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ah, some parents in the u. k. a tooth hospitals have discriminating against children with down syndrome in a bit to free up beds. during the pandemic, we hear from a mother who was asked to find a do not rest is that's the tape order for her son. when she said it, i, well dr. t. s my son's life that you're asking with each table. and now i found things i'm, but that's got nothing to do with when we're shipping the stuff tights are not on. the latest poem shows that most of us democrats now don't want to go back to run 2044. we looked back at his 1st year in office and russia take that ation industry to new heights with the launch of a brand new passenger debt. we take a look at what makes the plane so unique with my broadcasting live
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director of studios and monica. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now in the u. k. daily co infections are at around $100000.00 mark with the country's health care system. stretch our fears, corners are being cut, putting lives at risk. parents and campaigners are raising the alarm they worry vulnerable children are being discriminated against during covey to free a bed space. this comes at mid a spike and do not professor tate orders for children with down syndrome and autism . one mother who was asked to sign one for her son, shared her story when she said it, i, well doctor is because i and that's my son's life that you're asking what you should say. you know, i, i haven't been off that's my, the 2 children. i mean, she has down syndrome, but that's got nothing to do with whether shipping the heights or not. he was in
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the room and she was asking him a lot of questions and he a con these classes that he understands. and thank luckily for him. and i also me because he was, i'm 16 anyway. i'm well to say are the parents. i know that all 7 children say in one respects i was glad he was on the 6th day because the others where i was 16 and where else themselves do not research orders are offered to people who are gravely ill. one find doctors won't perform cpr to help restart the patient's heart . in the u. k. d and ours are increasingly being offered to teenagers with autism, a condition that affects the 700000 people in the country, as well as to teenagers with down syndrome. the national health service insists it's not discriminating, stressing that it regards blanket policies as inappropriate. but karen ward,
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again thanks. we every child and every has called the right, especially to life. and i just don't understand why there's a difference in society for anyone discrimination of even the question b n n. why are people with adults children el today while we why on i will try it differently with the lack of you must say given the health care system i deserve on the social system. i did that, i get the and i just, it was been under strain. i'm cab again today with higher than the and i just isn't as the government needs to pull their finger out. and so, yeah, just out and isn't it, isn't our kids to say, oh, your children are not valuable with everyone else's children. so they're not going to be put on that list. i missed i was off isn't it will leave you out of the
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dumbest idea. because it's not a lot, we're not so fast and more was for you. k hospitals with admissions on the rise. again, a new study warns that next year, medical staff absences due to burnout could triple. the findings suggest hospitals could experienced severe staff shortages with 17 percent of workers expected to call in sick just last week. as emissions rose absences followed suit reaching 12 percent. meanwhile, unions have called on the government to increase staff, pay, or face industrial action. the any just says the pandemic has created unprecedented pressure, and it's doing all it can to support doctors and nurses are to spoke to medical staff on the ground who say something has to give david is with us almost 2 years and our doctor, the nurses commission, on the ground, absolutely exhausted. they're not just exhausted that scared that tired. you must remember the doctor, the nurses, the patients do so we are sick. we get physically think we get mentally think. and
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quite frankly, we bad the moral burden of what's been happening over the past couple of years. so yeah. and at the moment it's exhausting and was worse still. of course, it's not over when the short and we somehow need to find some capacity outside of what we've already got. so rather than asking the same deal to be mall, we need to somehow find capacity outside. and that might mean that asking people who aren't medically qualified to come in and step in and do sort of stuff in the longer term because we really need to do is sold our recruitment issues. we do need more no nurses, we do need more doctors. we've vast amounts, in particular general practice, for example, just kids status quo. and there are some, a human maybe, just in general bureaucracy that can get some workforce. you have retired or who have steps down that work to actually come back. now some of those barriers and implement that quite quick and easy when you did require government to make some
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decisions. well, it's really quite worry and i'm not sure how the nature is going to survive with these numbers. is really quite frightening stuff. and also patience because, you know, there's still no good, proper guidance come in from the top. it's really terrible environment and you know, trying to get through this and being taken for granted at the same time is needing to burn out. many nurses are talking about go along, protest and strike caption on. some of the unions are really support of that, but it just see it's very difficult obviously because we need to think about patient safety, but soon we may not have any nurses in his leg to care for these patients. ah, joe biden has suffered another brutal blow in the polls. more democrats would now rather see someone else run in 2024. the not the chimes with the battering. his
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ratings have taken during the 1st year in office, or to kill him up and looks at why 2021 wasn't so great for jo button. was like a fairy tale joe biden was set to ride into the white house on a white horse to save the country from the nightmare. those lights that are shooting out from the lincoln memorial. i look, it's like almost extensions of jo biden's arms embracing america. president elect joe biden, and vice president harris pulled the grief and regret out of the privacy of our hearts if just for a moment so that we all could share it. but in just a year, the country seems to have shifted from tears of joy and sighs. of relief to, let's go brandon. mm hm. mm. mm. mm. mm. mm.
