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tv   News  RT  January 4, 2022 4:00am-4:30am EST

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ah, no headlines. european countries are divided over the commissions proposal to label nuclear and gas as green. as you get, the new german government slamming brussels plan is an attempt to green washing german record high energy prices. there's no storms causing flights to be grounded in america. with staff shortages and the only one outbreak also being black cases in russia are pulling over all the case load of children is causing concern for doctors in the country. arctic spoke with the chief physician at the children's cobra hospital. and most of our children age mom was 17 in conditions married or children harrisonville with a dash coast exactly
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a year since the u. k. court ruled against expedited julian the songs to the us. look at the dramatic twist his case to take consent with washington winning its appeal a month with pay that thanks so much for joining me this afternoon. this is on the internet. right 1st up for you, this brussels is facing a backlash for major re you nations after it proposed re categorizing nuclear and gas, as green energy. the new german government's economy minister, branded that proposal a form of green washing. meanwhile, energy prices in germany, they have risen dramatically in the last 3 months, compared with just a year ago, shot a dubious lights i new year, and a new spot is brewing between new members. bickering has erupted with state split over how energy from nuclear and gas source,
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it should be classed in the future. the e u wants to categorize investments in some of these projects as being green, but others argue this is essentially green washing label in nuclear energy as sustainable is wrong. this is a high risk technology. it is questionable whether this green washing will find acceptance on the financial market at all. that we think nuclear technology is dangerous. we still think a waste issue. as a result, we expressly reject the assessment on nuclear power under the commissions proposal investment in new nuclear energy facilities should be classified as a group if they meet certain technical standards. now that's led to accusations that the commission is he destroying the credibility of the european eco label, financial investments with germany leading the charge of nations against these proposals. that could put it in direct collision, of course,
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with the blocks or that heavy weight. that is france, 70 percent of energy here is generated from nuclear power. so convinced is president mack on that nuclear is the way forward. he's announced a 1000000000 euro investment, expanding the industry for gallant yolanda, in order to guarantee france is energy independence to ensure our country's electricity supply and to achieve our objectives in particular carbon neutrality. in 2015 we will, for the 1st time in decades, will have re lunch and construction of nuclear reactors oil countries and continued to develop renewable energies. and he has the support from some eastern glock nations, whistler back his prime minister agreeing that climate neutrality just can't be met without nuclear energy. but australia is furious over the plan, saying it will take the commission to court if it moves ahead with them. will examine the present draft carefully and have already commissioned illegal opinion
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on nuclear power in the taxonomy in these plans are implemented in this way. we will sue because atomic power is dangerous and not a solution in the fight against the climate crisis. meanwhile, germany is also coming under pressure over its anti nuclear stance from the czech republic. berlin has just did the closure of haul from germany's remaining nuclear power plants, as part of a plan to withdraw completely from the technology. prague describes that as being a radical step. our government will have to work patiently and hard look for allies in europe and convince partners. finally, it also has to move forward with the construction of nuclear units and to encourage investment in other reasonable renewable sources. that is the way out of the energy crisis. the alternative is under development and poverty. and nobody wants that. all of this comes as europe is in the midst of an energy crisis,
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with some experts suggesting that the crunch will last roy away until 2023. that move by germany including nuclear react is also could push up prices even further. and as prices in german neil was twice as high as they could be. there is an energy crisis that the prices of the rising. rising cost means that the industry need more energy and that heating your home becomes expensive. we need cheap stable energy to partition. that run our country a lot focused on the interest of german industry in german customers. but that's the hello id, logical agenda and de paula to audiological agenda. the 1st is that they think they do need gas because they want to do everything with the nubile update. it's a kind of magic. they believe that they can do that. you can as the 2nd
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audiological agenda, they follow that there are hard core intro, rushing one solution to that coin. this could be the approval of the nord stream to pipeline that would supply got us directly from russia to germany. however, with attention, ty, you between the you and moscow, the green light for that project, these fall from certain, leaving the you scrambling to find the money to pay increasing energy bills, while members remain bitterly divided over the future of energy policy, challenge even sky artie. paris. meanwhile, the 2nd line of the, the see pipeline that runs from russia to germany has been filled with gas with the link now ready for exports. that the eas certificate cation of nodes, stream to that it's taking longer than was anticipated. also my guess you have to take a look at the 1st surrounding the embattled pipeline. 2020. what was the year that
