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tv   Keiser Report  RT  December 30, 2021 5:30am-6:01am EST

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into france, 2022 also sees another real task from the viability of mac calls and longer term project for france. he is on the move party which was created in the wake of his when just 5 years ago. we'll also find out whether it remains a force in politics here. elections for the national assembly come hot on the heels of the presidential vote. will his vision be given the rubber stamp of re approval, or will it be discarded to history? only france can decide geology, even sky oxy. paris. that's it for me. you for kaiser report year and on the way with maxim stacey off to which andrew farm has got your next update from article q in moscow. enjoy the rest of your time. ah ah hell driven by drink shaped bankers and those
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with who dares sinks. we dare to ask ah, welcome to the kaiser report i mash kaiser with stacy herbert and la time to walk and nick jam bruno to the show for this christmas week special nick was at casey research for a long time, but he started his own company focused on helping people to see the big economic
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and geopolitical picture to survive and thrive, the changes ahead, stacy right. nick jam pronounced. welcome to the kaiser report. it's almost new year's eve and we're looking ahead to 2022 year. this is your business. this is what you do, you look at the geo politics and geo economics of the world and you plan ahead, right. you make sure that you're, you're not caught up in the whirlwind of chaos and disaster and currency crisis. so, you know, hemingway, oh is, and he was the one that coined the phrase that, you know, how did you go bankrupt slowly and then suddenly, so in terms of the last time you interviewed with macs, you mentioned that yes, the u. s. is going to go bankrupt. so is, are we almost a met? sudden period of us going bankruptcy because we've seen people like michael berry. we've seen people like, you know, major big hedge funds are predicting the same thing happening. do you see that happening in 2022 or are we getting there?
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first of all, it's great to be with you max and stacy and yes, i think we are getting there. and i like to put things into context when you're here. i think the biggest thing that word that people toss around, they don't really appreciate is the word trillion. how do people really appreciate how big the trillion is? give you an example. a 1000000 seconds ago was i don't know, perhaps 12 days ago, a 1000000000 seconds ago was about 1990 a trillion seconds. so if you started killing 12345, to get to a trillion, you would have had to started in around 30000 b, c. that's an incredibly large number. so when you see them willy nilly printing and spending trillions, you're getting into zimbabwe territory, you're getting into why mar germany where you're getting into venezuela. which so you know, we can print predict the timing on this, but that doesn't really matter that much. you want to get the big picture right? you don't want to listen to these fools that tell you inflation is
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a good thing or don't worry, it's transitory. you want to get the real big picture. and the real big picture is, is that we're headed towards a disaster, quite frankly, and you want to prepare for that. right? imagine it's hard to get a timing, right? but you know, you have an interesting story because you've lived in argentina, you've lived in lebanon, both of these places of honor gone, collapse and hyperinflation. so you're in a unique position to kind of give us a taste of what are some of the warning signs, both obvious and, and the less obvious, i'm sure there are some subtle signs as well where things are changing. what are your on the ground observations telling you? yes. well, i think a big warning saying i consider this an imminent warning sign. is you heard saying, don't believe anything until it's officially denied. so when you hear government officials, bankers come up on tv and say, oh, don't worry, your bank deposits are fine. oh, don't worry, we're not going to take your money. we're not going to devalue the currency. that's
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it. that's, that's an imminent warning sign. if you're seeing that it's, you've got hours basically to do to take action. scene that 11 on seen that in argentina saw in cyprus, you see a lot of places that is a very clear warning sign. so watch for that. but also we go seen to, if you know, if you are confident about the end game, about the big picture act on it, you, nobody, nobody was trying to like, play the lebanese lira or play the argentine pesos. i was going to collapse tomorrow. is it once you understood that it's going to collapse, you make your move? don't wait because it's not going to matter if you're a here too early, you just don't want to be one hour late. right after the last time, argentina devalued their currency by 50 percent. right before the pandemic max liar arrive there right after. and we just assumed like knowing only our western world that everybody would be in, it would be total chaos. right? people would be panic stricken and stuff like that, but it was remarkably calm. so there is, you know,
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argentina is kind of ahead of the game in that they've already had so many crises that they, they know not to trust the system they know to prepare and, and take care of themselves. so you know, where do you see that going? like, what's the, the panic say if, if the reserve currency, the u. s. dollar, that's never happened in world history of the reserve currency hyper and plating. like what do you think that looks like? yeah, that's scary. what 1st you, what you're commenting on is that culturally, arjun science are way more resilience this. we know folks who have lived through for 12 or 3, but for hyperinflation. that's incredible. so there, you know, it's not that it's not painful. i'm not minimizing the pain that people suffer from inflation, but they, it's not unfamiliar. it is definitely unfamiliar to americans. if they had a hyperinflation, i mean, just look, people are killing each other over toilet paper. sure. just if there's a real crisis, culturally it's, it's going to be completely different. but yes, you're right. we've never seen the world reserve currency hyper inflates and really
