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for a who dares sinks, we dare to ask ah, to night in an exclusive interview with our tv russians, foreign minister says moscow will react to a flagrant attempt by berlin to block our teas. new german language channel after europe leading the satellite provider removes it. at the request of the countries media regulator ship would have been used. we cannot tolerate it any longer. and we believe is unacceptable. situation will go on. we will have to respond to it. survey lever, i've also questions the impartiality of the ongoing trial. if the downing of flight
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made 17 and eastern ukraine in 2014, the prosecutors are demanding life sentences for the suspects, including free russian nationals and a dispute writers within the us democratic party. after one of its own senators, effectively torpedo feel biden's lavish infrastructure built in the senate. we look at why it's feeling a crisis of confidence among democrats, with protecting lab direct from our students. moscow, this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. now we start off with the russian foreign minister, sergey lab ralph. he has given r t an exclusive interview in which he touched upon a range of key world issues. lou, all right, one of the main points mr. leverett discussed was the removal of our german
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language channel. our t. d. e from europe's main satellite network provider had happened to just moments before the interview. the move came at a request of germany's media regulator. mr. lab rough slammed the action against the channel, which had only begun broadcasting last week, and warned that it was on acceptable behavior on the part of berlin, and that there will be consequences will not go additional. just the was nicole, we have been tempted to respond similarly, but until recent times we were convinced that we do not want to follow the same path and tried to put pressure on media to follow suit with a western partners. but you know, the same thing with russian security, we cannot tolerate this any longer. and we believe if this unacceptable situation will go on, we will have to respond to it mostly for the months in an interview with russia's mtv network kremlin spokesperson dmitri pest golf said berlin's behavior was part of a disturbing pattern. materials could sell as it is to muslim for him as his view wrote
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the booking of the whole network in europe contradicts european spirit and old nomes and principles of the organization for security and cooperation in europe. but unfortunately, neither you nor the u. s. cares about such things the day, and they do what they want. we have a cowboy reality now. and in such circumstances, russia should act confidently, neatly and persistently, not to shoot ourselves in the leg so to say, but to let our opponents know that we totally disagree with such actions and will not leave them without consequences. for some context to r t d has faced a barrage of resistance and allegations since it launched last thursday. it is accused of not having the necessary documentation to broadcast in germany, but our t management says its license was obtained in accordance with all european laws and regulations. further, the channel was also taken off. you tube the very same day it was launch. technically, there is no connection between that and the german t v broadcast dispute. even during the launch,
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an official for german media watchdog suggested that they would take action against the channel. this is our t statement in response to the latest news. today the german regulator force european satellites service you tell sat 9 to remove the broadcast of our new moscow based german language channel, r t d e from his platform. it is inappropriate for the german regulator, m a b b to overreach, and ignore the european convention on trans frontier television under which the subject thereby forcing util, sat to remove r t d from the carrier solely due to the unsubstantiated and factually flawed claims of the german regulator, we believe this amounts to illegal pressure and our confident this actually be redressed by the courts. we will be seeking all possible remedies against a german regulator and our audience can continue to access our content across multiple platforms and online. their reason it's happening is because nobody wants competition and we obviously are getting more and more popular. and the online
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service that we had in germany was phenomenal. if successful, i should say. and naturally, no one likes competition. and that's fair. i mean, we all want to compete, well, trying to compete, trying to win our orders. the problem is that we want to do it perfectly legally. and we are absolutely sure. and we consulted with our international lawyers that everything we have don was exactly according to the existing laws and regulations. each new channel is getting more and more resistance, which is almost like getting a metal. because that means we are getting more and more successful. they see you see us as more and more of a competition. but of course they claim something which is totally ridiculous that this is not being produced here in moscow. but you know, that's been user room is right across across the corridor. you know, the newsroom is here and this to those here and the broadcasting facilities care
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and german regulator is trying to persuade us, this is all fictitious. we are available to him. many other options. i don't want to name them all, but there are, there was a number of options for people who want to know the alternative news. and sometimes what we believe is a more accurate version of many events and then what they get from the german maze tramecia. we will fight legally. and i'm quite sure that we will get the possibility to bring our version of events, which is total illegitimate, to which we are totally entitled to our viewers in germany, as well as in all other countries as well as trotting. the plan that we've used was not a plan. a unfortunately are not able to use the plan a that we use the plan be that we didn't to work to. and we are going to dispute that in a court of law with another on tray. so now we're going to plan de plan e,
