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there's a chronic cold, you know, i don't want to hear that word poets thing, but that's what it is. i'm in 2013 my, all our family dog. my brother was 21 years old, myself and my father were all a whole lot and they could play it right. yeah. maybe they'll actually learn more help is more important than released video shows las vegas police waiting in the hallway at the mandalay bay hotel. even as steven paddock continues to murder people below the ever killed and this coward stayed on the 31st floor and not one attempt was
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made to reach the 32nd floor. buyers could have been saved if they were to take an action. absolutely. they had a team of armed individuals that did nothing but a coward while the shots were going on. 58 people died that night and the cow will come. who could have done something for him. but they don't tell anybody about it. i found out about it and i did the story on it. there were about 30 police officers with shotguns and yours and will come to him. the emission for now on the 32nd floor went into the room 1121 of the swat watching discharges weapon in the room. where they went into the room and they completely destroyed the crime scene. which is something you all do when they turned over patrick's body. they ran shocked the room that goes against any stand that police protocol anywhere in this country. they handle the crime scene like a bunch of incompetent because they,
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colorado the biggest crime scene in american history at that point. the bottle never brought this out until i broke the story and was followed up by some news to me after a. she will not have won the election in my opinion, had this information been released the way should have been released in the timeframe is should have been released in the put is he was forced to release. you have the body chair videos where you hear officers directly saying, turn your cameras off, make sure your cameras are off or why do you not want what's about to happen to be on video? killing my body and one of the many crazy things in this investigation that just doesn't i think there's something more to this shooting than what's been disclosed . you've got release officers that say that they are gunshots from different locations. i know is what i want you to do that we saw
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a move from one to 5 and coming out that window. be sure it wasn't just one test because it was to, to speak with you to panic, fired 1314 a way. now, why would there be instances during the volleys, where stop shooting? if you have multiple shooters, there's no reason to stop shooting. a fact that we've got the architectural features of las vegas with the different buildings nearby, lots of concrete and sidewalks and so forth. that tends to lead to a lot of acoustical reflection. and so the reporting of a gun fired in an environment. we have lots of krispy corporation for
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like a sound like going across the venue and then bouncing off of the building. so sounds like it's coming from directions that can sound like there's many more shooters just because you're hearing one sound that goes several times from these different services that i got to go there is more people do. i know people were saying there was shootings down the strip. what was really happening was someone was in a hotel and some person random blood all over. and someone asked them what happened . and they said there was a shooting. ah, the next thing you know, they're going on when there's a shooting at new york, new york or new york new york new. the shooting at bellagio is shooting a traffic at all because these people are interpreting what they're seeing as the
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shooting happening right then. and there in front of the was just a person running in the door, this money from running from this point, trying to find out where they can find the officers don't know what's happening there. they were told, okay, they're trying to investigate and find out what's going on. and if somebody runs up to them and says, hey, you know there's a shooting at the tropicana or there's something going on at new york, new york, they're not in a position to judge how valid that claim is. they're gonna have to now report that back. how are we going through the recordings? insert the characteristics of the way forums and from the examples i've looked at here, there is a single shooter involved in this incident. i have an good footage from 7 am that morning until 12 pm the next day from 6 different camera angles. the attorneys asked me to analyze this footage for them. i can zoom in on any of these
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camrys that i want, plus combine that with all the audio footage that i've got enough of all of this cell phone cameras that people use. if they've been you, the shooting happened from one location right there. from that room right there. will i'm 99 percent. sure. this he did this by himself completely and totally doing this was nothing for steve accumulating the guns, getting the gun to no tele tip from ken a 100 parks and he took a little gold jolly when you for a weapon which your doings are causing and minor explosion and of a barrel. so that minor explosion inside the barrel creates and generates a lot of heat in the heat is transferred out into the barrel than you can see that the curtain just because of the adjusted casings are possible and leading the rifle against that actually was burned. that was going to happen when you put them around through a barrel 100 rounds. they're barrels gonna eat it up enough to where you can't
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touch it. that's why it's wearing gloves too. so the most efficient way to handle it, instead of changing on barrels, is to change out weapons. it's a lot more expensive. the, in the money spent over $100000.00 in the weapons along. so steven, when he fired the weapons, he would expand all the ammunition, drop the weapon into a nation to put that in the middle of the room. and then he would start firing in with a new weapon. this is they are 10 that it is you have the fuel tank. chill tanks are made to take abuse or shooting at 50 yards here and you didn't put a debt that steel. so imagine a 1000 yards trying to penetrate a piece of steel. this is going to be, they are 15. all right. it's going to be the one that he shot the people with see how fast and, and you, you can be really super easy to shoot, doesn't take much skill,
