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my brother, who was 21 years old, myself and my father were all diane rob, kidney, a 100. wow. yeah. all right, and the good plan, right? yeah. maybe they'll actually learn that martin is more important in a european nations are hit by recall to daily co, good numbers while protest to continue against caution. you restrictions. meanwhile, in the story, if that shape the week, you must give us a guarantee. it is all to you and you must do it immediately. a demand to assure ensues from nato that it won't move, bases close to russia, as the president appealed questions on global pad at his annual media. a po, find more than hall for but also mean you hey,
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think counsel culture is gone too far and that no longer able to speak than mine. we're living in a coach now of bullying. we used to have a good healthy develop. pretty good. how are we divided into 3, where you could save it? and then you'd have to all of your cation people are frightened to always say what they feel in cases come today. ma thought he is the official breakup of the soviet union. we look back at those historic events and how they shape modern russia with welcome to the weekly on r t, where we give you the highlights form the last 7 days. and of course very late. the company to stop or getting us started. the christmas seasons been well overshadowed by a record covert such in europe, france, it's me, i'm the you. k registering you highs and d infections. i'll tease point to say has more we have
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a huge surge. ours cause it cases new cases happening in a number of european countries. if we start off with france on saturday, france recorded a record high new number of cases for the 3rd consecutive day reporting, a 104611 cases. now despite those people took to the streets and protests primarily against than a set of necessity of carrying a health pass which is needed to enter all public spaces and also for children to be vaccinated. on monday, the french president emmanuel, the cron, will discuss with a few members of his cabinet, new measures to counter the coven. 19 pandemic, particularly in light of the new variant army con, which we know is very contagious. it is expected that the president will announce that in order to get a health pass people in france one, i'll have to agree in principle, to accepting a booster 3 months after their initial vaccination. if we move across to italy,
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here to we have record numbers for the 2nd consecutive day on friday, italy reporting 50599 new cases. italy is also reporting the 2nd highest number of deaths because of covered in europe after the united kingdom, with some 141 new depths reported now. and then if we move across to the united kingdom here on friday, we had another record high, a 122186 new cases being reported. largely because of this highly contagious on recon variant. not the local government in the u. k is losing political points with boris johnson's popularity rating. it has taken a snow dive and has hit record, learn december of some 23 percent. and that is largely because of his poor dealings
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with the co. 19 pandemic, and a number of scandals here in germany. the health authorities have come forward and admitted that they are no longer tracing contexts of people who have court cove. it . in other words, there's no comprehensive follow up regarding people infected and who they coming into contact with. take less than many germans believe that they do not have to be quarantined as a contact person because they are vaccinated. but that is not true. now the society here in germany is divided on christmas day. you had thousands of people who turned out to protest against vaccinations and that was in the city of dusk. but then again, on the same day you had people waiting in long queues in potsdam wake him to receive a vaccination. so the covert 19 pandemic remaining as controversial and as alarming as ever was still come this out of as
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a new form of cove at past that couldn't really quite literally get on the skin. i'll tell you about it in just a few minutes. in the meantime, nato has also to hold talks with russia on january, the 12th. after months of tensions between the 2 sides, the current has responded saying if considering the proposal almost goes top priority is to stop nato's eastern expansion on western military involvement in ukraine. and those issues were addressed by president putin this week during his traditional interview, q and a, with the media. ah, no, she needs to whittle directions, you know, depend on negotiations. they will depend on unconditional compliance with brushes, security today and in the future. we've made clear native further movement to the east. is john acceptable? was not clear about it. are we the ones who deploy missiles next? the united states know that the united states who brought their missiles next to
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our home, already on our doorstep, is it an excessive demand? no more a tax systems near our home. is there something unusual about this yet? no, we're doing. we're not an inch towards the east we were told in the 1990 than what they fooled us. the outrages li deceived us 5 ways of nato expansion. and now they say will have ukraine as whoa, whoa, yes, usually if i take the traditional approach, that is a woman is a woman, a man is a man, a mother is a mother, a father is a father. will she is not all the peoples of the russian federation have a certain internal moral protection against such obscurity. them let them in the west do whatever they want, but also fit. and while this must be fought, not my direct instructions and shouts, but by the support of the traditional values of them. so it is necessary festival to rely on the nature of the investigation. 17 criminal
