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sons, a thursday morning, america's budget priorities put the pentagon before the pandemic, as president biden signs off on a massive 700000000000 dollar defense plant. while washington's global vaccination campaign keeps running out of money, german politicians quarter pound the popular messaging out telegram over hosting hate speech and covey conspiracy theories. but moscow says that's double standards of the job and media had previously criticized russia for finally do the same. a few years ago and murray leaders slams australia's policy of automatically reporting new zealanders convicted of crimes, even if they spent their entire lives in australia. it is not good enough that new zealand is becoming a penal colony for australia and,
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and just reporting your problem. why does not solve the problem of gangs and both australia and new zealand with their life much international moscow? welcome to our world news at one i am with me, kevin our 1st. and while the global covert pandemic continues, america has a different priority. it seems with joe by now citing a massive $700000000000.00 military budget for the upcoming year in by america's own estimates. that's a 100 times more than the cost of vaccinating the entire planet as acidic correspondent explains. it's bigger than it's better than ever before. america's new military budget, $777700000000.00. so vast, it board doesn't monstrous. and it's still not enough. say the people who passed it
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are nations facing many threats right now. just read the paper every day. china, russia ran in yet that budget was actually pro provided by the white house. was a cut, pretty dramatic code. if you look at it as inger adjusted for inflation, it is remarkable these lawmakers they'll, they'll sit there and argue for weeks, months about maternity leave. will building roads or bridges or, or walls, but the better part of a trillion dollars on a war machine back $88.00 for 11 against passed. and the next day that will come to work and the congress and, and they'll wonder where the heck all their money went. i also find it amusing that senator mansion indicates his worry about the deficit after voting justice week for a military budget of $778000000000.04 times greater than build back better over 10 years and $25000000000.00 more than the president requested $778000000000.00. i mean $700000000.00 is
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a decimal here. a decimal were rounding up and down by, by hundreds of millions, 16 times greater than russia's military budget, greater than the next 11, highest military budgets put together. a sudden that the human mind can barely comprehend. somewhat of the extra billions going towards the secretary shall take appropriate action to increase the use of low emission initial fee and net 0 initial energy technologies in the operations programs project and activities of the department provided these is cost effective on the life cycle of the in this and there's also a new ranko position in the u. s. military. according to the n d, a draft bill. and that is gender advisor. so troops can get help if they feel like changing genders. we can only guess how many millions that's going to cost. and of course, none of this would be possible without china and russia because of whom the pentagon
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argued. it needed more money. we certainly oppose the u. s. slipping, negates, if consent considered in china or make an, an issue out of china for political manipulation is still not implement negative content and articles in the act that target china and damaged chinese interests or hurt overall, bilateral ties and cooperation and important areas. while the l g b t, q plus community may let out a sigh of relief, people that have been incarcerated. guantanamo bay innocence included without trial or justice for decades, will just have to wait a little longer. now one thing they didn't find any money for is, is a field doesn't plane tickets to send guantanamo inmates home or to court. unfortunately, he section 1032 of the act continues to bar the use of fonts to transfer a guantanamo bay. detainees to the cassidy or effect of control of certain foreign countries, and section 1033 of the act bars,
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the use of funds to transfer guantanamo bay detainees into the united states unless certain conditions are met. it would cost an estimated $7000000000.00 to vaccinate billions. those who still can't get the vaccine. one percent of america's military budget, just one percent, to potentially hold the development of new strains and variance of coven. but no gender advise us in the electric cars for the pentagon. that's the priority. the more the pentagon spends on insanity, the more military contractors make money, isn't we're not at war with anybody. and why we need a military budget. the, his bigger than the next over 10 nations combined. i mean that's, that's nonsense. now, if you just ended that military industrial compet use ended this massive military state and let people spend their own money as they see fit. you'd see people
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spending their money to help people far more effectively than you as a i d ever does. to provide health care for people overseas and not using that money to hurt people the way the military does. ah, popular messaging up telegram might be restricted in germany other times it's not doing enough to combat extreme content. and toby conspiracy theories, it wasn't that long ago when jim a meeting was criticizing russia for trying to impose similar restrictions as moscow was quick to point out. now. when in 2018 russian court imposed restrictions on the telegram and prevented send messages, almost every german media out was reported about that so called violation of the freedom of speech in russia. but now this political campaign is hidden up in germany. guess what? they are targeted with restrictions. telegram, well, it is all rather simple and se telegram in a way it revolutionized messaging and it brought a lot of good to the word to the world and it has changed to things. and it has changed the ways we will text each other, i should say. but of course,