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have extreme inflation. this is going to be, we're an uncharted territory. this is new because previously the world reserve currencies we're good based on gold, direct gold or a derivative of gold. and now we're in totally uncharted territory. but nonetheless, that's the way things are going. so this is going to be global. and in particular, it's going to be focused on the u. s. thorough. well of psych are setting up for a 3 way showdown in the past, hyperinflation or apocalypse. and that's going to be a big coin go called and central bank digital currency is all shooting it out of the monetary ok corral to say who wins his the wider from the situation next. sam brown, who wins? yes, i think that well that c, b, b c central being digital currency is clearly are not going to when they're the same in a, in a new shiny bottle. it just makes the fish inflation more feasible. i know there's a lot of hobble lou about c b c's,
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but in the end it's the same scam and it isn't practical. now, it certainly is going to be practical then with a digital currency like that. so it, nonetheless, i'm not too worried about c, b, d, c is because i just don't, i think they're in practical for that reason. the real, the main event, the heavyweight title fight, is going to be between gold and nobody knows how this is going to shake out. but for the 1st time in history, gold has something that is a legitimate challenger to it. it's never had a legitimate challenge or silver was never really a legitimate challenger to goal. but it is because i'm, and as we've discussed before, most important characteristic in my opinion of a good money is resistance to inflation. in other words, that's what hardens it's hard to produce. bitcoin is about as hard to produce as goal as measured by the stock will ratio in for sure years. bitcoin is going to be double as hard as gold. that is going to be, you know, we're going to really see that it could happen sooner. big coin is already, you know, you know,
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go is the big crunch. market cap isn't encroaching on golds. all been quite needs to do is go up, you know, a multiple of where it is now, which it has done many times before. so big coin is closing in on gold where golds real weakness was, was in its portability. and if you couldn't move it around easily, that's why it was centralized. governments were able to centralize and control it, but did coin is digital and it's backed up by unbreakable encryption. that, that is not possible. there's not going to be like a wait, there wasn't a thirty's where there was a gold confiscation with government just got all the. it's going to be infinitely more hard was a big point. so the real mean event site is big pointing goal. i don't know what's going to happen. bitcoin has a real shot, the throwing goal. nobody knows what's gonna happen, but it's, it's it for the 1st time and world history. it has a real challenge or. well, let's stick on this c bdc for a moment because, you know, again, your experiences are in argentina, lebanon. one thing you always see with the hyperinflation,
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the collapse you saw in venezuela is 1st, they are knocks and zeros off the currency. overnight dust devaluing your savings if you have it in the bank account. and then if that doesn't work, then they shut the banks. they just like prevent you from even going there. so in a way it seems like the cdc will be the equivalent in our western world. it's more like technological and modern and it's more game of fire. that's like, hey, look, yeah, you don't have those. you know that you had $100000.00 in your savings account. well now you have $500000.00 of these digital dollars like these new cbd seats. you should feel wealthy, right? you think that might be something that we see coming up. yeah, they're going to try all sorts of tricks and gimmicks but the bottom line is this. i mean, think of it like this. if venezuela implemented a cbc will bolster the boulevard if, if lebanon introduced a cdc, would that bolster the lira? it's, it's, it's, it's, you know, there's a lot of hyper on these things and they are scary like, i mean, you know, they can track and control everything that you do spend earn saved,
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so forth. they can cut you off, they can limit your cash, they can see all your cash disappears after a day. they can do all sorts of crazy stuff, but what they can't do here is the one thing they can't do. they can't make you value and it's not you, they cannot give it value. so if they have the c, b c's, you suppose they're going to stop printing $120000000000.00 a month? i don't think so. they're gonna, they're going to ramp up to printing presses. so they're going to devalue these currencies even faster with c, b c's. and that is not going to save the value of the people value things. they subjectively value. things sell you the subject. so they're going to look at things at monetary goods that hold their value that aren't going to be debased, that aren't going to be inflated. so i'm personally not worried about the cdc is because i don't think they're practical. right? well they, they clearly want to go on the direction of negative interest, right, which is the same thing as to say subscription money, where it has a time where elapses, like a frequent flyer miles. so the u. s. dollar will be replaced the digital dollar,
