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i was bringing responses and engage that are relevant to you, how we experience reward and pleasure. while listening to some people looking this is a kind of music, is it kind of choreographing of our expectation? mm. a tonight, exclusive interview without t rushes for a minute to says moscow will react to a flagrant of 10 by berlin to block out these new german language channels of to europe's leading satellite provider. removes it at the request of the country's media regulator shook and which would be new use. we cannot tolerate it any longer and we believe it is unacceptable. situation will go on. we'll have to respond to it. so yeah, bravo. so questions the postulating,
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the ongoing trial into the downing of flight m. h. 17 and east. and you, craig, in 2014 prosecutors demanding life sentences for the suspects, including 3 russian nationals and a ra rages within the u. s. democratic party, after one of its own senators effectively told p those joe, by whose lavish infrastructure bill in the senate we look at why it's fueling a crisis of confidence among democrats. ah, hello, there live for multi international moscow. welcome to a will des at 10 with me, kevin hurst, this wednesday evening, the russian foreign minister said, love rob has given our t and exclusive interview in which he touched on a range of k world issues. ah,
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one of the main points miss lover of disgust was the removal of a german language channel r t d eve from europe's main satellite network provider. it happened just moments before the interview. the move came at the request of germany's media regulator. mr . lever of slammed the action against the channel, which only began broadcasting last week and warned that it was unacceptable at behavior on the part of berlin and that there would be consequences. wellness condition them just the was nicole. we have been tempted to respond similarly. but until recent times, convinced that we do not want to follow the same path and tried to put pressure on media to follow suit with our western congress. i will let you know the same thing with russian security. we cannot tolerate this any longer. and we believe it is unacceptable. situation. we'll go. we'll have to rush long to its lost, lost room for the mob suit in an interview with rushes and tv network cremeans spokesperson to me to pass. gov said berlin's behavior formed part of a disturbing pattern. bocurel console, as it is to muslin for a massive ve wrote the blocking of the home at work in europe contradicts european
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spirit and all norms and principles of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. but unfortunately, neither europe nor the u. s. cares about such things the day, and they do what they want. we have a cowboy reality now. and in such circumstances, russia should act confidently, neatly and persistently, or not to shoot ourselves in the leg so to say, to let our opponents know that we totally disagree with such actions and will not leave them without consequences. but for some context here are td's faced a barrage of resistance and allegation since it launched last thursday. it's accused of not having the necessary documentation, the broadcast in germany. but our t management says sit slices was obtained in accordance with all european laws and regulations. further, the new channel was also taken off youtube, the very day it was launched. technically there's no connection between that and the german t. v broadcast dispute. at launch an official for a german media watchdog said the new channel would be taken care of. this is our
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tease response soft to the latest news. over on the line to day, the german regulator forced european satellites service util sat 9 to remove the broadcast of our when you moscow bays german language channel, artie deutsch from its platform. it is an appropriate for the gemini regulator, m a b, b to overreach, and ignore the european convention or trans frontier television under which it is subject, thereby forcing util, sat to remove assay deutsch from the carrier solely due to the unsubstantiated and factually flawed claims of the german regulator, we believe this amounts to legal pressure and are confident this action will be redressed by the courts. we will be seeking all possible remedies against the german regulator and our audience can continue to access our content across multiple platforms and online. there isn't, it happened is because nobody wants competition and we obviously are getting more
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and more popular. and the online service that we had in germany was phenomenal. if successful, i should say. and naturally, no one likes competition. and that's fair. i mean, we all want to compete, well, trying to compete, trying to win our orders. the problem is that we want to do it perfectly legally. and we are absolutely sure. and we consulted with our international lawyers that everything we have don was exactly according to the existing laws and regulations. each new channel is getting more and more resistance, which is almost like getting a metal. because that means we are getting more and more successful. they see, you see us as more and more of a competition. of course, they claim something which is totally ridiculous that this is not being produced here in moscow. but you know, that's been user room is right across across the corridor. you know, the newsroom is here and this to those here. and the broadcasting facilities of
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care and german regulator is trying to persuade us this is all fictitious. we are available through many other options. i don't want to name them all, but there are, there was a number of options for people who want to know the alternative news. and sometimes what we believe is a more accurate version of many events and then what they get from the german mainstream media. we will fight legally, and i'm quite sure that we will get the possibility to bring our version of events, which is total illegitimate, to which we are totally entitled to our viewers in germany, as well as in all other countries as well as trotting the plan that we've used was not a plan a unfortunately we are not able to use the plan a that we use the plan be that we didn't to work to. and we are going to dispute that in a court of law with another country. so now we're going to plan