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a telegram being one of the least regulated apps for messaging. there's also another side for this metal. it has hobbit and has become a haven for all sorts of fringe groups. and while some of those groups might be rather innocent, others are not others or rather harmful. there are all sorts of extremists who are well organizing their there are all sorts of anti vax or movements which, well they kind of get all the information or the misinformation, i should say from this messenger. they feed each other with this misinformation and they kind of exist in this little bubble of delusion that telegram basically allows them, allows them to exist there and to coordinate that protests, actions, demonstrations and so on and so forth. and basically drag and involve more people into the glove cove. it misinformation. and this is exactly the problem that germany has with telegram that it allows this sort of people to just exist as well to festa there. and so right now, they accusing telegram of hate speech. they are looking for will legal ways to
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somehow well influence the company and to have the company or if the content fluency then to take it down altogether. and of course, the german government here, we can all understand it because pull harmful societies, they should not be allowed to just really exist on any platform. but basically this is where the hypocrisy bit comes in, because when russia back in 2018, try to do the exactly same thing, the exact same thing to block telegram because they were terrorists and extremists plotting and you know, coordinating their actions there. nobody wanted to listen to rush and they weren't having any of that. germany was outraged. all of europe was outraged. this was the rhetoric. the blocking of telegram is yet another set of development concerning freedom of speech pluralism and the right to privacy in russia. this is the sort of world rhetoric we had back in 2018. well, compared to what germany is saying right now, we must quickly create a legal option for switching telegram. so has to be much reaction them from the
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german public over this you can see one of the headlines, for example, that there are, there are very, very heated debates over well targeting, telegram all sorts, all sorts of that was yazzy of hatred, for example, right now those politicians, those german politicians who are calling for a blockage of telegram for to band the app, they are getting a bit of their own medicine. so now the public and their world politics, political rivals, they kind of fight back and they accuse them of violating free speech. it does not fit in with a free constitutional state to simply switch off digital platforms. this proposal fits into totalitarian regimes but not into our constitutional order. switching off an entire app is a form of state media censorship that we do not want in germany. so there you have it, and it's not the 1st case recently of germany being accused of, well, you know, not being that dedicating to the freedom of speech, principal r t,
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's sister channel in german. it has been banned in germany, even though it had every legal right to exist than to well to appear on the airwaves. germany justified the decision by saying that the channel should have, should have received a german broadcasting license. even though there are no legal grounds to do that, we're being told by experts it received a broadcasting license from serbia, which is good enough for the entirety of the you. but germany wasn't having that. and so there have been some accusations of well that germany is not as dedicated to the freedom of speech principal as it may be wants to appear on the line. i spoke with matoney, a commentator at tech travel geek, see things blocking. one platform isn't going to stop this, but of extreme content. obviously, telegram the users who and telegram at the moment a shouldn't have too much of an issue. moving to whatsapp apples, i message platform, google's messaging chat platform. there are loads of different messaging apps and services, and let's not forget,
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they're also dedicated social media platforms which make it even easier to distribute this type of information or to congregate and discuss these topics. it's also very, very contradictory. we're sometime about 10 years ago in the, in the arab spring, we were celebrating these platforms for enabling uprisings across the mcgray. but in the middle east, it's one of those things that i think is very contradictory. it's fine when it suits you, but then you fight against it. when it doesn't. francis registered europe's highest, ever daily spike in covey cases with 200000 in the past 24 hours. the hell finances described it as a tidal wave. is out his policy clear. e laces announcement is certain concerning, not only to france, but here across europe. as you correctly mentioned, the french health minister announcing that france has crossed the threshold of more than 200000 people,
