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ah, well, technology serves many positive purposes. is it hurting our children? our teeth been swan ways then boss is promoting transgender sports a slap in the face to women's rights and is by didn't prevent in the american people from alternative treatments to coping 19. and as the cdc actually have our best interest at heart by lowering recommended isolation, time our panel will discuss, plus the u. s. census shows the top places people fled from over the past 10 years . i'll tell you what they all have in common. i'm a dr. sweet in 1st got enough hughes, and you're watching the news you choose right here on our t america? ah, i've younger generations are becoming more tech savvy than ever. some recent incidents are questioning if it's even save dangerous challenges, trending on. social media are now be repeated by alexa. when
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a 10 year old girl asked alexa for a challenge and encouraged her to partake in the penny challenge. it's a dangerous task of touching a coin to the prongs of a half inserted plug. and, well, amazon has since disabled this challenge. does this mean more potentially harmful trends could make their way into the homes of children? for more we turn to our t boom, best host and investigative journalist been swan, thanks for joining us. been glad to be here in the voucher. thanks. now we know technology serv. so many wonderful purposes. but since dangers like the penny challenge could be involved, should there be an age limit? well definitely, but i don't think it should be an age limit imposed by companies. i think it should be an age limit, imposed by parents wake up parents pay attention to what your kids are doing and don't allow them to sit on social media all day. social media is a very harmful place, like, you know, this is pretty challenge story. it could have had bad results in me didn't because
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the mom intervene. but ultimately the story is this. alexa is not artificial intelligence. she's just google that you talk to. right. but she just searching the internet. and what alexa did was it found the challenge because alexa doesn't have the capability of knowing that something harmful or not. and if it challenges training, even if it's a stupid one, like the penny challenge that ultimately means a little girl would have been shocked by touching that penny to be the partly expose outlet. the bottom line is, is that alexa doesn't have the ability to control that, nor does tick tock. but you, as a parent do, why are you letting alexa entertain your child, mom? why don't you do that? there's a crazy idea. so i think parents have to be more engaged as technology takes on more of a role in our lives. parents need to reinforce their that's a really great point been and now another trend on social media mostly tech talk, is causing many teams to believe that they have a mental disorder. do you think normalize in things like borderline personality disorder is almost in a way glorifying it. making teens feel like they'll get more attention if they
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identify with this trend. i do think that, listen, this is going to be the unpopular opinion of the day. i tell my kids all the time, right, especially my 2 daughters who are now both in their twenties, that i believe that that they are living in a culture specifically their generation that is obsessed with being part of some kind of limited group, right? they want to be part of some group that is either a struggling group, a group that has some kind of difficulty that must be overcome. there's a real fantasy of that among that generation. and so what you find with, with, with social media companies, especially like to talk right, is all the young people who want to figure out what's wrong with them. and i'm going to sound like an old man when i say this almost 8 anyways. one of the things is wrong with young people today is that they don't have any actual real challenges in their lives. like going out and getting a job and having to show up every day, right. a lot of them are just sitting around school, we on the internet and they're looking for a strong that comes through the virtual world rather than actually dealing with the
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real struggles are in front of them. and so they're actually advocating real responsibility in exchange for fake responsibility or fig struggles and challenges and mental health challenges. listen, there are some people who really do have mental health issues that must be dealt with, but it is not widespread across the population. and when you get large groups of young people self diagnosing, i think it's a very harmful and i don't think it will get much better. yeah, it's a much smaller percentage than a lot of us think it is. that's a really good point. and now we're to talk is going to actually changes algorithm to help avoid harmful streams of negative content. then do you really believe that this will be the case, especially since many times negative content keep people on the platform? negative content does keep people on the platform, but look, tick, tock, instagram. they also offer a snapshot, they all suffer from the same issue, right? which is that they say we are doing our part to try to control the algorithm. some
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of the algorithms keep things positive and they don't, you know, encourage young people to do harmful things. but the truth natasha, is that instagram and take talking snapshot are the harmful things. they're not harmful 100 percent, but over exposure to anything creates addiction. we know that all of the social media companies are designed in a way that mimics addictions, of alcohol and drug. that is the way the companies are set up. so a company like to talk or like instagram cannot say, we're doing our part to protect young people from bad algorithms because the problem is of the algorithm. and the problem isn't the content. the problem is the very nature of the companies themselves, if they were really interested, they would have fewer people on their platforms and make it harder for young people to access them. but that's about bad for their bottom line. so that will never happen. moderation is key. thank you so much. been fine. we always appreciate your insight. everything fair about swimming is being destroyed. a letter sent to you with a swimming,