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d and plan e. we have many of them, but one thing is certain people who want to know the different side and want to know the events of the truth that is not being brought by some mainstream german media. have the possibility to do that to do that, and we'll try to help them as much as we can. at least nicholas ortiz, chief executive, earlier with his when the pub, smarties, german channel being cut off from the european satellite. and much attention was also devoted to the escalating tensions between russia and nato. to love, rob says moscow's lost its trust in the west. thus that equally atom among the lily they've lied. she was on a regular basis, would be from oral pledges. even political obligations enshrined in the russian nato political exit. so this time as president treatment says, we want to have legally binding guarantee that the same time we understand that the waste was violates such guarantees as well. if it was due to resolution garage, it was a very in depth interview. i'm here in the very studio where to play,
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so beats, and a slightly reduced format. mr. lover of covered a real her spectrum of salient international topics of the day from the presence of foreign troops, u. s. troops and syria, to the ongoing nuclear negotiations in iran at the main focal point. now, as we said, was that escalation, the ongoing crisis on the roches chrome border on that's been very much a focal point of much western media. those allegations of thousands of russian troops massing on the ukraine border allegations level of moscow that this is in preparation for some sort of intervention or conflict. for miss lover was very clear to say that this is not something that moscow seeks or wants that russia moscow wants these issues to be resolved through daughter, run through to strengthening all wins. national institutions such as the un, another organizations. and he really warned against the danger all the return or ra, returning towards a might, is right balance of power in the world,
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insisting that dialogue is key and not just dollars, but also putting any sort of agreements. and he's sort of dialogues in writing, in some sort of legal framework, and that was something is the level of focused on very much. and when we touched upon the expansion of nato eastwood's madness, another offer mentioned that to russia. moscow does see the presence of native military data, military, the expansion went to east woods as a threat to its security. and the west has to understand that that is the topic of concern for russia and on a compromise has to be reached. if the elation that is to happen, but it was up to solar globes loves to prove the heads of states and governments of clearly states that no participants of the o s. c e should insure the security by damaging security of others. so an un stalsen burg may this high brow and arrogant statement that no one can breach the principle the washington treaty in accordance with which doors are open for any candidate wishing to accede to nato,
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we can say that we are not party to this organization. we have not signed this treaty, but we have signed a broader pan regional euro atlantic documents that includes the principle of indivisible security. and if you install some burg, believe the native members can ignore this principle that is enshrined in those documents that of the highest level. then perhaps it is indeed time for him to get a different job because he does not perform his functional very well. he called for the formalization with an legal framework to prevent that expanse in eastwards, and that a recent discussions had been actually quite positive that washington had listened to moscow's concerns and at least a dialogue out what's happening. so at least that's something positive to take away from these tensions which have been rising over the last few weeks, prosecutors in the netherlands have ended their arguments in the case of malaysian airlines flight em age 17. down of re said ukraine in 2014, killing all 298 on board. they're debating life sentences for the, for suspects, including 3 russian nationals, rushes for ministers once again,
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voiced moscow's concern about bias in the investigation. just move new more to seduce, support systems were closely following the case. i think is isabel robinson's answer, the defendant and his date of the trial. we surely conceive you attempt to create an impression that it is a problem of this thing. rather than a criminal case. that is completely said supposedly it should be considered a criminal procedure, was 7 and a half years on. after a trial that has seeped with politics for its duration, and prosecutors have arrived at their version of events, they have now put forward charges against the full suspects that they believe are responsible. 3 of the russian citizens, one of them are ukrainians. it was only one of them was represented in course by the way, by my lawyers. but this is, this is the trial that had an agenda from the onset. and this is something that multiple states have said including malaysia, which is for years has said that it was that they were excluded from the tribe for
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because they weren't on board with the agenda. they said that early on that there was a very, very clear, very clear angle to the investigation to the trial. and that was to blame, rush to shove all responsibility on russia. and now they were arrived at the conclusion that these 4 suspects were responsible for, shooting down and made 17, with a book, a missile that was supplied from abroad. and i, for it, we demand the suspects are convicted each individual, even a joint shooting down of an aircraft which caused the death and murder of o $298.00 people on board and life in prison. even if the suspects did not intend the consequences of their actions more, those consequences still count the last sentence. thank you. how they arrived at this conclusion is a story ended of itself. because there has been a lot of outrage about some of the evidence that they have taken taken on board.
