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las vegas was the last resort. it was like tombstone territory, where all outlaws go to die. the mob was really generous with everything they gave the rooms away. they gave the drinks away. the only thing they were concerned about was just making money on the gambling table, food and rooms and all that was just seeing as the service to keep the machines turner and you always felt welcoming even if you were poor. could hear all 4 walked out the door for the most part, right. it could lose all the money that you had and you'd be, can't dinners and breakfasts is and rooms and everybody was a high roller when they came to vegas, you come back, you know, the next year and blow your money again. the main crime was skimming and the lobsters protected their church to the extent that they didn't want to draw attention and the sri criminals drew attention. so they stopped and got him out of town. we put him in a shallow grave. over in san bernardino county, the old mom didn't allow street crime when the mob ran the town. people didn't lock
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their doors at night. it was considered to be a safe town back then. ma upstairs were skimming money off the casinos and not paying taxes on that money. but in the 1980s they started getting caught. so you're starting to see a transition from the old kind of monitors where the bat noses to suits ran into place. this is a totally integrated, balanced resort, a man who turned up the wattage in las vegas. his casino mogul steve, when e set off a building boom in the 1980s that turned a bunch of gambling joints into an international tourist bod. see, when was the reason why vegas is the way it is. he's responsible for it. when he sold the gold nugget and he built the mirage, he changed las vegas tropical setting with lagoons, an adrian top homes. and you can see the show room where zig roy are going to perform with they just exploded. that's where the template for the current saying his casinos of
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all from las vegas started to change. or get rid of the small independent on casinos going more into the corporate world. big money was start to run the town as opposed to the people that live there. when you started seeing the implosion, all that old stuff to come down and all the new stuff was coming in was you all these new manga resorts, in the mid ninety's, all vegas was gone through this family friendly phase or new gym. over here they decided to build of the park on the back of the property. it was starting to become a place you could bring your kids to. and then they realized all these people here spend the time with their kids and on the casinos. tear down the theme part will model charles gem resorts international gal regarding these properties and seizures . all, most of the rest of what's left outside of that you have like the when the com on
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the venetian. those are owned by other people. but for the bulk of it, you just have gym resorts in the national and caesars basically all, all the corporations took over vegas and away from have around 880000 people in 992 around one and a half a 1000000 by the year 2000 the population almost doubled in the my did a lot more than our wage is blue m g. i started taking over the town. they bought the mirage in 2000. and steve went, took some about 4400000000. the more i sold for an open the when i'm steve wind, this is my new hotel, the only one i've ever signed my name to, and that's where steven path became a regular frequent visitor. once or twice a month. he's been staying in las vegas and so 6. so we were talking about 11 years . i got a picture of steve holding a $250000.00 check signed by steve. when with steve came in, they said no,
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we got your room, mr. paddock. seaman patrick was well known on manually bay property. sometimes he was moody. never mean to any of us. so people just man a very few words. he was a highland gambler, a guy by the name of richardson owned man lay bay. he would actually come down and shake our hand and he was very personable and that's when steve attic was on a really good winning streak. when richardson own the company, he would, when i got texts for me and where he goes there cohen, my name for the 4th time, i'm sending mary lou up together because he got like 5 of the 6 things in the drawing for a car. and he had 3 quarters of the tickets in the drum. when he needed to burn points, he go to their store and buy a bunch of, you know,
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$350.00 sunglasses and $450.00 watches. and then i get a box as long as you got cash, you get an a jets. you're getting the dinners. you're getting the 82 petrucci, that's 20000 a bottle. g 's which over my mom's house. he did kick there, used to win plenty. he did very well gambling, he knew what he was doing. that all ended once m g m, bob, mandalay bay changes came immediately. we got light bulbs for a christmas gift, but they taxed us $17.00 on our check for it. so it wasn't a gift. we bought a light bulb for our christmas gift. i am jim international tightened up a whole bunch of policies and procedures and they started pinching high limit gambler a little more and stop for filling cops. they didn't make money on him. so
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what would they do? they would say, oh, we're sorry steve, but there's gonna be 3 x points tonight from midnight to 6, but you don't get the 3 x points. and then when they broke the deal, he was the deal to be off. they were jerking me around one line doing about his cops. i've seen this countless times with other gamblers. i limit gamblers would lose 500 bells and leave off. so mentally they would have this recovery team, man, they put their chapstick on and start kissing a lot of smoothing things over for him. losing the amount of money he lost and they would promise him all these conte free weekend stay a nice week and then you got me the bell guy goes in to go get his free room and all the sudden hotel towers fully committed, which means there aren't any rooms available, but they can sell him
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a upgraded room. this high gamblers think and casino hotel mails me 2 days ago, confirming my cops, i get here and i have nothing. and i've already paid $100.00 for valet, given the bill guy. 20 guys escort me and now i gotta pay extra $500.00 for my room that supposed to be working as a bill person for 13 years, i saw it continuously thinking everything is going to be caught and when they get there, nothing is comped. this deceptive practice comes from the very end gym and mentally be definitely want to hi all these tricks. they pull on gamblers, they're there to make a winner a loser. he wasn't successful in gambling as he had been in previous years, a substantial portion of his wealth had diminished. and that could have been a contributing factor. when you blow your cache and vegas,
