us
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democratic party after one of its own sentences, effectively torpedoes, jo biden's, lavish infrastructure bill in the senate. we look at why it's fueling a crisis of confidence among the democrats. ah, tyler just turned 11. i am here in moscow on i was calling bray. welcome to your world news from archie international was starting in europe, where gas prices have jumped to all time record highs. more countries grapple with the energy crunch. there's apparently still time to play the blame game, pointing the finger again at russia despite moscow fulfilling previously agreed contract. gus prom supplies gas according to consumers, requests and full compliance with a current contractual obligations. reco breaking day when it comes to the price of gas in europe that has topped $2000.00 per 1000 cubic meters of gas for the 1st time ever. it's come about after gas from the russian energy giant
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didn't book any gas transit through poland on the mall, europe pipeline. and it's both very basic sense that meant no extra gas would be arriving in germany. now the gas problem continues to live up to the contracts. it has with european nations like germany and others. but what it's not doing is sending any extra onto the market. what that means. this doesn't increase demand and well not the supply as i said. so that means the prices have gone right open. fact they've gone through the roof this month alone. prices of risen by 40 percent since the summer they've gone up 300 percent. not start to take it toll on energy companies and number of them deciding that this is just too rich for their blood. and they've had to, well, they fold it, they've had to file for bankruptcy. the latest to do that is neck and strong. here in germany, they supplied power to some 13000 homes across the country, they'll not be doing not anymore. they decided they just can't be part of this with
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the energy price. so high. now, i said this guy's problem continues to live up to the contracts which it signed. however, that hasn't stopped european leaders from suggesting that russia is using energy is using gas supply in an attempt to try and exert political influence over some countries in europe. russia is used energy as a tool for political influence, the for instance, in moldova. and while it is strictly speaking, fulfilling its commitments on gas supplies, many fits kurt refusal to increase export volume to europe or to refill gas from storage facilities as a means to exert pressure on the you specifically to secure the regulatory licensing of moving to the kremlin spokesman the meter press. gov has said this isn't an issue for. busy the russian government that this is an issue between europe and gas, prominent questions on this whole subject, well shouldn't be directed towards the kremlin. they need to go to gas prom h q to mr to serve. what is the reason for the decrease in gas deliveries via the
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amal europe pipeline with gas now going in the reverse direction. is that a link between a suspension of supplies, the germany and the north stream to pipeline it up? so no, there is no link. it's a purely commercial issue and it's up to gus prompt to explain the reasons well, when you look at the prices, it's clear to see why this is such a big su, $4.00 to $4.00 and a half time increases across europe when it comes to gas prices. as i said, huge demand for russian gas in europe at the moment, it had been hoped that the, the nord stream to gas pipeline would be able to, to slake some of that thirst for gas. the plan was that that would be able to provide as much as 55000000000 cubic meters of gas every single year, directly into germany, and then on towards the rest of europe. however, it's found itself snarled oftener and bureaucratic process when it comes to certification. here in germany right now, we're hearing it may well not be approved until the 2nd half of 2022. this is after
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we had thought it would be up and running by. well, now that was after the united states lifted sanctions against the north stream to company earlier in 2021 that had previously called the let cause delays on that project. and while here of gas prices max out, spain's transition to green energy is looking a bit shaky wine produces in the south, the furious over the construction of a wind turbine park concerned that it might cast a shadow on their industry. ah, in the middle obviously there can be no fingers where these turbines are built. so some vineyards will disappear, of the biggest problem is damaged to landscape,
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which is an essential part of our heritage and very important for wine tours on her mind. we asked at this turbine park not be implemented, you ah, that in all over the we asked the authorities if there is any way to stop this park to stop in let another location be found. we are not against renewable energy. it is a part of our future, but it must not prevent tourism. it should respect our land and heritage, ah. the issue of transgender athletes is back in the news in the united states writing about the success of 22 year old lee at thomas a top college women from pennsylvania. the sport leading us magazine claim. she has an unfair advantage over biologically female competitors, claiming that it's similar to doping. the in c, w one you suppressant requirement is not nearly stringent enough to create
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a level playing field between thomas and the biological females against whom she is racing. for nearly 20 years, she built muscle and benefited from the testosterone naturally produced by her body . that strength does not disappear over nights, nor the years worth of the presence, and this strength is beneficial to her stroke on turns and to her endurance doping as the same effect. on earlier artes daniel hawkins dug deeper with cabin. i went into why the editor of a leading sports magazine would want to write the issue now, then that its oral piece drawn loan. we, but he does questions not so much about the rights of transgender athletes to compete in sports. i don't think mess up for the bait is mostly with fairness and boundaries and the rules under which they compete. and in that article, which was quite strongly worded and wanted to make clear, he's not accusingly, it's almost of doping. that's not what this is about. but rather about the effects and advantages of undergoing agenda change to compete in women's sports. and we
