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tv   News  RT  December 28, 2021 11:00am-11:31am EST

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ah, a 4 year old is caught up in the pepper spray as police break up, an antibiotic scene riley march in germany. countries across europe now facing huge on rest ahead of new year old richard restrictions. some parents in the u. k. are accusing of hospitals are discriminating against children with down syndrome in a bit to free up beds during the covert crisis. we hear from a mother who was off to sign a do not receive a form for her son. when she did i, well jackie is my son's life that you're asking with each site or not. i me see has down syndrome, but that's got nothing to do with when we're shipping. taste or not at the latest polling shows that most us democrats now don't one joe biden to run in 2024. so
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just one moment here on the program with audio. caleb martin, we'll be taking a look back at his 1st year in office with heading into tuesday night here at moscow. this is our t international now just off at 7 pm here on the russian capital. so europe is facing a new wave of angry protests. governments are tightening the screws on the unvaccinated, at one protest in germany, a 4 year old child was caught up in the pepper spray as the police moved in the, according to the police, the child whose completion symptom free again after an i wash offices that not a formal complaint against the mother for endangering her child. meanwhile, over in france, anger against restrictions shows no signs of discipline. ah,
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since monday a number of german states have imposed strict covered restrictions. and these include amongst others limiting public gatherings to 10 people. and that is people who have either been vaccinated or who have recovered. and at the same time, shutting down balls and nightclubs. it comes as a number of demonstrations take place across the country. hundreds of people were wasted in protest here in the capital city, berlin, and also trying foot. now in the last, a 4 year old child received a paper spray accidentally from the police after her mother had bought her to the demonstration in a cram the mother of the child had to appear before the judge. and it comes as police complain that he and his axes are becoming more and more violent in france.
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they. the country has recorded a record high of a 100000 new cove cases a day. at the same time, the country has registered more than a 122000 people who have died from the virus. now this is largely due to the new omi con variant that was supposed to take it in south africa and which tends to be quite mild. but at the same time, the country is seeing a search in delta cases that has led to a number of people being hospitalized. the government is looking to transform its coven health passed into a vaccine path. we've heard from the countries prime minister saying that a negative taste is no longer going to be enough for people to enter bars of restaurants and other cultural venues don't don't. so she said you in front says in europe, the situation is extremely tense. the new wave is sweeping over our content and we've reached a symbolic 100000 daily, new inspection. while we are drafting
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a law that will transform the health costs into a vaccination party in parliament's votes in favor, it will be applied from the 15th of january, it moving across now to the netherlands. they, the government has suggested of all that innovative way for people who are afraid of taking the vaccine to deal with so called vaccine anxiety. the health ministry has introduced virtual reality glosses that will help people relax during the injection. well, meantime the u. k. daily coven infections are reportedly around $100000.00, with the countries health care system stretch. there are some fears. corners are being cut potentially putting lives at risk. a parents on campaigners raising the alarm. they worry that vulnerable children are being discriminated against during cove. it to free up bed space, it becomes a bit of spike and do not receive that. i had orders for children with down syndrome and autism. one mother who was asked to sign such a form for her son, shared her story with us. when she said it well,
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docked in tears because in home that's lost on life that you're asking what you should stable. know? i haven't been asked. that's my other 2 children. i mean, he has down syndrome, but that's got nothing today when we're shipping the title or not. he was in the room and she was asking him a lot of questions and he a con and he's been class days and that he understands. and he thank. luckily for him, and i also me because he was i'm 16 anyway. i love to say are the parents. i know that our 7 children say in one respects, i was glad he was on the 6th day because the others where i was 16 and where else themselves do not resuscitate orders or off at the people who are gravely ill. and
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of course, one signed doctors will not perform c p r to help restart the patients hard. but in the u. k. d and ours are increasingly being offered to teenagers with autism. a condition that affect 700000 people in the country are also being offered to teenagers with down syndrome. the national health services does not discriminating, stressing that it regards blanket policies as an inappropriate. but karen will, it again, well begs to differ. we have for a child and every ads out is called the right, especially to life. and i just don't understand why there's a difference in society for anyone, discrimination, of even the question b, n m y, are people with adults children and will delay while we why on trade? differently with the lack of you must say, given the health care system i deserve on the social system, i did that,
