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father, we're all dying and rob rob jeff with a good plan. yeah. maybe they'll actually, we're far hill is more important with all the trouble in the world today. or even here at home, the pentagon has decided to go after those within their own rakes, by issuing a new policy, which could be an infringement of their own soldiers, constitutional rights. we will discuss and from jail cell to a standing ovation cow rittenhouse, life has turned a 180 over the last month. but will you seek legal action about those who were the 1st to condemn him? we will discuss that with our legal expert. well, it used to be hard, but now harvard getting in harvard has announced that no standardized test
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requirements for the next 5 upcoming classes will be required. we will tell you why and if other schools will follow. and sadly, we are continuing to see the numbers once again of a horrible disease which became worse under the pandemic. all made illegal by state government in order to help people cope with a pandemic, a predictable outcome, which sadly will cost lives. am sky though huge in these stories, a warranty that needs views use right here on our to america. ah, one year ago president joe biden told the american people this we can join forces, stop the shouting and lower the temperature. for without unity, there is no peace, only bitterness and fury,
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no progress. only exhausting outrage. no nation. only a state of chaos. however, guess that unity does not include those who do not follow every order of the white house as this was the message sent on monday by the, by the white house for the unvaccinated. your looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves. your families and hospitals, you may soon overwhelm what happened to this theme of unity and peace, no outrage or bitterness. i guess that is easy to say when you had the impression everyone is going to go along with your wishes in your agenda. but that is not how the structure of america was created. no, this country was actually built out of dissension with a ruling government. and those who came to america did, which were willing to risk their life all for freedom. in fact, it is that those in history who have stood up against the mob who made the most
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difference even. ringback if it was not recognized until the next generation. now this brings us how rittenhouse, who was found not guilty and acquitted of all charges and the killing of 2 during the riots in kenosha wisconsin during the summer of 2020. what kyle and his supporters claimed with south to france self defense has now been confirmed in a court of law by a diverse a jury. busy of his peers. but if you would have listened to the anger and condemnation of the media over the last year, you would have thought kyle was a cold blooded murderer. the fact that white supremacy has run the halls of congress freely and celebrate this little murderous white supremacists and the fact that he gets to walk the streets freely. and today we're be asked to say that it is legal and to respect the rule law. because a white boy deputized himself and went out in terrorized people who were actually rec, you know, using their constitutional right to protest that heil rittenhouse, who for instance, when he was released pre trial,
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hung out with members of the proud boys. this is the ultimate entitlement. if you look at the rittenhouse case, he crossed state lines. his mamma drove him across state lines, dropped them off so that he could help the cops or do whatever he thought he was doing. and the only person who fired shots that night was rittenhouse. i didn't do anything wrong. i defended myself. i'll bologna, there's a thing about both white vigilantes and, and white tiers, particularly gail white tiers. and it makes me angry at they can't take the time to at least get a generic basic ax, correct. and because it didn't fit in the story that they wanted to tell, it makes me angry when they the media don't get the generic facts correct. because that is exactly that. anger is why the opposite of the crowd, how they reacted monday when cal rittenhouse is a, came out on stage at a concert, a conference in las vegas. now, following the fanfare,
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car was still very vague about whether or not he was going to pursue legal actions against the same people who are so quick to pass judgment. so let's discuss the 2 polarized approaches, and if legal action will actually be pursued and bring in line of line on media, thanks for joining me. a huge get me to point out to people did die in can osha and i'm not really a big fan of making kyle out to be this rock star. like bon jovi, there should be consequences for his actions. i don't necessarily agree to fan fair and the lights and the music and the smoke, he does it, i'm sorry, actions. he still took 2 people lives and that does not deserve to be celebrated in any form. and that's sort of the, the impression that was given at the same time. do you think it matters what the judgment was to those in the media and how they felt about kyle, for the last 2 years or even now that we have the decision? first of all, it doesn't matter what cnn and m as dnc, think it, i don't care about that, but let me just echo what you're saying. as an absolute is when it comes to the 2nd
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amendment and a proud believer in the inherent and natural and god given an constitution right to defend oneself. i think what he did was correct. the fact is scotty. they're using him using him like a pond. they're dragging him out. everybody wants a documentary. there are no king him for everything he's worth. and he's enjoying this, this, the celebration. and once they're done with him, once he doesn't serve their purpose, he is going to be shy an hour and otto's may address this notion of his filing legal claims at this success. because there's always as paralleled as being made to nick sandman, who sued up locally, see it, and, and then the washington post. because if you think that, that rittenhouse is in any way give annuity the pay day that we'd be leave sandman had you out of your mind. it's a completely different story, apples and oranges. so shannon was a young man who was standing there,
