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tv   News  RT  December 25, 2021 10:00am-10:31am EST

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world corrupted. you need to descend, ah, join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, with the headline thrown off you international, huge, huge that dwindling us testing centers. as all monochrome sweeps the nation with a daily infection rate, increasing 7 fold in some states, we have a surge when we do need more testing centers. i mean, look at these lines that is a horrible on it for, you know, most of my friends have to wait on line for hours and hours to get tested. i've had to wait, i'm blind for hours to get tested, and millions of people worldwide facing travel chaos. that's christmas. as a coping search sees and line counseling that flight leaving christmas travelers
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stranded all around the world into close. hello. thank you very much for joining us here on our tea. sunset. we've been searching for you around the world. tell us in your own words where all you from festive chair. here are an odd c, a r correspondent, head to way north to the homeland of fall. the chris with will be a christmas or new year. the news doesn't stop here at all to international. it's a great to have you with us today. welcome to the program. the u. s. is seeing a search and amr crohn cases at the moment. apparently they're up 55 percent nationwide. while in new york, texas in new jersey, they've moulton doubled and down south in the sunshine state of florida. they've jumped 7 fold. now on tuesday, joe biden promised half a 1000000000 free tests for americans. he also pledged to open more testing sites,
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although, believe it or not, many testing centers of actually closed down to 2 staff shortages. that's including 13 of them in new york and new jersey. the lines are growing here in new york city, and so is the frustration. 13 different coven testing centers throughout the city close down to day. all while demand for tests is rising amid and increasing infection rate. we spoke to some people who were waiting to get coven tests here in manhattan. that is a horrible, honestly you see how many people are on this line right here. and most of my friends have to wait on line for hours and hours to get tested. i've had to wait on the line for hours to get tested, so it makes no sense to be. that's not good. probably why i'm standing a line and the 26 degree weather the end of the day. it's the holidays we have a surge, we have to be vigilant, active, and we do need more testing centers. i mean, look at these lines. there's a 100 people on this line. i think it's making the lines really long. i think a lot of people need to get tested sidenote, they're safe. it becomes a whole drama amongst friends and family. i live with roommates. they need to know
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. i live in the same room with them and you know, i'm doing this, i'm going to say, now keep in mind, we're seeing a rapid rise in the infection rate throughout new york city. keep in mind the entire cities cove at 19 infection rate, for the month of november, was only $35800.00. so quite a spike in coven, 19 positive tests. now we're here in a situation where people are seeing this as joe biden, not keeping his promises just recently, he was promising more co, good tests would be available, dr. found she the u. s. government health officials and joe biden is saying that if you're not vaccinated, you shouldn't be seeing your family for the holiday season. where we so much about people who still to this point refuse to get vaccinated. the virus is going to find you, please get vaccinated. all these people who have not been vaccinated, you have an obligation to yourself, to your family, and quite frankly, i know you criticize this to your country,
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get faxes and now it's free. it's convenient. i promise you it saves the lives. i'm honest to god, believe it, your patriotic duty, really big long lines. your anger is rising, frustration is rising. people are angry at the mayor. people are angry at the governor and the new york state government, but people are also angry at the white house. taylor mop and archie, new york. and while countries grappled with the ever changing requirements of covert a christmas travel to suddenly taken a hit, more than 5000 flights had been cancelled for the festive weekend, ultimately leaving millions of people. stranded reasons include covert outbreaks among cabin crews and new cross border safety checks. the art is policy and report from berlin on the chaos facing christmas travelers. a christmas nightmare. i'm here a can across the united states as flight sub cancelled and people to 4 hours a day of celebration has become a day of frustration and chaos with thousands of would be travellers who instead of