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having an outdoor open venue with that. many people in one location fences all around it are kind of crowd in there. yeah, they're sitting ducks. i mean it's like shooting fish in a barrel. they have b, i put out a 3 page, comprehensive report, 3 pages. i've had in custody. petty larceny reports that were over 3 pages. it was a misdemeanor offense with one person being arrested. i can't tell you the absurdity of that from if you look at on parkland and they're shooting at the martyrs domain, douglas high school were 17 kids were murdered. they put out a 4 under page comprehensive report and they studied every aspect of that saying to prevent it from happening again to find out what the things were mass. these are things you could slam on the desk. you know what i mean? because the, you know, cause and earthquake, this is just a little pamphlet, you know, just this is it, we're done by go away. if they don't do a proper investigation,
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then it can happen again. and that's what makes people less safe. when sheriff one bar holds his final news conference, there are less and handful re parties to show up small crowded day shooting went from being the biggest casualty event of the year to be in a small news conference at that even the local journalist finish up for today we will release our final criminal investigative report on the 1 october mass casualty shooting. i know and believe there was only one suspect, who killed 58 people in injured hundreds more. were considered this investigation complete. i hope that the conclusion of this investigation provide some answers and some closure. but we have been able to answer the questions or who what, when, where and how. what we have not been able to definitively answer is the wise steven perry committed is that they have to say no motive because they can't see that the
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to see those drove him to it you know? and because that's not really good for business. i don't think me the dank is shooting revealed wet the l v m p d really is. and now it's part of the stand machine. mm. the actual cover up was the day when competence and then negligence and the handling of the investigation, the destruction of the crime scene. turning over his body, ransacking the room before the crime scene analyst, and they are actually dental discharge tax room. and they tried to cover that up. the fact that it took over 70 minutes to get into panics. room and that the officer that could have stopped at all. basically chickened out. there's nothing justifiable about what he did. stephen patted was a monster. go, what do you call a company that sues the victims in a case like this,
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where 58 people died and jim resorts is suing the victims of last year's mash shooting and las vegas, claiming that it has no liability for the deadly attack. m. g m is asking a judge to dismiss any lawsuit against it. stemming from the october 1st shooting. i was just like why would they steal. ready the victims beverages, their joint account into their property. they were getting shot out from hotel room . that's a part of their property. now they are being sued by one of the largest companies in america, forgetting shot, dusting, outrageous. those are some of the common words people used along with a hash tag boy caught m g m as it was trending on twitter. in more than 30 years of practice, this is the most reprehensible conduct i've ever seen. my defendants, m g m says in par, quote, years have drawn out, litigation and hearings are not in the best interest of the victims, the community,
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and those still healing that is the biggest, baddest, why i've ever heard. if you will make the public think that your suing people or their families who are dead or seriously injured to me, that's a p r disaster. as an attorney, i tried to look at the m g m lawsuit on emotionally. so i had a little bit of a different perspective than maybe a lot of victims do. damn shim legal strategy heavily relied upon a federal asked that was passed shortly after 911, called the safety act. and the safe dave bad. if a terrorist event happens, that private company is not liable for what happens at the terrorist attack, as long as they have hired a security team that has been previously approved by the department of homeland security, many people have filed suit against m g m, instead of having to fight each of these lawsuits individually,
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m g m decided to file one lawsuit against all the people that had sued m g m, and all the people that mtm fox wants to m g m, and make a statement that they were not liable. it was stephen paddock and it was the victims who were at fault here. they not only named the estate of people who were killed that night and victims that they also named the children a people who were killed that night, some as young age 6. so they sued 6 year olds in an effort to clear their name. well, well, the new year special kaiser report with the one and only gerald salenti, originator of the trend for jazz man, no stuff look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must
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obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about official intelligence. the point obviously is to great trust, rather than fear i would like to take on various job with artificial intelligence. real. somebody with a robot must protect his own existence with oh, rado became a test bed for medical and then later recreational marijuana. and it started with something so innocent, i was wanting to socialize. everybody does it? so i cannot. and then it just keeps going and going and going. i'm just going to do it was yeah. and then it's, oh i'm just going to try this. one said never do it again because the one wife,
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one customers want to know i'm right on inside. ok. and you surround yourself with people who are encouraging you to do it and not to stop or it's all my life was over, jumped officers all balcony and died. mm. you just couldn't stop. ah, a brief literally stated that we the victims who are affected by those who were injured by the us who were killed by this remain in the line of fire. we were inside and jim's venue. the venue that didn't have enough exits the venue were bottlenecks. if those few exits were occurring in the venue in which