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cases have been initiated under under investigation. over a 1000 people dismissed and their criminal cases opened against the law. i assure you there's not a single investigator interested in any case. this is why we have a divided the investigative committee and the prosecutor's office. there problem. yes, there is a problem. we need to work with it, and we're learn a conscientious, fully fledged investigation of those crimes. and these are clearly the crimes that have been committed. we need to bring it to an end so that everyone understands the punishments for these offences is inevitable. ah, yes of no, well, long time ago i spoke with one the form you as president guess with whom he told me the boy custody olympics in los angeles in moscow with big mistakes, including on the side of the united states. and united states keeps on making them again, why the diplomatic and political boycotts of china. they tried to hold back in the elements of china. there were no other motives ah, very clearly. we need to be realistic. the forces that appear at the helm of
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afghanistan are trying to have different ethnic groups in the countries leadership . and this alone can create conditions for hope for stabilization in afghanistan. bullshit do now to help the people of afghanistan. and 1st of all, it should be done by the countries that created such severe damage to the afghan economy and people both were there for 20 years. destroying the economy should be the 1st to help on our side. we'll do everything depending on us. what are the topic that was raised, natural gas? europe was hit by racquel prices this week, meaning high bills for millions of households. some of the last a point in thank are mosque. i'm saying it's withholding gas. a president putin gave his explanation for the crisis. the road shoot him it with both of them. if they are lying to us the confusing, every one does promise shipping the entire volume requested by counter agents. in accordance with the existing contract, we were saying we must not destroy long term contracts, but know that the european commission, we must use market termed the market will regulated. well,
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here's how it regulates it. we have 2000 dollars, 1000 cubic meters. you're welcome. the issue of gas, it's pretty clear that, you know, russia has nothing to do with that. a he said that gas from one is one of the few companies in the world that has increased its supplies to europe. whereas, for example, the american suppliers have diverted gas from the liquefied natural gas from the european market toys, the markets where they can make more money. russia hasn't done that. it increased its supplies to germany, for example, by 10 percent. but that's not enough. i'm in and the russia is always whenever there is any issue, any contentious issue or even a domestic problem. it seems that europe and the west in general, i, in the habit of sort of resurrecting russia as the scarecrow to, you know, hang all the possible problems online the, you know, you can be irritated by that. but after a certain amount of time, you still get the hang attention and i think this is the state that the company is
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at the moment. it's just simply boring. you know like to narrow down every problem in the world onto the rushes. plotting are evil doing more than half adults in the u. k. a too scared to say what they really think a new po found that worried about being canceled by friends, colleagues, even there and family apparently. well t shante dashed, it brings us the details council culture is silencing academics, a gagging public figures and wiping celebrities off the face of the planet. wait, can i really say that? who knows? but i'm not the only one biting my tongue as according to you. gov. paul, majority of brits are living in fear of will being canceled. the majority of britons 57 percent say they have at least sometimes found themselves stopping themselves from expressing their political or social views for fear of judgment or negative responses from others. the idea or apartment can be cancelled,
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or in other words, blocked from having a platform is happening to hundreds with a very similar cycle. you say something offensive receive a public backlash, and suddenly you're gone done a finish cancelled by by. but it's only happening to big names and faces, but people like you and me work online on dates and even at home. i think we're living in a coach now of bullying, bullying in workplaces the government actually. so i think people are frightened to always say what they feel in cases come back on. so the main street made you seem to have one. so a point of view of everything. and so if you say in different, you get what you get caught, or has to think there's a lot of things for the climate, change, covey or whatever. there's no discussion that is the narrative and you of a group or wish cause you dance has a lot of issues where you fear fred, very careful about what you say,
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and that's not right now for good debate. and we used to have a good healthy democracy. we have a debate and country where you could say things and then you'd have to all your case and some people just don't want to argue. i want to hear the argument. i just want to shut you down. so i know you can't tell you that you don't allowed to say that i thought device, traditional a private to the apology. atonement forgiveness is no longer enough to warrant if they weren't accountability, social justice boycott. and the more controversial the view on any hot topic like race, immigration breck, that the more you should keep your thoughts yourself and your mouth shut most with less progressive views on divisive social topics. feel more reluctant to voice their opinion. some say rather than being politically correct, the whole thing has been spun out of control into a social media merciless mob rule. but i have some from taking the risk of being cancelled. like for instance, j. k. rowling and her auntie trump public position. worse bees, freedom of slavery,
