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ah, a 4 year old child is accidentally purpose sprayed is an anti vaccine margin of germany as countries across europe roller harsh new anti cove is measures right before you think a rich, there's a spike in do not resuscitate or history. and then you can children suffering from autism and down syndrome, living parents, and campaigns to elected being discriminated against a free of resources and overwhelmed hospitals. we hear from a mother who was asked to sign a d and r for her son discrimination. of even the question in why are people with adults children that will delay while we, why are they all trade differently with the lack of you math and the
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latest polling shows most us democrats now don't want joe biden to run in 2024. we look back to this 1st year with the morning. thanks for joining us. this is out here tonight. it was facing a new wave of angry street protests as governments typing the screws on the vaccinated. introducing the raft of new anti cove. it measures daily infections or record highs over the 1st period. the protest in germany sort of 4 year old child pepper spray by the place you may find these images disturbing the channel the station provided by his mother in a prime. while ron police sent in with pepper spray to disperse, voting to the police, charles was completely free. again. i said i was almost a formal complaint against the woman for endangered child knew restrictions was
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also pulled over in front the since monday a number of german states have imposed strict covert restrictions. and these include, amongst others limiting public gatherings to 10 people. and that is people who have either been vaccinated or who have recovered. and at the same time, shutting down balls and nightclubs. it comes as a number of demonstrations take place across the country. hundreds of people were wasted in protest here in the capital city, berlin, and also trying foot. now in the last, a 4 year old child received paper spray accidentally from the police after her mother had bought her to the demonstration in a prime. the mother of the child had to appear before
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a judge and it comes as police complain that he and he faxes are becoming more and more violent in france. very. the country has recorded a record high of a 100000 new code cases a day. at the same time, the country has registered more than a 122000 people who have died from the virus. now this is largely due to the new omi con variant that was supposed to take in south africa and which tends to be quite mild. but at the same time, the country is seeing a search in delta cases that had led to a number of people being hospitalized. the government is looking to transform its covert health path into a vaccine path. we've heard from the countries of prime minister saying that a negative taste is no longer going to be enough for people to enter bars, restaurants, and other cultural venues, locked on dos. she'll sit in front, that in europe, the situation is extreme return. the new wave is sweeping over the continent. we've
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reached a symbolic 100000 daily section. we adjusting a law that will transform the health costs into a vaccination party in parliament's votes in favor. it will be applied from the 15th of january. we've been across now to the netherlands there. the government has suggested of all that innovative way for people who are afraid of taking the vaccine to deal with so called vaccine anxiety. the health ministry has introduced virtual reality glosses that will help people relax during the injection. the while in the u. k. co visiting all time highs with around a $100000.00 case per day. the u. k. health care systems overwhelmed smoking fears corners are being cause to put and putting lives at risk. parents and campaign is raising the alarm a mid a spike and do not receive aid orders in u. k. hospitals for children with down syndrome and orders. and they were re vulnerable people are being discriminated against during the pandemic to free up
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scarce bed space. while mother who took disaster science such an order for her son, she has a story with us when she's well docked in tears. because you know that was on life that you're asking what you should save or not. and i haven't been asked at my other 2 children and yes, she has down syndrome, but that's got nothing to do with whether shipping the heights or not. he was in the room and she was asking him a lot of questions in a, a con these class days that he understands anything. luckily for him. and i, and i asked me because he was on the 16 anyway. but i'll say, are the parents, i know they have also children. in one respect,
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i was glad he was under 16 because the others where i was 16 and where else cells do not receive. daughters are usually offered to patients who are considered to be gravely ill. once signed, the doctors are not supposed to perform cpr, cardio pope pulmonary association to help restore the patient's heart. this issue has predominantly affected those with down syndrome and autism across the u. k. roughly 40000 people for to have down syndrome. and more than 700000 have been diagnosed with autism. the national health service denies the allegation of discrimination saying it's wrong to apply d n as in a blanket fashion. that's karen will are to gain insists, discrimination comes right from the top. where every child in every has got the right, especially to life. and i just don't understand why there's a difference in society for anyone discrimination of even the question b i n n. why are people with adults children l