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have to put this into context here because lead thomas, of course, was a participant in males. some accommodations for a number of years before undergoing testosterone suppression treatment. presumably in that year when competitions were suspended due to co would she came back to what is a bite in women's competitions, according to all rules and regulations the following year. and since then, she's really been breaking record off the record and that caused people to ask questions, no less from the parents. some other competitors who wrote an open letter to the n c i n to penn state's expressing concerns at the clear disparity in physical traits between the summit at stake. here is the integrity of women, sports, the precedent being set, one in which women do not have a protective and equitable space to compete as a direct threat to female athletes in every sport. what all the boundaries, how is this in line with the n c, a commitment to providing a fair environment for student athletes? again, even from the parents point about anything,
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the question of the rights of transgender athletes to compete is being raised at school, about fairness, and really where should launch be drawn in terms of that level playing field. right . so let's look at this and what's the us, i think association of the say about it. well the n c a has the respondents request for coma and we'll bring that to abuse. as we get it, the university did respond saying that they are inclusive of everybody's participation in sports. they've double down on their support fully. it's almost been a flex. it's committed to being a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, all student athletes, coaches and stuff. and we held true to that commitment today and in the future ally, it's almost of course, is found herself really at the center of the focal point of the scandal and in her rise. she's followed the rules and regulations. i submitted all of my medical work that i had been collecting for the past year and sent all that into the ca, anne's. they approved everything and i was clear to compete on the women's team.
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the question really isn't about lia thomas. it's more to do with the wider rules and regulations imposed by sports association, sports competitions. and do they really provide a fair and a level playing field for all participants in his competitions. on this case of lee, it's almost really could set a precedent for such future discussions. note in swimming, but across other sports disciplines. there's something that's athletes across the world. a coaches sports teams will very much be keeping close on or some thoughts on this sports journalist john good buddy predicts that it's an issue which might see biological women be less willing to participate in sporting events in the future. this situation is i think probably the biggest problem that international sport is going to face in the foreseeable future. what is now coming is the fact that the international olympic formation have said that after the beijing winter
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olympics, the suppression of testosterone for a year will no longer be necessary. i think that could mean massive decline in the number of women wanting should take part in not only are leach sport, but possibly also in sports at char, what we turn, the more grassroots level ne, the lower level of school in fighting is breaking out within the u. s. democratic party and after one of its own senators, tip the balance in the senate by refusing to vote in favor of jo biden's near to trillion. dollar build back better build dimension m e through fury from the white house as his move seen as a fatal blow to the president flagship plan. although apparently not by biden himself. dubois, i mentioned he worked for you. and how does the result trust with banter?
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legislation that some people think may be, i'm not our industries hold grudge work, i want to get things done. i still think there's a possibility. can you go back better, john? although biden seemed unfazed by his party partners change of heart. it did pave the way for a further rift in american politics with the democratic party now facing something of a crisis of confidence. the saskia taylor explained by didn't promise to build back better. but than long time, friend joe mansion went on fox news and blew up the president's campaign promises. and i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i've tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. you're done. this is, this is a no, this is a no, and with it it seems his whole party. we all knew that send or mention couldn't be trusted. you know, the, the excuses that he just made, i think,
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are completed. and let miss the manager explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to set up the powerful special ed. what sen mentioned did yesterday represents such an egregious breach of the trust in the president. and it's also, you know, this is exactly why it's an outcome that we had warned about. we have been saying this for weeks that this would happen and we took the hits, our leadership needs to step off. now politics and think the pointing go hand in hand, nothing new. right? well not quite because one of the tradition for the red to the blues to speak to each other across the aisle. if the democrats spitting, i didn't child that, i didn't even take that much, just one man one veto. and it all came down. what made mansions, treachery, old, more unforgivable, was like, he was by do body. a funny face. will say that from the president viewpoint and i saw him this morning. he's worked with senator mansion over the course of decades.