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the great green dream? that's a rude awakening. we all felt it in our bills, but no. where like europe, power gas prices are up for 500 percent in a year. this wasn't what your average green party propaganda, booster promised. europe was supposed to go from a dirty oil burning wasteland to a green renewable paradise just like that, which was never going to happen. this isn't hindsight, this was foresight 11 years ago when german business leaders laughed at the very idea he missed catches german society doesn't like nuclear energy. and i don't want to comment on this, but i don't understand how you hit your homes. you don't want gas you on developing nuclear energy, what are you going to do? burn firewood. you don't have even that he doesn't get assign period to get filed jokes aside. pragmatic minds knew that the transition to
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a carbon neutral society would, would take decades. and it wouldn't be easy. they built newer, cleaner power plants and new pipelines. natural gas will be a crucial part of the energy mix in europe for a long time. new projects like nurturing to a needed to ensure that europe's month energy is met. to reach in on them eyeing the land this project regardless of how you feel about the gas pipeline or about russia. if you really appeased either and constitutionally, as per thought, cheney must be implemented into any quick in woodward, stream 2 is not the project and could and is rather is a project. but where lot of european companies take part in it should serve to assure the gas security of years of a little policy has 15 gnawed stream to has been without a doubt. the most politicized energy project and recent history. they called it an opportunity, a trap, a break through a catastrophe. everyone just had to have a say, surely is a castle source as
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a supply to get rid of the caller to get rid of that nucleus. they get a so much of the oil. yes, from russia. i think it's something that neil has to look at. the oldest thing is neither nato know the u. s. had much of a problem with the 1st pop life which runs parallel to node stream too, which right now supplies germany with gas, which is $5.00 to $7.00 times cheaper than market prices. i would anyone have a problem with that low, aside from the competition approval of additional liquefied natural gas exports from free portal and g furthers this administration's commitment to promoting american energy, american jobs, and the american economy. i am pleased that the department of energy is doing what it can to promote an efficient regulatory system that allows for molecules of u. s. freedom to be exported to the world. and is arguably the gist of it. they threatened to sanction german companies, a nato ally,
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which didn't go down well in berlin. european energy policy is decided in europe, not in the usa. we fundamentally reject external interventions and sanctions with extra territorial effect. much has changed since the pipeline was completed. washington backed away from sanctions and a new government was elected in germany with energy prices at record levels. there were no rush to get gas flowing as things presently stand. nicholas pipeline cannot be approved because it does not fulfill requirements of european energy legislation and questions of security or stop and sickness team site. that one statement helps and natural gas prices 10 percent higher. and europe, which of course european families and households and businesses a going to have to pay, but at least the government saves face and the mean tub. let's join european leaders and bureaucrats, and prayer, and pray together that energy prices somehow magic themselves back into the realm
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of affordability. a large fire hazard up to an oil refinery and rushes to men, regions. we can show you pictures of the fine as recorded by witnesses spectrum's is clearly visible from the different parts of the city, 55 to save money together, blaze and the controller can tell you we've done, you know, what calls that facial say the fire did not cause any injuries or yes, america's burdening down the hunt to the winter storms, pummeling parts of the country, causing chaos for flights around $5000.00 to been cancelled already over the weekend, leaving hundreds of thousands of would be travelers simply unable to fly the weather. is it hard? federal officers newest capital they closed on monday, and the latest forecasts on predicting up to 8 inches of snow. meanwhile, airlines have not been grounded purely because of the weather either. so this is only con outbreak that had an impact. and back in october,
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southwest airlines canceled almost 2000 flights days after a pilot union suited over its implementation of a vaccine mandate. the bonded ministration has been trying to impose jobs on 2 thirds of american work is a move that's being resisted by senior government figures the by the ministration has to follow all they have follow constitution. they're implementers of the law. they can't just make it up, and in this case, they're forcing american workers to decide between their health and their job, and they just can't do it. it's just wrong with the u. s. registered more than a 1000000 new code cases in just the past day. kelly moping takes a closer look at joe biden's, efforts to battle upon dynamic and the harmful impact that they have had not only on his popularity, but also on vital services in america. many will remember jo biden's harsh words to donald trump during the presidential debate last year. anyone is responsible for that many dash should not remain as president of the united states of america. when
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those words were said, the coven death toll was around $220000.00 will sense. then coven death! numbers have risen to about 800000. the united states just set a record high for corona virus infections. remember when bite and said that he would quickly and easily solve this problem. how is he doing now back in may, joe biden set his goal to partially vaccinate 70 percent of the population by july . well, fast forward and that 70 percent has still not been vaccinated. what vaccine mandates have achieved is to further polarize the country. a large number of professionals in vital industries have lost their jobs. protests of shake in the country. ah. even reading what we're doing here today and that is writing. yeah.
