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her, oh, ah atlantis our on our t, america's big budget priorities, put the pentagon over the pandemic as president biden signs off. an enormous $700000000000.00 defense plant, or washington global vaccination campaign. keep running out of cash. i'm, i really the slams australia's policy of deporting convicted criminals to new zealand saying it's causing a surgeon, gang related crimes. it is not good enough that new zealand is becoming a penal colony for australia and, and just supporting your problem. why does not solve the problem of gangs in both australia and new zealand and a proponent of critical rights theory patient a barrage criticism for suggesting parents should not decide what their children are taught in school. we discuss whether you as history is in need of a classroom over the claim to be the moral ironic claims to be the speaking truth,
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but always doing is dividing. people confuse the children and wanting children to turn against each other. this is a fear of the right from hearing and having to embrace the truth. ah, hello is good to have you with this wednesday morning at 8th here in moscow. my name is colleen. very welcome to you. well, news from archie international 1st for you. then while the world rounds off another year struggling to combat the cobit pandemic, americans going to different priority for taxpayer cash with joe biden. funding a whopping $700000000000.00 military budget for the upcoming year, or even by america's own estimates. that's a 100 times more than the cost of vaccinating the entire planet. well, i guess they have looked at how even an era defining health crisis county rail washington's massive defense spending. it's bigger than it's bader than ever before . america's new military budget, $777700000000.00. so vast it bought doesn't
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monstrous. and it's still not enough. say the people who passed it are nations facing many threats right now. just read the paper every day. china, russia ran in yet that budget was actually pro provider by the white house. was a cut, pretty dramatic out if you look at it as and john adjusted for inflation and is remarkable. these lawmakers they'll, they'll sit there and argue for weeks, months about maternity leave. or building roads or bridges will or walls, but the better part of a trillion dollars on a war machine back 88 for 11 against past. and the next day that will come to work and to congress and. and they'll wonder where the heck all their money went. i also find it amusing that senator mansion indicates his worry about the deficit after voting justice week for
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a military budget of $778000000000.04 times greater than build back better over 10 years and $25000000000.00 more than the president requested $778000000000.00. i mean $700000000.00 is a decimal here. a decimal. where rounding up and down by, by hundreds of millions, 16 times greater than russia's military budget, greater than the next 11 highest military budgets put together. a sudden that the human mind can barely comprehend. somewhat of the extra billions going towards the secretary shall take appropriate action to increase the use of low emission initial free and net 0 initial energy technologies in the operations programs, projects and activities of the department provided these is cost effective on with ally cycle of the innocent, there's also a new ranko position in the u. s. military, according to the n d, a draft bill. and that is gender advisor. so troops can get help if they feel like
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changing genders. we can only guess how many millions that's going to cost. and of course, none of this would be possible without china and russia because of whom the pentagon argued. it needed more money. in your sunday, we firmly opposed the u. s. slipping negative content concerning china or making an issue out of china for political manipulation is not implement negative content and articles in the acts that target china and dummy's. chinese interests or hurts overall bilateral ties and corporation and important areas. while the l g b t, q plus community may let out a sigh of relief, people that have been incarcerated. guantanamo bay innocence included without trial or justice for decades, will just have to wait a little longer. now one thing they didn't find any money for is, is a field doesn't plane tickets to send guantanamo inmates home or to court. unfortunately, he section 1032 of the act continues to borrow the use of funds to transfer
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guantanamo bay detainees to the custody or effective control of certain foreign countries. and section 1033 of the act bars, the use of funds to transfer guantanamo bay. detainees into the united states, unless certain conditions are met. it would cost an estimated $7000000000.00 to vaccinate billions. those who still can't get the vaccine. one percent of america's military budget, just one percent, to potentially hold the development of new strains and variance of coven. but no gender advise us in the electric cars for the pentagon. that's the priority. okay, let's get some thoughts on this now. then live too often for her former vice chair of the u. s. libertarian party could have you on our tea this morning. it's a lonely, the world biggest military budget, and still it keeps growing. why is that?