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mm. mm. mm. mm. mm. oh. also that 70 percent of americans doubt that biden is a leader. you can trust. only donald trump had a worse approval rating at this point in his presidency. and it's not just the american voters, the mainstream media that wants praised him, are now calling him worse than a lame duck and recommending he not run for reelection in 2020 for quite a you churn. how could this have happened to a democratic president? so love by mainstream media and the party establishment, coven das, at this point of added up to about the population of st. louis and atlanta combined double what it was when trump left office. joe biden does not have much to say about this topic. with why i
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find it on the oregon to visit with joe biden is urging americans to get vaccinated. one can't help but wonder if americans have hesitation about heating their commander in chief's words, wild assertions. the administration was making about how this was going to go away . jack bleach and all those kinds of things. it was diminishing confidence across the board. you know, you can't, but you can't say everyone. yes, this actually requirements work only makes sense to require a vaccine to stop the spread of covert 90 forcing people to get vaccinated with mandates is not exactly a big hit either federal and private companies are fighting them in court. furthermore, you got the senate repudiating the vaccine mandates and judges ruling against them . inflation is that a 39 year high,
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half of the americans say that biden is making things worse. and 2 thirds of americans say that inflation is causing them financial hardships like ever since he became president. things have been slowly going downhill, especially in this said everything is about 40 percent higher than or was a couple of years ago. so no, i would not say that there during her job to be honest is actually one more up lake . everything one, spad is really bad. the afghan pull out got pretty massey, 13 soldiers died, people were hanging from planes and us personnel was left behind on republicans wanted joe biden to be impeached. now that didn't exactly play out, but people aren't exactly ready to move on from this afghanistan disaster with it's not only the u. s. public and it's unhappy with the afghan pull out within army ranks. there's rising discontent. active duty marine corps. lieutenant colonel stuart sheller. a combat
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veteran with multiple deployments in iraq and afghanistan even went public. he demanded accountability from senior military and civilian leaders for their failures. people are upset because they're senior leaders, let them down, and none of them are raising their hands and accepting accountability are saying we mess this up. i'm not saying we've got to be in the, in afghanistan forever, but i am say, did any of you throw your rank on the table to say, hey, it's a bad idea to evacuate bob graham airfield, the strategic air berries before we evacuate everyone. this got him charge in military court, find and punished, but many consider him a hero. what about the commander in chief himself? now biden is telling people he opposed the war in afghanistan from the beginning. however, the record begs to differ. he was beating the drums of war for afghanistan and iraq, 20 years ago, back when it was popular. but i guess this is not the only thing he has forgotten. and i want to thank you that so down on thank you very much val. but i'll kinda
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side of course, present harris is a proud howard. oh, no wonder so many of his press conferences and grabs the white house, sometimes even cuts his live b also that americans are questioning his mental capacity democrat is starting to get worried with mid term elections less than a year away. and biden unpopular even in states where he won the election by a large margin. there's so many reasons people should be disappointed and upset with by them. it's hard to settle on one. certainly, afghanistan was a huge blow to america's sense of itself. and the outrage in middle america is not to be underestimated even today. at the way joe biden got us out of afghanistan. joe biden, drug america down an ugly past. of course the economy is the unkept promises. his insistence that he would shut down the virus and not be economy. and since then, of course, he's had more debts on his watch. then trump had on
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a longer time scale. i believe our allies no longer trust us. i believe our enemies are lining up to take advantage of us. you see how it all goes together, and it all is generally against american interest. it's extremely unfortunate, and he's not showing any sign of changing his weight. meanwhile, joe biden has also been criticized for failing to deliver on some of his promises to overhaul the justice system. during his presidential campaign, he pledged to reduce the prison population, but the stats now show otherwise, the number of federal prisoners has increased by 2 percent during biden's presidency. according to the sentencing project, the inmate population began to fall under brock obama and continued under donald trump. over 200000 people are currently incarcerated in u. s. federal prisons. legal expert. evan w. turk told us that joe biden should be held accountable for not making good on the promises he made during his election campaign. many people are incarcerated
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because of drug related crimes, or as i mentioned non violent crimes, and they have lengthy sentences that there are alternatives. and this is one of the things that biden was pushing for alternatives to incarceration if you're not a threat to society. but you've done something that was unlawful. there are better ways of fixed in the system rather, and putting you in jail for a lengthy sentence. there is no action on the, by an administration whatsoever to fulfill its campaign promise, which was to help eradicate this problem. we are as the nation, the, we have the heaviest, largest population behind bars out of any country. and that's not something we should be proud of. and it's just that this point has become nothing but a promise to get a vote. and nobody israel
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a following up on why he hasn't failed that campaign promise. fill ahead in the program, joe biden signed the defense bill that he himself, criticized for not telling or letting him close down on top of that for a much more short break. this is our, to the oh, is your media a reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection for community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? which direction?
