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and one website out, google, google will tell you which a social media platform was visited more than the popular search engine. and name calling is a lazy retort apology, especially if they're mostly charged term, mostly being thrown. so why are groups being allowed to assign labels without any accountability, if they are an accurate and why this could have the potential to be dangerous and going into the midterm. our panel will discuss anytime with all of the modern medical advances we are seeing. you would think life expectancy would also grow, but is actually reduced. and the top reason is not even coping. we will give you the details i'm going to use and you're watching rti america. so let's get started . ah, thanks for joining us. you know, with a massive port congestion over the last few months, causing the supply chain to actually experience a bottleneck nationwide. many of question whether consumers would turn out for this
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year's holiday shopping season was archie corresponded natasha. sweet explains, the pandemic continues to impacts consumer hair habits. as the ami kron krona virus variant emerges, scientists are still studying just how harmful and contagious it is compared to the other variance. it's just one piece of the puzzle and uncovering at least shopping patterns of consumers during this unusual holiday season with the variant alive and well retail sales were actually up this year. the main difference is a search in digital sales. the vice president of sales force noting a 3 percent rise post cyber week and not despite inflation along with less inventory. on wednesday, president biden held a meeting with his supply chain disruptions task force. he said the administration was able to help alleviate bottlenecks at the ports, along with other issues plaguing the crisis. merc is the only leading economy in the world. we're household income and the economy as a whole are stronger than they were before the pandemic. even accounting for price
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increases and it was more people lining up for booster shots. there is a mix when it comes to people feeling safe and public with so many unknown factors at the present time. this is the kind of dividers which you paid us, but it will mutate even faster with the high number of infections each infection is a possibility that the new body and we're our eyes, which will be even more transmissible than the finance which we see right now. and while alarming, the good news is that it's believe the virus will eventually stop mutating. it still needs to be similar to the variance which can attach to our cells. if it will mutate and change everything, it's genetic material, it won't be any more able to infect our cells. so there is a limit the disruption in the global supply chain caused by coping 19 is still filled by millions of people struggling with food insecurity. and the organizations
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that help food on their table in the last few months as our need the need keeps growing. we needed another vehicle to run. and we couldn't get a vehicle to run. it took us a month to get a rental. 30 foot truck. yeah. these vehicles don't even exist right now. and 2nd, early, we didn't have enough drivers and well, food pantries are scraping by the toy industry is booming, and the pandemic continues to influence the buying patterns of parents. the choice that they're buying are going to be able to engage kids for a long time. you never know we're going to be back in lockdown again. joy that only last for 20 minutes or keeps can entertain for 20 minutes. isn't a great purchase. and because of shortages, many are spending a little more than they did last year. so despite the economy still working its way over inflation, consumers are still doing all they can to celebrate the holiday season. reporting for news feeds. hughes and harsh suites are t. okay,
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so for more in the nation to retail recovery, we welcome back founder and see of above it trading todd by the harvest. thanks for joining me, brother scott. it's great to be with you again. okay, we hear all this gloom and dam gloom and doom, and yet we see the numbers that are coming out in the current. are you surprised at these numbers and do you think retailers had meant to lower expectations going into the holiday season? just based off the headlines, i certainly believe that they had lower expectations. i think that small businesses suffer dramatically. i know the headline says no, but when i go out and look to check and go to some, my small vendors are no longer there anymore. they're out of business this, this over cost inflation with no supply chain. you're seeing a lot of empty shelves to begin with and we have changed habits as americans to the digital age. you know, amazon continues to grow box cars and of course they also st. employer not employed but have a lot of small business that shifts through them. so i don't see the numbers. and again, i'm always leary. when i hear
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a government report of numbers because they're always adjusted at a later date. i think they're just trying to tell us to calm down everybody versus the fact that we've got 20 percent inflation not 7, and that people are not spending. and if we get a cold winter, which you've been very fortunate so far, it's going to be, it's gonna be a choice where you want to eat or heat and not buy toys. well, if anything you went to that and i felt the same way actually about polls when it comes to politics because you can always manipulated number based if you want to look good or look bad at the moment. what's best about your agenda? so i get where you're coming from, a numbers being released by the government. but you have to also look at these long lines that are out there. if you go to any, even the big box retailer, they're wrapped around trying to trying to check out, you know, right now a lot of these retailers, when we'll talk to small business later, what is the bigger problem to supply chain line and not actually having products on the shelves, or is it actually finding workers? are we still having such a problem? finding people to actually go to work 8 to 5 and check people out. it's got it. you
