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i take it off it, i think the people need to take responsibility. a neural nanzen be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings. we certainly wouldn't have the number address with lisa, the entity with our t rush is foreign minister says moscow will react to the flagrant attempt by berlin to block our t german language channels. and after europe's leading satellite provider removes it at the request of the country's media regular, we cannot tolerate it any longer. and we believe that this unacceptable situation will go on. we will have to respond to it. gas prices smash all time records in
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europe with ease you, again pointing the finger of blame at russia despite moscow for filling its supply contracts. and also this our a rat race with a party after one of its own sentences, effectively torpedos k biden's lavish infrastructure to fill in the senate. we look at why he's feeling a crisis of confidence among democrats. ah hello, good afternoon to o'clock. here in moscow you watching artie international now the russian foreign minister surrogate landfill has given artie an exclusive live interview, which he touched upon a range of key world issues. ah, well, one of the main points mr. lab rob discussed was the removal of, ah,
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german language channel, archie, d. e from york's main satellite network provider. it happened moments before the interview. at the move came at the request of germany's media regulator. mr. lab, ralph slammed the action against the channel, which and he began broadcasting last week and warned that it was an acceptable behavior to on the part of berlin, and that there will be consequences. we'll ask additional just there was the girl who had been tempted to respond similarly. but until recent times we were convinced that we do not want to follow the same path and try to put pressure on media and follow suit with our western partners. but you know, the same thing, russian security, we cannot tolerate it any longer. and we believe that this unacceptable situation will go on. we will have to respond to it. well for some context here, r t d face the barrage of resistance and allegations since it launched last thursday is accused of not having the necessary documentation to broadcast in
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germany. but arte management says its license was obtained in accordance with all european laws and regulations. he knew channel was also taken off, the chief of very date was launch technically has no connection between that and the german t v broadcast dispute. at the time they, when official for a german media watchdog did say that the new channel would be taken care of. this is our t statement in response to the latest news. to day, the german regulator forced european settlers service util sat 9 to remove the broadcast of our when you moscow bays german language channel, artie deutsch from its platform. it is an appropriate for the german regulator, m a b b to overreach and ignore the european convention or trans frontier television under which it is subject. thereby forcing utah sat to remove archie deutsch from the carrier solely due to the unsubstantiated and factually flawed claims of the german re you later,
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we believe this amounts to really go pressure and are confident this action will be redressed by the courts. we will be seeking all possible remedies against the german regulator and our audience can continue to access our content across multiple platforms and online. calling bray discussed the ongoing situation with the ceo of arte alexi nicholas, who did stress, did everything involving arte de wards, done legally. the reason it's happening is because nobody wants competition, and we obviously are getting more and more popular. and the online service that we had in germany was phenomenal, a successful i should say. and naturally, no one likes competition. and that's fair. i mean, we all want to compete, well, trying to compete, trying to win our orders. the problem is that we want to do it perfectly legally, and we are absolutely sure, and we consulted with our international lawyers that everything we have don was
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exactly according to the existing laws and regulations. why do you think it's getting so much resistance in germany? because the english language channel had a bit of trouble along the way in the united states and sometimes in london. but we've been going for years, the french channel, the arabic channels, the spanish channels are all fine. why is it such a problem for germany? i can only guess, i do not know for sure. i don't want to to get publicly about the fact is that each new channel is getting more and more resistance, which is almost like getting a metal. because that means we are getting more and more successful. they see you see us as more and more of a competition, but of course they claim something which is totally ridiculous that this is not being produced here in moscow. but you know, you know, very well that been user room is right across across the corridor. you know, the newsroom is here and this to those here. and the broadcasting facilities in hair and german regulator is trying to persuade us this is all