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we have many of them, but one thing is certain people who want to know the different side and want to know the events of the truth that is not being brought by some mainstream. german media have the possibility to do that to do that, and we'll try to help them as much as we can electing nickel of r t s. chief executive earlier. now, part of our chief german channel being cut off from the european satellite network, much attention was also devoted to the escalating tensions between russia and nato . mister lever office says moscow has lost its trust in the west. notice that he will yet on a monday will, they've lied to us on a regular basis from oral pledges to even political obligations enshrined in the russia nato political act. so this time, as president putin said, we want to have legally binding guarantees. at the same time, we understand that the west can violate such guarantees as well if it wants to do, we should judge it was a very in depth interview. i'm here in the very studio where a to play,
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so beats and a slot reduce format. mr. lover of covered a real her spectrum of sale into the national topics of the day, from the presence of foreign troops. u. s. troops in syria to the ongoing nuclear negotiations in iran, the main focal point. now, as we said, was that escalation, the ongoing crisis on russia, ukraine border, and that's been very much a focal point of much west to media. those allegations of thousands of russian troops massing on the ukraine border allegations level that moscow that this is in preparation for some sort of intervention or conflict from his lover was very clear to say that this is not something that moscow that seeks or wants. so that russia moscow wants these issues to be resolved through daughter gone through the strengthening or when's national institutions such as the when another organizations. and he really more negates the danger all the return or ra, returning towards a might, is right. balance of power in the world,
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insisting that dialogue is key and not just dollars, but also putting any sort of agreements, any sort of dialogues in writing, in some sort of legal framework. and that was something i missed the level of focus on very much. and when we touched upon the expansion of nato, eastwards missed another offer, mentioned that to russia. moscow does see the presence of nato military data, military, the expansion went to eastwards as a threat to its security. and the west has to understand that that is the topic of concern for russia on a compromise has to be reached if the relation is to happen. but it was it. the silly global gus loves to prove the heads of states and governments have clearly states that no participants of the o s. c e should insure their security by damaging security of others. so when you install some bug may this high brow and arrogant statement that no one can reach the principal, the washington treaty in accordance with which doors are open for any candidate wishing to accede to nato, we can say that we are not party to this organization we have not signed this
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treaty, but we have signed a broader pan regional euro atlantic documents that includes the principle of indivisible security. and if you installed some burg, believe the native members can ignore this principle that is enshrined in their documents that are the highest level. then perhaps it is indeed time for him to get a different job because he does not perform his functions very well. he called for the formalization within the legal framework to prevent mat expansion eastwards, and that a recent discussions had been actually quite positive that washington had listened to moscow's concerns. and at least a dialogue was happening. so at least that something positive to take away from these tensions which have been rising over the last few weeks, prosecutors in the netherlands have ended their arguments in the case of malaysian airlines flight mh 17 down over eastern ukraine in 2014 killing 298 on board. they are demanding life sentences for the, for suspects, including 3 russian nationals,
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rushes foreign minister has once again voiced moscow's concerns about bias in the investigation. just moved. numerous listed units of blood system were closely following the case because it's about russian citizens who the defendants at this stage of the trial were surely conceive you attempt to create an impression that it is a problem of the state rather than the criminal case. that is completely unacceptable . it should be considered a criminal process was 7 and a half years on after a trial that has seeped with politics for its duration, or prosecutors have arrived at their version of events. they have now put forward charges against the full suspects that they believe are responsible. 3 of them, russian citizens, one of them are ukranian citizen. only one of them was represented in court by the way, by, by louis. but this is, this is a trial that had an agenda from the onset, and this is something that multiple states have said including malaysia,
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which is for years has said that, that they were excluded from the trial because they weren't on board with the agenda. they said that early on that there was a very, very clear, very clear angle to the investigation to the trial. and that was to blame, rush to shove all responsibility on russia. and now they were arrived at the conclusion that these 4 suspects were responsible for, shooting down and made 17, with a book, a missile that was supplied from abroad. therefore, we demand the suspects are convicted each individual, even a joint shooting down of an aircraft which caused the death and murder of o $298.00 people on board to life in prison. even if the suspects did not intend the consequences of their actions or those consequences still count the last sentence, thank how they arrived. this conclusion is a story in the end of itself, because there has been a lot of outrage about some of the evidence that they have taken. taken on board.
