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asians regarding human rights abuses are newly founded, which may we ask, is there something more behind us boycott? well, i know just to ask and he will give you some answers. joining me today on our panel is steve gil, who's a former ustr official under bush and clinton, and our very own holland cook, host of the big picture right here. and as to the news on our to america, parent project, thanks for joining me. good bear. yeah, i know i to 2 big issues that we're dealing with here. steve, you're new on a says you kind of get picked on 1st. i apologize. restart you as president bite and doing this just for the sake of fighting human rights violations. no, it's all about show he's trying to act like he's worried about human rights violations. because as you pointed out, the human rights violations have been tearing for a long. busy time and even during previous administrations, he's trying to look tough because he hasn't been tough and, and this kind of phone boycott isn't going to have any real impact on improving relations with china or improving our stature in defending relations with taiwan. with the other asian nations that we're trying to do business with,
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it's all for show what you're talking about talking to we're talking military, there's lots of issues right on this hon. i'm going to throw this to you right here is this really tough though muscle. when that isn't going to snowball australian says us to canada, u. k. they're taking a close look at their, their cooper said the boy, they said they're joining in the diplomatic boycott. all right, new news. they're in china. so wait a minute, you're diplomats weren't invited anyway. so you know, what does this mean? a suddenly slender mike pump peo, of joe mike and suggested, you know, this is a big deal, and that's the key to this. you know, bear on this side of it though, why would the lympics actually be there in the 1st place as this is nothing new? as far as you know, with the olympics being there, you know, kind of what's going on. i think it's important. we got to look back at history. you know, if you look back in 1980, you had jimmy carter, that boy car dealer bix in moscow. the following year you had russia who brought in
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17 other countries boycotting the 984 olympics in l. a. and 8 years around we've got another olympics. and so it'll be interesting to see what happens from this. stay tuned, but one of the things that's actually really funny about all the scottie is that even if the diplomats were going to go and are, you know, in this case may be forfeit their front row seats. beijing is not letting anybody go into the stadium except the chinese spectators who meet specific colbert requirements. so it's one of these things like i can invite you to, to dinner and say, hey, you guys have your cobra requirements, steve, you don't, but i never even invited you. why are you complaining? the last time you had to be in the home country to go. so what this comes down to is it's a t v show. and according to bloomberg, 10 of the top 12 olympic sponsors, including toyota, intel, coca cola, procter and gamble, they generate $110.00, b $1000000000.00 in revenue in china. so they got a lot of state, nbc flash,
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peacock has stake 7700000000 on the rights for the olympia from 22 to 30. so it's a big tv show and how big the sponsors want to go, remains to be seen at home are still going to be watching. so they're getting their value from it. and by the way, you are invitations to me are always exactly like you're in good hands when you bring that up because it is nbc is in charge of the broadcast for the world wide broadcast usually comes off of nbc would've been more effective. why wouldn't by just say, you know what, we're just going to pull nbc out of in, put the pressure. i mean, it's not like they don't talk perversely, it may stir up more interest in the game. so it could be good for ratings. but let me tell you where this is all going to go. we've been hearing that term when we talk about supply chain snap foods, re sure, and bringing stuff back home that we depend on other countries to make all the
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antibiotics. we take her maiden china, and there's a lot of other stuff made there to your iphone, stuff like that. this is going to t up and exacerbate this conversation about bringing manufacturing back home. do you remember the start of the pandemic? we didn't have masks here, folks, right? we didn't make a giant a, made them everything came from china. and that you maybe raise a very good point on. we can start the conversation here, but it's going to have any effect in china. i mean china already their response was we hope you're still alive in 2028. when we boycott the l. a. a limbic, i think, i think present g has been watching president trump in order to learn how to troll people 1st when he called bite and his friend, after the binding ministration, had denied it for 2 days. and that's a pure trump tweet if ever there was one. i think the problem with china is that they have killed the golden goose, which is hong kong. and they're already seeing the impact internally of the lack of flow of economic revenue. and internally, china is really a 3rd world country and they're starting to feel the effects internally. that's