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fictitious, right? i mean, they're just up the coward or i said hello to by the image presenting today is we past having a coffee machine. so what's the channels next? move going to be. we were brought up in an idea that if you have a disagreement, you go to the court of law and that's how you solve your and settle your disputes. and quite honestly, who are bit surprised that and this particular case they different course of action has been followed by some of our distinguished opponents. we intend to do exactly that. we intend to go buy the perfect perfect illegal path. we know exactly what to do with no exact, we are totally sure we can solve that checked and double checked with all the lawyers with all the experts in the area where absolutely sure that we are doing the right thing. and whenever you have a dispute, you're, you're resorting to the, to the law. and that's exactly what we're going to do. is this going to have any
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impact on the transmissions of the rest of the r t family of channels? not that i would know of that, and again we have all the licenses that were supposed to have for all our versions for our languages. yes, we can, we continue working and hopefully well, as we said in our statement we, we are available to him. many other options, i don't want to name them all, but there are, there was a number of options for people who want to know the alternative use. and sometimes, what we believe is a more accurate version of many events and then what they get from the german mays, tramecia. and we will, but we will fight, we will fight legally. and i'm quite sure that we will get the possibility to bring our version of events, which is 2, legitimate to which we are totally entitled to our viewers in germany as well as in all other countries. know the and actually there,
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if i am to be pressure from rivals within germany, that's just the nature of the gave you. and i both know, do you think there's been any extra pressure from governments on the regulators or rivals over this? while the fact is that we've been, but just a few minutes ago with been caught from air by a very well known and respected satellite operator. and why did it happen? this is the question that probably needs to be asked to the operator. could that happen without any pressure? again, without any decision, by court of law, any injunction or whatever? again, this is the question that needs to be asked to someone else asked that i suppose it's, i think, you know, ask you a question that's similar to how long is a piece of string that the channel made it on air. it made it onto the satellite or be taken off a week later, getting channels to broadcast in various countries with a lot of paperwork with a lot of permission. that's not a regulation. is this something that can be swiftly sorted out?
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we have a plan, obviously, as well as tracking the plan that we've used was not a plan a. unfortunately, we're not able to use the plan a that we use the plan b, which you, you may, you may know that we didn't to work to. and we are going to get it, we're going to dispute that in a court of law with another country. so now we're going to plan d and plan e. we have many of them. but one thing is certain people who want to know the different side and want to know the events of the truth that is not being brought by some mainstream german media. have the possibility to do that to do that, and we'll try to help them as much as we can. but apart from ortiz, gym and channel being drops by the european satellite network. much attention was devoted to, to the escalating tensions between russia and nato. mister lap rope responded to the lines chief latest remarks for the i'm was it
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a silly global celeste to play with her to states and governments have clearly stated that no participant though s c h should ensure their security by damaging the security of others. so again, stolen berg made this high brow an arrogant statement that no one can bridge the principal, the washington treaty. and according to which doors are open for any candidate wishing to accede to nato, we can say that we are not party to this organization. we have not signed this treated, but we assign of broader plan regional euro atlantic document that includes the principle of indivisible security. and again, self mag believes that nato members can ignore this principle that isn't shrine in the document to adopt at the highest level than perhaps it is indeed time for him to get a different job. because he does not perform his functions very well. would here in the very studio what took place will be 10 a lot the reduced format we had 5 correspondence. here we set out from 5 of all t's channels from different languages here. and mr. lab cover to, as we said earlier,
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real her spectrum of salient, international and topics of the day from the presence of foreign troops, us troops and syria, to the ongoing nuclear negotiations in iran. and obviously one subject that has been very much on the agenda today be difficulties faced by our system channel or t deutsche in, in germany. the main focal point, know, as we said, was that escalation, the ongoing crisis on the russia, ukraine border, and that's been very much a focal point of much west to media. those allegations of thousands of russian troops messing on the chrome border allegations level moscow that this is in preparation for some sort of intervention or conflict. miss lava was very clear to say, this is not something that moscow seeks or wants that russia moscow does not seek any escalation, but ra once. these issues can be resolved through daughter, run through the strengthening of and fashionable institutions such as the when and