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who basically was accosted by people because he was joining his fellow or classmates as they were celebrating life or protesting abortion, or whatever was he wasn't bothering anybody. rittenhouse was a defendant, he's a, he's a public figure and it's a different story completely. so let's just get that out of the way. but scotty, why is it? and i asked his rhetorically, and actually, why is it that we care what joy weed, or anybody says this is their script? they are shadow government, radical, left these, these anarchic illustrate merchandise, these handmaids who are handed the script. and if you notice, once they get a phrase going, they all repeat it. they have no, they are of no relevance beyond negligible de minimis. it doesn't matter what they think. the point is, he was a credit. he wasn't not guilty of something. by the way,
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there are still may be some civil liability that he might be enjoying, so he should keep his target. if that's a bad pun, keep his, his limelight and his and his spotlight lower. well, it's interesting that you bring that up because here's where i agree with you. it's all about making money. and unfortunately, we see on the republican side, they're really good about taking an issue and just putting it through the shreds and get as many pennies. and you can out of it and then they drop them and the person's going, what just happened to my life? because very rarely does that money come back to them and not to point this out. but going back last week when, when cow went on there, urged him saying please pursue legal action. i'll even help pay for it as an attorney if you are advising kyle on this, like you said, it's a different situation. i don't think they some money necessarily from a judgement coming from this, but i think they also, i think it's more about they just, they want to make money off their own to their own base. how would you advise? well, the 1st thing it's, it's almost like it, scott is like
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a knee jerk reaction or whatever you work with or something you, you then sue, it's this that the salmon principle. let me explain something obama having any toes . the republicans today, these conservatives of which i am not a member, by the way, at all, have this idea to put his dog and pony show. he starts with c pack and it starts with all these half bake lousy 2nd rate country music people. and as he, hon, wave the flag or ronald reagan, or are we great and to me, a trivializes. and it basically reduces, i think, a very serious and important message to almost this, this comic a stage of up. isn't it? great. now let me, let me ask you this. so the flag, the constitution america, and kyle written house, and we're supposed to clap. what exactly did he do? let me ask you something. you're a mother, you're a rational person. if your and, and i believe you, when i share a belief in the 2nd amendment as the constitution provide,
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if your son or daughter said, hey mom, would you drop me off? there is a riot going on 22, i'm going to bring my, you am i a are 15 is look at this man who shows up with the cap back was a yellow, friendly, friendly in this kind of like hyper militarize set. what would you think? would you say you go son, you go daughter and utilize your right and you go and render aid with your bag of medicine. and if anybody gives you a heart, it's insane. i'm not saying he was wrong to be there. i did a lot of what he there was boy scout as when it's loaded chris, you don't do this, you're asking for trouble. and let me ask you something also, what if he had been a not as good a shot on his b and some innocent bystander, some civilian journalist, somebody standing there gets and they are 15 round, some nato around through the neck. i mean, this is, this is not john wayne, this is serious this year. and i think i know that i have to wonder, you know,
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when they have it originally to kyle. there were very few conservatives that actually said this is wrong, that he's being put through the ringer. they did not go on the major networks defending him. nobody wanted to put the target that was on him at that time on their back. but now that he's received this quite a lot of law, i just think it's very just, it's very superficial dollars that make him out to be a hero. and i really think they should tread lightly. why no, thank you for always coming on and she's shedding your wisdom with our crowd. thank you so much. so the pentagon has just laid out in detail a new policy that has meant to stop the rise of extremism within the ranks. however, could issue policy actually were strict the freedom of the men and women who are actually tasked with protecting it while discuss, let's bring an investigative journalist, been one, been of all the issues in the world. everything we're doing, we're becoming a politically correct military, which i'm sure makes all of our enemies gives them a good giggle. but now you're dealing with this new thing where they're going to go