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it's just vested interest. the more the pentagon spends on insanity, the more military congress, military contractors make money. so they get a lot of money from these and same policies. they use a little bit of that money to fund the real action campaign to senators and congressmen. and this vicious cycle continues and continues growing larger and larger isn't we're not at war with anybody. and why we need a military budget the, his bigger than the next over 10 nations combined. i mean that's, that's nonsense. and that's why we need to see a cut in taxes. let the american people use their money for what they deem fit, rather than what just a small number of what benefit a small number of military contractors you mention, the vested interests there. but what about since that of being the world's policeman, being the world's doctor? where are they? where's the pressure that spend more money on trying to vaccinate the planet? so the question is, you know, why haven't, why haven't fire one of the healthcare the health care industry does have
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a lot of lobbying power. it just doesn't have as much lobbying power as the military industrial complex right now. that could very well change. but here's the thing, imagine we just cut taxes a lot, cut them to the floor. people have more of their money to spend, and they could choose to spend their own money to kill people overseas, or they could choose or spend their own money to provide health care for people overseas. now i can speak for, i think, the vast majority of the american public, where i'd say that with our own money will be far more likely to use that to help people overseas, then to kill them. the reports of a u. s. agency for international development keeps running out of cash wise and m o pressure among politicians on capital hill, or even from taxpayers to try and pump a little bit more money into that. the issue you have is, as it is concentrated benefits and, and diffuse calls, i mean, a small number of contract of military contractors make a huge amount of money. whereas each individual taxpayer isn't paying, you know,
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hundreds of billions of dollars by themselves, right? they're paying thousands and ending that military ways would mean a savings of several $1000.00 per taxpayer. so there is, there's a substantial amount of money, but it's dwarfed by the, you know, the hundreds of billions of dollars that a small number of defense contractors get. you just don't have something similar with you as a i, d, it's just not that the same exact situation. now, if you just ended that military industrial compet use ended this massive military state and let people spend their own money as they see fit. you'd see people spending their money to help people far more effectively than u. s. a. i d ever does. and not used that money to hurt people the way the military does live budget busting a military pack, still get through those so perhaps taxed by his aunt that bullet in america. where will this money go? they don't, they don't have the same lobbying power. and what to come, what it comes down to is the simple fact that military contractors, vaughn campaigns, and after those campaigns refunded there is the understanding that the person whose
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campaign was funded will keep voting for military over spending. or their next campaign won't be similarly funded. so that's a lot of power to various man, a very small number of hands. that's where that, that, that comes from. i do think though, taxpayers do have responsibility and a need to rise up and say, we need to stop this. the u. s. military should be large enough to defend them, the united states, and that's it. and that does not take a big gigantic, jo spanning the world military takes a very small, if any military politics, a very small military there just for the defense and the balance of money that we saved that we have when we get our taxes cut by. we can use to help people, which is the normal thing that people do when they have the the ability to do so and they've got so okay, thanks for joining us. all the best for 2022 off invoice from a vice chair of the commission of a terry buffy. thank. thanks ryan. next to add new zealand. indigenous leader is accusing australia of using his countries a. dumping ground full convicted criminals, national mary authority,
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chairman matthew to khaki, says the neighbors behavior dawkins, the spirit of friendship between the countries. it is not good enough that new zealand is becoming a penal colony for australia and just deporting your problem. why does not solve the problem of gangs in both australia and new zealand? it is not good enough. just to say we're going to stick a whole lot of people and applying on a government child to apply and seen them back to new zealand. that is not the spirit of friendship that you would expect between 2 neighbors. and even permanent members who've been resident for in australia for more than 10 years can be reported under the migration acts. section 501. that's if they've been convicted of a drug offense or an assault using and politicians say that instead of rehabilitation, australia is simply dumping them elsewhere and that's causing a search. and gang related crime in oakland are a spokesperson, the for australia is immigration minister says the government routinely removed