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they have shown a spotlight on us so that he had a better view of the venue where i watched a woman die long before she knew that there even was applying a fire. she didn't even know that a shooting was going on. and now her parents are told, oh your daughter's dead. well, it was her own fault. she remained in the line of fire. m g m a mandalay bay claim that they didn't know that this could happen yet. years prior mandalay bay had discovered in the room of one of their guests, a snipers must. the guests had brought many guns. he was aiming those guns down the strip. thankfully, he was stopped and the fact that in their brief, they say they had no way of knowing is a pure lie, just goes to show how much disregard they have for the victims of what happened on
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october 1st. mm. on october 1st of 2018 to one year anniversary, m g m had said that they were going to darken the martinez. you could come out and have a candle if you want. and memorialize the fall on, you know, as a one year anniversary. so i'm out there and i'm live on facebook and from the mandalay bay and we're waiting and waiting and waiting. there's all these other people around me and didn't do anything. learning on the muse was this really upbeat song being, you know, has like a slap in the face is this days after the city marked this number, 2nd anniversary of the route, 91 festival shooting. there is a settlement between victims and m. g m resorts. they're trying to hide behind the safety act, an act in which the federal government would have actually paid out all of these claims. and because it wasn't ruled a terrorist act by the f
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b i for homeland security, they couldn't use the safety act. this settlement will provide fair compensation for thousands of victims and their families. las vegas lawyer robert eglin of edward adams represents about 2500 of the 4400 victims. in the case, the total settlement amount is expected to be approximately $700.00 to $35.00 to $800000000.00. now, as stated in this needs to be made clear. m g m resorts has insurance coverage for $751000000.00. m g m is only on the hook for about $49000000.00. that's a slap on the wrist when gm has done here to use process. and through this mediation, reference is the highest standard of corporate citizenship i have ever seen. last year. i was the loudest voice in the country and saying negative things about indian when they sued a number of the victims robert eg attorney for over 2500 claimants. in this case
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stated that the $800000000.00 settlement would be good for everyone. but what he didn't say is that he stands to get over a $100000000.00, in this case, making him the true winner is a lifelong exam and i cannot tell you how crowd i am n g and just say, you know that a company, they have maybe the last loyal. ready customer the other half and now they are the most wonderful corporation he's ever seen. and he went from their largest critic to becoming their biggest kisser. is he there lawyer? ours? because he sure as i was an act like it, keeping this out of the courts by settling with the victims allows m g m to hide the fact that their greed and incompetence may be part of why this happened. they were the ones with the terrible security, allowing him to take 20 plus weapons up into the room. there in actions is what cause a lot of the desk that we see in this case,
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the failure on the security failure on surveillance. the former m g m director of surveillance told me over $200.00 cameras, were off at the time in the mandalay bay shooting. and i got a recording of him refers manually, they had over 200 cameras. not weren't. you get security negligence cameras were out. they were untrained and some of the equipment and the protocols and how to do the different systems and that came out in their reports to the police. and i did stories on that. so there was no way that we can go to court room. that's why agree to the settlement. i think that there was a clear intent that this will never go to trial, but i had a problem with up because from day want us or the truth is to be told. if we did go to trial, all of this would come out and that's exactly what they didn't want. and when they chose the mediator, they chose, jennifer toggle yadi. this is a judge who stepped down a year early from her retirement to actually go work for a company called a r m. and when she goes to work there,
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what is her 1st case that she's handed? oh wow, look, it's an m g m case. and who is her father? m. gm's, vice president, head of security, safety and surveillance. none other then george todd lady. there is a conflict of interest there because her dad is the v. p of security. miss tattle, adi retired from the bench at 19 years. instead of going that one more year for retirement, judge cavelatti, i believe, was brought in to save m g m and her father. it's an incestuous thing that happened in vegas. they all protect each other like brothers and sisters. this case should have been in the billions you have a case of someone trying to put on the illusion that everyone is happy when in reality, the only people to win in this case, where the lawyers and m g m. and that's it. the take was a $100000000.00 and divide it up with around $4500.00 people and it's not
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a lot of money. neither is a 49000000 that m g m a corporation. your gross is over $10000000000.00 a year has to actually pay out of pocket. so m g m one. but the victims, in this case last i do love my town, but i'm starting to see the reality of things since october 1st on what vegas really is. i had been at the city hall part and i saw a bunch of what it looked like sticks behind a screen of a fence. so i went over there to look and it was the crosses from the las vegas massacre there were thrown in a giant pile in the sun behind a dumpster. and that's where they sit all year. and then grades are, is, comes into town and he displays them at the las vegas. welcome sign. today's the 2nd year anniversary are, and i'm down here letting these families know that i remembered this year. what
