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and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it and not to stop. it felt like my life was over junk office at all balcony and died. mm. he knew he just couldn't stop. in millions of people faith christmas eve and travel. cale sized cove at outbreak school satellite to scrap the flight, leaving people stranded up with for a new future. after a decade of town oil dashed in libya, our elections had been cancelled off to wall old began parading around the capital trip with the time to we speak with award winning a filmmaker mer store at. so how about press freedom and germany's decision to
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prolong our 50 channel? our tv you suffer because you don't polish really don't want to shut down. those will no longer have the true to be available around the world with international bar. welcome 12 program at this christmas eve, though, actually since it's gone, not midnight, it's already christmas day. by the way, our christmas getting started. millions of people are facing trouble disruption this christmas eve will day due to flight constellations, more than 2000 planes have been grounded in the past 24 hours alone. for reasons including cobit outbreaks on cabin crews on new cross border safety checks. auto policy reports from berlin on the chaos facing travelers. a christmas nice no. and you can across the united states as flight suck,
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cancelled. and people always, a day of celebration has become a day of frustration and chaos with thousands of would be travelers who instead of spending christmas with their friends and family, are being refused to fly. what's more, passengers are complaining. they're only allowed to check in 2 hours before departure. the result people missing, slice and plains been delayed. it comes as of tons of councils, a dozen long distance flights and suspends popular connections, g to low demand and pilots, falling sick. some 33000 connections have been canceled. that if we 10th planned flight and b, lufthansa chief is angry at the european union. he says that the company would have to carry out a 2000 in 3 flights to follow e rule and not to move landing slots at various airports. while climate friendly
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exemptions were found in almost all other parts of the world during the time of the pandemic, the e u does not allow this in the same way that harms the climate is exactly the opposite of what the commission wants to achieve. meanwhile, these bodies team for those who are planning the holidays across the atlantic, the 2 biggest american airlines, delta and united, have cancelled around $200.00 flights according to the carriers. the reason is a spike in on the con cases. and to quote, an exhaustion of options and resources. this one is a call to the us authorities by the delta t o who off to cut quarantine for full vaccinated people to 5 days from the current . tim, these developments come several months after the fi. oh, of another american, a long southwest, ordered his employees to be fully vaccinated against by the same. let's take
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a look at how that happened several months ago. in the news . i've never been in favor of corporations imposing that kind of a mandate executive order from president biden mandates it all federal employees. and then all federal contractors have to have
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a mandate invoice vaccine in place by december the 8th. so we're working through that. ah, ah, in the hopes of millions of libyans to choose a new direction for that country, have been shattered off the elections on friday were cooled off. now that decision came off the wall and started parading round the capital tripoli, raising fairs of another civil war result. he's the son of now. reports delaying the vote could serve certain outside interests this year promised to bring a tectonic change for libya, a chance to revitalize its political life and hold in election. the 1st one since the whole decade of lawlessness and in fighting. but local malicious had their opinion on this whole democracy. not on our watch said a bunch of warlords,
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as the internationally recognized government fled into hiding. the u. s. his predictably disappointed, almost as if for this arm takeover was and led by the personal mob of sala body. a militant one, celebrated armed and funded by the west. when both sides pursued a common goal, we will deny the regime arms cut off at supplies of cash, assist be opposition, and work with other nations to hasten the day when gadhafi leaves power. the un greenlit nato's bombing campaign and bombs hailed down on libya. as per the un resolution, sorties were meant to protect civilians. as per you and statistics, some 60 people actually perished under nato bombs. and some activists actually believe real figures to be much higher. but they did the job. we can, could daffy forces enough for local militants to finish him off on the ground
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without any trial. oh, when he came, we saw he died. but the triumph of democracy did not come. instead, libya a once prosperous and promising oil rich nation turned into a lucrative pi up for carving to be split amid goons and warlords. ah ah.