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foreign nationals from a range of countries due to serious offenses. in an effort to promote safety in australia, matthew to khaki says camera needs to work with new zealand to find a better solution. now, i also did that australian citizens, you know, it's easy just to deport the problem away. and australians want exactly what we want. we want safe communities, we do not want to say drugs being sold to our children. we are sick and tired of saying gun violence on our streets. one possible solution is a joint task force to address a couple of different things. and even though our police forces, they do share information dash, or an intelligence at the moment, it would be good to see if we could just increase and including invest in joint resources. that means also having a look at information and intelligence to find out where these drugs supply networks are establishing themselves across southeast asia, even into the pacific being, let's do their job together as australia and new zealand, and that an expert ah,
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should parents have more same what their children are taught in schools? well, according to nicole hannah jones, they shouldn't. she is the founder of the controversial $1619.00 project which seems to reframe us history in terms of race and abuse approving. polarizing. i don't really understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught. i'm not a professional educator. i don't have a degree in social studies or science. we send our children to school because we want them to be taught by a people who have an expertise in the subject area. and that is not my job. as a parents, i have every right to ensure my child isn't being taught lies despite what nicole 100 jones says, how can this be promoted? could share any one else to say parents don't get a say in our children's education. her position is faulty and shouldn't be listened to and must have a platform removed. sorry, but parents must be involved. come on, you pesky parents, just let her indoctrinate your kids in. peace. had
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a jones launched the 6900 project with the new york times 2 years ago. its goal is to highlight the legacy of slavery and the contributions of black americans throughout us history, that it's called a content from the projects been included in school curriculum and at least 5 us states. we discuss the issue with legal analyst, jennifer braden de master, political activist, antony, wrote his right. fortunately in america right now, the political faction is kind of taking over everything else including education. i think that's some of the concern here because really what you're trying to do is refrain retrain children's mind. and that's, that could lead and, and we're seeing this now the rise and anxiety and political issues in children getting younger and younger every year. and i think parents have a right to be concerned about that. the major issue here is that a professor hannah jones is actually talking about the truth and, and that's what's lacking so much in this nation right now. and it's really, really sad that even the most far right wing people in germany can accept the fact
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that there were nazis that carried out atrocities the fact that this nation was forge in a cauldron of white supremacy. slavery indigenous genocide and lance matching is not alive at the end of the day. this is a fear of the right from hearing and having to embrace the truth. and it's funny that the people on the side, the i are also talking about also talking about not the germany because not the journey with a, with also the government and the order that the leadership there that started to import this propaganda into the population to say if you agree or you don't, that is what my colleague is saying here. that's what some of these new educational politicians are trying to are trying to impose on children on young children. and all that's going to do is continue dividing the population because one thing has happened from this they, they claim to be the moral high ground. it claims to be the beacon of truth, but all it's doing is dividing people confusing children and wanting children to
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turn against each other. i don't even know what just happened. that was a very interesting soliloquy. again, we're not trying to tear people apart from each other. truth is truth. if truth is going to hurt people that's on, on the people, and what you just heard in this very myopic and silly a soliloquy is that it's some sort of political motivation. truth just is, is truth. you cannot deny what has happened in this country. what is happening in this country. and you cannot deny that this country was founded in the image and the lens of benefiting white people at the expense of other people. and that's just a fact you can absolutely talk and teach about history and about what's happened in this country. them, the heretic, things of laboring without having to completely de do, is completely unravel the fabric and the foundations of this country's history. but, but you know, when it comes to truth migrant and we are so far from when that used to mean it's not a relative term. the mid fears of rising pollution and global warming,
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it's becoming more and more popular for businesses to be eco friendly. but how much of it is just marketing of to correspond to peter all of the shows how some consumers in europe feel living jubes. as we learn more about our impact upon the climate as increasing impetus on us all to keep that in mind when it comes to purchases. and that's also being seized upon by advertises who are very keen to push their product as the best one for the environment. jim and consumer rights group food watch handout, a yearly award. the golden cream puff which shames those products that pitch themselves as green. but in reality, they're using climate concern to just shift more units. our diet has its share in the huge problems we face to day. the food industry now wants to cash in on consumers, need for more sustainability and his marketing their products as a way of saving the environment and the climate. these of the products on german