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dangerous for the world because that's how war start. well, and that's what he is in there. that's the issue right now. we're taiwan. on the side of it, obviously there's a lot of different issues more than just the olympics, which going back to the original question, is this going to help on some very serious, i get it. the athletes have worked hard for this, but holland is this can actually ratchet things up to where it says, you know what, fine, you guys would be a part of us. we're just going to keep on pursuing our path. they need our business . okay, that's when it comes down to all that stuff. we depend on them for they need us to buy it. is it going to change? just because we did send the vice president over there? well, you know, it's funny because yesterday, john, saki said that, you know, by not sending our diplomats, it wasn't going to be business. as usual. i still see a lot of companies have moving all their manufacturing over there for cheap jobs, cheaper labor and selling it to us to make a profit. so it's one of those things that i don't think it's really going to change anything, especially when you look at the business. like you said, china needs us. we need china to, we're going to place to be fair to the athletes. you know,
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they train for this over the course of a lifetime. so unlike 1980, which was the, you know, $65.00 countries stiff, the olympics then ted turner, last hundreds of millions of dollars on the goodwill games. and he shrugged he was clad. he wanted world peace and he was glad unicef made a pile of money on that too. but our athletes didn't get olympic metals that year. and if we, when we get them this year, but is it more than just the metal that thing night? he mentioned there was movies made about that moment. that right there was more than just a hockey game. it was a diplomatic statement from the united states. and yes, i'm saying that no russian tv on that point is not also send a better message. ted cruz came back and said, no, go over there. actually i want to go golden every single level. is that a better take that a better approach right there? absolutely. jesse. oh and when and gold medals in front of adolf hitler. go take
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the gold and these athletes is how i was saying they have a narrow window of opportunity and their athletic career a 2 year for year span of not competing in the 11th that that's your last olympics for many of these athlete. they do need our stuff, they need our money to buy their stuff. i'm still not sure why. we've got empty store sales for kellogg's cornflakes because we're not getting those from. so there's other things going on in that process, but we've got to keep the heat on china economically and it is having an impact on them internally. it just doesn't get any media play here in the us. well, it does a little bit on this station. you know, everybody needs a villain and right now it's gone from russia to china. but there's still that the limitation of russia we're china is actually the one that can be the real threat to this country. when you look at the goods that are coming out of china right now, you talk about sports that you still have the sponsorships of nike. you still have all of this. why is the president deciding to go after the olympic sports when every day different sports or play that have ties to china and he's, he's been mom on the, you know, it's so interesting because i, you know, i was
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a former and be a dancer, like you know for dropping right there. yeah. you know, it's one of the things you may think of the n b a with, with, you know, everything that was going on there. you had john seen where they had a movie come out and he accidently referred to taiwan and that has to make this whole apology video. so it is kind of interesting that they're going to really kind of take this approach with the olympics. but when it comes to the n, b a, and i understand that the n b a is their own private entity. but i mean, it's kind of like a pot calling the kettle black and that signs, at least the way that i what would be some real muscles to show china what would really get china's reaction? cuz right now we're not seeing making, trying to put the weaker in nike. it would be a good start to, to, to help there. i think you, i think the whole world, by the way, is going to be cheering their common harris isn't going over there. so we don't get to hear her french version of a chinese accent that caused mockery around the world. i think the key is we've got to be tougher in reality and not just in talked, keeping politicians out of china for the olympics and going to do much good. most
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of the world, most counties in tennessee will say, frankly, if that's all we have to do to keep politicians are communities, you know, do a boy on us. we have to take positive actions in the asia civic to show that the taiwan to show that japan and korea and australia are under an umbrella protection from the u. s. in reality, not just in talk, does china really want to work with united states? helen? well, it all comes down to the doe, re me, you know, that's what's going to settle. so it's all about the money. in the meantime, everybody's going to be watching the opening ceremony. everybody's going to be watching the closing ceremony. we pick our favorite sports. so this may not be as big a deal to the consumer as it is to the paul's and saying that you did that. what my biggest share at all this is, this is saying, look, i took action like everything else. i've seen the passwords. i did stand up to them, but it was like only a name only. there was no action to back it up. but unless he continues to put something on it, once again, you point out other countries are starting to join in. but that's also what scares the, are they sheep, are they doing this?
