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we're sorry, we're on this issue. the other side wins by default, the lady that lived over there. i was walking one of the dogs, which is why do you wear again? were you scared or nothing? they took it off it. i think the people need to take responsibility in their own hands and be prepared if those kind of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings that we certainly wouldn't have. the number a desk in an exclusive interview with our team rushes for a minute to says moscow will react to a flagrant attempt by berlin to block ortiz new german language channel that off to europe. fleeting satellite provider removes it at the request of the country's media, regular shipping, which would be news. we cannot tolerate it any longer. and we believe if this all executable situation will go on, we'll have to respond to it. so gallup roles also questions. the impartiality of
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the ongoing trial into the dining at flight time, age 17 in east we cried in 2040 prosecute is demanding the sent life sentences for the suspects, including 3 russian nationals and a re re juice. didn't you asked them aquatic party after one of its own senators, effectively torpedoes, j. biden's lavish infrastructure bill in the senate? we look at why it's feeling a crisis of confidence among democrats. ah, hello. they are just gone 7 o'clock in the evening. in moscow, you're watching arte international. now the russian foreign minister circuit level has given artie and exclusive live interview, which he touched upon a range of k world issues. oh,
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while one of the main points mister rove discussed was the removal of our german language channel r t. d. from europe main satellite network provider. it happened moments before the interview and the move came at the request of germany's media regulator. mr. lab for slammed the action now against the channel, which only began broadcasting last week and was to that it was unacceptable behavior on the part of berlin, and that there will be consequences. well, not conditional. just the was nicole. we have been tempted to respond so little is that answer recent times when we were convinced that we do not want to follow this path and try to low pressure on media to follow suit with our western partners. but you know, the same thing with russian security. we cannot tolerate us any longer. and we believe of this unacceptable situation. we'll go, we'll have to refer long as we're serious muslim, 4 months for some context here r t d has faced the barrage of resistance and allegation since it's launch last thursday, is the case of not having the necessary documentation to broadcast in germany. but
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archie management and says his license was obtained in accordance with all european laws and regulations. the new channel was also taken off. you cheap to the very day was launch technically that there's no connection between that and the german t v broadcast dispute. although at the time an official for a german media watchdog did say that the new channel would be taken care of. this is out in statement in response to what's happened today. the german regulator forced european settlers service util sat 9 to remove the broadcast of our when you moscow bays german language channel, artie deutsch from its platform. it is an appropriate for the german regulator. m a b b to overreach, and ignore the european convention or trans frontier television under which it is subject, thereby forcing util sat to remove artie deutsch from the carrier solely due to the unsubstantiated and factually flawed claims of the german regulator. we believe
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this amounts to a legal pressure and are confident this action will be or addressed by the courts. we will be seeking all possible remedies against the german regulator and our audience can continue to access our content across multiple platforms and online. there isn't it happening is because nobody wants competition and we obviously are getting more and more popular. and the online service that we had in germany was phenomenal. if successful, i should say, and naturally, no one likes competition. that's fair. i mean, we all want to compete, well, trying to compete, trying to win our orders. the problem is that we want to do it perfectly legally. and we are absolutely sure. and we consulted with our international lawyers that everything we have don was exactly according to the existing laws and regulations. each new channel is getting more and more resistance, which is almost like getting
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a metal. because that means we are getting more and more successful. they see, see us as more and more of a competition. of course, they claim something which is totally ridiculous that this is not being produced here in moscow. but you know, that's been user room is right across across the corridor. you know, the newsroom is here in the studios here. and the broadcasting facilities care and german regulator is trying to persuade us this is all fictitious. we are available through many other options. i don't want to name them all, but there are, there was a number of options for people who want to know the alternative news. and sometimes what we believe is a more accurate version of many events and then what they get from the german mainstream media. we will fight legally, and i'm quite sure that we will get the possibility to bring our version of events, which is 2, legitimate to which we are totally entitled to our viewers in germany,
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as well as in all other countries as well as trotting the plan that we've used was not a plan a unfortunately we're not able to use the plan a that we use the plan be that we didn't to work to. and we are going to dispute that in a court of law with another country. so now we're going to plan d and plan e. we have many of them, but wanting is certain people who want to know the different side around and want to know the events of the truth that is not being brought by some mainstream. german media. have the possibility to do that to do that, and we'll try to help them as much as we can. what apart from ortiz, gym and channel being cut off from the european satellite network, much attention was devoted to the escalating tensions between russia and nato. mister lap rove says that moscow has lost its trust in the west. notice that he