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shells that made up the top 3 this year when it comes to green washing or promoting yourself is good for the climate when really you're not in the bronze medal position on these coffee. camp seals from hamburg faced coffee roasted j. j damp oven in partnership with the swiss culprit giant morgan pick branded as composter, bowl and biodegradable. they are anything bought and waste companies will struggle to do anything with them other than incinerator them. second place goes to this bottle of volvic water, climate neutral, certified according to the packaging. it's a plastic bottle, so that's already not stacking up user usable. if you can, also, this water has to be transported all away from france when this perfectly good, much better for the environment. water coming out of tops and drinking fountains volvic on their parent company. dianon did have this to say in their defense. since august 2020, we have only used recycle td for our disposable bottles. for long transport routes
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. these bowels are the ecologically most sensible packaging. also, the company has launched a regional mineral water that is sold in class deposit bottles. this year's winner was the see from our it river and their climate neutral chicken breasts. there is a lot of c o. 2 produced getting a chicken from farm to supermarket river promise that is offset through a scheme that finances climate protection in the rain forests of peru. the problem is, according to the investigative work of food watch, that program doesn't seem to have had any of the desired effect. it can be demonstrated that the rate of deforestation in the critic terrier, actually more than doubled after the project started. here's what you ever had to say for themselves. the revery group had already reacted and as climate partner is the project manager to submit an assessment based on the information available. unfortunately, this was previously not possible because the author of the study had not made
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direct contact with the rapid group climate partner all the local project developer boskus amazon. of course, this would have made the false allegations easy to refute. while the companies named in this particular awards ceremony are keen to stress that their climate action is legitimate. i guess the big takeaway is to make sure that when you buy something that advertises itself as good for the climate that they are going further than just a label on a bottle or a box. peter, all of her r. t. berlin, civilians killed homes, destroyed those impacted by the us led war in afghanistan are not just statistics now. throughout the year, artes online project unheard voices has been sharing some of our life changing experiences on r t dot com. and also our youtube channel. i'm gonna leave you this i with one of those stories, a man who spend any 3 years in america's brutal guantanamo bay prison. i had to stop telling myself that i'm the father, that i am a son. i am a husband, that i'm
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a human being. i sorry to call myself i what i had been told that i was and that was my number 558. that was my number in guantanamo. mm. room in may. 2002. i was interrogated by the cia and the f. b. i and they threatened if i did not cooperate, to send me either to egypt or to syria, to be further tortured. either you with us or you were the enemy. there is no in between and that doctor is still stay on. i think it's quite clear to me at the united states response to the terrible depths of, of 911 was vengeance. the war on terror is not a police operation. it's
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a military operation. why they picked on me. it wasn't just me. they picked on everyone. you know, who knows if anybody's prepared to hand you over to a country to talk to you and you know, i live in pakistan is and to be overwrite. and i'm my parents from boston. i'm a deal national. they handed me over to the americans without any legal possible. aah! i was held there for a year in 2002 to 2003 and i saw 2 individuals beaten to death by american soldiers. these terrorist play by a whole set of different rules, skids going to force us than your words, the get mean 30 and master in order to take them on part will use all tools at our disposal to do the always
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a few bad apples and isolated incidents one by one, the terrorists are learning the meaning of american justice. for me, this place a pit demise. what the united states was doing in afghanistan, they were bringing people to this torture site afghans ordering africa and abusing them outside of the rule of law. and then allowing some of them to go back home and they would go home and tell people what the americans did. by the time i got to guantanamo, i was begging to go to one tunnel because what i've seen and witnessed in belgrade was so destructive to this day. i haven't, i can't sleep ah . ready several of us was sent to one tournament including several taliban members . who now heads of various departments in the act and government were tortured. we