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spending christmas with their friends and family of been refused to fly. what's more, passengers are complaining. they're only allowed to check in 2 hours before departure . the result, people missing slice and planes being delayed. it comes as of tons of cancels a dozen long distance flights and for spins popular connections. g to low demand and pilots, falling sick. some 33000 connections have been canceled. that if we 10th planned flight and b, lufthansa chief is angry at the european union. he says that the company would have to carry out a 2000 empty flights to follow e rule and not to move landing fluffs at various airports. while climate friendly exemptions were found in almost all other parts of the world during the time of the pandemic, the ease you does not allow this in the same way that harms the climate and is
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exactly the opposite of what the commission wants to achieve. meanwhile, these bodies to, for those who are planning the holidays across the atlantic, the 2 biggest american airlines, delta and united, have cancelled around $200.00 flights according to the carriers. the reason is a spike in only con cases and to quote, an exhaustion of options. and resources, this follows a call to the us authorities by the delta v o, who asked to cut quarantine for fully vaccinated people to 5 days from the current . tim, these developments come several months after the fio of another american eylandt. southwest ordered his employees to be fully vaccinated against by the same. let's take a look at how that happened several months ago. in
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the news . i've never been in favor of corporations imposing that kind of a mandate executive order from president biden mandates. it all federal employees and then all federal contractors have to have a mandate invoice vaccine in place by december, the 8th. so we're working through that. ah,
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ah, in so sorry. it's actually the easiest time to be flying right now. but somehow, peter, all of a did managed to catch a flight. this time to lapland. his mission to track down father christmas. he's probably the busiest man on the planet right now. but where santa claus lives generally depends on where in the world you are. where does santa claus live in at the north for everyone knows in africa. yeah. yeah. yeah. right. yeah. so you get to to look to. oh so left to right and yes so, so are on there. i have no idea, but i guess somewhere in finland main present day. i think santa claus are probably living somewhere where there's a nice b and night. little i factory that he has for all the toys actually sag authorization in norway in new york. the north wall, new york city,
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north paw in north america. the answer is usually that he lives in the north pole. but there's a few problems with that. firstly, there's no buildings there for sumter in his elves to live in, and it's far too cold. secondly, there's no christmas trees at the north pole. in fact, there's no trees at all. and you don't usually see some to slay being pulled by these guys. of course pulling sun to slay is the elite team over reindeer and looking after those. reindeer is jo hannah, who has the wonderful title of ring dio whisper. johan, a thanks very much for talking to us. we're looking at where son to lives. now. there was some room as he lives in the north pole, but radius can't live in the north po can like, no, am i sometimes originally from a mount ear corner of the room dory. but he was here in robin name. it because it's easier for people to reach to him then i'm the radius are here in northwell,
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there's nothing to leave round. you look after the reindeer. how do you whisper to a reindeer? what makes hello heard his name. what makes a good rain? d. f. a santa ah, the reindeer needs to be patient. it needs to be curious. it needs to be strong enough and bold enough. if they are too shy, they are afraid to fly over the skies. now what does the rain do? you do for relaxation when it's not flying. they are just, you know, chilling, laying down, eating, chatting with the friends, you know, but that leaves us with quite the problem. what about all of the letters to tom said that are addressed to him at the north pole? i'm here in the bustling at the center of santa's post office and joined by a very busy postal elf poll here. he's taking some time out of her dear to talk to 30 thanks very much welcome welcome to santa claus main, post office. thank you very much. for having me now, the question i have is, what do you do here with all of those letters that arrive from the girls and boys
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all over the world? well, 1st of all, this very, very many letters that arrive every year. there's always are over half a 1000000 letters that santa get and her 1st we sought him out by the country. and so that's what i'm doing here right now. santa has received a letter sir, around $200.00 countries so far. so what happens to those letters that are addressed to the north pole? please tell me they come here. they come here, let me see if i do have here some. ah example, for example over here. so this is the place where they all end up anyway. so they come to the right may even though you put the wrong address in it. well, that's good to know that everybody watching make sure that their letters always arrive with santa claus. well, it's good to know that santa is receiving his mail here in lapland, but this wasn't always his address. most theologians will agree that saint nicholas was born in nor around the mediterranean coastal town of mira now damira in turkey,