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as cynthia millan and now it's her resignation from officiating this for, for more than 30 years. this is to protest, we a thomas who was crashing record at university of pennsylvania. thomas sent her 1st 3 years at the university of pennsylvania competing as will thomas on the men team . a college senior, who came out as transgender and now identified as a woman, started competing on the women's team. this year. the controversy started when thomas set 3 records in one weekend, one time placing a whopping 30 seconds faster than her 2nd place, competitor mil, and decided to protest writing and her resignation letter that she can quote no longer participate in the sport that allows biological men to compete against women . the fact is that women that swimming rather is a sport in which bodies compete against bodies identities do not compete against identity. the atomic actually spoke up about the fairness of the in c double
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a as rules for transgendered on the swim plan podcast. and i think the guidelines they set forward are very good and do a very good job of promoting inclusivity while keeping the competition will integrity going? i want to bring in doctor frank turk and american christian author alongside lind shaw founder and executive director of linds warriors. thanks so much for joining us today. thank you. thanks, natasha. and so lid i want to start with you. is this really about inclusion as lia says or are we harmony and the chances for biological females to succeed? absolutely. natasha. this is the most ridiculous thing. the bottom line is, boys and men are built differently from girls and women. and i don't see girls
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trying to go on the boys sports teams. i don't see the reversal of this. i feel like we are a racing girls and women in our society today. and you know, the team came out, they were afraid to speak up about this because they thought it would hurt their future chances of endorsement and further education. and it's just the most ridiculous thing to me. boys and men are differ from, you know, girls and women. they should not be competing together. the best female actually can not physically compete with a male, it just doesn't work. and now we're seen some states coming up with bills banning trans competitors in girls sports. most recently, and south dakota and executive order by governor christie normed, it dictates that biological females can play in female sports. and as current policies allowing males to participate in women's athletics a threaten opportunities due to physical differences between men and women. so it's
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not saying that they cannot participate. leah thomas has come out and has said, how fulfilling it is to swim, but isn't just bad that she's winning, dr. turk, when we never see biological women competing as trans genders in men. sports. yeah, that's actually right. and i think what people don't seem to understand, natasha, is that transgender isn't presupposes fix genders. for example, if i'm a biological male and i think psychologically i'm a woman i act, i have some idea of what a man is and some idea of what a woman is in order to know the difference. and in order to make the so called transition, if there weren't fixed genders transgender isn't, would mean nothing. and by the way, the people in the l g, b, t, community have a little bit of an internal strife going on. because if the cheese the transgender is get their way, then the l, the g and the b don't exist. because if there are no genders,
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there's no such thing. as being a lesbian, there is no such thing as being bisexual or gay or homosexual. in fact, there is no such thing as being a man or a woman. this is why feminists who are obviously not part of the l g b t. community also have a problem with this, rightfully so. if there are node fix genders, then there are no women, and that means there are no women's rights. it's a really great point. and university of pennsylvania parents, they sent a letter to the n. c, double a, saying that leah should not be allowed to swim on. the girls team. a gallop poll, found 2 thirds of adults think transgender athletes should play for teams that match the gender on their birth certificate. lynn, what roles should be in place to protect female sports girls and women chapin girls and women's teams. i find it very simplistic boys and men should be boys and men's teams. again, you cannot physically compete a woman, a girl against a boy or
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a man. and i want to point out something natasha, most of my career has been spent in the entertainment business. ah, that is broadway. that is hollywood. that is the music business where i started. and you know what? i worked with every type of person there is to work with. oh thing. you know, what though? sports. it's a different animal. it's the science, it's the bodies. and so i find this whole saying we should be putting our efforts on empowering girls. what happened to that feminist movement that i'm actually old enough to remember happening? we don't even have it anymore. we don't have any women's standing up for these girls and women. so that's what concerns me. i'm talking about it and thankfully you're talking about it here. natasha. archie, nobody wants to approach it. i talked to a lot of people every day and i don't understand where all the women are. the girls say they're scared and they don't have the support. so shame on us women for not stepping in to help our youth straighten all of this out. and dr.
