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ah ah, i leased pepper spray 4 year old and the vaccine merchant, germany, countries across europe are facing unrest ahead of new year. over new restriction. parents are an activist, alleged hospitals are discriminating against children down syndrome and a bit to free up badge during the pandemic with deadly results. we hear from a mother who was asked to sign a do not resuscitate order for her son when she said it, all right, well jackie is that's my son's life that you're asking for. now i got nothing to do with whether it should be stuff, heights or not, or just polling shows that nice us democrats now don't. well, joe biden,
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to run in 2024. we're back. it is 1st year in office with a great heavy company. you are watching r t international europe is facing a new wave of angry street. protests governments are tightening the screws on the unvaccinated and a bit to stem record daily infections. a one protest in germany, police actually pet displayed a 4 year old child. oh, hoarding to the police, the child was completely symptom free again after an i wash offices even lost a formal complaint against the mother for they say danger in her child. while over in france there were noisy protests against restrictions.
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oh, since monday a number of the germans states have imposed strict are covered restrictions. and these include amongst others limiting puppy gatherings to 10 people. and that is people who have either been vaccinated or who have recovered. and at the same time, shutting down balls and nightclubs. it comes as a number of demonstrations take place across the country. hundreds of people were wasted in protests here in the capital city, berlin, and also inch fine foot. now in the last her, a 4 year old child received pepper spray accidentally from the police. after her mother had bought her to the demonstration in a cram the mother of the child had to appear before a judge and it comes as police complain that he and he vexes are becoming more and
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more violent in france. they. the country has recorded a record high of a 100000 new covert cases a day. at the same time, the country has registered more than a 122000 people who have died from the virus. not this is largely due to the new only con variant that was 1st detected in south africa and which tends to be quite mild. but at the same time, the country is seeing a search in dill, to cases that has led to a number of people being hospitalized. the government is looking to transform its covert health pot into a vaccine past. we've heard from the countries prime minister, saying that a negative test is no longer going to be enough for people to enter bars, restaurants, and other cultural venues. latin dances, usage inference, as in europe, the situation is extreme returns. a new wave is sweeping over. our concern is that we've reached a symbolic 100000 daily new infections. we are drafting
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a law that will transform the health us into a vaccination passion. today with parliament votes in favor, it will be applied from the 15th of january. moving across now to the netherlands there, the government has suggested a rather innovative way for people who are afraid of taking the vaccine to deal with so called vaccine anxiety. the health ministry has introduced virtual reality glasses that were how people relax during the injection. in the u. k. daily cove infections are at around the $100000.00 mark with the countries healthcare system stretched their affairs corners have been cut. so putting lives at risk, his parents and campaign is we're raising the alarm. they were re vulnerable children are being discriminated against in the pandemic to free up bud space. that comes amid a spike in do not recess at 8 orders. the children with down syndrome an autism, one mother who was asked to sign one of those orders for her son, shared her story. when she said it, i,
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well just in tears. because you know, as my son's life that you're asking with you, she said or now and and i haven't been asked. that's my other 2 children. i mean, she has down syndrome, but that's got nothing to do with whether shipping the title or not. he was in the room and she was asking him a lot of questions and he a con and he's been class days that he understands. and i think luckily for him and i asked me because he was on the 6th day anyway. so well to say are the parents, i know that our 7 children say in one respects i was glad he was on the 6th day because the others where i was 16 and were asked themselves do not to resuscitate orders are offered to people who are gravely ill will sign doctors won't perform c
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p r to help restart the patient's heart. in the u. k. d and also are increasingly being offered to teenagers with autism. a condition that affects 700000 people in the country, as well as the teenagers with down syndrome, the national health services. this is not discriminating. stressing that it regards blanket policies in appropriate. caribella again begs to differ. we every child and every, as ours got the right especially to life. and i just don't understand why there's a difference in society for anyone, discrimination, of even the question b a n. why are people with adults children, l delay while we why on trade? differently with the lack of he must say, given the health care system i deserve, and his social system, i did that, i get the and i just, it was been under extreme cab again today with higher
