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tell you what i. chevy palace. i think you would be fantastic. you've got the composure. you've got the structure. you've got the top new tower says, i think you've got the dangly leg. that won't be perfect. i would love you to do it . i think you would be fantastic. i mean, did you say are it, are they running out of gas that that's interesting. everyone's been on, i mean, dam walk or the baby see need on no true early. well, it's fascinating program because everybody wants to do it. and then there was a burping host of to the back. i'm going to think about that and thought, well, well, welcome to that. just you know, with us no more than a year or 2 in really good verbage on it. you know, real go feel i was yeah, it was like somebody from the, from the stand jude out of a where the old days we used to tired of the chair and i would go around and we
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would just get the truth out of the bus that good route of those. in jericho, jo rogers, mich, shirley is in charge. he has had a got the shoes, you've got the body, you're just perfection. you would we fantastic. strictly speaking you'll be rubbish . maybe as well. yeah, i don't think after the cookie should been on. i mean, when's cable was on a boss and that's who could be quite well that many of you think politicians would be a disadvantage. but it's funny to say that because actually, i mean when you think about where at boss has gone since he did strictly warehouse a good one. no, he's got a book out. he's on every television program. we have a sweet, nothing to did politics. but he's, he's everyone you think strictly come dancing made the noise shadow chance it launched him. look at bill bailey, heated really well over, you know,
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those people there are people that go on it. you think it will of no skill whatsoever and of charging on and doing really well because i'm, i'm a celebrity. get married here, this generally the god with the something of an end game for celebrities where the strictly as a launch pad that says, well, actually an end game you say for celebrity my daughter, emily, a tack guilford, i'm a celebrity and it made her career. i would say she was a lot because people sort of really go up to that. she'd been a sort of blonde dolly but. a in films in, in the, in between is no good seen the real emily and you go into the jungle, you lose all you make up and you know, you've just got to be south of was it again, search was, it was up part of her growing up was unable to to do that. i'd given her, i just had a particular moment. did you see the cleaning lady kim would burn on it? i can walk and the tornado done it a don't
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a stinking filthy people. so i want to you as a mother watching your daughter aside to get me, were you sitting by the television, shooting an onset, stand or not slunk again? i was in australia, they fly you out and they did a surprise you. you were the one waiting. know we're the only thing in the hotel type. know what they took me into the jungle and they filmed a surprise that comes out. now, i hadn't seen it for 3 and half, nearly 4 weeks by the stage. i just shaken a piece. so the silence. and she came out and burst into tears. it was very emotional, and i present it to you and see the children alia month, which is the longest we've ever been away from each all. i want to do it together 1st. what was the 1st thing when she got a mount note which came out, she had double cheeseburger who is no surprise, but she has said that having no communication with side but no phone, no, no,
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social media being slightly oft. she said, it's fantastic for your brain. she said it never felt so alive. her interest while happy yet and happy. would you do it less? if people ask, you know, do they say, would you rather gone strictly or would you rather be on a level to get them? i don't know, in 6, the creepy crawly stuff because i don't like spy doesn't go nowhere. then you'd be great because they love people who don't like it, because then you'd be voted to do all the tasks and they become the hero. all these programs dancing are nice strictly. we. i'm excited to get me out here. everyone might pretend they don't watch them, but i tell you what everyone is, what is it a bit of the summer? yeah. well, what would it be like if they're strictly are running? i guess. yeah, that goes to heaven and louis. all right, let's see you had a strictly come roy long, long, long time ago. the royal family did it. so knocker, we currently do strictly come to you. now what i would ask to clean
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where our shabby i'm doesn't really want to go out there and do things like that. i think that my son charles would be mar for us on the street. and i hope surely your find a place for prince charles. i thank you so much. i think this is the from for to his mother, the crew, mum. mama molly is the money. i think using mothers. mommy. i didn't. i didn't think she's probably convalescing at the moment. perhaps you will love you is i need you to go as your partner with you the opportunity to choose another by the office phone is never going to be clean a should probably be quite good. tell you how happy, where would it be? great foxtrot that i thought that was something you did in a horse a family reunion i,
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i guess how soon because you've already signed off to the motion version control close. yeah, we don't want to talk about that. now we can talk about that really. we're in the no, no, get, get the kids out the shot. now we're not talking about that. i think that it would be great if sarah ferguson fergie and she's not even in the rough i'm anymore. if you're back to my i, when i did her spitting image many years ago, i used to make her talk like this sort of thing. and i gave her this laugh, which was a snort. and we had a saying that lines like come live name to putting after me. buckingham palace. oh, it's called ginger sponge. yeah. cuz our gene just bummed and hertz will do that. and i met her and she said, why did you give me that? terrible. sure. i didn't say i couldn't so it's just got done like very much. could i? no. oh, what did you say? i just said had nice to meet you ma'am, and i'm not like,
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but she never started in her life. i mean, i don't, i don't know why i gave her that last but it just worked. and then once when we gave a freckles once we just had a pretty good for my make for now. and she got a colander and she just sprayed orange paid through a calendar for a freckles. it's really good to do over a sure. i'm sure much. the queen was seal fluids that were strictly from royal, but just on the off chance she got towed, we'd have to re shoot the whole. sure. well, i do get the feeling sometimes at prince charles. he must be dying to be king now. and he must be like encouraging his mom to go on dancing on a saturday would be a special show tonight if that happened with their mentors and their whole family is a sort of slight tone old and a bit more trouble then somebody like jeremy, by on the program today we have a royal slipping on ice. i was slipping on ice like jeremy vine. that's brilliant.