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can find help today. this is the problem is the slope slide chain, but the bigger problem is you can't get people to work. you know, look, i went to a wal mart last. 3 week and i needed some help. i couldn't find anybody ask a question to to help me. there is nobody here. that's why you have long lines because you've got not enough, right? people rain or register, you don't have enough help in the stores. and of course, try to get some help if you're going to self check out, you can't get anybody to show you how to do it. so you have an employment problem and that was more cause with, you know, the unemployment insurance with the stimulus that still somehow going on. how i don't understand. but, you know, we've got all these excuses that we've made and we've destroyed many businesses, but really hampered the small business. and i agree, and that's usually the just the heart of a community. if you do not have a successful, small business environment, that community is going to die, unfortunately, doesn't matter how many times, how many big boxes that come in. and that's when i kind of them and scratching my head because every time shows america,
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the kind of turning. but the lines out are just people are out there shopping. it is absolutely crated pandemonium in some areas i have seen. but my question is, you know, what are people doing where they get in this money to spend? are we about to face a real credit crisis? when those credit card bills come in, in january, february, people just said, you know, case to ra, either the government's already paid for everything else for free. maybe they'll also pay off my holiday credit card debt. do you know it's a ism, this is gonna be as likely as it was and oh wait. and i'm not gonna say it's going to be right that a versus year. but this position that we have put ourselves in and with the excess of lending that banks are doing, you know, the fractional banging system is no. busy longer in place, the way that it's supposed to be was never really that great, but i would venture and bet that many banks could even pass a normal stress test if it was real. and people are borrowing money or buying author house or borrowing of everything because it's so easy to money and you know,
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christmas no matter what the academy is doing, people are going to try to do something for christmas and for their kids or for somebody special. whatever people are going to spend, they'll worry about that that later. and that is usually a much bigger problem later. well, unfortunately later is only about a week away, but while i think coming into the new year, i think we are actually already building up our list of problems that we're going to be facing. welcome to buying america. thank you for joining me. so what's the sound that o'clock makes and what's the social media jogger and that seems just is unstoppable as afford march of time itself. all the heads tick, tock, which is now the most visited site in the world. a list of internet ranking for 2021 shows a tick tock, beating google for the number one position, rocketing it from it's number 7 slot last year. it is by far the biggest difference from last year web performance tracker, cloud flare who publish the list says so what's the secret? tick, tock, explosion and popularity. while we welcome in political commentary,
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social media kind of sore, lauren chin for her always welcome analysis. lauren, i tell you i am a fan of take talk out of the band from day one for a really good reason. it was because of the fact that it was very much diverse and the type of information i saw. it wasn't just teenagers dancing. it was everything from cleaning products to household kids. it started with teens with sticking though and dancing, but it's expanded. what's behind it? do you believe this broadening of what we find on tick tock and how much of the pandemic and lock downs? was that the key to success? a good timing? well, you actually got a leg up on me when it comes to tick tock, because i was one of those hold out to didn't really start going on the site until the pandemic until i was born at home. and i started wondering what are all these young people in teams up to on the platform, but like so many others. once i started visiting it more, i all of a sudden got it and you are right. it tick tock does have a reputation as being somewhat of a shallow social media side just with teams,
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dancing and lips thinking. but you're right, there's a lot of other content on there as well. there's lifestyle content, cooking content. you can even find political content on there, a lot of which is actually really smartly made and i think being on that platform doesn't get better insight into what younger generations, especially jen zia. you know, what they think about politics. i think the pandemic definitely helped tick tock, because more people are simply at home looking for new sources of entertainment. but we're tick. tock has thrive is that it has really leaned into these different creator communities in a way that we've seen you to facebook, twitter, and other social media sites, almost kind of pulling away from. so i think there are a lot of people who, when they're looking for almost grassroots content, now tick tock does seem to offer more of that. then you to bed does, which is such as shane because for the longest time that is what you had to offer that, that connection. and that feeling that you are getting organic, real people on the other on the screen. but now, sadly, you to business brand deals, but for now, tick tock has managed to keep its user based engaged with the interest there. find