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than the and i just isn't as the government needs to pull their finger out and so you know as out and isn't it isn't our kids to say, oh, your children are not valuable with everyone else, the children. so they're not going to be put on that. less list i was arc isn't it will leave you out. the dumbest idea because there's not a lot of we're not so fast and more woes for you. k hospitals with emissions on the rise. again, you study wounds that next year. medical staff absences due to burn up could triple finding, suggest hospitals could experience severe staff shortages with 70 percent of work is expected to call in sick. and just as last week absences followed, suit reaching 12 percent me well, unions of called on the government to increase the pay all face industrial action
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then it says the pandemic crated unprecedented pressure. and it's doing all it can . it says to support doctors and nurses also spoke to medical staff on the ground though. who say something has to give. david is with us almost 2 years now. our doctor, the nurses commission on the ground, absolutely exhausted. they're not just exhausted that scared the tired. you must remember the doctor, the nurses, the patients do so we are sick. we get physically think we're mentally think and quite frankly, we bad the moral burden of what's been happening over the past couple of years. so yeah. and at the moment it's exhausting. and what's worse still, of course, it's not over when the short term we somehow need to find some capacity outside of what we've already got. rather than asking the same deal to be all. we need to somehow find capacity outside of the and. and that might mean that asking people who aren't medically qualified to come in and step in and do some of the stuff in the longer term because we really need to do is sold our recruitment issues. we do
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need more. no nurses, we do need more doctors. we've vast amounts more in particular, the general practice, for example, just keep the status quo. and there are some, a human may just in general bureaucracy that can get some workforce who have retired or who have steps down that were to actually come back. now some of these barriers and implement that quite quick and easy, it just requires government to make some decisions. well, it's really quite worry and i'm not sure how the nature is going to survive with these numbers. is really quite frightening stuff. and also patience because you know, this, you know, of good, proper guidance come in from the top really terrible environment and, you know, trying to get through this pandemic and being taken for granted at the same time if it's needed to. now, many nurses are talking about going on protest and strike caption on. some of the
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unions already support of that, but it just see it's very difficult obviously because we need to think about patient safety, but soon we may not have any nurses in is left to care for these patients. ah, joe biden has suffered another brutal blow in the pulse. more democrats with now raw the sea. some one else run in 2024 than not charms with the battering his ratings have taken in his 1st year in office, kill him, opened up so i 2021 wasn't a great year for joe biden. was like a fairy tale. joe biden was set to ride into the white house on a white horse to save the country from the nightmare. those lights that are shooting out from the lincoln memorial. i look, it's like almost extensions of jo biden's arms embracing america president elect joe biden and vice president harris cold the grief and regret out of the privacy of our hearts if just for a moment so that we all could share it. but in just a year,
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the country seems to have shifted from tears of joy and sighs of relief to let's go brandon with . oh, also that 70 percent of americans doubt that biden is a leader. you can trust. only donald trump had a worse approval rating at this point in his presidency, and it's not just the american voters, the mainstream media that wants praised him are now calling him worse than a lame duck and recommending he not run for reelection in 2024. why do you turn, how could this have happened to a democratic president,
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so love by mainstream media and the party establishment? coven das at this point, and added up to about the population of st. louis and atlanta combined double what it was when trump left office. joe biden does not have much to say about this topic, throw in a virus off with why i find it on the origin that with joe biden is urging americans to get vaccinated. one can't help but wonder if americans have hesitation about heating their commander in chief's words, wild assertions, the administration was making about how this was going to go away. and jack leech and all those kinds of things. it was diminishing confidence across the board. you know, you can't, but you can't say everyone. yes, this actually requirements work only makes sense to require a vaccine to stop the spread of covert 90 forcing people to get vaccinated with
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mandates is not exactly a big hit either federal and private companies are fighting them in court. furthermore, you got the senate repudiating the vaccine mandates and judges ruling against them . inflation is at a 39 year high, half of the americans say that biden is making things worse. and 2 thirds of americans say that inflation is causing them financial hardships. like ever since he became president, things have been slowly going downhill, especially in this said everything is about 40 percent higher than or was a couple of years ago. so no, i would not say that they're doing a great job. to be honest is actually one more up lake. everything when it's bad is really bad. the afghan pull out got pretty massy. 13 soldiers died. people were hanging from planes and u. s. personnel was left behind on republicans wanted joe biden to be impeached.