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what is true was is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend. ah, so join us in the depths or remain in the shallows at the end of every year across stock. answer some of your many questions. not surprisingly, many of your questions, concerns politics, the current international situation, and whether we should trust legacy median. we'll do our best to answer as many questions as well. ah, welcome back to 5th north international, now lighter and stronger. the next leap in russia's aviation is an entirely homegrown industry ortiz and julia shop of oliver gets up close and personal with the countries latest jet, which is also being seen as another example of how sanctions i've actually helped
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certain sectors here. a long awaited event for russian civil aviation, the media arrange a mass $21300.00 airplane made. it's made in flight with a wink sally made of russian composites the chance to come from the air field of the air. coots, evasion plant, where the m as 21 series is produced. initially for the m as 21 wing, it's manufacturer used materials from american and japanese companies. but in the fall of 2018, it came on the u. s. sanctions and as a result the company was unable to purchase imported raw materials for the wing nationally, sweden images through some of them on u. m. s. 21. medium ranger croft has nothing to do with defense complex. they just stopped supplying us with the composite materials for the wing. this is unfair competition. they knew we would create our own materials, but that would take time and eventually we would roll out this new plane much later . so the russians had to spend almost $60000000.00 us dollars on the development of
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an alternative to american composites. all the work was done in the shortest possible time. there are some corporation to cope with the development of domestic composite materials and is currently producing them. the m. s. 21300 is a new generation russian aircraft with capacity for 211 passengers. certification is now closed to completion, and deliver is a plan to begin in 2022. it is powered by pratt and whitney at $1400.00 engines. and at the same time, the m. s. 21310, across with a new ration p d. 14 engine isn't going fly test. so in the future, buyers will be able to choose between the 2 types of engine got through to someone . there are many innovations in the aircraft design. it has the widest carbon in his class. the m. s. 21 is focused on the most massive segments of the passenger transportation markets. it will be able to compete with the air bus 320 family and the boeing 737 family thought that the board so according to the head of ross tag,
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they shall have composite seen the m. s. $21.00 structure is about a 40 percent, which is a court for a medium hole aircraft. improved ira dynamics have made it possible to increase the width of the m. s 21 fuselage, which brings new advance true in terms of passenger comfort. passengers have enough room to comfortably trash the legs plus the widest aisle and as class will allow them to easily pass the service charlie. so pretty soon regular passengers will be able to appreciate this new creation of russia's asian industry. you lash bob oliver joe barton has approved a colossal military budget for the coming year, despite objecting to a clause that essentially makes it impossible to shut down guantanamo bay prison. the $770000000000.00 u. s. a. defense bill includes a ban on funding or for transferring detainees out of the facility, meaning that they will remain in legal limbo for the foreseeable future. as part of our unheard of voices project, we spoke to
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a man who spent 14 years and i'd get mon mohammed a do all that. so he, his story inspired to be award winning movie the more italian with a star studded cast, including jodie foster as a defense lawyer and ben dick cumber batch as a marine prosecutor. ah, and i did confess to crimes. i didn't because of torture. i was received by i was beaten till they broke my id. i was not given food for a very long periods of time. i was sexually assaulted on multiple occasions. received a provision the 1st 70 days. no sleep. it's all almost like a lie, but it still
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we have not concluded that it was the use of e, i t's within that program that allowed us to obtain useful information from detainees subjected to them. i know i didn't do anything and i said, i'm not filled. i'm not going to high that because me a lot of pain and suffering me leaving soon as it country that the respectful of a lot. ah, i wrote a best selling book that was the last it into 27 languages. not saying this is me. i'm saying this is with the hands of a law with the help of my lawyers. my support is my family and i'm so happy and it was adopted into a movie outside my family, my brother and their lives go on. terror is live, goes on. it was 9 key,
