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about g, this is the president backed off of his campaign promise to stop the coven virus. bad things are happening to some people who spend most of their time on social media. and we're talking suicide folks. and wait until you learn what your children are exposed to on platforms such as tick tock and youtube platform for kids. lionel and lynn shaw, founder of linds warriors, will fill us in and a telescope that looks in to the past. don't miss it. or you'll need the telescope to see it, get it. i've seen ball bergen for scotty now use. and this is news views use right here on our t america. ah! i'll put in place to plan to deal with this pandemic response, and we have already done it. i've said it before, i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down the country,
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but i'm going to shut down the buyer or i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down the country. i'm going to shut down the virus. that was president presidential candidate joe biden, and 2020 promising he would shut down the cobra virus. but now he's singing a different tune. and joining me to talk about this and the latest from anthony valgy, andrew langer who is the president at the institute for liberty. good to see, sir. all right, so let's talk about this a little bit. we just heard joe biden from 2020, over and over promising to shut down the virus, but listen to what he told the nation's governors on monday. make sure that we do not list federal solutions stand in a way of state solutions and look, there is no federal solution. this gets solved, state level. now you have people from both sides of the political spread spectrum ripping biden for allegedly giving up. i mean, look at the change, it's,
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it's profound. well, it's a change also in terms of a, the energy level with which he said that listen, we all know that when president biden was elected in november of 2020, he was elected essentially and selling the american people on a bill of goods. there had been a narrative in the mainstream media, the donald trump hadn't been doing enough to quote, unquote stop the virus. when we all know that the, by that the trump administration was doing whatever could, within its power in a thoughtful and rational manner to deal with this. so this pandemic, i'm but really, president biden said the quiet part out loud as something in fact that the trump administration had largely embraced this idea that that policy is on cobra were going to be dictated by the states. and we've always wanted that it's one of the beauties of the where republic is arranged. we have this thing called competitive federalism. it allows states to experiment with public policies and to find solutions that fit their populations in the best way possible. there was never any
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good policy that was going to come out of from this federal government without it being, it was a said a good policy. lots of bad policies could come out of this, of this federal government. all of them with a one size fits all approach that would be squarely aimed at limiting in a major way individual rights. and in fact, not solving this problem. right? no, absolutely correct. where join right now by d watkins, we're now adding a to the panel on earlier today on eat, the press. i play and the welcome i played remarked so from abide and claiming that no one in the world. so the variance coming while anthony found she and that the cdc bought said they saw the variance coming. so d, let me go to you. how can americans really have any faith left? what especially when it comes to coven in the pandemic in joe biden? i think one thing we have to look at is all the changes that have happened since president embodied took office. you know,
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the last administration said to bar extremely low. so just paying attention and acknowledging at the viruses. a real thing is a huge step up. one thing we do have that we didn't have done, the last administration is at home called it test. there have been millions of test administer on across the country. and you know, at the end of the day, i personally feel like this administration can do a whole lot more and i need to start more. but they're coming from another administration where our preparedness for dealing with a crazy out of control virus like over 19, has just been got it. so there's kind of start from scratch and trying to build up the problem, bided. i wouldn't oversell the small amount accomplishments that were made. but you know, at the same time we do have to acknowledge that we are treating this different and it's not the same as it was when it 1st happened in march 2020. well, andrew, you know more people have died under joe biden, this year from cove it than died under donald trump. we do not have testing
