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tv   News  RT  January 5, 2022 7:00am-7:30am EST

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ah, ah, yeah, dramatic pictures, i made the violin classes between protesters and police. they continue in kazakhstan, the administration building in the country's largest city, still under attack, adopter, furio, over spiraling fuel costs, ultimately leading to the government to stand down. also in that headline tier one on the french president of the manual macro resort rather bad language to take a swipe at unvaccinated citizens remarked coming today heated debate in the national assembly on whether to bring in vaccine thomas's or to in the program charges against former governor of new york, andrew cuomo have been dropped. he was accused of under counting care home death. and he was also facing allegations of sexual harassment. as we understand some
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relatives of coven victims of furious with what kind of society farm we over 50000 people, die horrible, agonizing death alone. my father died a low and there's no scant accounting. with that, he would go into a busy wednesday afternoon here in the russian capital. this is our t international. very welcome to you. we keep updating you on our top story here on our t. it's very fluid situation. protests off flaring up again in context on the demonstrate as managing to break into the administrative building of the country's largest city . i'll not the
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right time to learn a bit more about this situation. now joining us here in the studio, electronica great to see you this afternoon, but what a fluid situation we have now coming out of context on dramatic pictures that we saw administrative buildings on fire loads of people out on the streets as well. what is the lakers now in that situation? as far as you know, well, rory, and this is happening in many, many cities across this country would before believe to be very stable. indeed, this is actually the richest post soviet republic in central asia and all the, except for one episode in the recent history of catholic stand this country again, it was stable and calm. there were protests in the city of generals or was then 10 years ago. but then again, this was only one incident. now if we look at what's happening in the country right now, we can name the cities of almighty again. this is the former capital. it's home to
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more than 2000000 people. imagine as city as big as important as that. and now the things happening there. again, the city administration being stormed with said a lot. we saw pictures of soldiers retreating from a nearby square. the former residents of the president normal follows or by of as well as the office of the ruling party were also under attack. we saw pictures of trucks with troops being surrounded by protesters and simply the police couldn't do anything about the troops. couldn't do anything about it and we were showing a sort of jump in. we were showing a one point to a group of people that apparently tried to arrest a gun from one of the police officers. you talk about the military presence and then the police presence on the streets. it plus 3 hours from moscow. so it's just officer pm that now earlier, it's minus 5, exactly heavy snow at the moment as well. but as you were saying, it's an oil rich region, but apparently it's about fuel costs as well. what it,
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what else can you tell us? well, if you just let me continue, now this situation with the gun being stolen pretty much from. and the police man speaks volumes about what's actually happening and can extend at this point. we can remember the war stays of black lives matter. we can think of, i don't know for, but for vellows, the worst of them in south america. but previously, none of this has ever been seen in the republic of kaz extent. but if we talk about the economic problems, that is something that was troubling this republic before that perhaps it never spilled over as much as it is happening right now with the prices of for the fuel there. so it looks like this is something that could happen in a country that's as dependent on the fuel and gas asked kaz extent when something goes wrong with that. it'll. busy sparks and spirals,
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i'll just like that. but before we move on with this, let me just take you through some of the worst scenes that were happening in kaz extent on tuesday. ah, now what we do have to remember is that the former leader of catholic stand nor shall time another by step down only a few years ago. and this was an exceptional example of power take over it. well, it was actually for an addition of power and a pull soviet republic. we didn't see much of that in other soviet republics. and again, it looked like everything was go going according who knows our lives, wine,