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just a pandered abide and or do they legitimately care about china? and if they did, why did they do it beforehand on their own? probably more of the former than the latter. but again, the big see the cove, it, you know, a lot of people might not have gone any way. right. the deputy prime minister of new zealand says that's why we're not sending our people, but we, we disapprove of these giant asian also be interesting as you and still says that they fully support china and everything they're doing it's fall and obviously the olympics are very happy don't want to hold the athletes accountable for political discourse because they're not in a world government, but looking at a lot of these other countries. so they really need to start looking and seeing what joe biden is saying. you know, you look back at world war one, i love history. look like a. well, we're one. the reason that we little happened was there was so much miss messaging going on. you have one week, joe biden saying that we are one where we, we are. we see china is one party, then he's inviting taiwan to a democracy event. and it's like, well, what are you, are you one china, are you taiwan?
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i don't even think he knows he does is he know the play, the rice can we had last night, who knows? but it's one of these things where it's like, he's got to get tougher and what he things and his message and historically look, company wars cause been caused or resulted from oil. we just had the 80th anniversary of pearl harbor. one of the reasons that that war came from japan as they were wanting oil. we were short changing them on oil. and here we are. we've lost our energy independence. oil is still a key factor. 3 and it's in china as best interest. it's in japan, everybody needs it. and we're cut off and we're excited about this. there were imposing sanctions on russia based on actions on ukraine. yet we don't hear continued sanctions against the china, which like you said, is someone that we made and that's the net positive scrutiny on china. the world is watching and they are watching and they're going to continue watching here because after the break, the justice department has filed a lawsuit against texas, accusing it of gerrymandering and voting lions to restrict or deny minority voters, but is about protecting voting rights or just making sure certain favorable to the
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administration, members of congress, to keep their job well, i will discuss after the break with the welcome to max hazards, financial survival guide, looking forward to your benefit go yeah, this is what happens. dimensions in britain dealt with this app and you watch kaiser report ah, one of the worst ever mass shootings in america was in las vegas in 2017. the tragedy exploded a little of the real las vegas, where many se elected officials are controlled by casino owners. these dank is
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shooting, revealed wet deal vs p. d really is. and now it's part of the stand machine. most of the american public barely remembers that it happens that just shows you the power of money in las vegas. the powerful showed that true colors when the pandemic head, the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. so here is caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence. to be the control group. to the shiny facades conceal a deep indifference to the people. vice could have been saved if they were to take an action. absolutely keep the registering and keep the slot machines. dinging vegas is a money machine, is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. oh is your media a reflection of reality in
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okay, so we want to welcome back our panel, our team very own hard core coach to the big picture host the news on our to america for a project in steve gail, who is it? the former ustr official under bush and quinn. i have 3 host on this stage. i'm a little bit intimidated. i could probably just sit back and be quiet, but i'm not. now, let's forget, department of justice filing a suit against texas over new redistricting maps. now here is there reason take a lesson. the complaint we filed today alleges that texas has violated section 2 by creating redistricting plans that deny or bridge the rights of latino and black voters. okay, that mccarthy, steve, mainly because in your former life you are an attorney constitutional lawyer. so is this strange to have the dia, j actually get involved with something at the state level while they're picking and choosing winners? i mean, they're going after texas, and yet you've got new york. that is in the process of eradicating about 5
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republican congressional seats. you've got illinois and others, they're doing the same thing. they're only concerned about re districting when it's not serving the purposes of the political department of justice. and let's put aside the idea that the d o j is acting in a non partisan way. they're putting their thumb on the scales intentionally if they're concerned about fair elections, fair re districting then let's be concerned in new york, illinois, and other states as well as in texas holland. did you agree with that? finally, finally, something worth arguing. and steve were talking about talk radio just before the show, and if your cruise cable news channels served, or if you turn on talk radio, all we do is argue about super human things. climate change now incontrovertible evidence cove. it a novel corona virus like nothing. we've ever seen before. it is learning us slightly faster than we're learning it. and yet, mere humans,