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ah, hillary clinton did not laugh any more as she was watching an american consulate being rushed by a murderous mob. killing the ambassador. i asked myself, how could this happen? how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city? we helped save from destruction. those libyans who had nowhere to flee, had to survive in this hot mess of the international community's creation for a whole decade. this election, was there a dim light of hope at normality? miss berlin asked for the elections. i think it's in the interest of the libyan people and libyans state to emerge out of this crisis after years of darkness, and to avoid all problems and political disputes in the coming years. then of sarah, how, shaving, honestly,
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the libyan people were disappointed. there are $2800000.00 registered voters, and suddenly they manipulate their feelings and decide to cancel the elections. libyan people reject this principle. they want these elections to start building a country that embraces everyone in this venue that him to her. i believe that postpone in the elections isn't in the interest of the libyan people. the commission has dashed to hopes of really been people because the delay means more corruption. instead they got yet another chance to confirm for themselves that right now, whoever has more guns in libya, rules and any sort of west and back leadership will be serving only for as long as the warlords allow it to. obviously the main culprit is nato, which destroyed a sovereign nation, the most prosperous nation in africa before the nato bombing. it converted libya into
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a failed state. the us doesn't care about democracy either at home here. i don't think they care about it. and libby, i think what they care about is having a compliant country that will allow the us and other western countries to pillage its resources. i don't think they really care whether there are elections there or not in these. i certainly don't think they want elections that would result in a leader being elected that would protect libya's national sovereignty and resources, ah, regulators in germany, are you ready to flout international treaties? and that was our job insist channel. that's all t d. now the out at got it's broadcast license in stop your which like germany as part of the european convention of trans frontier television, something palin seems to have forgotten mccarren picks it up. just hours after the launch of ortiz, bronze, new german language channel, you cheap, blocked it, belly a week later. german regulators force european satellite operator,
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utah sock who suspended. despite all t holding a satellite transmission license in serbia, giving the right to broadcast in germany under a council of europe agreement. yet for germany forties, it's not enough. the unauthorized start of broadcasting of the kremlin channel r t d is an undisguised, a front to our current law and well established media policy. anyone who has a broadcasting license in serbia does not have one for the e. you. the program managers know that for sure, then most your take on this, this regional and local news platform and exclusive cnn affiliate. similar to r t d, this channel broadcast in serbia on a license issued elsewhere in this case luxemburg. but unlike r t d, it doesn't have the thumbs up from the european convention on trans frontier television. what it does have is friends in high places, the european funding for reconstruction and development, the european commission,
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and the top investment fund. the k. k are headed by disgrace for my c. i a chief david portray a little bit for it. the tragic irony portray is the man who took part in the military destruction of serbia in the 90s. now setting up media that have not been lost on observers, more disturbing, still, the man now invested in bringing objective information to the people. in 2010, recruited the 1st army of internet trolls. of course k, k o. ready controls a large number of internet companies. and there are other things worth a 2nd look like the alleged lack of transparency investigations into k k all have found a lot of goes to offshore companies mushrooming and tax havens and a bit to hide the original owners and find national networks for at least last 6 years, minutes of your have been exchanged for shares of affiliated companies, war than hundreds of millions of lawns,
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capital reductions and increases in the occasional incredible amounts and ultimately material payments of capital shares, which are extremely difficult to trace or verify. at the times, levine is telemachus and serbia's broadband were taken over by u. s. investment firm key, our which controls billions of dollars in assets worldwide. so here we have at 2 channels, the both sister channels of big news outlets, both with transmission license is issued in foreign countries. only one with the knowledge from the european convention on trans frontier, television, the other the brain shout of some questionable stakeholders. one barely blasts a week, yet the other is celebrating 7 years on the air showing that sometimes it's not what do you know, but who you know? we spoke with so savvy and filmmaker may a costume, i'd say he doubts the java regulator, acted and known when taking r t d. this is a so that the,
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all of it what it means, because at the moment when the technology goes all the way around, you don't have the others, you know, getting one of the stations that we'd love to see because of its documentary programs because of and correctly reporting from different parts of the world that i'm going to treat germany cannot stand it. and i'm just afraid that this is the just the autonomous, a german decision. i think this is much higher scale of or that is just thought that you years ago for breast does not exist anymore. everything is transferred to ideology. you suffer because you don't polish reality. they want the thought to be a lie, a lie to be a through. this is why semester and the problem for them is that you are opening the windows to which they can see what is the real life of the people. what is the