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and perhaps this is what puts the system to the test this particular crisis. now when it comes to the demand by the protesters, one of their main demands was the solution of the government. and it looks like some of the demands are being met. but we also heard from the president was saying that he won't back down. and again, his message to the protesters was also very strong and dear compatriots when i appeal to you to show prudence and not to come to provocations from the inside and outside to protect you for you on chaos, calls to attack, the military and civilian offices are illegal, the government will not talk about was written by me. i was just after 6 pm that now. and as i said earlier, mine is 5 heavy snow there across most of cause it's done at the moment, a state of emergency alia has been declared in a number of cities now with protesters really hitting the streets. as you mentioned a few moments ago, this is a really oil rich region. as i understand though,
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the most of this angst or is about fuel prices. right. and we 1st need to think of their regions in the west of the country where old us or production is happening. and again, like the actual protests that i mentioned in the city of channels. and that happened 10 years ago. again, everything fall out in that particular city, after the lifting of price kept on liquefied it for all the gas now and again, it was spreading across the country from there, but most importantly, the biggest cities in the west. first, there are also industrial cubs when it comes to the oil and gas industry, now demonstrations engine o's, and were triggered by the sacking of all workers calling from better pay and working conditions and also demanded the price of l. p g to be hobbs from
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12010 gay. but then again, these are some of the demands that weren't met. and then this led to the chaos and protests that we're seeing in the streets now. and at this point, even despite the cold. ready even despite the heavy police presence, the presence of the national guard and the army, we don't know where this is going next because the strength of the protest at this point is currently impressive. absolutely. impressive. absolutely. unprecedented in the portfolio republic of kevin. well, these are shocking pictures that are coming out and we're showing the latest picture to an archie into national, quite mixed of all the pictures here and, and big surprises happening all today, trying to thank you very much for that. thank you. thanks right. well, this is a fluid situation here at our t international. we are keeping you posted as best we can both on air and online, some of the latest updates i can give you here on the program, rushes forward,
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ministry has commented on the situation now and is calling for dialogue. it's urging people on the streets to refrain from violence. it also expressed the hope the situation will be resolved soon. well, let's take this further. now get some live reaction and analysis martin mccauley and ortho and russia expert joining us live here on the program. martin, great to see you and thanks for jumping on so quickly with us here at ot see context on as i'm sure you know, regardless one of the more stable post soviet countries is this. do you think just about the cost of fuel behind this unrest, or is there more to it not? well, the cost of fuel doubles. there was, there was a price cap on the fuel and the producers encouraged and said that they were selling the gas at a loss. so therefore, what the government did was to try to move to a market price and round the world of course gas prices arisen. and in this country in britain is expected energy cost to the average household will double this year.
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so therefore, congress time is not an exception. so they went from the cap to a market price will is over night, which is very, very unwise. so the government completely underestimated and misjudged the reaction of the population. have been protests in the past. income tax done mainly or which years? mainly economic complaining, but like, like a pay like a good living conditions. don't nothing like this and spread throughout the country. which means there's like a, like a lego, a torch. you light the torch and the way it goes. the country was the same on me. i mean, it looked like it spread, spread like wildfire, and then as you said, the government under pressure, the government stood down. essentially last night the government was forced to resign at the end of the day state of emergency it's been declared. and some cities, martin, do you think it's a grass roots campaign here, a grassroots expression of discontent? or are there any, any, any figures perhaps?