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in around $288.00 d. however, there's not many images of santa in his home town on christmas cards. well, there is one way to settle this argument good and proper to speak to the man himself. santa claus. hello. thank you very much for joining us here on our t sunset. we've been searching for you around the world. tell us in your own words, where are you from? oh, i am from here. las vegas? yeah, i've been here laura. screen the long time. actually here on the arctic circle i. g. o small than way over 30 years in my house. yes. yeah. i have my office now here. i'm here every day of the year. so children all over the world can come and meet me. you're able to travel extreme distance is an all over the world. can make sure that you deliver toys to the boys and girls. how does that
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happen with all that is actually quite easy. oh well, you know my, my ranges, they fly now go to phyllis and on the tricks. no exclusive here. first of all, remember the world in the wild evenings of the times. oh, okay. so will you travel you all the time? the same time sometimes on alonzo? i in that's how you do it. well, well the other way, sir. the santa tell you ever thought, oh christmas eve. how tiring? nice. going very slowly while you're waiting. oh, well, that's my other secret. the world is turning around that day, a little bit slow. thank you very much. santa claus. a merry christmas. you all the married a and a very merry christmas for me as well. peter all other for r t in santa's village in the arctic circle. lapland. and from traditional
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christmas idea to something more woke. if festive, cheer pushes too many boundaries for you here is a possible alternative. ah christmas. the traditional yuletide holiday. this year, making this traditional with a special christmas guide. mm. christmas tolerance diversity guide. we all know that christmas is a family holiday. that makes oral your parents are properly number. i am this year. follow the agenda and make us no woman instead of snowman, or even better at this new person designed for themselves. ah, no gifts,
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no don't. so teddy bears prepare your children for the brave new world. to remember, diversity is not at i o is no longer an appropriate cost. you this is appropriation 0 a logical appropriation offensive to the dear community. mm hm. and obviously sandra has to be canceled high because he is a white, his gender male who amuses mrs. close discriminate against children based on behavior, whereas red, which is a communist color, makes children sit on his lap, makes people destroy trees and exploit sales. so sorry kids sandler is not coming to town anymore. i follow these instructions. stick to the spirit of christmas. you decide,
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i ah, ah, ah ha, very kaiser a christmas now a santa claus, and rudolph are scheduled to deliver a bounty of toys today. but due to the supply chain constraints and the cost of feeding the reindeer, skyrocketing downstairs to terminate into the living room potsdam, collins to explain all this to us. dan, welcome to our kaiser christmas show. merry christmas. everybody so driven by drink shaped banks,
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concur some of those with theirs. sinks, we dare to ask ah, it is good to have you with us today. this is dorothy international. now the world's richest man. how to lashed out. let's see it. and then interview a tesla boss, ill on mosque joke, that he's not perverted enough to appear on that news network. what, what was it you said the the requirement for being a cnn georgiana is, are you,
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are, you pervert better than quip followed a series of controversies out cnn. you're probably aware of most of them. i and chris chrome are right there recently find for lying about helping out his brother that in governor of new york. in fact, they're both, they're both facing accusations of sexual misconduct and that see and, and present. right, that don lemon. he's been sued for sexually assaulting a man at a bar. it's a claim he denies. and they're right there. most recently the cnn producer john griffin, charged with sex crimes against children. well, we got reaction from legal and media analyst, lionel. let's go back to what chris cuomo did. not only was he providing strategy to his brother, but he was working with his governor staff, one in particular. and he was talking about basically how they could sullying besmirch and impeach the reputation of those women who might be making these allegations of the 1st place. so now this transcends strategy sessions from going
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and deliberately targeting and the conspiracy to impugn the integrity of women who dared complain about untoward behavior. this is not at all consistent. so one thing i wanna just explained, i think of 2022 brings something to bear along with the death and the destruction and the, the, the internment of, of, of, or in term, right? you say of c n n is the fact that what is really news today is not what people think. sometimes a satirical is more is more on point now as forissi and n. he's absolutely correct. so prediction year to be to be waxing vatike in python and it's going to be over for that wretched news organization before you know it because everything that mr. musk said is true today marks 30 years since the symbolic end of the u. s. s. on the gremlins,