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ah, we with a large number of medical workers have been suspended. is kind of surreal, honestly, because i love my job, and i have been a coven nurse for since the beginning of the pandemic. i've been a nurse for 10 years. i work for kaiser for 5. and when the pandemic happened we, we were scared in the beginning, like everybody by it is this amazing time to where we have really brave people. i work with amazing doctors and nurses who showed up to work every day and just rolled up their sleeves and faced their fears and walked into these rooms,
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not knowing. and if they were going to get co later bring it home to their families . more than 2000 flights got canceled by american airlines due to a pilot shortage line for us meant has also been hit my reductions. it's not the issue that the public wanted or the, the politicians said they're going to deliver aid, want this black and white issue. it's a gray area between you're going to have this big gap between qualified police officers who are trained your season new cops coming in the, the quality of new cops coming in is going to be held to a lower standard. so you're not going to get the best candidates, so do up patrol your streets and keep you safe. it's going to be a very organic living, breathing problem that has nas no solution in sight with so many things going wrong, jo, biden's approval ratings are now in free fall. the depths haven't slowed down either . in fact, more people have died of covered so far in 2021. then in 2020. so this year biden's
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2 main plans. rebuild the people's trust and better fight. coven have failed to come. true. they would mauppin r. t new york. and just quick reminder of the world health organization to say that vaccination is the most effective way to stay safe during the demick. and stay with auntie on the way for you will be looking at why doctors in russia or raising their concerns about the pandemic impact on children in the country that's coming up after this break. oh ah, is you'll media a reflection of reality in the world transformed? what will make you feel safe?
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tyson lation, whole community. are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. join me every thursday on the alex, simon, sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah welcome back. the number of daily cobra cases here in russia has mold in hobbs since november when it reached a maximum of 41000 but all the same. a number of russian cities of integration,
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euchre, and marsh restrictions. the st. petersburg, limiting access to shops and restaurants for unvaccinated people. the only exceptions are grocery stores and pharmacies, while the electron they're in continues to spread, doctors are worried about the impact. earliest strengths have been having, and especially on children, had a faulty russia. anton krislofski investigated this issue in december with what age are the children here and what condition are they in through our children? i am one level 17 in conditions varied severity for children here severely l. i'm in the intensive care unit like a co related pneumonia is less common of children,
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but it still happens. listen showing $3.00 to $4.00 and c t severity to period. there is full but so this means complete lung damage, almost 100 percent store or what is especially alarming is not very importantly, just like an adult. there's a tendency for the disease to rapidly develop. meaning that at some point and 10 percent of the lungs are affected and then suddenly it's up to almost 100 percent. yes, that's exactly what we've been seeing. especially when parents wait too long to call a doctor for school. how old are you? 10 years old? correct though. how do you feel? no, sometimes i have a headache, but i'm okay. that's not a minor. how long have you been ill? 10 days already? no, yes. i'm in my 2nd week girl, which her age puts her original switches. we've actually seen the highest incidence rate among teenagers, 2 thirds of the children escalate. cable between the $7.70 with why is because
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they're hanging out together and contact on each other all the time. right. among other things, yes. is it in you now to them? it's mostly tmj. is the become and thank then sure because they always hanging out together here also because statistically they demonstrate a more severe course of illness than individuals of other ages to go get rid of them because their bodies, our own michelle, that man, because of their hormonal process and his mom are yes, the homeowner background and the physical transformation can influence the illnesses more that the lessons are affected by more risk factors related to the course of the disease for you to achieve they, they need, they need their money. is it not a harmless disease? it does not saunders. i think we found the alarm and there is a disease for which there is no medicine we have today that both of the disease is unpredictable. we don't know why someone has an ard and someone else has an easy issue moving. now we know there are research groups, but for some unknown reason we severe case of the disease and you can be observed among healthy children, a child and eventually
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wearing oxygen mask. yes, the child is really missing his mother, which is logical. that's why we always talk to him. the doctors are always with him . otherwise he can tear off the mars that children are getting much sicker than in the 1st way. and worse than the 2nd. and 3rd or yes, worse than waves 2 and 3, which in joker as you are for your full complications, develop very often as the coded. yeah, i do not depend on the severity of the disease or even children who have shown no symptoms, face complications. what do you think about vaccinated adults? i think it's a very good idea. yet leaning yeah, hasn't died. there is no time to wait for children. also a source of infection, which if children are not vaccinated, will not be able to read the necessary elective immunity. we have all been talking about. so last year that works in the vaccine works. so what should the concerns be
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with the, the retro kelly, we understand that this cannot be more dangerous than not to no virus. infection from vaccine is infectious. the cell will, but not for the body, but the level of the organism. the virus does not reproduce any real when you breathe would, i guess . a monday, the president of mexico revealed that heated donald trump to pardon julian songs, but never received a formal reply. lopez over a door also said the whistleblower deserve to keep his freedom me while washington recently won an appeal overruling a previous u. k. court decision not to expedite a sons to the states that his defense team now looking to count to appeal ortiz correspondent, shoddy edges, dash the reviews this august twists and turns. his hopes were settled, spending christmas with his family, and said jude and his son spends another new year's eve behind bars in the you case