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testing positive for covert in the last 24 hours. if you break that down, it's 2 french people testing positive every 2nd for 24 hours. including daytime and nighttime, the actual figure was 208000. now, the french minister made that announcement while he was motivating to turn the mandatory health pass into a vaccination pass. in other words, people will have to show proof of vaccination if they're to enter any kind of public spaces, bars, restaurants, and cultural venues. at the same time, the health minister spoke about galloping circulation and said, these kind of figures make you dizzy. if you're able to do them in music about the oma conversion, but it's not just to waive anymore, given the numbers we are recording, it's a tidal wave. tonight's figures show the continuous increase. it makes you dizzy. now, 5000000 people in france have not as of yet the safe, the vaccination, the health minister, ascribing to primarily 2 reasons. he says the one group is people who are far away
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from information and potentially far away from any kind of vaccination sites. and the number of people that fall into this category is hard to determine. but then there's a, another group of people who are against, against the vaccine. what ever comes and here, turning a health past into a vaccination pass is not going to help them. these are people who believe that covered doesn't exist, that the vaccine can, can kill a person. and there's no way to try and convince these. anti faxes fonts now has the highest number of covert positive people per day in europe. it's hospitals are already struggling to deal with people who have been admitted with the previous delta strain, and they are increasing concerns that although the army con so far seems mauldin that certainly we are going to witness frances health services being pushed to the limit isn't for russia nordstrom, to pipeline licky, russia,
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germany is now been filled with natural gas and is ready to start. work it now just with us. another statement needs the green light from europe to start supplying millions of households. as his nicky aaron's got the latest the $11000000000.00 project node stream 2 is now fully completed. the 2nd line is finished on fill. it's been filled with gas and it's ready to deliver gas to it's grateful, european consumers, all it lacks is that one piece of paper, the final legal permission from the german regulators, so it can finally get to work. did you, beautiful? usually, truly. now everything depends on our partners in europe. as soon as they decide to start work at huge additional amount of russian gas will immediately begin to flow to europe. this will affect the price on the market. and all the countries that requested gas will immediately field a difference, a pipeline that will carry gas from western side barrier and double the existing capacity of the node stream one pipeline,
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delivering some 55000000000 cubic meters of gas to europe, and some at $26000000.00 german homes will be kept warm as a very affordable price, and for germany, which has seen gas prices skyrocketing amid rising demand and lack of supplies, the project really is the answer to that. pres, however, since the project was 1st announced in 95, it's just been drama, all the way to put it simply, germany is just one of the countries which bodily needs this pipeline, but german allies and not so keen on the idea whatsoever. the concerns are by handing russia, such potential leverage over european energy security at witty would enable it to use gas as a geopolitical weapon. not to put it simply. if mister putin should get annoyed by something he could just stump his boots on it, the wind pipe of europe, of course, this is something russia denies it denies harboring such plans whatsoever. but like
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i said, it's been drama all the way and the latest coming up just a few days ago. often, moscow was accused of limiting the current gas applies to europe in a bid to put pressure on the continent. but this is something this been rubbish by, by germany's energy ministry as well as the russian deputy prime minister. we are being accused of not supplying additional volumes of gas to europe, sign long term contracts, and we will be ready to supply more. the resource base that rush ass allows it to meet your appeal consumers demand in any volume. but of course, this is not a quick process because the policy that has been pursued in the you has been aimed at reducing demand. now, the thoughts from russia is it fully expects that this plan the project to go ahead . there's no plan b and expect it to be in full working order by the middle of 2022. so now you said the red stick you're on the screen is big bit of breaking news said come in to alert you to the fate of galle maxwell. a long time friend of the late convicted
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sex offender, jeffrey epstein. finally known this morning, the jurors and a closely watch trial of phantom guilty of all charges by one. she was accused of grooming teenage girls for epstein the 59 year old had pleaded not guilty to all 6 charges. she said she was a scape goat for epstein. and the 4 women who claim should enable their abuse, testified the trial in new york city, but to say of all the 6 judges, she's been found guilty of all but one they got moral not to come in the coming hours. an indigenous leader in new zealand says a strain is using his country as a dumping ground. the national murray authority chairman that was camera to scrap its policy to pull to new zealand. this when the convicted of crimes, it is not good enough that new zealand is becoming a penal colony for australia and just deporting your problem. why does not solve the problem of gangs in both australia and new zealand. it is not good enough just