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you go from mr. see mr. p. mr. gee, to get it. they don't want you no more. your kiss the sigh a series. you blow your cache. you can't get a friggin. french fry. steve gambled, $1600000.00 at the mandalay in the week before he did this. and i got the last 4 years of his w to g. i've got tax records that show that when he came in at the mandalay and they wouldn't give him the room you want, he's he sat down and gambled a $1000000.00, so they've given the room. he wanted violence behind gambling loss is not something that doesn't happen. he was really, really angry with the gaming industry. i think he is going to revenge for the money he lost at mandalay bay to leave and jim international at fault. he's still got 2 houses. he's got all these guns and ammo. irene,
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this is not some guy that lost a $1000000.00 and decided to go home and pack up his guns. he pre planned this since monday. there have been many questions for us to release a timeline from today. we have one to 5 for shots fired by the suspect. 2 t last shots were fired to so g officers arrive on the 32nd floor. a security officer tells filipinos or is he was shot, and here's the exact location. it was room below 20 officers in or the suspects room. they observed the suspect down on the ground and says that metro's timeline of the shooting is not correct. i am very well aware of the m g m statement provided yesterday. i agree with their statement the timeline associated with the original shark. mr. tampa has changed. metro now says campus was shot closer to 10 o 5. aligning with the m gm's time table released yesterday, which says campus were shot nearly the same time or within 40 seconds of the mash,
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shooting outside. not the 6 minute gap given earlier this week by police waste campus was given an amount somewhere in the neighborhood of $300000.00 for his silence. he was also gifted to condos, and those come to the tune of about $2500.00 a month each. so as $5000.00 a month that is gifted in the form of a residence. and that came about the time that he was supposed to be on 5 different television shows, doing interviews. suddenly he canceled shortly before the interviews were to occur and said, he just showed up on the ellen show with a cane and a lamp, he shot through this door right from behind the door. i don't know how he was shooting out of all the investigative reporters that we have that can ask hard questions. i mean, ellen degeneres, who happens to have a whole line of slot machines that are sponsored by the m g m resorts. wow. so and
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i mean really he saved your life and he said the else or the woman that came out of the door to hugh stopped everything and m g m resort and mandalay bay did everything right. he just threw himself balls. is like she was telling him what happened. there was a metal bracket holding the door in place. right. so what we're talking about here just everybody is clear. okay. so the only dam interview that he did was on a tv show. you just want this to be over, so you're talking about it now and then you're not going to talk about it again. and she managed to keep him out of contact with the media. and they made sure that instead of hearing the facts from his mouth, we heard the facts from their mouths, but we are getting a better idea of what may happen to the 1 october shooting site, m g m resorts and metro are reportedly talking about the construction of a swat building on a portion of that site, you would figure of your conflict of interest to give respondents investigating
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such the norm as yeah, theory, a known as las vegas village is valued at about $38000000.00. we'll run our investigation by you guys. lower is going to give you a few more give that's worth over $30000000.00 in this entire event investigation happened in an election year, where in july bartow was campaigning to continue to be in the sheriff. he raised over a $1000000.00 las vegas boulevard. stand up and say this is where we're going to put our money. because this is who we want to have a letter in the naked, more than a $1000000.00 into share of jo lombardo so nobody else is going to win if they try to run behind them because there is a power machine behind a minute. the gaming industry, he's got a 1000000 bucks to spend on tv, although jails want him because he's going to do what they tell them to do. i don't want anybody assuming that they are on say, fi, you know,
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say that one of our hotels, almost every press conference, you saw one figure and that was steve says leg agency. go understandable there. he didn't even carolyn gumi of the mayor there, but you always saw steve, this lag in the background. he was on every national television set getting face time using this as a springboard for his political campaign. with
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i was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 when the doctors told me the cancer was incurable. i knew i had to make a change. so i decided to travel to one of the most toxic places in america. florida. one of florida is biggest industries and best kept secrets, is fostering in the biggest player in $85000000000.00 industry is mosaic, and i, there are reports of millions of gallons of contaminated water now flowing into the florida aquifer may pro, there's a chronic. oh, i don't love to hear that word polish thing, but that's what it is. in 2013 my, all our family dog. my brother was 21 years old myself and my father were all a 100. wow. yeah. all right, and they could play right? yeah. maybe they'll actually learn more help is more important
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than with these to select a sions grandstanding on this very strong movement. views the elevator and they weren't following through it. i'm a journalist with the las vegas tribune, and i tried reaching out to the vegas strong resiliency center. couldn't get anybody on the phone that wouldn't answer emails. i couldn't get any answers on where this money had gone. if the money had gone anywhere, i was told i was gonna get back certain amount of money and i didn't, you know, my kids effort. they didn't get at christmas. my son's birthday followed up he didn't get any birthday presents and his only rough rest of the year for me. i felt helpless and there was any i could do to support my family. that definitely taken