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real mission of the people against elite? it's a fight that they have to go forward. you have to find ways to, to, to go forward, because as much as they press you, you will have a more and more audience. ah, well 2nd, which mine has taken a swipe, cnn, and you test the boss in a mosque that he's not active enough to pay on the news network. what was it you said the the requirement for being a cnn georgiana and is, are you, are you pervert voted or no? yeah, yeah. well, that quit follows a series of control. the caesar's cnn, and chris kramer was recently fired for lying about helping out his brother, the governor of new york. both siblings have been accused of sexual misconduct, another c, and i'm presenting on don lemon has been sued for sexually assaulting a man in a ball. i claim that he denies. on most recently producer john griffin was charged
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with sex crimes involving children. while we spoke with legal on media unless line all he said, but mosques quit was actually genuine condemnation of the news channel. no, it's not a joke and bad taste is the truth about a network in bad taste. let's go back to what chris cuomo did. not only was he providing strategy to his brother, but he was working with his governor staff, one in particular. and he was talking about basically how they could sullying besmirch and impeach the reputation of those women who might be making these allegations of the 1st place. so now this transcends strategy sessions from going and deliberately targeting and the conspiracy to impugn the integrity of women who dared complain about untoward behavior. this is not at all consistent. so one thing i wanna just explain,
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i think of 2022 brings something to bear along with the death and the destruction and the, the, the internment of, of, of, or in terms of i should say of cnn is the fact that what is really news today is not what people think. sometimes the satirical is more, is more on point now as far as see and n, he's absolutely correct. so, prediction here to be, to be waxing vatike in python and it's going to be over for that wretched news organization before you know it, because everything that mr. musk said is true. still ahead. russia found in the law of ukraine's military spending flood on. it's like the intentions in the east of the country, that story and more of this with
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ah when you listen to a sequence of tones and you think acts is going to happen. you know, why happened instead of distinctive bringing responses and engage that are relevant
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to how we experience reward and pleasure. while listening to some people looking at this is a kind of a kind of choreographing of our expectations to hello again. now must go, court has slapped to go with a $98000000.00 fine for failure to move content. this bond on to national by the decision of the court, google was found guilty of an administrative offense. a punishment was imposed in the form of an administrative fine of 7200000000 roubles. facebook has been given a small fine of $27000000.00 for the same violation. the moscow court found that the 2 us tech johns failed to lead to $5000.00 legal items, including violent antic stream of content. and both rulings. the penalties were based on corporate turnover and google's fine, as in fact, the largest ever imposed on an i t company in russia. meanwhile,
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facebook's parent company, the matter has given its reaction, saying the ruling will backfire on russian companies and international courts. and google said it will consider the ruling and decide on its next steps. we discussed the issue with privacy activist on technology expert bill, you fine of 98000000. this is hardly going to really make not much of a difference to google. i explained google to possibly provide a number excuses for the problems that it's having. the sheer volume of stuff on the web means that it is a very fabulous task. and it has a real difficulty because there is content bearing all the time. these companies are being expected to moderates, a lot of the content. and the moment the organizations like twits are bad. so the president of the united states, or other people on platforms, we're reaching
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a point where they are actually making editorial interventions and is the speeds and the extent to which they're able to make these interventions that is going to be critical. they need to, the results is not the game we're getting better, but not all the regulators are off to go. there are some regulates, such as the regulator, ireland, that appears to be quite complicit with these tech jobs. more than half of people in the u. k. a t scared to say what they really think. and you paul, found that worried about being canceled by friends, colleagues, even known family santee, edward dusty has the story council culture is silencing academics, a gagging public figures and wanting celebrities of the face of the planet. wait, can't really say that. who knows? but i know the only one biting my tongue according to you paul. majority of brace, a, living in fear of being canceled. the majority of britons 57 percent,
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say they have at least sometimes found themselves stopping themselves from expressing their political or social views for fear of judgment or negative responses from others. the idea or apartment can be cancelled, or in other words, blocked from having a platform is happening to hundreds with a very similar cycle. you say something offensive receive a public backlash, and suddenly you're gone done a finish cancelled by by. but it's only happening to big names and faces, but people like you and me work online on dates and even at home. i think we're living in a coach now of bullying, bullying in workplaces the government actually. so i think people are frightened to always say what they feel in cases come back on. so the main she made you seem to have one. so a point of view of everything. and so if you say in different, you get what you get caught, or has to think there's a lot of things for the climate, change, covey or whatever. there's no discussion that is the narrative. and you
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of the group or wish cause you down has a lot of issues where you fear fred, very careful about what you say, and that's not right now a good debate. and we used to have a good healthy democracy. we have a debate and country where you could say things and then you'd have to all your case and some people just don't want to argue. so want to hear the argument. i just want to shut you down and say, no, you can't tell you that you don't allow to say that i thought device or traditional a private to the apology. atonement forgiveness is no longer enough to warrant if they weren't accountability, social justice boycott. and the more controversial the view on any topic like race, immigration breck, that the more you should keep your, both you and your mouth shop most with less progressive views on device of social topics. feel more reluctant to voice their opinion. some say rather than being politically correct, the whole thing has been spelled out of control into his social media, merciless mob rule,