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i get the and i just, it was painted under extreme cab again today with higher than the and i just isn't as the government needs to pull their finger out and so yeah, and isn't it isn't our kids to say, oh, your children are not valuable with everyone else? he's children. so then i'm going to be put on that last night and i was ok, isn't it? will leave you out of the dumbest idea because it's not, we're not so fast. and a bit more trouble than woes for you. k hospitals with admissions on the rise. again, a new study wants that next year. medical staff absences due to burn out could triple. the findings suggest hospitals could experienced severe stop shortages with 17 percent of work is expected to call in sick even just last week. as admissions rose absences did as well, reaching 12 percent. meanwhile,
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unions of cold on the government to increase staff, pay or face industrial action. but the, an address as the pandemic has created a unprecedented prussia and is doing all it can to support doctors or nurse as well . we spoke to medical staff on the ground who say something has got to give david is with us almost 2 years now. a doctor, the nurses commission on the ground. absolutely exhausted. they're not just exhausted that scared the tired. you must remember the doctor, the new patients do so we get sick. we get physically think we get mentally thing and quite frankly, we bad the moral burden of what's been happening over the past couple of years. so yeah. and at the moment it's exhausting. and what's worse still, of course, it's not over in the short term, we somehow need to find some capacity outside of what we've already got. so rather than asking the same deal to be mall, we need to somehow find capacity outside. and that might mean that asking people who aren't medically qualified to come in and step in and do so with stuff in the
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longer term. of course we really need to do is sold our recruitment issues. we do need more. no, we do need more doctors. we've vast amounts, in particular general practice, for example, just get a status quo. and there are some, a human maybe, just in general bureaucracy that can get some workforce who have retired or who have steps down that work to actually come back. now some of these barriers and insurmountable, they're quite quick and easy, but it just requires government to make some decisions. well, it's really quite worry and i'm not sure how the nature is going to survive with these numbers it's, it's really quite frightening. and also patient because, you know, they still know of good, proper guidance come in from the talk really terrible environment and trying to get through this pandemic and being taken for granted at the same time. if you need to burn out many nurses are talking about very long protest and strike caption on some
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of the unions or really support of that. but it just see it's very difficult, obviously because we need to think about patient safety, but soon we may not have any nurses and doctors less to care for these patients. the risk opposed by the new american strain is still being studied. however, new research in the u. k suggests it's 70 percent less likely to lead to hospitalization, exhibiting symptoms similar to that of a common cold. although the world health organization says it's more contagious and vaccine resistant than previous strains. so we discussed some details with spokes person. it's very contagious. it infects more quickly and it infects both people and, and the growth rate is much faster than previous variance. so it's certainly a feeder and faster variance. what we don't know yet is to severity of the illness
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that produces, we've had some early information, but in the countries where they're studying closely. they haven't seen the hospital philips weekly, but we don't know whether that's on the crime or the fact that there's been very good vaccination in those countries. or a lot of penetration by previous variance in the populations where those studies have been done. the critical thing, and this is why the restrictions are taken is to leave some reserve in your health system for other things. this is a period of time when people get ill with all kinds of other things, but she winter, accidents, heart attacks, all sorts of things, of need intensive care. and i am a crohn's, problematic for 2 reasons, because it's spreading so quickly. the people who need to provide that care a getting sick, as well as the people who are coming into hospital. so even if you are, people are in hospital. if you've got fewer people to look after them, you've also got a problem. so the critical thing is to trying to jam pin down this for the real
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effect you'll get is getting the people who have not been fascinated 1st. so even though many countries in chief, very high levels of vaccination, they still haven't reached every one and those sadly other people who are coming into hospital and many of them are still losing their lives. we prefer not to see mandates, it's much better if you understand why you'd want to vaccine and go and get it. but the people who are very hard line will still find ways to avoid it. right at the beginning of this pandemic, all countries of the world got together and said, yep, we need to vaccinate the whole world at the same time. now, sadly, when the vaccines became available, so the interest, all whatever took hold and all the contracts were bought out by the most resort rich countries leaving the countries with less power and less resources. at the end of the queue that we set up a system called co, that's to ensure that it could be delivered to everybody on the turbine as taking