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who are riling the masses, or, or sparring them on, where the people are really completing those. you have to pay for the gas and quite a few murderous proudly switched from petrol to gus. because gas for so cheap, it was actually on economically cheap. and the government and then capital the, the price of gas, which was very popular, the country. and if you like, there's a middle middle class protest. so the, into the working class. we're involved here. it's a wicked middle jaws as well because they see their cost of living and go up with going through the roof. not being able to drive their jaws for as much as they did before. so it spread across the whole is decidedly those who benefit from the florida and gas. and remember that comes down as a mom. i want to top 10 export of gas. it has lots of oil as well. but the problem is, how do you transfer that into increasing living standards because you need to know
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which one of capital to develop oil and gas. and the results are that 50 percent of the population benefit and other people have been left behind. but if you look at the demonstrated and show on the well dressed and so on, not a rabble been ordered citizens working close going to be great and protesting. and now the government rescinded the increases and the rest is subsidized. marriage is to subsidize gas oil prices. which means, which means that as you say, it is the every, every day, excuse me, every day, every jo, this basically being hit in the pocket. bye bye bye. this. now as you can see in all the pictures we've been showing that the people have very animated, the very frustrated martin has been a to multi, was few days already. how do you see it playing out? i depends how the government reacts. they must not use violence,
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have been reports that police have been cited with the protesters as a we, we agree with you. we're not going to act against you. and the military doesn't want to get involved. because the military seat of a defender of national sovereignty not to keeping dissent inside the country under control of us. that's the responsibility of the bins to enter the french. so human situation where the government isn't very delicate position because they can't really use if the older, the police or the military to use force. they may, in fact, refuse, which will mean constitutional crisis in codes done that the government lost control of the instruments of aggression, which usually means the country falls into calles and possibly civil law. so the government has to be very careful, president, because of a concentration was a previous president, and there's a bias exactly what to do there to be better. i don't use armstrong and say ok,
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we understand your frustration. so we will rescind these increases. we will not go to market prices or guys and we'll go back to what we're before and please come down and go back to your houses and shop destroying property . so shop to strike. last, you think for a moment we can, we can take a broader look at this here. i mean, you, you talk about, you know, for example, in energy crisis. you mentioned, and i think our energy, crochase, europe stealing. what with one in america, in the past year we had of course, a, b, l, m protest. we've got these now these demonstrations in context on as well. is it possible that you know, because governments around the world are almost many of them now dealing with more and more civil unrest and it is perhaps a sign of the times at this point that the people, the average everyday, hard working taxpayer is just fed up and tired of the current state of affairs. yes, it's there worldwide. in fact, practically,
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every country has been affected by this energy. prices have gone up everywhere except in some very richer places like travel w places like that. but the cost of living in most countries in the world has risen because of the energy crisis because of coven 19 fact. the reason they chose down people don't burn anymore. so there's a worldwide you had this conflict and other governments, are we looking? no kenzie stone. and saying to themselves, could this happened to us, could they, could the population become so angry that they were rebel in this way? and that is unprecedented. that covers citizens would, in fact, attack, administer buildings and set them on far less never happened before. in cars extend as possible if they have seen that television will run the world, were people go wild and take buildings and shuttle place value protests and so on. and this perhaps is information which has been transferred to has extend
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and they said run, we can do the same, we do the same, the government will back down because the country you use force against us know the problem because excel is going to reassess and reallocate the budget because it wants to get more budget through social service. as you say, i just, i mean it's basically how this is going to play out is going to rely on exactly how the newest guffman reacts to the people who apparently have very legitimate complaints. modern mccauley and author and russia. analysts joining us live here on our international, which we have more talk more time, but i'm sure i'll see you again soon. thanks so much for joining us. thank you. ok . well, the french president has said he wants to irritate the unvaccinated, resorting to an expletive to make his point. is, remark comes as of the national assembly heatedly debates banning the and jobs from bars, cafes and cinemas and opponents of rather on him for that. but also for his use of