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goes out on the among the lily they've lied, show us on a regular basis would be from oral pledges, even political obligations enshrined in the russian nato political act. so this time as president fruits and said, we want to have legally binding guarantee that the same time we understand that the west can violate such guarantees as well if it was to do as we should judge. it was a very in depth interview. i'm here in the very studio we're to play, so beats, and a slightly reduced format. mr. lover of covered a real her spectrum of salient international topics of the day, from the presence of foreign troops. u. s. troops in syria to the ongoing nuclear negotiations in iran at the main focal point. now, as we said, was that escalation, the ongoing crisis on russia, ukraine border, and that's been very much a focal point of much west to media. those allegations of thousands of russian troops massing on the ukraine border allegations level that moscow, that this is in preparation for some sort of intervention or conflict. and miss level was very clear to say that this is not something that moscow seeks or wants
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so that russia moscow wants these issues to be resolved through datto, gone through the strengthening or wind national institutions such as the un another organizations. and he really warned against the danger all the return or ra, returning towards a might, is right balance of power in the world, insisting that dialogue is key and not just dollars, but also putting any sort of agreements that he's sort of dialogues in writing, in some sort of legal framework and that was something mr. apple focused on very much. and when we touched upon the expansion of nato eastwood's madness, another offer mentioned that to russia. moscow does see the presence of nate and will it treat nato military? the expansion went to eastwards as a threat to its security, and the west has to understand that that is the topic of concern for russia and on a compromise has to be reached. if the elation that is to happen. but here was it
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the silly global gloves to prove the heads of states and governments of clearly states that no participants of the o s. c, e should insure their security by damaging security of others. so unusual ocean berg may this high brow and arrogant state law will convince the principal the washington treaty in accordance with which doors are open for any candidate wishing to exceed of nato. we can say that we are not party visualization. we have not find this treaty, but we have signed of rules of hand regional euro atlantic documents that include the principle of indivisible security. and if you installed some burglar lever later members can ignore this principle that is enshrined in those documents without the highest level. then perhaps it is indeed time for him to get a different job because he does not perform his functions very well. he called for the formalization within the legal framework to prevent that expansion eastwards, and that a recent discussions had been actually quite positive that washington had listened to moscow as concerns. and at least
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a door log out was happening. so at least that's something positive to take away from these tensions which i've been rising over the last few weeks. and hawkins there, meanwhile, prosecute is in the netherlands, have ended their arguments in the case of malaysian airlines flight, and 817 down day the eastern ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 people on board. they are demanding life sentences for the, for suspects, including 3 russian nationals or rushes for a minister has once again voiced moscow's concerns about bias in the investigation . just moved, emergency room support system were closely following the case because it's about russians. it's also a defendant at this stage of the trial. we're surely conceive the attempt to create an impression that it is a problem of the state rather than the criminal case. that is completely unacceptable. so it should be considered a criminal procedure, was 7 and a half years on after a trial that has seeped with politics for its duration,
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prosecutors have arrived at their version of events. they have now put forward charges against the full suspects that they believe are responsible. 3 of them, russian citizens, one of them are ukranian citizen. only one of them was represented in, quote, by the way, by my lawyers. but this is, this is a trial that had an agenda from the onset, and this is something that multiple states have said including malaysia, which is for years has said that, that they were excluded from the tribe for because they weren't on board with the agenda. they said that early on that there was a very, very clear, very clear angle to the investigation or to the trial. and that was to blame, rush to shove all responsibility on russia. and now they were arrived at the conclusion that these 4 suspects were responsible for, shooting down and made 17. with a book, a missile that was supplied from abroad. they, florida,
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we demand to the suspects are convicted. he gave individual, equally between shooting down of an hour which caused and, and murder of o $298.00 people on board and life in prison. look, even if the suspects did not, on 10th the consequences of their actions more, those consequences still count the last sentence. thank you to know how they arrived at this conclusion is a story in the end of itself. because there has been a lot of outrage about some of the evidence that they have taken taken on board. look, they've, they included from the on said ukraine was included in the investigation advisable to the joint investigative team, despite the fact that ukraine itself was at, at the time a suspect. and a large part of the case is built on testimony from ukraine, which includes audio recordings provided by you created secret services audio recordings of the alleged suspects. apparently talking about the jet again from the onset dave was suspected of being manipulated. the recorded multiple forensic