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happened was the county asked him to move all the crosses to be displayed for only 2 hours at the county government center, where no one would have ever seen them. and they only wanted them. slade for 2 hours. that's the right thing to do to spend one full day out of my life to remember what an one year 2 years ago, he didn't back down. he decided that he was going to display the crosses on the astro turf and then the county came in and said, and they thought it was a pedestrian safety issue. and as you see there goes one of the cross was that families are taking them and that's why i'm here. we're going to try to give all of these out today and they wanted to go away and it's shannon, we should never let those crosses be forgotten. nobody wanted to 1 october event to happen, but when i did, i think there's people who found a way to make it work for them to turn a tragedy in an opportunity. 1 october was almost like a show,
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a show. and once a stars with our show guy, what they wanted, they didn't jr anymore, and either today is keep the money dropping off the tables cheap to solve. machines go on and keep the registers, renting $50000000000.00 worth of tourism that comes into our community. the hotels are bowl. the occupancy rate is great. the prices are reasonable. nothing's better than las vegas. march 2020. the pandemic happens. herana virus shuts down the entire country. it makes you more of are being built to handle the crush of bodies . the usually packed vegas strip. now, a ghost town. this after several employees on this trip, tested positive for coven 19. it has been more than a month since las vegas was shut down by the corona virus with the number of confirmed cases continuing to climb. though in nevada, he's got over a 1000000 people who have been infected by this virus in united states, and the death toll in the united states from corona virus now stands at 57000. today the president's briefing, we were told again that the number of american desk could reach as high as 200000
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las vegas. mary carolyn goodman is calling the shut down of the state. total insanity, vis, shut down, has to become one of total insanity. she also compared code with i t to the flew and other viruses who died and made somebody the consummate dr. open the city, the most contagious contagion that we've seen in decades. and then you have a mayor who doesn't care. 2.3000000 people in southern nevada and we had a 160 deaths isn't now unity 100 socialists and say that you would have had far more without it. how do you know until we have a control group? we offer to be a control group. so here is caroline goodman, offering the lives of the vegas residence. to be the control group, i offered to be a control group and i was told by our statistician, you can't do back. and anderson cooper was sitting there in disbelief at the amount
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of that it was screwing from this woman. this is in china. this is a vegas, nevada. wow. okay, that's really ignorant. if you can't figure out how to do this safely, why as mayor of a city that you are responsible for the people safety, are you calling for something that you have no plan for how it would be done safely? they'd better figure it out that they, her job. that's so let me and there's job. do you don't believe there should be any social distancing? you don't believe it was. i believe there should be. of course, i don't know how to do that in a casino. backs up to them to figure out get people dropping dead all over las vegas and you have a mayor who doesn't care all she cares about cash, cash, cash, money, money, money. we were not broken and we need to get back to work, keep the registering and keep the slot machines doing in vegas is a money machine is a huge cash register that is ran by people who don't care about people's lives being lost. it was evidenced by what happened during the mast shooting were 50
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people lost our lives and is evidenced by what carol and goodman did on the scene. an interview with anderson cooper, the deadliest match shooting, and us history became one of the most forgotten to the american public. barely remembers that it happens. i just shows you the power of money in las vegas. it's a town that was built by the mob. built on corruption and with corporations in charge, it's just a different kind of corrupt phase was a different town. i mean don't get me wrong. lamadue no angels, these guys, more savages. but when the town was less corporate, it was a much better channel. i think they're challenged out what it should be and what it was green is, what's ruining las vegas. where else is that happen? where an entity would see the victims because they dropped the ball all in las vegas. the corruption came when the
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mob left as far as i'm concerned ah ah ah i was diagnosed with cancer in 2000 lives when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable. i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america,
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florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets, is fostering and the biggest player in $85000000000.00 industry is mosaic. and i, there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aqua for a chronic. oh, well, you know, i don't want to hear that word poets name, but that's what it is in 2013 my uncle, our family dog, my brother, who is 21 years old, myself and my father, we're all a 100. wow. yeah. hold on. i'm a good player, right? yeah, yeah. you know, maybe they'll actually learn more help is more important in a
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the, as the world celebrates the new year, r p looked at some of the positive predictions for 2022 with financial experts forecasting the global economy is set to grow while inflation will start to fall and of course we review the year that has just gone as well with a look at some of the big political spats that unfolded, including a controversial defense field that saw friends at loggerheads with its allies. 2021 was many things, but it also gave the online world plenty of ammunition to have fun making mean from bernie sanders and his mittens to a boat stuck in the suez canal. we look at the top of them last year. you were the digital mother.


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