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now that didn't exactly play out, but people aren't exactly ready to move on from this afghanistan disaster with it's not only the u. s. public and it's unhappy with the afghan pull out with an army ranks. there is rising discontent. active duty marine corps. lieutenant colonel stuart sheller. a combat veteran with multiple deployments in iraq and afghanistan even went public. he demanded accountability from senior military and civilian leaders for their failures. people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down. and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we messed this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the, in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table to say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, strategic, or berries before we evaluate everyone. this got him charged and military court find and punished, but many consider him
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a hero. what about the commander in chief himself? now biden is telling people he opposed the war in afghanistan from the beginning. however, the record begs to differ. he was beating the drums of war for afghanistan and iraq, 20 years ago, back when it was popular. but i guess this is not the only thing he has forgotten. and i want to thank you that so down on thank you very much val. how can the side of course present harris is a proud howard? oh, no wonder so many of his press conferences and grabbed the white house, sometimes even cuts his live v pole show that americans are questioning his mental capacity democrat is starting to get worried with mid term elections less than a year away, and biden on popular even in states where he won the election by a large margin, there's so many reasons people should be disappointed and upset with by them. it's hard to settle on one. certainly, afghanistan was a huge blow to america's sense of itself. and the outrage in the middle of america
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is not to be underestimated even today. at the way joe biden got us out of afghanistan. joe biden, drug to america down an ugly past. of course the economy is the unkept promises. his insistence that he would shut down the virus and not be economy. and since then, of course he's had more depth on his watch. then trump had on a longer time scale. i believe our allies no longer trust us. i believe our enemies are lining up to take advantage of us. you see how it all goes together and it all is generally against american interest. it's extremely unfortunate and he's not showing any sign of changing his weight. ok, let's go back to the rising omicron numbers. now the risk posed by the new strain of trend of are still being studied. new research in the united kingdom suggest the 70 percent less likely to lead to hospitalization. while the world health
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organization said it is more contagious and more vaccine resistant than previous strengths, less had more light on on the chrome, as they live now to spokesperson for the world health organization. margaret harris . thank you so much for taking the time margaret. just outlined some of the details there. several european countries are registering reco daily infections. is that all down to only crohn? it's just more infectious. the numbers are going up. it's not completely clear some countries doing genetic sequencing. and we're certainly thing of countries like the kingdom, we're certainly seeing that on the current is up to meet a competing delta very, very quickly where that sequencing going on. but that's not happening in every country. so it's not proven that it's on the kron but certainly it is contributing to the surgeons we've had what, just over a month now to come, get acquainted, the scientists with omicron how, how well is it understood this strain? we know a great deal about it. in fact it's extraordinary the speed with which that information's
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been provide. and one of the things we know is what you just mentioned. it's very contagious. it infects more quickly and it impacts more people and, and the growth rate is much faster than previous variance. so it's certainly of the bitter and faster variance. what we don't know yet is the verity of the illness of producer. we've had some early information, but in the countries where this study has closely, they haven't seen the hospital philips of weekly. but we don't know whether that some crime or the fact that there's been very good vaccination in those countries for a lot of penetration by previous areas in the populations where the studies been done . and i think therein lies the crux of the massive this inability to be certain whether even though it spreads very quickly, whether it might be less harmful because there's a lot of people unable to get treated for other ailments because hospitals,