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and if you don't spend it in 6 months, it expires worthless. that type of thing is coming to the world, a fee of money. they're simultaneously trying to increase the surveillance stage by looking at every transaction that exceed $600.00, which is to say all transactions. so they're trying to corral the population into a game where that's not fun, everyone loses. so do you think that big pointers will successfully to feed from this? yes i do because i what i see is grandiose ambitions that are matched by something they can really do. you know, it reminds me when they introduced all these, you know, cash disclosures back in the sixties and seventies. they had all $10000.00. that was the, when you added something, a transaction over $10000.00 in cash, you're carrying more than $10000.00 in cash. you've got to report it in inflation has will not of weight completely. so it's completely, it's almost meaningless. and so basic and $600.00 my gosh, that's they,
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they basically want us to reveal everything. however, they are going be grants in these countries in like, you know, like i said, i spent a lot of time in argentina. the puts a lot of politicians here, they have grand deal if they have the capital. they have grandiose schemes, but they're bankrupt. so when the, when the u. s. government us government is bankrupt and it's going to hit a wall sooner or later it goes back to what we're talking about before we know the end game. we know the big picture of where this is ultimately going. i don't know how long it's going to take. nobody owns how long it's going to take. but regardless if they're able to try to set up this like digital prison, around your finances, it's not going to, in my opinion, it's not going to change the game. so opt out of the system, don't let it scary opt out of it. there are real alternatives. now you don't need to be scared of this. these people are crazy and evil, but you can opt out of their system. i've been coin, you can buy gold, but bitcoin is the main way to do it and you don't have to participate in. oh boy, that sounds good. we're going to take a break and come back and talk about the coin. sit of else with nick jam. bruno
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don't go away. much more coming your way. ah. one of the worst ever mess shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy explodes the little of the real las vegas. where many say elected officials are controlled by casino owners. the vegas shooting revealed wet deal vm, p d really is. and now it's part of the stand machine. most of the american public barely remembers that it happens. that just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic head, the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. so here is caroline goodman,
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offering the lives of the vegas residence. to be the control group to the shiny facades, conceal a deep indifference to the people vice could have been saved if they would take an action. absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines. dinging vegas is a money machine, is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. ah, well, go back to the kaiser report. i max guys are with stacy herbert. happy holidays we've got great gaster and nick jam for an hour, talking about the showdown between big coin gold and central bank digital currency . so we head into the new year. who's going to win that one? i think we know the answer about big coin. let's talk about big coin citadels. nick, this is something you see on pick coin, twitter,
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all the time. you got the big coin are saying, you know, we're building our, our citadels. know, essentially how you know, i can, i'm rand novel, right? it's, you know, who is john golf? you know, this idea that, you know, we're just going to see, we're going to start our own communities away from the keynesian madhouse. do you think this is going to work? i mean, i actually there have been a couple of attempts in the community to do this over the past 10 years, so far they haven't worked but well, this word do we moved to a city state model in the future. what, where do you see this going next? yes, and i think this place into a broader trend, which is the death of the nation state. you know, where this, the system on that started. i think about 400 something years ago. the treaty of westphalia, that created a modern nation state. i think that is a trend that is happening. this is disintegrating. what is going to come next? and i think something that could come next is something that was in the old science
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fiction book, the diamond age, which is something called files. in other words, you're going to be fine people group together who have like, who are like minded. and i have the same interest in are passionate about the same thing. and i think we're seeing this already start to happen with big corners. and that is where the citadels are going to play edge. so yes, i think we are moving. i think this is a long term trend. this is a big trend is not going to happen tomorrow, but i think we're seeing the nation state lose lose its power over people. i mean, frankly, people who live in the us, for example, just because you have a blue passport, doesn't mean you're sure the same values or interests as somebody also as a bull passport. so i think you're going to, people are going to naturally migrate to the people who have the same values as they do in big corners by and large share a lot of the same values in terms of just the basics, the holiday view, how they're ethics are all they view our work and, and so forth. so i think big, you're already seen big corners come together and talk about this. so i think it
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plays into this broader trend. and i think it is a very real possibility. it's interesting because i'm, you know, you've seen in the lead up to the end of this year. you've seen that, that desire amongst the american population poll show that, you know, they basically want to split off into red and blue areas. but within this like whole nation state thing, you have globalization where capital is free to go wherever they want, wherever it best is treated. whereas humans have been more and more and more restricted in terms of where they're allowed to go, which is the exact opposite of most of human history. the 1st several, tens of thousands of years we just traveled wherever we wanted. and maybe capital is more restricted. but on top of this, you also have the civilizational model, right? so you have civilizations like the chinese civilization rather than a nation state really and the sort of western sort of system. so like,