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poor language and presses and shit and say that manual mach ron is unworthy of his office, is an unworthy and irresponsible remark by the president. you shouldn't insult people when you're trying to get them to agree with you. 7000000 french people have to far from medical care and access to vaccines on them to an astonishing confession from across. it is clear, the vaccine pass is a collective punishment against individual freedom was an extraordinary couple of days here in france. this is a bill that was supposed to glide through the parliament without a hiccup, but 1st on monday night, the debate was suspended. and that was simply because the majority party, this is president mack, one's own party, simply couldn't get enough bodies in the chamber for a show of hands to support a motion for the debate to continue into the wee hours of the morning. the debates resumed on tuesday,
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but following that extraordinary intervention by president mack on, people were gaston shocked. as you saw there at his words so much. so they demanded that the french prime minister at get straight to the chamber to explain what the president had said. there was a fiery opposition already to this new measure here in france, a coven measures of already seen massive divisions within society. and since 2020, when those restrictions 1st started, there have been mass protests in the country. ah. so what is this vaccine pass? warden? why is it perhaps so different to the health passport that is currently in place in
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france and is already controversial? we'll just give you an idea if you're on vaccinated in france right now, you can pay to go and have a test if it's negative will be valid for 24 hours, meaning you can go to cafes or restaurants. this vaccine, passport will change all of that substantially. it will mean if it's passed that those who are in vaccine it will no longer have the right to access any of these venues. it will even deny them access to long distance trains. the majority people have been vaccinated in france, but they remain around 5000000 people, age 12 and over, who are on vaccinated. and as you can imagine, this is very divisive on the streets of paris. there was mixed reaction because i'm against the vaccine pass because it will not prevent the virus from spreading freedom is restricted in it's affecting everyone. i don't trust the government very much. i think it's enough if people take care and behave responsibly to kendra,
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so i'm against it. i don't find it all right, that they take us from a health path to vaccination path. each individual should have a right to do with their body. what they think is right for them in natural immunity works gosselin. i am for it. it's of my opinion that i am protected and i can go where i want and do what i want to so long as i present the pass. so often really ref, i don't think vaccine passports are a good idea because it infringes on our freedom. and i think that there is insufficient information to make an informed decision. as a young person, i'm left wondering what to do. i did get vaccinated because the alternative would mean i'd have certain freedoms taken away. now from the government's point of view, it says this faxing passport is needed to stop the rapid increase in covert cases. that country is experiencing at the moment, mainly due to the new on the corner variant. however, given that intervention from macro on, there is a sense that those who may have been persuaded to vote for this bill in the past
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might be looking to change their mind. and it's not clear now whether this will pass at all. precedent, mac on is a man who has been described as an arrogant president by many people over the last few years. something he himself addressed really in an interview where he tried to humble himself in front of the french saying that he had learned the lessons at his mistakes, the way he had spoken to french people and to the french citizens in the past. but it does seem from this latest outburst that that is a lesson he truly has not yet learned journalistic. alexey pooler says the french government has well trying to find a scapegoat for its own failures during covert, june 15. good to say, there is a great deal of pandemic fatigue. one of the main issues affecting french citizens is officials bringing measures and non negotiable with public in a country where people are born free and equal the vaccination passports, inappropriate. it is unacceptable. despite the fact that 90 percent of the french
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population is vaccinated, we have $200000.00 new cases of infection per day. this proved vaccination passport will not prevent code from spreading. this virus does not care about these freedom curving measures, but the government has another outrageous policy pointing the finger at the end, vaccinated. i'm making them scapegoats for their own shortcomings. this destruction from the government's own mistakes and failures over the past 2 years. the real scandal, the uncertainty of the situation, or of aggravating. we are not told in advance about new rules on the rules are constantly in flux. a lot of energy is being wasted at a time when we need to discuss a number of much more important issues. or chargers have been dropped against new york disgraced. former governor andrew cuomo stood accuse of covering up cove and deaths and nursing homes. and that of sexual harassment. as you can imagine, the announcement has some outrage. today's news that the manhattan dow won't press