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other organizations. and he really warned against the danger all the return or ra, returning towards a might, is right balance of power. and while the insisting that dialogue is key and not just all of but also putting any sort of agreements that you sort of dialogue in writing, in some sort of legal framework. and that was something that i focused on very much . and when we touched upon the expansion of nato eastwood's, mr. novel of medicine, as we saw in that piece earlier that russia moscow does see the presence of nathan military, military expansion went to east woods as a threat to its security. and the west has to understand that, but as the topic of concern for russia compromise has to be reached, if the escalation is to happen, he called for the formalization within the legal framework, as we said, or to prevent that expense in east woods. and that
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a recent discussions had been actually quite positive that washington had listened to moscow's concerns and at least a dialogue out what's happening. so at least that's something positive to take away from these tensions which have been rising over the last few weeks. you've done, hawkins there now you are paying gas prices jump to all time record highs. and while countries grapple with the energy crunched, is apparently still time to play the blame game pointing the finger again at russia despite moscow fulfilling previously agreed contracts. gas prom supplies gas, according to consumers, requests and full compliance with the current contractual obligations. reco breaking day when it comes to the price of gas in europe that has topped $2000.00 per 1000 cubic meters of gas for the 1st time ever. it's come about after gas brom the russian energy giant didn't book any gas transit through poland
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on the mile europe pipeline in its most very basic sense. that meant no extra gas would be arriving in germany. now. gas pran continues to live up to the contracts. it has with european nations like germany and others, but what it's not doing is sending any extra on to the market. what that means is there's an increased demand and well, not the supply as i said. so that means the prices have gone right up. in fact, they've gone through the roof this month alone. prices have risen by 40 percent since the summer. they've gone up 300 percent in that it started to take a toll on energy companies and number of them deciding that this is just too rich for their blood. and they've had served while they folded. they've had to file for bankruptcy, the latest to do that is neck m, and strong. here in germany, they supplied power to some 13000 homes across the country. they'll not be doing that anymore as they decided they just can't be part of this with the energy price . so high. now, i said that gas brown continues to live up to the contracts which it signed.
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however, that hasn't stopped european leaders from suggesting that russia is using energy is using gas supply in an attempt to try and exert political influence over some countries in europe. rodgers used energy as a tool for political influence, the for instance, in moldova. and while it is strictly speaking, fulfilling its commitments on gas supplies, many through his current refusal to increase export volumes to europe or to refill gas from own storage facilities as a means to exert pressure on the you specifically to secure the regulatory licensing of nursing to the kremlin spokesman, the meter press. gov has said this isn't an issue for. busy the russian government that this is an issue between europe and gas, prominent questions on this whole subject, well shouldn't be directed towards the kremlin. they need to go to gas prom h q to mr to serve. now what is the reason for the decrease in gas deliveries? fire the amal europe pipeline with gas now going in the reverse direction. is there
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a link between a suspension of supplies the germany and the north stream to pipeline it up? so no, there is no link, it's a purely commercial issue, and it's up to gus prompt to explain the reasons. well, when you look at the prices, it's clear to see why this is such a big issue with $4.00 to $4.00 and a half time increases across europe when it comes to gas prices. as i said, huge demand for russian gas in europe at the moment. it had been hoped that the, the nord stream to gas pipeline would be able to, to slake some of that thirst for gas. the plan was that that would be able to provide as much as 55000000000 cubic meters of gas every single year, directly into germany, and then on towards the rest of europe. however, it's found itself snarled oftener and bureaucratic process when it comes to certification. here in germany right now, we're hearing it may well not be approved until the 2nd half of 2022. this is after
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we had thought it would be up and running by. well, now that was after the united states lifted sanctions against the north stream to company earlier in 2021 that had previously called the let cause delays on that project. now while europe's gas prices max out spain's transition to green energy is looking shaky. wine produces in the south the furious over the construction of a wind turbine park and do say may literally cast a shadow on their industry. ah . ready in the main fatal, obviously there can be no vineyard where these turbines are built, so some vineyards will disappear. one of the biggest problem is damage to the landscape, which is an essential part of our heritage. and very important for wine tours on,