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adequate testing in place. in fact, we've learned through a piece in vanity fair in october that the white house turned down a plan for massive testing to avoid the very situation where now when again, i said this administration just failed miserably andrew. yet no, and listen. i think to go back, it is a, it is a real mist to say that the previous administration did nothing was not adequately prepared to deal with this. this administration wanted to shut down travel out of china where this virus had originated, and they were called racist for doing so. where we all know when you're gonna, when you're going to deal with the transmission of a virus, a, something that's internationally have to limit the, the people coming from the source of where that viruses at the limit to people traveling from other hot spots and outbreaks. as administration wanted to do that, or this administrate the private, the prior administration was taking this seriously. but because of the political repercussions that were happening outside of it, or they were hamstrung in many,
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many ways, or at least the perception of their being amsterdam was being put out there. the reality is that this administration has done precious little. they're not the ones who got the vaccine developed through an operation warp speed. are they bungled? frankly, the deployment of that we're now in a, in a situation in which they're playing political football with who gets boosters. and when i, whether or not we need to get brains at home, all of those things are problematic. every, everything keeps changing and guys listen to this doctor found she now says that people should cancel plans to attend large gathering on new year's eve. i mean, day, aren't we sick of this kind of stuff and, and sick of him and sick of the, you know, the seemingly haphazard and i just thought of it directives that he issues from, you know, all the time. well, because the truck ministration handle this so poorly in the beginning, we have to make these big sacrifices. we have to stop the law gatherings. we have to have med mandate and it has to be
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a situation where to where the states are going back and forth from battling with a federal government like everyone needs to come together this one. so we can get there is, you know, again, i feel like the body administrator can do a whole lot more and that doesn't make the truck, the ministration will go because the administration will be on terrible divided administration is putting together pieces. but they're not bad enough. they're not going strong enough. they can't do a whole lot more because you're right, we should be able to celebrate whatever. and we shouldn't have to sit andrew 15 seconds max, listen, the reality is, we've all gone crazy. the reality is the micron variant is not as severe as the earlier variance. and yet we are in acting these insane mandates in response to something that is apparently no more harmless for the bulk of the people who get infected as the common cold. yeah, and of course said quarantine for, for 10 days now. quarantine for 5 days. i mean, i think they really they make it up as they go along. gentlemen. thank you both
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very much. have a great, happy help you year. you know, folks, sometimes when you write the script for an introduction to a segment, you try to include something that'll grab the attention of the viewer and make them want to stick around for it. but this story really needs those special dressing at all. and here it is. in 2021, 16 us cities have set new records for homicides. enough said, let's welcome in our panel, matthew bob, who's a retired chief deputy u. s. marshal. and dominic is a former police officer and author of before the badge everything you need to know before you become a cop gentleman. welcome to both of you and albuquerque, atlanta austin, baton rouge, columbus, ohio, indianapolis, jackson, mississippi. i'm going alphabetically that 7 of the 16 cities across the country that have set new homicide records this year. dominic,
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let me be very generic and start with you. why is this happening? because they're allowed to. there's no other reason that they are not going to find any other reason than criminals are not being prosecuted cops are doing their job. i've talked about the several times on r t. the other states attorney or district attorney, depending upon your where your state is, which is an elected position, they are not prosecuting. it's oh, my gosh, let's just down play these communities and baby them and the recidivism rate is insane. and know you're, this is all this is, is there just not being prosecuted held accountable. bad guys know this, they're out there to do whatever they can do and they have no consequences for their actions. it's as simple as that. yeah, matthew. well that bottom line is there is a, please slow down as well. i mean the police were upset because of the fact that a lot of stuff was gone. all round policing in people was beginning to expose policing for what it was. i was in it for 30 years. i know in the bottom line was please said i, well we don't get time. we were just not going to do. our jobs will put the word on