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charges against disgraceful. mcgovern quote is yet another politically motivated decision by left when prosecuted. cuomo has blood on his hands, his victims and their families deserve justice. democrats allowed corrupt and disgraced governor cuomo to a state criminal charges for nursing home deaths however, they harris president, trump. justice is not blind in new york. and shame on us for believing that the justice system would actually work for us. instead of helping cuomo cover up is crimes. listen, well, no, intentionally ordered jelly virus into elderly homes and that created covey. death chambers all around the state for our loved ones. now love ones had no chance. there is one man to blame, and that man is andrew cuomo. i mean, what kind of society or me, when over 50000 people in die horrible agonizing deaths alone. my father died alone, and there's no semblance of accountability. while an office quote,
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i was accused of letting people into homes without testing during the early stages of covert. he also was being accused of under counting deaths in the homes by 50 percent, colon himself denied any wrong doing, and insisted that the virus didn't claim more lives in nursing homes. but who ears? 3328 died in the hospital, died in a nursing home. they died, a quote resigned in august or for a decade in office i made public pressure of a harassment allegations to as mentioned, he was charged with groping. an assistant district attorney has now concluded that although the accuser is credible, there's not enough evidence to bring the case to court. we discussed the issue with lawyer and former candidate for the new york city council, bonnie halla. so i think what the public needs to see is this is just another case of how the rich and powerful get away with crime. if you actually look at the, the players i and the political landscape. i'm the the albany district attorney
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david source has been a long time ally, ally of governor cuomo. i know mr. sores was also part of promos, transitions team in 2006. he was also, you know, part of the moorland commission and you know, the public, many of yours might not, not remember this, but the morling commission and you know, was created i years ago in order to root out corruption. but then cuomo disbanded it when the corruption was pointing to him. so this is really a case of, you know, what political allies do, it shouldn't be just one person making that kind of decision. because that, that definitely leads to corruption. ah, for just a moment, let's give you a recap of an update of our top story donati international as protests have flared up again in kazakhstan, demonstrate as monitoring to break into the administration building of the country's largest city, automatic. ah,
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the building is also being satellite. gun of gunfire being heard as well and security forces as we understand being seen retreating from a nearby square. the former residents of the president, as well as the office of the ruling party, are also said to be under attack. now there's been nationwide on rest and sunday, ultimately spunk, by growing fuel prices. the president has said the prizes will now be brought under state control. is government resigned overnight due to the unrest. there also be in a similar disturbances in the smaller cities like toby, in the west of the country. ah, this unverified video appeared on various social networks, shows
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a crowd of protesters trying to break into the administrative building. in october of police could be seen using water, canada, and standard grenades. we will bring you all the full updates every hour on these are well, current developments coming to us from kazakhstan. i will be doing it all next hour . but anything you think you miss on a you can always catch it online at r t t dot com for the meantime. thanks for joining us. we hope to see you, sir. ah . with school least a chilled beginning with each one. is there a way to assess my with
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a couple of 20 was, wasn't it that the appointment was for that if you just because you were seeing that it did with no, i mean unless you put that amount with the theme is per hour or so on. you with while our officers are facing an increasingly dangerous environment, we are seeing a growing debate about so called warrior cops. the term that i've heard in an authorization of believe this is an amazon vehicle we acquired through the 1033 program and very free program with the government program that funnels military property that is no longer use to local law enforcement. with building an army over here, and i can't believe if people aren't see 1st thing that agency,
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elder conflict here, thing of terrorism here. cuz this again a feeling that hey, you have to deal with our practice. who are you putting in uniform? cook beds is a powerful thing, is from tab has like money in play tricks and people mind they think they've gone, the bad knows the walk is out the door very bad. johns are coming. good news. you have job security because the world desperately needs that you have to get both we will not be controlled by crisis. well, this sounds like the right thing for a politician like the new mayor of new york to say in their 1st speech. the reality is, for the last 2 years,
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amera life has been controlled by crisis. and it's obvious, we are not happy with how things are going. in fact, the events of the past year all come to the same conclusion. americans are beyond not being happy. in fact, they are downright angry. i'm guy know hughes and my 1st show of the new year, i'm going to look at the angry american and what is happening or not happening to drive their anger. now we are going to discuss the continue to confusion around the corner of virus and why america is the thing, the highest numbers of positive cases. all today, we're going to look at the surge of us workers rising up against working restrictions. and nothing actually makes people more angry than more of their hard earned dollars going to the government. a government which just in the last 24 hours has.


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