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192 on 2 different occasions for a brief period of time that i want to have kind of stem saudi arabia, gulf countries, including germany, where i live supported afghanistan. and we used to watch movies. nose doesn't mean that it's about them. then i decided to join them which i, i did not know what i'm tied up. why? i had no clue. so when i get to, i've gone to the training camp well controlled, well. that's the 1st time i know about that. i was very young and i was really misinform. this was a very big propaganda machine led by as soon as america and it's west of allies allies. so they, they gave me a wrong picture. i thought it was a very good cause to free people and to establish it for the country. at least
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i didn't even know then what difficulty meant to be honest. i the people were fighting today. we were supporting in the fight against the soviet . i think it was february of 92, which ideally is so called was i did talk over kabul and i found myself in the middle of a civil war that i did not want to give up. that's why i went back to my studies to my life. my was id including in 98 and the 1999, i received a phone call from my cousin and he was living with some beloved and use the phone number. and then i was,
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i was the phone number was just a family call. he needed help for his father scott, his father is like my father. and i did necessary to hunter's father because he was sick and needed money. ah. i understand the united america is a dim alchemist of when it comes to muslims, people of color of the 911. they did not that us visible. it acted like a fascist regime because they said, if you are american with do a little more, if you are not the american you deserve not i. that is fascism in
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for that is it for me on the news this hour, but don't worry, i'll be back in the say 35 minutes with another full fresh look. stay with 100 mic. no, certainly no borders on this line to nationalities and you parish as a merge, we don't have with the we don't on the back seat. the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are judgment, common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. every one is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great,
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the response has been massive. so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with ah.
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or special yes, today, the only the legendary mixed fire style author of the planet ponzi match. nice to see the holidays. ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered? i am peter lavelle at the end of every year across soc answer some of your many questions. not surprisingly, many of your questions, concerns politics,
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the current international situation, and whether we should trust legacy mediate. we will do our best to answer as many questions as we can, ah. raw sucking q and a i'm joined by my guess, glen deason in oslo. he is professor at the university south eastern norway as well as author of the book, great power politics in the 4th industrial revolution and in plymouth. we have patrick hennington. he is the editor and founder of 21st century wired dot com. all right, gentlemen, crosshatch, rules and effect. that means you can, joan, any time you want, i got a lot of questions. let's see, we can get to as many as possible here. the 1st question is, let me go to glen 1st. what are the chances of an arm conflict involving russia and nato in the new year? thoughts? well, i think it's unlikely, but it's becoming increasingly likely and i did. they are a good the good. the news is that the recognizing actually difficulties we have in
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europe and them in conflict as effectively what is your pin secure security architecture for the russians. they're demanding an estimate based on all our underpin security agreements, which suggest invisible security. so you know, made to, for example, once on the expenditure it at the expense of russia. well the, and they was arguing your pediatrician to based on the principal of naples freedom to expand so. so this is the main main main main conflict of this, or having discussions about this, which is something they don't even want to do in the past. but that being said, ma'am, man is also said that russia has pointed out that it will intervene in ukraine. if you claim that taxed on bus, or if there is studies, nato is expanding or even, you know, u. s. troops starting to move into ukraine. however, that being said, if russia intervene, americans have been cleared enough to respond and interview them on the other side
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. so it seems that the war can be avoided. that being said, that there's always this risk of a miscalculation. so an effect of the problem if someone wants to have a peace agreement, but they did this, that doesn't seem to be any room for compromise. and in the absence of disagreement, the parents who are my become the only alternative imp, patrick, think the interesting time, right? i mean that the fact that they're talking ok, the russians have said that big nato has been talking like this for 20 years. ok. the russians want it in writing. i mean, this is something new. it is a bit of a departure from their usual procedures here. i think that's why it's important the talk is talk, but we want it in writing and we want it to be public and transparent. go ahead, patrick. i think it rushes in a very strong.


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