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out about laura is actually a very user friendly and you can create these very just these things that people went to college for, for years to try to learn how to develop and they can do it. the i watch these teenagers put these videos together, would make hollywood even be jealous at how quickly they can do them and how good they look. do you think moving forward? this is actually going to be something that is going to actually reward is going to promote possibly even the world we live in and broadcasting and make actually better editors in the future that this is something they're starting an early age learning their craft and how to do it? absolutely. i think you 2 was probably the 1st step in that we saw young people creators. just feel empowered to be able to make their own content and show it to people all across the world. and i think tick tock is even like the next iteration of that because you have the editing app right on right on your phone. it's included in the software. and i think as interesting as it is to talk about this from a consumer perspective, it's also really interesting to think of how this is going to be affecting brands
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in the future. because you actually have marketing agencies and individual brands. now moving ad spend money from traditional platforms like google to places like tick tock, either through promoting their own content or through paying at influencers to do advertising for them. and then it's so important there, there's influences and getting paid for. and i'm also noticing, even from politicians, they're making their spots now and tick tock 1st. and it's even music music from the past. seventy's and eighty's, they get a little clip of it. all of a sudden the kids are once again downloading the full song on apple. so it's bringing back also a lot from the past. but the initial reason why people are, were concerned, and they probably so are, is the fact that ticket comes from china and this idea of a data breach in it that, that there's some security involved. should this worry people, should people actually be concerned right now with somebody being on their, in terms of their data security as compared to every other app on their phone that does the exact same thing? well i think here it's important to separate tick tock as
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a community from the app itself. because the, there's a lot of great things that happen on tick tock like on twitter, like on youtube, that aren't necessarily dependent or related to the people who are in charge of those platforms. so just as a community tick tock clearly has a lot of great things going for it, but obviously by dance is owned. you know, it is a chinese company. they have insisted li repeated that they do not share their app with the chinese government, but they're actually happened updates to their terms of service which have allowed them to collect things like even biometric data, which a lot of people i think are rightfully scared of. and you know, frankly, you asked, is this any different than the, the data that google is collecting? know all of these sites. google, facebook, they are interested in your data. you're not paying for the service because you are the product. we all need to remember that. but that doesn't mean that it's something we should just ignore, especially there have been a national security concerns over tick tock, specifically because there have been service members who have been using using the ab and people are worried. what, what other things on the phone is that then given the access to this is an
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important conversation. and i don't think it's something that we should become complacent in. but i will say, you know, this isn't just because tick tock is on by china. i think all of these big tech companies, data privacy is something we should be worried about. laura, that's a great point right there. that it's not just take target to every add that on your phone. you say that you registered for free. nothing is ever free except for good information and good guest, and i really appreciate you sharing your knowledge with our, with our audience. thank you. thank you. so now after the break, when we were little and we called someone a name, there was usually a punishment for what is it punishment for adults, or even journalists to do so for our political panel brings you the inside scoop from capitol hill. when we come back ah rumor sherman, she population longer to cool shopping for chris. ah,
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we, we said cooper. there was a good bye to another, shooting another safe part of american life. shattered by violence. the gunman was armed with an a ar 15, semi automatic rifle. when the issue comes home, it's time to act when we're silent on this issue, the other side winds by default lady that lived over there, i was walking one of the dogs. so why do you wear again? where are you still with me? doesn't i take it off it. i think the people need to take responsibility and their own nanzen be prepared if those kinds of weapons were less available. we wouldn't have a lot of the shootings and we certainly wouldn't have the number of deaths. i mean, with the city dedicated and as shown until we stand together, we'll continue to stand together against russia even in german repeat
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some of the arrows that we doubt this made. they noticed the video as chunky daughter about their 1000000 influence, other nations, france b, u. k and even latin america and other countries in future than maybe knew where to high from cycle alone. with members of your household, please please, please, please. we have to continue to fight. don't you just need to rush. you must not be allowed in germany. i don't want you to call and leave it so short. so d and l t d enough ation 5. and the yes. ok to indian ality the enough missiles guns until sunday. and so it begins to weeks of our christmas and new year's the specials. and when we looked back in the year,