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kirk, do you think that the parents should have a say in all of this? oh, well of course parents should have a say we should have a say, a primary say and how our kids are educated and how they compete. that i think that goes without saying, natasha. if the parents are involved, then the people closest to these children are involved and we as parents, care about our kids more than anybody else. so we have to be involved in this and i think lynn is absolutely right. we have to start speak it up, and by the way, you know why people don't speak up, they're afraid of getting cancel. well, unless people start speaking up, this is not going to change and it needs to change because we are cancelling genders out of existence. we're trying to cancel biology out of existence. this is absolute madness. and if we don't start speaking up for the good of all people, this is just gonna start. this is just going to continue. so we have to speak up that cancel culture is alive and well, thank you so much for your insight. really appreciate it. and coming up,
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the verdict is in breaking news. the jury has finished deliberations in the maxwell trial will bring you the latest after the break. ah, one of the worst ever mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy exploded a little of the real las vegas where many say elected officials are controlled by casino knows the vegas shooting. revealed what the l v and p d really is. and now it's part of the stand machine. most of the american public barely remembers that it happens. that just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic hit the most
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contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. so here is caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence. to be the control group to the shiny facades conceal a deep indifference to the people. wives could have been saved if they were to take an action. absolutely, keep the registering and keep the slot machines being vegas as a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. i was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable. i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america. florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets is fostering mine and the biggest player is $85000000000.00 industry. is mosaic, and i, there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the
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florida aqua floor name for all there's a chronic or, you know, i don't live here that work towards me, but that's what it is. i'm in 2013 my all for our family dog. my brother who is 21 years old, myself and my father were all dying. rob, problem, kid, they brought a 100. a good plan. right? yeah. maybe no actually word or no. is more important. ah winter it's here and with it comes the flu season, but now in our 2nd year of the kronos virus, getting sick is scarier for some. however, something once regarded as health is now turning extremely political. for more on
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the latest coban 19 controversies. let's turn to our panel, steve miles berg, host of r t. americas eat the press, and rick meta, who is a current us house candidate in new jersey and georgetown health law professor. thanks so much for joining us, gentlemen. hi, natasha. thank you. and so now it's come to surface. according to florida, surgeon general, the biden administration is actively preventing antibody treatments in a letter addressed to the secretary of health and human services. it states that the administration has passed shipments of coven 19 antibodies treatments in the us . and the reasoning behind it, according to the letter, was a bite and citing these treatments should not be effective against the on the con variance. so steve, do you think there's truth to that, or is the decision simply political? well, you were talking about the monoclonal antibody treatments which should there have been reports. it's not effective against the a cron, of variance,
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but it does work against delta. so let me take you to something that peter alexander of n b. c. news as the head of the cdc. today, you said last week you said that the, i'm, a kron accounted for 73 percent of new infections. and now you say this week, it only accounts for 23 percent of new infections. how can you be believe? so let's, let's just say she's correct. let's just say so now. now i'm a client is going to do a quarter of the infections. so that means the other 75 percent are the delta variant, which this, this treatment does work on. so they are making this up as they go along on every level. you could not find logic. if you extend their comments to anything else, you can not by logical consistency. so i've, course it's politically motivated. i mean just like hydro clocks hydro classical hydrochloric way early on, was politically motivated. oh,
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it has side effects. every drug you ever see a drug commercial on tv, those side effects will make you run the other way. every drug has side effects. so it's always been political. yeah, it's been about the right for sure. and now, ever since the pandemic began rules and regulations, as steve mentioned continued a change, most recently, a quarantine period of 10 days is now being recommended to 5 days according to the cdc. so let's take a lesson to an interesting conversation between an embassy anchor and the cdc and dr. lensky as you know. well, the cdc has been criticized for mixed messaging throughout the course of this pandemic, whether it's on masks or on boosters. why should americans trust the cdc? my job right now is to take all of the science and the information that we have and to deliver guidance and recommendations to the american people that is adapted to the science at hand. this pandemic has given us a lot of new and updated science over the last 2 years. and it is my job to convey