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another hit. and it's a big one, more democrats now, i would rather see somebody else run in 2024, then mr. bite. it does chime with a battering his ratings have taken during his 1st year in office. so let's take a look back. how was his 1st year in office is odds he's caleb was like a fairy tale. joe biden was set to ride into the white house on a white horse to save the country from the nightmare. those lights that are shooting out from the lincoln memorial. i look, it's like almost extensions of jo biden's arms embracing america, president elect joe biden, and vice president harris polls the grief and regret out of the privacy of our hearts if just for a moment so that we all could share it. but in just a year, the country seems to have shifted from tears of joy and sighs of relief to let's go brandon. mm
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mm. mm. mm. mm. oh, oh, also that 70 percent of americans doubt that biden is a leader. you can trust. only donald trump had a worse approval rating at this point in his presidency, and it's not just the american voters, the mainstream media that wants praised him are now calling him worse than a lame duck and recommending he not run for reelection in 2024. why do you churn? how could this have happened to a democratic president, so love by mainstream media and the party establishment cova das, at this point of added up to about the population of st. louis and atlanta combined
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double what it was when trump left office. joe biden does not have much to say about this topic 1000 for the virus with the wire that i find it or did you hear it on the origin with joe biden is urging americans to get vaccinated. one can't help but wonder if americans have hesitation about heating their commander in chiefs, words the wild assertions the administration was making about how this was going to go away and inject bleach and all those kinds of things. it was diminishing confidence across the board. you know, you can't, but you can say everyone has actually requirements work only makes sense to require a vaccine to stop the spread of coven 90 forcing people to get vaccinated with mandates is not exactly a big hit. either federal and private companies are fighting them in court. furthermore, you got the senate repudiating the vaccine mandates and judges ruling against them
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. inflation is at a 39 year high, half of the americans say that biden is making things worse. and 2 thirds of americans say that inflation is causing them financial hardships like ever since he became president. things have been slowly going downhill, especially in this said everything is about 40 percent higher than or was a couple of years ago. so no, i would not say that there during, for a job to be honest is actually one more up lake. everything we're not bad is really bad. the afghan pull out got pretty massy. 13 soldiers died. people were hanging from planes, and u. s. personnel was left behind on republicans wanted joe biden to be impeached. now that didn't exactly play out, but people aren't exactly ready to move on from this afghanistan disaster. with it's not only the u. s.
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public. it's unhappy with the afghan. pull out within army ranks. there is rising discontent. active duty marine corps. lieutenant colonel stuart sheller. a combat veteran with multiple deployments in iraq and afghanistan even went public. he demanded accountability from senior military and civilian leaders for their failures. people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down, and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we match this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the in afghanistan forever, but i am saying, did any of you throw your rank on the table to say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate everyone. this got him charge in the military court, find and punished, but many consider him a hero. what about the commander in chief himself? now biden is telling people he opposed the war in afghanistan from the beginning. however, the record begs to differ. he was beating the drums of war for afghanistan and iraq,
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20 years ago, back when it was popular. but i guess this is not the only thing he has forgotten. and i want to say that so down on. thank you very much val. but i'll kinda side of course, present harris is a proud howard. oh, no wonder so many of his press conferences and grabs the white house, sometimes even cuts his live feed polls shell that americans are questioning his mental capacity democrat is starting to get worried with mid term elections less than a year away. and biden unpopular even in states where he won the election by a large margin. there's so many reasons people should be disappointed and upset with biden. it's hard to settle on one. certainly, afghanistan was a huge blow to america's sense of itself. and the outrage in middle america is not to be underestimated even today. at the way joe biden got us out of afghanistan. joe biden, drug america down an ugly path. of course the economy is the unkept promises.
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his insistence that he would shut down the virus and not be economy. and since then, of course, he's had more debts on his watch. then trump had on a longer time scale. i believe our allies no longer trust us. i believe our enemies are lining up to take advantage of us. you see how it all goes together and it all is generally against american interest. it's extremely unfortunate and he's not showing any sign of changing his weights. i thought i just sitting 20 minutes past the hour here in moscow still to come for the 2nd half of the program here are naughty. are special on hood voices project. we're going to be speaking to a man who spent 14 years behind bars at one time. obey his story, in spite of mega bucks, moving full details in just a moment. this is archie international ah
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ah ah, ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. mm.