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that was and parents in the future with some of our roster of amazing guests, all heterodox thinkers, that wouldn't be caught dead on breakdown finance, corporate media, 1st up, james powered concert technology is a very big industry. and there's a lot of opportunities for moving that is not here, but we didn't bring the law in that country you're dealing with why arrest him that the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws that cyberspace is no borders. new sovereignty we ended up with, for example, the national health service in the u. k. the and a chest was completely wiped out from the ransomware attack. if you were coming in to a clinic, because you had a test or you had an operation, they can't find your records. they had to go back to pen and paper. ah, there is
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a responsibility which it goes with the power being able to put your opinion out on a major platform. now say they sam refuse to acknowledge this and write or speak things which unapologetically inspires hate from one to another. and they almost feel like it's their mission to come up with the most emotionally charged phrases all to get attention. not realizing there are real world consequences to fueling this fire of division, especially in present day america. they have no regard for the truth or what their words transpire. and maybe they were not held enough as a baby, but writers like this are dangerous and should be held accountable before it's too late. and these writers choose verbage and throw label for the history of hate to draw attention with little regards of whether they're being accurate or what that action inspires. actions which would cause physical harm to people where the perpetrator feeling justified in their violence. now going to 100 percent agree with each other, but it's how we handle these conversations which determine if we are speaking for
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the greater good or we are just saying things to the good of ourselves. for shame on those on any side of the political spectrum who not only falsely label those who disagree with the use words sound to bice of an angry. the only possible reaction is evil. to discuss this present state of journalism in the heat that's being turned up, i want to bring in our teeth has to be the prestige moth berg as well as legal, immediate analyst, lajna lajna. steve, thanks for joining me on this. thank you. i got it, steve. you cover the media, you watched all the time. do you feel like this rhetoric that's happening between the media side bed between the 2 parties is getting worse and it's not even an election year. oh, it is. it is absolutely 1st of all, something as simple as the word insurrection, which is a media creation. the january 6th riots which i abhor. i abhor any violence, no matter why they started, or, or who instigated. the fact of the matter is,
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it's been investigated by the department of justice, has been scores of arrest people have been prosecuted sentence. nobody was charged with insurrection. the word insurrection ever came up in a senate committee that did a report on, on the event, only the media and the democrats on the left call it an insurrection gratuitously. and of course, if you, during the 4 years of president trump, hillary started it with a basket full of deplorable holes. if you support trump, you're, if you're a deplorable tree, i transfer phobic homophobic go, race is seen a phobic and that became the mantra. before years the media accepts it, the media agrees if you question the legitimacy of the election, even though democrats of question and hillary still questions the legitimacy of our laws to donald trump. but if you'd question along with donald trump, though you'll be lost in 2020. you're, you're, you're an insurrection. is your threat to them, chris? see your every name in the book truck was a nazi. he was hitler. he still is. it's the lap that is done this much, much,
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much, much more so than the right in any way, shape or form within the media. well, i know exactly to tell the passions there cuz you have to deal with this all the time, steve. what i'm really angry about is there's, there's a political terms, it's nothing new. but it seems like they're rushing up like fascists. mark marks his comments nazi hitler. they're doing this on all assign him to a political party. what does that do to the conversation? especially if there have nothing to do with the subject at hand. well the 1st thing is regarding this conversation, steve, get off the fence quin schermick out of money if ha, now do you know i love this man. i did the day you ever give me a milk tells response. i know the day the music died. let me add something. you're right. there's no way that we're going to changes. there was a, we the, the right. you see shorthand georgia, always use her marxist and let us and so that a o. c is not a copy in is and let me just say something in this era is epic,
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that we live in where we use the word conspiracy theory to explain anything. and, and misinformation, and dis, information and dad information. i am going to suggest that one of these days there is going to be a lawsuit that is filed against someone who uses the term as a term of art, fascist, as in fashion. as someone who follows the political doctrine of fascism, not not stupid will be panorama put jordan, but in actual for example, you are a nazi your national socialist. one of these days a court is going to say this particular statement rises above the usual rancor. there's a point of our discourse, and you specifically labeled and the q somebody of doing something which could have critical and deleterious harm. you're going to see liable cases. you're going to see the corn chandeliers, la fare versus warfare,