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a child can change my life as a mother. and i thought i let my kids down, i do, i feel like i let them down, but they understand and they, they get in, thankfully my kids are very, very great, amazing children and they get in there. they're still there for me. there's a lot of broken people that haven't got the help that they needed. my manager's daughter was there. she was injured. you had to go back and jo wilcher after happened. she couldn't stand up for work. she was a shot at the ls and they fired her because she couldn't work. she lost her own kind of divorce. she, they got to very strong on a fire, a medic was old town was all in the we all got bamboozled and i went up to get coffee in the window of dunkin donuts and they were selling vegas strong t shirts out of the window. everybody had their hands in this big marketing ploy. the people that were victimized continue to be victimized because they have not
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received the funds right from. i think we need more. we lost everything. you know, we kids did. one of you know, people, you know, money handle christmas. nothing rhetoric didn't want to be home because always the medicaid we drinking and i would never, ever allow myself to be in that way. ever prior to actually one. i'm okay one minute. the next little thing that can trigger it, and i talked to my sister by and she told me to pray and it's not anything you know, you'll never know what happened back there and we'll never know that's doing that. it's you know, dark and i said by my phone number a few minutes later and somebody with me on my door, not scheme and me and they need to knock me down
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and see rose front in my life. kids are on and when i let them down and it's just so hard when i see it, you know, they're not part of their help at all. nobody wants to do anything i reach out for how many times why products out for every penny, really it's donated for all over the world. for the shooting, there's never been any distribution, distributing and receiving what money or media is pretty silent about the whole thing. they're letting people forget about it and i don't think we're willing to let people there's always some where data politician can blame. and i will say that while i was the fundraiser, but i'm not responsible for distributing what the hell you're not. because if you're not going to distribute the might the victim why collect
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in, i think the community tober 1st is a tragedy, but just a lack. he thought as an opportunity. every time there was an event that involved vegas, he was there walking around, making certain that he got a face to know that this community showed the site itself and it never showed before. and i really proud it lasted i saw him jumping in front of cameras to show his support and to be real emotional about this horrific tragedy that happened. but i didn't see him dispersing any money. he collected a lot of money for a raise overturned $1000000.00, and here it is on my building. it's over 10 feet long and it's up there on a street. i've been a business owner in downtown las vegas for over 10 years. and i just, i love my community and i thought we're helping and we're not good. i don't know where that money is out, but it's not getting to the people that need the victims are getting at the victims are missing the rat. they're missing their mortgage payments. eventually the funds were distributed that they weren't distributed at the time that the people needed
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it. they needed those funds early on. that's when the bills are racking up. that's when the rents do the car payments to the insurance to do that is when they needed the help, they didn't get it. and jim emailed me shortly after the shooting, and they said that they realized what happened that night. it was horrible and they'd like to offer me a 10 percent coupon on my next stay at one of their properties. because obviously a 10 percent discount in a hotel room is going to just make everything go away and make all the victims. forget the hell that we suffer through that night. yes, with my recollection, we have information on the 25th. i told you previously the 28th. you got the timeline changed in 3 times. only because people were calling out things with ma'am . yes ma'am. that's not how we conduct a service. okay. that he can if i'm presented with a question on the f b i for 49,
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and that's not how i conduct press conferences, man official timeline, he's please stop asking your question. you got really angry and that lady was never allowed in the room again and there shortly after they did is the timelines that matched the independent journalist findings. sometime late october, i was here and i noticed that there is a camera mounted on the outside of this business. i was wondering if that actually caught any of the photos from people coming through here. if i could take a look at and see if i could access the information. and actually, you know, the videos on fox news, truman drag, what appears to be a fallen victim into the parking lot. the business owner who possesses this tape tells us that no law enforcement officer or government investigator has ever seen the video or even asked to see if you would think that the l b m p, d, and the f b. i would want every piece of evidence that they could possibly get their hands on it. we have hundreds of agents covering every facet of this investigation. nothing
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will be overlooked. cheerful bartow promised a comprehensive investigation until the damages of the steven paddock, crime scene. and we still haven't received the results of this comprehensive investigation. so i decided to call into a radio show in which share from bartow was answering questions involving the leave the images man. you promised me to gauge and then you would let us know that outcome was more danger waiting. frankly not. they were pretty comprehensive investigation. we try to run the ground there. we were. larry will do a source of the leak was we have a department with over $600000000.00 budget. yeah, they couldn't figure out who really images from a cell phone. imagine that in my opinion, share from bartow is line. certainly not the 1st line he's told him i want to over for the 1st time to see the public. his last name to say community. yes. is it a safe tours community? yes.
