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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  December 30, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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you got the dangly legs or what? because i would love you to do it. i think you would be fantastic. i mean, did you say, are they running out of gas that that's interesting. everyone's been on, i mean, damn walk or the baby see need on no trailer we well, it's fascinating program because everybody wants to do it. and then there was a bumping host of students on today. i think i'm thought, well, well, welcome to that. a little more than a year or 2 in really good verbage on it. you know, real go said i was like that. yeah. i was like somebody from you from, you stand jude out of a where the old days we used to tired of the chair and i would go around and we would just get the truth out of the bus. that good relative who's in jericho? i with mich. shirley is in charge. he is. hey,
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wendy. i knew she used to help with you got the shoes. you've got the body, you're just perfection. you would we fantastic. strictly speaking with you, be rubbish. maybe as well. yeah. i do think after the cooking should been on, i mean when's cable was on a boat and that seems to be quite well that many of you think poet essence would be a disadvantage because it's funny to say that because actually, i mean when you think about where at boss has gone, since he did strictly we have to look at one know he's got a book out. he's on. if and every television program, we have a sweet, nothing to did politics. but he's, he's ever you think strictly come dancing made the noise shadow chance it launched him. look at bill bailey, heated really well over and you know, those people there are people that go on it, you think will of no skill whatsoever and charging on and, and really well because i'm, i'm a celebrity. get married here, this generally the god, this thing of an end game for celebrities. when i struck with
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a launch pad at his well actually, and then gave me say the celebrity, my daughter, emily attack deal for i'm a celebrity and it made her career. i would say she was a lot because people, so it was really up to then she'd been a sort of blonde dolly. bad in films in, in the, in between is no good. seen the real emily and you go into the jungle, get loose. all you make up and you know, you've just got to be south of was it again, search was it was up part of her growing up was unable to to do that. i'd given her spiders on a particular moment. did you seek the cleaning? lady kim would burn on it. i tell you what it and the tornado that's done. it absolutely felt them. i don't a stinking filthy people. so i want to use
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a model in your daughter and honest man to get me for you sitting by the television, shooting an onset stand or not slunk. i was in australia where they fly you out and they did a surprise. you you were the one waiting? no, we're the only thing in the hotel tape. oh no. when they took me into the jungle and they filmed the surprise that comes out. now, i hadn't seen it for 3 and half, nearly 4 weeks. by this stage. i just shaken a piece so we silence and she came out and burst into tears. it was very emotional and i burst into tears. and cd to the vanilla month, which is the longest, would have been away from the child. i was going to get a far what was the 1st thing when she came out? know which came out. she had double cheeseburger who is no surprise, but she has said that having no communication with outside but no phone note notes, social media being slightest oft. she said, it's fantastic for your brain. she said it never felt so alive. her into
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a yes and how would you do it less if i did last, you know, did you say, would you rather gone strictly or would you rather be on a given? i don't know, it's the in 6, the creepy crawly stuff because i don't links by doesn't. oh no, well then you'd be great because they love people who don't like it because then you'd be voted to do all the tasks and they become the hero. all these programs dancing are nice strictly. we. i'm excited to get me out here. everyone might pretend they don't watch them. but i tell you what everyone is, what is the better the summer? yeah. well, what would it be like if the strictly are running out? yes, yeah, that's good to have not lose. so let's see. you had a strictly come roy. now i'm long, long time ago the royal family did it. so knocker, we currently do strictly come to kill me. what i would ask to clean where our shabby, i'm doesn't really want to go out there and do things like that. i think that my
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son charles would be mar for us on the street. and i have charlie your find a place for charles. i thank you so much. i think this is from for to his mother that he called mum. mama. mama is a money. i think he's in the mothers. mommy, i did. i did. oh see. she's probably convalescent nicely. perhaps. camilo? well yes. i need you to scan all of your partner with you the opportunity to choose another by the office. for me though, is never going to be clean. it should probably be quite good. tell you how happy, where would it be? grain foxtrot that i thought that was something you did in a horse of a family reunion. i don't think so because we've already signed up for the american version control class. yeah, we don't want to talk about that. thanks. now we can talk about that really. we're in the now now and get get the kids out of the shot. now,
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not talking about that. i think that it would be great if sarah ferguson fergie and she's not even in the rough. i'm any more issue you're back to mind when i did, harold spitting image many years ago. i used to make her talk like this sort of thing. and i gave her this law, which was a snort. and we had a saying that lines like come live name to putting after me at buckingham palace. oh, it's called ginger sponge. yeah. and his mother and hertz will do that. and i met her and she said, why did you give me that? terrible. sure. i didn't say i couldn't so it's just got like very much. could i? no. oh, what did you say? i just said had nice to meet you ma'am. i'm not like, but she never started in her life. i mean, i don't, i don't know why i gave her that last but it just worked. and then once we're me gave a freckles once we just had a pretty good for my make for now. and you got