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that science through those recommendations. and that is exactly what we are doing. ok, i heard the term science about 4 times in her 22nd answer. but rick, if this was all about science, why don't we hear about the study of masks only being 3 percent effective? do you think the cdc priority is the well being of the american people and are honestly changing recommendations for the greater good? and do you think the cdc is giving out mixed messaging? well, absolutely. i don't think that the cdc really knows what the term science means. right now they tell the american public to go left and they go, right. they tell the american public to go right. they go left, they keep changing the rules. what is the science then? and that's really the question that the cdc directors should be answering is, why are the recommendations moving from 10 to 5? why not? why not 3? so now they're saying, well, we have to take the economy into consideration and make sure that i to ation time
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periods are only 5. so we can get healthcare workers back to work. and so they keep changing the rules. they're not defining what science they use. they keep using the term science and using it fairly liberally without any definition behind it, even the medical community has no idea what to do. and i can tell you that physicians and doctors and nurses, there are more scared, not complying with whatever rules that are being imposed on them by health systems that are trying to follow what cdc says. then the virus itself, and the truth is with the doubling time of omicron, i'd say the majority of americans may be exposed to, it may get it. we have to start changing the context, been living with coven, rather than working, and living in fear. and the cdc cannot embrace that concept. so interesting, and now the us marines say that they're being crushed over refusing the cobra 1900 vaccine. so let's take a listen to the pentagon spokesman jonathan kirby, who recently elaborated on the mandate failure to get the vaccine,
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could put you as the individual guardsman, your participation in the national guard at, at any jeopardy. because your, your pay, your ability to train your ability to go on, you know, to, to, to, to get military funded education. it's really about your individual participation. there was never a threat to, to defined the national guard in any state. steve, do you think this is an assault on the american people force in the military to get a vaccine that is not a 100 percent effective against the virus says their health is in the best interest of our country's military. should this be a case by case basis? you know, they're not allowing religious exemptions. oh, that hasn't been one religious exemptions claim accepted by the u. s. marines, according to uh, fox news. and furthermore, a $170.00 marines have been discharge in thousands, thousands more face discharged since this
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a mandatory vaccine amended went into effect at the end of november. imagine losing thousands of marines at a time when we have international threats, domestic threats, all kinds of threats. and the of this building up, our military should be a priority, and we're going to dismiss people because they're not getting a vaccination which doesn't protect you from getting the virus any way that none of it makes sense. absolutely none of it. this would be a comedy show, the imagine if we made all this into a movie, if the consequences warren so dire for health, for the economy, for american citizens, for kids were being denied facial expressions and everything else, it would be quite a movie. but it said it's sick and it, it's, it, it, it really needs to go at the american people have woken up to it. but now the media has to drive this and really say enough. and right, you have the last word is this mandate a good idea for the military? well, absolutely not. and the reason is is because the s t a still not approved any vaccine
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. other than 5 or 16 enough, none of the boosters have shown effectiveness against the chrome, the f. b is not put at any statements in most, all of the other vaccine boosters and younger age groups are still under emergency authorization. what's happening now is unprecedented. unethical and unconstitutional. look at january 7th when the supreme court weighs in on some of the mandates. i think the biden ministration is going to get crushed by the court. they need to stop the mandatory vaccination and look at the totality of treatment options available and start changing the context in a line for americans to resume life and get back to normal. gentlemen, thank you so much for your time and insight even if they are not politically correct. really appreciate it. thanks and now we are bringing you some breaking news. guilty on all 5 counts. the jury has decided in delay maxwell's trial, they are joined by our tea correspondence. sharon fond sat there and you spent
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a good part of the past. you're covering the story. are you surprised by this verdict? right? i've actually been covering it as the host, the new hosting for the news and archie, america. and one of the things is very interesting. natasha is last night. we talked with line of line or media about a lot of these white collar crime cases and how long we kind of expected the jury would be deliberating the average, believe it or not is 12 years. i'm sorry, 12 years, 12 days. this only lasted 6 days. so let's kind of go over the charges and kind of see what we're looking at here. so as you said, 5 charges guilty not guilty on one of those charges. so the charges that she was sound guilty on conspiracy charged for agreeing to do the crime. that actually is 5 years for each of those conspiracy coast transport, transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal activity that has a charge of up to 10 years in prison. and that the biggest charge is the biggest bombshell that she was found guilty of is 6 trafficking, a minor that has a charge of up to 40 years and federal prison. now the only thing that she was not
