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was incurable. i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america. florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets, is fostering and the biggest player is $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic, schneider reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water, now flowing into the florida aquifer name a chronic. i don't want to hear that word poets, but that's what it is. i'm in 2013. my all, our family dog, my brother, who is 21 years old, myself and my father were all diane, rob, rob, jeff, the problem with wow. yeah. whole. and the good play, right? yeah, yeah. maybe they'll actually learn that more help is more important than
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with there's not a lady in my readers, but he has a chicken test last i to with a medium with natalia sydney on the substitute. i'm going to change it. even notice as she uses, we get that the me for we get the sense so get them to play, to come get to know your like i say, i keep it out of me a little bit with when you my what are some, what they will know but don't sell it, you know, so that's a new mortgage. neal which is which it but almost dental guys. right. and someone lives up on
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a super smartgate posted on a monthly you would say user for a teacher scratch that the customer service. and what they said is the show me the the, and the mcwilliam, the me se wishing keyboard come on them showed the bullies to see me. this is joy. of course the jennifer, quite not a bottle when you hear something say it does i she this way to consume could teach you working for a slip during functioning this p n e. of that i would say it upon you to when you appear us in the us that on these queer push on your group as we will at a comfortable door. it was more ah no, i think that exist gilgamesh, please can broadnix if thought us. no, no, it's a he blessed earth, bernard, that's our proceeding watermark in the bit. william just little, there's thought there's been a short interest capacity of them coming out of the past, lenient world or shackleton, that the government, especially the brought was no stamps. thought wants to just so i so i yes,
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this year just answered us all in the living room, but i forgot that fortune for why so by them so that as nancy got their responses for a fair, a southern accident last year had an aircraft finance backing up combining it on the board at missouri for it out of dark. not as mentioned by young there, the yokes that via a don't get to come by leaders. nobody else does it give i system ah, super to another to let them curriculum virtually, sir. much on this for you here, just based on the going of meeting your more with will prescribe was proper and was wanting to just reward but also useful circuit control for more girl florida. absolute is the marg margaret skew. was white with suit themselves, germs, wolf creek, cuban rolls us to justin anisette and just to hold your call, thought it was a weird little sight on one discussion. due to mr. steele, a cyber weapons, typically
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a 0 day vulnerability that's being exploited. they're more focused on national interests, and some of them have cyber weapons that they've developed in house. some of them have very strong technical capabilities. others have maybe purchased some of those through dark with others have maybe used got weapons that others have developed and they started using them as the 2nd or 3rd ad here. it could have a piece of cyber weapon. it's like an army. they are a cyber army on behalf of a country. that's there. john. yes, luke's best visitors that are book jobless j navarro. j. luis collado for a book deluge glad. georgia metal i have just missed. would you do? e a because i had filed some e. it's legit a lot of beans at 60 percent as women and was not 90 and then you know, would have sunset, you will get seasonally bosley as to door volition, the premier, to keep it gross. a leaky better is a bus nice,
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really is loop that they will in you give it a preference. them no cocked the igneous from it. alice appears, knowing tedious ninette, the glittering yet newcomb, or that it full come near to each ski with the dots. yes. nice to me, jill, at eastern poster at, at a gift. i thank you, glen teaches your story to pat hill suspect may have got that it brazil get on skier yet and i be of the here for an easier for comes i just fail yesterday which touches through it without i just actually it will 0 latoria caputo vanilla 6 mortgage schools or more of normally in your perceived cue the course long filter too, but you can cause to see marker which smart o cheese snoo does. i'm just a little boy who didn't move for circulation, his gloves lug last. so remember me because i wish there was a shirt wasn't, doesn't a good time to be sure she put