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look, they've, they included from the onset ukraine was included in the, in investigation invited, or to the joint investigative team despite the fact that ukraine itself was at, at the time, a suspect. and a large part of the case is built on testimony from ukraine, which includes audio recordings provided by ukraine, secret services, audio recordings of the alleged suspects. apparently talking about the jet again from the onset table as suspected of being manipulated. the recordings. multiple forensic experts came out to say the same thing that they were doctor, they were edited and words were put in place and moved, moved around. but again, ukraine's evidence was taken on board by a slew of evidence for provided from her from other sources. was it again, the case was built much her testimony from social media post. the witnesses were,
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were kept secret, their identities anonymous. there was also the fact that for years now the, the quote, the j i t joint investigative students. and that is satellite footage for from the area from the day. the incident took place to make sure that there was that there was this book massage launcher on site. united states for years now has refused multiple times to provide those satellite shots are full for the investigation. it was also an incident in which dutch m. p. 's themselves were left lab augustan, after reading a report that says ukraine couldn't have known, there was a threat to civilian aircraft in the area, despite the fact that just days earlier, a ukrainian military plane was shot down the last of about a dozen in the area at ha, as hides that were that were dangerous for civilian aircraft. so passenger jet. and these combined with all the evidence that was rejected by the,
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by the prosecutors has led many to believe that indeed there was bias. a groom new college through no launch. number of discrepancies, impartial, judicial process, rule violations, examination of winning bridges. witness is a classified including the one who could bring the flags ignored by the investigation to light from the fact that the defense attorneys request has been rejected without any explanation says a lot. they also include the amazon takes berman, which proves that investigation statement on the mistletoe abuse is unfounded. russian ministry of defense provided the documents confirming that the missile was produced in 1986 were given to one of the ukrainian military units and stayed there until it was used. all this information that was ignored with the musical. and again, despite over controversy, all the missing details about the, the me sal itself, where the launcher was, who can control the launcher at the time, whether it was on the ukrainian side,
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on the, on the rebels side. all of those questions remain well classified. the answers to those questions remained, remain classified for now. we don't know a lot about the decision making process in the prosecution. nevertheless, the defense is due to speak in march and we are waiting for a verdict towards the end of next year. in fighting is broken out in the u. s. democratic party, after one of its own senators tip the balance in the senate by refusing to vote in favor of jo biden's, near to trillion dollar bill back better bel, german should immediately drew fury from the white house. is move is seen as a fatal blow to the president's flagship plan, although apparently not by biden himself. do you believe the other mentioned word you don't trust your party adventure legislation? not some people think maybe i'm not irony. please hold a grudge. look, i want to get things done. i still think there's
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a possibility. can you build back better, john? although by the same done phase, it did pay the wave for further rift in american politics. for the democratic party . now, facing a crisis of confidence assess, could title reports by didn't promise to build back better than long time. friend joe mansion went to fox news and blew up the president's campaign promises, and i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't, i've tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. you're done. this is, this is a no. this is a no. and with it it seems his whole party. we all knew that center mansion couldn't be trusted. you know, the, the excuses that he just made, i think, are completed and let miss america explained to the people of west virginia. why he doesn't have the guts to set up the powerful special ed. what sen mentioned did yesterday represent such an egregious breach of the trust in the president. and
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it's also, you know, this is exactly why it's an outcome that we had warned about. we have been saying this for weeks that this would happen and we took the hits, our leadership needs to step off. now politics and finger pointing, go hand in hand, nothing you right. well, not quite because wanted tradition for the red to the blues to speak to each other across the aisle. hey, it's a democrat spitting, i didn't, chapa, i didn't even take that much, just one line one veto. and it all came down. what made mansions, treachery over more unforgivable was he was body to body. a funny face will say that from the presidents viewpoint, and i saw him this morning. he's worked with senator mansion over the course of decades. they share fundamental values. they're long time friends that has not changed. that's how alienating biden's policies apparently become a long time friend,