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during your fun bartos reelection campaign, a violent crime report was released to show that the violent crime rate in las vegas had been reduced when in fact it didn't take into account the 58 that we lost during 1 october. and there's also 2 other homicides. did it also didn't take into account, so you had 60 homicides that were not included in this report. so the crime rate ashley was the highest in las vegas in history. if you include the 60 they so conveniently left out. my name is doug papa form a police officer deputy sheriff in criminal investigator and i spent about 20 years in the casino industry as a director of security. and i'm also a journalist. i was listening to the radio static swat off, so we buy hancock out on the radio and said we have national discharge, but none of that was released publicly. jo bottle do. same thing about the actual discharge library. the story about
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a month later in the baltimore post examiner and a lady came out and said there was an actual discharge. it kind of expose the fact that he hadn't been entirely truthful with the public. and that was when a lot of people started asking questions about why we weren't being given the whole truth accidental discharge, excuse me. he was tell him to jump in. he paid papa's. he's a liar. there is no conspiracy between the f b i between l. e. m p d and the m g m. nobody is attempting to hide any story when you try to breeze conspiracy theory stick it breathes. people saying why is eli and he's a liar, the covering this up becoming not up. if there was a conspiracy, it was conspiracy to cover up negligence and a competence one of the storage. a title was joe, bottle ally or competent. both the word and competence has been brought forward.
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and i am absolutely offended with that characterization shut down all the press conferences, shut the look out of the information and the story just started to go away. and then shortly after that, you get to radio encryption where the public no longer allowed to listen to the police scanners out hearing on january 23rd and 4th, vegas metropolitan police department to pull out a public ability to listen to what happening in the city and they were getting cold out on a daily basis for the inconsistencies, and they kept changing the stories. and i think probably all of that was based on the fact that people could check up by listening to the radio. you can compare it to the stories you can see for yourself that there were until the truth i age are news outlets have mild, low suits, asking law enforcement to turn over police records related to the 1 october
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shooting. this is, according to the eli times, which is one of the plane of over half a dozen media. all those got together lawsuit together to sue the laws as much paul police department over them refusing to release these documents at the court, ordered them to release the supreme court ruled that all information was supposed to be given out immediately. so sure. when barto excited to charge nearly half a $1000000.00 to get this information, another legal maneuver on his part to delay the release of information about that. los vegas metro police can not charge the media high fees to get records on the 1 october shooting at the behest of the court system, we were mandated to provide body warren camera footage and document footage as part of a public information request. the las vegas special quality employees from started releasing data that only bits at a time from bartow cherry picked which information you wanted to have come out before the election and which information was going to come out after the election
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. and there was not a new sure been down with jo lombardo was re elected as las vegas metro. it is sherise and june of 2018. it wasn't until after that, that he chose to release videos of his officers cowering in the hallway, outside of steven paddocks. room instead of immediately entering to stop the possible threat of more people being shot out of the hotel room window. ah, as we continue looking at the hearing review in the year ahead, bringing in the all star desks from all over the world. we've got a great one today, stacy, it's charles hugh smith of, of 2 minds that time.
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o s, things that have happened in the world would be done by people who had a great vision of how society could be better. but that great vision is typically the left hemisphere representation is not real. it doesn't take into account any of the complexity of reality. the subtlety of how various and complex people i put them into categories is this lot is bad. we'll get rid of them, you know, and change is an organic process. change is an evolution and the opposition is not between the status and everything must stay the same and everything must be radically changed. radical change is not the way the that that kills a chill
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with one with my, with water, with issue. with more i mean logical, but that amount with power to for you with
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ah, the wings top stories and i say germany shuts down half of its nuclear power plant, while belgium says it will close all of its reactors within the next 3 years. and free transition to green energy gathers pace mean time across europe. fuel shortage is driving up prices and household budgets are being stretched to the limit we plus predicted to come consumers tell us they can't take much more. but the price has skyrocketed that the government is not helping you or, or anyone. i don't know what we will do if it continues to go up. we will have to make a fire in the middle of the room and civilian deaths and destroyed homes and afghan whistleblower lift the lid on america's drawing program. the former operator currently and hiding from the taliban talks to our teeth and heard voices project.


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