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experts came out to say the same thing that they were doctor, they were edited and words were put in place and moved, moved around. but again, ukraine's evidence was taken on board while a slew of evidence for provided from her from other sources. was it again, the case was built much in testimony from social media post. the witnesses were, were kept secret their identities anonymous. there was also the fact that for years now, the, the quote that j i t joint investigative team a vos, the united states that provides an absolutely crucial piece of evidence being. and that is satellite footage for, from the area from the day. the incident took place to make sure that there was that there was this book massage launcher on site. united states for years now has refused multiple times to provide those satellite shots are full for the
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investigation. it was also an incident in which dutch m. p. 's themselves were left flabbergasted, after reading a report that says ukraine couldn't have known, there was a threat to civilian aircraft in the area. despite the fact that just days earlier, a ukrainian military plane was shot down the last of about a dozen in the area, a tides that were, that were dangerous for civilian ag crap. so passenger jet. and these, combined with all the evidence that was reject by the, by the prosecutors has led many to believe that indeed there was bias, a groom, new girlish through no large number of discrepancies, impartial, judicial process, rule violations, examination of women bridges. witnesses classified including the one who could bring the flags ignored by the investigation to light. the fact that the defense attorneys request has been rejected without any explanation says
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a lot. they also include the allmers on, takes berman, which proves that investigation statement on the mistletoe abuse is unfounded. russian ministry of defense provided the documents confirming that the missile was produced in 1986 given to one of the ukrainian military units and stayed there until it was used to have all this information that was ignored in musical. and again, despite over controversy all over the missing details about the, the me, sol itself, where the launcher was, who control the launcher at the time, whether it was on the ukrainian side, on the, on the rebels side. all of those questions remain well classified. the answer to those questions remained remain classified for now. we don't know a lot about the decision making process in the prosecution. nevertheless, the defense is due to speak in march and we are waiting for a verdict towards the end of next year. i will return to our top story,
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the sat and the removal of her german language channels. archie, dean, from europe's main satellite network, provided the move cane at the request of germany's media regulator. so let's talk about this further. former british m p and archie house, george galloway. and you are always very welcome, george. good evening. ah, ah geo politics at play here? yes, for sure. i mean those lots of levels of us, those commercial, if you like, professional rivalry, and jealousy, nobody in the world. i mean, nobody in the world watches german television, other than germany, and fewer of those done of our be sure. meanwhile, all over the world from latin america to, to the persian gulf and including all of europe in britain and so on. is watching r t r t is growing, like top seeds foss. polish. it is technically
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journalistically the top level, it beats the pants of everyone else. so people don't like that. they don't like the fact that people are turning on to r t. but this particular german problem is located in much wider and deeper set of problems that seem to be developing between germany and russia. live ra, spoke about it yesterday, said he was tired of being smart blade like chucked by germany. and there's no doubt that germany with its new government is now run by a less are mind than mrs. mark. go run it for so long before. do you see washington's hand here a tool i've, i've spoken to other guests this afternoon and they were saying, look, you have to look at the fact that r t 's youtube channel. it's german youtube channel was taken down,
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your software launched. and they feel as though, you know, there's a lot of pressure on germany from washington to take this sort of stones against russia. i mean, of course, it's speculation we don't know for sure, but what would be your take on it? well, i wish i could blame washington. i normally do, but the german government has to own that. the fact that the german government is the most powerful government in europe, it's the biggest and most powerful economy in europe is the engine of the european union. they stood up to washington over the non stream to gas pipeline. it would be very easy for them to say, i'm sorry, you know, we are billions of views that excites a lot of envy, love the green eyed monster. you know, that we shouldn't forget that the german regulators are putting forward a legal argument. hey, not a political one about why
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r t. germany was removed from the ways, but i'll tell you, believe he's got a very good legal case. it believed it had all the licenses beforehand. when all of this come out in the wash, going to be quite apparent by the end of it about where the motivation lies. i'm sure it will, but job by then events will have moved on. they've kick the can down the road. they've one, what they think is a reprieve from a better class or television coming to the people, but people will still find r t. that's been my experience with the i work for our p america during the week, monday and friday and the u. s. have done everything they could to make america difficult to find, but they have failed recall numbers. all people are, are tuning in, not just because it's a good channel, but because there's a lot of people in the west. i believe in seeing both sides of the story.