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oh, how, how do you, how do we get them? when i see the individuals, i see the big corners wanting to set up the citadel's and a city state model. and certainly i could to see the people of new york city or manhattan to be totally happy. they would be love to have their own city state. but like, how does power relinquish? right? they never give up power willingly. how does the military industrial complex of these various nation states around the world? how did, how does that dissolve or disintegrate? yeah, it's going to be bankruptcy that, that's what's going to do it or, and losing work. i go back to argentina, i think urgency as such a terrific example for this stuff. so how it is, you know, art and science, central government. yeah. it controls the airport, but it really doesn't have much rit outside of going on. serious. but what, what happened? well, they lost the falcon islands war that got the argentine military from which it would never recover. and it said several hyperinflation. bankruptcy since then, that's what's going to do the trick. the same thing happened to the romans and all
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other empires happening. that's happening to the u. s. 2. and yet remember, these are big users, huge long term trends, and we're just taking a snapshot and time. the important thing is to get the big picture right? because most people don't get the big picture. and they, for their focused on their day to day stuff, you want to get the big picture right. you want, you want to be left behind and, you know, when these historic trends play out. so i think that's what's gonna happen. it's, yes, you're absolutely right. there that the nation state is power is going to have to be broken and it's going to be broken, i think through bankruptcy and losing wars which is clearly have a question about cycles. because i know you study the big picture as you talk about it. they've got the 4th turning, which is the generational cycles that as we've talked about a few times, then you have the 3 cities trap, which is just kind of one power giving way to another power, in this case, the u. s. giving way to china. so you've got, and china, of course, is emerging on,
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on a purchasing power parity basis. that is already is the world's largest economy in what's left of the legacy system in what's left of the nation state before they dissolve as we know them. and what do you think the final end game is going to be on the nation state level? well, you know, the people who run the nation states, it's interesting because they aspire to build, you know, we're talking about, you know, more of a global government. aspire to have this, the system of need all the, i am asked the world bank. this is what the leads of the west clearly wanted, but it's not how it worked out. so instead of moving towards that, we're going to go the other direction and we're going to see the west. i get knocked down a peg more than a peg. i mean, you know, this is huge with china's arise in the collapse of, you know, we're talking about the class of the u. s. the e. u is obviously on its way out. what is you don't look at the big picture. that is western civilization getting knocked down in the east rising. this is something
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that really hasn't happened since the collapse of the roman empire says huge, huge, huge stuff. but nonetheless, if you look at where the current trends are going, that's what's happening. that's if you take it to the logical conclusion, that is what's happening unless something changes that you're right. we have 2 cities trap. the us that we're with dynamic with the rising power. and in the end of the dominant power, establish power, that is going to be a huge trend that plays out. i hope it doesn't turn into war and jury, well could. let's look at the positive side. okay. we're heading, it's almost new years eve. everybody's ready to party. there was there want to look forward to 2022 and beyond. so, you know, maximize lived in europe for a long time. and one thing you do notice is that in the history books that these were huge empires. they were colonial powers. you talk about africa, they ran most of africa and divided the love. well, when the british empires at their peak, they have like dickensian times, right? horrible times the ordinary person. same in france, you see, you know,
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prior to world war one, world war 2, you had very malnourished people. you have all this fountains around that were donated by a wealthy person because there was so much like disease amongst the ordinary people even or well wrote about a down and out in paris and london. so, you know, in a post empire world like it seems like for the ordinary american right now, we're having over $90000.00 opioid overdose as a year. that's a death despair that's just the opioid overdose. is there's mass suicide. there's all sorts of other like indicators of despair. it feels like if, if, if our observations are what we've seen in europe as right. but we could have almost a sort of renaissance should the empire should the dollar collapse for the ordinary bottom, 99 percent of the population. i think that's absolutely true because you know that what is happening is the government is suffocating in these places. it's