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a fish. she's, you know, oil and gas, manufacturing, electricity, telecom transportation, all of them now have higher t type of infrastructure connected to the internet. also do this, it's just you must have been with us yet. you store so it's in front of my phone with them. so if it goes in, yeah, the $3.00 to $4.00 a month when you put you through a much more the previous to with the bill chain. yeah. not a quiz on the, on the interest of put it sub list that on the price you can give me a few days to get the gift cards that are going use us. if you used to just know i used to segment slew with them, not concrete, and they're pretty yes, a loan with a body use of when you have about that
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a little bit it mattress is blizzard, but i see no trace the unemployed sheet that we watch the ones that are right, yeah. but we're trying to be able to check up means divorced up based on your use upside with pro logic. i was not that it's, i do use leave not the infrastructure. what if you know what you guys didn't do and by just a few minutes, got it done. i'm still not it, not home. when you quit your group, let's is lot different like you should come see me and not a loosely more so i think of it or some a slice this morning and you know, solution on my vehicle which at muscles i might be just lovely in your place. with sounds on a bullish do it today, i had come through it, not letting me use the media source at the most business matter,
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as the most cook at the mushroom breeze, lost all that as a guide. the sierra on the women, j, a stomach bug, but he needs all of that. so water, did you want id, you want to air gap? air gap means that he was disconnected from anything internet related no access externally from the internet or from the network. and that's the way it is, and then you physically access it to be able to extract that information to studio, but the most. so could she hear, maria fish the no, great you will lose bruiser. fortune in regard to rocket computer. you see will palmer shoot off wilker bug crucial nordics, which ah, we scheduled was for joseph of golden doodle, vinegar me logs. reynold craig rational course flores, just to double. she'll skin room. wish
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me up. i saw super prep after much to jerome is jemila brown. in each model you can process them at the are used to put them on a thumb equivalent compound years, roberta, your argument plumbers most to suit you because i usually go calling to let some of your poll. we used to put a mirror for beauty mental state id card when i put up a commission of thunder them young stress on the infrastructure on each i stomach was like yours night i pick, i'm not an ear burner and shit. as i became got off the comma by me, unfortunately, both phones and sister funeral. you put yourself back with a una one on your, on your whether it's down from water coming through the city or electricity or power generation. all of those are now connected and they could be potentially disrupted or destroyed. so you have your sensor and the sensor is collecting data, maybe checking the temperature or checking the level of specific type of chemical.
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maybe there's a platform sitting behind it. so what the hackers are doing is they're able to either access through the sensor into the back end or start from the back end because it's also exposed on the internet and get to the sensor. so that's both traffic sites and be. busy able to influence the actions, typically the sensor can say, and it's and have a requirement. if the pressure goes under 20 percent, shut down everything. and the hacker coming into that system can make the pressure go under 20 percent by some means to either technical know how he is also capable of knowing what the system can do or by testing a few different scenarios and reaching that and go all of those put together, result in the site potentially going down being disrupted, or if there is some malicious intent behind it, that could result in loss of human life. mm.
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the destruction of the system happened a few years ago, which is now a, it's a public good story. it was sham moon, which ha, happened to saudi aramco in saudi arabia. and their systems were completely destroyed from a m, a malware that was 0 day. so it was a usb device plugged into a machine that then was able to propagate across the environment because it had some malicious code. and it actually brought down the systems that had to do with their industrial control environment. and their laptops and desktops were also destroyed, destroyed meaning, even if you tried to reinstall the operating system, it won't work. the device is now completely destroyed than useless. as you know, machines are made up of multiple different layers. you have applications, you have the underlying operating system, you have the platforms that connect things together and then you have the hardware that malicious code was able to go all the way down to the hardware and make them compete with her or janisa recruiter. music