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most notorious prison 2022 may be the year he sent to the us after high court judge has decided to overturn a verdict not to expedite him. it seems as though judges was satisfied by so called assurances of humane treatment that he would not be held in a maximum security prison. all subjected to isolation. serving his sentence in australia is also on the cause they say, but a sanchez defense don't buy it. the so called to assure us is of those points came after they lost the case in january, then they came back and said, okay, well we can, we can assure we can treat and fairly so that should not be actually a miserable appeal hearing because uniform a legal standpoint, you cannot just try to amend after the fact after you lost the case. these us arguments were presented back in october during the to day appeal hearing, including that he wasn't as on well as is being suggested. turns out, as those words were being offered in, quote, by american noise, a sound suffered
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a mini throat. julian is struggling and i fear this many stroke could be the precursor to a more major attack. it's compounds are fears about his ability to survive. the longer this long legal battle goes on, it urgently needs to be resolved, look at the animal strapped and cages in the zoo, it cuts their life short. that's what's happening to julian. the never ending court cases are extremely stressful. mentally. it's surprising, it's all taking it's toll not only the legal labrons, but reports of cia, gang select plots to kidnap poison or assassinate him, as one is spying on him. and his high doubt in london's ecuadorian embassy weighed, received political asylum, while the soldiers noise say there should be ample evidence to throw the entire case out of court. this young report is a game changer into the appeal because it shows the true nature of the true origins . the true commonality of the u. s. actions against julian now reports that the ca,
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conceit of kidnapping or killing assange have cost even more doubt on the reliability of u. s. promises and further expose the political motivation behind this case. sounds fictional, right? what parts of a are true? that's the admission of the then c, i, a director, mike pompeo. they should all be prosecuted for speaking about classified activity inside the central intelligence agency. maybe they didn't, maybe as a cop, just made it up. but you should, i take seriously my responsibilities to protect that information. this can be seen as pump ions, confirmation of the assange kid, not all kill story. why else would you want to prosecute those sources? speaking about classified activity, but there's been another twist in the story. he accusations in the case against the son of reportedly based on false testimony from a convicted fraudster, who admitted to lying in the legal proceedings in exchange for us immunity from prosecution for criminal activity. his supporters say all of this is enough to deem
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the case closed and press freedom groups back. question a. why jr. nathan? just behind bars, while allege war criminals walk free. it is a damning indictment that nearly 20 years on virtually no one responsible for alleged us war crimes committed in the course of the afghanistan and iraq was, has been held accountable, let alone prosecuted. and yet the publisher who exposed such crimes is potentially facing a lifetime in jail when student a saw and was infamously, hold out of london's ecuadorian embassy in 2019, he was thrown in jail right here. the alarm has long been sounded over his treatment with the un special repertoire and torture warning he is suffering abuse . only shine prison. yes, i can be tortured to death. that's the reality of it. and i'm not exactly do this. i'm sure. great. you know, medical harm has been close to him in the last decade to that, to constant, you know, isolation, defamation,
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and abuse. and i come from anxiety that he suffers and he's being isolated, absolutely unnecessary, and therefore unlawful. even if you, even if we assume for the purpose of the argument that yes, that extradition proceeding is to do them. if you have to somehow secure his presence, it can be in the house arrest for legal basis for this. is we supposed to pick a 2 week sentence for skipping bail back in 2012. so he's currently not sending any sentence, no facing any actual criminal charges. sounds like he's a political prisoner right. well, washington, professor dame, him a security risk and wants him to all the questions across the pond on that task and their rules. his support to say, pursuing event data against the songs ultimately silence is him, but will also science other journalists in the future. this is a ration. anyone who knows the well knows the power
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overseer, the extra judicial power of the cia, the extra talking mental power. yeah, that's what this is. this is, this is what you probably say. 2008 wiki lakes. first major lakes. it's march the 18th, 2008. it's from the u. s. army counter intelligence assessment branch, department of defense. you read through this document. it lays out everything that happens for from 2010, we will get a song by smearing him. i to spread, observing him. why destroying trust ah, and good from here. wrong investigative journalism. all this time are not the words . serious investigative journalism is our junior, so in a different culture in
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a different place should we seems a hero. but because he was exposing what the us and britain in particular were doing, he seems of it to me is somebody that when the history books a written the 21st century jewelry massage, his name will be right up. there was somebody that told the truth. as 2021 comes to an end. jude and a son just closer than ever to extradition with court siding with the u. s. government. so what will 2020 to bring for a start that can be a pills either across appear at the magistrate court, or even not supreme court level. this could even reach the european court of human rights. at this point though, the home secretary may say enough's enough and intervene herself. of course, during assange faces a 175 years behind us bars. that would that trial be fair? considering how fair this process has been in the u. k. chart edwards dusty. r t,
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a london shadow potent variety. she said that because this is all t web a website or t dot com. so pretty straightforward. so you ah, to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms. race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk with.


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