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for my we asked at this turbine park not be implemented, you ah, that at all or deliberately we asked the authorities if there was any way to stop this park to stop it. but another location be found, we're not against renewable energy. it is a part of our future, but it must not prevent tourism, so it should respect our land and heritage ah, in fighting his brag a night within the u. s. democratic party, after one of its own sentences tip the balance in the senate by refusing to vote in favor of j biden's, nate to trillion dollar bill back better, bill i. j. manchin immediately drew fury day from the white house, as his mave is seen as a fatal blow to the presence flagship plan, although,
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apparently not by biden himself, do you believe are mentioned word you? how do you think adapter legislation? some people think maybe i'm not irish, please hold a grudge, look, i want to get things done. i still think there's a possibility. can you build back better john? i went by and see my face, though, did pay the way for further rift in american politics, but the democratic party, nie, facing a crisis of confidence, assassin, taylor, explains by didn't promise to build back better than long time. friend joe mansion went to fox news and blew up the president's campaign promises, and i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't. i've tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. you're done. this is, this is a, no, this is a no, and with it it seems his whole party. we all knew that send or mention couldn't
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be trusted. you know, the, the excuses that he just made, i think, are complete. and let miss america explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to say up the powerful special or what senator mentioned did yesterday represents such an egregious breach of the trust of the president. and it's also, you know, this is exactly why it's an outcome that we had warned about. we have been saying this 4 weeks that this would happen. and we took the hit, our leadership needs to step up. now politics and finger pointing, go hand in hand, nothing new, right? well, not quite because wanted tradition for the reds in the blues to spit to each other across the aisle. here, if the democrats spitting at each other and it didn't even take that much, just one man one veto, and it all came down. what made mansions, treachery, aldermore, unforgivable, was that he was biden's body. a friendly face will say that from the president's
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viewpoint and i saw him this morning, he's worked with senator mansion over the course of decades. they share fundamental values. they're long time friends that has not changed. that's how alienating biden's policy is apparently become long time friends, decades of shad values and mansion still broke rank even though be the loyalist, even though build back better was biden's baby. and even though he knows that without the bell, the mid tom's may be a blood off. if we could get the build back better plan past, democrats will have a strong possibility of at least keeping the senate. it's tough, it's a tough reality. in today's america, whereas party above all mansions, vito spells trouble for bite and i really couldn't have come, i was time be, i'm gonna start withdrawal on the kron tearing through the us. hi, petra price is a supply chain still in crisis record inflation on a historically low popularity rating of just 41 percent. at a time i did,
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you need your people move and that's why you need a rallying cry. what does bite and have a party and boiled in fighting has signature legislation and the dot, and now defecting democrats with rumors that is just the tip of the iceberg member, we had an individual reregister from democrat to republican, and i think there are a few other democrats out there that are thinking about it, why not? because they've changed, but the party has changed with what appears to be a crisis of confidence in this change party. the last thing the democrats can afford is a crisis of confidence in the president himself, but looks like that's exactly what they've got. so the real president, it is country joe mentioned joe biden, man and wife for the con charlemagne. i really job and i can't. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's joe biden, which quite frankly, probably came a news to bite him south. i'll kinda side of course, president harris is
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a proud howard. okay, but kidding aside, the democrats got handed the keys to success. they took over from the country's most divisive president. they took control of the house and the senate. and yet here, just 11 months on their in disarray with the president probably looking on and thinking that may be. but instead of building back better, it might be worth building back a party that seems to have lost its way. as you know, all right is split and now is grand. seemed like dale is growing a moss. both part is he in america is a breakout within a democrat pod and and be our leadership law president by the house hasn't made it in a battle. they are running afraid and not election is coming up to mid term 2022 and doubtful. emmy lou left and it's a one way thing. it shows a lot of hypocrites within the democratic party. i think the dumb crash. no, they are in for a fighter fight of their lives. they have all been so rather grab