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a colander and she just sprayed orange paint through a colander for a freckles. is really good to do over the oh, i'm sure i'm sure how much the greenwood seal fluids that let's start with from royal. but just on the off chance she got towed, you'd have to re shoot the whole sure. well, i do get the feeling sometimes at prince charles. he must be dying to be king now. and he must be like encouraging his mom to go and dancing on. i a would be a special show tonight if that happened with their mentors. and it's a sort of slight tone old. i don't know, but more trouble than somebody like jeremy by on the program today. we have a royal slipping on ice o slipping on ice like it. jeremy vine, that's brilliant. i mean that you'll you sound more like jeremy vine than he does. merry christmas and happy new year to everybody, but to take care. a
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mom, try this one. this one doesn't know what she sounds like these days. i think she's still sort of tightly kept like, they're like a pass. a newer somebody told me the wrong mimics. and apparently a chem cues we heard are referred to as an amazing mimic apartment. there will be no charles as you know because of his love of the goods used to do, but i made it down devices. you know, he was very good out. that was a film of them and personally characters from the goods. i think you have to think that they were all right in the christmas dinner. you know, i'll get you over the years. i don't know, but this one to bite him who you think, hey, here's my man and then doing megan. i want a thing
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that's very funny, you well, her steadily as i say, everybody kind of like that before christmas. but there's been other new programs that started this and you use china for instance, even use and a lot of i love, very well known people that have been and gone about and you know, at night a lot when we'll oliver, he was running the station. it almost for the move himself, the usual suspects i've been, this is mike out. cash list of of your impressions. louis. wow, guys. the war. i think i probably had to go at least 3 or 5 amy homes. not so good there. i could, i don't know, our producer mario would probably make a comment about, i don't know if i've met him a couple of times. right. right. that time i was just, i was just you, it was always driving now. is the thing that it presents was through that makes me left. tom bradley scott,
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they all have sort of almost copper hands. right. ok. ok then persia. laid out for you to display the little personalize the news. my favorite channel for news is we always farewell on channel 4 news here. i am you like my uncle's ankle somehow? i'll join you. i don't think john will be going to tribune. he's some i said i defy . she's come in like a fight night. i got a big deal out of the table in columbia. don't let me make a beta is we never take the day of the crowbar. and there you go. the medical puts the seal all. yes. everything's intense. even breakfast, and hello to the far right there. hello, i am, andrew knew someone left a keiko's in the rain and it looked like me at somebody said,
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a viewing figures took a boost. when we sat on our opening night, we had gremlins because a lot of our view of that movie with a lot of famous people, a well known, well known people, some for news, kathy. but if you have a choice just that's fine. i'll feel be quite, get present in the news. if you read to ransom might be a weekend's up like that and she's from work. i think the news in a very interesting way. a lovely joanna lumley, so let you know join i guess what i have in china a fabulous time and turn a number is always too modest documentary. i run out and meeting people who make who smile and make you feel absolutely happy to study. i do have, i think,
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should read the news a why not? i do i do suppose well the c l. lauren kelly that the queen? no, no, no, no, no. but in case you want to keep a new one. no, no, because it's not broken. don't. and you really, really, really, really not a go to keep it the only way. i have a huge with getting the government and the wife family. and then with the glasses off their lessons, i think she becomes, could you and hear them. and exactly what the problem is is a member of my rescue is to read the evening news, a task that model student who use with mothers gonna kind of believe it was only the names and a bank with. but it was sounding like
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a lot of bees humming around the pants. but that was my last job i think to see her reading now. yeah, harry valid i. when you know what, i've got the posture i've got this, i've got the structure town. i've got the dangly leg, i would read the news, how ever you wanted it, or i would say if it's got to be strictly strictly nu, menu, outgoing is quite a good name for a program can ever anyway. great. and we are going to continue with the wonderful louis and kate after the break, where we're going to look at some of the highlights of the television here. we'll see you then sh. ah, i became a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with
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something so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it so i cannot and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah, and then it's, oh i'm just going to try this was never do it again because the wife was in the morning on right on inside of jack. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it not to stop or it felt like my life was over, jumped office about the balcony and died. mm. use the just when i was shown seemed wrong. when i just don't hold any world that is to see how this thing becomes the answer to
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an engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. welcome back. i will join by impressionist loose mccloud and kate robin. so what are some of the viewing some of the highlights of the, the short base year? now we've already dealt with the strictly come royals the, the number one television. sure. but the broad tv show that she has been succession, a styling of course scotlands on done diesel and brian cox that he placed william roy in succession. and brian was telling us when he was on the show here. because logan, roy is notably profane, that people come up to him and ask for selfish and asked him to switch us. so i think i'm a happen to, you know, i usually get them just to tell me it's