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but having some from taking the risk of being cancelled. like for instance, j. k. rowling and her auntie trump public position. war is peace, freedom of slavery, ignorance is trans. the meanest individual horrid to is a woman. oh, that wasn't her only comment. there's been plenty more. and as a result, she's been wiped off the face of the earth even by the world. she created the pot to community and the movie production team deleted have from scripts. meanwhile, h b o is 20th anniversary. she was baud. not only that, a number of quidditch leaks tasks they really do exist announced that they're rebranding to distance themselves away from j. k. rowling, the tough that's a trans exclusionary radical feminist, but there are others in her potty school of thought. jackie raleigh wrote all the harry potter books by herself, and they canceled her because she said gender was a fact. and then the trans community got mad and they started calling her turf trans, exclusionary radical feminist on team turf. gender as a fact. well,
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trans employees and allies at netflix stage to walk out forcing the c e o to publicly apologize when you ah ah. meanwhile, team tough relished in the drama. if this is what being cancels, is like i love it. the song continues as monty python star terry gilliam got canceled for endorsing chapels. netflix special shortly after the old vic right here in london, announcer pulling his shirt into the woods from its november schedule. it is very said that a great cultural institution like the old, vague, allowed itself to be intimidated into cancelling our production of into the woods
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by small group of closed minded humor, averse i. d. o. x on their stuff. my unspeakable crime was recommending my facebook followers to watch netflix special by brilliant and provoked if american committed they did, and civilization didn't collapse. ok, so that's on the most extreme end of the scale. but at the end of the day, how hard is it not to say something that's obviously dunning turns out really hard indeed cancel culture. this cancelling this punishment, it's everywhere. punishment. and i for and i, you said that therefore you must never work again. sooner or later the counselors will win. oh, british actress of prime time tele more in let been thinks even comedy is now on the verge of being canceled. it's a bit like laughter in church. something has to be forbidden to make you really laugh, to make you belly laugh. it's when you shouldn't be laughing. and so therefore all the things that are being canceled out,
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or i'm afraid the things that have always made people laugh. so is it time to cancel, cancel culture, because pretending somebody doesn't exist because they've touched a nerve, is a separate slope as let's face it. we've all upset someone somewhere haven't weigh the russian foreign ministry has accused ukraine of preparing a crusade against its own population. i was off to care of announced a surge in minute, treat spending, mark active reports. well, this is the latest development in, in a sue of events that have read or lead russia to believe that ukraine is indeed planning a military solution. an invasion. the troublesome for them, eastern ukraine region, the conflict region. and they are planning with this latest boost and military spending 20 percent of the time when you crane is experiencing difficulties keeping its population warm this winter. moreover,
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russia is especially concerned with thousands and thousands of foreign troops for private military contractors as well as instructors who are on a permanent basis now stationed in ukraine 10000 and all 4000 of them. american citizens, he dislike. i think that was all this talk of foreign service men being there to participate in, quote measures to insure national security and defense. and another quote to deter, rushed military aggression, his ally. these instructors are simply engaged in direct incitement and directly controlling the events that unfolding before our eyes. ukrainian authorities have also made it easier for foreign nationals get ukrainian or citizenship which, which some believe is an effort to circumvent as to bypass the minsk agreements, which are called on all sides. evolved in the conflict in east ukraine to remove this arm and remove foreign fighters from the conflict. so vladimir putin also
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speaking earlier regarding the situation in ukraine, said that there is tremendous a tremendous roof, a concern, and that russia truly fears war breaking out in the, the new credit to be a number that way, knowing that now they're saying, whoa, whoa, whoa, are impression is that they could be preparing a 3rd military operation and they're wanting us in advance. don't interfere, don't protect those people. and if you do, then there will be such and such new sanctions. maybe that's what they're planning or the improve. then defense minister shall who had both previous previous. he said that there are hundreds of thousands, millions of ethnic russians in ukraine in the conflict so that russia would have no choice but to protect if worst comes to worst. they hope, of course the bloodshed can be avoided, that all sides will return to the negotiation table and the means ke agreement will be implemented. but aside so far are worrying. we heard just several days ago from
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the russian defense ministry that they have information about more than a 100 american citizens who are in the front line on the front lines in the trenches, in east ukraine, advising and directing ukrainian forces there preparing perhaps even a provocation. with the use of chemical weapons, even we have heard comments from the pentagon in the white house. again, categorically denying those claims. nevertheless, it does go to show how, how hot the situation is have tense. the situation is how hot passions are and how much mistrust. there is, well that brings out but isn't when and thanks tuning and as other and have a great thanksgiving day. ah. i was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. so when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable and un.


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