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they share fundamental values. they're long time friends that has not changed about how alienating biden's policies apparently become a long time friends, decades of shad fridays and mansion still broke rank. even though people loyal us even though billed by bachelor was by didn't baby. and even though he knows that without the bill, the mid tubs may be a blog off. if we could get the build back better plan past, democrats will have a strong possibility of at least keeping the senate. it's tough, it's a tough reality. in today's america, where it's party above all mansion, vito spells trouble for biotin and it really couldn't have come. i don't was time. yes. gonna stop withdrawal on the kron tearing through the us high pencil prices, a supply chain still in crisis record inflation on a historically low popularity rating of just 141 percent. at a time like this, you need your people move and that's why you need a rallying cry. what does bite and have
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a party and boiled in fighting his signature legislation and the dot, and now defecting democrats with rumors that is just the tip of the iceberg member, we had an individual reregister from democrat to republican, and i think there are a few other democrats out there that are thinking about it, why not? because they've changed, but the party has changed with what appears to be a crisis of confidence in this change party. the last thing the democrats can afford is a crisis of confidence in the president himself, but looks like that's exactly what they've got. so the real president, it is country joe mentioned joe biden matter. wait for the con charlemagne. i really s job. i can't, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's joe biden, which quite frankly, probably came as news to biden himself. how can the side, of course, president harris is a proud howard. ok, but kidding aside,
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the democrats got handed the keys to success. they took over from the countries moved divisive president, they took control of the house and the senate, and yet here, just 11 months on their in disarray with the president probably looking on and thinking that may be. but instead of building back better, it might be what building back a poor p that seems to have lost its way. as you know, all right is split n a is gone, seemed like dale is growing, amongst both part is he in america is the breakup within a democrat pot. and in b o leadership law president by the house hasn't made it in a bell. they are running a freight, they're not elections coming up to mit. turning 2022 and doubtful. they may lose that. and it's a one way thing. it shows a lot of hypocrites within the democratic party. i think the dom crash. no, they are in for a fight, a flight of their life. they have all been so rather grab a cane, so radical death. they'll move for away from the main stream of america. what
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american people want, and they know it's going to be a fight for their life. they only all white house, anna, they own the congress and the senate, and they have been unable to get to be back belo ah, program together and get it class because it actually bankruptcy for america as what a stance was. without a life from moscow on the way this wednesday, the israeli defense forces reportedly change the terms of engagement with palestinian suspects to allow live fire even on retreating. suspects no longer posing a threat on next story after this ah
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ah ah well, when you listen to a sequence of tone and you think acts is going to happen, you know, why happen said distinctive bringing response is engage that are relevant to you, how we experience reward and pleasure, while listening to some people looking this is a kind of music. is it kind of choreographing of our expectation? mm. oh,
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is your media reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led somewhere? ah direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend, ah, to join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oil and gas, manufacturing, electricity, telecom transportation, all of them now have a u. t. type of infrastructure connected to the internet. so clearly realizing
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there's disruptive potential so that those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take the nato e u countries, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains cyber task forces. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country. that's their job. with ah, hello again, the israel defense forces said to revise their open fire policies for the west bank . territory troops now reportedly allowed to shoot at palestinian throwing rocks or petrol bombs, even if they no longer oppose an immediate threat. it's believed have been an effect for a month or so. the idea maintains the preferred outcome for their soldiers is still
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an arrest. not shots, but the galaxy of the reported changes is being questioned. previous policy stated that soldiers were allowed to open fire only when trying to arrest a suspect. and only if the person was still throwing rocks or petrol bombs. not after an attack. the idea it says this allowed suspects to flee the scene with impunity and that the change was necessary to prevent that the policy change might be new birth. there already been a number of deadly incidents when the idea it's open fire. a palestinian protested in 2015 per man was killed for allegedly throwing rocks at an office. his car in 2019 another was shot after he was mistakenly thought to have weapons last year. the protest was killed after he refused to hand over his generator. now in each case, the idea of rejected any allegations of wrongdoing. the leader of the palestinian national initiative party though, says he is ready, military is resorting to excessive violence. there are justifying their killing go civilian indians. so naughty zoom and her allowing soldiers g was the from force
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whenever they want, anytime they want and whatever they want. even if the palestinians they are shooting are not present, take any kind of declared openly that they don't want to negotiate. palestinians, they don't want us to be on the rights for freedom. they don't want blocks of but as to rights for some determination and the state. and then they want only to consolidate the system of property on discrimination. this will not provide any protection to anybody, especially that the disorder he lives practically into only police things. it will not affect there isn't a legal settlers who attack palestinians with not only with rocks, but with guns as well as their houses. and nothing can justify the use of deadly force and leaf and weapons against the people who are not presenting them