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suffocating. civilization is suffocating the culture and yet you, what you describe is social and cultural decline while we can measure financial and economic decline, you know, quantitatively, you can't, you know, social and cultural decline is more of a, it's not, not really the numerical. you can kind of sense it, but you know, so, but it clearly is happening as you mentioned. but yes, i think in the end of this empire there is a real chance that there could be a rebirth. i mean just ok. so we're talking about the 4th turning who is really going to be responsible for fixing this stuff. it's going to be the millennials and zooms. i'm a millennial, i'm and you know, i was born early in the millennial years, really. so that, but you know, you look at the millennials consumers, yes, a lot of them are blue hill. there's no question. a lot of them are blue. most of them have blue build, tranquil, but the ones that are red killed, they're the hardest working smartest, most driven people you'll ever meet. and so there is an array of hope with those
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millennials and those in years. now, tell us about your new website. what's it all about? what services are on offer, nick? yes. well my new website is called the financial underground at financial underground dot com. and i, you know, my, my specialty, my passion has been looking at the, getting the big picture right? because that is the most important thing. the other stuff is really, you know, detail. so my, my specialty, my area of expertise that i've been doing over the years is getting the right big picture, getting the big picture right on geo. all 60 can finance. and now, as we've discussed, this has been, this is the most dangerous time. in anybody's lifetime, we have a multitude of crises that are coalescing and coming together. so it's essential for people to get that. and that's where i like to help people do great. so what sort of, um, is it a blog? is it like what sort of services are you offering? are you just telling you what your own experience? because this is what you do, you travel all around the world and you have experience of developing nations
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outside the empire, like things like that. so what it, what is, what went to people find that you're going to find the news, you know, my news and analysis of what's going on in the world. it will give you the tools to get the right big picture. and i also offer an advisory where my other specialty is finding a proper investments and speculations based on this big picture. and i, you know, i've, i've used this to get in early on bitcoin, in big coin related mining companies, other big trends as well. so that is, that is part of it too, is what, what to do about it. i show people what to do about what to do about what their might not just their money and their investments. but in terms of how to, why maximize my personal freedom in this environment? so it's, it's kind of encompassing those areas, right. of course you used to work for dan casey and one of he was very famous for his where as other people might see chaos like a collapsing economy collapse and currency and plea like he goes towards that. so i
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guess in looking forward 220222324. like in the next few years, you know, as bitcoin harden's, as you mentioned, like it seems like that that case is going to get bigger. so is how long is it going to be before we can head into the disaster zone called america as opportunity? well. 2 you know, it's the, it's the old cliche of, you know, the chinese word for crisis also means opportunity. but it's true. and you know, you can look at various places that this happens. and in a world with everything bubble in these, in seen valuations. this is where you have to work. it's one of the areas you have to look to find real bargenson real investment values. when is going to happen in the u. s. well, you know, i like to typically see light at the end of the tall and i don't really see light at the end of yet, and you estimate the market. valuations are still pretty crazy. but yeah, you know, it is headed towards one of those moments. one of those crises and then it will be
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time to take hard look at what you know you can find value in the us. so yeah, i mean, you know, look, if you would have looked at in the 900 thirty's, if you would have bought the dividend aristocrats in the big well maybe they weren't dividend risk. they'd cut all the demons. but you know, the what would turn into dividend to risk the big blue chip companies that would be in time to do it now is the time to get out frankly. right. nick jam bruno from finance underground. dot com. thanks for being on the special christmas ears. kaiser report special. thanks, max and stacy. great to be with you. all right, that's going to do for this additional. the kaiser report, special pre recorded christmas day years. event put the economic and monetary financial big picture into context with the legendary nick jam bruno enjoy your new years eve will see you and talk to talk to, to, ah,
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ah, rado became a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana. and it started with something so innocent, i was wanting to socialize, everybody does it? so why can't i? and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah . and then it's, i'm just going to try this once. and then never do it again because they want my phone on and on the right on inside. okay. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it and not to stop or it felt like my life was over, jumped office at all balcony and died. he knew he just couldn't start with
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with the headlines this, our belgium suddenly back tracks on its co clam dang. reopening faces cinemas and other cultural venues that offer its highest court slammed the measures as excessive authorized to come joe biden. distances himself from previous promises to shut down the buyer. so now it says it's up to individual states, not the white house to sort out. we discuss his response to the pandemic so far. and we looked to, at a tough year that's gone for america's big tech, which thought leading companies get embroiled and political fights with faith. the republicans and the democrats. and we get a rare glimpse inside one of russia's most notorious prisons known for housing, some of the country's most dangerous criminals in the wake of the soviet collapse. in the 19 ninety's walking into his cell like this were all these.


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