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i mean that you know, you sound more like a me find the need us merry christmas and happy new to everybody but to take care. i can go wrong, i spend a month try this one does. one doesn't know what she sounds like these days. i think she's still sort of tightly kept like they're like a path. a newer. somebody told me that all mimics and apparently a chem, cures we heard, are referred to as an amazing mimic. apparently, there will be no charles, as you know, because of his love of the goods used to do. but it made it down devices and i think he was very good at that. there's a film of them and personally characters from the goods. i think you have to take that there were all room the christmas dinner or you know, i'll get you over the years. i love what this. well, joe biden, who you think, hey,
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here's my megan and then doing megan. i want to oh yeah. how do you make that with you? i think that's very funny. you well, her steadily as i say, everybody can watch that before christmas better. there's been other new programs that started this and you use jonathan since you've been using a lot of our well bye. well known people that have been and gone about and you know, at night or friday, i will, oliver, he was running the station a remove himself. the usual suspects had been cast list of your impressions. louis, wow, guys, a war. i think i probably had a go at least 3, the 5 aim and homes. not so good. there. i could, i don't know. our producer mario would probably make a comment about i don't know if i've met him a couple of times. i was just,
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i was just you, it was always fun. driving now is the thing that it presents us through that. it makes me left tongue bradley's got it where they all have sort of almost caught the hands. right. ok. ok then persia. laid out for the eat up. it's like the little personalized the news. my favorite channel for news is we always fair. well, on channel 4 news here. i am you like my soaks uncles ankle somehow? i don't blame you. i don't think john will be going to chin who's some, a niger for us is like a fight night. i got a big deal out of the table in columbia. i don't know. let me think about as i j beta is we never take that a, a crowbar, and there you go. domestic. who puts these, you know, all of them. yes. everything's in. can't even break fast. yeah. i'm
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hello to the far right there. hello, i'm andrew new. someone left a keiko's in the rain and it looked like me that somebody said a viewing figures took a boost. when we sat on our opening night, we had gremlins because a lot of our view of that movie with a lot of famous people, a well known, well known people, some for use cases. but if you would have a choice just that's fine. i'll feel be quite gates present in the news. if you really love to run some might be a voice that sort of goes up like that. and she's from work time. i think the news in a very interesting way. a lovely joanna lumley. so let, you know, join i guess what, i can, you know, having a fabulous time and turning who has to have his mother's documentary. so
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i run the route and meeting people who make who smile and make you feel absolutely happy to starting from it. i do her, i think she could read the news beautiful with me. why not? i don't, i don't suppose while the c, l. lauren kelly, the queen noise, but in case you want to use new one. no, no. because it's not broken. don't. and you really, really, really, really not a great, i go to keep it with the only way i say is the cash you are from is that is just the more huge with government and the wifi route. and then would you teach the glasses off, then assume that i think she becomes, could you? and then you know, then exactly what the problem is. is a member of my rescue is to me the evening
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news, a task that models june hughes with a student. and i believe it was only the name ha banks with but it was sounding like a lot of bees humming around the parents. that was my last job. i'd like to see her reading the now charlie valid. i. when you know what, i've got the posture i've got this, i've got the structure town. i've got the dangly lack of i would read the news, how ever you wanted it, or i would say if it's got to be strictly strictly nu, menu, outgoing is quite a good name for a program can ever anyway, great. we are going to continue with the wonderful louis and kate after the break, where we're going to look at some of the highlights of the television here. we'll see you that josh. ah,
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ah, you are things that have happened in the world would be done by people who had a great vision of how society could be better. but that great vision is typically the left hemisphere representation is not real. it doesn't take into account any of the complexity of reality. the subtlety of various and complex people. i put them into categories as this lot is bad, we'll get rid of them. you know, and change is an organic process. change is an evolution and the opposition is not between the status and everything must stay the same and everything must be radically changed. the radical change is not the way that killed in
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with ah welcome back. i will join by impressionist louis mccloud and kate robin. so what are some of the viewing some of the highlights of the, the short base year?