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look, they've, they included from the onset ukraine was included in the, in investigation and vital to the joint investigative team. despite the fact that ukraine itself was at, at the time, a suspect. and a large part of the case is built on testimony from ukraine, which includes audio recordings provided by you created secret services audio recordings of the alleged suspects. apparently talking about the jet again from the onset they was suspected of being manipulated. the recordings, multiple forensic experts came out to say the same thing that they were doctor, they were edited and words were put in place and moved, moved around. but again, ukraine's evidence was taken on board by a slew of evidence for provided from her from other sources. was it again, the case was built much her testimony from social media post. the witnesses were
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but kept secret their identities anonymous. there was also the fact that for years now, the quote that j i t joint investigative team have vos, the united states that provide an absolutely crucial piece of evidence. and that is satellite footage for, from the area from the day. the incident took place to make sure that there was that there was this book massage launcher on site. united states for years now has refused multiple times to provide those satellite shots are full for the investigation. it was also an incident in which dutch m. p. 's themselves were left flabbergasted. after reading the report that says ukraine couldn't have known, there was a threat to civilian aircraft in the area. despite the fact that just days earlier, a ukrainian military plane was shot down the last of about a dozen in the area, a tides that were,
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that were dangerous for civilian and crop. so passenger jet. and these, combined with all the evidence that was reject by the, by the prosecutors has led many to believe that indeed there was bias, a groom legally sh through no large number of discrepancies, impartial, judicial process, rule violations, examination of witness bridges. witnesses are classified including the one who could bring facts, ignored by the investigation to light. the fact that the defense attorneys request has been rejected without any explanation says a lot. they also ignored the amazon takes parents which proved that investigation statement on the missile tub used is unfounded. the russian ministry of defense provided the documents confirming that the missile was produced in 1986 given to one of the ukrainian military units and stayed there until it was used. all this information was ignored. and again, despite all the controversy all over the missing details about the, the me, sol,
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itself, where the launcher was, who can control the launcher at the time whether it was on the ukrainian side, on the, on the rebels side. all of those questions remain well classified. the answer to those questions you made remain classified for now. we don't know a lot about the decision making process in the prosecution. nevertheless, the defense is due to speak in march and we are waiting for a verdict towards the end of next year. phil to come on are to international fall out within the u. s. a democratic party after one of its own senators torpedoes job by the massive infrastructure bill. that's so much more after short break, stay with us. and ah, i knew the future if he thinks of tone and you think x is going to happen. you know, why happen, said distinctive bringing responses and engage that are relevant you how
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we experience, reward and pleasure. well, listening to some people lucky, this is a kind of a kind of choreographing of our expectation. mm . for is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection for community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the
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shallows. oh, well, come back. this is our to international. now in fighting has broken out within the u. s. a democratic party, after one of its own senators, tipped the balance in the senate by refusing to vote in favor of jo biden's near to trillion dollar bill back better, bill joe mentioned immediately drew fury from the white house. his move is seen as a fatal blow to the president's flagship plan, although apparently not by biden himself. do you believe started mentioned word to you and have a banter legislation? not some people think maybe i'm not our industries holding crunch. i want to get things done. i still think there's a possibility. can you build back better, john? although biden seemed unfazed, it did pave the way for