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lubbock, who's used will to will most likely be prostate. you mistake, acute technology could what it was, what if possible, didn't understand it from us practical. so then yeah, like a door of a do with the judas then. yeah. nutrition, the young who's you mr. to put on credit, but we don't we, she's almost double us. that's of sex shifting. it'll kind of get ortho po, choice. we'll check the catholic almost. we capacity um story you cookware program, maybe speaking. it is more than we some fucked up like this guy. but unable as a shown that it's oldness. jim good with hon. bluehost, remember to use misty work. ronald abuse yesterday. she can from us any person use more with we with some fuck she threw in it in 4 months. i will sure you can go any more, but aside, i guess it doesn't authority me. it was more just leave my duties. we skim combining to read a little bottle quickly, stating a bottle doing, you know, kinda skiwski used
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with the booster with a slightly in the coffee such as the southern brazil, but a washing machine proposed pasta. them would be helpful now to me, but that's, that's what he'll literally, he thought that the movie much come with jude, particularly as i said, who it's under control as the my total comple to rate the services legacy bus kristian. with our theory of chic, an army chair, freshbooks dust injuries which were beach, the small he'll be awarded, others apply the gene, but i've not got the scope only. so it's a generic nice to keep stuff legit that we me i suppose. but that's all i couldn't she to, that was, it was really as up as was between control and the process of getting me out of there, but it was out about your diesel that when they're biting edge bubble tables of the dealer. that bank thanks. lot of the lovely little cook with stock or if so i'm pretty sure line you that i don't, i can show school can implement that by the motion of saw them. neither of those lead them because i was vicious. that was for some, isn't that a manifestation almost
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a bunch of summer special is the leaders must have gotten sugars them it's me of use as many as such because in commotion does apostle to describe with shoppers with sifted business of severe genius, 50000000 persons inc. seymour rustled so busy the plenty busy. turner was short, and she went to carried that with jalap here, eager with sure. oh, but i don't understand the addition to the ah i my kaiser was more of my guy to finance all survival. this is a hedge fund, it's a device used by professional scale. you eggs to earn money. that's right. these headphones are completely not accountable. and we're just adding more and more to them. totally stabilize the global economy. you need to protect yourself. and yet
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in for why guys, we've got one done a 2nd fix, serious than what you was because we meant the 1st option with the proposal. didn't declare she'll go struck that and put on my business to leave it with the show. christy will mobile doing with us change our system with us to train us to what she was introduced. all to court just released records that glue. nope, i miss will. more than i meant thursday in term with donald degrees really use it would go probably more, less on the kiosk you want us to use notes from nordstrom, shit, know, quickbook premier to clean up the other shane, you're pretty huge. i just wanted to order some more recent bill was throwing from chicago to washington for one of the off of but it's in your article here somewhere for his book. you have them when you go on, you move, which is fortunately blue. are you in that city?
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and you just have to be sure. so you thought all of them should on just because all private program, but he's a couple of reasons. vision that i know is a little go with the crew to come, you replied, you must do it can. yeah. so yeah, it's, yeah, it's karen i, she technologies, ford's already november, which chris, you'll probably muster restore, substitute preschool, you can get you to what is a by them a shuttle. so i promise. so by newest shortcut, once you get into the political voting election type of data, it's a very big problem, but it starts to of away from cybersecurity. we're now moving into an, an area that's way out of scope of the cyber security type of discussion. but it's a very, very critical discussion that needs to be solved at a national level with the right regulations in place and the right control over how these types of organizations process data, the stairs, mostly talk with michael scott actively and we will have to pull some of us
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responded serious, going them for is movie what a plumber that you're going to get yours. you know, will give leona analogy for i'm going to one, you mean your new story because it is circulated? invalid youth salute, monsieur, just ran. if she is bizarre, listed with a fuck, boom, we were to separate russell's now you do with those to me with the q c musician we and i mean, it was more than when you look at us do more than just cuz it the key wishes was a who says little instrumental washington who stood out on cotton premier. but i'm still president them on because all the common confine you wish in class actually bad and you probably by should be done because it was sort of not born pushing facebook, but a chocolate. there was a couple of it named rest, i'm sure on that. it's with trumpets of helium could done other movies. young people with me, i mean the last payment of mr. johnson yet you might be able to done. boston is the clickable context. not being done of done, much of which net usually deals with the regional manager, but your target proportion. facebook and samantha does more in the air to which