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delay while we why on trade? differently with the lack of he mass, a given the health care system i deserve on his social system. i did that, i get the and i just was painted under extreme cab again today with higher than the and i just isn't as the government needs to pull their finger out. and so, you know, just out and isn't it, isn't our kids to say, oh, your children are not valuable with everyone else. see children. so they're not going to be put on that list. list i was, are, isn't, it will leave you out. the dumbest idea. because there's not a lot of we're not so fast and more was for the and it just with cove it hospital admissions up again. you research shows medical staff absences due to burn out my triple next year. findings suggest that hospitals could experience severe staff
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shortages, 70 percent of work is predicted to call in sick just last week as the number of hospital admissions rose up and says among medical staff followed suit reaching 12 . busy percent, well, unions of court on the government to increase stuff by all face industrial action we're nature says that is facing unprecedented epidemiological situation. anything will it can to support healthcare workers. also spoke with medical staff on the ground to say the situation and you know, just reach boiling point. it is been with us almost 2 years. our doctor, the nurses, clinicians on the ground. absolutely exhausted. they're not just exhausted that scared the tired. you must remember the doctor, the nurses, the patients do so we get sick, we get physically sick, we get mentally thing. and quite frankly, we bad the moral burden of what's been happening over the past couple of years. so yeah. and at the moment it's exhausting and was worse still. of course,
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it's not over when the short and we somehow need to find some capacity outside of what we've already got. so rather than asking the same deal to be all, we need to somehow find capacity outside of the and i. and that might mean that asking people who aren't medically qualified to come in and step into some of the stuff in the longer term. of course, what we really need to do is sold our recruitment issues. we do need more know, and we do need more doctors. we've vast amounts, in particular, the general practice, for example, just the status quo. and there are some, a human may just in general bureaucracy that can get some workforce. you have retired or who have steps down that work to actually come back to some of those barriers and insurmountable. the quite quick and easy we did require government to make some decisions. so it's really quite worry and i'm not sure how the nature is going to survive with these numbers. it's really quite frightening and also patient because, you know, there's still no good,
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proper guidance come in from the top. it's really terrible environment and, you know, trying to get through this pandemic and being taken for granted at the same time if needing to. now, many nurses are talking about going on protest and strike caption on. some of the unions already support of that, but it just seems it's very difficult obviously because we need to think about patient safety, but soon we may not have any nurses and his leg to care for these patients. joe biden has suffered another blow in the polls as most democrats, without rather someone else running 2024. his overall approval ratings have been significantly dented during his 1st year in office. in morbid looks like 2021 was a great year for buying like a fairy tale joe biden was set to ride into the white house on a white horse to save the country from the nightmare. those lights that are
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shooting out from the lincoln memorial. i look, it's like almost extensions of jo biden's arms embracing america president elect joe biden, and vice president harris pulled the grief and regret out of the privacy of our hearts if just for a moment so that we all could share it. but in just a year, the country seems to have shifted from tears of joy and sighs of relief to let's go brandon. mm. mm mm. mm. mm. mm. oh, oh,
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also that 70 percent of americans doubt that biden is a leader. you can trust only donald trump had a worse approval rating at this point in his presidency. and it's not just the american voters, the mainstream media that wants praised him, are now calling him worse than a lame duck and recommending he not run for reelection in 2020 for quite a you churn. how could this have happened to a democratic president so loved by mainstream media and the party establishment? coven das at this point, and added up to about the population of st. louis and atlanta combined double what it was when trump left office. joe biden does not have much to say about this topic with why i find it on the origin to visit with joe biden is urging americans to get vaccinated. one can't help but wonder if americans have hesitation about heating their commander in chiefs,