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decades of shad fridays and mansion still broke rank. even though people loyal us even though billed by battle, was by didn't baby. and even though he knows that without the bill, the mid tubs may be a blog off. if we could get the build back better planned past, democrats will have a strong possibility of at least keeping the senate. it's tough, it's a tough reality in today's america. whereas poppy above all mansions, vito smells trouble for bite and i really couldn't have come. i was time. yes. gonna start with world on the kron tearing through the us. hi, petra price says a supply chain still in crisis record inflation on a historically low popularity rating of just 41 percent at a time, right this you need your people move and that's why you need a rallying cry. what does biden have a party and boiled in fighting has signature legislation in the dot, and now defecting democrats with rumors that is just the tip of the iceberg member,
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we had an individual reregister from democrat republican, and i think there are a few other democrats out there that are thinking about it, why not because they've changed, but the party has changed with what appears to be a crisis of confidence in this changed party. the last thing that democrats can afford is a crisis of confidence in the president himself, but looks like that's exactly what they've got. so the real president, it is country joe mentioned joe biden. madame wife for the charlemagne. i really job. i can't. no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's joe biden, which quite frankly, probably came as news to bite and himself. how can the side, of course, president harris is a proud howard. ok, but kidding aside, the democrats got handed the keys to success. they took over from the countries moved divisive president, they took control of the house on the senate, and yet here, just 11 months on their in disarray with the president probably looking on and
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thinking that maybe instead of building back better, it might be what building back a party that seems to have lost its way to match, you know, obviously recently and tries wrong. single leg daily's growing all months old quarters here in america is the breakup within the dome crap pod. indiana diaz leadership wasn't in my house, hasn't made it in america. they are running, afraid to know the elections coming up to midtown in frontier 22 and therefore they me lose that. and it's a one way thing. it shows a lot of chris within the democratic parking lot. i think the dom crash. no, they are in for fighter fight of their lives. they have all been so ralph crab. it came from radical debt to how move far away from the main stream of america. what american people want anna? they know it's going to be a fight for their life. they only all white house and they own the congress and defend it and they have been unable to get to be back belo ah program to galvan and
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get it class because it actually bankruptcy for america does what it stands for or i knew enough gas tank as it being abruptly turned to mid journey on their way to asian buyers and re routing west to europe, to take advantage of the an precedent had premiums being paid at the moment on the continent. european energy prices at all times high this week. here, russian gas provide a gas pump, pushed back attempts to blame it for the crisis as ukrainian energy company, nafta, gas became the latest point, think can promise sharply reduced its own. gast sales on the european spa market, despite growing demand and limits. the ability of, of a company to supply additional gas to europe and compete with gas prom. this is one of the key causes the crisis on the record rise and prices in europe. gas prom supplies gas, according to consumers, requests and full compliance with
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a current contractual obligations. well this but a 6 fold leap, european gas prices since the summer, as the constant proposed for the worst of the winter cold. there also fears that countries reserves are insufficient with a shut down a 3 french nuclear plants in recent days. adding to the worries gas premiums also rose after rub. germany suspended, the approval process for rushes nord stream to pipeline to europe. of course, some european politicians are trying to block the project altogether over russia, supposedly preparing to attack ukraine, the kremlin, as we keep saying here, denies those claims, no from says parent can hopefully shine some light on what's happening here. he's an energy specialist at the french institute for international strategic affairs. i there, thanks for your time. first off, what of ukraine's appeal to the u. then as described 12 years over this, it's accusing russia refueling, the energy crisis, 3rd point or not? well, the current in and she try see, see,