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ah. it's good to have you with us for this. choose a program here on our tea. let's a stick it around in russia right now with a country's top call. his rule to close the historical group named memorial i'd organization mission among others is to research and document soviet era crimes during the repressions parties. but i'd gazda has details, is now an organization, a historic organization which, which focus specialized on identifying the remains of individuals as well as mass graves. people killed in war crimes in political repressions during, during the soviet period that the prosecutor, when they, when they filed this case,
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they argued that while yes, the organization initially it was created and focused on identifying those individuals and letting their families know how they died. finding out who was behind their desk, but over the years, argues the prosecutor. their mission has changed. there was less, identifying people and more rewriting history, trying to attribute their deaths to political repressions in the u. s. a sock. they repeatedly violated russian law. the constitution, which forces foreign agents organizations which received funding for the broad come mark their material as published by someone who's a foreign agent. russian was much more lenient than that is in the united states. you won't face 5 years by jail if you, if you refuse to mark your material as a foreign agent. nevertheless, there are, there are funds, and now it has come to this to, to liquidation. in court. joe biden has approved
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a colossal military budget for the coming year, despite objecting to a clause that essentially makes it impossible to shut down guantanamo bay prison. the $770000000000.00 u. s. defense bill includes a ban on funding for transferring detainees out of guantanamo bay, meaning they will remain in legal, legal, limbo for the foreseeable future. and as part of our special project, unheard voice is here at r t. we are now speak to a man who spent 14 years behind bars inside get mo mohamed to old sly. he his story in fact, inspired the award winning movie, the more italian with a star started cars including a jodie foster. busy as a defense lawyer and bennett, it come to patch as a marine prosecutor. ah. and i did call 1st to crimes. i didn't because of torture. i was received by
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i was beaten till they broke my and i was not given food for a very long periods of time. i was sexually assaulted on multiple occasions, received a provision that for 70 days, no sleep. it's almost like a lie, but still we have not concluded that it was the use of the i t's within that program that allowed us to obtain useful information from detainees subjected to them. i know i didn't do anything and i said, i'm not filled. i'm not going to high that's causing me a lot of pain and suffering me leaving soon as it country that the respectful
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of a lot. ah, i wrote a best selling book that was thrown into 27 languages. not saying this is me. i'm saying this is with the hands of a law with the help of my lawyers. my support is my family and i'm so happy and it was adopted into a movie outside my family, my brother and their lives, go on terry's life goes on. it was 9 key, 192 on 2 different occasions for a brief period of time that i want to have gone saudi arabia, gulf countries globally, jeremy, where i live. we supported of a guy and we used to watch movies to watch a noise document that is about the amount of time. then i decided to join them which i, i did not know what i'm tied up more. i had no clue. so i, when i get to,
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i've gone to the training camp, work console. well, that's the 1st time i know about it. i was very young and i was really misinform this was a very big propaganda machine. led by soon as the over america. and it's west, so allies, allies saw they, they gave me a wrong picture. i thought it was a very good cause to free people and to establish it for the country. at least i didn't even know then what the free company meant to be honest. the people were fighting today we were supporting in the fight against the soviets . i think it was february of 92. the giant gains,
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the so called was id talk over kabul. and i found myself in the middle of a civil war that i did not want to be a bottle. that's why i went back to my studies to my lot of, of my guys was residing including a 98 in the 90s or early 99. i received a phone call from my cousin and he was living with sammy loudon and he used the phone number and then i was stuck. i was tired of the phone number was just a family called he needed help for his father. i. his father is like my father, and i did the necessity to help his father because he was sick and he need money.
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i understand america is a demarcus of when it comes to muslims. people off the color of the $911.00. they did not that his visible ab to delight a fascist regime. they said, if you are american, we do do a lot more. if you are not the american, you does it not that these flashes in the more stories on how the war on terror up to people's lives and ultimately change the face of afghanistan, checkout, unheard, boys is all special project right now at auto dot com, but also want to use that you choose the channel as well. right. heading into the night here one or 2 you international. it's now about half past 7 pm now on tuesday, saskia taylor here at the desk in half an hour's time with
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a whole new docket. if you're weld wide headlines, i do hope you can join with was diagnosed with cancer in 2009. when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable. i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america. florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets, is phosphoric mine in the biggest player is $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic. tonight, there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aqua for a problem. there's a chronic, a polar thing, but that's what it is. in 2013 my uncle, our family dog, my brother,
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who was 21 years old, myself and my father were all diane, rob, rob, problem with black hole and the good play. right? yeah, yeah, maybe they'll actually learn that more help is more important in with .


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