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a nice thing that's quite girls. a few people that knew the hub as present of the get might. graham has like, what are these podcasts? yeah. really connelly's had that famously. you know, does that need to be told that story was going and brighten? and he said, oh no, the the come running up afternoon. this is what we boy would just like to show a guy. and he said he says it, the guy goes, yes, i ever happened to you when you were playing margaret's actions. no, because when i was playing margaret thatcher, it was only occasion, it was usually a book. it was usually somebody called steven allen who played up. i did dealer on a few episodes. and the thing about margaret thatcher is she would never want anybody in public, and she was such an laid party. she didn't used to speak like that. apparently
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she's to have a high pitched voice penny. she's got that i can put a new as well and very, very high pitch. and somebody said mark, i, you gotta bring the time. dan, bring the town dime. they want to be one of the people they should do like that. and then that's how she spoke. and she was very, very hey, derek, set to cut a sexy voice. i thought, well, the whole consult, a party of the day was in thrall to yes, absolutely. and research told the oil modulate of woods. oh my gosh, get that done to be who knows? but listen, bright cock say he was not a boy of us, but ourselves. hadn't got to go global a but also is the only actor who actually managed to land a rule in both brave heart and rob roy, there were the 2 block bustos together, right. a lot of them are all the actors scottish idols. and i was to get a role in both place head, which is on the shoe. he said wasn't, was, should have happened as liam neeson should. i should have been morning wallace
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gazette, big guy, a and mel gibson's. chris small guy should have been rob roy. her father was 5 foot nothing and bundle it. so i don't know if we would leave. listen, a played briefs on one of my favorite actors and a voice i use often when i get those phone calls from these call centers, they want to sell you something. i don't know who you are. my name is john. i don't know what you want. i just need to know how long you've been registered at your current address. if you're looking for run some, i don't have money. i do have a very particular set of skills skills i've acquired over a long period of time skills nightmare for people like you. it's okay, i'll call back, right? people off in was and you have the the so it's always worthwhile talking about what happened in the past year and the number of course you be nice then the sudden i only been in the standards, it was great and being in such an iconic show and it reminded me,
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years ago i was in an iconic chauffeur, wasn't probably as well produced, and that's called crossroads. and when i was in crossroads there was a, a cleaning lady called mrs. brownlow i'm classified was shot all in one. you couldn't have retakes and i, she swore on camera and i was too young and innocent to swear on camera. and so mrs . brown i came on once, i'm and then she's like this and she comes on with that complaint room and the dirt to shout it cause i can't hear of the thing because of that back. mean vacuum cleaner. and i say his p a run down on to the center. i'm sorry, its a typo. it should say mrs. brownlow hovering in the back. a lisa i was, i love you louis about a boat to scale in color bought by plague, liam neeson. i want to swap them to the william hills plant, shouldn't hoarsely north, which i can't remember why just the case did that. so i think i have shown quarterly or do commentary a off the lease because one of the guys didn't commentaries for children. the neat
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has said he would do the whole race a shawn call a shot at the brave wish for sure. so i stuck. i guess i could do that. could you do and sean paul leaving a rest meeting or so well though you go online. oh, are honest, right? shifting by the dock of a it was a couple of crackers as well. of course with that when you bought, it sounds like it used to be used on a job. i think it was fred mccauley wrote religious job when i was a must have been a lot of time and i said, my name is james bond, double. 07. and this is where all the guy that was it was all one of your outside london. and then what was que your shape for sure. i brush we must short and great all yes, a guy. so many stories, but what i was was show and once, and sean for various reasons. wanted to put up greg dyke, who, who then was the general, the bbc because sure to see this
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b. c. program about scotland in an approval of that. so it just wouldn't grab it off to one democracy. my mike. so he didn't be got. greg who of course wouldn't believe it was shorter car. so unless she's trying to be polite, she'll push we ought to grab as she hands me, the force of prince. i said this is alex armand. fuss, melissa scott. who really is sean connelly with ali simon. yep. i understand that there is a devil of them. cuz obviously after daniel paid with a newborn should be any good you think when i tried, daniel craig, the spitting image was quite difficult to do. but i found that was a really good sort of casino end of it when he was just making his point. there was a, there was somewhere we got, but invariably, it's great the quite tricky because the,
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the scene maybe them all throw in things i had bought in each other and there. but we're, craig, craig is a slight shows sound like that. great. i think horribly. i initially it, well just have it, it should be women. course it would be a to think it should be fairly. i think i'd be great. i give myself w 7 points that we have on screen. it would be great, but i didn't actually, i could do a structure or something to make a p p. o. and when i come in, jackie, anything out of that car seat? i mean, the board johnson's been on the highway and as we've all seen it with all the way i went up to mac one. 0 wow. i, i think i would give them more than