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lycos cook. i am hypothyroid, but sure. really christiano dime there's the mexican music is a shitty there which she missed them for. doesn't have heightened just the media at the start. so you start to come by this point of in your marketing with samantha digital dot com, is that it was like, what's the problem with that was to could i could quote i still there. you have sent them like a pasta. don't put me unless you have to pay me a bill which one? yup. angela was deborah talk with of shes proschetti when deal to wish robert much company in belgium. but it's your brother and so that i wish mr. wishing him, william the premier to them. and about the school time, i just wish he could as he kirkpatrick i thought i was or my are completely among them. not. not sure how shamika, crippled me have been limited by this is just been sheena premier, them are american. just talk to you, should that what your longer done, that would you guys compile controller, but the chuck nike down when you mean you hope hear those. you can bring it up. q mature chick talk job was to list live with the brother lawyer. you must some of the controller with really whichever is what your impressions of the new rates,
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etc, the bicycle shift today you're about to go to security hoggard that about to hostile, sway atmospheric, or political party. geology are also like you're reaching them to something where it's jenny just story took you to sure to put you in here. we'll get it yet. and yet yet some of them walked out and plan surgical center. no machine could do it. i really can throw up a for a wall as early as christian. the google was very scoping extra credit crossed, but the, some didn't, will cost for that, but the rates are growing. the creation of really are good all. michelle ellis was in school. could i seen that? kristen lucko bottle? not as a means of not doing the service. i need the wallabies was missing the ground. there are which comes through it from the park at cornell university at the progression. it's at least it can bell accounting, the regular souls, both of i. e in shortness of conduct us with a lot. i'm really sleepy. squeaky sways to sell the see it there for to source there for conflicts go i what really we did to will at the 3 percent for africa, really worth krishi. i receive senior that we have left for his mcgrath
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a roster. wor parkway present. oh, judy with wellness near think a cool one rich got a really well completely american political talk. epigrams keep last ojibway president trump, or for to skip post about curricula job just the business because the room care shipper to build a home is a whole movie relevant on it. on us works look down on us as an us relations done or not as a kid, zisha cassandra crating of thumb, not wisely problem or got to revise nuclear, shrieking smugly. could he just got to the most vice instances that your pistol player wants to stay with training beloget disclosure yet. you know, i rosa de la standard is 4 anymore with degrees sir oregon. did you know? but jolla could keep her busy. parsons to put them worcester. yes. is that each skid? your police gives them reduced here. you can get a standard sizing and they got, they got the appropriate that much more than one. ah,
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ah, ah. ah raziski franco natasha recoil note. she muma dear, can you must police go to watch some with the board ship to the mall. that's what we do. but understood sort of in school work. stanford is sure to be 2 story. i can open a letter from the sunday. no. george in the most exploring bag massage therapy. so it seems that one is easy. you can dollars downstairs nehemia's influence on them
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is up austin's too high. get a young i'm dealing with them. dial 0 it asking them what she thought was sitting the own sitting fine. yeah, it was kind of i storm but i see her somewhere, no way to finish his pets. i leased out watching in august wrong, but i didn't especially need about the program. you know, it's maybe the deal is even though i was more than able to pull out with that honest, but i must get a lot of the most church thoughts about that. you know, someone did. then when you've seen that before, i start searching for sprouts, sir. cole, good the precise quote to greece que little blissful see do with the disk and cut it in a damage, sternly kill because it's a political father said r e hon. good smith lost a mock articles for you, or would you remember most gilbert regular will to troubleshoot in the you said, sir, still go, no one can use dish festival problem you ideal. it's you be massages full time.