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ignorance is trans. the biggest thing to vigil. hurrah! too is a woman. oh, that wasn't her only comment. there's been plenty more. and as a result, she's been wiped off the face of the up even by the world. she created the, bought the community and the movie production team deleted her from scripts. meanwhile. * r h b yos, 20th anniversary. she was bought. not only that, a number of couldn't leaks class they really do exist, announced their rebranding to distance themselves away from j. k. rowling, the tough. that's a trans exclusionary radical feminist. but there are others and have parties. school of thought jackie rally wrote all the harry potter books by herself, and they canceled her because she said gender was a fact. and then the trans community got mad and they started calling her turf trans, exclusionary radical feminist onto turf. gender as a fact. well, trans employees and allies at netflix stage to walk out forcing the c e o to publicly apologize when you
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ah meanwhile, team tough relished in the drama. if this is what being cancels is like i love it. the song continues as monty python star, terry gilliam. got canceled for endorsing chapels, netflix special shortly after the old vic right here in london, announcer, pulling his shirt into the woods for miss november schedule. is very said that a great cultural institution like the old, vague a lot itself to be intimidated into cancelling our production of into the woods by small group of closed minded humor, averse i. d o x or their stuff. my unspeakable crime was recommending my facebook
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followers to watch netflix special by brilliant and provoked if american committed they did, and civilization didn't collapse. ok, so that's on the most extreme end of the scale. but at the end of the day, how hard is it not to say something that's obviously dunning turns out really hard indeed cancel culture. this cancelling this punishment, it's everywhere. punishment. and i for and i, you said that therefore you must never work again. sooner or later the counselors will win. oh, british actors of prime time tele more in let been thinks even comedy is now on the verge of being canceled. it's a bit like laughter in church. something has to be forbidden to make you really laugh, to make you belly laugh. it's when you shouldn't be laughing. and so therefore all the things that are being cancelled out, or i'm afraid the things that i've always made people laugh. so is it time to cancel, cancel culture, because pretending somebody doesn't exist because they've touched a nerve, is
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a slippery slope as let's face it. we've all upset someone somewhere. haven't we? was i said earlier, might think the idea implanting might cro chips on deal skin to show that your cove . it immune is just a conspiracy theory, but a swedish company has actually developed such a device. so we decided to talk to the people behind it. ah. are there a versatile technology that can be used for many different things? and right now it's very convenient to have a coven passport, or waste accessible on your implant. so in case your phone wrong shuttle battery, it's always accessible to the implant, so it's readable by and the smartphone that house and up see function.
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so i can go to a restaurant or a movie theater. i just show them my arm and swipe me with the smartphone and then that pops up the co passport that i have on my chip. so you don't need a special app for this kind of similar to a q r code. just of course i don't want the q r code on my skin with . busy my computer, you still to come this out? what it is exactly. yes. is the u. s. the thought? fission is to exist? will be living that historic, the whole tiny point with oh, is your media reflection of reality?
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ah, in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths. will remain in the shallows. for special guess today, the old in the legendary mid fire stein, author of the planet ponzi match. nice to see the holidays.
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ah, hello again to now today mark's 13 years since the u. s. a saw was formerly dissolved in union, was replaced by 15 independent states among them. of course, the biggest russia ortiz, more guards to have next top. take a look back how, what's changed since the famous soviet flood over the kremlin was lowered for the very last time. 30 years ago, humanity witness. the spectacle. the dramatically changed the course of history. the spectacular overnight collapse of the ussr. see lou lou, 2 as a result of a newly formed situation creation of the commonwealth of independent states. i seize my activities in the post of the ussr president, show so uniqueness, ah
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here enough, 300000000 people woke up with a new nationality. their homeland gone race that the stroke of the pet and it began with the perestroika, a radical rethinking of soviet mentality, identity and ideology. we must begin 1st by restructuring our thinking and psychology, organizationally in the style and ways working. i will say frankly though we do not restructure ourselves and i'm deeply convinced of this, that we will not rebuild economy or social life. but perestroika proved too much too sudden, too intense to unpredictable where the intent was evolution. the result was revolution, nationalism worried up with frightful speed. across the u. s, i saw a leads and opportunities said various republic clamored for power and independence
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. the result was climactic. the u. s. a sorry says in his existence as a subject of international law and a geopolitical reality. it was the dawn of a new age. there was pessimism, but there was also optimism what marvels could piece bring. a great empire nicholas superpower, was split into independent countries, which got the chance to cooperate with each other as closely as they wanted, without any bloodshed. and so began uh, flood of cultural exchange, as western ideas rolled and roiled across the former ussr. ah . ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback ringback hundreds of millions of people have thrown off communism dictatorship or apartheid former adversaries. now cooperate with us in diplomacy and global problem solving.