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after extremist. talk me about this policy, cuz i know you've read it. it is, it's kind of an insane policy, i guess, you know, spoiler alert. you know? i was gonna say that, right? so here's the policy, right in the past, depending on is already and the deities already had a policy about active military in their ranks participating in what they call extremist behaviors. right. and that includes working with extremists, organizations, planning events that are considered extremist or fundraising on behalf of those organizations. well, now they've updated the standard and now the standard is simply on social media, liking something that is considered to be extremist right now the word extreme, this is already a huge problem because who defines extremism who to find exactly what that is? it's a very vague term. however, even if you're scrolling through facebook and you like a mean or you like a picture that's posted by a group that's now considered extremist, you have now participated in extreme respectability. and you can face disciplinary
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action according to the pentagon, in the d o d, it is completely in say, well, and you have to look at the majority of the military. i think this is overwhelming, is conservative slash republican. they voted time and time again in elections for republic, and so the majority of them are this way. so they go in like a republican website or conservative website, they're facing some sort of punishment. but here's where that i think the blurry line is, did the military, this policy actually define specific extreme with what that means to them, or they leading up to the social media platforms to make that definition and trusting facebook and twitter for that. c definition, right, so they are trusting, they are trusting social media companies that are labeling things extremis, right? which is across the board, right? so it's not just conservatives, not just republicans. if you're libertarian, if you're an anarcho capitalist, for instance, that would be considered to be an extremist, because you believe in, don't know, sovereign money and something called bitcoin. and so now you're considered an extremist. here's the other thing about it is that the pentagon and the deity are
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actually advocating responsibility to investigated themselves. say, we're not even gonna lay out a list of organizations that you're not allowed to be a part of because that will change. instead, what they're doing is they're simply relying on essentially a snitch system where they want members of the military to want or each other. and then report. if you see that someone's doing something that you think is extremis. here's another example. they say there's been a rise in cases of extremist behavior and crimes by members of the military over the last year. so i looked at the numbers. what's this incredible rise? $2424.00 members of the military and veterans they say were involved in extremist crimes over the last year. okay, great. what about this pentagon and deep 22 veterans every single day in this country commit suicide. where the policies that are changing that were the policies that are focusing on that issue. there was 19000000 veterans in this country right now. 19000000 and you have 24 cases. and you're going to revamp the entire policy
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of the pentagon in the d o d, and the institute of snitching system so that they can monitor each other on social media. but you're going to keep it all very vague so that you can punish essentially political enemies. that's really what this comes down to talk about sabotaging yourself. because been in those situations when they're actually in a place of war or attention, they've got to trust their brother or sister to have their back. but yet that same brothers, the one and possibly turned them in for liking a page like in the show any did, they're going to determine a streaming. dat, right? there is how you defeat, what was the greatest superpower in the world military wise? let's just hope we don't do anything to get involved. i'm also worried about how this is going to hurt future recruitment. like i said, republicans, conservatives, those are usually the 1st ones to enlist in the military. this would probably keep people from doing it to start and see if they know their rights are going to be limited. well, i think it, i think it does, and i think there's something else to play here. there is a, an active purge going on of our military right now,
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and the purges to remove anyone who is a freethinker. let's not everyone who likes a republican name is a freethinker, but it's what they're looking for is anyone who does not follow their exact order. so that's why they have the vaccine mandates that have been put into place. that's why they're instituting these policies and extremism because they say there were 55 veterans who were at the capital on january 6. and so we need to know who the extremists are in our ranks. they're not looking to root out extremism. they're, they're looking to root out anyone who thinks for themselves or has a different belief in the administration, because they want a complete top down control over the minds and hearts of those members of the military. and when you politicize the military to your point, you completely lose its ability to be a successful fighting force. we do not select members of the military based on how obedient they are to a political ideology. we should be choosing them based on how much they believe in and love their country and work to defend their country. and by the way, i truly believe we should allow members of the military to speak up more and to
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criticize leadership. and maybe we wouldn't be in so many foreign interventions that we shouldn't be an embalming countries around the world. if we allow members of the military to speak up rather than keeping tape over their mouths every time a terrible policy is instituted, which they're the ones in the frontline who are actually watch their, their colleagues are the ones are having to stay for the most their families are then like, always, always great that you're on top of the story. i'm cheryl, continue to follow. i think we'll be right back at our quick break. a is you'll media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safe? i selection whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true?