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questioning more as the slogan used to ask them to. they're doing that. not because necessarily day, you know, love to didn't or support russian perspectives, but they want to hear and see russian perspectives. they want to know what it is they're supposed to be rejecting. okay, george, always good to tell shape. we're going to leave it. that was george galloway, a former british m p. an rti have the speaking to his there from the u. k. thanks for coming on. revising his broken i with us them within the us democratic party after one of its own sentences to the balance in the senate by refusing to vote in favor of jo biden's near to trillion dollar bill back better bill joe mentioned immediately, dri fury though from the white house, his move is seen as a fatal blow to present to the president's flagship plan,
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although apparently not by biden himself. do you believe magic word? you don't trust your banker legislation, not for some people think maybe i'm not irish, please hold a grudge. but i want to get things done. i still think there's a possibility. can you build back better, john? leave know by and see me on face by it. all. he did paved the way for a further rift in american politics with the democratic party. now, facing a crisis of confidence as ask, the tailor explains by didn't promise to build back better than long time friend, joe munch and went to the fox news and blew up the president's campaign promises. and i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't, i've tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. you're done. this is, this is a no. this is a no. and with it it seems his whole party. we all knew that send or
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mention couldn't be trusted. and you know, the, the excuses that he just made, i think, are complete and let bristle america explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to say of the powerful special or what senator mentioned did . yesterday represents such an egregious breach of the trust of the president. and it's also, you know, this is exactly why it's an outcome that we had warned about. we have been saying this 4 weeks that this would happen and we took the hit, our leadership needs to step up. now politics and finger pointing, go hand in hand, nothing new, right? well, not quite because while it's tradition for the reds and the blues to spit to each other across the aisle, here, if the democrats spitting at each other and it didn't even take that much, just one man one veto. and it all came down. what made mansions, treachery, aldermore, unforgivable,
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was that he was biden's body. a friendly face will say that from the president's viewpoint and i saw him this morning. he's worked with senator mansion over the course of decades. they share fundamental values. they're long time friends that has not changed about how anything biden's policy is apparently become long time friends, decades of shad find use. and mansion still broke rank even though p. the loyalist, even though build back better was biden's baby. and even though he knows that without the bell, the mid tom's may be a blood off. if we could get the build back better plan past, democrats will have a strong possibility of a lease, keeping the senate. it's tough, it's a tough reality. in today's america, where it's party above all mansions, vito spells trouble for biden, and it really couldn't have come, i was time. yes. canister withdrawal on the kron tearing through the us. hi, petra price says a supply chain still in crisis record inflation on
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a historically low popularity rating of just 41 percent. at a time i did, you need your people move and that's why you need a rallying cry. what does bite and have a party and boiled and fighting has signature legislation in the dot, and now defecting democrats with rumors that is just the tip of the iceberg member, we had an individual reregister from democrat to republican, and i think there are a few other democrats out there that are thinking about it, why not? because they've changed, but the party has changed with what appears to be a crisis of confidence in this change party. the last thing that democrats can afford is a crisis of confidence in the president himself, but looks like that's exactly what they've got. so the real president, it is country joe mentioned joe biden matter, wife for the come on charlemagne. i really s job. i can't, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's joe biden, which quite frankly, probably came