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the ality, however, turned out to be far uglier than the propaganda post as will mainstream media promised the guiding hand of the communist party, god, old and buried hatreds, re ignited, and neighbors turned on each other. ah . it wasn't just void and uncountable debts. i'd was misery, pure and simple economic social health care collapse. the rise of transnational
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mafias and organized crime fraud and corruption sisted across the former soviet union. ah . ringback ringback ringback ah, a traumatized, the people undoubtedly the misery and the hopelessness of the 90s, they yearned for stability. not for communism, no, nor the ussr, but for a semblance of order. and whatever his, the tractors might have to say about putin, he gave the russians stability. agatha. unfortunately, our common fatherland, the soviet union, dissolved. as you know, the core of this common states is historical russia, the russian federation, which is, you know, lost almost half of its industrial potential, half of its economy, the same share of its population and
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a substantial part of its territory. what can we do about this? now, i've already said that we're storing the soviet union would be pointless and impossible for many reasons and not even desirable because on the ceiling which make sense. few want the you, as a saw communists back legends have made that very clear. but to build a new state, a new russia, one which provides for the people, rather than uses them and at the same time, evoked the sort of respect that the soviet union did. while that scares russia's opponents, hooton's plan scares them. you know, i think the concern is that president putin's public lamentations and private lamentations about the demise of the soviet union have gotten on noisier and stronger over the years. so the concern is that he's actually as a legacy project seeking to reconstitute the soviet union. and then, you know,
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would his appetite be fulfilled with that eating or what he seek? the soviet union has been gone for 30 years, but had spirited lives on it lives on the hearts of former citizens who now remember only the glory days, the good pots. they forget the empty shelves, the food lines, the k g b, at lives on the minds of rush, has rivals who still think in terms of blocks and super bowers stuck as they are in the past. who believe that russia lost it say, forever when the usaa saw collapsed? regardless of the fact that 30 years have passed since i roddick, isn't it? the women death, the soviet union still shapes off futures. well after the 7 union foul people gained certain freedoms but lost out in other ways. the up slough pancreatic
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moved to lapierre back in 1965, but has been unable to obtain citizenship ever since he told us to lie for leasing better in the ussr. i moved to live here from the russian, the pat screeching in 1965, and i've lived here ever since. at that time it was good fun and people have liked to the full ever was good natured and cheerful. and it fell as if there was some kind of future when more comfortable than under separate rule than of course there was the referendum to leave the usaa on people voted for it. we're here from then on. we were divided into citizens and non citizens. those who lived in not feel before 1940 wednesday grant assistantship, and those who came later went on citizens. if you're not granted citizenship, then you do not have the right to occupy certain positions in government structures . or they introduced the stay examination commissioner language, which checks who speaks latvian and who does not passing their exams and not in language as a way for people to be able to obtain citizenship. but the elderly people is difficult to, especially since the mind is not what it once was and everything is much more
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difficult to learn for citizens, it's easy enough to get a job, but the same cannot be said about non citizens. plus non citizens are not allowed to vote, even in local actions is not like this in germany. if you live there for 10 years, they give you a passport. there's been 30 years since the collapse of the u. s. a saw on the position is still going to have exams education's changed to before he could attend latvian russian school seamlessly and there was no issue the now the majority of schools a lot in only because many russian language in bilingual schools of forced close the so is longing for the motherland, but where can it be found? i've lived here for a long time now and haven't so many contacts of friends here. i should've thought earlier about where i was going on that night. that is our round up of the stories that caught i this week next up here in downtown documentary had states i to oregon to wrap with a topic on a divisive dog. who wants to ramble? and jake ah
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ah, by the end i make no voice. please a we don't have a terribly, we don't of a back seen the whole world leads to take action to be ready. people are just, you know, come with, we can do better, we should be better. everyone is contributing each in their own way, but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been mess. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we're in it together. we're in it together with
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0, one of the major fights chance or murder go with president bush junior, was in 2008, this so called to current company. at that stage, the united states actually wanted for georgia and ukraine to get them and nato membership to start the so called membership action plan. and it was germany that stop that and then said, no, no, we don't want to do that because these countries will not add to the nato, which is one of the prerequisites. and the nature of treaty with
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with this is what happens when you have a child with lots of medical problems. i'm putting all of these at once. you don't have to worry about it. he has school. yes. and he just had surgery in august. this one right here they did was that he has spinal a thesis and he has an extra vertebra one. so i'm sitting on, does it said like this and it was cutting off one flow and nerves and all of that. he is a high functioning autistic. i wish i could see the world like he sees it for one day.


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