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settle. went by annual myth and you still will do it and you build quite a views. who's my chair? if you susan your could keep them to you with my own douglas bork. he was tired of dealing with a local mosque yesterday. the coil though its garage door to door, but there can still do a switch from good which it was the of the one in the south gym would be right here to shoot you a couple of it on the hook. got that. okay. ah, properties that come with uh, natasha group. i still am. was you rhythm forward? no. that's cuz i understood the rules. kimberly issue always my children decided to close last night at the ocean. i'm so graham code more through body of effective would say it was me to quote you was meet, i mean then what the to sort of process that it was up. what kind of store? no, were you looking to solve that? osama? come on e and the pre miracle they will send you router. i wanted to use to use me right? you want to stage that the girl rosie you. rosie is holding the call to work sheets jumped on them because it would be easier to cook bracewell. now hold on, william always get, well,
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i understand that concept is horribly way louis and it was has vocal of hell watched florida, but the more stay with that. what is it? so a couple a dr. kevin group essential as one of my senior enter, but i would suggest that ada is boys. i would say that was when instrumental mainland mentioning this is samantha katherine, the china is for, is it a, is that or by there she wasn't able to explain this in the portion of that revised assignment. but i would say i'm stuck at bisetti as to what states lost. i don't bundled net, there's a bench. is this a graduate research based arson near to? some of them are machine in your store. so i say yes you would, you produced, you're right, you're a grown with us and keep it as opposed to put a little or you shouldn't have come quietly combining bookkeeper because of my deal with the route on land day and you posted i'm showing the shots at all the other shit up are you from each in the school of munich? you are scott warm wine, you come off with us,
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get out of your nose motion buttons. elaine was she proposed budget, and we'll try to use your where she and your what, what's the percentage you are storing extra storage. wish along with a nice break. me go up the letter. if i get a minute to do that, to get more than just go with that, i might send emphasis on some some of the sessions at this time. busy you might valerie leave, you know what you plan to move them from us on the mortgage test which starts sitting in your media. go to attract national field and i got a group, but i'm, i'm almost as well as people which have so i look at it and you can use what you'd like to watch in the media and you should be good. but you should you
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luxury community? georgia scene, you were going to premier or get all your mortgage for you, but i shouldn't say that program that was it would make us to think, i think you, i guess that was for a less than that. i get off the last couple of them that are nice. my students that i was like, i threw severe police bram those 3 of the do with the money that she got it the way that i need to know. why would you send that to re news to me? ah
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ah, technology is a very big industrial and there's lot of opportunities for hackers. it is not here, but he didn't bring the law in the country you're dealing with. why arrest him that the major cybersecurity challenge is the sovereignty of laws that cyberspace has no borders, no sovereignty. we ended up with, for example, the national health service in the u. k. the and a chest was completely wiped out from a ransomware attack. if you were coming in to a clinic, because you had a test or you had an operation, they can't find your records. they had to go back to pen and paper.
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ah, one of the major fights, chance are merged. go ahead with president bush junior, was in 2008 this so called bucharest company. at that stage, the united states actually wants it for georgia and ukraine to get them a nato membership to start this so called membership action plan. and it was germany that stop that and then said, no, no, we don't want to do that because these countries will not add to the stability nato, which is one of the prerequisites in the dates of treaty. ah oh smoking don't call commotion b as lead done is boys
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a nobody that's here when you can because it will give you like a wash the list of the like you teach your 1st rich of what? no, i believe i am ah, surely forced to put smart deal lead you'll cook, did you let somebody know etobicoke and you've misha layers begin on your voice message, and i still need those, the high tim healey activities, you know, figure that got boys to say it was glitch of illinois, joe popper, i see that i know what that does idea now to we will explain symbol i was talking with williams and i teach him his music glitches of the media and look like to ga gov. the little girl. she is a business law or school, a little idea if the dogs dos go on with the bundle is in the moon. us thought much about novelty aqua, but i looked on my ball, which i am. what player did support,
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give me. hi. tim says that a mutual business long as the teams that are here now should not see what the key and national glove biden is. an actual with european nations are hit by wreck or daily cove numbers, while protest continue against hashmi restrictions in store input shaped the way you must give us the guarantee it is up to you, and you must do it immediately and demands assurances from nato that it won't move base that's closer to russia as the prism of yield questions on global paths that his annual media briefing a poll find.


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