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the street, you know who you want, and at the same time, you're right. i mean, the bottom line is we've got a warrant. drugs are still, but basically we're, we're targeting us, we've opened up the store to where people can describe. thank you who they want. so that's when you add our own, say together, that's why you get this crime weight. you know that dominic, one of the many lunatic policies sweeping liberal cities is no bail or low bail. and one report by fox 26 in euston says that over a 150 people have been killed there by suspects who democratic judges mostly have released on bond and harris county, texas. they claim a number of the suspects during the killing were charged with capital murder and then released awaiting trial. what the hell is going on in this country? it's failure to do their job by these are the prosecutors out here in chicago? just couple of months ago, we had to rival gangs in the city chicago that were in
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a war right. shooting each other. several members from each gang were arrested, you know, had guns on, on this and that stuff. it was screened by kim fox's state attorney branch, and there is no charges made because it was mutual combatant. i don't understand people don't. i agree with matthew. matthew is right on so much stuff. why would you be a cop today? knowing that you're going to do, you're under the job and then we've seen what happens. you know, the media jump to conclusions and puts out the 30 seconds a footage out there in the campus crucified. why would account do anything when they're not backed up by the very process? the system of the course is supposed to be backing them up. so it matthews right on that you get a lot of counselors going to turn corners, drive your swan car, make a right hand turn, collect that check every week and just keep moving on. there's no point in doing anything met with admail one? well, one of the things that i'll say this is that i'm not just saying that the cops are writing what they're doing. i'm just saying the fact is that there was never no accountability. then you had a powder kick. the country blew up. once we saw the george cayman chase way put his
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knee on his neck and that type of thing to the cops, shoot the guy to back down to south carolina. we just go on and all of these incidents there was never really know accountability for a bad cops and what happened was, didn't america in a news, jumped into it and started profiling, this stuff. and next thing, you know, police were saying they're being thrown under the bus. the biggest incident that i look at is what happened up in new york. when half the police department turned it back on america mer de blasio. so it says that the unions and a lot of these things, the unions have a lot of control. so if we really want to really attack this system, what we got to do is ratchet down on this whole drug thing and didn't grab valid criminals, agree somebody's, you in the gun chairman, somebody would have, they belong in jail. next, somebody's selling marijuana and simple things that we get caught up to a built in prison, industrial complex on low level dealers. instead of dealing with a serious crime that was out there, that's where as well math. well, let me,
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let me bring this up. i need to talk about new york city, 1st of all, i'm a former new york city p b, a man of the year that ana was bestowed upon me by pat lynch, the, the president of p b a. but that a very proud of that. but you know, it just, is it totally insane? out what's going on in new york, they disbanded the undercover anti crime unit. the new mayor elect says he's going to put it back. and one of the heads of b, l. m in the new york area says, if you do that we'll get there. they'll be brought in the streets. we're going to riot. i mean that, matthew, that's insanity. well, yes, said sandy, but it's not really if you look at the fact that a lot of these proper jumping out a low level people, if you are really taking a ballot people off the street, that's one thing. what happened is you started using as a tool to be able to control city control, do what you want, get away with stuff. you've got all these reports coming out. that cops come in for admitting the planet floods on people. they messed up the institution by doing what they wanted to do. so the reality of it is people don't trust the police anymore,
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rightfully so. so we need to correct that situation, but we don't need to be going at the low level killing our friends, low level criminals. dominic, i think i think most people, including polls that have been taking the black community show. they want the police, they want more police map, you could say they don't trust them, but they want them to protect their homes and their families. that's actually when i ran for cook county sheriffs here chicago, i spent time with the black neighborhoods. i would ask them, you know, what do you need and the amount of, of candid wanting of police, right. just police, right. sometimes i disagree with matthew long term. so matthew says something, he's i, he hits in the, on the head. there is a lot of low level garbage that is done in law enforcement because the upper, the command staff impose department policies that have a performance evaluations. right? so you're going to go after what gets to the bottom line is for this is the fish rots from the head down. if you really want police accountability,