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were stripped, we were beaten and was back upon. we were humiliated photographs. this was taken during this period of time. they had a found a woman in the next room that led me to believe was my wife being tortured. they waved with pictures of my children in front of me and asked, where do you think they are now, what do you think happened to me took your way? and of course, what they wanted me to do was to sign a confession that i was a member of al qaeda, which i was not. and this was, i'd say, stand it, i got it. i think i got it's better than a lot of the other prisoners i . oh, so this is the handmade calendar that i made when i was in court. and i thought
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that perhaps if i counted the days that it would be easier. but when the days tended to weeks and months, and then 2 years, i realized that it was just futile. when i received such letters from my children who are very young at the time, it's actually made it worse to look at the calendar and start the count down the days my children growing up without me and every day, without them with a stabbing heart. and they would come sporadically, they had to be vetted uncensored by the us censorship. my daughter who was 6 at the time, wrote a poem 12345, once i caught official life. and they redacted that because they said that has numbers in a numbers could mean some sort of a code. so it was that kind of nonsensical reduction disconnecting from the idea of being a father, ironically and sadly, but also my own personal faith. my belief in god my reading,
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the koran and again and expectedly becoming friends with several of the american soldiers who would bring me little snippets of inclination sometime next week and chocolate. sometime next week, and a dvd player and show me a film. did lots of humanity that i have never forgotten to this day. and i think i left on time to move, not hating america because of those soldiers. me messages directly from some american soldiers who say that this has been a, a war that has destroyed us as individuals. soldiers, i've spoken to have told me that they cannot sleep at night. so i am in no doubt about the, the effects of this war. not just on the individuals,
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but on the nation as a whole of whom the soldiers are representative me . the other has gone to the shop and unity types were destroyed. the united states produced a senate to report on torture, but not a single person was ever bought for charges for these crimes. recently, i gave evidence the international criminal court for their investigations of abuses by americans and i forgot to send. they will investigate to the united states, the national army, and the caliber, the only ones who responded by threatening the international court was the united states of america. they said that we will sanction all members of the international court. we will arrest any members of the icpc who come to the usa or elsewhere that want to investigate us. i think the united states of america needs to step back if
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it wants to help any of any assistance to the people who understand it's got in a position to negotiate those conditions. it has, it has been an aggressor. the taliban already made gestures towards russia towards china to have the wrong to its pockets. dawn to within an easier would be like states and britain in particular. i think the feeling very upset because this is a defeat. it's a military defeat. however, you want to look at it and that imperial hubris, as it were, will not allow them to say that we need to move forward and continue within negotiations that we began in doha, that they cannot be any more saber rattling. it's no good for the people. it's no good. that's not what the britain or america you've really got to find a way forward. i. oh, i join me every thursday on the alex
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summon show and i'll be speaking to guess in the world, the politic sport business and show business. i'll see you then. mm ah ah, no one is starting at the age of 14 and battled the next 5 years. his addiction eventually became psychotic. using very high potency wax. he jumped off a 6 story building. i guess that was the only way he knew how to enter. ah,
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today we're at the 2015 kind of is we're here, we're all, we've had a similar vendor with edible and some of the live people in colorado. early 2, thousands, colorado became head of a test bed for medical. and then later recreational marijuana. you know, at the time i wasn't really concerned, i didn't have a strong opinion about it. either way, i didn't know that marijuana had changed so drastically from when we were younger. when johnny turned 18, he was able to very easily get a, a medical card and then he was able to legally purchase, possess, and consume very high th c products that led to the psychosis.
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you know, he ultimately died as a result of psychosis, brought on by high to see marijuana. and i believe that if you'd never consumed marijuana that he'd still be here today. oh, i. hello connie boy and i live in denver, colorado. my son was diagnosed his kit to frontier, specifically from cannabis. 4 years ago, careless in a gifted program through elementary and middle school. and he was doing great. none is introduced to marijuana his sophomore year or this summer over his sophomore year. and tom he failed every class his sophomore year.


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