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what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. oil and gas manufacturing, electricity, telecom dies, quotation, all of them now have a t type of infrastructure connected to the internet when you clearly realizing this disruptive potential so that those countries kind of ignore it because it threatens national security issue. but if we take me to you countries, virtually all of them subscribe to certain doctrines and maintains selling but task forces. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country that's their job. i
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look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence at the point obviously is to race trust rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with the ok so left after math because they consider racist and a symbol of white supremacy and scholar. now debating whether mash we taught the
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way it has been taught. now renowned university is ditching a require a requisite for admissions, and students still longer will need to submit their s a t a c t score to get into harvard. many other universities are already talking about the following suit. is this the best idea? yeah, to increase student count and universities or the glimpse into the future of a dumbed down america for that we ran handy langer the president at the institute for the thanks for joining me, andrew on this. always going to be on you. scottie. ok, you've gone to the college process, you have one in college. now you're going through with a senior. first of all, you went through a multiple levels of education. no, a c t score, no s a t score. is this a positive move for american universities to make? i don't think it is, i mean part it's part and parcel of this effort to get rid of the concept of the meritocracy. and the, the objective meritocracy in america. this idea that you can actually have some way of looking at folks and empirically comparing folks one to the other. but there's
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been a movement over the course of the last 15 years to make it once again more subjective . and i think students are not going to be very well served by this in long term. ok, so to get into harvard, you need to add a 1600 score there to g. i know you got that, but most people don't. but you also have to show other documentation proving you are worthy of studying and such a prestigious university. so what are they going to base their selection on at the score is no longer needed anymore. i mean, we all know that g, p a's have different ways and different scales. how do people get into schools like harvard? well, that's exactly at any interest of disclosure. i did not get into harvard when i applied back in the late my did apply. but i did apply. yes. hi. yes, i guess i did apply, but the reality is, right, this is, this is the real problem here, right? this is, you know, we, we've only been moving, we were moving as a society in order to combat historical inequities in our society. we tried to move towards a way of objectively measuring and being able to objectively compare one student to the other. now we're moving away from that. here's,
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here's what we know. this is one of the great problems and especially looking at someone who is applying to colleges my, my one child is this year, it essentially becomes a gamble. i'm going to use the phrase a crapshoot on because there is no way for a student who might be applying to one of these schools to really figure out if they have a shot at getting in. and that does a real disservice to those students as well. because it comes down to these intangibles. now, universities have been doing this and university emissions of been doing this for a very long time. now this idea of trying to find a way to get the most diverse and they can mean diverse by any kind of a definition, the most diverse entering freshman class that they can. but it comes down to intangibles how they feel that they can fit. most of these universities will tell you that they can probably populate their freshman classes with everybody who has a 1600 on there is an a 4.0 or greater grade point average. we're all student body presidents are quarterbacks of their football teams or whomever,
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but they look at these other issues, these, these things, it, what it does do is it means that it comes down to the essays, the other experiences that a student has. but if you are a student who is a hard worker and is focused on your work and probably would do very well, one of these i be of the university settings. if you don't have that other intangible in there, you're going to be left in the cold and that would be a real shame. well, there's only 24 hours in a day, and i can tell you to fill those lots of things. mainly there's studies in high school, so it's hard to actually create that diverse diversity on their resume. but you know, harvard is actually assuring that emissions based on test scores will actually resume in 2027. and they've are, they're doing this because of covert nice limitations. for students in the testing, i understand that i respect that to a certain extent, but do you really feel like they're actually trying to diversify one partly the, the alumni and they welcome minorities that usually don't benefit from test score missions and, and bad test taking it doesn't matter, doesn't have a color, skin, or background. people could just be bad at test taking. do you really feel like