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to the soldiers. and pink floyd co founder and political activist roger waters has also been speaking as on palestinian writes in today's edition of giving undergrad here on our t alice indians should have as many human rights as israeli jews do human rights matter or not. you cannot cherry pick them, you can't say i benny gats, have human rights. i have the right to not be attacked and to be and to life and liberty in my family have the right to. but they don't because they live in garza, in a refugee camp and their arab sunday, the enemy, so day you do not have the right to life. it has nothing that tel aviv can do to convince us the ordinary people of the world in global civil society, that they do have equal rights until they do when are interested in your propaganda or in your husband. are you know, any or explaining to us the israel is
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a democracy. we all know that that do we believe that individual human beings, i must have been members of our one race. have inalienable human rights or not. if we do then those rights or their right to those basic rights to shelter food, barbara, freedom of life, liberty, and all of the rest of it should be protected by international law. unfortunately, we don't have international law. ah, one of the world's leading medical industry publications has furiously accused facebook of incompetent fact checking which led to one of its articles being flagged uses, reportedly got a missing context flag for a british medical journal report on major flaws and a fight vaccine trial. shot edwards dashti report, one of the world's most prestigious outlets. the british medical journal is on the
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battlefield on line of course, with facebook and its 3rd party fact checkers, interfering with the outlets, article on data integrity issues in finances. vaccine trial breeders began reporting a variety of problems and trying to share our article, some report had been unable to share it. many others reported having their post flagged with a warning about missing context. we find the fact checked, deformed by the lead stories to be inaccurate, incompetent and responsible. it fails to provide any assertions of fact that they b m. j article got wrong, thought b m k. article revealed sensitive materials signed by a form of an employee showing poor clinical trials research practices of the fines is anti cove at $900.00 vaccine, which could potentially impact patient safety. sir, who conduct his quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems. dave are finding as to repeatedly notifying mentality of these problems,
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the regional director, boot jackson e mail to complain to the us food and drug administration, and having a fight her late to the same day faces contractor. then tavia later denied these allegations. as the story was virally spreading, the tac giants were quick to clearly effect how the article was shared by its users . our work is used to slow the spread of outright falsehoods, or to warn readers to think about crucial context that's missing and other po's. in this case, facebook user seeing b m j dot coms article, or merely warned of missing context. the lightest measure facebook applies. we would like to point out that lead stories is not involved in enforcing said community guidelines and that we agreed this content probably should not be blocked . it comes as facebook even admitted earlier in a separate case that it's fact checking tick box less doesn't have a box for fact, but a box for opinions, the labels themselves and neither false,
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no defamatory. to the contrary, they constitute protected opinion. social media rouse are more rampant than ever, but those that are supposed to do the myth busting a seemingly becoming the makers of the myths. talk checking responsibilities are being ga, just delegating to some organizations. we don't know who they are. we don't know. we'll go there colacho acacia louise i would have to except the burb barrage still to an extent if you told me to add the break to show the british medical journal had been appointed is our fact checking organization for the purpose of fall of soap and medical information and needs accuracy, that would make a little bit of sense because this is what they do. this is what they are known all for. but those who are meant to do make sure that the general public are, is been giving accurate information of facts. they turn out to be
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a liars praise brooklyn to be fact checking. and now it turned out that fuck chicken is only in a premium that your facts are wrong. next to mid increasing tensions between the united states and china, america's top diplomat says his government stands behind the small eastern european nation of lithuania and an escalating trade dispute with beijing says the use biggest economy germany was dragged into the spat media report to saying that china is pressuring german auto parts giant continental to stop using components made in lithuania, while the new sparks a wave of discontent among german manufacturers. the latest measures china has adopted against lithuania amount to a trade boycott that will impact the whole of the you. it shows that china is prepared to decouple economically from politically undesirable partners. it's clear that any damage to the value chains that are at the heart of the e single market as not to be tolerated by ging downgraded its diplomatic ties with
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lithuania. last month after a taiwanese representative office opened in vilnius bay, jane considers taiwan pot of china. but the island sees itself as independent of that. the through a near allowed the taiwanese office to open was seen as undermining china's territorial integrity. lithuania blatantly creates a one china, one time one precedent in the global community which completely deviates from the political commitment between china and lithuania, if violates the one china principal, the basic norm of the universal consensus in the international community and will inevitably be disdained and rejected. because at the rising the situation as step by step from the bane wisdom or it it promotes in china. so of course this become i just like a talk country in the warm now. so of course ne, trey, the war or how the war ira as is going more and the more deeper even us or other european countess or not to to patch it out by the night however you sonya
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be that that so that's why i as hannah, happy to use a more serious and of course, a lot of companies in germany. so you for their yours or obviously and yes, our product a component. so this are, we are lately with you some time or i think our friends part lithuania, says that economic pressure from china has got the potential to disrupt international supply chains where we discuss the situation with economists. alexander cat, who says that the e, you could intervene if there's enough evidence of pressure from china. but the good you, as a clearly stated, don't it is a gathering evidence about any search or measures are being implemented her by showing her any damage or a could have been inflicted or.


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