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now we've already dealt with the strictly come royals the, the number one television show, but the number of tv shows this year's been succession. a styling of course, scotland zone done diesel and brian cox that he placed william roy in succession. and brian was telling us when he was on the show here. because logan roy is notably profane. as i said, people come up to him and ask for selfish ass brian, to swing through us. so i think it happened to, you know, i usually get them just to tell them it's a nice i think that's great girls. a few people i knew the as present of the get might. graham has like, what are these podcasts? yeah, billy connolly had that famously. you know, does that were to be told that story was going and brighten and they shut off on. know that the come running of afternoon. this is what we boy would just like to show a guy. and he says it and the
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guy goes, yes, i happened to you when you were playing, margaret thought jones. know, because when i was playing margaret thatcher, it was only occasion. it was usually a boy. it was usually somebody called stephen allan, who played up. i did taylor on a few episodes. and the thing about market touch is she would never want anybody in public. and she was such an aide. partly she didn't used to speak like that. apparently she used to have a high pitched voice pension that i could pay new as well and very, very high pitch. and so he said, okay, you can bring the time, dan, bring the town and they want to be one of the people that should it like that. and then that's how she spoke. and she was very, very, very sick. he had quite a sexy voice. i thought, well, the whole conservative party of the day will have the thrall to it. yes, absolutely, i didn't receive, told the little modulate of tones, but my gosh,
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get that done to be who knows? but was blank cock say he was not a boy of us, but obviously outstanding actor bob goulburg a. but also is the only actor who actually managed to land the rule in both brave heart and rob roy in the 2 block bustos together, right. a lot of them are all the article scottish titles managed to get a role in both. my wife's head twice. what is on the shoe? he said listen, what should have happened is liam neeson. should i should have been william wallace cuz a big guy, a mel gibson is chris small guy should have been rob roy. her father was 5 foot nuffin and bundling it. so i don't know would leave. listen a played with brave song. one of my favorite actors and a voice i use often when i get those phone calls from these call centers, they want to sell you something. i don't know who you are. my name's john. i don't know what you want. i just need to know how long you've been registered at your
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current address. if you're looking for run some, i don't have money, but i do have a very particular set of skills skills i've acquired over a long period of time skills nightmare for people like you. okay, i'll call back later he will often with us. and if you have the, the thoughts always worthwhile talking about one hand in the past here and the number of folks, could you be nice then decided i only been in the standards that was great and being in such an iconic show. and it reminded me, years ago i was in an iconic chauffeur, wasn't probably as well produced, and that's called crossroads. and when i was in cost science there was a cleaning lady called mrs. brownlow. i'm cost i was shot all in one. you couldn't have retakes and i she swore on camera and i was too young and innocent to swear on camera. and so mrs. pamela came on once. i remember she's like this, and she comes on with that complaint. lou and the director shouted cause i can't
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hear of the thing because of that black been vacuum cleaner, and i swear his p a run down on to the sent you and i'm sorry, it's a typo. it should say mrs. brownlow hovering in the back. i. lisa, i was, i love you louis about a boat to scaly, a color bought by plague, liam neeson. i once walked into the william hills. blanche and horse with jack. i remember why just a case. i did that. so i think i have shown quarterly or do commentary a off the race because one of the guys doing the commentaries for children the need has said he'll do the whole race a shaun call a shot. the brain was finishing stuff. i could do that. but so could you do sean paul, ethan arrest meeting or sub row though you go online. oh sure. right. shifting by the dock of the bay it was a couple of crackers as well. of course the clips. yeah, i just was it used to be on the job. i think it was fred mccauley wrote
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miller's job when i was a little bit of time and i said my name is james bond, double. 07. and this is how old the guy got. was it was all one of your outside london, and then what was your shape for sure? i brush we must shorten. great. all yes. a guy. so many stories, but what i was was show and once. and sean for various reasons. wanted to put up greg dyke, who, who then was the general bbc because sure. the cbs b. c. program about scotland in an approval for it. i'm just afoot granted off to one democracy my mind. so it, it didn't be got great. exactly who of course, wouldn't believe it was sure to call her sharla, should try to be polite, trisha pash, we ought to grab. she hands me, the force of prince. i said, this is alex armand fust. melissa scott,
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who really is sean connelly from through to him. is harley sutton and you have a if there is a devlinson, cuz obviously after daniel paid with a newborn should be any good you think when i tried, daniel craig, the spitting image was quite difficult posted to the bottom. i found that was really good of the sort of casino and when he was just making his point, there was a, there was some where we got that. invariably, it's greg the quite tricky because a cut of the, the scene, maybe them all through in things i had bought mitchell and there. but with craig, craig is a slide shows sound like that. great. i think i vision it was telling me it should be women. course it was a think, a choppy shelley. i think i'd be great. i'd give myself w 7 point every time her screen would be great,