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they're using these coded limitations as an excuse to really put what they want to do all along? i think it was. i think there's, there's certainly merit to that, right? we're getting down to this across the board in terms of public policy, in terms of outcomes and goals. that progressive left his head for a very long time. and they're using the pandemic as a pretext for implementing these things as part of the reason why we're seeing the implementation of the great reset across the board in terms of public policy build back better is certainly an example of that. so this is a manifestation of this within the college admissions program, right? and certainly, as a way of trying to inculcate the kinds of progressive values and outlooks that the progresses have been trying to do with the university level for a long time. course migrate here is that once again will be left in a situation where they're focused on less about diversity of thought and more about the diversity of genetics. which of course, is not what these universities necessarily need. which is interesting because it's all about the bank account and universities like harvard or trying to increase
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their student count with ones that have $54000.02 pay per year. what did that better be? it would be a better option. how about you just lower the costs at the average person could try to get in without having to worry about the overall cost and total they pay at the end of 4 years. well, right, it's about that it's about the endowments themselves. i mean, this is certainly the perennial issue. the fact remains right, that it's us government policy that is going to dictate these outrageous tuition, the more the government is willing to pay or, or bankroll these students are, the more these universities are able to charge. and they're able to get that always ready to chat with you and your best wishes it to your young daughter. may she get into the school of her dreams and that you can actually afford it. god bless you. god bless you. we've all heard that alcohol consumption is on the rise during the pandemic. and you can see why. but what we're just realizing now is that changes in state laws regarding alcohol sales are likely fueling this other pandemic of alcoholism. artesian recall,
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rivera has this report a devastating pandemic that has taken 800000 lives. subsequent lockdown, shattered the lives of many more. the united states is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to dealing with a deadly highly contagious disease. on the one hand and the social cost of dealing with it on the other. nowhere is this dilemma felt more than in the arena of alcohol consumption. one study found that drinking rose 14 percent overall and 41 percent among women. another study found that 17 percent of americans reported heavy drinking during the pandemic. heavy drinking is defined as getting drunk 2 days out of the week for 2 weeks out of the month. and perhaps unwittingly, dozens of states have encouraged this drinking beverly in their laws on the sale of alcohol. in fact, the cocktails to go was illegal in all 50 us states, with few notable exceptions, granted to cities like new orleans. but when the pandemic began, 31 states allowed restaurants and bars to serve cocktails to go. and 16 of these
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states they made cocktails to go a permanent law. and in the other 15, they extended the temporary relief to 2 to 5 years. although alcohol delivery was legal for most states before the pandemic, 7 states, alabama, arkansas, georgia, mississippi, new mexico, oklahoma, west virginia, joined in on the party post pandemic. and it just so happens that these are some of the poorest states in the countries. ones that are already susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse. supporters of these measures say they've been needed to keep businesses, particularly small businesses afloat during what are tough times the tractors argue whether it's small businesses or big businesses that are really benefiting. and more importantly, they point out that these measures are likely contributing to the pandemic within the pandemic. the growth of the deadly disease of alcoholism in the midst of a just as deadly highly contagious respiratory disease cove at 1940. i'm enrique rivera. that's all the time we ever today show, but i promise this is a conversation which will continue and how we do that on the,
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on to put our at gotta use ease the hash tag team and the h. we read every single. com that you make, and for this show and more, make sure that sure that you download the fordable, that the app for apple or android device. i go it. thanks for watching. ah and so it begins to weeks of our christmas and new year's the specials, in which we looked back in the year. that was and parents in the future with some of our roster of amazing guests, all her docs, thinkers, that wouldn't be caught dead on great finance, corporate media, 1st up, james power counselor can oh, working room or should she popped in?
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she said, well, i'm getting ready to go shopping for christmas. and we, we snuck up there was a girl to buy another, shooting another safe part of american life shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're aspire was on this issue. the other side wins. by default, the lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again where you skin doesn't play ticket off of it? i think the people need to take responsibility in their own and be prepared if those kinds of weapons who are less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths when you listen to a sequence of tones and you think x is going to happen. you know, why happens instead of distinctive bringing responses and gauge that are relevant
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to you, how we experience, reward and pleasure, while listening to some people looking at this is a kind of a kind of choreographing of our expectations. a ah, slaves have been to be with our t rush. his foreign minister says moscow will react to a flagrant attempt by berlin's broke off. he, german language channels that after europe's leading satellite provider removes it at the request of the country's media regulator. should we callo tolerated any longer and we believe is unacceptable. situation will go on. we'll have to respond to it or target leverage. there also questions the impartiality for the ongoing
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trial into the.


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