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so good flag was lowered and replaced by the colors of the russian federation. of course with then president mikhail gorbachev announcing his resignation. now the ussr united of course by that of the communist ideology, it existed for nearly 7 decades. however, relations between its republic to become a bit rocky with the liberalizing policy of perestroika doing little to stabilize the situation of the union. what ultimately replaced by 15, newly formed members among them. russia, of course. and some of these now form the commonwealth of independent states. well, here at our team we decided to hit the streets of the russian capital to, to speak with people about how they felt about the collapse of the soviet union 30 years ago. i me downside is that the last territory we could not restrain the urge of certain nations to gain independence. here it was inevitable that it was going to happen anyway. but little soon period when an empire is collapsing, it's always bad because something big and united fragments into
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a lot of smaller pieces and, and always ends up in war because everyone's does have their own ambitions on which was to look was anger and beats me. what i will live together, we could travel to all our republics now at silver. he cannot go so easily, only with lou on a financial labels that intrusion always, excuse me, it's life has improv shows. it's where you're really healthy or so on. an idea logical. what things are latitude, the youth of today are lacking in ideas? no, there is no. here is yes, it was really county of the year was come to corey. me also got the corrected opinion from grandparents and perishable. is that it was better when you are so saw . education was better perhaps everyone's new jersey or whatever. i think there is more freedom the next day or so shall sub. oh, that was just a pretty honest hold, has definitely become better now. we are not as isolated as we were before. you must look serious more opportunity for self fulfillment inside the country which was more missed. when the following day the ussr was formerly dissolved, of course there was rejoicing in washington at the demise of its main rival. though the mood was rather different and socialist countries like china,
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my colleague saskia taylor, look back on those are well changing events with a panel of guests. the, the collapse of the soviet union is down to political leadership. a job is the main person who bears responsibility. one of the reasons why he was so unsuccessful was he attended economic, economic, and political reform at the same time. and the other thing was that he had an enemy, boris yeltsin, and they fell out. they hated one another, now had yells and go to work together. so would you probably been with us today? that's all we had to reform. those reforms are absolutely necessary. the gorbachev was working on 2 fonts, one to reform the soviet union inside, and also to reform its relations with the capitalist world. and he tried his efforts there failed because of the inability of the united states in russia. the
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union then russia to, to come to terms we'll say that see in the pay say that space, the number of conflicts on whether that's nicole and a car back from touch, cheapest on it too. for example, k cost on is back. is dante, do you think that we would have seen those kinds of disputes if the ussr had remained a whole the biggest loss? i think of all in terms of relations human relations. ready was the breakdown of the been rather narrow to tell you waited the but the feeling of community community our see that existed within the soviet union, that local level that is lost. and i think everybody knows as results of the. ready disintegration at the beginning of the and the soviet union, there was a real hope for a confederate world confederation. and that failed immediately after that initial period after going to charles reforms stale. and yes,
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and you also to try to engage with the united states and, and the europeans, that field is, will give the world a vision of a fair society, a just society. and on paper it was the fairest and the best society you can imagine. but it was a you tube, it proved to be a utopia. it's not just a matter of what was done for, for people in the. ready countries over the soviet unit itself, it was also the way in which the soviet union was able to interact with the rest of the world. and over ruled it's present was i would say very positive. and since then, the lack of having the soviet union has made the world a much more dangerous place and a place much more dominated by big capital in