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but he didn't actually, i could do a structural company to make a p p. o. and when i come in, just keep writing out of that car seat with me boys. johnson's been on the highway, as we've all seen, a switch, a movie. i do so the way i went up to mac one. 0 wow. i, i think i would have given more than up a piece of my i've been a less ahead and i think i would give them some good head. but you know, a good big buck was would be, would be good for and define shirley. i know, i usually say i would have gotten the cleaning lady actually i'm, i could clean i could clean up and my 5 voice, stinking dirty, filthy mess. i would clean it up in no time. i tell you what i love. i tell you what, i've seen a lot of bombs in my time, but the best, i mean,
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i think maybe will be a woman next time do i was hope so. absolutely. remember, so when in the queue you wouldn't do it in was pack so. so although the, some of you don't know about data, the cues rate are in west square drained heavily, there was flooding in the toilets of the thought on. i'm going to get those people making announcements. or if you paid your tickets, you'll get to say the bomb fail home and the base and there's the big screen and we'll just go in the door or joy from, you know, stagnant cross. and we're literally walking in the door. you're going to see a bomb fill and toes the end of the he trickle into. oh no, that's terrible. i know it, but it is awesome to croyden, to be perfectly honest with me because i've not seen it yet. oh, well we'll say that that new year new wac hopefully better tightens. i. 3,
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coming out, rakish bays, wrote me a lovely part for after like 3 or so on fixed in that new series that's coming out this month. oh, very well january. it's only else in the pipeline and well, that's my main mom. that's what i'm looking forward to. good, thank you. by yourself list. well i go to my power map, betty tossed of london. if you find that he's hired me to play orson welles and tossed offensive, which comes with a car. yeah, they told me that was gonna be faster than that. there was no faster. got it. you know, so usually when a guy it got to play or somewhere else. and from what i hear back, it's funny and it's, i'm so give me a so much. she went terribly out of breath. do you have any due meal di, set, senior council shell petticoat dot and it should go on my we love, i feel very much and lay never bad is good. it was dressed. i like i love scotland and always intellectual highland mission. what with jeremy my make of?
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well, i think that to be also in wells, you really cannot get on a bicycle. that's where we differ. but what an amazing actor bothered with his stomach. he can get his transfers over that. his toto and african coast tomatoes, hold many new year's eve cancer. and my birthday and i know you brought something i share with alex ferguson. i did you bring him something i bought a message from alex ferguson who says, you know you're doing it guy? super happy birthday, eric. i'm wishing you all of it. i think he's come. scotland is the high shoulders and mobile kits. every good news activation supposedly to have anything in mind. i, my resolution is to never ever have another new year's resolution because i never work or you never stick to the last name for. yeah, i was when he got a diety and keep to using it. you know,
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get the phone and the thing i like it was like to start on a year diary in the past. you know, and, and you read a lot of things. i did this today and in 2 days where you can see me with a bike in the studio, are they gonna give these guys that quinn before locked and you're from the 1st guess you've had back into the studio and we always has to give, i guess quakes, and if no, we're at time then just if we're hoping to present you with the alex salmon real quick for you to enjoy. i do well, it's a small version of lot and i have a condition scottish sort of sceptical for that water of light. what was the tough with the singing water or something else with needs to be knocked out with a scale score
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with? what's my absolutely love, thank you very much. that's really you for fun having so many people are most sure to. absolutely. so thank you to listen to it and to kate robbins, have a wonderful, safe and happy new year or tomorrow. and it's been wonderful to have you both a alex and i have a wonderful new year and we'll see you all again next week. take care and as i always see a quoting my dad's favorite say here's the us was like us down few and there are deep. uh huh. oh, oh, maybe a
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blue cross driven by dreamers shaped band center. some of those with there's things we dare to ask in ah
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ah, russia will be secure and gets borders the same way as the west. that's the pledge vladimir putin made in an almost hour long conversation with you as president joe biden. belgium suddenly backtracks on its coven measures and reopens peters and cinemas, that after its highest court, said the restrictions were too excessive. while elsewhere, joe biden distances himself from previous promises to shut down the virus. he now says it's up to individual states, not the white house and sort it out. we discuss his responses, the pandemic so far. plus a special, we get a rare glimpse inside one of russia's most notorious presidents home and it's day to some of the countries most dangerous criminals. the wake of the soviet collapse of the $990.00.


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