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words wild assertions. the administration was making about how this was going to go away. and jack leech and all those kinds of things. it was diminishing confidence across the board. you know, you can't, but you can't say everyone. yes, this actually requirements work only makes sense to require a vaccine to stop the spread of covert 90 forcing people to get vaccinated with mandates is not exactly a big hit either federal and private companies are fighting them in court. furthermore, you got the senate repudiating the vaccine mandates and judges ruling against them . inflation is that a 39 year high, half of the americans say that biden is making things worse. and 2 thirds of americans say that inflation is causing them financial hardships like ever since he became president. things have been slowly going downhill, especially in this said everything is about 40 percent higher than or was
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a couple of years ago. so no, i would not say that they're doing a great job, to be honest, is actually one more up lake. everything went on. it's bad is really bad. now, along with financial hardships, americans are also facing empty store shelves, which of course, doesn't make them happier. the afghan pull out got pretty massey. 13 soldiers died. people were hanging from planes and us personnel was left behind on. republicans wanted joe biden to be impeached now that didn't exactly play out, but people aren't exactly ready to move on from this afghanistan disaster with it's not only the u. s. public, and it's unhappy with the afghan pull out within army ranks. there is rising discontent . active duty marine corps, lieutenant colonel stuart sheller. a combat veteran with multiple deployments in iraq and afghanistan even went public. he demanded accountability from senior
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military and civilian leaders for their failures. people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down, and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we mess this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table to say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate everyone. this got him charge in military court, find and punished, but many consider him a hero. what about the commander in chief himself? now biden is telling people he opposed the war in afghanistan from the beginning. however, the record begs to differ. he was beating the drums of war for afghanistan and iraq, 20 years ago, back when it was popular. but i guess this is not the only thing he has forgotten. and i want to thank her that so down on thank you very much val. but i'll kinda side of course, present harris is a proud howard. oh,
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no wonder so many of his press conferences and grabs the white house, sometimes even cuts his live feed bowl shell that americans are questioning. his mental capacity democrat is starting to get worried with mid term elections less than a year away. and biden unpopular even in states where he won the election by a large margin. there's so many reasons people should be disappointed and upset with by them. it's hard to settle on one. certainly, afghanistan was a huge blow to america's sense of itself. and the outrage in middle america is not to be underestimated even today. at the way joe biden got us out of afghanistan. joe biden, drug america down an ugly past. of course the economy is the unkept promises. his insistence that he would shut down the virus and not be economy. and since then, of course, he's had more debts on his watch. then trump had on a longer time scale. i believe our allies no longer trust us. i believe our enemies are lining up to take advantage of us. you see how it all goes together and it all
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is generally against american interest. it's extremely unfortunate and he's not showing any sign of changing his weight. ah, in the u. k, a former police officer who is sacked to making a number of trans phobic tweets has won an unfair dismissal case. the court ruled his sacking violated his right to freedom of expression on his isa. ali has the story crime rates across the u. k. r rising and in particular violence offenses involving the use of knives continue to play communities across the lan. you'd be forgiven for thinking that police forces facing huge, caught the funding and stuff levels would be freed up. the prioritize dealing with the worst defenses. instead, they find themselves increasingly policing, so called non crime hate incident as a result of hate crime guidelines, which are defined by the college of policing which took effect in 2014 police are obliged to record any incidents
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a member of the public believes was motivated by hate, even if nothing criminals took place in 202010840 non crime hate incidents were locked across the country with a 120000 record it since the new system was introduced. but some of the incidence of left many exasperated, one man was reported to rachel, hatred off the whispering, the thing to the bill that is neva. while in another incident, media report state of the game, i launched the complaint that he had been ripped off by a drug dealer because of his sexuality, the home secretary, pretty good. so who has been slammed for being behind the number of new laws, the campaign? this adopt heavy handed and author, terry, and that's even chimed in to criticize some aspects of the rules. the police will always have my backing to fully investigate hate crimes, but they must do so whilst protecting the fundamental right of freedom of expression. some current practices are having a dangerous impact on free speech and potentially stopping people, expressing their views. but one man didn't take a non crime,