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a further rift in american politics with the democratic party. now, facing a crisis of confidence are too soft to taylor comments by didn't promise to build back better than long time, friend, joe munch and went to fox news and blew up the president's campaign promises. and i cannot vote to continue with this piece of legislation. i just can't, i've tried everything humanly possible. i can't get there. you're done. this is, this is a no. this is a no. and with it it seems his whole party. we all knew that send or mention couldn't be trusted. you know, the, the excuses that he just made, i think, are complete and let miss america explain to the people of west virginia why he doesn't have the guts to say up the powerful special or what senator mentioned did . yesterday represents such an egregious breach of the trust of the president. and it's also, you know,
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this is exactly why it's an outcome that we had warned about. we have been saying this 4 weeks that this would happen and we took the hit, our leadership needs to step up. now politics and finger pointing, go hand in hand, nothing new, right? well, not quite because wanted tradition for the reds in the blues to spit to each other across the aisle. here, if the democrats spitting at each other, and it didn't even take that much, just one man, one veto. and it all came down. what made mansions, treachery, aldermore, unforgivable, was that he was biden's body. a friendly face will say that from the president's viewpoint and i saw him this morning. he's worked with senator mansion over the course of decades. they share fundamental values. they're long time friends that has not changed. that's how alienating biden's policy is apparently become long time friends, decades of shared values. and mansion still broke rank. even though people loyal us
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even though build back better was biden's baby. and even though he knows that without the bell, the mid tom's may be a blood off. if we could get the build back better plan past, democrats will have a strong possibility of at least keeping the senate. it's tough, it's a tough reality. in today's america, whereas party above all mansions, vito spells trouble for bitin, and it really couldn't have come out. it was time. yes. canister withdrawal on the kron tearing through the us high. petro prices a supply chain still in crisis record inflation on a historically low, popular to rating of just 41 percent. at a time i did, you need your people move, and that's why you need a rallying cry. what does bite and have a party and boiled in fighting has signature legislation and the dot, and now defecting democrats with rumors that is just the tip of the iceberg member, we had an individual reregister from democrat to republican, and i think there are
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a few other democrats out there that are thinking about it, why not? because they've changed, but the party has changed with what appears to be a crisis of confidence in this change party. the last thing the democrats can afford is a crisis of confidence in the president himself, but looks like that's exactly what they've got. so the real president, it is country joe mentioned joe biden, man and wife for the con charlemagne. i really s job. i can't, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, it's joe biden, which quite frankly, probably came as news to bite and himself. i'll kinda side of course, president harris is a proud howard. okay, but kidding aside, the democrats got handed the keys to success. they took over from the country's most divisive president, they took control of the house and the senate, and yet here, just 11 months on their in disarray with the president probably looking on and thinking that may be. but instead of building back better,
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it might be worth building back a party that seems to have lost its way. as you know, all right is split and now is grand. seemed like dale is growing, almost both part is he in america is the breakup within a democrat pot. and in b, o leadership law president by the house hasn't made it in a bell. they are running a freight did not elections coming up to mit. turning 2022 and doubtful. they may lose that. and it's a one way thing. it shows a lot of hypocrites within the democratic party. i think the gum crash. no, they are in for a fighter fight of their lives. they have all been so rather grab, it came from radical debt. they have moved far away from the main stream of america, what american people want, and they know it's going to be a fight for their life. they only all white house and they own the congress and defend it, and they have been unable to get the bill back battle ah, program to govern and get it class because who actually bankrupt before america
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does what is dance war? former seen an employee john griffin, a long time producer for disgraced cnn star chris cuomo has pleaded not guilty to child sex trafficking charges. court documents reported by fox news alleged that griffin tried to pay off witnesses, including that he offered a woman $30000.00 in january 2020, and also sent $4000.00 to a family member of a 9 year old. he is accused of assaulting. now griffin was indicted this month on allegations of attempting to lower miners for sexual activities and coerce girls as young as 7 years old to go to his home for sexual subservience training. he will face a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted, seen, and says the charges against john griffin are deeply disturbing. this is by far not the 1st sex scandal i've seen. and in recent memory this month, the network fired chris cuomo for alleged misconduct. while he reportedly helped