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guilty on was enticing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sex acts. now a lot of that is going to be difficult to prove that which i'm not surprised that it's coming out not guilty because you have to show the intent. you have to show a motive. a lot of times in court cases like this, it's very hard to prove intent. rather it's easier to much to prove much more of the action rather than the intent of what somebody's thinking. now again, the trial lasted for 12 days and natasha. they expected this to last for a good 6 to 7 weeks. 12 days actually went pretty quickly. if you remember, the defense had about 35 witnesses that they wanted to call. all of a sudden it was washed down to maybe 10 to 14, and then ultimately around 18 to 10 witnesses there. well, but that again, those conspiracy codes 5 years age, you know, she is looking at 40 years plus another $1050.00 and probably about 3 conspiracy charges she's looking at over 60 years because it's not going to be, can serve, you know, it's going to be they would be consecutive charges,
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not all can join charges serving together since they are federal crimes. now the one thing that they said was interesting is when delay maxwell entered the courtroom and she was at least of what we're getting of of one of our marlin editor who's one of the reporters on this that i've had on the news on our t america he's been inside the courtroom for these past 12 days. kind of going over this trial saying that each day, you know, she would say hi to her siblings who are in the front row. and then she would say hi to lawyers very, you know, kind of buddy buddy with her lawyers. this time they said natasha when they read the verdict that she turned around and looked at her siblings and said nothing to her lawyers and walked out. so it's going to be interesting what happens now, because with this bombshell case, we had the derrick show and trial earlier than the way the barbary. this trial kind of didn't get a lot of the wall to wall coverage because there was no cameras allowed in the court room. so we didn't really see what was going on. but with these guilty verdicts, natasha, i mean this has been kind of the trial of the century and people have been wanting
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to say, hey, what happens if she sound guilty? what does this do next? what does that little black book that gulker, you know, put out there with all these names and just f seems a little black book? what happens next? what happens now with other co conspirators? it's going to be very interesting to see natasha. because again, with these federal charges being found guilty on 5 out of the 6, this is a big deal. yeah. and there's just so much interest in this case. i mean jeffrey epstein and then maxwell. i mean there's just been so many an answer questions. and so it's just really interesting to finally see it come down to a verdict. right, right, absolutely. and you know what, it's one of those things to that. now with the excuse in the defense and now the jury resting. huh. you know, some of those unanswered questions have been answered, but still like, like you just said, there is a whole lot more that we don't know. it will be interesting to see what comes out from this natasha. all right, thanks so much. karen fond, zack,
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and that's all the time we have for today's news. use hughes. i'm natasha sweet. in 1st, scotty no use and for this show, add more download the portable dot tv app for your apple or android device. if you so much for watching, have a great night. ah, in colorado became kind of a test bed for medical, and then later recreational marijuana and it started with something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it? so i cannot. and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it one. yeah. and that it's oh i'm just going to try this. why said never do it again because the one wife, 111 and i'm right on inside. okay. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it not to stop it. falling my life was over,
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jumped officers off balcony and died. mm. he knew he just couldn't stop with 2021 rapidly coming to an end to this time for some reflection. what will we remember about this year? how did our lives change? also we look forward to the new year. what does 2020 to have in store for us? will we be living an interesting join me every posted on the alex simon? sure. i'll be speaking to guess when the world politics sport business. i'm show business. i'll see you then a
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genetic belgium suddenly backtrack for the kobe measures reopen. it is a sediment, after its highest court said the restrictions were too excessive. elsewhere, joe biden, distances himself from previous promises to shut down the virus. and now that it's up to individual states, not to whitehouse, the saudi, that we discuss his response to the pandemic. so far we have to, we look back what's been a tough year for america. big tech that we saw leading companies embroiled in political fight with both the republicans and the democrat. first is we're going to regulate inside one of russia's most notorious prisons home to some of the country from most dangerous criminals. in the wake of the soviet collapse like the 1009.


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