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hate incident recorded against him lying down ex police officer. hurry miller was visited of work by an officer from humble side police, a member of the public complain about allegedly trans phobic tweets he had sent to challenge both homicide police actions and the college of police and guidance of the high court. and the february law judge rule, but the forces actions were a disproportionate interference with his right to freedom of expression, but it's to the police guidelines were initially rejected. and so last week, when a judge upheld his appeal, but the rules also breach his freedom of expression, right? and some campaign a say the following, that ruling, the entire system of recording the incident need to be scraps. i think the guidelines have to change because of the court ruling. it says the, the net is cost far too wide. so it's inevitable that the rulings from the college of pleasing to the police forces up and down the country, will have to change and, and make it much more specific. i think this is
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a warning to the police to ensure that they do to carry out the duties diligently incorrectly. but it's a, it's a mine fails, you know? so when does freedom to speech satirical comments, having, having the job and when to say crime start and we're asking police officers to make those decisions. and sometimes that's going to be an extremely difficult decision tonight. not just the police who are being pressured infant 40. so called counsel culture universities across the country to have been on the immense pressure from lobbying groups to sac academics with dissenting views, not least in the case of professor david miller, who is currently challenging the decision by bristol university to fire him following the sustained campaign by pro israel groups many looking on these incident, a justice worrying for freedom of speech and thus far been met with silence by the self professed anti woke warriors, as campaign is now called for
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a 120000 hates incidence to be deleted from please record as the president said, it appears that the u. k. government has got themselves in a quagmire. bureaucracy said the self created he, sally, all to london. ah, he'll think he's going veggie. simmons government says that it won't be laying on any meet dishes or public events come next year, peter overlooked. athens are digesting the news from january me, glovers. here in helsinki may find themselves missing out on traditional beef, polk, or even reindeer dishes, if they attend events held by the finished capitals, local government, it will be strictly meet free menus. it seminars, staff, meetings, receptions and other events. instead, the options will be vegetarian or from locally sourced sustainable fish is helsinki looks to lower its carbon footprint. this is one way manada is to reduce the
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climate impact of food and reduce the amount of natural resources used by the city . single use cutlery is also out of these cow milk oat milkin. other alternatives will be provided at events serving coffee. but lots of people here think about this move. i guess it's a good thing for the environment and reasonable idea to i think it shouldn't be so strict. i like to meet, but i think in europe actually there are we meet. we either talk me of me the actually the suck the suit up and then the content. that's good. if it's her laurie, the carbon footprint that boy is not doing therapy didn't meet, is to reduce the amount of me though, is good for her school for the myra mentor and his group for animals. i am happy that helsinki is sprayed to taken your steps towards better better world fins, consumption of meters amongst the highest in the e u. that the authorities say their aim is to cut down the amount of meet eaten, not abolish it altogether. chef your money sto though,
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thinks it's not the best idea to make the change almost overnight. i think days should have done it. ah. more gradually. not like her that we had a meet and now no more meet. i think there should have had it done it like slower, slower that not, not so totally that me this over with health and get i think the leases and that's not how it is in america. not too bad. well, i think they should have done it. so in slower like or 2 years or 5 years since do seem to be willing to embrace a vegetarian and reagan life style. restaurants like this one specializing it v unit vegetarian food of stroke all over the finished capital. in fact, it's been a trend for a little while now back in 2017 mcdonalds, the fast food giant while they picked finland is the place to try out their new at
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the time. vague and patty, in 2018, the finish military announced at least to me, free meals would be served up in its barracks each week. but the thinking behind this move has raised more than a few questions. helsinki doesn't have a particularly good record when it comes to its carbon emissions from energy prompting some who are close to the farming sector to accuse the city government of going for good headlines, rather than what's actually helpful. helsinki naturally has every right to decide what it wants to serve. that's not the problem, but this does wreak of green washing as the city is a real disgrace when it comes to energy policy. the center party which makes so part of the ruling coalition government and finland is also not impressed. there is no willingness to brand the wells, cleanest food in the countries capital. he could have also flipped a setting intern acid for experts. we should none the less work together and support food produces food companies and produces together. i want to believe that