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medical facilities, a being so careful not to spread only tron that other people, other patients with other problems, all able to get treated. is there a risk care that more people are suffering because of all the precautions being taken because of all micro? well no you you're right to go straight to the issue about getting preaches for other things. neil, but the critical thing and this is why the restrictions are taken is to lay some reserve in your health system for other things. this is a period of time when people get ill with all kinds of other things, especially with accidents, heart attacks, all sorts of things, of need intensive care and on the cons, problematic for 2 reasons, because it's spreading so quickly. the people who need to provide that care of getting sick, as well as people who are coming into hospital. so even if you're what people are in the hospital, if you've got fewer people to look after them, you've also got a problem. so the critical thing is to try to dampen downs for
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israel is considering a 4th vaccine dose. there are some experts challenging the wisdom of that. how do you feel about this more vaccination? because lot of people have had the vaccinations and the still catching it. there's not able to travel freely, even with the vaccinations in some countries, do you still advocate more is better? our focus is getting the primary back send a the, the real effect you'll get is getting the people who's not been fascinated 1st. so even though you many countries in chief, very high levels of vaccination, they still haven't reached every one of those. sadly, other people coming into hospital and many of them is still losing their lives. we had 2000 deaths in europe more than 2000 this year. in the last week, that's a terrible thing. so for us, the critical thing is to get those primary vaccines into arms around the world.
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i'm still in devil's advocate here, but there are a lot of people out there who say this isn't that deadliest. no worse than the flu . in my opinion, i don't want to get the vaccination. i think i'll be just fine. do you think people should be forced to have it? should it be mandatory? which is the way some places are starting to go. we prefer not see mandate, it's much better if you understand why you'd want to vaccine and go and get people who are very hard line will still find ways to avoid it. but what i'd really like to say to those people exist that seems to dying. so please get it. what about the poor nations who either can afford or just can get access to the vaccinations? where do they stand now? are they suffering more because of that? and what help is that form? so the city being held old alone right at the beginning of this pandemic, all countries in the world got together and said, yeah, we need to fax the whole world at the same time. now, sadly,
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when the vaccines became available, self interest or whatever took home at all the contract, we're both on by the most resource rich countries leaving the countries with less power and less results is at the end of the queue. but we set up a system called kovacs to ensure that it could be delivered to everybody. it wasn't poor in which it was all right, well, and we've been able to get vaccines to the resource for countries through that system. now it hasn't been nearly as effective as we wanted that to me because we simply couldn't get hold of the doses. but the good news is, that's really increased last company managed to deliver 800000 doses. now, 8000000 have been a 1000000, sorry. have been delivered around the world, so that's not nearly as much as we'd like to deliver. but we are getting we're really accelerating the amount vaccine that's available and the rest of the world.
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and we want to increase doing that. should we get you saw the vaccinations every year now? is it going to be a new strain and you vaccination is this is, this is life and we have to accept one vaccination p a, something on the that may be of those, those sort of things again, really belong in the crystal ball territory. but we may be looking at some kind of a booster. we do, you know, with the korean of our family, that the antibodies do tend to reduce. we are seeing a drop off from the antibodies, but it's not the only piece of the immune system that matters. there's something called the memory that i kept by the t cells and we don't understand that as well. so in other words, the mean ologist are on it. the answers on clear. it may be something that we look at vaccinating against for quite some time anyway. ok, the different vaccines. i've got family in the u. k, they've got a whole array of different ones. flies astrazeneca on, in russia. the sputnik at the one is not recognizing the k. it makes trouble very,
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very difficult. why this reluctance to just accept and acknowledge all the different vaccines? it's still not happening, but why? so every country has its own regulator or they may have a great regulator like in europe, it's european medicines agency. so for that seem to be accepted in those different countries, different regions it using needs to be accepted by the regulator. now we at w, h o do something called emergency listing, and we require again, documentation, all proof of safety, proof of advocacy, and also the manufacturing process. some quite often it's that 3rd one, the manufacturing process. it takes not a long time to get the details to have done the inspections and so on for that to happen. and that has to happen with every regulation. so that, that can be hold up in the parent has been a year margaret. it's been a long time spent in vegas. he's nothing new. should it be done by that?