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to say we're going to stick a whole lot of people and applying on a government child to apply and seen them back to new zealand. that is not the spirit of friendship. and that you would speak between 2 neighbors. under a strange law, if foreign nationals, the census, the more than one year imprisoned, automatically lose the right to stay in the country that applies even if they've lived in australia their entire lives. the last couple of years have seen hundreds of people sent back to new zealand, australia immigration ministers, defended the policies, saying the government will continue to expel foreign nationals who commit serious offenses. matthew to khaki though, says it needs to work better with new zealand to find better solutions. now i also did that australian citizens, you know, it's easy just to deport the problem away. and australians want exactly what we want. we want safe communities. we do not want to say drugs being sold to our children. we are sick and tired of saying gun violence on our streets. one possible
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solution is a joint task force to address a couple of different things. and even though our police forces, they do share information, data intelligence at the moment, it would be good to see if we could just increase and including investing in joint resources. that means also having a look at information and intelligence to find out where these drug supplies networks are establishing themselves across southeast asia, even into the pacific. and then let's do that job together as australia and new sealants, and that an expert still to come this our analyses, world news one i am with me, kevin o' in parents shouldn't get to decide what they kids learn in school. you a parent, what do you think about that particular thought? well, it's according to the author of a controversial us anti slavery project with russia that a bit more with our invited guess hope you can a be in for the chat to after the break
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with i welcome nick jam bruna to the show for this christmas week. special nick was casey research for a long time, but he started his own company focused on helping people to see the big economic and geopolitical picture to survive and thrive. the changes ahead harold is driven by dreams shaped by thinker. some of those with dares sinks. we dare to ask
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i just i beg of owning for moscow. next question. should parents of war say what their children are taught at school? according to nicole, hannah jones, they should not. she's a founder of a controversial $1619.00 project, is called, which i'm to reframe u. s. history in terms of race. so the views are divisive. i don't really understand this idea that parents should decide what's being taught. i'm not a professional educator. i don't have a degree in social studies or science, we send our children to school because we want them to be taught by people who have an expertise at the subject area. and that is not my job. as a parents, i have every right to ensure my child isn't being taught lies despite what nicole
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100 jones says, how can this be promoted? could she or anyone else to say parents don't get a say in our children's education. her position is faulty and shouldn't be listened to and must have a platform removed. sorry. but parents must be involved. c'mon, you pesky parents. just let her indoctrinate your kids in peace. and a jones launched a 1619 project with the new york times 2 years ago. it's goal to highlight the legacy of slavery in the contributions of black americans throw us history in the content from the projects been included in school curricular. and the last 5 usaa in at least rather 5, you estates, we discussed it with legal honors, jennifer britain, to master and also political activist anthony rogers, right? fortunately, in america right now, the political faction is kind of taking over everything else, including education. i think that's some of the concern here because really what you're trying to do is refrain retrain children's mind. and that's, that could lead and, and,
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and we're seeing this now the rise and anxiety and political issues in children getting younger and younger every year. and i think parents have a right to be concerned about that. the major issue here is that a professor hannah jones is actually talking about the truth and, and that's what's lacking so much in this nation right now. and it's really, really sad that even the most far right wing people in germany can accept the fact that there were nazis that carried out atrocities the fact that this nation was forge and a cauldron of white supremacy. slavery indigenous genocide and lance matching is not alive at the end of the day. this is a fear of the right from hearing and having to embrace the truth. it's funny that the people understand the i are also talking about all the talking about not the germany because not the journey with also the government and the order, but the leadership there that it started to import this propaganda into the population to say if you agree or you don't,