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we can do better while some people are sure to have beef with meet been taken off the menu. the fact that there's more and more plant based options coming on to the market may mean that in the future, we all may well have to learn to love them. whether we like it or not. peter, over our tea in helsinki, rushes launched a new jet whose wings were produced entirely at home and seen. isn't that the way of sanction proofing the country at issue? the shop of oliver has a story. hello, away to the van for russian civil aviation. the meadow range, m. s. 21300 airplane made. it's made in flight with a wink sally made of russian composites the chance to come from the air field of the air. coots, evasion plant, where the m as 21 series is produced. initially for the m as 21 wing, it's manufacturer used materials from american and japanese companies. but in the fall of 2018, it came on the u. s. functions and as
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a result the company was unable to purchase imported raw materials for the wing nationally, sweden images through some of them on u. m. s. 21. medium ranger crofts has nothing to do with defense complex. they just stopped supplying us with the composite materials for the wing. this is unfair competition. they knew we would create our own materials, but that would take time and eventually we would roll out this new plane much later . so the russians had to spend almost $60000000.00 us dollars on the development of an alternative to american composites. all the work was done in the shortest possible time. there are some corporation to cope with the development of domestic composite materials and is currently producing them. the m. s. 21300 is a new generation russian aircraft with capacity for 211 passengers. certification is now closed to completion and deliveries a plan to begin in 2022. it is powered by pratt and whitney at $1400.00 engines. and at the same time, the m. s. 21310, across with a new ration p
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d. 14 engine isn't going fly test. so in the future, buyers will be able to choose between the 2 types of engine console to some a lot. there are many innovations in the aircraft design. it has the widest carbon in his class. the m. s. 21 is focus on the most massive segments of the passenger transportation markets. it will be able to compete with the air bus 320 family and the boeing 737 family to me thought that the board. so according to the head of ross tag, they shall have composite seen the m as $21.00 structure is about 40 percent, which is a when i called for a medium hole aircraft, improved ira dynamics have made it possible to increase the width of the. and that's 21 fuselage, which brings new adventures in terms of passenger comfort. passengers have enough room to comfortably trash the legs plus the widest and as class will allow them to easily pass the service charlie. so pretty soon regular passengers will be able to appreciate this new creation of russia's asian industry. you lash bob oliver and
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see some americans might be alarmed by the colossal scale of government spending. during the pandemic and centers around poles highlighted. some of the bazaar waste tax paid. those are being used one example, half a $1000000.00 of research into pigeons, with the gambling addiction be just plain slot machines. think that's a bad acid trip. nope, it's a project founded by the american taxpayers. and it's one of many in the chance a wasteful us initiative. research allows pigeons to spend the sake of gamble tokens, could prove very useful if only pigeon gambling was a really should do, can prefer trips to broccoli, always going to double check. another state funded research prove that bug is a more appealing faith, he determined to make them gain weight. this is an experiment with taxpayers. money
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well spent. how does bad knees affect your mood? take the scientists to figure that out. us funded study, find that bob use causes carpeted to jump down. it's not a waste of time if you learn something. okay, the rub sort of for this, our hope to see you in 30 minutes time. ah ah christmas. the traditional, you'll died on a day this year, making this traditional a special christmas guide me christmas tolerance diversity guide. we all know that christmas is a family holiday. so make sure all your parents are properly number.
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mm hm. this year, follow the agenda that make us know woman instead of snowman, or even better at this new person decide for themselves. oh, no gift, no, don't want any better. prepare your children for the brave new world. and remember, diversity is not a toy. oh, this is no longer an appropriate costume. this is appropriation, zoological appropriation offensive to the dia, community. mm hm. and obviously santa oh has to be cancelled. i.


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