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a cane co radical debt. they have moved far away from the main stream of america, what american people want, and they know it's going to be a fight for their life. they only all white house and they own the congress and the senate, and they have been unable to get to be a back battle program to govern and get a class because who actually bankruptcy for america as what a stance why what you got into national still had to decide of these round offense forces reportedly change that terms of engagement with palestinian suspects and will now allow lie fire even on retreating, suspects that no longer pose a threat will have the details to stop this long when i would show seemed wrong when i was
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just a new world yet to shape out the theme becomes the applicant and engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will to part. we choose to look for common ground. when you listen to a sequence of tone and you think action is going to happen, you know, why happen? distinctive reading response is engage that are relevant to you, how we are and reward and pleasure, while listening, but from people looking. this is a kind of music is a kind of choreographing of our expectation, who join me every 1st day on the alex simon short. and i'll be speaking to guests in the world, the politics, sport, business and show business. i'll see you then. me
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the hello. yeah. in the israel defense forces are said to have revised that open fire policies for the west bank territory troops. and i reportedly allowed to shoot to palestinians throwing rocks or petrol bombs, even if they no longer oppose. an immediate threat is believed to have been in effect for a month this i will ready. the idea maintains the preferred outcome for the soldiers is still an arrest. not shots. however, the legality of the report change is being questioned. my previous policy did state that soldiers were allowed to open fire only trying to arrest the suspect. and only if the person is still throwing rocks or pet for bombs not after the attack id f says, this allowed suspects to free to see with impunity. and that the change was necessary
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to prevent this when the policy change might be new, but the have already been a number of deadly. and since when the d. f. open fire palestinian protesters in 2015, a man was killed for allegedly throwing rocks to the office, his car off and in 2019 and other was shot after. he was mistakenly thought to have weapons. and then last year, a protest to be killed off. and he refused to hand over his generator and in each case, the idea is rejected. any allegations of wrongdoing, while the leader of the palestinian national initiative party, he says these railey military is resorting to excessive fines. they justify in their killing civilians. so naughty them and allowing us to use the force whenever they want, anytime they want and whatever they want. even if the listing is the actual do not take any kind of declared openly that they don't they don't want to accept
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the right sort of freedom. they don't have to write for, so did the munition and the state and they want only to get the system of discrimination. this will not provide any protection to anybody specially that the disorder really struck. if you do own the police, it will not affect your legal attacks listing with not only with the box, but with guns as well. and then in their houses. sometimes nothing can justify the use of force and lethal weapons against the people who are not inventing any sense of the soldiers employed, co founder and political activist warranty waters has also been speaking act on palestinian rights and the latest edition of going underground here. an art alice indians should have as many human rights as his railey jews. do human rights matter
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or not. you cannot cherry pick them. you can't say i benny gats. have human rights . i have the right to might be attracted to be and to life and liberty in my family have the right to, but they don't because they live in gotcha, in refugee camp and their arabs under the enemy. so they do not have the right to life. it has nothing that television can do to convince us the ordinary people of the wealth in global civil society, that they do have equal rights than until they do when are interested in your propaganda or in your husband. are you know, any or explaining to us the israel is a democracy. we all know that that do we believe that individual human beings, i must have been members of our one race. have inalienable human rights
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or not. if we do, then those rights or their right to those basic rights to shouts of food, barbara, freedom of life, liberty, and all the rest of it should be protected by international law. unfortunately, we don't have international law. ah ah say here, most guy, thanks the company but back again with munoz in half an ah ah, and so it begins 2 weeks of our christmas and new years, the specials in which we look back in the air.


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