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the hubris of mere humans. we want to argue about superhuman things. this is a man made situation. this is worth arguing about, and i think it's just bad luck and bad timing, that this is based on a census taken during the pandemic. which also though, can wait be to the benefit because people were home when they were knocking on there were people or whom people had nothing else to do. they registered more. i mean, you're seeing those numbers that fair and to your point, this is happening and every, this happens every decade, every time. so why are we having still controversy about, i mean, we know what's going to happen in very red states. they're gonna draw the lines, the federal blue state, split it. why is this even called 1st, that the d o j would get involved? you know, it's interesting because i was a local news reporter and anchor for a long time before i came here. and there is nothing stronger than your local government. that's where you do see the most change, you know, being an illinois resident before i moved here to dc. it's like you mentioned, steve is re districting every 5 minutes. somebody's moving out of illinois because
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of all the problems specifically chicago. they're moving to states where, you know, because they're all coming to nash, i think they're going to texas, they're going in nashville. they're going to these red state. so it's interesting because illinois is also redistricting. that's why you have representative atom tenzing or who is not really running because his district is going to go hard blue, which is shocking kids. the republicans would think you'd actually be loved by the, the democrats, him on the back range. all right. but you know, you just, you have them where she in illinois also interesting to because chicago really runs the rest of the state just because of all the pull that it has. but when you think of texas, i've lived in texas, you've got a number of big cities. you've got dallas, you got austin, you got houston san antonio el paso, while those cities might be big blue hubs. you do have a lot of people move into those suburbs. one thing that's great about texas, you don't have to pay state tax. a lot of people start to like that and they're like, oh, why kind of like the side now? and is it why in to your point?
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why is that that, that may be the d o j into this? maybe they don't want more republicans in the, in the, in the senate in the house where the noise, you don't see a lawsuit. their big question. the question is, as you point out, we were in a pandemic hall on this. and we know the impact of the southern border. we know the immigrants and immigration issue this going over is that why texas are decided to battle this further than any other read state. because texas might have a few more people in as well. both sides do this, it depends on whose turn it is. with these parental shape district chicken drive through texas picked up 2 seats. as a result of this census, both of them are white voting majorities. no redrawn district in texas is majority black or hispanic. so the p o j's got some numbers they can throw at this, but everybody does this. it's just whose turn is that one party we don't have to name names. one party wants to make voting easier. one party wants to make voting harder. this is where the rubber meets the road. i just want to make it harder for
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dead people. when you look at the day when you look at the difference that are drawn by racial lines, it's irony to me that in utah, one of the, one of the widest districts in the country has a black congressman, memphis, one of the drawn districts for an african american majority has steve cohen, a white liberal so, so people don't always vote race like that, like the electoral folks want us to believe. and one of the great ironies of this whole thing is that new york avoided losing or lost one of their seats and would have avoided it with about 86 more citizens. the number of people who died in nursing homes. thanks to the cuomo, last new york electoral car seat and a congressional c, cuz it was about an 86 person majority. that was the difference in them losing a seat or not have candidate will travel. marjorie taylor green resident of georgia 6 represent georgia. 14, which is perfectly culture, according to the constitution, you need only live in the state. it's
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a different situation than robert f. kennedy, or hillary clinton suddenly becoming new yorkers. right. but where's the action on that is again dr. eyes running for pennsylvania and he's just rented a place they qualify him for it. but steve, whose parents point the republicans are getting out of the blue states. the blue state people are staying is that not making these to the united, basically permanently putting these colors in the state that the republicans are displaying blue states and not even going to try to fight for them. i think we're seeing the same thing all across the line, particularly in the house of representatives, all of the dist, or drawn to be either more republican or more democrat. you've only got about 40 or 50 of the 435 house seats that are really marginally up for grabs. so it makes both parties only have to adhere to their partisans in primaries, which is why you see the squad having so much impact with the democrats. there are no moderate democrats, because all the democrats are afraid of a primary opponent, like we've seen, happen in some of the cases where they've lost the same thing with republicans