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you got to start with a brass. yes. start with the mayor's in the brass and no one wants to take them on because matthew's debt on in the last past. yeah. i think we got to, you know, get back to common sense and go after the criminals and then take it from there. but gentlemen, happy new year to both of you. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. what are our children watching on platforms like tick tock in youtube for kids? and why are some being driven to take their own lives? lydell and lynn shaw of lynn's warriors will be here next. do not go away. ah ah ah ah ah
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ah, ah! a ah! ah, it wants to chill. just this goal is to choke again. one is it. then each one is a way to assess my william. let's use a curriculum for teams that with
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position for a couple of minutes when you was working with issue machine that it should come in. um, washington gets here. no, i need to put that amount with me as power storage with ah, if you're reading this, i'm gone. that was posted online by 24 year old jo chevy ed gary. she had scheduled it to run one day after she killed herself by jumping from the vessel in hudson yards, hidden new york city. it was part of her farewell note that went up on instagram
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after she died. did she see the delay post? there's some kind of glorification and did it contribute to her decision to take her own life. joining me now is legal and media analyst lineup of line or media, and the founder and executive director of linds warriors, lyn shaw. welcome to both of you. happy holidays, but we have such serious stuff to discuss your guys. i really don't know where to start so. so let's start at the beginning with this young woman. her dad said she had an eating disorder she saw help for she went to a facility or whether or not that was a reason that contributed. i don't know, but lynn does. does the net give people who were on the edge or on the brink and added incentive if you will, to could to kill themselves because they are allowed to glorify it then in their own minds on social media. first, steve, i want to thank you and r t america for always covering the issues of big tech and
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protecting our children. you're one of the rare media outlets and we've discussed this before that, does this absolutely big tech is complicit. you know, it's a free for all online. the internet was born in 1996, so a lot has changed in almost over 25 years now. and los always lag behind technology . so we've got is a community where people find themselves talking to other people, strangers friends, and they think for some reason steve, that if it's online, it's their error. it's o k. and as we now what ever, wherever the kids are, wherever people are, you're also going to have predators. you're also going to have not, not such good people that could be encouraging bad behavior. you have a lot of misinformation, for instance, medical misinformation, psychological, all kinds of things that people are listening to and i hear a lot of noise about a lot of issues. steve, what i don't hear a lot of noise about is protecting children online with things like this. we need
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more moderators on all of these sites. doing business. we need congress to step up . we need it cleaned up, and we need it cleaned up. now. absolutely line, although there's been a rash of so called social media influencers, who have taken their own lives here in 2021. i think they counted 5 or 6. what makes one an influence, sir? and what's going on with that, i mean those who, who decided to, to depart on the term influence years almost like the term artist, you know, whatever that means. i'm not really sure. but i will tell you this much. i'm very careful not to blame necessarily the platform per say. i can blame them for as a lin saying not having enough monitors in the like a steam. do you remember in 1087? that was amanda pennsylvania who was a state official named bud dwyer, who took his life on live tv and a press conference. and he used the effect of television, the immediacy and the stage of it, to, to bring home this fact people,
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whenever they finished ray or, or throw themselves from windows or jump from bridges, they're picking a form of suicide. that is public. so we can get into the psychology of it, so i don't want to blame them per se, but i will tell you this date and lynn will agree as well. isn't it funny that the celerity and the lack of the, the speed of lights, a movement where they can eliminate messaging as far as january sakes, donald trump, hydroxy clark. when certain, you know, coven remedies you are now you are centered so fast. but yet when it comes to a person doing this, you would think the code word, suicide. good, bye, cool world. some thing, this is not a priority. yeah, great, great point. now let's move over to children. young children are such a big part of loveland warriors efforts. i know there are reports that kids as young as 5 years old, are being exposed to cartoon stabbing massacres on you tube kim's platform.