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a piece of my, you know, less ahead and i think i would give them some good headboard, you know, a good big box where they would be it would be good ball and the padding. charlie, i know i, you shown this agent. i would burn the cleaning lady actually. um i could clean i could clean up my 5 voice, stinking dirty, filthy mess. i would clean it up in no time. i tell you what my love, i tell you what i see no to punch in my time. i can the best. i mean, i think maybe it will be a woman next time do i hope so? absolutely. remember this one in the que would you do it in was pack so so although this one will be talking about data, half the cues, right? or in west or square drained heavily, was flooding in the toilets of the thought. what i'm going to get see it as people making announcements, or if you page or take it, she'll get to say the bottom fell, but i thought home until the end of it and it's the big screen. and just as we'll go in the door, you still joy from you know, just to stand cross,
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and literally walk in the door. you're going to see a bomb fail. and towards the end i wanted to he trickle. and i know that tara fall, i know it is awesome to croyden, to be perfectly honest with me because i've not seen it yet. oh, we'll say that that new year new wac hopefully better tightens i 3 coming out with a lovely part for after like 3 or so on. teach did not since new series that's coming out this month. oh great. well, january is anything else? nope. the pipeline and well that's my main one. that's what i'm looking forward to . good things go by yourself list. well i go to one of my power map, betty, her toast of london. if you find that he's hired me to play awesome wells and towards the fence, which comes right? yeah, that's always it was going to be faster than that, but there was no faster. got it. you know, so a mutual amendment i got to play or some way i was in it from what i hear back.
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it's funny and it's, i'm so it all said, wow, wow, thank you so much case. had been terribly out of breath. do you have any to do meal dish council shell petticoat got and it should go for my really love hills very much and i never buy this beautiful ones dress. i like i love scotland and always intellectual highland mission. want me jeremy. my make of, well i think that to be awesome. well, she really cannot get on a bicycle. that's where we differ. but what an amazing actor bothered with his stomach. he can't get his tract was ever that his toto and africa for a boost, tomatoes hold many new year's eve care. and my birthday and her lawyer brought something i share with alex ferguson. i did you bring him something i bought a message from alex ferguson who says, you know your great guy and super 1000 happy buffy egg and wish you all of it.
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i come scotland is the high shoulders and more bulk. it's every good news. i had to listen to both the to have anything in mind. i, my resolution is to never, ever have another new year's resolution that they never ever work or you never stick to the last name for. yeah, i was when he got diety and keep to using it, you know, get the food in the thing. i like it was like to start on a year, a diary in the past, you know, and, and you have a lot of things. i did this today and in 2 days, well i, i, i was been with a black in the studio. are they gonna give these guys that way before locked and you're from the 1st guess you've had back into the studio. and we always just think of, i guess squeaks and there's no more apps time. then just if we're hoping to present you with the alex salmon. sure. quick for you to enjoy my dear. what does it do? well, it's a small version of lot and i have traditional scottish say,
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sort of sceptical for that watson of life aqua veto whiskey. he can be got the singing water or something else fun for you. oh yeah, he was share the quick you see on the way from a does mean and in mr. i knocked out with a whiskey is covered with what's my absolutely love, thanks very much. thank you for fun. having so many people are short of. absolutely . so thank you to listen to kind of anticipate robbins, have a wonderful, safe and happy new year meet tomorrow. and it's been wonderful. have you both a 5 year term alex and i have a wonderful new year and we'll see you all again next week. take care and as i
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always see a quoting my dad's favorite set, his to us was like us down few and there are deep on the oh hawk maybe ah ah, i mean you must. it is so delicate and as you want to start till we stand together,
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we'll continue to stand together against russia. 80 in germany. repeat some of the errors that we doubtless made. se, notice if he needs us chunky dawson about their milling influence other nations, france b, u. k. and even latin america and other countries in future them, maybe beware to high rum will cycle pollute with members of your household. so please, please, please, please. we are to continue to fight. don't go home, don't you just need to to do the russia must not be allowed in germany. i don't know how to common leave. it's so short. so d and l t d enough is the father the yes. ok to in the 80 the enough mrs. gun simple sons with
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ah, tonight's belgium, suddenly back tracks on its covert measures, reopens theaters and cinemas, after its highest corp set the restrictions to excessive elsewhere. joe biden, distances himself from previous promises to shut down the virus and now says it's up to individual states, not the white toast is sorted out. we discuss his response to the pandemic so far. coming up to we look back here, what's been a tough year for america's big tech, which saw leading companies abroad in political fights with both the republicans and the democrat plus especially coming up, we get a rare glimpse inside one of russia's most notorious prisons. oh, just some of the country's most dangerous criminals in the wake of the soviet collapse back in the 1990 talking to sell like this were holdings harden.


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