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a way that has been disastrous for the climate and disastrous for a majority of the world's population. but some of it politicians or the fall of a u. s. s r as inevitable, several years before it actually happened. one of them was a g, a and i mean 1900. she became a member of the supreme soviet and work to keep the ussr together as a staunch socialist, she was also an outspoken critic of mikhail gorbachev, seeing his actions as the cause of the unions collapse. now in her late sixty's, my letter is still active in political life. so i think that's chair of russia's peace and unity party and our, he's donald quarter, but a chance to meet her. and the doff by so serious back then in the huge soviet union of any person created words relieved and believed that tomorrow would be better. and in fact, it was him to day. we see what a beautiful planet we had alla. we looked abroad and it seemed that all the
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democracy, all the beauty was there. we wanted to be like them. yes. although the culture of beauty and morality, which was in the soviet union, wasn't in any other country. i don't want to offend anyone like you, but this is affecting the great soviet union was the 2nd world power in most respects. although in some it was ahead of the united states. this country did not need to be rebuilt. it needed to be improved and moved forward. we strongly opposed gorbachev on his policy of what her historical, how to go. which of ruin the conjuring i can go to what you of gorbachev came to destroy the country. i was sure of that because when people asked him the why, sure. what is perestroika? he himself could not explain it a busy, and so a man came and destroyed the country from the inside from the top of your strong, very much now the gun on the market economy was one of the main aspects of per story. i was glad you think it was a mistake to replace the plan. the colonies are the more glass you get those small arms cuz i have to tell you it wasn't the market economy which of course,
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capitalism is basically terrible system. capitalism assumes only a bunch of people can own the wealth of the country or the world and is, and the market economy. if it had been introduced as the ussr planned, it would have been wonderful. it would be well 1st danger. because whether we like it or not, the whole world will come to this because capitalism has outlived its usefulness as if on our capitalism, as lenin said, we're not always pregnant with was the wrong, was attacks law revocation in seizures. when you go all the time, you have to fight for cook were what for you, but what are we fighting for voice? nobody has the answers about where did they want to leave the world today? the arms raised has started again, isn't everyone demonstrate who created the big rocket in plainfield, is that the points us from? on the contrary, we must stop the boss with, we're not talking about justice security, the environment voice we're talking about who will sees the money for you on the cell. everything has a beginning and, and then what we are already approaching
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a point of no return. of course it's terrifying. if the day they start rattling their weapons for years. and so i want to shout somebody in the store. what do you want? oh and say no guys, leslie, frenzy. beth, the whole point is only in friendship. this little political little for that was needed. yeah. to really interesting discussion that right there with him. a lot of her you can watch it in full right now at r t dot com or check out artes youtube channel as well. that's gonna wrap up the news cost for this off. how here lie from moscow on are tier to national hope. you having a great day, a bit of festivities, perhaps with your dearest and nearest your friends and family as well. thanks for joining us. we are back soon with more. ah ah, and st.
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ah, a i'm african retention. you're watching a special christmas day edition of going underground the team and i will be back for a brand new season on wednesday, the 12th of january. but until then we'll be showing some of your favorite shows from this season merry christmas over the past week. so called mainstream media has been waking up to the potential extinction of humanity. after landmark i p. c. c report issued a warning of hell on earth because of climate change. will this while a new cold war ratchets up the chances of extinction by another man made existential threat, nuclear annihilation?
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so is humanities, intelligence, and collective knowledge, also the root of its own destruction of the only beneficiaries, the billionaires looking to escape the planet in private rockets. joining me now is renowned for loss for an ortho. ac grayling whose new book, the frontiers of knowledge explodes. the progress, barry's, and future of humanity when it comes to enlightenment. thank you so much, professor grayling for coming back on. if anyone thinks that they don't need to read this book, you imply that they have their only themselves to be to blame for being blown to bits by append again the assassination drone. why, why is this not as it's eric? well, because i'm here. i can quote the and to graph that's he enforced always used in his novels, you know, only connect that if you're able to connect things together a bit, make better sense of your much more likely to make good decisions about what to do . you know, there's a wonderful anecdotal about the great physicists this, steven y m back no.


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