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how is this even possible? well, we don't even have enough time, steve, to discuss how this is possible. but let me start with, this is why everybody has to step up. all parents and grandparents entrusted family members, you have to be a warrior. i truly mean that you have to take control in your own home because there is so much online. first, my 1st question is a 5 year old online. why is that? then i'm not blaming anybody, but we have to again step up and see why a 5 year old is online. and if they are online, the parents, the trusted adult, has to make sure they have safety feature safety filters or monitoring tools. so many great free resources you find them on my website, linds warriors dot org. we have to communicate with our children. we have a gauge and a great,
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i'm glad. i'm glad you're plugged linds warriors dot org cuz i was gonna ask you about that. i know we have a minute left. legally speaking can actually be taken against, let's say you to, for their kids platform for allowing this garbage on for children to see or would it, god forbid, take a specific tragedy for and then a specific family to institute. that kind of legal action is going to be very difficult. you know, the, the, the law is far more equipped to handle things like defamation and liable where the platform is used to disseminate, you know, defamatory material in the light. but, but for you to sue on behalf of the theater platform or the platform that basically allows us to occur that's going to be difficult steam in our generation. they were going back and saying that ozzy, osborne was doing backwards masking, and alice cooper was demanding. it throughout history, people have found this is much different. so defamation. yes, this actually going to be much more difficult. ly no, lin,
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happy new year. thank you very much and we'll speak you soon. lind keep up the good work on wednesday leon lionel. you you too. all right, the world's largest and most powerful space telescope rocketed away saturday on a high stakes quested detect light from the 1st stars and galaxies and scour the universe for hints of life ortiz, john hoodie has more garage lift off from a tropical rain forest to the edge of time itself, james, where begins a voyage back to the 4th of the universe. and so it begins perhaps literally, as the james web space telescope was carried into space, a border rocket to essentially look back into time at the origins of the universe. it launch from french kiana on south america's northeastern coast. aboard the european aryan rocket christmas morning. the $10000000000.00 telescope described as being the successor to the hubble space telescope rocketed towards its destination
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1000000 miles from earth. and we'll take about a month to get there. and another 5 months before it's infrared lenses can begin scanning the cosmos. that is, if it even works, the tennis court size telescope must 1st unfurl itself after being fit origami style into the rock, its nose cone deploying the massive mirror, sun shield and solar panels. the mission is reportedly vulnerable to $340.00 for potential. what are called single point failures that concern the multi $1000000000.00 telescope, into one big pricey space culture floating into the depths of space and time. and time is a key word. the telescope aims to capture ancient light emitted more than 13000000000 years ago. as the universe was forming it, stars and galaxies, no pressure. we on our journey up, thanks to this tremendous partnership. i say the world gave us this telescope and we went back to the carol today. and we don't take that for granted with all the
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support across the globe for the us. the mission is an international endeavor between nasa and the space agencies of europe and canada, and estimated 10000 people have reportedly worked on the mission. nasa's already delayed several launches to ensure everything goes properly along with looking back in time. the telescope will also be used to study the atmospheres of planets detected in recent years to see if there's any signs of oxygen. methane and other molecules, scientists believe, can be the signatures of extra terrestrial life. for news views use john hardy and that's all the time we have for today show. i'm steve balls, morgan for scotty nail hughes. you can follow me on twitter at steve. am talk and you can watch my show week, the press every friday at 6 30 pm eastern tuesdays at 3 30 pm eastern. and for this show and more of course, download the portable tv app up for your apple or android device. it's well
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worth it. my friends take it for me and i want to thank you all for watching and i hope you all have a very happy healthy. that 2022 and the next. mm. mm.
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ah christmas. the traditional yuletide on a day of this year, making this traditional with a special christmas guide me christmas tolerance diversity guide. we all know that christmas is a family holiday. that makes oral your parents are properly numbered. i follow the agenda and make us know woman. instead of snowman, or even better at this new person designed for themselves. ah, no gifts, no don't, or teddy best prepare your children for the brave new world. to remember,
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diversity is not a t i o is no longer an appropriate costume. this is appropriation. 0, a logical appropriation offensive to the day community. mm hm. and obviously, sandra, m o has to be canceled high because he is a white, his gender male who amuses mrs. claus discriminates against children based on behavior. whereas red, which is a communist color, makes children sit on his lap, makes people destroy trees and exploit sales. so sorry kids sandler is not coming to town anymore. i follow these instructions. stick to the spirit of christmas. you decide. oh
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ah, ah, the stories are to cross wednesday, americans big budget priorities, put the pentagon over the pandemic. the president biden signed off an enormous $700000000000.00 defense plant. washington's global vaccination campaign keeps running at a cash amount related slams australia policy of reporting convicted criminals to new zealand saying it's causing a surgeon gang related crime. it is not good enough that new zealand is becoming a penal colony for australia and just reporting your problem. why does not solve the problem of gangs in both australia and new zealand under proponent of critical race theory, space is a barrage of criticism for suggesting parents and not decide what their children are taught in schools. we discuss whether us history is in need of
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a classroom over the claim to be the moral.


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