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and it's about time. it's one thing for me to use or term, but you know, scotty in esteem. if i call you a white supremacist, that is a little different or a or a not c or a racist. i don't know what that line is, but there is going to come a day when they're going to use the defamation laws. everybody wants you know, rittenhouse to to, and famine to. so i'm telling you right now they're getting very, very close to labeling something. it won't be for me to call you an idiot. if i call you a child molester, a murderer, a drug addict mentally ill, then they can become liable per se libel per quote. and it's seriously defamatory well and state. and i, and i hear what you're saying, here's the other part of this. i think all of us know it's not just about the person in front the camera what they're saying. there's a chain of command in every news room and every print room and every every radio station. it's not person just on air, but there is a line that goes up and we've seen it. russ, recently with it cnn, homo taken out,
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but he had editors, he had producers all the way up to the top, and yet you never really hear of that accountability unless you hear of the scapegoat one. and then the anger gets to stay on air with steve, why are we do people not realize that there's usually a long line of people that approve before you and i say something on there. there's a lot of people that have read over it to make sure at least everything sounds as it should. well, you know, you say people, you and i and people in the business line i'll of course we understand that we know jeff zucker, we know that people who run that dump emmis nbc, where white people are evil and everybody every, every story is a racist story. that comes from the top, if they didn't like what they were seeing on the air that they would stop it, you know that i know that, but the viewer doesn't think that the viewer just pins it on the person or accepts it from the person that they're hearing it from or seeing it from, i hate to say it, but this is why we have you guys to call them out line all. steve, thanks for joining us. finally tonight, according to figures released by the cdc,
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life expectancy has dropped in the us and coded well, it's somewhat being blamed ortiz alex for hell of it has the story. it's the largest single year decline in life expectancy in the u. s. since world war 2 new data from the us centers for disease control and prevention, national center for health statistics indicates about life expectancy in the u. s. fell by 1.8 years in 2020 from 78.8 years in 2001, 900 to 77 years. according to doctor robert anderson, chief of mortality statistics at the n. c h s. the thing that stands out to me is just the staggering decline. i know 1.8 years doesn't seem like a whole lot, but on a population scale, that's a huge decline in life expectancy. as can be expected. the cdc has given covered much of the blame for the morbid figures covered, was marked as the 3rd biggest cause of death in america last year following heart disease and cancer. but it is not the sole reason that there is
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a jumping us mortalities. the team behind the report said other factors also played a role in the increase. this includes a rise and deaths due to diabetes and accidental injuries which include drug overdoses. according to the report, there were more than 3380000 deaths in the u. s. last year, about 5 130000 more than there were in 2019 of those deaths. more than 350000 or set up and caused by cobra. 119, which makes up 10.4 percent of all deaths in 2020. from a demographic perspective, some groups were more highly affected than others. men saw a bigger decrease in life expectancy than women. and last 2 point one years from 76.3 in 2019 to 74.2 in 2020. while when it's our drop of 1.5 years from 81.4 in 2019 to 79.9 in 2020. the numbers also seem to be more pronounced among racial and ethnic minorities, with the hispanic community hit, the hardest death rates for hispanic people went up 3 times as much as for white
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people. while death rates for black people increased about twice as much as for white people taking only many to account the death rate for hispanic males. roast nearly 43 percent. for black males, the death rate increase 28 percent and for white males, the death rate increased by about 13 percent from 2019 dr. steven wolf, director, i'm of virginia commonwealth university center on society said we see at time and time again, one generation after the next. as a doctor, there is no logical reason. a person should be more likely to die from a virus because of their skin color. it's totally a product of what society has done, even with the roll out of axes against colbert 19. some experts believe the mortality rate will be even higher this year than it was in 2020 last year covered with the underlying cause and about $351000.00 deaths. and this year the total is expected to be nearly $20000.00 more. factoring what some are calling us drug
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overdose epidemic, and the number show and even darker picture for 2021 for use use use. i'm alex mileage. thanks for watching. that's all for today. ah. oil and gas, manufacturing, electricity, telecom transportation, all of them now have a u. t. type of infrastructure connected to the internet. so clearly realizing that it's disruptive potential so that those countries can't ignore it because it threatens national security issues. but if we take the nato n e u countries, virtually all of them subscribed to certain doctrines and maintains selling but tell us closes, they are a cyber army on behalf of a country. that's their job well
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and i make no certainly no borders line to nationalities and you various as a merge, we don't have a charity. we don't have a vaccine. the whole world needs to take action and to be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great, the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with ah,
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ah ah ah, ah ah ah, tonight an exclusive interview with ard t rushes. foreign minister says moscow will react to a flagrant attempt by berlin to block our t's at new german language channel. after europe's leading satellite provider removes it. at the request of the country's immediate regulator. we cannot tolerate that any longer. and we believe of this all acceptable situation.


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