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a news to biden himself kinda side of course, president harris is a proud howard. okay, but kidding aside, the democrats got handed the keys to success. they took over from the country's most divisive president, they took control of the house and the senate, and yet here, just 11 months on their in disarray with the president probably looking on and thinking that maybe instead of building back better, it might be worth building back a poor p that seems to have lost its way. as you know, obviously really split and are, is grand frame like dale is growing our mouth. both part is here in america is for break up within a democrat part indian be our leadership law president by the house. hasn't made it in a bell. they are right enough freight, they're not elections. pamela, mit turned 20 or 22. and therefore they may lula and us on one right thing. it shows a lot of hypocrites within the democratic party. i think the dumb crash. no,
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they are in for a fighter fight of their lives. they have all been so ralph crab, a cane co, radical debt. they are moved far away from the main stream of america. what american people want and are they know it's not be a fight for their life. they only all white house and are they own the congress and the senate, and they have been unable to get the bureau back bela our program to govern get a class because it actually bankruptcy for america does what it stands for. now the israel defense forces are said to have her thighs there, open fire policies for the west bank territory troops and i reportedly allowed to shoot at palestinians throwing rocks of petrol bonds, even if they no longer posed an immediate threat. it is believed to have been in effect for a month or so already with the idea after maintained preferred outcome for the soldiers is still an arrest. not shots, however, legality of the report change is being questioned. now,
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previous policy stake soldiers were allowed to open fire only while trying to arrest the suspect. and only if the person is still throwing rocks of petrol bombs, not after the attack idea says this a lag suspects though to flee the scene with impunity. and that the change was necessary to prevent this from happening. now the policy change might be new, but there have already been a number of deadly incidents when the id, as i can fire at palestinian protested in 2015. a man was killed for legibly throwing rocks at an office, his car in 2019 another was shot after he mistakenly thought of weapons. and then last year i protested was killed after he refused to hand over his generator. and in each case, the idea has rejected any allegations of wrongdoing. however, the leader of the palestinian national initiative party says that the israeli military is resorting to excessive fights. just if i can go civilian so naughty them and allowing us to use the force
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whenever they want, anytime they want and whatever they want. even if the listing is the actual, not presenting any kind of, declared openly that they don't want to negotiate. they don't accept the right sort of freedom. they don't want to write for the munition and the state. and then they want only to get the system side and discrimination. this will not provide any protection to any but specially that the disorders that really struck if you do on the listing, it will not attack with not only with the box, but with guns as well. and that means that houses sometimes nothing can justify the use of force and lethal weapons against the people who are not in any sense of the sort of pink floyd co founder and political activist. roger
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waters has been speaking to about palestinian writes in today's edition of going underground here. a naughty alice indians should have as many human rights as is railey jews. do human rights matter or not? you cannot cherry pick them. you can't say i been a get sap human rights. i have the right to might be attracted to be and to life and liberty in my family at the right to. but they don't because they live in. gotcha. in refugee camp and there arabs and the enemy, so they, you do not have the right to life. it has nothing that television can do to convince us the ordinary people of the world in global civil society, that they do have equal rights until they do when are interested in your propaganda or in your husband. are you know, any or explaining to us the israel is
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a democracy. we all know that that do we believe that individual human beings, i must have been members of our one race. have inalienable human rights or not. if we do then those rights or their right to those basic rights to shouts of food, barbara, freedom of life, liberty, and all the rest of it should be protected by international law. unfortunately, we don't have international law ah, what your board is talking to you or ashley retents that on today's, at the site of getting underground just on 713 even here in oscar. thanks for watching back again at the top of.


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