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europe is the result of several factors and not only of one factor, which she's the grave jubilee, the conventions between russia and ukraine. it's spot of a story, but it's not to for wars, toby, you, of course the, whether the winter is fair. you of, of course, the economy. we are fisher in the around the world and europe, a very strong economic growth. and when you office chalk, it can a growth you off an i a net sheet, even including gas and by with demand you off, low gas stocks in europe, ac. this time of philadelphia you, after you spoke about the cbc issue, you have problems. we've nuclear industry, japanese observing at nuclear. so as describing less it's, it's kind of the perfect storm. we feel like the suspicion is from someone, the russian side. ukraine is trying to take advantage of the situation to damage
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gas problems, reputation. do you get that vibe or not? just problem and vend, russia, ease respecting each contractual could be, but it's us foss. gus exports to the european market, arkansas, but varies another question. a gospel, good guess, from an russia supermarket, mo, gas to rock outside the contractor and framework. and either the discussion is very or did he can these gas from and russia, we've all deemed some gas supplies fall economic a very i try season law and all geopolitical reasons. but you cannot save, i guess from his duck exalting. vargas it is coming, declining fair enough to rush her rush. this thought law had you, our committee will rush aside. the reason that's not happening of late is that it's own storage stalks. hello and it's a very cold winter. okay. i mean,
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our european lawmakers right to get involved in this and make it a political issue to think oh, well, and when you us, i, again, she prices, especially gas. and while we're prices or it becomes a political and a social problem. it's not ugly economic problem. it doesn't mean backed up to consumers, it doesn't mean back to you or piano he best freezer, and the strongly marked us foss, european to compare these awful sag, especially industrial companies. we charge a, the consumers of in eci, especially gossip by way. so government's office and almost forced politically speaking, you to do something to set something to act alt make as if they were acting valo chops. and then a cause had been no logic really would there for russia to use the energy crisis to a turn it in europe against node stream to what would be the point of that of you,
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of, of course, but not stream to issue a the gas line is now, beats eat, was achieved in september, but thus he stopped flowing a through the gas line because we have to regulatory processes are up to the gentleman level. and that the european commission level, normally, if he stu prophecies a could take, let's say, about 6 months, more or less. but due to the governor called next of very severe jupiter galler issues between russia and ukraine. our we'd have his foot to confront, walk off, and he bucks on the rig who got to reprocess. i don't think the chance it was never going to be easy. there's always going to be drawn out. yeah, a. busy not seem to ease of coal, so a commercial pipeline under very jupiter,
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people buy goodbye and 4 videos. you offer a force for euro cutting off his nose. he's got his face, so to speak here, then it needs the gas. the gas can come through that pipeline, but it's dragon his ails europe, needs gas, but we often you wrote a ought to be baked about the rule of gas in the future. and some people we say gus, isa foreseen fuel, which is of course true. so we don't want gas because it's bad for the climate. other people we say, of course just to foresee fuel, but it's better, it dumps off see what would be sions, but all you know, i'm much better on chord. so we must use more gas during if you and that she tradition, we out of his debate in europe for some years, and it would be very important for the continent to waffa. could you on such obese questions about moving you should road of just in our energy mix,
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francis parent and energy specialist to the french institute for international strategic affairs. things are kept on a, put some clarity on it. make sure had scratched in that. have a good evening, so thank you very much. and thank you for watching at home as well. that saw t's well, these attend line from moscow with me, kevin. now in after the break, you can listen to the russian for a mississippi leverage full interview gave earlier to our channel. join me every thursday on the alex silent. sure. and i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm. when you listen to this, he thinks of tones. you think x is going to happen. you know, why happens instead of distinctive bringing response is engage that are relevant
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to you, how we experience reward and pleasure, while listening to some people looking at this is a kind of on that music, is it kind of choreographing of our expectations? so ah, because it will not shut my should be seamless as thank you. i'd like to start with moscow's proposals for a collective security framework and red lines on nato's eastwood expansion, which have been ignored by the u. s. could excuse me. why has the block deal remains san antonio proposals cross they will russia tolerate this way and all the west, except russia's proposals for peaceful coexistence, not the love of stork, but thus pussy boat, bruce who.


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