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his brother andrew than new york's governor to fight off a sexual harassment case. and in recent weeks cnn host don lehman was accused of the sexually assaulting a bar tender and last year seen in legal analyst jeffrey toobin was allegedly caught masturbating on a work related video call. r t contributor lauren chin thinks that such scandals could ruin cnn's ratings the charges that john griffin is facing. they are not capricious. they are not merely based on a. he said, she said, situation. there are evidence of payments at text messages that duly people to believe authority, specifically that he has been at paying underage girls of for sexual favors, as well as trying to involve their mothers to varying degrees. he is engaged in grooming, and some would argue, as well as sex trafficking. many mainstream media outlets not just seen in themselves have, i think, been a little bit hesitant to talk about this issue. even though we can only imagine what the reaction would have been if this had been someone, for example,
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on the fox news team or the trump team that had been discovered doing the exact same things overall as cnn's credibility has been shipped away, especially over the trump administrations years, a lot of people just no longer believe that they are a fair and unbiased source of news. and it's just not a good look for a network that is already struggling to keep up a positive public appearance. and sadly, the only time cnn has been, i think, really disgust widely lately has not been for their amazing journalism or content. it has been because of these, these negative new stories involving their personnel. if the feds are alleging that not only did john griffin engage in these terrible behaviors, but he also then try to pay off a witness to remain silent. i don't think we have much reason to take john griffin at his word. and i think the fact that he has engaged in these things shows that as a person, there is not much he is not willing to do when it comes to preserving his own freedom. 33 and a half minutes. that's what i will be back with. another full of fresh look to new
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say with this is our traditional lou with when i was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable. i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america, florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets, is fostering and the biggest player in $85000000000.00 industry is mosaic. and i, there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aqua for a chronic. well, you know, i don't want to hear that word poets name, but that's what it is. in 2013 my,
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all our family dog, my brother, who was 21 years old, myself and my father were all a problem with wow. yeah. whole wrong. and they could play it right. yeah. maybe they'll actually learn that more help is more important in and so it begins 2 weeks of our christmas and new year's the specials. and when we look back in the year, that was and parents in the future with some of our roster of amazing guests, all heterodox thinkers, that would be caught dead on breakdown finance, corporate media, 1st up, james howard, concert. mm hm. a wrong.
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oh, just don't hold a sheep out disdain to come to the african an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves will depart, we choose to look for common ground. acknowledge is a very big industry and there's a lot of opportunities for the hackers. millions, not him, but he didn't bring the law in the country. you're dealing with, y rushed him that the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws that cyberspace has no borders. new sovereignty we ended up with, for example, the national health service in the u. k. the and a chest was completely wiped out from a ransomware attack. if you were coming in to a clinic, because you had
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a test or you had an operation, they can't find your records. they had to go back to pen and paper with them. this is boom. bought the one be there, show you care to coordinate some bridge board. and i'm rachel blevins in washington . and coming up with g d. p. growth in the us for the 3rd quarter was revised up as a pandemic recovery continued straight ahead. we'll discuss the figures with the professor richard wolf, and former twitter ceo jack dorsey has spoken out against the us dollar as he now says that bit coin will replace b on currency will break down his bold predictions for the premier crypto currency .


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