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that is what my colleague is saying here. that's what some of these new educational politicians are trying to are trying to impose on children on young children. and all that's going to do is continue dividing the population because one thing has happened from this they, they claim to be the moral hybrid. it claims to be the beacon of truth, but all it's doing is dividing people confusing children and wanting children to turn against each other. i don't even know what just happened. that was a very interesting soliloquy. again, we're not trying to cheer people apart from each other. truth is truth. if truth is going to hurt people that's on, on the people, and what you just heard in this very myopic and silly a soliloquy is that it's some sort of political motivation. truth just is, is, is truth. you cannot deny what has happened in this country. what is happening in this country. and you cannot deny that this country was founded in the image and the lens of benefiting white people at the expense of other people. and that's just a fact you can absolutely talk and teach about history and about what's happened in
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this country. them the heretic, things of laboring without having to completely de do, is completely unravel the fabric and the foundations of this country's history. but when it comes to truth, migrant, we are so far from when that used to mean it's not a relative term. russian blogger accused, a defending terrorist ideology has been released from custody in some petersburg. he's no subject to a nighttime home detention or the will a trial continues. the cases received huge publicity or in russia, or is it for trunk or explained to me bit earlier? well, every time russian law enforcement is after bloggers singers wrappers with a multi 1000000 audience. it's always a big deal in this country. indeed, uti human ski was a very popular blogger, and so the army of fans and followers the liberal media, they always follow every twist. and turn of the case, so this decision to peddle back on the detention of blogger human ski,
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just before perhaps the number one holiday on the calendar here in russia. the new year's eve was a massive surprise for everyone here. indeed, now he will be allowed to go home, but there are still a number of restrictions in particular, kalonski won't be able to leave his place after 6 pm. he won't be able to use the internet or talk to any witnesses apart from his girlfriend. he was in detention since june this year after supposedly singing about a brutal terrorist act that happened almost 20 years in the russian capital that took the lives of $130.00 people. again. supposedly he used a swear word, which is synonymous to awesome about this act of terrorism. however, this is by far not the last chapter and his story. the trial continues and the next decision by the court will be made right after the holidays on january the 8th,
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and have on ski, could be back in detention. watch this space. when i say read news screen breaking news to tell you about said the dimension just now more in on the face of glade maxwell, the a long time friend of late convicted sex offender, jeffrey epstein, finally known these alive pitches. much said the court. the juris in a closely watch trial of found her guilty of all charges but one. she was accused of grooming teenage girls for upstate described as a sophisticated predator by prosecutors in the trial. it was said that she was leering girls as young as 14 or 16, rose pleaded not guilty to all 6 charges and said that she was a scapegoat for epstein prosecutors. those say the former lovers were partners in crime, running a pyramid scheme of abuse. she is the daughter of course, a disgraced, late british medium ogle, robert maxwell, aubrey a moral, not through the coming i was really. but for now that soft internationals world
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news one i am from moscow with me, kevin, i will, thanks as always be a company. i was preciate, it stand by for cross talk in your part of the world, off to the break here with ah ah ah hello and welcome to cross stock were all things are considered? i am peter level at the end of every year across soc answer some of your many questions. not surprisingly, many of your questions, concerns politics,
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the current international situation, and whether we should trust legacy media will do our best to answer as many questions as we can. i rostock in q and a i'm joined by my guest, glen deason in oslo. he is professor at the university south eastern norway as well as author of the book, great power politics in the 4th industrial revolution and in plymouth. we have patrick hennington. he is the editor and founder of 21st century wired dot com. all right, gentlemen, crosstalk rules and effect. that means you can, joan, any time you want, i got a lot of questions. let's see, we can get to as many as possible here. a 1st question is, let me go to glen 1st. what are the chances of an arm conflict involving russia and nato in the new year? thoughts? well, i think it's unlikely, but it's becoming increasingly likely and i did. they are a good the good. the news is that the recognizing that she difficulties we have in
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europe and them the main conflict as effectively what is your pin secure security architecture for the russians, they're demanding. it has to be based on all our underpin, secure the agreements which suggest invisible security. so you know, made to, for example, once on the expenditure it at the expense of russia. well, the and they was arguing your pediatrician to based on the principal, the bagels, freedom to expand. so. so this is the main main main main conflict of this, or having discussions about this, which is something didn't they want to do in the past. but that being said, ma'am. and then us also said that russia has pointed out that it will intervene in ukraine. if you claim that taxed on bus or if there is studies, nato is expanding or even, you know, u. s. troops starting to move into ukraine. however, that being said, if russia intervene, americans have been cleared enough. gonna.


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