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so that process is certainly ongoing with there's been back and forth and documentation is, is there a way certainly hoping that the doctor will be finalized very soon. margarine, appreciate the time is a pleasure to speak to my guest, margaret her, a spokesperson for the director. europe's soaring energy costs aren't just sitting homeowner's industry to feeling the pinch, some plans having to cut back operations among them. europe's top smelter, aluminium done cook, the french firm cooking losses in the millions of to reducing output smelters across the continental, resulting to production. help trader and economist felix marino says that you're explaining a heavy price for its energy policy. it's quite likely that things are going to get worse over the next 3 months. in europe, in spain, we saw the, the 2 main fertilizer manufacturers pause their operations of the last 2 months.
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and i'm sure the same things happening financing italy. power is a very, it's the number $1.00 cost in total loss of production. so our prices go up, we're going to see rural material prices and chemical products and fertilizer prices going up and in turn that will affect agriculture. the populations of european countries are already paying for the rise and will continue to pay higher prices because of the energy policy that europe is carried out to the last 20 years, paralyzing new nuclear construction, focusing only on renewables without the necessary energy storage to compensate and in general, carrying out a very imbalanced energy policy that is going to have a very high price stock. now. what flight reservations like that about europe's readiness to go green. now it's pushing aheads, come. what may germany,
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for instance, we'll close almost half its nuclear reactors by the end of the year for school lessons again, the 4th year being contract to stop using coal for electricity production. i'm fight, i'm out of energy. it's been a long morning, but it's been a pleasant one. thanks to staying, withers, rosie shall bring you up tonight. ah . our special yes. today. the only in the legendary misfires 9 author of the planet ponzi match. nice to see. the holidays. with at states has to be rash,
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to be able to afford enzyme, and find the luxury that for sure. despite having the most expensive health care system in the world, we have poor life expectancy. we have higher infant mortality. we have more deaths from treatable causes. so americans are suffering every day from it. it's as if these people don't count. i saw how they can choose your customers and dump the sick so also i can satisfy their wall street investors. no parents should have to see what i saw. so if you're denying payment for someone's care, your make life and death decision and determine to get to live and who dies to me, that's best getting away with murder
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did. and they did boom by so and vision. so you can't afford to miss. i'm re till blevins in washington coming up. thousands of flights have been cancelled around the world as the busy holiday weekend has impacted by staffing shortages. and while the airline industry is struggling to recover, holiday shopping has floored to its highest levels in nearly 2 decades. but how is inflation playing a role? we'll discuss what the energy crisis continues across europe, where prices are expected to remain high. we'll take a look at how the north through pipeline could provide some much needed relief and why officials are saying it is still months away. from being approved, then as 2021 comes to a close and we take a look at the progress crypto current these have made and what regulations we can
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expect in the coming year. we have a lot to cover, so let's get started. we leave the program with a travel nightmare that is still ongoing for many as thousands of flights were cancelled on monday. bringing the total for the holiday weekend to more than $10000.00 flight, clint, cancellations around the world. now more than a quarter of those flights involved the u. s. where airlines across the board cancelled hundreds of flights, leaving thousands of passengers stranded southwest airlines, put the blame on a variety of weather, an air traffic congestion challenges. while delta united and jet blue noted it increase and stopping shortages due to sick calls. as the latest coven 19 variant spreads across the country. and while americans have been traveling for the holidays, they have also been shopping and vac holiday sales roads at their fastest rate in 17 years in november and december, marking an 8.5 percent increase compared to 2020 and
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a 10.7 percent increase from the pre p.


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