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unless you're catering to the far right to win a primary. you're not going to win. so it's pushed both parties to the more extreme and really left a vacant, moderate, middle for, for people to feel cleansing, or might have been worried about a trump stir primary and him. but this stuff didn't begin in the trump era. christine o'donnell, who shot the political world, beating mike castle and delaware by a couple 1000 votes. the primaries were the actually did, but when you think about it, though, let me ask you something. what did joe biden run on? michael? i am on my point. my point, donald trump, i want to lower your taxes. i want to build the wall. why do you agree with it or not? the one thing that the right does have is they have good messages. you saw that just alone in this last virginia governor's race. what did he, what did you know that he ran on you know schools he ran on taxes, the democrat terry mcauliffe. it was just like, like, i'm like with the big guys,
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i'm with everybody else and i was like, we don't know what you stand for. and i think that's one of the reasons why you are seeing such a shift over to the right. because at least there is a message, if democrats, like you said, you're seeing a lot of them where they're taking all the messaging, it's because they actually have a message where these, these establishment, democrats, it's just hate both for us. and if you didn't both for us, and it's your fault because he didn't come out and vote for us, it's like, well, we don't know what you're standing for. you know, one of the keys for glen young can, if he was able to get the nomination without going through a real bitter right wing dominated. and i say this is a right wing conservative. he didn't have to face a challenge and a primary that he would have lost, he was able to become the nominee. and then when the general election, and by the way, i drove past the mexican and embassy earlier today, they have a fence around it just to make sure they're young and got a real assist from mccaul, lips. one killer sound bite me about what they teach in schools,
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nothing trumps of parents concern. but the truth of that it wasn't a federal issue. it's a state issue which brings me back to what it is going to have a bigger impact on. we talk about it from congress, from federal level because we're here in dc, but actually this actually is more of an impact on the state legislature, which is more than ever the daily life of individuals. so steve, are states panicking right now with these changes of district? i think the congressional races are getting a lot of attention. but keep in mind, in most of these states, you've also seen internal movement, demographically and population wise, state house and state senate races are also being dictated by the new lines. they are suburbs around major cities are becoming more populated, urban areas are becoming less populated. that makes you move the lines as well. so state legislatures around the country could see could see a change in the, in the right versus left republican versus democrat numbers as well. and you're also saying that, you know, i was a news anchor for nbc and all the texting, very, very blue city. you had during the trump years, you had a, they may oral election, has gone blue every single year for the past. i want to say 56 years demarco.
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when's the nomination for el paso mer? because he kind of ran on trump policies for the 1st time. he had a republican as a mayor again because of that messaging. and again, it's that local government that's going to have the most change. now he's been since voted out and the new and the former democratic mirror is back in because they liked us policies. but it's just that is where you're going to see the most change. and i think again, if people focus on the messaging, you know, talk about the lack of credit over data or radio, talk host local media to uncover those races like we will try to cover the with. and we will continue to have this conversation on twitter at scottie and he's, he's the hash tag team and b and for the show in more detail on the forward that to be asked for your apple or android device. thank you for watching and let's continue the conversation with
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a he came on the test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana and it started with some things so innocent. i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it? so i cannot and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah. and then it's, oh, i'm just going to try this one and then you never do it again because they one wife, 11 and i have you right on inside. okay. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it and not to stop or it's all my life was over, jumped officers all balcony and died. he knew he just couldn't stop
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florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets, is phosphate. and the biggest layer is $85000000000.00 industry is mosaic, and i vow reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aquifer. a chronic. oh, you don't want to work towards me, but that's what it is. and 2013 my, all our family dog, my brother, who is 21 years old, myself in my mind. and we're all a problem. did the problem with wow, yeah. all right, and the good to play, right? yeah, yeah. maybe they'll actually learn that more help is more important than
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or ah, russia will secure at the borders in the same way the us does. that's the pledge vladimir putin made in an almost an hour long conversation with you as presidential biden belgium suddenly backtracks on its coated measures and reopened peters and sentiment that after its highest court said the restrictions were too excessive. elsewhere, joe biden, distances himself from previous promises to shut down the virus now says it's up to individual fate, not the white house to sorted out. we discuss his response to the pandemic so far plus a special, we'd get a rare glimpse inside one of russia as most notorious prisons.


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